Josh Duggar

Jesus is Lord! Happily married to @AnnaDuggar. Parents to Mackynzie, Michael & Marcus. Oldest of #19Kids on @TLC. Exec. Director @FRCAction. Blessed!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Fun with friends in DC today!
literary_bohemian : @ryanjohn5280 Haha for real though, she's like 10. Im not arguing with homeschooled children. ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿ‘Ž
meikadean88 : Cute pic
meikadean88 : My two sisters and I were homeschooled as well.
leannamsmith : Just watched the RV episode and you guys really need to learn how to buckle your children properly into their car seats. I would talk to a licensed car seat tech
sierra_gilley : @atomicmary
kristindstone : Wow. I bet when ya'll signed on for the show you had no idea that jerks would come out of the woodwork to bad mouth EVERYTHING about you and your family! People follow you on Instagram just to harass you?! I hope you never let "them" get to you. Keep on keepin' on. You don't need anyone else's approval. I'm sure you know that, but I imagine it gets a bit difficult sometimes. Too bad some of the people screaming for tolerance don't think it should be extended to Duggars because of your faith @joshduggar โœŒ๏ธ
countrygal167 : I was there yesterday!!!!
askajanything : @ryanjohn5280 you're making me laugh ever follow @fakejoshduggar ?!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
#Prayer isn't just words we speak to God. We must have clean hands, a pure & forgiving heart, 100% faith - with God's glory as our motive! #Faith
faith - prayer - : How old are you? @kam.casazza
abuckeyemom2 : Amen
michelle12129 : Amen
nordstrom89 : @maureenmcginnis Haha, ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
kam.casazza : You don't need to know @victoria.may_
obxnanny : Amen
jhwjbu : Totes
meikadean88 : ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Praying in faith means we have 100% confidence that He can do anything we ask. No room for doubt in faith. @mcleanbible #Faith #Prayer
faith - prayer -
miakomorski : WHY do you rewrite what is already on the post?
907angie : @julieweldin ๐Ÿ’— this as well ๐Ÿ’—
aggiefilippov : This is great! :)
myzies : Totally !
vrgmon : Support the Duggars from hateful accusations
listenhoney42 : Amen!!
perfectlysophie : Oh so the starving children in Africa aren't praying hard enough. Makes sense. So "God" could end poverty but he just chooses not to? Why would you want to worship a God like that? Blows my mind
aprilgarrity : Well same-sex marriage will be legal in Arkansas soon...I guess God feels that is best for the citizens of Arkansas ๐Ÿ‘
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Proud of my #Hogs today! @arkrazorbacks #OleMiss
hogs - olemiss -
armyjane : Josh, I think you're all awesome! I am a staunch conservative Christian as you all are. #My question is this, why do you all continue to endorse Bill Gothard, the person? I can understand and support the ideals you hold that were perpetuated by him, but do not understand why you all associate with HIM after his own morality has been seriously questioned by former followers. I have a close friend whose parents helped write the original curriculum, and she to cannot understand why the Duggar's continue to associate with Bill Gothard. Any explaination would be appreciated. By the way, I support your mom's stance against the current bill in Arkansas! Thank-you!
jadyn.p : @armyjane actually the duggars, seawalds, and Dillards are southern baptists
emma_spears : OLEMISS
armyjane : Yes, they are Southern Baptists, however the fact still remains that they support Bill Gothard and the organization, IBLP. I do not question their IBLP involvement, but their continued support of the man, Bill Gothard, whose Moral practices have been brought to light by those who were closest to him. This has nothing to do with the Duggar's denomination. They are great people and I don't doubt it, I would just like to know their take on the whole Bill Gothard issue. You can inform yourself on the subject by just googling it. Tons of articles on the subject.
jill_mdillard_ : Y'all go follow @_duggar19
armyjane : Love the Duggar's!
miakomorski : @bztx814 Not only did he not go to that school he didn't go to college at all! 100% poser.
annaleighphillips : @ksquared2272 Josh is a traitor.
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Michael is ready for bedtime! #GoHogs #19Kids
gohogs - 19kids -
lauren1926 : @tntconnect2006 Uh, I believe you started this by being an ignoramus. You don't know me, so don't make assumptions like a fuckface. This is a free page and if the owners don't like the content, they are free to delete it. I am most likely older than you, so I believe YOU need to shut the fuck up and go tell someone who cares. Twatwaffle.
lauren1926 : @coralpaige_ : Per terms of service, children are not supposed to be on this site. If their idiot parents aren't monitoring their phone activity (I don't believe children younger than high school should even HAVE phones), that's not my goddamn problem.
mallory.speir : ๐Ÿ™Œ @coralpaige_
jhwjbu : I'm praying for yall
lauren1926 : @tntconnect2006 - First, my parents have passed away. Second- I am well aware of that, I have two miracle children of my own.
