Lieu Kane Fatality👊

I love drinking teas 🍵
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kanelieu - Lieu Kane Fatality👊
Had amazing lighting on set. It was only proper that a selfie took place 😎
bank36 : @kanelieu love that smile
kajsa.johnson : Come to Hawaii already!
nickname_profilename : Your teeth are like...perfect 😳👏👏
mark_goedecke : Yo I saw u on that vodka commercial and I was like whaaat
deeberry66 : 😍
morrggzz : Sweetest of smiles from the happiest of people. Have a good one
chloeslater : So handsome 😊
lynn_17 : Still can't believe you never had braces -_-
thecocoshebang - eicatherine - ashleychonggg - kaechayapat -
kanelieu - Lieu Kane Fatality👊
Guess who finally doesn't have to stress over taxes? THIS GUY, DUH! Man I feel good right now. My boy about to book this film, I'm working my way up. Life is great!!!!!! Happy Good Friday! Stay praying
leeroyjoness : Positive vibes!!!
ethanleff_ : @a.dunk jeff
jerzeyhustler36 : What's your email
scortez27 : @kanelieu miss this face!!!!
kimchibesos : I hope you're busy with good things Mr. Lieu 👍
stephanie_malouf : Stranger where have you been!?
cassandresoizic - typicalviet - ashleychonggg - anna_kordic -
kanelieu - Lieu Kane Fatality👊
I'm never doing leg day again.... #justkiddingicanfeelthemuskosgrows! reflection is cause of bengay...
justkiddingicanfeelthemuskosgrows -
kanelieu : @nguyennhatbinh my legs too weak!😠
kanelieu : @kristally24 I'm doing alright. Just been way too long since I've worked them. Thank you 😊
d.caberto : It shows the letter "h" for "hard work"
kanelieu : @d.caberto my man.. 💪
elena990712 : @kanelieu I haven't seen much of you on my news feed! Funny thing I was just telling my mom about you today 😄
awstokes : @kanelieu 😆
goddessnite : Always feel like a beast on leg day
casslang_ : Oh my quad! 😅
vandaz3 - hella_ella_castro - sailtofar - lovemebangkok1o1 -
kanelieu - Lieu Kane Fatality👊
Calves day 2 day ago have me like...#bruttal
bruttal -
___tori_ : Lol it was good for your first time 😊@thedanvadnais
bestrepwatches : 6 打扰了,把妹必备。顶级名表复刻一比一,微号A8686518518,带你装逼带你飞~~😊😊
petersadrian : @nixja
bshenas11 : @julesdoit
otrfloyd : Dottie @otrprincess
vonshavious : @og__nick @steven_daza
mtobarr : Lol how cute 😍 @fatalex69
princess_xxv : @shadow_lrg lol shadow today haha
taytay_starks - kaechayapat - marcosteubert - ildipazmany -
kanelieu - Lieu Kane Fatality👊
spoiled_kam : Clean
amai_liu : Beyond handsome
deeberry66 : 😍
moaleha : @musicfairy3 lmao
jpread23 : @h.phann shit man!
scottjordan : Holler at me @kanelieu
marinebeast82 : @kanelieu check your DM bro
scortez27 : @kanelieu I'd hire you!
sebasr_7 - iron_mikey87 - ildipazmany - eva_hoar -
kanelieu - Lieu Kane Fatality👊
How does this make you feel?
ruqiyah : Lol @r_abib
adam.j.irving : @louisabbott89
morrggzz : Hungry
nurse_nikki13 : Oh boy @bluenaija
moaleha : @musicfairy3
jerzeyhustler36 : What's your email
kanelieu : @mdub36 contactmyfreshbite@gmail.com
jerzeyhustler36 : Ok gonna email u soon about ur meals
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kanelieu - Lieu Kane Fatality👊
Had an awesome dinner and filming with my good friend @withloveok at Bon Vivant in Glendale. Man the food was amazing! Amazing girl that is so open and kind. She surpass my Instagram account and now at over 1 MILLION followers. That's just crazy!! When will I get to a million 😢
clwilliams251 : Love her! Your not so bad either lol
justhelen_ : Gosh ur teeth are to die for #!!!!
thecocoshebang - anna_kordic - ashleychonggg - aeffy17 -
kanelieu - Lieu Kane Fatality👊
If you have moments of discouragement.. I want to let you know, I do too. You're not alone. It's tough sometimes man... I know I know I know.. But you gotta push through it. It's about tenacity. People that are successful, what do they do different? They take their "no's" and use those as spring boards for the next "no" until they become a "YES". It's about your fire. You gotta keep it alive! You gotta take what's given to you and never give up. Man, if I would have given up on fitness years ago because I couldn't even bench the bar.. I wouldn't be able to be as fit as I am now. I might be still at Chuckie Cheese making kids laugh. Nothing wrong with that, but I know there's more in life that I want and that I can achieve. I won't give up and I hold you up to the same standards. So many of your comments really push me forward daily. I wish I could shake all your hands or give out hugs. Keep pushing👊 . -just an ordinary guy that wants more
mernaz415 : I wish I could meet you in person. You seem like a wonderful person to know😊
jamesmoneyy : Everytime I'm in from NY I Eat there every mornin best breakfast dude,try DuPons Oatmeal too it's crack @kanelieu
jamesmoneyy : @thepiffman craveee
morrggzz : Well be still my beating heart. Stay golden my friend.
lynadao : True story. No matter what happens, stay positive! Life can always be worse!
briannaakm : @kittymobbin @priscillaqueen_
kanibiggs : What everybody needs to hear
trpaqat : :) @wlareinaw
vandaz3 - luvbig808 - luxejoules - manusolympus78 -
kanelieu - Lieu Kane Fatality👊
Up close and personal
platinum_lou : 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. U grew some hella gorgeousness. I'm heated.
deeberry66 : 😍
phileoh : Good looking Kane
addi_doniagyal : 😍😍😍😍😍😋😋😋😋 #SWOON
stephanie_malouf : Omg miss you!
spoiled_kam : Cutie on duty
kajsa.johnson : Patiently waiting 🙏🏼 @kanelieu
behowerton : Bro!! Saw someone like your picture and I was like, is that who I think it is?? Good to see You're doing so well brody, stay up ✌
meliacmone - kaguh - lorenz_christopher - yukisan_baby -
kanelieu - Lieu Kane Fatality👊
We lose an hour tomorrow night... But I'm so glad we get more light late during the day. It's an amazing Saturday night. I hope you have a cool one.
missarmo : 😍
kanelieu : @missarmo I need my SD trip
derekdavischicago : 👊
missarmo : I agree
awstokes : @kanelieu love the outlook, have a great rest of your weekend!
ashley_nycole_ : I'm gonna miss that hour tho...😢
kaguh - lorenz_christopher - siraphong_2014 - ngtuanphong -
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