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Lover • Dreamer • Explorer • Nomad • Finder of Lost Treasures • Coffee Gulper • Tea Sipper. [Current 🏡: Los Angeles, California]
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Officially 1 month until I leave for the Congo. Yellow fever vaccine attained! Malaria medication bought! Ticket into Rwanda AND a ticket out of Japan back to CA done! Yep missing some in-betweens & afters; and it feels like I am working with puzzle pieces over here. Slowly but surely it'll all come together. #thankful #iamapeacemovement #justicerising
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Currently locked out of my apartment because forgetful me forgot my keys. Thankfully roommate is coming home in 45 mins. Thankfully I have my computer. Thankfully I am close to the modem to get wifi. Things could be worse.
andrea31188 : Oh no!!!!! Haha things could be worse, true! @juliejaejung
juliejaejung : Hahaha @andrea31188 well reminds me of Redding
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
/ Happy Mother's Day / I love this lady and the way that she loves so selflessly. She's the strongest woman I know and that's no exaggeration. Thanks for loving me the way you do and being the funniest mom I know. Forever indebted to you!
tinahjlee : Love your shoes :)
mick_lim : Omg I thought you were back.
itsmegolnaz : Amazing!!!
juliejaejung : Thanks @tinahjlee I think they're F21!
juliejaejung : @rocthemikee oh I wish!!! Miss NOVA a big
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
/ trail of 100 giants / If only I could capture the largest trees on Earth into a picture to take you on the journey with... this wasn't even one of the biggest. This past weekend was glorious. I felt like I was in LOTR and I would have without a hesitation spoke Elvish if I could.
sangpark81 : I remember this place. I felt SO SMALL...
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
/ elated in elevation / photo credits: @khurst3
dfeldmeth : So majestic !
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTERS!!! @sjungle & @ajay2. Would have done two different posts but soon it'll be Anna's birthday since she's in Korea. You're welcome for being the best gift to you guys since I popped out the womb. Hahaha jk! I'm truly thankful for the gift you beautiful sisters are to me. We grew up playing WWF, swimming hours in the day then getting KFC, taking turns vacuuming with that stupid rainbow, getting bit by dogs, watching you guys fight and being thrown in the middle, witnessing you guys getting in trouble from school and hiding you guys in my closet so dad wouldn't know you were home. Sounds like jersey shore- Asian version. I always brag about you two a lot; Susan soon graduating to open her own dental lab & Anna soon being promoted to captain in the Air Force. They both bustle with creativity; Susan with the arts (look at her Instagram) & Anna with her hot bod, booty, feet (look her up on YouTube). They have different personalities and strengths but somehow we all work. I wouldn't trade the gift of being called their "little" sister for anything in the world. Get on their good side because you'll feel richer in life with them in it. #hbd #thispicturestilldepictsussowell #richinfamily #blessedwiththebest #icouldcrythinkingaboutthem #sistersick
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itsmegolnaz : Amen to your caption!
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
That one time I was appalled when I found out LACMA wasn't free. I miss D.C. 📷: @philleeeeep
mso_8 : Hahahhahaha
anitsirkang_ : Ahahhaahaha that's what happened when I went to moma
juliejaejung : @anitsirkang_ so surprising... Who would have know how spoiled we were with DC. Also you're there now. Go somewhere for me.
iusuallyread : ugh seriously disappointing. but the museum itself is great 👌
juliejaejung : @iusuallyread I've heard!! I also found out it's free after 3pm. Bam bam bam
iusuallyread : yaaaas 🙌🙌🙌
mzungu_yohani : I think the Getty Center is free, just have to pay for parking.
juliejaejung : @mzungu_yohani let's go when you here!
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Spotted: Northern Lights at Disneyland- California Adventure. I turn into a 10 year old each time I come here, actually a 10 year old princess. Thanks @paullimer for taking us. (Why did my video get deleted? Who reported me?! Hahaha... Must have been my finger) #worldofcolor #itsamagicalplace #disneyland #everyoneishappyhere #corndogspopcorndolewhiptheyhaveitall
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wheresyaeeun : But but you are a 10 year old princess 💁🏻
kim_skye : Hahahaha nice find!!
juliejaejung : Hahaha @wheresyaeeun 🙆🏻 you know me!
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
No case of "The Mondays" here. From the city to the beach. Full of praying over each other, bathing in the sun, reading our required books, and just building friendship on our day off. #internlife #richinfriendship #theyturnedintobstersijustgotdarker
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cassbasnettlee : Yay!!
eleaza.risher : Babes
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
<sponsorship packages for @justice_rising> Done & done. Cross country communicating from the missionaries in Congo, graphic designing & photoshopping by @dfeldmeth, writing stories on my end, back & forth emailing with @hulialim and running all over the city last night with @khurst3 to find the right printers to send off with the director @cassbasnettlee who is heading to VA/DC all in a few days makes me feel like we can conquer anything. Phew, phew phew! #justicerising #internlife #itisanadventure #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #sponsorsorshipsstillavailable
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dfeldmeth : Looks amazing !!!
iusuallyread : wow hmm. I need to Skype with you to see if this is applicable to ULC. We're looking into a sponsorship program for our next marketing campaign
hulialim : yayyyyyyy
cassbasnettlee : You're such a rockstar!!!! Thank you for your hard work!!! 😘
juliejaejung : YESS @iusuallyread let's talk :)
iusuallyread : yasss 😘
schickychicky : Julie!!! That's awesome!!! Ahh, I love justice rising!
findspark : Sweet!
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