Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market inspires creativity by curating spaces to embrace a vintage lifestyle. Sept 19th & 20th, 9am to 4pm WestWorld AZ 🌡
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junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - JunkintheTrunkVintageMarket
And for one of @coleyarnold 's favorite market finds . . . This fabulous 11ft workbench from For the Love of Old and stools by @hawksalvage! It's the perfect place for the littles to do their homework! Now it's your turn! We want to see what your favorite finds are! Post a picture of one of your favorite treasures from a past @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket and use #partylikeajunker for your chance to win a pair of Weekend Passes to the market in 2 weeks! If you 'we never been before post a space in your house you are hoping to fill with a new treasure! Winner will be chosen Monday evening! #junkinthetrunkvintagemarket πŸ“· by @davidtsay
partylikeajunker - junkinthetrunkvintagemarket -
rtaylorharding : Love it + trophy pencil holders. Super cute.
phxpublicmarket : Lovely πŸ‘
alydmiller : @raewils totally see you having a "work station" in your house πŸ’™
elizabethmahnke : I would love this
simplybynature - thelotusbazaar - luvsvintagetoo - bedfordfallsvintage -
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - JunkintheTrunkVintageMarket
This week we have shared some pictures of the great finds you guys have found, so today we thought it might be fun to show a favorite market find from us. One of Lindsey's all time market finds is this fabulous old hardware cabinet from @vagabondxchange!! Isn't she a beaut. She's also crazy heavy, it only took 8 people to get it in @_lindseyholt 's house. #partylikeajunker #junkinthetrunkvintagemarket
antique - vintagecabinet - fleamarket - junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - vintage - vintagemarket - picoftheday - partylikeajunker - manydrawers - hardwarecabinet -
leslie1877 : Wow!!!!
minnesota_rust : Absolutely gorgeous!
foryourvintagelife : Find of a lifetime!
ash.mcclung : @kitsch_me_im_irish ❀ LOVE THIS PIECE! ❀
1penster : They don't make them like they used to! 😒
kouture.island.design : Oh my goodness I'm in love!!
ammack : @hoveringheartphotography #obsessed
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket : @1penster no they certainly don't!
motherofnice - brianne_loves - futuremrstobe - goodsamaritanthrift -
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - JunkintheTrunkVintageMarket
And then we found some time for a little fun! We stopped in @zinniasatmelrose to pick out some vintage treasures that will be displayed at the market! #partylikeajunker #junkinthetrunkvintagemarket #zinniasatmelrose
zinniasatmelrose - partylikeajunker - junkinthetrunkvintagemarket -
rugs_gallery : Gorgeous
thelemonadeparade : Fun day!!
culturalcapitalstore : Those hats though!!!
moonstruckvintage : Vintage fashionistas! Love it!
vintageaddictionaz : Awe soooo cute! You should frame this one!!! ❀
lajaime : Lins, your hair! 😍 @_lindseyholt!
_lindseyholt : @lajaime thank you!
jfriedman70 - shoelisa - mariam000222 - michelledwd2 -
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - JunkintheTrunkVintageMarket
The life of moms. Multitasking, head shots with the littles clinging below. #partylikeajunker #picoftheday #junkinthetrunkvintagemarket
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - picoftheday - partylikeajunker -
ashleycooperdesign : I love it!! You are both good mamas
ginghamgirlgreetings : I spy gingham!πŸ’•
moonagemetals - salvagedsoulsaz - officialirinaluna - zmonroehome -
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - JunkintheTrunkVintageMarket
It's throw back thursday friends! So today we are throwing it back a couple years to some great friends who gathered in the tent with us and look at the amazing treasures they found! What is your favorite treasure you have found at one of our markets? #tbt #partylikeajunker #junkinthetrunkvintagemarket
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - partylikeajunker - tbt -
ahopkins : @stephfay yes!
city2countrygirl : @terrgalvan oh yes it looks great !!! I will have to take lots of pics when u go πŸ’—πŸ’πŸΌ
terrgalvan : Yes I will!! @city2countrygirl you should just come!!!! 😘❀️ lets go together & bring @_nancywyatt
city2countrygirl : Oh man one day !!! That would be a blast
city2countrygirl : @_nancywyatt one day we need to hook up with @terrgalvan for this
_nancywyatt : @city2countrygirl Yes!! @terrgalvan Roadtrip!!
