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Lover • Dreamer • Nomad • Finder of Lost Treasures • Coffee Gulper • Tea Sipper. [Current 🏡: Redding, California]
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
I have learned that there are those seasons where God calls us to stop calculating, looking down, or be debilitated by fear and just JUMP off the cliff. In those moments we may not know what comes as a result but we can be reassured that He will always catch us faster than we can fall. BUT then there are those seasons where He takes you to the end of the cliff just to show you His heart and His plans for you. Instead of asking you to jump off, this time He shows you a path and asks for you to join Him on a journey to get there. This time it won't be an instant moment of holding your breath as you plummet deep but this time it could be treacherous, long, and not look like what you thought... But He said that there is a promise in the process no matter how long or short it takes. Most times I just like jumping off and getting that immediate satisfaction but I have learned it is a trust journey and we get to choose each day, every moment to say yes to fear or yes to Him.
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yoonicornn : Ahh I needed this ❤️
mso_8 : ❤️
a_kim21 : Love this Julie.
eunicejlee : So good
juliejaejung : @kim_skye thanks! Feels good to be back in the normal Virginia haha
juliejaejung : Thanks @a_kim21 !!!
juliejaejung : 😍😘 @yoonicornn @mso_8 @eunicejlee
wheresyaeeun : you're back :b again lol
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Grateful for still rainy mornings during this beauty of a fall season with a cup of coffee in hand. Oh how my soul can keel over in happiness right about now!! #fall #rainydaysaremyfavorite
rainydaysaremyfavorite - fall -
mso_8 : Their crepes are so good!
juliejaejung : @mso_8 yesss :)))) I work here and I wait for mess ups so I can have.... Hahaha
mso_8 : Oh u must tell me the days u work! I work part time..we should catch up:)
itsmegolnaz : Where is this cute place little sis? Miss you
johnnyappleceed : Early Bird
supshirlz : :)
juliejaejung : @itsmegolnaz really close to our house! Historic Clifton
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
This gem, these people, this kind of love... Makes my heart ooze all over the floor! To see such a group that fights for justice, love and hope in nations that have been devastated by war propels me into longing to do the same. If you haven't taken a gander at @justice_rising , do yourself a favor! #iamapeacemovement #studentsnotsoldiers #savedmyfirstgiveawayforthebest
iamapeacemovement - studentsnotsoldiers - savedmyfirstgiveawayforthebest -
andrea31188 : Your heart for justice moves me so much! I love you @juliejaejung !!!
juliejaejung : @andrea31188 I love you so much!!!?
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
And then there was another... @the_golibe The wittiest, sharpest, & quickest to his feet. I've had too many belly clutching laughs with him around with his "too cool for America" Manchester humor. Golibé ushered God's presence not only during his divine AMAZING worship but also always in the everyday, every moment. We were there for each other when we didn't understand all the "West Virginian" humor and I couldn't have asked for anyone better to endure it with! Who thought that when he married Brittany he also would be bringing all of us ladies under his wings. #hs16friends #blessedwiththebest #worldchangersoffriends
blessedwiththebest - hs16friends - worldchangersoffriends -
the_golibe : *rivers of tears*
anitsirkang_ : So cute ... Miss you!
hiiihannah_ : Omgosh you got even prettier!!! And...look at your hair!
sebadabadoo : !! ♡♡♡
seojenn : So pretty Jules!
nikkivanvuur : !!!!
juliejaejung : Thanks guys 😍😍😍 @anitsirkang_ @hiiihannah_ @seojenn miss you ladies!
