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Kansas City Chiefs

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kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
Merry Christmas and happy holidays, #ChiefsKingdom.
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heismannn : Plssss beat the chargers
heismannn : We need yall to help out the Texans
stefoneurkell85 : Alex Smith has a lacerated spleen. He is out for Sunday. Terrible news
baller_baker_88 : #chargersnation Alex Smith oh thats going to cost you the playoffs
ahmar13obaid : @lieberoy you guys lost alex smith, do you still think you can win it? jw I'm a ravens fan
lieberoy : @ahmar13obaid no, quite frankly. I have no faith in Chase Daniel
ahmar13obaid : @lieberoy why he only had one start and he almost beat them
ahmar13obaid : @lieberoy + you have Charles
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kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
Patiently waiting for Christmas like... #ChiefsKingdom
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slimshady191 : Waiting for next season😒πŸ˜₯πŸ˜ͺ
markgotexans_96 : Please win! From a Texan fan merry xmas chiefs fan
ffs_kevin : guys just win against the Chargers. go Chiefs go. #immatexansfanbutwhocares
hsul13 : Crybabies need not apply to this page. Why talk πŸ’© when you could be on your own teams IG instead of ours? Merry Christmas you filthy animals. #Chiefs
the_g.n.i.k.712 : J. C. From the P-A-T !!!!!
thetrumankaderly : More like patiently waiting for a Super Bowl ring
nationalscandalnews : National Scandal News
carlos_castillo04 : @lou_662
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kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
The #Chiefs are the only team in the NFL that hasn't allowed 30 points in a game this season. #ChiefsKingdom
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cmoney212 : @iambriggs definitely disagree with you on the QB...they do need an o-line tho. But Alex smith has been doing his job...we would have receiving TDs if the refs would stop making BS PI calls. It's hard for your QB to get anything going when he is getting sacked 6 times per game.
cmoney212 : Oh and @brentguerra we lost by 4 so I don't know what you're talking about when you say a "whupping"...31-13 was a pretty bad whopping tho...what do you have to say about that buddy??
iambriggs : I would have to tell you to look back at film and notice that Smith has had plenty of times pressured with a chance to throw the ball away. But in his "game manager" dictation it has become apparent that taking a sack for a loss of 6+ yards and making it further more difficult to move down the field is a better decision. I do not fully blame receivers at all for not having TDs; that falls on play calling and the inability of Smith to make clutch plays to win games. It is desputable but I do not see Smith as a QB capable of leading this team to the super bowl in the future.
iambriggs : @cmoney212
tre.williamsss : But we still losing
tre.williamsss : @bh4cj ^
cmoney212 : @brentguerra well let's look at the stats then shall we...since I know so little about the game...Defensively Chiefs are in the top 5 teams for pass coverage (2nd) and points allowed per game (3rd)..sure I'll be the first to admit there is some help needed on offense but we're 8-7 while the raiders (who you think are so great) are 3-12 #getyourfactsstraight oh and did I mention we've only allowed 3 rushing TDs ALL SEASON?? Sure...2 were against your raiders but that 95 yd run was just pure athleticism by Murray. And by the way...raiders aren't even in the top ten in any categories...and they are last place (or 31st) in all but 1 offensive categories...#showmeyourfacts...and I have (I mean half) no idea what you mean by 6 out of 8 in middle America..
bh4cj : Exactly @rsvp.tw2
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kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
18 sacks and counting for @jhouston50. #ChiefsKingdom
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playa41927_rt_ah : @ninjacole19 haha, about that.....Lmao
nikki.dees.2 : 🐽
brzlkid2o3 : Why couldnt it be helping each other out if u guys win we win obvs with win and if we win and you guys win u guys out smh
ninjacole19 : Haha @playa41927_rt_ah
michael.m.thomas.100 : We got a small miracle..Let's make it happen. .
20_nfl_addictions_15 : Hey guys follow this account for awesome vids edits and news through out the NFL
royals_lover : Berry Strong
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kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
Final score. #KCvsPIT #ChiefsKingdom
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tripping_boy : @lucas_beard Alex smith threw for over 300 yards. When does that ever happen
lucas_beard : Hah they're not making the playoffs @tripping_boy
benjaminhermanclawson801 : Yessssssssss
benjaminhermanclawson801 : Pittsburgh all da way
obro_16_5 : Boo Pittsburg
sole_simone : The Chiefs still have a chance 🎈
dylanrg2004 : Come on Chiefs just beat the chargers!
