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Jesus is Lord! Happily married to @AnnaDuggar. Parents to Mackynzie, Michael & Marcus. Oldest of #19Kids on @TLC. Exec. Director @FRCAction. Blessed!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
What a great day to March for Life! @frcdc @frcaction @annaduggar #19kids #prolife #whywemarch #ProLifeCon
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fuegodancer29 : I call it termination of pregnancy via a choice of the woman and her physician. I call it reproductive choice. Abortion. A woman's right to autonomy over her own body.
juliadiceclay : Squat for life!! Am I rite josh and Anna?
ms_julieb : It's a double edged sword, when a child is born into a healthy happy environment that's a great thing, but until u have walked a mile in the shoes of some who chose to terminate a pregnancy that came from uninvited sex (just 1 example) then God tells us not to judge...
sabrina_heb77 : @fuegodancer29 @lainiexluck Exactly! Logic and reality is lost on some.
adrianaelaine : That sign in the hands of these people is a joke.
kbear287 : He who is without sin may cast the first stone! How quick we are to judge others for their choices when we make our own choices. This is the single most difficult choice I have ever made but I couldn't put someone else through the pain of suffocating to death because of a massive birth defect! Call it murder! What I did was mercy!
gwyncooney : When the squad on fleek @lizzienadolski
christianpj : I guess you don't really believe the slogan. Otherwise you would be standing!! @joshduggar
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
My little rose...with a rose! #Kynzie #19kids #whywemarch #prolife
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chariueding : @priscillamark89 Just curious, what does the "o" stand for in omo in your comment?
leannamsmith : @chariueding you make me want to bang my face off a wall while questioning when people will own up to their own decisions. Can we not do good and right things just because it's good and right? The right thing to do if you found out someone was gay is to support them, help them, be there! Not reprimand. Take a biology class please and realize the bible is not a fact, a science, or a proven truth. We have plenty of proven truths on earth you bible thumpers tend to ignore though. I guess God gave you ignorance to go along with your fascism. Good dat nut job
leannamsmith : Day ****
priscillamark89 : @chariueding omo.. is ,an expression like OH NO..
boboz_1985 : wassalam maaf ko joshduggars
chariueding : @priscillamark89 What does "omo" express?
chariueding : @leannamsmith Don't hurt yourself banging your face against a wall. Yes, we can do good and right because it's good and right; however, who gets to decide what's good and right? For example, one person may say it's acceptable to call a stranger a "nut job" while another person says it is not acceptable. There has to be a right and wrong in everything and as flawed humans, that bang their heads against walls, we aren't capable of making those decisions on our own.
boboz_1985 : selamat malam all josh duggars ???
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
I'm reporting live from national mall @March_for_Life! @FRCdc #ProLifeCon - streaming live at @frcaction #whywemarch
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lainiexluck : Let's break this down. Doctors measure the length of your pregnancy by the first day of your last period. So week two is when the fertilized egg implants inside the uterus. Two weeks into the developing process, the zygote consists of two layers. the only thing happening is cell growth and division...second, consciousness in people has been studied and proven. The out come? Without a developed brain and nervous system, you can't have consciousness as previously defined. Embryos don't have a functioning nervous system or a decently developed brain for some time, therefore they do not have consciousness. Here is a good resource on that topic and to understand your last argument, you mean to say that because women can have abortions, they don't use safe sex practices. First of all, everyone knows that abortion does not protect against stds. So women aren't using them as a precaution to clear what their user is for.
lainiexluck : The answer to women not having safe sex practices is extensive sexual education, not to take away their rights to their own body. @polanco0428
weather_vanes : I feel bad for the microphone in Josh's hand... It prolly met a terrible demise as Josh stuffed down his maw in a fit of gluttony
mac_attack_71596 : @polanco0428 what if for example a woman was raped and got pregnant from the rape, should she have to go through the pregnancy, having a constant reminder of her attack? No, she should have the right to choose, this doesn't make her 'uneducated' or 'irresponsible', it makes her a person who can make her own decisions.
polanco0428 : @mac_attack_71596 obviously rape is not the same as consensual unprotected sex. And there is a morning after pill you can get for those situations so the woman doesn't have to go through the trauma of an abortion on top of the rape. Actually the morning after pill is available at most pharmacies so anyone can get it. That's another option to abortion because the egg doesn't get the chance to become fertilized or plant in the womb. @lainiexluck sex education is in schools yet 13 and 14 year olds are getting pregnant. Obviously education doesn't do the trick.
