Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market

We run a vintage market and love bringing people together in the name of Junk! We think that Phoenix needs a little more junk in their trunk.
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junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market
I have been wanting a @lindsay_letters masterpiece for a long time. I finally got one and its perfection.
cloveranddot : @stephaniemmoors honestly I haven't been checking 🙈 I made sure it has good drainage and I water it whenever I feel like I haven't done it in a while. I used to water every week (with like two cups of it) but you're really supposed to water every two weeks.
cloveranddot : @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket I heard that too. I'm not a big fan of getting soil under my fingernails 🙈😂
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket : @cloveranddot lol!
posiesflorals : Do I spy a nerf dart on that plant?
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket : @posiesflorals lol yes! I didn't even notice! Life with 3 boys!
posiesflorals : I only noticed because I have a little boy, and am always finding traces of him in odd places. Love everything about this picture. I still have pictures saved of your house for future remodeling.
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket : @posiesflorals awe thanks!
stephaniemmoors : @cloveranddot @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket so good to know! So grateful for your input!
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junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market
It's #jittfollowfriday!! Who else is excited! Head over and check out these fabulous vendors as they are preparing for May!! Photos by @redpoppyphoto #followfriday #junkinthetrunkvintagemarket #partylikeajunker #jittvm #vintage #antiques #vintagemarket #fleamarket @azsweetrepeats @royalbowtique @whitefivedesigns @grannyspatchofheaven
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julieshomedecor : The hoarding has begun!
_miss_jojo : I'm lovin' the Junky White Tee! Is it available on line? If so, from whom? ❤️ @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket
ericakartak : @proberts30 I thought of you guys when I saw this.
pardonmyfrench63 : We are getting ready at Pardon my French!
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket : @_miss_jojo head over to @royalbowtique and there's a link to their shop in their profile.
theemptynester : Can't wait-bringing a car full from Temecula, Ca!
_miss_jojo : Thanks! @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket I'll check it out! ❤️
heather29co9 : @thelovely_leah this is the vintage stuff I was talking about
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junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market
We have cool friends! Congrats @camelbackflowershop @modernmanor @dovetailvintage for being awesome! @arcadianews
dovetailvintage : Thanks so much for all the love ! Xoxo
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket : @ashquick I just saw you guys in there too! You are all famous!!
ashquick : Thanks chica! I haven't even got my copy yet 😂😂😂 had to read it online thanks to @dovetailvintage letting me know it was out!
mandagoose : We are proud to feature such awesome women!!! You gals all rock!!
arcadianews : Thank you for helping make our neighborhood great...full of kind, creative people!! @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket @dovetailvintage @camelbackflowershop
nickeybach : This is so awesome!!!! Love how amazing our friends are @ashquick @kyliedurkin @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket And so many other movers & shakers! Proud to know ya'll. 😍
chaazzzie : @camelbackflowershop congrats! You look amazing! ❤️
camelbackflowershop : Oh man! This is super rad! Thank you for including me! Wowza! @arcadianews @mandagoose - and thanks for the shout out @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket ❤️
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junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market
I'm loving this collection of #vintage clocks from @moonstruckvintage. Do you have a collection? What do you collect? Photo by @redpoppyphoto #junkinthetrunkvintagemarket #partylikeajunker #vintagemarket #fleamarket #antiques #clocks #redpoppyphoto
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4theloveofjunk : I love clocks
yogamama75 : Owls..... Lots and lots of owls
socalgirl99 : I have clocks like these with one in front of each of my babies photos. It's set to the time they were born.
lizzie823 : I collect vintage cameras, typewriters, and vintage wall clocks. I just need to find a good spot to display my clocks
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket : @socalgirl99 wow! What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing!
buckboardantiques : I saw a cubby with an old clock in each hole....it was great!
redpoppyphoto : So fun to see which photos you're sharing! 😘😘😘
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket : @redpoppyphoto there's so many good ones it's really hard to pick!
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junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market
We are auctioning off a pair of Early Entry tickets for the May market over @auction4miles! The bidding starts on Saturday and supports a dear friend of ours whose son Miles will be born today with Spina Bifida. Please go support baby Miles!
kscheffe : Love those!!
sarahopemeehan : @ivory2011
laugh4hopephx : Thanks for sharing @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket Now that we know about this, we will be adding some of our tickets to the auction too.
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junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market
We've had several questions about our 2015 schedule, so mark your calendars for May 2nd &3rd and September 19th & 20th! #junkinthetrunkvintagemarket #jittvm #partylikeajunker #vintagemarket #fleamarket #phoenix #scottsdale #arizona
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brandiellsworth : @kkmaclean @brookebaldonado @4farrells May 2 & 3rd!
tru_red14 : @bitsychapman
beckyblaine : @ncphotos 2 days each now!!
jsummer : @dana_stansbery I put it in my calendar!
sweet_tea_nana : Let's go GIRLS @stan111413 ❤ @ginggmomdlg❤@toniwilhite ❤
rosie.luv : Sent you a dm!
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket : @rosie.luv we didn't get it, I'm sorry.
rosie.luv : I'll send another!
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junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market
#truthfortoday #shereadstruth
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all_we_need_is_jesus : Love this verse!❤️
amyehibbs : Amen
joyjunkqueen : Ooooo.. Good
redpoppyphoto : I love this.
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junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market
Did a little junkin the morning and found some fun treasures!! Keep watching in the next couple weeks because you will get a chance to win some of Coley and I's favorite things!!! Thanks @barn4461 for the fun stuff!
rawbekah : So not fair.
beckyfloch : Audra is pooped from all that shopping!
barn4461 : Thanks for coming out to see us! I'm still dying over your daughters adorable top knot!
studio51salvage : Hahahaha! That tool box made its way from @studio51salvage to you!
royalbowtique : That globe. 😍😍
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junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market
It's #jittfollowfriday time!! Today we are sharing more of our fabulous vendors, so start follow them to catch all the fun stuff they are preparing for the next market! #followfriday #junkinthetrunkvintagemarket #jittvm #partylikeajunker #vintagemarket #fleamarket #vintage @pumpernickelandwry @robinsnestcreativedesigns @coronacouturejewelry @oldbrickhouse
jittvm - fleamarket - junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - vintage - vintagemarket - jittfollowfriday - followfriday - partylikeajunker -
thelittlegreenbean : Looks amazing!!
stevenal92 : Which vendor is the top left picture? :) @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket : @stevenal92 it's @oldbrickhouse, if you rep on the picture you can see which picture is who.
stylishkustoms : @serennajohnson
serennajohnson : Those green chairs are pretty cool! @stylishkustoms
handlettereddesign : Love the green chairs!
pinkymichele30 : LOVE THE JEELTY DISPLAY !!!!!!
naenae612 : @its_me_lesa
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junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market
#TBT to September's @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket!! This beautiful pictures from @redpoppyphoto gets me even more excited for May 2nd and 3rd!! #junkinthetrunkvintagemarket #jittvm #partylikeajunker #vintage #vintagemarket #fleamarket
jittvm - fleamarket - junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - vintage - vintagemarket - tbt - partylikeajunker -
onegirlstrash_ : We love this! Perfection! @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket
redbarnjunkista : Love that piece!! @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket
sarahopemeehan : @ivory2011 for reals.
redpoppyphoto : I'm glad you liked this one! It was one of my favorites. :)
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