Karl, the San Francisco Fog

All that is sunny does not glitter, not all those in the fog are lost.
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. Just been SO busy like every other San Franciscan: brunch in the Sunset, lunch in Cole Valley, catching up with other clouds over the Castro. It's hard being a fog this cool but someone's gotta dew it. #fog #fogstagram #fogaholics #noevalley #sf
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_anick_ : @cathysampa cadê aquele céu azul?? Mesmo assim amei, em especial o dia básico descrito no texto...invejinha.... Beijao
hicate : @charlobrewer
meegie : @laubringas
sanguinary_freak : @da9da7
the2fs : Haha @r2works
r2works : @the2fs go away Karl!
katococo : @natashagulyaeva
fran_sol_ : πŸ‘πŸ‘
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
I know what you're thinking: where did Karl go and why is this place so miserably ugly without him? I hear you, really I do. But I got caught up with the World Cup madness and impulsively decided to float down to Brazil and support our guys from the sky. I'm tired and a little hungover (damn you caipirinhas) but should be back soon. I hear they're showing the games in front of City Hall. I'll have to drop by for the next one. #uglysf #sanfrancisco #bluemyself #ggb #bay
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hannah.aulani : me either, but once I saw it it totally reminded me of you.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @tifffababes
tifffababes : @hannah.aulani awwwe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€οΈ this post he posted is one of the best yet
shaynarules1125 : @become_instafamous_here
sundance1 : @sarababy90
thefrankzhang : @onelilbluefish lol did you know about Karl??
onelilbluefish : @thefrankzhang heard of him
arena : #tankhill
jmeshe : So clever.
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
Change is rarely easy or comfortable or direct. It's weird and sloppy and full of undiscovered variables and unknown self-reactions. But it's inevitable. Your life and this world will always change. As for me? Well, I prefer to embrace it. I let go of things I can't control. I keep moving forward but know I might make detours before arriving at my destination. And I look forward to experiencing and learning a lot of cool stuff along the way. #fog #fogstagram #fogaholics #baybridge #sf
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ohnoitsdano : @cheerful__cat
charliangel93 : @cinbychoochoo
lindseyloooo95 : @chefjohnb Karlthefog....?
munkeekungfu : @ginnyt102
sonianavlani : @tinarajdev
tinarajdev : @sonianavlani motivates me to work harder!
yogagirl11 : Good perspective and makes sense need to believe change is good even if it takes something drastic to make it happenπŸ’™
ctrotter_23 : @mskaileemay saw this page and reminded me of you
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
All that is sunny does not glitter, not all those in the fog are lost.
emamireza316 : Very good
hellafrost : @kjohnston9
haiyihotels : word of wisdom
carlosfandabidozy : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
fireworksphoenix : You named the fog Karl?
fireworksphoenix : Why is the fog Karl?
samira_fazeli : Great!!! :)
johnbozinov : Karl you are beautiful @karlthefog! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
San Francisco has 2 seasons: me and anything else. I don't like to talk about that other awful time of year so let's focus on the best part which thankfully begins today. Happy June Gloom, you guys. It feels good to be home. #fog #fogstagram #fogaholics #ggb #sf
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machocew : πŸ‘Œ
beccalgreenwood : @nidhihebs You need to follow @karlthefog as a SF resident now!
evelyynnn415 : @hygienistchan @faigy_lev @aber_fruma @perle_harbour WAIT, HES REALLY A THING?!?!
hygienistchan : He is so much more than just a thing.... @evelyynnn415
evelyynnn415 : Oohhh Karl 😏 @hygienistchan
rykilloran : @jonoseneff
the2fs : @cecilian88 @r2works truth
foodieaffair : Best. Cloaking. Device. Ever. @karlthefog
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
Terrible news, you guys. My mom came down with a warm (what you call a "cold") just in time for Mother's Day. My dad is back in Hawaii visiting his Mom, so I'm gonna take care of my ol' lady for the next few days. If the temperature gets a little warmer than usual this week, my apologies in advance. I'll try to make it back to check in but no promises. Until then, you'll have to suffer with days like these. Sorry. #nofog #blueskies #dreadful #ggb #bay #sanfrancisco
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samirnofear : Go to DALY CITY this summer
marcellalss : @enzaooooo for u
twadler : You didn't tell me you were in town today, I'll catch you over in the panhandle.
hellohedvig : Missing you❀️
wayoutohtaandfriends : @axmadler
clawrawr : @lyncanilao the best captions
nataliehuaco : @lizzyhuaco
livxixox : Amazing
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
One of the best parts about getting older is realizing you don't always have to be "on." Or like everyone you meet. Or make everything sound like it's amazing. That's just exhausting. If everything is amazing, is anything amazing? Take time off for yourself like I am here. Be okay letting other shine. It ensures that when you return, and when you make your presence known, all eyes are on you. #fogwisdom #sunshine #blueskies #tankhill #sanfrancisco
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jsquire47 : This little light of mine. I'm gonna make it shine.
sashimi_gi : @m1nonly greatest time.
richard_thegreat : Well said, Brotha Karl
homes_ : Karl be droppin' some knowledge!
wayoutohtaandfriends : @axmadler
hamedteymourie : Here is amazing
kara_tark : ^_^
blazing0ne : Wise fog.
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
After one of the hottest weeks in recent memory, one filled with sweaty walks to work, sweaty bus rides, and sweaty apartments, I made my triumphant return yesterday. I teased the coast line for a few hours in the morning before devouring the whole city. Now I'm just chillin' after a hard night's work. I think I've earned it. #returnofthekarl #fog #fogstagram #fogaholics #trees #woods #girlimexhausted
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irenavera : @wormcurtains4u
alfanjari79 : Alfanjari79@gmail.com
irelandjessica : @sararntz hahaha OMG what is thisπŸ˜‚
emamireza316 : Ohhhhhh perfeckt
joeldanielphillips : @christinearia this account is amazing
christinearia : Hahahha love this @joeldanielphillips
qinxiaohanyu : i like it
embql : Take a short trip to Europe, will you? #girlitshot #dying #sweaty #sunshine #68degrees #atnight
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
I just partnered with the sun for a fantastic end to the day. You're welcome. #cloudporn #sunset #fog #pacific #dusk #sanfrancisco
fog - sanfrancisco - cloudporn - dusk - sunset - pacific -
angryeel : πŸ‘
nautical_knot : @doubleamericano
chabbbbe : @heidiazucena Karl is too funny
heidiazucena : @chabbbbe hahaha
mermaidintherudder : @vale3434 míralo
vale3434 : @mermaidintherudder amazing
jessiesunday : @michaeljseiler
mar_y_cielo925 : Love your gallery and your words bring the pics to life great attitude:) keep sharing πŸ˜‰
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karlthefog - Karl, the San Francisco Fog
How am I dewing? Oh, just chillin. Hanging out on the west side. Taking it easy. It's not summer yet so I'm just coming and going as I please. #fog #fogstagram #sanfrancisco #twinpeaks #sutrotower
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aleksey_bondarev : So nice
jennaabennaa : @orange_u_happy
friendzinhighplaces : @karlthefog driving back from napa..then i hit the bay bridge and there you were hovering over twinpeaks...#stillnessinthecity
wayoutohtaandfriends : @axmadler
kaitlynfly : @pinacolaura @colleencrooks
rmartin19 : @shawnjonas
motimcd : @yogamitty I suggest you follow
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