lainiexluck : Our current Sex education in schools is a joke. That's why it's not working. Sex education puberty in the fifth grade. In middle school, they talk about some on the stis, and in high school they go over the stages of pregnancy. They don't go over consensual sex, the many types of birth control, the effectiveness of them, the pros and cons of each one, how you can tell of your birth control is dangerous and may not be working, in depth anatomy
lainiexluck : The truth about the hymen, what testing for stis entail, where to get tested our birth control, a teens rights regarding birth control, abortion and sex related things, the psychological effects of pregnancy and abortions, how to avoid utis, sex in our culture, the debate about pornography, masturbation, and do much more. I'm not even saying that all of this is the responsibility of the school. But I am saying that sex education is severely lacking so you can't say people should know better when the education is laughable @polanco0428
fuegodancer29 : In some school districts only abstinence can be taught. To refer back to @#polanco0428 's argument- then why doesn't abstinence work? It doesn't. The Duggar children are taught that sex is like Legos. That's not much of an education, is it?
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Snowing in DC! How's the weather where you are?
michelle.marie12 : Snowing in DC
kaylabug_2001 : It's raining all the time here!
tonjapettit1967 : Very rainy & getting colder by the minute here in s.c.!!! Brrrr!
avaskyler11 : Hot. In az
kady1dgirl : Well I live in Florida so it is hot and cold #weird
amb1247 : We just got 4 inches of snow!
sgs_01 : A little chilly but lots of rain! #GottaLoveGA
cuteasacupcake18 : Same because I live 2 hours from dc
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Go to right now & pre-order this book - an incredible story of faith from the Benham Brothers! #WhateverTheCost
whateverthecost -
nonremittanceman : Here's a novel idea, if you don't like what Josh posts or his ideologies (whether true or false, don't believe everything people write)...........Don't follow him!
stepho622 : @raisingemma_plus1 Right on!!! The fact that it is MLK day has nothing to do with this post. @mmelossa. You better not post anything unless it has to do with MLK... That means I cant promote things I sell today because it might offend you! #idiot
karen1716 : Keep up the good work Josh!
brennacase_11 : Yes and so true
seyedaliakbar9 :
kelsie_hunt : @mmelossa It is people like you that keep racism alive! He can't promote a book because it is a "white man's" book on MLK day? But it would've been okay if he had promoted a "black man's" book? Please go educate yourself! What you are doing is promoting racial tension. Who in the world cares if the author is back or white!!
lizzienadolski : Does this bouhl think he like MLK or something being inspirational @gwyncooney
glgriggs : Cheating people out of money. That should be the name of the book.
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. #Love #MLKday
mlkday - love -
danyameowbanana : @karenarmstrong98 hahahaha oh god I LIVED for waller Wednesday! That and FJD schooling all the bigots! Thanks for the tip!
megajoe0614 : Oh good. What a great way to be tolerant.
megajoe0614 : At least you're consistent.
jvianevski : @megajoe0614 aww thanks cupcake😘
jvianevski : @karenarmstrong98 @danyameowbanana This may be a dumb question but what's Wordpress?
jvianevski : @lauren1926 lol ikr😂
karenarmstrong98 : @jvianevski its a free blogging site
jvianevski : @karenarmstrong98 yeah, just found it😅thanks
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
"But this is the man to whom I will look and have regard: he who is humble and of a broken or wounded spirit, and who trembles at My Word and reveres My commands." - Isaiah 66:2b (AMP) #humility #prayer
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tinyviking : Agreed @fuegodancer29
tntconnect2006 : @fuegodancer29 - I don't care to choose what you do with your own body. It's not about you. It's solely about the human rights of unborn children.
fuegodancer29 : @tntconnect2006 you do realize that you cannot force birth on a fetus because the mother is attached, correct? A sentient, whole woman has rights not an embryo.
tntconnect2006 : @fuegodancer29 - use contraceptives, advocate for abstinence, promote responsible behavior and common sense. If more people are conscious of other peoples right to life, I believe less people will blame the child for their irresponsible behavior. It is not the child's fault that their developmental stages occur in the womb of their mother's.
fuegodancer29 : @tntconnect2006 abstinence is unrealistic. Contraceptives are not 100% effective and even responsible people make mistakes or have situations that change resulting in a difficult decision. Nobody having an abortion is "blaming the child" there is no blame being placed on a fetus. BTW, how many unwanted children are in foster homes and orphanages? Have you adopted 20 of them? I think the real crime is the #quiver full movement procreating to excess.
tntconnect2006 : @fuegodancer29 - if you truly believe that the real crime is in procreating to excess, advocate population control through legalizing sterilization and not through abortion.
