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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
The annual #suspendedstonedesign pilgrimage to collect #perfect polished stones for my jewelry work. #ifeellucky #islandlife
suspendedstonedesign - perfect - islandlife - ifeellucky -
the_spotted_bean : I haven't taken mine off since I got it - even ran a 50mile trail race with it!!
katerutherford : Thanks @the_spotted_bean and @beccaskinner !
carlincatanzaro : I have a 2 necklaces that have untied around the clasp. Can I send them to you to repair? @katerutherford
noelhanlon : I have some rocks from Ireland I only wear for special occasions!
katerutherford : @carlincatanzaro I'd be happy to fix them, email me at suspendestonedesign@gmail.com and we will figure out the best place for you to ship it!
katerutherford : @noelhanlon you have some of the finest!
vashonkitty : Guess we gotta go to Ireland Kate.
katerutherford : Next stop: Ireland with @vashonkitty (after Japan and Spain and maybe a quick visit to see @axlemoon in HI)
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
That was fun. Thanks to @publishthequest and his mad music skills, catching the late night 12:55am ferry home was not so bad #islandlife #cantwaittocomeback #canadabound #vashon #havefuninafricaJacob !
cantwaittocomeback - havefuninafricajacob - vashon - canadabound - islandlife -
ty_hallman : @lacymarie5
publishthequest : That was fun thanks to @katerutherford, always down for shenanigans with the OG island homies! ; )
lizerbeem : Classic. :)
cole_oj - _lyne_ - oceangoingmonkey - mikedudley86 -
katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
Tough week at the office? Not really when it's 7 days of granite and the job is not to take your jacket off. #NanoAir #LeaveItOn (hand model; @brittany_griffith ) @patagonia
leaveiton - nanoair -
katerutherford : @long_live_lemon can't wait for some more Cali time! Mid October probably... Hope you are lovin' it!
rnseltz : Sounds like an amazing job you have.
mandismith108 : How is the jacket holding up? Does the material snag on the rock? It feels a bit soft to be very abrasion resistant.
katerutherford : I've been trying to snag my jacket all over the place for at least 6 months and it looks great! I've got a broken thread or two and it gets dirty so I wash it... But I wondered the same thing @mandismith108 I LOVE it. I really do.
katerutherford : @mandismith108 otherwise I wouldn't talk about it relentlessly, I promise.
fabiosauvage : Nice finger lock
sticicle : @chrisrphotography two vacation things here
mrkolucci : @nick_waz @cory_mcdonald
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
The shadows were upon us. Brittany on the wild wide pitch of Blind Spot, Pine Creek, CA. Same #NanoAir jacket sun or shade #LeaveItOn @patagonia
leaveiton - nanoair -
kuenstn : @vkuklov
jercollins_com : OoooOOOoooh
jordanmlewis : Pine Creek is rad
wood_and_ice : Pine creek stole my heart.
romariie - von_perry_photography - shawnalynn1983 - danaillo -
katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
The shadow monster is chasing @brittany_griffith yikes! On a cold spring day in Pine Creek, CA we are a few pitches up the high quality Blind Spot route. I love this #NanoAir jacket! Hope you do too. #LeaveItOn #streachyandsoftlikecashmereburlylikebrittany
leaveiton - nanoair - streachyandsoftlikecashmereburlylikebrittany -
cereshalo : Your hashtag gets an 🏆
mouthfulofjoy : @cereshalo ☝️srsly hashtag win!!
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
It's one thing to be challenged to wear the same jacket for a week strait, but it's another thing to be twinsies all week. @brittany_griffith is the best possible partner in this sort of put it on # LeaveItOn adventure. Selfie on the first day after a lap up Chiounard Falls (WI3) Le Vining, CA before heading to the Backer Boulders...and then to the hot springs. #NanoAir @patagonia
nanoair -
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
Road closures can't stop the gypsy twins from having fun! @brittany_griffith warms up for Cardinal Pinnacle in the Sierra Mountains this spring to test the new #NanoAir. Patagonia's new insulation layer is ultra breathable and extra flexible, it's become my favorite every day jacket. Stay tuned for more posts from our 7 day, put it on #LeaveItOn adventure field testing these jackets this spring. @patagonia
leaveiton - nanoair -
haydengreenawalt : Will you be at 24hhh this year?
katerutherford : @haydengreenawalt missing the 24hhh this year. Very sad. Hope it is fun for everyone!
nplundo : I've done Cardinal Pinnacle, fun climb!
thetudge : @dcstingle @jteltsch
jteltsch : @dcstingle @thetudge loving the view from my desk tho
haydengreenawalt : @katerutherford bummer! Looked forward to meeting such an inspirational female climber. Have fun in that nano puff! I enjoy following your adventures on Instagram. 😊
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
The view from the top of Mt. Hooker is all wilderness. In honor of 50 years of the Wilderness Act. #wearethewild #thankyou #windriverrange @patagonia
thankyou - windriverrange - wearethewild -
_jt_photo : !
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
I miss Wyoming already. #ontheroadagain thanks to Mt. Hooker #wyoming might be my new favorite state. But as @annegilbertchase and I found out it can be really cold there. #fairweatherfriend #burrfreezing #insearchofsun
burrfreezing - insearchofsun - wyoming - ontheroadagain - fairweatherfriend -
murientepastrana : @walcobas
mittunivers : 👍
annegilbertchase : Such good times! I bet there are a few other reasons why WY might be your favorite state. :) @katerutherford
longlegslogan : Hooker is so awesome/cold! That pitch was glorious, on the home stretch!
abbygolebiewski : Hey @katerutherford ! You don't know me but I've been following your adventures for a few years now thanks to a friend/old co-worker of mine, @maurakh. At the time, I was just getting into climbing and she suggested I follow you. Thanks for the continuing inspiration. 👍
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katerutherford - Kate Rutherford
jscheutz : Amazing shot @katerutherford
jthesenga : @katerutherford Yes!
katloubaldwin : Beautiful
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