Julie Jung

Lover • Dreamer • Explorer • Nomad • Finder of Lost Treasures • Coffee Gulper • Tea Sipper. [Current 🏡: Los Angeles, California]
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Happily lost in a world of books, books and more books. 📷credits: @hulialim #thelastbookstore #exploringinterns #foundlotsofgoodies #weturnedintoabookclub #lifeinla
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juliejaejung : 😍 @rocthemikee knowing how to make a gal feel special.
juliejaejung : @raymondrmnsce no but I found these two classic books for super cheap that I'll read.
juliejaejung : @britt.stagram well we have been discussing your need to come visit!!! So if you come we can spend all day here
rocthemikee : 😅 @juliejaejung I meant the bookstore but def you too.
juliejaejung : @rocthemikee ugh annoying bye
rocthemikee : @juliejaejung aww you know I love you. I literally didn't even mean to do that. Lol
juliejaejung : @rocthemikee 😒... HAHAHAHA I know I know! It made me laugh
rocthemikee : @juliejaejung it's because I love books. They are beautiful to me. As is your head, which the hat is sitting on. :)
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
I find myself in some moments where I see in the distance something that I want or even am supposed to have. And as I stand back asking God, show me... Make the vision clear... I want to know... I want to see... A lot of times that haze doesn't lift. So I tend to walk away being frustrated at Him and myself. But I've been learning that in those moments it's not because i'm asking in the wrong way or He's not listening. It's usually because I'm not ready to take it on just yet. Because what comes with it may just break me instead of build me. So I wait, not passively but with a hope filled passion that hungers for the moment it's lifted. #presson #itsaboutfriendship #heisagoodgoodfather #momentstomomentum
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la_ash : You inspire me! Love you friend!
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
My workspace this afternoon. Dreaming, planning, writing, and computering with these lovely gals (@justice_rising) on a Friday afternoon because we believe in changing the statistics! #enditmovement #justicerising #peacenotwar #itstartswithdreamers
enditmovement - itstartswithdreamers - justicerising - peacenotwar -
alliecar : You take some wonderful pictures
juliejaejung : Daw thanks 😻 @alliecar
juliejaejung : Although this wasn't captured by me 😶@alliecar
reallionsroar : Did you join a non-profit?
juliejaejung : @reallionsroar yeah doing an internship with them! :)
ang_marani : I do like ur workspaces!!!
breannagarcia01 : Yes! ❌
reallionsroar : Nice!!!
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
My workspace this morning.
s.kwon : ... Wow so beautiful
giamarieyoung : 😍
mso_8 : 😍😍😍
officialcamillejoy : I love u!!
juliejaejung : @officialcamillejoy 😽
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
After all the months of torture from the NOVA heads of sugar shack donuts, I finally made my way to California Donuts & I could just eat these for breakfast lunch and dinner! #californiadonuts #illruntheseoffnextyear #donutdiet
californiadonuts - illruntheseoffnextyear - donutdiet -
euniceejkim : 😻😛
hiiihannah_ : ARGH! I want some in my belly right now!
iamjonchoi : These look amazing
juliejaejung : @hiiihannah_ @iamjonchoi yeah forget sugar shack, these are way better especially in the warmth of LA! C'mon over
ashley_somerville1 : Aaahhhhhhhhhh 😩😖😩😰 HOW AND WHY AM I NOT THERE WITH YOU RIGHT NOW?!
andrea31188 : You runnin now after all those donuts? Hahaha. I want the fruity pebbles one!!!! @juliejaejung
juliejaejung : @andrea31188 you know horizontal running 🏃🚶
mso_8 : Yummmmmm
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
A successful week #1 of internship with @justice_rising and this picture says it all- happiness EXPLOSION! The joy of running with these beauties & Cassandra (who isn't pictured) makes me beyond thankful for how God intricately brought us from all parts of this world for this! The history that each one of them has with God, makes me ecstatic & giddy to see what will be written here in LA. #iamapeacemovement #justicerising #citiestowarzones #latocongo #changingLA #thiswaswhatweweremadefor
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emxjay : Julie, it's been a while so the details of what you're up to are complete fog to me but what is clear is your absolute faithfulness to Jesus and His delighted grace upon you. So excited for this new season of yours and all else to follow! Sending an armful of love and prayers and hugs your way <3
juliejaejung : @emxjay 😊 dawww, thanks Mary! Love hearing about your adventures and hopefully soon our paths cross.
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Learning how to look at the bigger picture up close- hearing & seeing all the prophetic words over the years come to life and still God says let's take it one step at a time. Started my internship yesterday with Justice Rising, and today a part time job. 📷credits: @khurst3 #Hisnatureisfaithfulness #treasureHisdirection #latocongo #Hespeakstomethroughnature #landofcitiesandbeaches
hespeakstomethroughnature - hisnatureisfaithfulness - treasurehisdirection - latocongo - landofcitiesandbeaches -
raymondrmnsce : #inspiration - miss you jules
kim_skye : 🙋 congrats on your first days!!!
juliejaejung : @raymondrmnsce 😊miss you and all those times I get to freely annoy you!
juliejaejung : @kim_skye 🙆thanks!!!
iusuallyread : AMEN. with hats?? also I miss you.
juliejaejung : @iusuallyread 🙇I miss you!!! Can't wait to see you,
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
|| happy LOVE day || thanks @paullimer for making Kendra and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Valentine's Day is actually one of my favorite holidays, single or not. #singleawarenessday #galentinesday #ibuymyselfflowersandchips #spreadthelovetodayandeveryday
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Here's to spontaneity and chasing the sun into tomorrow. I'm learning a lot about laying myself down and giving up my rights. It's hard... To let go of the things YOU think you need but those not being the things God wants you to cling onto. And I've realized that somehow in the journey I have a lot of things that I blindly strung along. In the midst of laying me down I see beauties like this and He reminds me that He's with & for me- it's the sweetest relationship of giving and Him filling it with just pure goodness. #redondobeach #latergram #cleaningoutthecloset #luke11
cleaningoutthecloset - latergram - redondobeach - luke11 -
juliejaejung : 😘 @andrea31188
sungheebae : Also, beautiful post. 👌👊
juliejaejung : @sungheebae WHATTT!!! Was it called heaven crab house?
sungheebae : Hahaha Redondo pier coffee shop? The bait shop is hers too haha
juliejaejung : @sungheebae woah so cool! I was actually interested to see so many Koreans all up on that pier
mso_8 : Love this!
simeoza : I been there! My sister lives like 5 minutes from redondo beach
veteranshelpingothers : Excellent!
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Waves, surfers, runners, evil birds, half naked people frolicking around like no ones business and plenty of laughs. Let's just say California you're full of surprises and a plethora of differences just in a 5 mile radius. #latergram #santamonica #stillintransition #makingahome #restingisthehardestforme
stillintransition - makingahome - santamonica - latergram - restingisthehardestforme -
westwoodnovelcafe : Lovely!!!
wheresyaeeun : HAHA evil birds 😂 they followed your all the way from nova
juliejaejung : @wheresyaeeun seriously and these ones don't care... They just walk around like they own the beach.
charissa_goldapple : Love it!
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