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Lover • Dreamer • Nomad • Finder of Lost Treasures • Coffee Gulper • Tea Sipper. [Current 🏡: Pasadena, California]
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
|| serendipity (n.) || •finding something good without looking for it. #kindredspirits #richinfriendship #thankful #monterey #latergram
kindredspirits - monterey - thankful - latergram - richinfriendship -
rocthemikee : What uppppp
juliejaejung : @rocthemikee 👊what it is?!
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
|| san francisco, ca || in front of the "full house" house which really wasn't THE HOUSE... Confused! But this is my friend Brian- He is one that is faithful, obedient, generous, humble, kind and filled with hope. He is going to do more than imaginable in the marketplace. Doing life with him has been one filled with laughter, stupidness and encouragement the past 2 years. Side note: I always thought I came up to his shoulder until 3 months ago. #crosscountryroadtrip #sanfrancisco #anxietydrivinghere #toomanytallfriends #latergram
anxietydrivinghere - toomanytallfriends - sanfrancisco - crosscountryroadtrip - latergram -
steeeeeeevechaaaaaaai : !!!
mrbowow : !!!
juliejaejung : @steeeeeeevechaaaaaaai @mrbowow -_-
hiiihannah_ : FULL HOUSE!!! 💞
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
|| monterey, ca || so we told a fib and we actually scared/surprised our friends in redding so we had to hold off on pictures/being tagged. It was a success to say the least. Here we are exploring the rocks/trees on the scenic beautiful 17-mile drive! Yay! #crosscountryroadtrip #scaringismylovelanguage #monterey
monterey - scaringismylovelanguage - crosscountryroadtrip -
katiesomething_ : @juliejaejung my brother lives in Monterey!!! I miss you!!!
juliejaejung : @katiesomething_ Saw surfers and thought of you. This land is beautiful, I need yah in my life again
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
|| pasadena, ca || finally made it to our new home. Things went so smoothly on our journey over- thanks for the prayers! In such unbelief for the ease of transition and how God has really taken care of everything like He promised me 2.5 months ago when a rainbow manifested over me on a drive through a forest of trees flourishing in colors. Write your email below if you aren't on my update list & want to join! #crosscountryroadtrip #promisesfulfilled #Hetrulyisfaithful #fromsnowstormtoperfectweather
fromsnowstormtoperfectweather - hetrulyisfaithful - promisesfulfilled - crosscountryroadtrip -
nicoleeroseeee : xnikkiroseo@aim.com 😘😘
daileeann : daileebrinson@yahoo.com
jrty : !!! Jiratj@gmail.com
pkim87 : Peterrkim@gmail.com
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
|| moreno valley, ca || a refreshing time around a table with a family who oozes love, kindness, and laughter. I could sit there watching Nick's grandfather love on his wife everyday of my life. Love that sustains time and grows old together is what melts my heart melt! And let me tell you about this guy Nick- He is one with passion, zeal, humor, kindness, friendship, honor, and an unadulterated love for Jesus that makes anyone sitting in proximity want to know the man Jesus on a deeper personal level. Next stop: our new home! #crosscountryroadtrip #grandparentsmakemyheartcry #blessed #startedtogetherendingtogether
startedtogetherendingtogether - blessed - crosscountryroadtrip - grandparentsmakemyheartcry -
jk4ey : hey! you're an hour from me haha is that an orange tree? looks amazing! 😊
juliejaejung : @jk4ey what are you doing here? Yesss it produced the juiciest oranges yet. 🍊
jk4ey : I'm here visiting friends/family! :) where you eventually headed?
juliejaejung : @jk4ey Pasadena!!
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
|| maricopa, az || thankful for the short time I got to spend with this friend of mine I met at Micronesia harvest school! Sweet time of catching up & getting his full blown unfiltered humor back in my life again. Thanks for the hospitality and the adventure of "camping" life in a house. Made it to Moreno Valley, California. #crosscountryroadtrip #latergram #fromislandtodesert
crosscountryroadtrip - latergram - fromislandtodesert -
la_ash : 😱😳😭 I'm so jelly right now! I wanna be there right now with you both .. My family!!! @juliejaejung
eleaza.risher : Stooooop!!! That's just too much glory for me🙌
la_ash : Can I jump into the picture? Like for real!
juliejaejung : PLEASE DO @eleaza.risher & @la_ash that'd be the most perfect and guys was I this short always 😔
samuelyim : He has to be at least 8ft tall
juliejaejung : @samuelyim welp he's 6'4" and I am 5'1" so I make him look much taller 😁
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
|| arizona || got here at the speed of light and found this random rest area where we got to itch our desire to go to Grand & Antelope Canyon. It's been quite the journey thus far and I've been learning how to dream a bit higher with God. Becoming more vulnerable with Him in the expectancy and excitement of His faithfulness. Staying in Maricopa for the night. #crosscountryroadtrip #dreamersarise #paulwalkerdrivinganointing #mountainsweateronamountain
mountainsweateronamountain - dreamersarise - paulwalkerdrivinganointing - crosscountryroadtrip -
jaebaek : Again a picture of you on top of something... And paulwalkerdriving!!?!
mso_8 : @jaebaek we all driving like Paul walker..
his_cinemarella : I want to go to Arizona!!! 😭
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
|| new mexico || not much to take a picture of as we drove through a dust storm, fog, and rain. But we are all thankful for the best sleep we have had thus far in the past 4 days at the Hilton && this sweet hipster creative coffee shop called Milagro Coffee Y Espresso. Next stop: Arizona #crosscountryroadtrip #coffeeresearchingontheway #wewanttoseeanarmadillo
coffeeresearchingontheway - crosscountryroadtrip - wewanttoseeanarmadillo -
heytimkim : Ughh u should have had frontier cFe in abq
juliejaejung : Too many acronyms? @heytimkim
sangpark81 : Tuba City!
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
|| texas || a long drive of ... Texas. Becoming delirious by the hour and surviving off of coffee and beef jerky! But on a good note we did get the moistest brisket at a gas station called Rudy's. New Mexico here we come! #crosscountryroadtrip #socloseyetsofar #bestisyettocome #tacostacostacos
bestisyettocome - tacostacostacos - crosscountryroadtrip - socloseyetsofar -
juliejaejung : Haha thanks @soooooriginal took advice from me a few people.
juliejaejung : @raymondrmnsce ended up just leaving quickly in the AM
raymondrmnsce : I see how it is
juliejaejung : 👋you would have been too busy Deloitte man @raymondrmnsce
paulflee91 : I loved Rudy's. Pretty insane for a chain
juliejaejung : @paulflee91 literally just melted apart in my mouth.
paulflee91 : And it's not even considered top 5 in Texas @mike_yi @soooooriginal right?
mike_yi : @paulflee91 Rudy's is a chain place so it's not necessarily the greatest, but it's still not bad.
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juliejaejung - Julie Jung
|| Nashville || felt like too short of a time in Tennessee because of the torrential downpour so we HAD to stop by a sign to snap a few. Thank you @officialcamillejoy for your hospitality, stories, encouragement, and amazing breakfast spot! Dallas you're next. #crosscountryroadtrip #miracletetris #nomorerainplease #hs16friends
nomorerainplease - crosscountryroadtrip - hs16friends - miracletetris -
cilla_huber : You were in Nashville and didn't tell me?!
juliejaejung : @cilla_huber 😔sorry, it was a real quick stop. Wish we had more time to explore
cilla_huber : @juliejaejung have a safe trip!! Enjoy the warm weather for me 😍
juliejaejung : @cilla_huber didn't expect it to be that cold in Tennessee
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