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Kate Rutherford

climbing is art katerutherford.com
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
Mmm Leavenworth. Keep up the good winter effort. @turbonoodles
katerutherford : Is it still raining
katerutherford : @jongleason
nicholasjacks0n : @katerutherford the winter effort hasn't been what I would call "good" so far
jongleason : @katerutherford it's been raining since you left! So sad!
turbonoodles : The weekend forecast looks promising...that is, promising for some west side gym climbing.
katerutherford : Yeah for plastic pulling party's! @turbonoodles @jongleason
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
Artist studio tour this weekend on Vashon Island! Go find a #map and come visit me out at the waterworks studio. There are a handful of us super talented artist sharing this space. 10-4 Saturday and Sunday #jewelrymakingseason #suspendedstonedesign #climbingisart or email me at suspendedstonedesign@gmail.com to order online.
suspendedstonedesign - map - jewelrymakingseason - climbingisart -
pfaff_anna : Beautiful!
rachel92180 : Lovely
fuegogato : @katecluff
terri_laine : I'm a fan!!!
bailey_k : @sarmenzies
mtnkristen : Just got my new necklaces...love 😍. Thanks, @katerutherford
ancientlaughter : @aliknightkatz
karenbednorz : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
I love Vashon Island. Too bad there are no rocks to climb. Beautiful day for a lap around the Burton peninsula. @lasportiva #running #helios #jewelrymakingseason #iclickedmyhealsandimhome
helios - iclickedmyhealsandimhome - running - jewelrymakingseason -
katerutherford : @lasportivana
austin_siadak : SBP! Going today and tomorrow.
norsk253 : Would a tree scratch the itch?
g_run_clegg : Talking about scratches, where did you get that one?
michaelmccomb : Good to see you run as well as climb.
katerutherford : Trees, SBP and running all do the trick here in the lovely PNW. @g_run_clegg I have no idea about the scratch, @austin_siadak what time? @michaelmccomb even I need a little variety in my life!
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
This is a special time if year. A time to be grateful of our climbing lives and communities. Definition of SPECIAL: Surpassing what is common or usual. Distinct among others of a kind. Make a special effort to treat your crag right, no mater where you are, practice good ethics at the cliff, tread lightly, preserve, enjoy, and join me and the @AccessFund in the #ROCKProject, #CommitToThePact http://www.accessfund.org/thepact (@brittany_griffith floats in #Japan #climbing @blackdiamondequipment )
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n______________n : @kogata009
jakesmade : @mas_boos
outdoorbella : Gnarly shot. Let's get you featured. Shoot me an email with a bio and picture of your choice to outdoorbella@gmail.com and put your IG name in the subject line. βœŒοΈπŸ’š
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
Thankful for this planet. Thankful for all my loved ones. #ifeellucky #loveandlighttoall
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katerutherford : #climbingisart
mpshannon : @itsalyssa3
lulufry : Hugs!
cereshalo : πŸ™
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
#suspendedstonedesign Rainy days are my favorite jewelry making days! Do you or your beloved climber need some simple elegant stone jewelry? Email me at suspendedstonedesign@gmail.com #naturallypolishedbythesea #climbingisart
suspendedstonedesign - climbingisart - naturallypolishedbythesea - com -
scherzo0808 : @katerutherford , it is very cute jewelry)
cassmcclain : @katerutherford is the necklace with the greenish stone with spots near the bottom slightly to the right still availBle????
cassmcclain : @katerutherford or the white one at the bottom??
katerutherford : @cassmcclain I have a light green one really similar to the 'whitish' one at the bottom...
cassmcclain : I am very interested in the light green one you just mentioned. My twin is actually emailing you about some white stoned earrings. Is it possible to see a pic of the green one and possibly order it?? @katerutherford. My twin who emailing you is ekaterina/Katia
fat_ian : Cool
c_l_s : @katerutherford do you have any single stone in the white/grey or blue/green? Or even if you have a smaller stone from one of the trios or doubles looking to buy a few of there are still some left?
katerutherford : @c_l_s I have many, and can make more! Email me at suspendedstonwdesign@gmail#com and we can make a plan.
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
Hot soup for lunch! #howitsampa new, organic, garden vegetable and grain insta-soup "Tsampa soup" form @patagonia provisions. Yum. #newrivergorge #kale #coldday
newrivergorge - coldday - kale - howitsampa -
tylerwillcutt : Glad to see you guys are sticking it out too!! Hope to see you before I leave this weekend.
katerutherford : @tylerwillcutt your draws are still there blowing in the arctic wind. What a pretty line you've got chosen! We might get out tomorrow and climb then leave Friday...
lazzzydaze : North Carolina?
katerutherford : @lazzzydaze West Virginia
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
Ice pellets in the forecast means no climbing for me today. It's a good day for product testing though! @patagonia @lasportivana #notreadyforiceclimbingyet
notreadyforiceclimbingyet -
kentuckbwall : But that is definitely a road that climbs!
curlymedia : @katerutherford you back east? I know that river :). Lovely!
_kelly_buchanan : My back yard! There might be some ice after tonight...
alpinist007 : Almost Heaven....
colette406 : #wildandwonderful #nrg πŸ‘Œ
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
#cragtree #newrivergorge #comebacksun
newrivergorge - comebacksun - rockclimbing - cragtree -
katerutherford : #rockclimbing was so nice. Now it's snowing.
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
A multi generational climbing day is always a treat. #newrivergorge
newrivergorge -
jamesqmartin : Miss you @katerutherford
katerutherford : You too @jamesqmartin a lot
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