desireeeegrant : @goldencurves I want that mat!!!!
autumnloop : @mamaswiftyy Are you going again this year?
thefeatherbrand - thegypsyheartdesigns - ali_johnson03 - officialirinaluna -
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - JunkintheTrunkVintageMarket
Have you grabbed your VIP tickets yet? Want to skip the line, shop an HOUR early, get a yummy @mamascoldbrew coffee handed to you in a @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket tumbler, and an awesome reusable tote from @helloapparel? Hurry before they're gone! Let's #partylikeajunker!!
partylikeajunker -
jennaraetion : Wait, how do you get VIP tickets?! @mellymaey wanna go together?!
areyoucussingwithme : @helloeimhana yes?? 😍
robrenee : @robrenee_eats Check out the cool ship painting! Excited to find some artwork for our bedroom.
helloeimhana : @areyoucussingwithme sure!
kemerick4 : @carlagreen_3 gah! Why don't we live next door to each other?!??
mellymaey : @jennaraetion sure!
jesskouzoukas : Last year I had passed and when I got there they still made me wait in line to get a wrist band. @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket
elizabethmahnke : Love the ship painting
jfriedman70 - blushanddaydream - vintageindulgencehouston - the_rustic_beach_house -
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - JunkintheTrunkVintageMarket
Boom πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ #partylikeajunker #jitthq
jitthq - partylikeajunker -
vintageaddictionaz : 😍😍
amyatjunkloveandco : Love it πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
yellowbungalowshop : ❀️
kscheffe : πŸ™Œ
msleasman : Can't wait @victorialynn156
olivewooddesigns : Yes!
thenovemberstore : Yes it does
gigerangelica : I forgot to get a hat last time, can't wait! πŸ˜›
justinholdrenart - layers_by_ali - salvagedsoulsaz - vintage_yup -
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - JunkintheTrunkVintageMarket
Looking for a one of a kind treasure? We've got your back! Who's ready to #partylikeajunker?
partylikeajunker -
jonni_cheatwood : @amycheat up top baby! βœ‹πŸ½
morganneshorts : @jonni_cheatwood you just keep showing up with all my favorite people I follow on IG! You're famous😜
cmdeaton12 : What an awesome group! I want to be adopted 😜
coleykuyperart : Haha that's awesome!! @amycheat @jonni_cheatwood
the_hillman_co : @hillmanphx for Scott
pugmama67 : Can't wait! #partylikeajunker
grammienanny : @gramahiggy
gramahiggy : Woohoo!
justinholdrenart - pastvintage - salvagedsoulsaz - hivephx -
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - JunkintheTrunkVintageMarket
GATHER with us on September 19-20th and you will be inspired to GATHER your friends and family for a vintage tea party! πŸ“· by @ginameola styled by #avestyles Tap for vendor resources. #partylikeajunker
avestyles - partylikeajunker -
ashleygain : @ginameola @avestyles πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’—
loveyoumostdesigns : 😍😍
jess_holstad : @a_lyss_ter lets go to this!
audreyshopaz : Nicely done 😍
allcenturyvintage : Green Tea😁
lauramichellelb : @sam_e_pants want to go do this??!
julies_gmd : @kmdonis7
sam_e_pants : @lauramichellelb yes!!!!!
seiler_b - colorednest - thecatzpajamas14 - vintage_yup -
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket - JunkintheTrunkVintageMarket
Want to avoid the line? Grab your VIP ticket today before they are GONE! #partylikeajunker link in profile
partylikeajunker -
oneredbuffalo : We are so excited to be part of this!!
the_little_la : @jlmj24
thekitschystitcher : Whats the date of the main event again?
lettesheriff : Omg @jessiha67
junkinthetrunkvintagemarket : @thekitschystitcher September 19-20th at WestWorld!
thewalthouse : I wish I could go!
laur.nnicole : @kelley_az I don't think I can do this..
helen_eysho_ramirez : @gewarkis
yoashleygrajeda - ohmydarlingdecor - batesmeowtel - hivephx -
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