Josh Duggar

Jesus is Lord! Happily married to @AnnaDuggar. Parents to Mackynzie, Michael & Marcus. Oldest of #19Kids on @TLC. Exec. Director @FRCAction. Blessed!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Glad to join the #FireReid rally at the US Capitol today!
firereid -
kathryn99knight : Rather than "firing Reid" maybe we should be working together across the aisle to solve problems
omgarrison : Wish I could have been there!! #FireReid He should have been fired years ago!
thewebbweb : @Fakejoshduggar evidently Josh Duggar is doing something that gets attention. I believe he's doing something right!
tracyoli : I would support that 9 million times over and Pelosi too please. . Does any one truely think Obama really made any of these decisions above himself, then you are gullible, he did nothing but show up for a photo op? He is to self centered. Get off CNN and really see what is going on in the world. Our leaders Obama, Reid, Pelsosi.. and yes some from the other sides too.. The blame does lie in some of every political race but ultimately falls on the President and he is letting our country being led into a disaster area and you all are following him blindly. Look at what HE has (nt) done. The not greatly outweighs the has! ! Being able to get married as a same sex isn't a big win in 2 terms for a President when the economy is falling apart and the world is crumbling and he is golfing and vacationing non stop. Look at a little bigger picture then you're wedding band. Marriage is fine, but if u can't have personal freedom what does freedom to marry whom u choose really matter? ? Look into a bigger picture people you are obviously only seeing what you can get from him and not seeing the damage he is doing too the country as a whole. They r taking civil rights away daily and allowing the world to come freely and illegally into our land and we are paying for it and made to feel bad for it by his bad judgement and lack of nerve to stand up and say no and close our borders and on and on. . . He is ripping apart our Constitution! Piece by Piece. Wake UP!!
theendeavoringmama : Yes! Get anyone that isn't spending time trying to fix America instead of looking it for money out of there!!
y2daddy : "Get anyone that isn't spending time trying to fix America instead of looking it for money out of there!!"
y2daddy : Sorry,hit enter too soon. That statement doesn't really narrow it down. Every government official we have looks to America for money. Re-election is their business.
nohely_ml : I personally will not vote for any side. Im a christian so I dont agree with some points the dems have and as christian, republicans are hypocrites. Jesus was about caring for others. I dont really understand the deporting all these children(This children were compared to terroist. yes ive heard it) It seems like they say go starve in your own country yet many do mission trips and donations. Some are dying of hunger and many are in danger by the gang violence. In my country christian youth are killed if they dont enter ms13. Both sides need to work together but it seems like both are at extremes.
violinjen - chickeechic - memomme20 - xlaurenxhampsonx -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
#Marcus #growingupfast #19kids
marcus - 19kids - growingupfast -
joanne167_246 : So cute
paigepicklepops : Can I have him he is growing up so well and quick
lynnellbeyer : Another ladies man!
helendanielle18 : ^^
strick_asley2 : He is adorable!
kelsey_sews : What a sweet little one.
kylersept : I love u
sherrypennyburkett : Looks like his daddy
lbelling13 - abigailfaulk01 - dannyhahahayaya - breanna_mcneil8p -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
This was the #sunset from my porch tonight. God's art is amazing. #latergram #DClife
dclife - sunset - latergram -
jenna__74 : That is amazing work by god☀️
christinenarrin : How beautiful I love your family n values can't get enuf ..hug Anna n kids ..
christinenarrin : Sorry about pic I will change it
christinenarrin : My pic I meant
christinenarrin : Gods wonder is immeasurable
christinenarrin : I changed pic sorry for sending other pic
_19kidsandcounting_ : So beautiful💕
mrsjerrypilapil : Agreed!
vanessa.bby - rflee - sarah_dale00 - mariell19 -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Help us say congrats to my parents on 30 Years & Counting! @duggarfam #19kids @tlc #anniversary
anniversary - 19kids -
terrie410 : Congratulations y'all are awesome.
yoooowhhiiiteeebooooiii : Congrats I'm a big fan
angela.arrivi : U have new baby in the family
lydiamcbean : Congrats from ur biggest fan in Jamaica
biggiemarie : love you josh and Anna,
biggiemarie : Do want to what no my name is abby salazar
im_a_blonde135246 : There anneversriay is my bday
chayli13 : You should check out Jimmy Needham. Great stuff @joshduggar @annaduggar
vanessa.bby - chaz_lb3764 - hannah_whitson19 - emilyincool -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
#Metro #DClife
dclife - metro -
heyitsizzy0912 : Where is this I took a trip there a few weeks ago and had a lot of fun on the subway
macgrammie7 : I love the Metro!