fuegodancer29 : @tntconnect2006 I will not advocate sterilization because I am #prochoice. You truly don't get that concept. I'll type slower and hope it helps you. LOL
tntconnect2006 : @fuegodancer29 - lol
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Shopping trip with dad! #kiddos #blessed
kiddos - blessed -
hercakes : There's no greater blessing than a loving father!!
sarah_morgan113 : @hercakes AMEN to that! 🙌
danyameowbanana : Every time a duggar says "kiddos" I vomit in my mouth a little
_luke_elijah_lohman_2007_ : That is so cute @joshduggar
6madibam9 : Dilf
karaline_shoe : @carolinemccroryy
ansleyyy_ : @danyameowbanana why...?
ameliacote14 : I work at target!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Stay up-to-date on Josh's work in Washington, DC follow >> @FRCAction <<
silverchild23 : See outside your box for a while. Gosh I love England.
sabrina_heb77 : @silverchild23 👍👍👍yes!! That was the most truthful comment I have read in this entire thread! Thank you!
silverchild23 : Thanks @sabrina_heb77 I cannot believe we're still having this conversation in 2015...
javajenni : @silverchild23 do you have nothing else to do with your time than follow people you don't actually like on Instagram, and hate on them? If that is your religion or belief, I'm glad I am not a fellow believer.
silverchild23 : @javajenni once I found out that the Duggars suppprt such bigotted, judgemental and hateful organisation, I do not follow them. I dont hate the Duggars, or anyone else for that matter, gay, straight, heterosexual. ALL humans have a right to the Kingdom of God. Live and Let Live. Stop the hate. Stop the judging. Its so messed up. Evolve a little. PLEASE.
lainiexluck : Just to clarify, people aren't just following someone they hate for the hell of it. They are standing up for equal rights by using this insragram page for a platform to be heard by the people who are involved in taking someone else's rights away. This isn't about hating on someone for their lifestyle choices, it's about standing up and saying"hey, we all deserve to live how we see fit without having to justify it or look for outside validation of someone else giving us permission that it's ok to be who we are. " this is about ethics and basic human rights
jvianevski : I love how he refers to himself in the third person. Like he's hot shit. It's laughable.
susank_math : Josh, you talk about yourself and your work here constantly. You make graphics with your photo and a random quote at least every other day. Why follow FRC? There's a reason they only have 7 thousand followers. No one cares. Sorry, truth.
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Happy Birthday to Jana &'ve lived a quarter of century! #19Kids #twins @duggarfam
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alliecolby10 : I understand that people aren't going to agree on everything. I'm just wondering what those dark things are so I can explain them if they are in the bible or not :) I just want to help whoever may or may not know the truth. @nordstrom89
alliecolby10 : @nordstrom89 I've already read my bible today actually. But thanks for the help with me reading today :)
nordstrom89 : @alliecolby10 Deuteronomy, Leviticus, Exodus, genesis...I could give you exact scripture but again, place of employment to attend. I hope you have better things to do today than defend your religion. The kill em with kindness act works sometimes, but most of the times it makes you look like a sheep in denial. Particularly now, enjoy the reading. Don't forget, no shellfish, mixed cloth fabrics, using the flesh of a pig, stone girls who have pre marital sex, women don't wear gold, 1 timothy 2:12 don't preach woman.
alliecolby10 : Well you see, a lot of those rules were outlawed when Jesus came. That's why you don't see them today. And I'm not using the kill them with kindness thing. This is who I am. I like hearing what people have to say. Sorry if you thought other wise. I hope I helped you understand some of why those aren't applied today :) @nordstrom89 and I'm not defending my religion. I'm just trying to help you see what christians believe. I don't want people getting the wrong facts because I want them to see the true things about christians and the bible and then they make their choice.
nordstrom89 : @alliecolby10 Fair enough - but you must agree that there are a select few who claim to be of the Christian faith, and in actuality are not very Christian like in their behaviour. The idea behind it all is great, just not for me. Too much of a realist, as nice as an after life does sounds. If all were as rational as you, I believe coexisting religions and non religious people would be more successful. I apologize for the rude behaviour earlier, not a morning person...
alliecolby10 : @nordstrom89 I completely agree. It makes me so upset and sad to see people claiming to be christians and not living like it. I feel like that's why some people don't want to be christians because they see how these so called "christians" are, and they don't see the true ones. And I forgive you :) sorry if I came off being rude at all. I honestly just love hearing people who don't believe there point of view on christians and the bible and then I explain things to them. It was nice talking to you :)
cbd2013 : #freejana
midnightmoon118 : #freejana
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