Josh Duggar

Jesus is Lord! Happily married to @AnnaDuggar. Parents to Mackynzie, Michael & Marcus. Oldest of #19Kids on @TLC. Exec. Director @FRCAction. Blessed!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Proud of my #Hogs today! @arkrazorbacks #OleMiss
hogs - olemiss -
llc69 : Roll tide roll!
leahburnside : Great job Hogs! But I'll always be a MSU fan!! #hailstate #dakattack @_dak15 🏈🐾❤
hollowayswoman : boo👎 HOTTY TODDY
swillard4 : I'm an Ole Miss fan so..... BOO
wyoming08091011 : Hotty Totty all the way.
abbyearwood5 : Hotty toddy
sbepps : Hotty
duggarlover21 : GO HOGS!WHOOP!🐗
kingbasketball2 - tori_young - alyssa972015 - nninaly -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Michael is ready for bedtime! #GoHogs #19Kids
gohogs - 19kids -
hannnh_hiatt22 : Cute!
danielle.walker.5621 : Go Michael
tntconnect2006 : @babiedoll87 - the tabloids job is to exploit the masses like you, hungry for gossip and slander. I recommend you read a book instead.
beljoyw : Ha! He cracks me up!
mackenzie.durbin.3 : Cute
momma.proud : Too cute!!
purebloodfanpire : adorable
jramir4 : @jamielur
allison_golden - loveredliveblue - grace_l1216 - art_by_akcma -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
We named our RV: "Old Trusty, Jr." #19Kids #DCDuggarsHitTheRoad #OldTrustyJr
oldtrustyjr - dcduggarshittheroad - 19kids -
nordstrom89 : @cearahampton44 Why do you assume all that? Vivid imagination or are these traits of your "husband"? You know, the one that you most likely are with due to obligation of your mistakes. I would proudly confess to any of your assumptions, however not one is accurate - oh wait, I am from up North. Enjoy fantasy land.
cearahampton44 : Haha no I am with my husband and was with him before my daughter even was born :) and don't worry my husband knows what he is doing :) guess what? I'm from the north too :) so explain to me again how I am redneck? @nordstrom89
nordstrom89 : @cearahampton44 You can be a redneck living in the north.. I'm sure he knows what he is doing - having kids at 20.
cearahampton44 : Actually, he's 35 lmao so wrong again. @nordstrom89 age is just a number. You know nothing about me, my life or my family.
nordstrom89 : @cearahampton44 How could I, your profile is private. Only a tiny sentence I am working off. I agree with you on that however, my spouse is 9 years older than me. This is out of control, all the best ✌️
cearahampton44 : Haha it's actually been fun :) my profile is private due to psycho exes haha. Have a good day @nordstrom89
soccerdiva005 : I watched all the new episodes I love 19 kids in counting
peanut_lover10 : Me 2
misss.gravess - drlpe - patdelao - carm_beal -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
David & Priscilla's baby gender reveal party #selfie #19Kids
selfie - 19kids -
escobardobermans : @grandpeggy
calebtooley : What the box for???
madisonstein_13 : @calebtooley They open it, and it releases either blue or pink balloons
cut_myself_to_death : It's weird how people have a party to celebrate what's between the legs of a being that isn't even breathing yet!
starts_18 : It's a girl ❤️
bunny_momma_for_2 : What do you mean? @cut_myself_to_death
cut_myself_to_death : @bunny_momma_for_2 I mean they're celebrating wether their baby has a penis or a vagina it's kinda wierd
danielle.walker.5621 : @cut_myself_to_death
abbyblabby11 - _stephaniemiller_ - kelynnrocks10 - horse_lover44444 -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
We're going all the way to the very top on tonight's #19Kids! #WillisTower #Chicago #DCDuggarsHitTheRoad
willistower - chicago - dcduggarshittheroad - 19kids -
meikadean88 : Cute family pic
purebloodfanpire : OMG Marcus has such a cute little smile
dewikaspithoff : @annaoostindier
angel_mommie : What a great picture of such a precious family! To @em_kindl, I, too, am from the Chicago area. I've lived here my whole life. I don't think I will ever call it The Willis Tower. It will always be The Sears Tower to me. Just like Allstate Arena will always be Rosemont Horizon to me. I would love to meet Josh & Anna and their family sometime when they are in Chicago, visiting The Wallers.
frankvarzz : Awe he is so cute!!
em_kindl : @angel_mommie I'm glad I'm not the only one! Yes, I so agree.