jwauhop : The metro is probably what hell would be like. Lol. I hate the metro.
beccawoverton : DCs metro is the best in US I think. Miss those days, enjoy the adventure!
skoliver2000 : If Hell were a ride, it would be the Metro.
jamieelissa : Touché @wedgie17
dschartz : Love DC metro!!
softball916 : I've been there
lexi_trax - 19kidsandcounting._ - rflee - mariell19 -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Celebrating "Pops" 49th bday...without him! #DCcupcakes @georgetowncupcake #DC
dccupcakes - dc -
duggar_family_loves_pickles : Love DC cupcakes (Georgetown Cupcakes)
velveteen.rabbit : Josh Duggar is the ultimate dweeb. Shame on him for spreading his uneducated viewpoints.
girlmama3 : 🍰🎉happy birthday mr duggar!
ellenst4 : Wonderful.
herhighnesssweetpea : So cute
ellie_girl02 : @sweet_1925
melduff04 : If you (not Josh) have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all. If you dont like him or what he says, dont comment or dont follow. Very simple.
princess_hannah_02 : Yall are just one happy family
vanessa.bby - marina90130 - rflee - sparkycat26 -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Doing interviews today for #19kids...keep watching! #photobomb #mrjim @rotan @tlc
mrjim - photobomb - 19kids -
lruss5050 : Mr. Jim!
josh_hommie : Mr. Jim #sound mam
josh_hommie : I mean #soundman
bucknerdonna : Does anna practice blanket traing on her kids as your mom doea? I think a pkay pen produces the same affects without having to hit the baby..for those that doesnt know what blanket training is just google it,
bucknerdonna : Btw jim the sound man is cool
quotess93679 : @caleene probably September 16 cause it mostly premires the week of my birthday last year it premierd on my bday so yeah Tuesday sep 16
juner02 : He's a hottie
occultish : 26 going on 45
miairons1234 - lexi_trax - jasminebee19 - mariell19 -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Building fun with blocks! #Mackynzie #Michael #19kids
michael - mackynzie - 19kids -
monemaantje :
love3sarah : So big
mrsjerrypilapil : What special little gifts from God!!!
prairielife1843a : Awww, this is adorable. TY for sharing it!
stague275 : S
sarahalsey : I love block time with my little ones. Those ate happy sweet!
sarahalsey : "are"
girlmama3 : Sweethearts💕
trandenise - 19kidsandcounting._ - rflee - vanessa.bby -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Free food...we're all in! (cow garb required) #familyfun #eatmorchikin #cowday #chickfila
familyfun - chickfila - eatmorchikin - cowday -
broke_from_books : @hp_lost
tara_marie99 : @sbrownie99
pinkvirtue_boutique : Cute!
veganfernling : Huh. So, anyone who actually loves animals should watch the movie Earthlings narrated by Joaquin Phoenix for free at - I'm not affiliated in any way just a big advocate. ♥
katiepsalms139 : Hey @joshduggar u guys are such an amazing family. I have been watching 19 kids and counting since it was only 14 kids. Hey do u know when the new season starts? Well God bless
muffinsnickersbunny : I would love to meet you and your whole family one day!! I love your show!
girlmama3 : 👍love it. Supporting a wonderful business!
mego9985 : Yummy. Love cfa you should come to Atlanta and eat at the original Chick-fil-a Dwarf House. Larger menu and they serve you.
olivia_boone126 - gregoryrg - cinddy_luvv - chandlerr_baileyy -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
These three are growing up fast! #kiddos #19kids
kiddos - 19kids -
lovinmytattoosrn : Beautiful family thank you for sharing
pammykay77 : They do get so big so fast. Beautiful family.
girlmama3 : ❤️adorable babes.
csell24 : MARCUS😍
kyndrabolden : I remember when Kenzie was a baby! I love watching y'all's family grow up! You have such cute and smart kids. Raisin em right @joshduggar
kyndrabolden : I remember the episode when Michael kept climbing out of his crib running into the living room lol such a cutie!
kyndrabolden : Kynzie***
princess_hannah_02 : Marcus is so big josh you are really blessed to have these 3 wonderful children
christinenarrin - marissablasing_4 - chandlerr_baileyy - sparkycat26 -
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