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katespadeny - kate spade new york
friendsgiving in the form of brunch. our design team is spending sunday together before roadtripping home next week.
megtrees : Oo next year we could do friendsgiving brunch!! @zzznee @ctlnmayfield @sambo_rambo_1987 @sewluxe
allielizabeth325 : @tina_diso @alygal_07 @blondebidde we are such trendsetters! Obviously friendsgiving/worksgiving brunch is the way to go!
amabileistrice : *------*
darealronnieb : I'm officially stealing the term "Friendsgiving" for our brunches when we see each other ladies...@mandalee22 @mellygillz @dimilsap @skyelatoya @jujuluv4eva; miss my friends!!!
alygal_07 : @tina_diso @allielizabeth325 I invited Kate to ours...maybe our invitations got lost in the mail πŸ’Œ
cmialka : Huhu hungryyyyyyyyy
nataliewoo_artwork : Delicious!
sbrn.g : k @kamini93
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katespadeny - kate spade new york
did you know that iris apfel makes a cameo in our holiday film starring @annakendrick47 as #missadventure. a peek at katespade.com
missadventure -
sabrinabook : @allieh34 😍😍
ashleyrs3 : @merrychristmasfromapple is giving away iPhones
joy31joy31 : @livethesouthernlife when I grow up! πŸ‘΅πŸ‘“πŸ’„
alitamolinac : @kleviee Iris Apfel 😍
kleviee : @alitamolinac β€οΈπŸ’œβ€οΈπŸ’œpuro amor!!!πŸ™†
silvanapatrickstyle : Gr8 shot!
adicianno : @anewall aunt ann, this is so gonna be you!!!!!
mrbradgoreski : I see @daniela_viviana earring
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katespadeny - kate spade new york
when @annakendrick47 speaks, we listen. (and you should too) head to katespade.com to view our holiday film, "the waiting game."
lovelylyndab : Just love @annakendrick47 πŸ’š
saehyun_ : @ivyastraea @haneena11 @suleimannh noors twin
haneena11 : @ivyastraea @saehyun_ omg yes! Noor with light hair
betterbeautifiedreviews : FOLLOW US FOR ALL THINGS BEAUTY!β™‘
suleimannh : @saehyun_ @ivyastraea @haneena11 hahaha I wish πŸ˜‚
sambrys : @joshlec bae so cute here
prepsternatalia : @grecialopezcastro
yasminrasia : @paularasia tu entendeu algo?
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katespadeny - kate spade new york
meet milos, the pup who appears in "the waiting game," starring @annakendrick47 as #missadventure. shop & watch the full film on katespade.com
missadventure -
stewie_griffon : @blaine_griffon @brusselsgriffonstagram 😍
alessandrazambranor : @scrapdecolores
houdaa97 : @holiday.iphones is giving away iPhones
lizzzarush : @rghughes wookie!!
rachjanine : @stephanie_pennington I have watched this video a million times already!!! I can't get enough of that dog!
stephanie_pennington : @rachjanine lol! I knew you would love it!!
joyesteeac : Happy Holidays!!! @_illustrado @doxiegirl4u
hanya1841 : Lovely
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katespadeny - kate spade new york
ever wondered how to create the perfect salon wall? we've created 12 limited edition prints for you to do just that! (we love how @brightonkeller mixed her prints with extra elements) head to our facebook page to find out how to purchase!
savvyjap : I can't find the link 😭😭😭 I searched the fb page!
angga_firdaus : Likethis
brightonkeller : @savvyjap I linked to it in my post yesterday !! Brightontheday.com
brightonkeller : @lindsey1208 were you able to find the link?!
orlandofashiongirl : Looking for bloggers to promote to the @katespadeny Orlando store? I am your girl!!! #OrlandoFashionGirl xo
saraefon : Love ❀️
abbie_teel : Best brand ever @aj12ay
aanahc : @samiebuen
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katespadeny - kate spade new york
tonight, we're trading in our licorice heels for bowling shoes. (don't worry, were still sipping champagne)
kstone913 : @nathaliebrix and I'm not going to be preggers this time!!
nelliot1 : @anhovi it does!! 😊
likedallastexas : @alvercammen doesn't surprise me. Kate spade and us are meant to be.
colavitaconfections : OMG lol @cjcolavita24
kimgia : @heartofchic I live close but never been because it's always so crowded
cuphalffulltracey : Love this place, NY flashback @belle_nowak @elizanowak_
belle_nowak : Lets go back @cuphalffulltracey
meaghanannett : This is why I've always loved her β€οΈπŸ‘Ÿ @a_shafir
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katespadeny - kate spade new york
have you seen @annakendrick47 in "the waiting game." head to katespade.com to watch and shop our holiday film! #missadventure
missadventure -
miss_marrrles : @saykay17
katelyn_wood : @kirstigunn I wish. She's a hottie!
jackietoth : @cllaursen
arunpgandhi : @jayaswadhwa
nindiafay : @iphonegiveaway10 just got me a free iPhone!
cwangxoxo : @christineqtee have you seen this? It's so great
juliettabarcelona : @lost_in_vogue como te pareces #EliS πŸ™ˆ
lost_in_vogue : Siiii @juliettabarcelona?? Jajajaj q gracia!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
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katespadeny - kate spade new york
get your gifts (before everybody else does). enjoy 25% off your entire purchase in our shops and online through this sunday with code BEMERRY.
mandalynnjrz : @lbee713 MB got me hooked on Kate Spade. Adding this to our/my must check out list.
mandalynnjrz : *when in NYC @lbee713
lbee713 : @mandalynnjrz OMG yes!!!
al.naya : @_maha_85 @um_littlegirl πŸ˜­πŸ‘†
_maha_85 : 😒😒😒😒 @al.naya
misscatmuneton : @pocketsizedee 😻
alexvicki : @foxswish you belong there. Gorgeous
orlandofashiongirl : Want someone to do some shout outs for the new Orlando Kate Spade? I am the girl to do it! #OrlandoFashionGirl xoxo @katespadeny
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katespadeny - kate spade new york
for holiday 2014, time flies while waiting for the locksmith in front of a manhattan brownstone with @annakendrick47. pop over to katespade.com to shop the full film. #missadventure
missadventure -
nikkielaine_ : I love this! @ahoy_sailor
kelsey102000 : Yes definitely!! @annai.g
ahoy_sailor : @nikkielaine_ hahaha super cute
vasiliska_12 : Π‘ΠΎΠ±Π°Ρ‡ΠΊΠ°) @annaselkova
annaselkova : @vasiliska_12 ☺️☺️
micheleseddon : @gabseddon the dog!!! Is that Ruby???
devonrachel : Obsessed
ivonnegiovanna87 : @allie__bk me yesterday but without the bags full of kate spade
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katespadeny - kate spade new york
we have a winner! #playthewildcard
playthewildcard -
mrskiddo1 : @smcor12 is this a mirage?! never happens.
jen_isa_ : @oanamariaperez .....
lindsayrachael : @sarah_janie1990
praewwanitlert : @pingpiing_w @gibc naruk nerrr
jessilynpersonnelnyc : Great!
sarah_janie1990 : @lindsayrachael well smart
felicemercedes : #wouldgambleforkate @meatsweatz69 @emmakathlene @snoozleface
k.g.t.18 : @iphonegiveaway10 just got me a free iphone
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