Karl, the San Francisco Fog

All that is sunny does not glitter, not all those in the fog are lost.
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
A sea of me.
pdxnora : @karenleeme
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karenleeme : @briannedavvis cool SF pics 😍
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mr.brojangles : Where ya at buddy??
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
After traveling around the world for the past month, I made my triumphant return this weekend. London and Paris were lovely. Cape Town has great views. Sydney has quite a harbor. But nothing is as majestic and beautiful as San Francisco. It's good to be home. #sutrotower #twinpeaks #sf #fog #fogstagram #fogasm
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
Apologies to those who didn't see the Supermoon last night. I got the late night munchies and a moon sounded tasty. To make up for it, here's a grey view of the Golden Gate Bridge. What a babe. #fog #fogstagram #fogaholics #ggb #sf
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emirrly : @ekaaa___ @grrrris @lizyyta this page is cute lol but I don't like SF
lizyyta : @emirrly love it!!
colleendotmarie : @kearse_way hahaha πŸ‘†oh, Karl.
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max_vee : @theclementinechronicles πŸ˜”πŸ’” I left my panties in San Francisco
sfbex : Lol @karlthefog you fog whore
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
Welcome to Fogust, where people are so excited about my most powerful month that they do cartwheels in front of the Painted Ladies. #fog #fogust #fogstagram #paintedladies #sf
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sarararahahah : @reenie92_ Karl
abbiba : Dude not only did we not get to meet the ladies but we didn't meet Karl! Hi Karl!! @kacie_sunshine
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iriesady : Forever my home
barbaraspr : Meu ap era bem ali atrás 😍 @gustavobreb
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sophiehawkins : The fog in San Fran has it's own insti @hayles20
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. Just been SO busy like every other San Franciscan: brunch in the Sunset, lunch in Cole Valley, catching up with other clouds over the Castro. It's hard being a fog this cool but someone's gotta dew it. #fog #fogstagram #fogaholics #noevalley #sf
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themeisler : like San Francisco?!? right!?!!
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
I know what you're thinking: where did Karl go and why is this place so miserably ugly without him? I hear you, really I do. But I got caught up with the World Cup madness and impulsively decided to float down to Brazil and support our guys from the sky. I'm tired and a little hungover (damn you caipirinhas) but should be back soon. I hear they're showing the games in front of City Hall. I'll have to drop by for the next one. #uglysf #sanfrancisco #bluemyself #ggb #bay
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soledad_bleu : @sdorlodot
nejafeja : @instamussmuss I enjoy following this as well. Rare but very poetic posts :))
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gianinnasiuffi : @hellachillpill estoy segura que esta vista es desde la montaña antes de bajar a Loyola
ryanr94 : @marissaandreaa soon baby 😘
ohhhhhliviaa : @halfidiot_ this caption. Hahahahaha
misselisekathleen : Was Karl in our living room?!? @theoriginaldanwich
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
Change is rarely easy or comfortable or direct. It's weird and sloppy and full of undiscovered variables and unknown self-reactions. But it's inevitable. Your life and this world will always change. As for me? Well, I prefer to embrace it. I let go of things I can't control. I keep moving forward but know I might make detours before arriving at my destination. And I look forward to experiencing and learning a lot of cool stuff along the way. #fog #fogstagram #fogaholics #baybridge #sf
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masalavision : @michal11 @kimimill a lil reminder
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
All that is sunny does not glitter, not all those in the fog are lost.
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k_costello04 : Simple beautiful! @brycecole
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
San Francisco has 2 seasons: me and anything else. I don't like to talk about that other awful time of year so let's focus on the best part which thankfully begins today. Happy June Gloom, you guys. It feels good to be home. #fog #fogstagram #fogaholics #ggb #sf
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heatherchen : @hongandrew LOL LOOK AT THIS INSTA
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yvetteontiveros_ : Lmfao san fransisco's fog is named Karl and this is its IG page πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜© @emilianodiaz_
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
Terrible news, you guys. My mom came down with a warm (what you call a "cold") just in time for Mother's Day. My dad is back in Hawaii visiting his Mom, so I'm gonna take care of my ol' lady for the next few days. If the temperature gets a little warmer than usual this week, my apologies in advance. I'll try to make it back to check in but no promises. Until then, you'll have to suffer with days like these. Sorry. #nofog #blueskies #dreadful #ggb #bay #sanfrancisco
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miabella : Karl you're so amazing πŸ’–πŸ˜β˜οΈ
natalietamaoki : @jizzyjizzygyselle
jizzyjizzygyselle : @natalietamaoki prayers go out to karls mom
iriesady : Sf u will always have my heart
anthony_wingate : @ab_badger
ab_badger : Not cool right now @anthony_wingate as my pants dry out
anthony_wingate : @lmanuma9
kteedeery : @groobles , check out THIS FEEEEEEED. You will have to meet Karl ☁ when yah can e he he
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