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Graphic designer/jewelry maker in Los Angeles by way of NYC & Seattle katemiss.com jewelry.katemiss.com prints.katemiss.com
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katemiss - Kate Miss
Take your dog to work day. She really wants to go hang with @kesteg upstairs but is terrified of the staircase. #junegrams
junegrams -
corimagee : I brought my little guy to work today too!
shopsummercamp : My friend lives in that complex and the amount of staircases is unreal :)
katiehanblergher : June! I want to meet her soon...
lilystockman : Whaaaaat is that Ruth Root piece on the wall?!!! πŸ™€πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜Έ
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katemiss - Kate Miss
Bold strokes πŸ”Ήβ–ͺ️
cottonandflax : ooooh, that's lovely.
claggie : πŸ’ƒ
ckchang : Love the dress! Where is it from?
megeowyn : πŸ‘Œ
katemiss : @ckchang good ol' Forever 21!
burke_town - sashlajefa - jade10peony - monicanyoudig -
katemiss - Kate Miss
A lovely view of nowhere #junewalks (starting a hashtag of our walks)
junewalks -
mi5a : Cool shot!
gsbardo - valentinadesideri - mi5a - ayquao -
katemiss - Kate Miss
There's a post about quiet mornings and being patient with my stupid dog on the blog this morning, but here's a cute moment from June's first visit to the dog beach last weekend. She was actually terrible and I wanted to kill her, but it was preeeeetty cute watching jump into the waves. #junegrams
junegrams -
kmonterrific : Yes to quiet mornings! Saw you and June hiking the other day, but didn't say hi just for that reason - hikes are sacred time.
bri_kim : What beach is this??
katemiss : @bri_kim Rosie's dog beach in long beach!
katemiss : @kmonterrific oh no way! I would have been embarrassed in my just rolled out of bed gym clothes and dog walk fanny pack anyway, haha!
bri_kim : Thanks! All the beaches in the South Bay are no dogs.. I will def check this one out!
kmonterrific : Ha! There's no shame in a well worn fanny pack.
whatatotaldrag : Dude we went to the beach once and never again!! Seagulls were just too much to handle.
katemiss : @whatatotaldrag haha! Oh god, it was the other dogs for June but the seagulls alone probably would have destroyed her as well.
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katemiss - Kate Miss
California postcard set assembling, to be dropped off at @individualmedleystore tomorrow. And always in the shop at prints.katemiss.com πŸŒŠβ˜€οΈ
emmadime : Ohhh wanna see :)
raquelzinha76 : Love my set!
hamish__r : Beautiful. Let me know if you want to trade.
thequietrabbit : great design!! πŸ’ž
cottonandflax : I keep meaning to get a set of these! So beautiful.
lilystockman : Just ordered a set; can't wait, Kate!
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katemiss - Kate Miss
πŸ‘£πŸ±πŸΊβ€οΈ June only tolerates animals that will kick her ass, and Wendy feels the opposite. Occasionally they're perfect for each other. #junegrams #wendygram
junegrams - wendygram -
anastasiaawijaya : Liat ucingnya miauwww!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘 @bobocacay
bobocacay : kubu stas umi vs kubu kendall 😈❀️ @novinmars @anastasiaawijaya
novinmars : @anastasiaawijaya @bobocacay dogs are adorable
bobocacay : shut up!!! 😚 @novinmars @anastasiaawijaya
roadtripcreative : So sweeeet!!
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katemiss - Kate Miss
It ain't pretty but we rolled our sleeves up and dove into this terrifying army surplus warehouse, bringing home three amazing jackets (2 vintage Levi's, one army) for a cool $15 πŸ‘ŒOpen til 5, 2835 E 26th st in Vernon.
angelicasrosales : Looks like your dream! @yesterdaysheroesvintage
kthayer : haha @angelicasrosales i was going to comment the same thing!
yesterdaysheroesvintage : @angelicasrosales @kthayer what state is this in?
alexismaia : Oh god the smell... You get major points just for handling that.
bethanytoews : A client told me about this place. Wanna go! Tell me the next time you do, we can brave it together :)
heynataliejean : woaaahhhh
shaniuhzylstruh - sashlajefa - ellingsenphoto - kate_winifred -
katemiss - Kate Miss
The gang's all here. #wendygram #junegrams
junegrams - wendygram -
kvanskiver : Wow almost didn't see June at first, haha
ericaknits : Aw!!
cottonandflax : June is a little chameleon!
katemiss : @cottonandflax that's why I bought that rug, ha!
ayetwobee : Progress! Awesome.
zinzielizabeth : πŸ‘―!!
anastasiaawijaya : Muke tu ucing lucubet wkwk @bobocacay
bobocacay : mukanya swagger banget anjir. Fierce!! 😍 @anastasiaawijaya
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katemiss - Kate Miss
There's a nice little time capsule of my old studio on @_sightunseen_ that the wonderful @debbiecarlos shot last summer! sightunseen.com
canoe_austin : Cute bob! Haircut time machine
katemiss : @canoe_austin ha, I know right? When I first saw it, it was like looking at a photo of me wearing a wig.
goodmangoodwoman : You are so beautiful and lovely @katemiss. I have been reading your blog for 4 years and you just seem like one of the BEST people. Love the studio tour. X
katemiss : @goodmangoodwoman you are too kind, girl! 😘😘😘
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katemiss - Kate Miss
Happy to replace the ol' standard space scene on my work computer's desktop with some pattern magic by @thegoodtwinco, up for your downloading pleasure at @designlovefest today. ❀️ I miss our work days something fierce but at least she can hang out here. 😭
havecompany : yes!
pennyweight : 😍
thegoodtwinco : 😘 looks perfect!! Work day gals 4 life πŸ’»πŸ‘―
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