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kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
Ouch. #KCvsPIT #ChiefsKingdom
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3kd_mvmnt : Lol @trey_degarmo dude we barely lost to the chargers..and even that was because of blind ass refs. And on top of that they played our second string all around. We obviously didnt care about that game, or whether or not you guys went to the playoffs. Don't worry, Im sure you guysll do big things in the playoffs this time around.. lol
trey_degarmo : @3kd_mvmnt we in our quest for seven and the Chiefs only have 1 ring an won't even make the playoffs this year. Lmao
3kd_mvmnt : Who said we werent going? lmao when was the last time you guys saw playoff football? Come on dude. @trey_degarmo
trey_degarmo : @3kd_mvmnt you guys had one decent year an now you think that you are so good. You guys have made the playoffs once in the past 4 years. You guys were 2-14 two years ago. We havn't had a losing record since 2003. We have made the playoffs more in the 21st century than you have in twenty years! Lmao u guys are stupid
3kd_mvmnt : lol you actually went and did some research.
3kd_mvmnt : @trey_degarmo
3kd_mvmnt : I would research the playoff schedule and injury reports too
trey_degarmo : Lol no I just no this off the top of my head. I also know you guys have 3 pro bowlers and we have 5. You guys haven't had a receiver with a receiving TD in over a year. Hahahaha you guys suck. @3kd_mvmnt
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kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
Halftime: #Steelers 10 - #Chiefs 6 #KCvsPIT #ChiefsKingdom
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jaden_young0 : @nick_m77_ u have been blocked niggaπŸ’£
nick_m77_ : Haha
willberggg : Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt @nick_m77_
cpt_kirk_schwank : @nick_m77_ Why don't you take your baby mosquito dick and raisin balls and go fuck yourself you fuckin jabroni.
nick_m77_ : He called me a nigger @cpt_kirk_schwank
klausnmisha : I am laughing so hard I am crying! You guys are hilarious!
shonniemacmac : Hahaha wowwww
mitchell_est93 : And everyone observe, above us is how children today interact with each other.
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kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
@csantos19 is now 18-22 on the season. #KCvsPIT #ChiefsKingdom
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dananikw : Gotta win this one guysπŸ™
garrett_litwin : Go steelers
edaly57 : #bootspotting @soccerdotcom @prodirectsoccer @soccerbible @soccermemes
chris_is_that_guy1 : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
kuba_bear : Boom got shrekt by Steelers
dersman29 : Poop
chaseman9 : Crap 20 to 12
the_magic8 : The chiefs put up nothing but field goals
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kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
Here we go! #ChiefsKingdom #KCvsPIT
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keepitmovingforward : @kcarrier32 I'm a Chiefs fan & he's terrible.
chiefs1983 : We have the elements juat need a refined game plan. No tds to wr is not good stat. We need to do better at play calling and player matchup. Chiefs all day son!! Its is funny to se all these people who prob can't run a mile without falling dead talk smack... Do a pushup and shut up. #chiefskingdom
keepitmovingforward : @kcarrier32 So. Go buy some glasses to wear then watch the game. Dude can't throw down field, he doesn't go through all of his reads, & how many quarterbacks go through the whole season without a receiver catching a touchdown?!!
keepitmovingforward : @kcarrier32 shut yo female looking ass up. Looking like Miley Cyrus.
huntermeister : Justin Houston is an amazing teammate and friend wearing 29 for eric berry . A lot of these players have been through a lot over the past 5 years and keep standing strong for each other . I think this photo is a great photo for saying all of that.. Stop complaining about stats for one minute
adam.withers : Houston!!
whothefck : Chargers
rob_butler_ : #respect for #berrystrong
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kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
The Momba. #ChiefsKingdom #KCvsPIT
chiefskingdom - kcvspit -
ryankennedy6969 : ooooo
ryankennedy6969 : Spam us
bdubbwilhelm7 : Was that today's game???
rolandova0197 : The big mamba @oscar_emboaba @cadybtia
nick_powell74 : He should start
got_herblushin : He should start like forreal
avery_swofford1 : DeAnthony Thomas!
bjodis : @mtjodis
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