lillianrose12 : So cool
jessica.obiols : @r_isforrandom
abbyblabby11 - _stephaniemiller_ - sam_horse_jumper_ - horse_lover44444 -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
#Marcus is enjoying his dinner tonight... #SweetPotatoFries! #19Kids #TimeLapse
marcus - sweetpotatofries - timelapse - 19kids -
averyefaw18 : HAHAAHHAHHAHAA OMG @arwlker
danalpena : OMG he's so big now !!! Just watched the episode today when you took their pics for Anna! You guys are so cute!❤️
beljoyw : Love this! ❤️ Sweet potato fries are delish! And a great food for tots! Josh & Anna, you are great parents.
sami_rocks_1313 : Hahahahahahahhhahahahaahahahhaahahhaahhaahhaahha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂that made laugh so hard I crude
samanthadancelover : What an adorable little son God had given you guys! I love you guys! I watch your show everyday and you have an awesome big family. It is so awesome that you are the oldest of 19 kids and have 18 younger siblings! @joshduggar
thatpuxicogirl : I love 19 kids and counting
peanut_lover10 : me too
jennaboyd11 : @rachelerkes @laurlaur_13 @meghaneliz8 @cewhitehurst @morganpowell14 @louisacclark @cameronb10 @susanboyd4
misss.gravess - shortypooh1 - victoria_betty_ - carm_beal -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
God not only sees where you are - He sees where you can be.
joyfulness29 : @givingiphone just got an iPhone
bergi24 : I got a free iPone from @freeapplehere
haleymillerdeerhunter : @merrychristmasfromapple is giving away free I phones
semperfimayo : @merrychristmasfromapple is giving away iPhones
biologically_me : @golden_puppy_dj #Truth
jalyn_griffin : Amen!
mlivingston191 : @iphonegivings10
whodatwhodatsara : @joshduggar people like you, your wife and your parents literally deserve to die. There is nothing God like about your beliefs and your convictions, passing judgment on those who do not take the same path. You are the definition of a bigot. Nothing would make me happier to see you and the elders of the family go up into a pit of burning flames. It's sad that the younger children are being brainwashed into this type of mentality. The world would be a better place without families like you. Rot in hell.
harmonnix - themisswoods - sherrylawson2016 - jmusto18 -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
#Hogs take #LSU 17-0 tonight! #NeverYield
hogs - lsu - neveryield -
charleschips : @iphone6giving gave me an iPhone
jennny.x : how do you get that ?
jennny.x : like those sport notifications
lacie_marie_627 : Omg!!!! LSU is my team!!!!
b_bonesteel : Wow LSU sucks
megan.tramonte : naw @b_bonesteel
hashtagtaite : GO HOGS GO!!!!!!!
_elaina_04 : Ok yall beat us but GEAUX TIGERS
em.ssssss - antonia00071 - _abbie2002_ - sierragianinna -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Michael's first trip to the dentist today :) #19Kids #Michael
michael - 19kids -
kayla.greto : @maddy.carter s'cute
matbre2310 : I am a huge fan I watch the show every Tuesday
payten.thompson : I got a free iPhone @freeapplenow
babe_zayn_ : Free iphone @applesbiggestgiveaways
macejade : I won a free iPhone from @applegiveaway61
jackiekisley : Weirdest dentist chair ever lol
nycbabe22 : @jackiekisley it is just the x-ray room
julesjasin : You get more radiation from a microwave
macie_ryan2003 - snowballtc6 - - rachelmcg03 -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
"Our culture has accepted 2 huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone's lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. Second is that to love someone means that you must agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don't have to compromise convictions to be compassionate." -Rick Warren @pastorrickwarren
tntconnect2006 : @chariueding btw...God bless you!
king_fam : @kelly_winn_fm ITA... That was my point. I don't want the USA to legislate ANY religious beliefs. It was indeed a hypothetical.
kelly_winn_fm : @chariueding I wasn't saying my childhood was sheltered. Far from it. My anecdote was just showing that I WASNT sheltered, but that didn't mean I was allowed to run around wild & crazy.
kelly_winn_fm : @tntconnect2006 @chariueding Again, not offended by your beliefs, nor do I care. (Not meaning that as harshly as it comes across.) I care if you try to base legislation on what you think the bible says. That is all.
kelly_winn_fm : @king_fam Omg, did I totally hijack this discussion from you?
king_fam : @kelly_winn_fm not at all. I said everything I felt like I needed to say.
chariueding : @tntconnect2006 Blessings to you too!
asian___ninja : I got a free phone from @follow4iphone
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