Julie Jung

Finding beauty in unexpected places. [Current 🏑: Sano-shi, Japan]
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Tomorrow I'll be taking the longest trek back to California from Japan; with more unknowns than I thought but anyone who knows me will say that's the usual, right? As I was sipping tea with a friend after dinner, we talked about our lives and the journey God has taken us on thus far. Even though it looked different than I thought... I couldn't help but be thankful for the past two years. Years filled with memories & experiences that can flow right out of my mouth but also, ones I haven't yet found words to describe. Full of the fast (and even slow) seasons of learning how to wait, walk or run- usually head in first. I wouldn't trade it for the world, because even the "setbacks" I experienced just back seated me to see the bigger picture (pun intended). No one can guess what's in the next season for them, or even how long a season will be, so I'll be the first to say: I'm ready for yah! #vsco #vscocam #la #hereicome #itrusthisfaithfulness #backtoyearroundperfectweather
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murderwallz : So cool!
daileeann : You're amazing.
sheetz094 : Can I visit you
juliejaejung : @sheetz094 of course!! Beach tans together :)
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
It has literally been non stop raining since I've arrived here in Japan. I'm not complaining since I'll be heading back to California on Friday. So I'll just take advantage with some puddle jumping, tea cup holding, and calming days. #japanadventures #vsco #vscocam #rain #andofcoursesuncomesoutfriday
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Japanese styled piñata or you can call it whack a mole. It's pretty self explanatory- spin around a few times and smack the watermelon until it splits. Only difference, you don't eat it. #japanadventures #vscocam #vsco
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
#nationaldogday makes me want to cuddle with all the dogs I've met in all the random corners of this world. One of the downsides of living out of a suitcase: can't own a dog so I have to pretend other people's dogs are mine. #vsco #vscocam #tbt
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khurst3 : Yeah right
khurst3 : I know the truth
devon.feldmeth : Oh my the smiles are the same πŸ˜€
juliejaejung : @khurst3 yeah forgot to omit rat looking dogs
restusayarestu : Hy cntik buangets ni yeee
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
T'is my last day in Korea so I decided to finally go to the War Memorial of Korea. I was putting it off after coming out of a war zone, but I heard great things about it so I set off on an adventure to relive history. It was closed. #koreaadventures #goodthingscometothosewhowait #notalways #stillhadfun #vsco #VSCOcam
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dannykim32 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
At first, you may just see a disorganized group of curved lines dancing in opposite directions. But with a deeper glance, you find that they meet at their ends to create a bigger unified picture that contains an immeasurable amount of beauty- because they have found each other. By this I am inspired. #koreaadventures #wanderlust #inspiration #vsco #VSCOcam
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not_brian_trump : Julie! You are missed! When are you coming back? Are you coming back? Haha @juliejaejung
juliejaejung : @emzybrain daw totally missing LA and you all! I'll be back in September.
not_brian_trump : Cool :) we'll have to catch up. I'm sure you'll have tons of stories to tell. Enjoy your time away from LA @juliejaejung
juliejaejung : @emzybrain yesss for sure, over some flat whites? I've been on an unintentional coffee detox
not_brian_trump : Absolutely! Flat whites sound great.
not_brian_trump : That sucks about the detox! But you'll have plenty of coffee when you get here. Flat whites and Chemex brews @juliejaejung
mso_8 : Deep.
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Today I increased my calves to the size of boulders. #koreaadventures #vsco #VSCOcam
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mso_8 : 😍😍😍 so cute!
ellenypak : Ahh sounds so fun!
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Today I'm exploring Seoul with me, myself and I- extroverted challenges. You can find me staring at old buildings, strolling in a park, taking odd pictures, and being the best company. It's not common here in Korea to do things alone, but sometimes it's more of an adventure if you choose to go against the grain and learn to expect the unexpected. #koreaadventures #wanderlust #redefinenormal #VSCOcam #vsco
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peilinpeilin : Where in Korea is this? Haven't seen this building before I think.
juliejaejung : It was yong nak church, near the giant cathedral in myeongdong area
juliejaejung : @peilinpeilin πŸ‘†πŸΌ
peilinpeilin : πŸ‘†πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Love hanging out with my grandma who is still rocking it at 94 years of age. It's been years since I've seen her back in the states. So we sat exchanging stories as she forced food past normal consumption into my tummy. #koreaadventures #blessedwiththebest #vsco #VSCOcam
koreaadventures - blessedwiththebest - vscocam - vsco -
sehheekoh : πŸ’•
doubledownda : WOW
bubbahotep92 : That's awesome! Whats her secret!? πŸ˜€
jennnaale : 😍
eunicejlee : Awwww β™‘
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
I'll go back and forth from pictures in the now and pictures in the past- whether it be #tbt or not, sorry in advance. Today I miss her face and faces like hers as I am finally giving my heart the room to process the stories of war I've heard for the past 2 months. And in between tears & frustration, I glimpse at pictures of their faces to remind myself not to be lost in hopelessness or defeat. But to remember that day always comes from night and even as distances shift there is always an origin and a destination. Impossible is never final and if we seek in wonder, we will find in awe. #jrjourneys #drc #drcongo #randomramblings #VSCOcam #vsco
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