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
And then there was this one: @ashley_somerville1 Another gift to me and another one I couldn't have survived Redding without. Ashley has a heart of gold and runs with wisdom & truth that calms any and every storm. She has been my best friend, roommate, chef, prayer warrior, missionary, dreamer, and more. She put up with my scare tactics and my ups and downs and my crazy rambunctious self. I can't wait to see this gem married because she'll be beyond an amazing wife. #hs16friends #blessedwiththebest #love #friendsinhighplaces
blessedwiththebest - love - friendsinhighplaces - hs16friends -
m_e_l_k_i_m : @juliejaejung that loving oneway stare
juliejaejung : @m_e_l_k_i_m ... Ashley is just shy. 😒
ashley_somerville1 : Hahaha....YOU MAKE ME CRY! WHY ARE YOU LEAVING US?!?!? 😫😢😫😢😫😢
eleaza.risher : ❤️😭🔥👰💃
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
WARNING: the next upcoming posts will be sappy, gooey and filled with love! Coming to an end to my season in Redding and this will be tribute #1 to my first "goodbye/see-you-soon" This one... She was the one to bring me to Redding as she wed the one and only @the_golibe. I can't thank Jesus enough for this sweet spirit. I wouldn't be where I am as fast as I am if it wasn't for her bold prophetic words and her actions that propelled me into the deepest of waters. And instead of her watching me learn how to swim, she swam right next to me. I love this girl so much I would eat a thousand cupcakes in 1 day for her. I will miss this girl to my deepest core, I am going to cry a thousand lakes. #hs16friends #love #blessedwiththebest
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salmanyasi : @mzavip !!!!!
eleaza.risher : 😭😭😭 beautiful
jaebaek : Yes, Brittany is awesome amazing to the 100th power... But you can eat one thousand cup cakes? ... 1,000
juliejaejung : Well I would try..... @jaebaek I ate all those French fries for your birthday.
britt_allison_ : Great now I'm going to go eat a 1,000 cupcakes and cry..;-( you can't leave!!!
ashley_somerville1 : Tooooo muchhhh sadnessss!!!! MAKE IT STOP! 😫😢😓
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Had to say "see-yah-later" to this rascal as she embarks on her journey to the Iris Missions School in Abilene, TX. Wild bunch we are and we reach new levels of freedom together that we know we HAVE to be together FOREVER! #kindredspirits #bestfwiendsforever #foureyes
kindredspirits - foureyes - bestfwiendsforever -
khurst3 : Miss you already!👉😭👈👊👯👓🐗
eleaza.risher : Julieee your hair😍😍😍😍
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Peach pie || 1 out of my thousands of favorite desserts are pies (still perfecting this recipe). But something about the crunchy yet soft pie crust with the best peaches from the local farmers' market that melt in your mouth with or without being baked AND the raw coconut sugar that brings it all together... #mouthwatering #peachpie #healthytoanextent #thinkingofthenextonealready
healthytoanextent - peachpie - thinkingofthenextonealready - mouthwatering -
dannykim32 : Yo this looks like it came out of a magazine. #toolegit
juliejaejung : Maybe if I'm home for thanksgiving we can make one :) @dannykim32 miss yah!
dannykim32 : 👍👍👍
alic3_c : Oh my gosh...your description made me salivate..
regina_vera : Can you make mini ones for the wedding ?!?! 😍
juliejaejung : @regina_vera if you really want me to!!!!! I will that would be so fun and cute
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
A new piece called "embrace." Head over to @wildflower.designs for more details! Testimony: got thousands of semi precious stones shipped by a dear papa of mine all the way from Australia just because he believed in this and loves so well!
kim_skye : Ooooooh stones 😍
nikkivanvuur : !!!!!!!!
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
I spy...
juliejaejung : Just kidding! It's a fake/phony.
camille_joyy : Hahahaha
nicolelinda : Woah we both posted pics of fake nose rings today LOL
juliejaejung : @nicolelinda we were on the same wavelength :)
nicolelinda : 👭❤️🌈😁
dynamikeee : Omg I thought this was real
juliejaejung : @dynamikeee haha I tried. But mother would probably rip it out and say I look like a motorcyclist girlfriend. Hahaha
dynamikeee : Hahahaha your mom would definitely say something like that. Hope everything is going well! =]
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