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julianbialowas - Julian Bialowas
Stayed in an amazing treehouse literally on the border of Yosemite National Park thanks to @hipcamp last weekend. The property even has an outdoor solar shower with a view into the park. πŸ‘πŸšΏπŸŒ²
lisselundin : Best shower on @hipcamp
kagary13 : @n_a_murphy
marchoftheant : @joshuakane365
sam_sevenau : @elskull @julianbialowas thanks! πŸ‘πŸ»
jmeshe : 😍
alyssa.m.staple : @andrewtomayko tree house, dream house?
laurerc : πŸ‘
depewc : @emdepew next summer
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julianbialowas - Julian Bialowas
shawnroller : Such a rad portrait right here.
nicholassinai : Dang, she's a babe.
cdelehanty : Looks like cloud rest I meant with the long sloping drop off.
lisselundin : @cdelehanty what is grammar
cdelehanty : @lisselundin who nose πŸ‘ƒ
lisselundin : @nicholassinai πŸ˜‰
junebugkim : @lisselundin is a pretty great model.. βœ¨πŸ’πŸ»
lisselundin : @junebugkim thanks June!! πŸ™‹πŸ»βœŒπŸΌοΈ
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julianbialowas - Julian Bialowas
Leg selfie. #yosemoments
yosemoments -
candle_glow : The best kind of selfie πŸ“·
lukaskorynta : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ love this!
aristomle : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
ianrountree : Julian, do you use a solar charger? If so which do you recommend?
intothebrave : Awesome!
julianbialowas : @ianrountree Yo! @goalzero would be the go to.
julianbialowas : @lukaskorynta @candle_glow thanks guys!
ianrountree : Thank you!!
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julianbialowas - Julian Bialowas
Bro—ahem—chick, on a rock. #yosemoments
yosemoments -
zachacole : Dem rays
mattheword : Haha
sylvieli : beautiful!
johannespfaff : Wish I could spend only one morning in Yosemite..
joe.stevens : #babeonarock
the.fermanator : Amazing shot man
nissreyasa : Nice! Btw, you might be bored with this but what camera did you use?
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julianbialowas - Julian Bialowas
That haze tho. #yosemoments
yosemoments -
zachstauring : Gorgeous
mattmaniego : Get'em! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
juanarreguin : @julianbialowas pretty badass!
d.vod : Beautiful photograph.
nathanielatakora : Nice man
taniachrissanti : Gorgeous! πŸ˜πŸ’–
sebgrey : rad
kayla.olinger : @gemolteni
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julianbialowas - Julian Bialowas
Spent the weekend in Yosemite hanging with the @moment_lens team hitting all the classic spots. #yosemoments
yosemoments -
dhunninghake : ace! πŸ’―
austin.rhee : Good hangs this weekend dude!
thesamgraves : It was rad meeting you this weekend man!
bettygoatshiking : Gorgeous!
julianbialowas : @mightykills @thesamgraves pleasure meeting you guys!
julianbialowas : @austin.rhee defs! Let's hit some longer trails next time ✌🏼️
am3ro5e : Nice
mckenziebarney : rad shot @julianbialowas ! #makemoments @zach_reed check it out!
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julianbialowas - Julian Bialowas
Private waterfall + swimming hole = summer bliss. You too can experience this wonderful place. Book Upper Falls on @hipcamp and use code "summerdontgojb" at checkout to save 25 bucks—that you can then use on 🍻
nathanielatakora : beautiful
juliagass : @megg_healy
shibbyphotography : That's heavenly
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julianbialowas - Julian Bialowas
End of Summer Blues? We got you covered @hipcamp. As a thank you for an awesome summer we're hooking everyone up with $25 off any camping booking made anywhere, at any time on Hipcamp. Use code "summerdontgojb" at checkout and #GTFOutside (ps. This awesome private canvas tent is Upper Falls)
gtfoutside -
kflan24 : Perfect setup @julianbialowas
pitchingtents : @dewolf3000
shot.ponk : Nice
ommiranda : @gabaguada de camping aqui
courtneyjaneprouty : @m_prouty take me!
mariakope : #glamping
gtagnn : @maurito01 guarda ca guà!
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julianbialowas - Julian Bialowas
Summer don't go.
steven_kaufmann : @haileymoss14
tomparkr : Yea I could use a little more summer too!
lisselundin : Please 😣
angela.jpg : ive been in LOVE with your work ever since i found you on tumblr. please never stop making art
haileymoss14 : o @steven_kaufmann
vincentnicasio : @baselassaf12 @kiddatz i want to go on a road trip so bad
steven_kaufmann : @haileymoss14 pics like this. Road trip
haileymoss14 : plz @steven_kaufmann
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julianbialowas - Julian Bialowas
Dare I say Stanislaus is better than Yosemite? 😎
cdelehanty : @connor it has a chipotle though.
izzydecredico : @eye_walker319
farawayjethro : Blasphemy! πŸ˜‰ looks rather nice though..
adamsinke : How accessible is it?
julianbialowas : @adamsinke Have to hike in for these views
adamsinke : Then yes, Stanislaus is better than Yosemite :)
priime : Those are fightin' words!
martylundin : Blasphemy!
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