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Lover • Dreamer • Explorer • Nomad • Finder of Lost Treasures • Coffee Gulper • Tea Sipper. [Current 🏡: Los Angeles, California]
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
// Too cool for school interns // A weekend filled with rich chocolate, delicious pastries, homemade breakfast, meeting the kindest of souls, and hearing stories that move us to do what we are called to LA to do. This weekend went faster than a fart! #justicerising #lovemycommunity #thesegirlsmakemebetter #latocongo #cantwaittosquatinlatrineswiththem
cantwaittosquatinlatrineswiththem - lovemycommunity - justicerising - latocongo - thesegirlsmakemebetter -
sangpark81 : One of the best viewpoints of San Fran!
juliejaejung : Yessss @sangpark81 !! Which I had coins to look through the viewer...
sangpark81 : Smh... I'll make sure to send you some coins thru PayPal next time.
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
// Road Trip // Heading up the coast to Dublin for a benefit dinner called "kids aren't made to be soldiers" as we support our fearless fabulous founder of @justice_rising as she speaks on child soldiers. And of course like all road trips, ours include In-n-out, podcasts, back stretches, delusional laughter, and long talks. #justicerising #roadtripsaremyfavorite #smallbladdersbighearts #checkthemtricepsout
roadtripsaremyfavorite - checkthemtricepsout - smallbladdersbighearts - justicerising -
eleaza.risher : 😍😍😍 I can't stop lovin this
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
"Because the ones that are crazy enough to think they can change the world-- are the ones who do." -Steve Jobs Rebuilding war affected communities is our passion and we love to see the positive effects that education has on the kids & community. Follow @justice_rising to see how you can be apart of the movement! #justicerisingschools #childrennotsoldiers #beapeacemovement #latocongo
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mso_8 : Love.
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Sunday Funday. It's been a while my friend, it's been a while.
hiiihannah_ : ^LOL! I can't tell whether or not you're being serious hahaha😄
the_golibe : I'm still waiting for that ride along video selfie...
the_golibe : And great choice of footwear btw
juliejaejung : @the_golibe don't you worry, it's coming oh so soon! And yeh better than those stupid sandals that are toe traps
_hystory_ : Teach me!
juliejaejung : @_hystory_ yes! When you come visit, you'll be a pro
mzungu_yohani : Where are your heels?
juliejaejung : @mzungu_yohani after my accident I decided these shoes were best... But don't worry soon I'll be good enough to wear them again. Haha
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
While I was home I had the joy of being photographed by @ezer_kenegdo_design. And soon after sent her what God had placed on my heart to speak out. It was a lot of vulnerability on both parts of the process, but through it I feel like I've been awakened to embrace beauty through each moment. Thanks to all those that helped me edit & give language to what my heart wanted to say. Go to: www.ezer-kenegdo.com/julie Link in profile! #walkingoutoffear #talentedfriends
walkingoutoffear - talentedfriends -
ang_marani : So beautiful!!!
timjjang : 👍
juliejaejung : Haha @andy_yoo91 you're the sweetest!
juliejaejung : Thanks ☺️ @officialcamillejoy @anitsirkang_ @jennyperrrr @estherpark_ @ang_marani @la_ash
juliejaejung : @eliduhhhh okay miss world changing, freckle baring, smile contagious cutie
eunicejlee : Beautiful
emxjay : Okay you gorgeous girl you. Read the post at the link and was so blown away by the beautiful way you expressed yourself with your words. Christ's beauty is made so evident through you, your physical face as well as your pure heart and spirit and the story He writes through you. Thanks for sharing, love dove! Miss you and hope to be reunited for a hot sec one day (:
juliejaejung : @emxjay you are so kind with your thoughtful words! Just think how far we've both come from tuba city and ICF small group! Love yah sista
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
< Sweaty selfie Saturday > Fighting for joy today in the 90 degree weather driving with no AC in the car as the sun beats harshly through the window as my black pants absorb all the heat. Missing the east coast weather just a little bit right now! #mascaracryingoff #pantsonfire #hotterthansiracha #buyingabatteryfanforthecarwithsprinklers #sweatyselfie #okaynomorecomplainingistilllovecalifornia
mascaracryingoff - buyingabatteryfanforthecarwithsprinklers - hotterthansiracha - okaynomorecomplainingistilllovecalifornia - pantsonfire - sweatyselfie -
juliejaejung : @emcoast I know the struggle!!! What color do we wear out in this weather... Light colors = sweat, dark = inferno. Hahaha
juliejaejung : Can't wait to see you ladies @mso_8 @iusuallyread
juliejaejung : @officialcamillejoy HAHA you know me ;)
andrea31188 : Julie you look great! LA is treatin you well! 😉☺️
andrea31188 : @juliejaejung
bibioesnap : So beautiful 😍
juliejaejung : @andrea31188 you gotta come visit!!! Miss you so much........
juliejaejung : @bibioesnap 😻also I loved your hair in your FB photos
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Starting my day off with a healthy mindset, let's see how long it lasts. Lots of kale, 2 celery sticks, 3 slices of pear, handful of blueberries, some strawberries & handful of frozen pineapples- blend with water, & YUM! (Miss yah @eunicejlee)
eunicejlee : Awwww I'll be seeing ya in just a couple weeks! :)
healthysnacktime : Looks healthy! 👍
juliejaejung : @eunicejlee can't wait!!!! We're going to be explorers
_phlabs : Ah, the power of juicing!!
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." -Anaïs Nin This past Sunday adventure was full of courage as we boldly yet foolishly climbed a steep (80•) cliff ravine that we came across on our hike. It looked like many have gone before as we saw some grooves and holes where hands and feet could go. But it wasn't until it was too late that we realized the rocks weren't rocks at all- instead it began crumbling like sand under our hands and feet. Too late to turn around, we climbed forward not putting too much weight on any side. As we breathed heavily- we prayed, negotiated and convinced ourselves that we were going to make it. What probably was 15-20 minutes felt like an hour of arm trembling and feet scrambling amongst the sand looking rocks. Once we finally reached the top traumatized, we sat on solid ground for a long while then proceeded to the observatory as we laughed until it all became a distant memory. #sometimesyoustumbleintocourage #ifeellikeihavethestrengthofanoxnow #latergram #sundayfunday
sundayfunday - latergram - sometimesyoustumbleintocourage - ifeellikeihavethestrengthofanoxnow -
emcoast : Hahahahahaha I think you caught me laughing at someone's photoshoot or recalling our terrifying moment ahha
emcoast : Or maybe I was thinking about Benedict.
emcoast : Also, in response to your quote..our lives could have shrunk to nothing lol
juliejaejung : @emcoast hahaha I think it was the two quarters revelation moment! and yes shrunk quite quickly if I say so myself
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Finding myself with the strongest forearms and hand muscles after today. I love that we believe that serving the poor & being a peace movement should happen no matter where you are! 📷: @cassbasnettlee #iamapeacemovement #justicerising #latocongo #rockingthehairnetlook #leakingchickenjuiceoutofmypores
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
The higher you go, the bigger you dream. #mymondayviews #dtla
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iusuallyread : get ittttttt 😘 #morejesus
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