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kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
Stand up and cheer, it's #RedFriday! | #ChiefsKingdom
chiefskingdom - redfriday -
internet_ipas_system : Amazing!
paige.pricee - boston_strong_2 - tyrant081 - danny332m -
kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
Preparing for #STLvsKC | #ChiefsKingdom
chiefskingdom - stlvskc -
its_caycay : Going to this game
vintedesco : @_nick1432
rykersoccer8 : GO CHIEFS!!!!!!! #chiefskingdom
moshiy9000 : LEZZZZZ GO CHIEFS #cgiefskingdomruleee
footballplaya_brah : Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh
jparker_11 : Follow @fantasyfootball12345 ! He'll answer all your questions! Great information for everybody! New guy on the gram but he gives you every bit of help you need!
colton_kinsella : Be ready those rams just beat Seattle they have tons of confidence right now come out firing can't be slacking
chief_solano - _jb86_ - miss_amanda_cherie - lucasboze -
kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
We believe. | #TakeTheCrown #WorldSeries
worldseries - takethecrown -
takin.flight.like.mike : what if @kcroyals won the world series and chiefs won the superbowl #kansascitypride
pizzathatscold14 : Fuck the royals #Giants all the way
fantasy_wizard : Follow my account for fantasy football news/advice
pmfoster : 🙌
g.i.a.n.t.s.45 : I love the stadium
colton_kinsella : Man get off a kc page if u don't like them@pizzathatscold
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notdavidperlman : U guys r losers #DodgersRule
royalsfan9 - ibrahimm1121 - lauren_1786 - dustingriz -
kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
@djcharles25 making history. | #ChiefsKingdom
chiefskingdom -
ncstav : @primetime2128 @therealprisco2 @s_newell0410
chiefsmith11 : Somebody match the last verse with the video for me please http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vfmqrwV-jA4
casecrandall_ : That is redo culprits
casecrandall_ : Redonculous
jaden_young0 : I'm a Chiefs fan can't wait to see Chiefs jets game week 9 on the field
_mon3ymitch : @_mrcarter_12
yaseen_z : @themoneyteam47
taitlyn.berry - simsimssims - mick8527 - sport_fan_35 -
kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
Let's go #Royals! | #TakeTheCrown #WorldSeries
worldseries - royals - takethecrown -
batmac828 : GO ROYALS !!!
vjpinter14 : Alex smiths old city vs his new
tydoorman : And we know where his heart is. He lost you hired old team
tydoorman : Get it boys
ethank0610 : GO ROYALS
tylerpicc42 : Go royals
boxer_lover_152_ : #takethecrown
patkillingsworth : Go royals
jb_like_a_boss - agatinom - jackson.mcclain12 - simsimssims -
kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
View the top shots from #KCvsSD on kcchiefs.com | #ChiefsKingdom
chiefskingdom - kcvssd -
djhuard : Who won
bnathanaelb : @djhuard KC
erickhustle : 3rd place
my_nations_king : Still didn't stop him
l.e_x : Best game ever
chrismullen3 : @dmay0525 he got rocked on this play
_michael_g13 : This is were he got trucked 👀 @brantbrownn
brantbrownn : Ohhhhh. @_michael_g13
simsimssims - boley12 - sport_fan_35 - wirth21 -
kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
Happy Victory Monday, #ChiefsKingdom.
chiefskingdom -
laurenbierle : Cheifs stink
laurenbierle : ,👎👎
mzevecke : It's Chiefs not Cheifs! @laurenbierle
_ccox : Hop off the d @laurenbierle
saraaaahtoe : How but them chiefs!!
michael.m.thomas.100 : Kc all day!!!! Royals and Chiefs!!!!
gecko_bro_75 : Go KC great job Santos on that kick
trents_username5 : @zman83 Okay the first two if his first kicks, EVER IN THE NFL, we're not so a-okay but he has gotten better. He is a rookie give him a break! Dude learned the game from watching the Madden video game Series. So I'd say he is pretty damn good.
rodrigoduartemelo - nohlvogel - averyk25 - nategr2001 -
kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
#Chiefs WIN! | #ChiefsKingdom
chiefs - chiefskingdom -
tonythaimex25 : @odelxlv hahah
odelxlv : @tonythaimex25 we lost by a FG. Ya'll got blown out! Hahahahah
tonythaimex25 : @odelxlv I know. I just had to cuz u tagged me in the Broncos one hahahaha
jacob_barela_27 : The kicker is great but I wish we had ryan succop
crystalramos : @llayynaa ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️Chargers all the way! #BOLTUP
pinkthunder14 : Chargers all the way
papa_donriches : @23shadesofgrey u ow me breakfast
parkerhall25 : The cheifs beat the chargers and the chargers beat the sehawks
mrslippery519 - nategr2001 - charles_wesley_evans - nohlvogel -
kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
That feeling when you become the franchise's all-time rushing leader. | #ChiefsKingdom
chiefskingdom -
miner_one : @mike_ski_jr
moniquebinney : @zach_binney_7
tjbsr : @mrcampbell2u @killens4lyfe
killens4lyfe : @tjbsr. Nice
tattooeddonald : #wooooooo
brenden_mcbeth : @d._.e
rdubz6 : @sergiho619
zach_the_man4 - _m_smith_20 - gator_rhue - koolboyz22 -
kcchiefs - Kansas City Chiefs
#KCvsSD Halftime Update: #Chiefs 10, #Chargers 14 | #ChiefsKingdom
chiefs - chargers - kcvssd - chiefskingdom -
chayton_13_bower : Bolts will get you guys next time don't worry. 😊
angelalorraine17 : @maxgreenw3 I am laughing so hard I can't breathe 😂😂😂😂. Love it!!! #ChiefsNation❤️💛❤️💛
andrew_ostlie : @chayton_13_bower it's actually chargers
lakeishadoyal : We won all those Bolts fans on the hussssh know lmao chiefs kingdom.
carseybrown : ❤️💛❤️💛❤️
baileykaybabbitt : Well we win
tunatatony : @btran26 blowout
aidengegare : Red and yellow ❤️💛❤️💛
willrich1973 - piranahs_24 - _ironmonkey_ - chucodv21 -
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