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Lover • Dreamer • Nomad • Finder of Lost Treasures • Coffee Gulper • Tea Sipper. [Current 🏡: Redding, California]
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
👐 happy birthday Kendra || there are some people you meet and you know that instantly you'll be friends forever and she was one of them. There are a plethora of words to describe this woman: she loves Jesus, singer, song-writer, generous, kind hearted, hilarious, Kentucky girl accent, a lover of all souls & the list goes on. Kendra I am honored to walk life with you, to cry with you, and to laugh like a wild donkey with you! You mean so much to me and I can't wait to see you in a few days and create a wild beautiful mess wherever we go! Be loved, be known, and be seen today my dear 😘
khurst3 : I wuv you foreverrrrr @juliejaejung
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
"Ain't horsing around" && "box me out" || Head over to @wildflower.designs for more pictures and details of these two pieces I'm selling to fund my ministry trip to Santa Barbara next week! ✌️yipee!!!
iris.s.park : Love the caption!
la_ash : I looooovvveeee it!!!!! 😍😍😍❤❤
sesamewithay : Julie these are amazing!!! I really love them! Can you post a picture of you wearing the square one? It really helps to get a visual of the necklace on since I can't try them on! Thanks!
juliejaejung : Yesss totally will! I'll send you a direct message on Instagram
abehwang - rachelminji - aandybui - eunicejlee -
juliejaejung - Julie Jung
mmMMmmm Monday. || Today I felt this too sudden too familiar feeling of sickness that took over me like a raging tornado, so my friend @ashley_somerville1 made me some too yummy chicken noodle soup after praying for me :) she loves oh so well!!! Where would I be without her? #betterthancampbells #wifematerial #gentlemengetinline #onlyifyouareover6feetthough
wifematerial - betterthancampbells - onlyifyouareover6feetthough - gentlemengetinline -
sheetz094 : Omgsh Jules your hands are darker than mine ❤️
sheetz094 - musicbylaurenbrown - thoooooria - jossieb89 -
juliejaejung - Julie Jung
"Held As One" || My first piece jumping towards a future ministry! It is also currently supporting my living situation on the missions field. Yes yes yes! Head over to @wildflower.designs for details, purchase, and more pieces to come!
_mariaso : So beautiful!
joanloves : amazing!
sarahksullivan : Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!
la_ash : You are a rock star! ✊ I love it!! 😍
eleaza.rose.ariel : Love it! Love you!
juliejaejung : @la_ash & @eleaza.rose.ariel thanks you beauties you! Miss you guys so much! BANANAS 🍌🍌🍌
__vl : amazingness
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Playing around with this beauty! (Will redirect you to my other Instagram once I have a few pieces available)
jeannxbeann : miss you hood rat
juliejaejung : @jeannxbeann miss you jittahbug! I'll smother you in hugs when I see you as we get out eyebrows threaded
sarahksullivan : Oh my gosh. Love love love. I need one now.
eunicejlee : I want it! NOW.
nikkivanvuur : No way!
jeannxbeann : peehee. I got my eyebrows done today ✌️ do you know when you're coming back to nova??
carliewolfe - taeeunie - munshing - nikkivanvuur -
juliejaejung - Julie Jung
In the midst of darkness and unclarity sometimes all we are given is a small trickle of light to cling on to and hope in. It's sometimes so small that it's easy to let go and lose heart over what once used to be easy. Where once you would say "yes" willingly it slowly turns into an "eh, maybe". Where once there was a jump in your step it becomes a slow dragging of ones feet. And it becomes all too much to continue on a journey with tired feet, disappointed heart, and diminished passion. Then suddenly, comes something beautiful on the horizon. A light that shines brighter than any noon day. A refreshing drink to the deepest parts of ones soul and an answer, an answer that makes it all worth it. And the pilgrimage continues.
iusuallyread : Beautiful.
camille_joyy : Unbelievable 😍
__vl : amazeballs
iusuallyread : @__vl ^ 👍
andrea31188 : Thanks for being you and sharing this. It really spoke to me!:) @juliejaejung
eunicejlee : Wow so beautiful and so well spoken
juliejaejung : Thanks gals @iusuallyread @eunicejlee @andrea31188 @__vl @camille_joyy 😘
currlinechong : You are beautiful, Julie.
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
'Merica the brave! || Bring on the flag waving, barbecuing, fireworking, and all the other "-ing"s today. Special shout out to my Air Force sister @ajay2 -missing you!! #iamonlythispatrioticonthisday #koreanAMERICANNNNN
koreanamericannnnn - iamonlythispatrioticonthisday -
ajay2 : Super cute!
annikarowson - tashtomlinson - __vl - saosinz -
juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Micronesia. || #tbt to those days where we would stand holding on to our dear lives for a whole hour going 60+ mph on the back of these trucks on windy hilly roads just to get to church and around town. Those were the days of wild adventures, breaking off fear, crazy stupid laughter and now I just sit in a car with seat belts. #lame #butstillthankful
butstillthankful - tbt - lame -
samanthajchap : Hahah #lame!!!
lochancellor : Two of my most favorite girls in one picture. @juliejaejung you're so dear to me. I love you.
flyredbutterfly : Scary truck rides were one of my favourite things about Micro! if you weren't having a redneck jacuzzi getting beyond soaked from the rain on the way back from church you were being squished like a sardine on the way back from a crusade when the trucks were seriously overloaded
thoooooria - zoe_jarfullofdreams - alvinjchun - jineyylee -
juliejaejung - Julie Jung
I have the best friends in the whole world, in the whole world! They knew that I had been craving Korean food for months and so in addition to my nursing books she packed a giant box full of these foods/snacks, totaling a weight of 45 lbs. Blessed beyond measures!!! Happy heart, soon full stomach, thankful. #blessedwiththebest @wheresyaeeun @kim_skye
blessedwiththebest -
kim_skye : THEY MADE IT!! Great job Yae :D Omg I'm excited for you to have 떡볶이 Julie!!! Hehehehehe
juliejaejung : I know @kim_skye I'm rationing it out as my mouth waters thinking about the tenderness of the 떡 saturated in the spices entering my mouth as my teeth effortlessly chomp down and spread it all over my taste buds.
wheresyaeeun : Whoohoo happy tumtums :)
wheresyaeeun : oh & the one white rice you have is @bloogenes doing. I tried to keep it healthy with brown rice but he snuck one in there...
juliejaejung : LOL no wonder. I was thinking that you accidentally purchased it because there was only 1 @wheresyaeeun thanks @bloogenes
bloogenes : 😜
dynamikeee : Where are you now!?!!!!!
mynameisdaae - thoooooria - eileen.eileen - musicbylaurenbrown -
juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Gingernotsnaps. || Confession: I have an unhealthy love for gingersnaps that when I make a batch I usually eat them all in one sitting. So today I replaced the whole stick of butter per recipe with 1/2 cup of Libby's pumpkin purée. Now they are a bit fluffier and go perfectly with a cup of almond milk or maybe some creamy almond butter. Yummm!
callmebettycrocker - healthykindof -
juliejaejung : #callmebettycrocker #healthykindof
britt_allison_ : #cleanandfitkorean
la_ash : Glad we aren't together because I too@love ginger snaps 😳😂
juliejaejung : I also @la_ash but we would go running and do Pilates like we did in Micronesia 😂...not! Haha
la_ash : Right 😉 that would be our story haha
juliejaejung : Of course, let's just make a gingersnaps business and bam we will be together again. Yeah? Ok meet you at that coffee shop!
juliejaejung : 👆@la_ash
la_ash : ☺ Yes! I'm leavin now ✈☕@juliejaejung
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