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Graphic designer/jewelry designer in LA. Senior graphic designer @karenkimmel / @ccommunity katemiss.com jewelry.katemiss.com prints.katemiss.com
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katemiss - Kate Miss
Overcoming my disgust with pedicures and toes showing. I even bought sandals that show more than 3 toes! (Not pictured, not ready for their photo debut).
kimsmithmiller : I used to have the same problem, and now I feel disgust if my toes show and they AREN'T painted. It's like, ya just can't win. >_<
hetterson : Major progress 👏
ninaznyc : @katemiss ✨👡👌
celiacatalino : But you have such lovely toes!
katemiss : @celiacatalino they're creepy long, but mostly I just hate all feet pretty equally. 😁
thegoodtwinco : MORE PEDICURES 💅 (Lol-ing that those could be long toes )
heyannmcgarry : I'm with you. I'm a two and a half toe-show kind of person.
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katemiss - Kate Miss
Portrait of a weirdo on our really attractive printer table. Special capture just for @polaroid_dreamer. #wendygram
wendygram -
chaparral_studio : 💜
pepperjane : Should #portraitofaweirdo be a thing?! 😄
katemiss : @pepperjane I'm both surprised and relieved that isn't a more popular hashtag! Such potential.
thegoodtwinco : Impressive camo, Wendy! I had to look for a while to spot her
polaroid_dreamer : This is THE BEST!!! Oh Wendy, you fill my heart with joy. <3 (Thanks Kate! Totally needed this pick-me-up today...)
tinaaayy : Our weirdo is usually found sitting with her nose a centimeter from the wall.
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katemiss - Kate Miss
Just remembered June's tortoise discovery in the desert last weekend. She was super bummed they couldn't be friends (or a snack 😒) 🐢❤️🐺
benfwagner : ❤️
njinla : Haiiiii
3potato4 : We just got a desert tortoise as a pet last year, just like this guy! At first our dog was ready to attack but now just sniffs him, although we never leave them alone together.
girlhive : @prepostmodern lil tortoise
prepostmodern : @girlhive :3
hatef_salek : @mahshid_m_sh یاد لاکی تو افتادم که تو اتاقت زندگی میکرد..زیر تختت...
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katemiss - Kate Miss
Too quick of a trip. Breaks my heart more and more every time I have to leave Washington. 💔 Had an unbelievably wonderful time with my mom, who apologized in so many words for all the shit we've been through via her decision making in the past and I couldn't have believed her more that she's really a changed person. Feeling that way about my mom is the most relieving and grateful feeling I could ask for in life. ✌️
aud_bod : So heart warming! I can totally relate as I'm working towards mending relationships with my parents as well. Relieving is so the right word to describe how it feels to get that apology. I want to say I don't need it, but it is so validating. Happy for you!🌻
sphinxandmilkyway : 💙💙💙💙
linzymarquise_ : 💛
cottonandflax : Oh man, this makes my heart swell. Glad it was a such good trip! ❤️
ashley_neese : Thank you so much for sharing this lady. 💚
msmoo : Yay 🌻✨ What a wonderful feeling
smalladventure : That's wonderful Kate. So glad you can feel more at peace with her.
pepperjane : Aw so happy to hear that <3
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katemiss - Kate Miss
Had the pleasure of photographing my oldest friend @farmerchelsey's beautiful wedding today. 💘💕
oliver_n_momma : It was so great to see you there
farmerchelsey : Thank you so much, Kate! Can't wait to see the rest!
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katemiss - Kate Miss
Road trip staple of my youth 🍑🍎🍏🍒
annacorpron : I always saw fruit / antiques signs. 😉
emhagerman : Love that place!
a_will_iams : Walla walla sweets!
judy__su : There's so racist Americana inside, if you're in the market.
judy__su : *some!
katemiss : @judy__su ha, yeah I did indeed notice that.
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katemiss - Kate Miss
#tbt 8th grade. The year I started wearing make up (note frosted lipstick), worked hard on my messy bun, and my last year of being a good girl who mostly only hung out with nice Mormons.
tbt -
polaroid_dreamer : Man. Preppy plaid. Eek!
thethingswekeep : Hmmm, first year of makeup and last year of being good, coincidence perhaps? 😜
ashley_neese : Yes!!
katemiss : @thethingswekeep makeup is the real gateway drug 💄🚬
ania_murdoch : @katemiss this is exactly what I remember!! Haha! I think I have a copy of this photo!
katemiss : @ania_murdoch I was deciding between this photo and the one of us at the skating rink, ha! Did you take this one I wonder? Ah, memories.
windwardmade : Sounds so familiar! Except for the Mormons haha!
duckgirl_kc : @katemiss I'm pretty sure I have a picture similar too. My first friends moving to washington! Lol.
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katemiss - Kate Miss
We climbed to the top of our hill just to make you guys this video of the sunset. I know, two sky instagrams in one day. 😒😏😬
whohaveibecome - notjoking -
thegoodtwinco : I was really hoping for fanny pack ending 😜
katemiss : @thegoodtwinco nope, just my mom sneaks and socks! Also out of frame were my cargo shorts, in lieu of the fanny pack. #notjoking #whohaveibecome
charliekilo : Thank you for this! I was missing home, and this view.
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katemiss - Kate Miss
I know I've been blog absent and here on Instagram only in bursts, but I'm contributing a lot of photos and art direction along with @kesteg on the @karenkimmel and @ccommunity Instagram accounts going forward, so go follow that shiz now if you don't already! A lot of magic happens among this awesome little staff. 😊
rebecca_bee : So magical! 🌛🌚🌜 @kesteg
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katemiss - Kate Miss
First time it's ever really rained on my morning walk with June, which is really saying something about this awful drought since we've had her for six months! More more more please, universe! #junewalks
junewalks -
katemiss : @jojotastic ha, she kept shaking it off, but didn't seem confused. I'm guessing she's experienced it before we had her, but who knows!
aftergravity : I was looking at some statistics of the rain this summer and you have gotten more in LA than we have in PDX !
katemiss : @aftergravity wuuut? How is that even possible, it's only rained like twice! Though LA has so many microclimates maybe as a whole it's been more than that.
somelissasaid : We got the lightest of drizzles on the way up to Ojai from LA last night
shiningegg : gloriously beautiful.
jojotastic : @katemiss that's awesome! Noodle is NOT into the rain at all.
aftergravity : I thought the same thing! It was on some news twitter feed... Tried to find it but couldn't.
aftergravity : Have you ever read bright shiny morning?
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