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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
Oh #granite I love you. Even when it's wide. So fun. Thanks for the photo @ken_etzel #crackclimbing #climbingisart @patagonia @lasportivana @blackdiamond @clifbarcompany @edelridropes #rockclimbing
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totemcams : Wow!!! Great shot @katerutherford !!!!
grdngirl12 : #Proudofyou #beautiful!
yusufalshuili : Great shot
missanneskids : @katerutherford where and what route is this?
jeffreycunningham : What would stu say? @ck3nn3dy @srdy2013
cinciyeti : @rebeccacrone191
hannahraepreston : Your calm facial expression is remarkable.
katerutherford : @david_goettler hope to see you in Yosemite this week! We will be there tomorrow night, Monday!
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
A great heart has fallen, in with the shooting stars, a good way to be. Dean Potter you had a huge heart, lived true to it, and shared it well. Thank you. #climbingisart #heart
climbingisart - heart -
alejandrourrutia : πŸ™
climbofreak : πŸ™πŸ˜”
bcolective : Solo luz! πŸŒ…πŸ™πŸ‘ŒβœŒοΈ
rexsoutrageous : Lovely
vashonkitty : His presence was so large, his absence will be the same. I feel privileged to have met him once in the meadow. Our hearts are with you all.
danaillo : Yes- the absence of his presence on earth will be so large. Stardust now. Much love to you and all in this time.
jeremycaryl : Tragic, but a reminder to live each day to the fullest as we all know Dean would have
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
Perfect timing for rain in #Yosemite. Now headed to Colorado for the @accessfund #SolidProtection dinner and meetings. I'm hand delivering this #suspendedstonedesign jewelry to the silent auction. Hope to see you there! @patagonia #climbingisart
suspendedstonedesign - climbingisart - solidprotection - yosemite -
miapieprzyca : Beautiful!!!
accessfund : Thanks for the beautiful donation @katerutherford Looking forward to seeing you soon!!!
rpuro : @katerutherford Have a necklace and earrings that I wear all the time! I've sort of decided that you should try making bobby pins...? Perfect for keeping hair out of eyes while climbing! (look good, climb good πŸ˜‰)
katerutherford : @rpuro bobby pins could be fun!! Thanks @miapieprzyca @joedirt_bag @k8rideout !
sarahfolluo : @ianoutdoors
danaillo : Nicey!
vashonkitty : Ooh la la!
ericbissell : Bummed we didn't cross paths @katerutherford! Catch you on your next roll through
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
Drawing the line. Climbers, artists, activists, everyone does it. It inspires me when we can all come together and try to preserve something. #ProtectBearsEars @bluffoto – Josh Ewing @ducttapethenbeer @patagonia http://pat.ag/DefinedByTheLine
protectbearsears -
nobleandrews : "An adventure is going to be dirty, and it's going to be roudy." I love it.
streighty : Watched that a couple days ago. Inspiring & beautiful story. An area of Utah I knew nothing about.
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
Best view from a route in a long time! #Yosemite was going off yesterday with waterfalls and storm clouds to entertain us while we were on the #cosmicwindtower #anseladams
anseladams - cosmicwindtower - yosemite -
calstrin : Hope to see you out there next week!
jameswilly : @corypoll
peacetrainsurfboards : Beautiful
danaillo : So fine!
toni_ficada : I miss Yosemite so much... 😍
vashonkitty : What a glorious photo
citcatlee : @kate_zucker this is definitely going on the list
kate_zucker : @citcatlee this is unreal
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
Missing some red sandstone today! What an epic trip to Indian creek with the @patagonia crew to talk about product design while climbing #splitters. Thanks for the good work and good times!
splitters - vengapants - crackclimbing - climbingisart -
scott__higgins : @glasscaseof_wee_motion we need to go here when the shoulder is better
katerutherford : #vengapants #crackclimbing #climbingisart
robertmmooring : Atta girl, no tape
porkshoulder_projects : πŸ‘ @scott__higgins
cfclop : @samclopper
hashtagharryskatesdotcom : Awesome. I'm no expert especially this extreme. I'm willing to learn. Thank you for the photo
kwillbethere : This could be us...but we live here @its_galuskin
drgrantwbrown : @maisiebrown27
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
Hey friends, join me and the @AccessFund and @Patagonia for their upcoming Celebratory Dinner on Saturday May 16th in Westminster, CO. Sign up today for an opportunity to sit with the pros @_linacolina_ @HansFlorine @katerutherford @PeterCroft @DougRobinson www.accessfund.org/solidprotectiondinner
ryancappakelly : I was surprised and I admit kind of excited to see that Señor Croft had an Instagram account @katerutherford but that tag did not take Sir Peters photo stream...
katerutherford : Sorry! @ryancappakelly
ryancappakelly : Last week I told my co worker I wanted to see the climbing community come together around land management issues, and now I see it happening! Wish I could make out to CO for this awesome event. Maybe something similar but smaller could happen in Yosemite? @katerutherford @AccessFund I can rally local groups like Yosemite Conservancy, Yosemite Climbing Assoc (ken Yager) NatureBridge, and some NPS people too...
katerutherford : I have great hope that it's going to happen in a good way! @ryancappakelly
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
On the way!
alxlwthr : Whar to? Wanna climb in the valley this wknd?
jeffjohnson_beyondandback : Rad! Where? @katerutherford I'll be up next week. Let's hang!
hushchachi : Such a sweet setup!! Its a dream of mine!
lulufry : Come through Steamboat!
peacetrainsurfboards : No snow on the Gold Coast Australia, great setup
katerutherford : I wish @lulufry !
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
So good to be back. #indiancreek is where I fell in love with climbing. In a quiet moment walking away from the 4x4 wall yesterday I was overwhelmed to the point of tears by the beauty, friends, and enduring power this place holds for me. #climbingisart #ifeellucky @patagonia #vancamp
indiancreek - climbingisart - vancamp - ifeellucky -
hushchachi : It's moments like this!
rachel92180 : Beautiful. I have some fond memories of our early trips there :)
chris_schulte : Oh that's a good one! @katerutherford
tashieo : Such a great time! My first time there ever and with you folks?!? I am the luckiest! Thank you thank you!
jamesqmartin : #missyoukate
lillaspindel : What a moment Kate!
eyeofamountaingoat : Beautiful photo Kate. Indian creek made be a splitter crack lover!
vashonkitty : Always good to feel the heart crack wide. Miss you
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
Pure water, limestone filtered, running free. Thank you Spain. Can't wait to return! #climbingisart #tryhardneverfeltsohard #polishedpockets #serpentinetufas
climbingisart - tryhardneverfeltsohard - polishedpockets - serpentinetufas -
ixchel_foord : Cataluña
heidiwirtz : 😍
lauri.bernabe : Cel català! Catalan sky!
joof973 : #limestonecowboy
zeus339 : @ailepg @catalunyaexperience
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