Karl, the San Francisco Fog

All that is sunny does not glitter, not all those in the fog are lost.
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
It's been a really busy month for me: fogging Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, Bay to Breakers, Memorial Day. I haven't had a day off since April and I am feeling it. So here I am resting in the hills. Heading for a massage later. These clouds are sorrrreeee. #fogstagram #fog #hills #trees #savingupmyvacationtime
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rockeraugie : @littleblackbootss
beverly_lehman : @karlthefog my fiancé @clarkery and I were really enjoying the nice weather. Really? "I saw a really shitty warm day happening so I had to come in and save you guys" -you
t.__.j : "Come back, Koral!" - Rick Grimes
lostinm4rz : @ayesalenna
feligarcia9 : Look at the name of the page lol @tashmata00
sagecatton : @yassijah
almost.pregnant : @soloamericano
alanalippi : @rachael_dowd !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
You might leave San Francisco, but San Francisco never leaves you #fog #fogstagram #ggb #fogwisdom #sf
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chelsea_eaton : The fog has a name. @sierrajune
sierrajune : @mmminling
megdibley : @feldmayne dont be a rude guest, go say hullo to karl, taek a picture with him and thank him for his hospitality
kimberlyannm : @lisabasaraba @chadohman KARL
yassijah : @danaaitaah
northerncali0311 : @mgsquared
ericpeterson3309 : @jtnance135 check this feed out
watstuf : @carlguo2043 Karl the fog
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
Home is where the fog is ☁️☁️☁️
_v.salas : @meganmecraazy 😍😍😍
jodiedillman : Beautiful
ccisgreen : @jessibirdd truuuuu
priscilla_dee : @beantown1
carlabee86 : @kelseydenielle
sluggmo : @dakrox24
sarahjane729 : @margaretgehrki
emapage : @garciestarfard
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
A sea of me.
arpi__ : @sohrabian did u know about this page??
sohrabian : @arpi__ ooo coool
kellyktm : @heidi__ng hahaha Karl
heidi__ng : 😍😍 Karl @kellyktm
omgeege : @dualll13 I fucking love Karl
dualll13 : Idk.. He's a little transparent @omgeege
carolinegriffin_ : @kbudge
danimlemos : @rayanemainara
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
After traveling around the world for the past month, I made my triumphant return this weekend. London and Paris were lovely. Cape Town has great views. Sydney has quite a harbor. But nothing is as majestic and beautiful as San Francisco. It's good to be home. #sutrotower #twinpeaks #sf #fog #fogstagram #fogasm
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stassievee : @matthewjohnbenton
suchislife1 : @megandewitt
melodybotha : @jonathanleeeee
danimlemos : @rayanemainara
loconet : Say hi to Karl @alexmoniz4 @davydmt
jnyhng : @wuman02 the SF fog has a name
kgreyes_ : @lrolllliln Karl even has its own IG page lol.
sesamp : Karl, you asshole. I was locked on the roof of my apartment today and just thought I'd wait it out until someone came to unlock the door. OF COURSE that's when you decide to creep in quickly and instantly make everything cold as shit. I had to climb down a rusty ladder on the side of a 6 story building, Karl. 6 stories! I hate you.
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
Apologies to those who didn't see the Supermoon last night. I got the late night munchies and a moon sounded tasty. To make up for it, here's a grey view of the Golden Gate Bridge. What a babe. #fog #fogstagram #fogaholics #ggb #sf
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ofe_g88 : @nati_bynature
maisietyree : @carsonmcombs @gabbytanaro
ger.aldine : @mr.doublea too cute
lizette_monique_studios : This page! Lol @rafafelix34
jssrzz : @dirtysuee
henry_wang_11 : @tralalalisa
msrosieposey : @thatnatalie.c
theressaghalbouny : @michelleghalbouny this is Karl
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
Welcome to Fogust, where people are so excited about my most powerful month that they do cartwheels in front of the Painted Ladies. #fog #fogust #fogstagram #paintedladies #sf
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anamazement : There is an instagram account for the fog in SanFran.................. @_anayleen
jadesayarad : @amyloeber was there
dawesdesignjewelry : @anamazement @_anayleen makes perfect sense doesn't it?
msh : @hiyamrskaija so my apartment shares a backyard with the blue one all the way on the left.
mlin0829 : @annie_are_u_okay @foodstruck @robear310 Karl has an Instagram oh and good news next month is Fogust!
robear310 : Isn't every month fogust in San Fran?
foodstruck : @robear310 you should see the gnarly tan @mlin0829 got yesterday at Dolores Park hahaa
klpie_ : @moki_ray #karl
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. Just been SO busy like every other San Franciscan: brunch in the Sunset, lunch in Cole Valley, catching up with other clouds over the Castro. It's hard being a fog this cool but someone's gotta dew it. #fog #fogstagram #fogaholics #noevalley #sf
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natatatevans : My favourite IG @rappym
michellesara24 : @bdffrnt9
carter_19 : While we're at it, this is an IG dedicated to SF's fog lol @tia_6 @liv._.west
tia_6 : Wooooo @carter_19 @liv._.west
matt_93905 : Someone's gotta dew it 😂😂😂😂😂 @sober_steez
sober_steez : @matt_93905 ?
mariiaaann : @shawnbprince
rachykelly : @jacmarieee
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
I know what you're thinking: where did Karl go and why is this place so miserably ugly without him? I hear you, really I do. But I got caught up with the World Cup madness and impulsively decided to float down to Brazil and support our guys from the sky. I'm tired and a little hungover (damn you caipirinhas) but should be back soon. I hear they're showing the games in front of City Hall. I'll have to drop by for the next one. #uglysf #sanfrancisco #bluemyself #ggb #bay
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kiarasab : @auddddrey Lolzzz. #uglysf
mallen29 : @nmaliwauki this caption is great
nmaliwauki : @mallen29 a little hungover hahah good one
apchemistry : @kashipps
cabergamo : @marinazadese
kimberlyou : @saaralynn
keishihf : @kokofoecke
apchemistry : @pennybic @persianag
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
Change is rarely easy or comfortable or direct. It's weird and sloppy and full of undiscovered variables and unknown self-reactions. But it's inevitable. Your life and this world will always change. As for me? Well, I prefer to embrace it. I let go of things I can't control. I keep moving forward but know I might make detours before arriving at my destination. And I look forward to experiencing and learning a lot of cool stuff along the way. #fog #fogstagram #fogaholics #baybridge #sf
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gabsriela_d : @backrowjane @vero_gonz sorry, clearly I've just discovered Karl the Fog, but this is pretty insightful! Change is hard, but we're #powerful!! 😍😘
gabsriela_d : @myrna.m change is hard, but we're #powerful!!
backrowjane : @gabsriela_d this is so insightful and encouraging! We are so #powerful, especially because of our #synergy ☺️😍
vero_gonz : @gabsriela_d thanks for this boo! 😘
cxteeena : @dvbruin. So meeee. @evanysu
dvbruin : @cxteeena karl, the fog, understands your doubts and pains, but embraces them just as beautifully! You got this!
cxteeena : @dvbruin 😘😘😘😘
blueocean_daisy : 💗💗💗
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