phoenix762 : Aw. I can't snark on the little guy. He's adorable. That pic reminds me of the child Max in the children's book 'Where the Wild Things Are'...
whiterosee93 : That's really cute
haii_its_ainsley_ : This is adorable
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
We named our RV: "Old Trusty, Jr." #19Kids #DCDuggarsHitTheRoad #OldTrustyJr
oldtrustyjr - dcduggarshittheroad - 19kids -
cearahampton44 : Haha no I am with my husband and was with him before my daughter even was born :) and don't worry my husband knows what he is doing :) guess what? I'm from the north too :) so explain to me again how I am redneck? @nordstrom89
nordstrom89 : @cearahampton44 You can be a redneck living in the north.. I'm sure he knows what he is doing - having kids at 20.
cearahampton44 : Actually, he's 35 lmao so wrong again. @nordstrom89 age is just a number. You know nothing about me, my life or my family.
nordstrom89 : @cearahampton44 How could I, your profile is private. Only a tiny sentence I am working off. I agree with you on that however, my spouse is 9 years older than me. This is out of control, all the best โœŒ๏ธ
cearahampton44 : Haha it's actually been fun :) my profile is private due to psycho exes haha. Have a good day @nordstrom89
soccerdiva005 : I watched all the new episodes I love 19 kids in counting
peanut_lover10 : Me 2
jselena13 : Why is TLC cancelling the show???
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
David & Priscilla's baby gender reveal party #selfie #19Kids
selfie - 19kids -
cut_myself_to_death : @bunny_momma_for_2 I mean they're celebrating wether their baby has a penis or a vagina it's kinda wierd
danielle.walker.5621 : @cut_myself_to_death
peanut_lover10 : @ryannpeterson101
emily.lafley : Congratulations it's so wonderful!
emily.lafley : @joshduggar
carolinee.l : Was it a boy or girl?
siena.theteen : Girll @carolinee.l
the_goblet_of_mockingjays : Dude you take the worst selfies ever! WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS 10 FEET IN FRONT OF EVERYONE ELSE
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
We're going all the way to the very top on tonight's #19Kids! #WillisTower #Chicago #DCDuggarsHitTheRoad
willistower - chicago - dcduggarshittheroad - 19kids -
meikadean88 : Cute family pic
purebloodfanpire : OMG Marcus has such a cute little smile
dewikaspithoff : @annaoostindier
angel_mommie : What a great picture of such a precious family! To @em_kindl, I, too, am from the Chicago area. I've lived here my whole life. I don't think I will ever call it The Willis Tower. It will always be The Sears Tower to me. Just like Allstate Arena will always be Rosemont Horizon to me. I would love to meet Josh & Anna and their family sometime when they are in Chicago, visiting The Wallers.
frankvarzz : Awe he is so cute!!
em_kindl : @angel_mommie I'm glad I'm not the only one! Yes, I so agree.
lillianrose12 : So cool
jessica.obiols : @r_isforrandom
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
#Marcus is enjoying his dinner tonight... #SweetPotatoFries! #19Kids #TimeLapse
marcus - sweetpotatofries - timelapse - 19kids -
averyefaw18 : HAHAAHHAHHAHAA OMG @arwlker
danalpena : OMG he's so big now !!! Just watched the episode today when you took their pics for Anna! You guys are so cute!โค๏ธ
beljoyw : Love this! โค๏ธ Sweet potato fries are delish! And a great food for tots! Josh & Anna, you are great parents.
sami_rocks_1313 : Hahahahahahahhhahahahaahahahhaahahhaahhaahhaahha๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚that made laugh so hard I crude
samanthadancelover : What an adorable little son God had given you guys! I love you guys! I watch your show everyday and you have an awesome big family. It is so awesome that you are the oldest of 19 kids and have 18 younger siblings! @joshduggar
thatpuxicogirl : I love 19 kids and counting
peanut_lover10 : me too
jennaboyd11 : @rachelerkes @laurlaur_13 @meghaneliz8 @cewhitehurst @morganpowell14 @louisacclark @cameronb10 @susanboyd4
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
God not only sees where you are - He sees where you can be.
joyfulness29 : @givingiphone just got an iPhone
bergi24 : I got a free iPone from @freeapplehere
haleymillerdeerhunter : @merrychristmasfromapple is giving away free I phones
semperfimayo : @merrychristmasfromapple is giving away iPhones
biologically_me : @golden_puppy_dj #Truth
jalyn_griffin : Amen!
mlivingston191 : @iphonegivings10
whodatwhodatsara : @joshduggar people like you, your wife and your parents literally deserve to die. There is nothing God like about your beliefs and your convictions, passing judgment on those who do not take the same path. You are the definition of a bigot. Nothing would make me happier to see you and the elders of the family go up into a pit of burning flames. It's sad that the younger children are being brainwashed into this type of mentality. The world would be a better place without families like you. Rot in hell.
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