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Julie Jung

Finding beauty in unexpected places. [CurrentπŸ“: Goma, DRCongo]
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29/01/2016 10:46:36
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
At the most magical place on earth with my sista sista πŸ‘―. A day filled with traffic, extreme power walking, corn dogs, and lots of laughs. Yay to sister time (+ @paullimer )
jennyperrrr : omg im so jelly !!!
jaebaek : Corn dogs!
punchfvce - paullimer - dukje - lo_weinstein -
juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Just came across this video and actually listened to our stupid commentary... hahaha! Obviously we turned into major dorks at the top, but hey who wouldn't?! @edisonlee_ @cassbasnettlee @amberlcanterbury
johnnyappleceed : It's the lavaaaa
devon.feldmeth : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
amberlcanterbury : Lolll
cassbasnettlee : Hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
gloriahuh - - choihvnnvh - iusuallyread -
juliejaejung - Julie Jung
"Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we'll ever do." -Brené Brown She's basically my personal psychologist. It's been 1 week post Congo and it's been one of the hardest transitions I've made thus far. Maybe my body is still healing from post malaria, or jet lag finally is catching up to me... But I have had this odd "off feeling" since returning. As if I'm still in the clouds and cannot bring cohesion to my thoughts. It's not that "I'm on cloud nine" feeling but more so of me floating inside a cloud surrounded by the dew + perspiration. And in the mist, I'm looking for Jesus' hand to reach out to clear the fog. To show me where He's at here in LA + back in Congo. Nobody really talks about that aspect of missions/non-profit/expat life. Where it feels like your whole being is split into different pieces as you find a home in so many different places and people. And sometimes you end up intertwining your story into what kind of looks like a giant knotted ball of string. But now that I get some time to sit, I can find the end of the string and start to pull at the ball to untangle and make sense of it all. I know all the knots won't come out because it's not supposed to or it's not the time to unravel. But I'm more than okay with that. I guess that's the process I'm currently in... Asking questions, finding some answers, and being okay with where I come up empty. Because either way I know I'm not alone.
its_allie_baker : @juliejaejung I AM home!!!
juliejaejung : @its_allie_baker then why aren't we face to face
its_allie_baker : Gimme a date and I'm there! I have exactly zero jobs!
sangpark81 : Praying for you Julie!
iisrache - j0j0xox - natemi2ca - annyummie -
juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Well another season in Congo comes to a bittersweet see you later. We've had a few days to rest in Rwanda before taking on the long travel back to the states and to say my body needed it, would be an understatement (I get tired climbing a few stairs). See you later Africa, thanks for the malaria memories... But not really.
emcoast : Ugh so sorry love thinking of you and praying πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
emzybrain : Safe travels Julie! @juliejaejung
himalayashc : πŸ™try Himalayas with us πŸ™πŸ’’πŸ‘£
dminizm - mso_8 - lo.ann_girl - danieldownard -
juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Happiest of Birthdays to the most powerful, independent, funny, and really the best sisters in the world! I feel like I always miss both of your birthdays which makes me so sad, but I'm still celebrating like I'm there (ok not really because you two are on another level). Sending all my love from Africa, and I love AND like being your baby sister.
ashley_kimm : Omg I love this ❀️
sjungle : Thank you @juliejaejung miss you
ajay2 : Thanks Julie! :)
docelirio - curiouscreatur3 - andy_yoo91 - isaiah_z33 -
juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Currently my mood. Sad to say but I've been diagnosed with malaria and a bacterial infection during my last week here in Congo. But super thankful for my team here who are taking superb care of me even when I beg them to let my extroverted self tag along wherever they go. Side note: If I become rich, I'm going to donate lots of money to the research of eliminating every single mosquito on earth... Every single one.
musicbylaurenbrownmorris : I will be praying for you, Julie
regina_vera : @juliejaejung 😘 anytime love. Feel better soon! Remember what I said about your pee!
bannaners2 : Jeez :/ I hope you recover soon! Stay safe Julie!
iusuallyread : ahhhh 😑 praying against malaria!!!
ezer_kenegdo_design - sungheebae - ibbc3 - rdiseati -
juliejaejung - Julie Jung
When the sky isn't pouring here in Congo, it's saturated with such rich colors to paint a beautiful sunset. #goma #DRCongo
drcongo - goma -
eemontes - jayne_was_here - jsongzzz - mynameisdaae -
juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Hi πŸ‘‹πŸΌ don't you worry- the weekend is finally here. #goma #DRCongo
drcongo - goma -
euniceepyon - _hn_ - dirty.chai - mso_8 -
juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Our shelter at the mouth of the volcano. The real question is, how in the world did they get all of that up there? If it was by hand and foot, I promise to never complain ever again. #nyiragongo #volcano #DRCongo
volcano - drcongo - nyiragongo -
juliejaejung : @its_allie_baker I know! You would have loved it
juliejaejung : @jaebaek right!?! Ps wish you were here... We're having gear box/car troubles
sebadabadoo : Whoa. Hope you're doing well missyπŸ’•
juliejaejung : @sebadabadoo miss you dear!
amberlcanterbury - choihvnnvh - jayne_was_here - dirty.chai -
juliejaejung - Julie Jung
The other side of our view after a 5 hour hike through the scorching sun, humid jungles, pouring rain, muddy slopes, volcanic unstable rocks, freezing winds, misty clouds; all the while hiking anywhere in between 30-70 degree angle most of the time. Pictures just don't do it justice. #volcano #nyiragongo #DRCongo
volcano - drcongo - nyiragongo -
aliceleephoto : Soo amazing!
juliejaejung : @aliceleephoto yes yes!! It was breathtaking. But also freezing - beautybyeuni - eileen.eileen - rodriguezj3 -
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