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Lover • Dreamer • Explorer • Nomad • Finder of Lost Treasures • Coffee Gulper • Tea Sipper. [Current 🏡: Los Angeles, California]
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
<sponsorship packages for @justice_rising> Done & done. Cross country communicating from the missionaries in Congo, graphic designing & photoshopping by @dfeldmeth, writing stories on my end, back & forth emailing with @hulialim and running all over the city last night with @khurst3 to find the right printers to send off with the director @cassbasnettlee who is heading to VA/DC all in a few days makes me feel like we can conquer anything. Phew, phew phew! #justicerising #internlife #itisanadventure #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #sponsorsorshipsstillavailable
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dfeldmeth : Looks amazing !!!
iusuallyread : wow hmm. I need to Skype with you to see if this is applicable to ULC. We're looking into a sponsorship program for our next marketing campaign
hulialim : yayyyyyyy
cassbasnettlee : You're such a rockstar!!!! Thank you for your hard work!!! 😘
juliejaejung : YESS @iusuallyread let's talk :)
iusuallyread : yasss 😘
schickychicky : Julie!!! That's awesome!!! Ahh, I love justice rising!
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Can I just hijack #tbt and do a "thursday bragging time." Well these are two of my best friends and dang look at them... HOT COMMODITY (but too bad they are both taken). I miss them and they miss me, obviously because they took a picture with imaginary me. Hahaha! I'm really grateful for them and our ongoing loving friendship that lasted numerous countries, countless miles, and different seasons/hobbies. We are quite the different trio but I've appreciated how the differences make us "us." They are destined for the greatest of things and anyone who has them in their lives are quite lucky! #richinfriendship #blessedwiththebest #hotterthansiracha #someonephotoshopmein #jsytoiceland
hotterthansiracha - jsytoiceland - richinfriendship - someonephotoshopmein - tbt - blessedwiththebest -
juliejaejung : @rome_anticz LOL maybe it was some "dance" you did?
rome_anticz : Oooohhhh GOD! I haven't even seen the video yet haha the music got me goin!
juliejaejung : I totally wish I was there @rome_anticz I probably would have laughed forever!!!
rome_anticz : Yea wish u were there too...soooo much fun! I died haha
kim_skye : HEHE yes some @bloogenes body crop her in there!!!
kim_skye : @rome_anticz Whatever! You are so cool Rome :)
wheresyaeeun : 💛❤️💛❤️
rome_anticz : @kim_skye I'm telling u it was the sunglasses LOL
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Happiest of birthdays to @philleeeeep! The coolest kid around town. I've learned to appreciate friendships where even though our paths haven't crossed in quite a while, picking up where we left off is easy as ABC's! And this one was just one of the many this month I've been blessed to see. #novareachesla #richinfriendship #oureyesgetsmallwhenwearehappy #itsanasianthing
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Friends since 2003. Congratulatory celebration for masters @heytimkim
apriljlee : Woah. Epic!
kim_skye : Wahh!!! This is awesome! I love this!!
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Finding rest in the midst of busy weeks has been a gift that has taken a lot of time for me to steward. I've witnessed the importance of it for my spirit, mind, soul and body. Even in this season with working as a barista 25-30 hours, interning for 10+ hours, finding community, hosting friends that visit, and all the daily tasks that come in one day... I fight for the rest that has been promised. I've learned that rest can look anything like coffee dates, watching shows, hiking, or simply breathing and knowing that He has given me the grace & full permission to do so. #pressintoHisrest #Hepromisesittous #restisntjustaseasonitsineveryseason #seekandyoushallfind #justathought
restisntjustaseasonitsineveryseason - seekandyoushallfind - justathought - hepromisesittous - pressintohisrest -
la_ash : So true!! Love you! ❤️
regina_vera : Can't wait to see you!!!
hulialim : ❤️ Jules you're amazing !!!!!!!
juliejaejung : @itsmegolnaz miss you too & your fabulous dance moves
juliejaejung : @la_ash 😘 love you!!!
juliejaejung : @regina_vera ME TOO!!! Taking over the west for a bit together
juliejaejung : @hulialim 🙆🏻
eleaza.risher : ❤️😘
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Celebrating our Funday Sunday with conversations filled with new memories, God's faithfulness, struggles, revelations, and lots of laughter. Too thankful for women like these who take vulnerability not as a goal but as a standard. Ashley leaves us tomorrow; sad that we keep on having reunions then lots of "see you later" moments. Until soon time! #friendshipsthatlastthroughtime #richinfriendship #blessedwiththebest #iattractwestvirginians #findyourpeoplefindyourdestiny
findyourpeoplefindyourdestiny - richinfriendship - blessedwiththebest - friendshipsthatlastthroughtime - iattractwestvirginians -
andrea31188 : @khurst3 wooo looking good!!! West Virginias make life long friends! @juliejaejung @ashley_somerville1 :)
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Getting Ashley red-meatified! (Although we did order some chicken for her...) With shame, I have to admit that we didn't really get our $20 per person worth at this Korean BBQ. I wish we could have jammed some red meat into my pockets for later. #koreanbbq #nomorechickfila #richinfriendship #whycantwelivecloserforever
koreanbbq - richinfriendship - nomorechickfila - whycantwelivecloserforever -
sarahksullivan : No more chickfila? And as a hashtag????? WHO ARE YOU???? I'm hoping this was just because it was a Sunday and they were closed.
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
Oh LA, what a gem you are! On the hunt to find potential locations for a @justice_rising event. And boy did I get the chills walking into this one with all the photographs by cinematographers lining the walls.
justliftzz : I wanna go to la...
juliejaejung : @justliftzz it's just a hop skip away!! You must!
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
// Too cool for school interns // A weekend filled with rich chocolate, delicious pastries, homemade breakfast, meeting the kindest of souls, and hearing stories that move us to do what we are called to LA to do. This weekend went faster than a fart! #justicerising #lovemycommunity #thesegirlsmakemebetter #latocongo #cantwaittosquatinlatrineswiththem
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sangpark81 : One of the best viewpoints of San Fran!
juliejaejung : Yessss @sangpark81 !! Which I had coins to look through the viewer...
sangpark81 : Smh... I'll make sure to send you some coins thru PayPal next time.
chungmannn : You're here...?
juliejaejung : @chungmannn just stopped by SF for an hour, came from Dublin for a benefit gala
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
// Road Trip // Heading up the coast to Dublin for a benefit dinner called "kids aren't made to be soldiers" as we support our fearless fabulous founder of @justice_rising as she speaks on child soldiers. And of course like all road trips, ours include In-n-out, podcasts, back stretches, delusional laughter, and long talks. #justicerising #roadtripsaremyfavorite #smallbladdersbighearts #checkthemtricepsout
roadtripsaremyfavorite - checkthemtricepsout - smallbladdersbighearts - justicerising -
eleaza.risher : 😍😍😍 I can't stop lovin this
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