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justicelijah - Justice
Pops, back in his bodybuilding journey. Im honored to now have the baton. #RoadToPro
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justicelijah - Justice
EXCUSES - Stop complaining about being out of shape when you never go to the gym. Stop looking at your stomach when you get out of the shower and complaining about the way you look when you're eating everything in sight but never going to the gym. #CHANGEYOURMIND #CHANGEYOURLIFE
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justicelijah - Justice
#Throwback Taken around December...I was 185lbs and decent. I'm currently 213lbs while still packing on mass for next year's Teen Open Competition in Savannah, GA.
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gochris_ : Getting that weight like me huh
mami2trey11 : Nice @justicelijah
justicelijah : @maczaddytayy LOOL, as you can see I became a bodybuilder.
maczaddytayy : yes I see !!
__shecallmesmooth : Man wtf bruh 😨
wanfei97 : Looks cool! I love your photo :D
just_jarrad : How tf 😳 bruh
justicelijah : @just_jarrad 💀
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