Josh Duggar

Jesus is Lord! Happily married to @AnnaDuggar. Parents to Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus & baby girl! Oldest of #19Kids on @TLC. E.D. @FRCAction. Blessed!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Had a fun birthday today! #19Kids #bday
bday - 19kids -
colinsmall330 : Happy birthday josh
weather_vanes : @shelltrig I didn't say I hated him... I pray you read, and think before you comment again
mikaren786 : I love how Michael has really started to come out of his shell. So cute.
teannapeters : Happy Birthday
misslenabee : Happy belated birthday @joshduggar . God bless.
duggar_updates : 👈Duggar fan page
sabofantapants : Hahaha what Anna couldn't manage to go buy a cake? She is a fricken stay at home mother and lets her husband eat ice cream straight out of the container. #wifegoals although Josh probably wouldn't mind he probably does this daily.
duggar.moments : HAPPY BDAY💕💜😋
allieunionfc9 - mel_bear_xoxo - tweety211 - sportsgirl_si -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes today! Thank you to Great Grandma (Mary) Duggar for being there for us all these years! #19Kids #bday @duggarfam
bday - 19kids -
rachodoll : Happy birthday Josh!
faith_joy_peace : Happy birthday josh!!
faith_joy_peace : Have a great day : Happy birthday josh!!! Have a wonderful day🎈🎈
jessica_coslet : Happy birthday Josh
melindamccoy7 : Happy birthday! God bless you and your family!
weather_vanes : Who's grandma Duggar courting?
duggar_updates : 👈Duggar fan page
sydney_2_cheer - _is_that_daisy_ - deneenpedds - basketball_baby10 -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Every day in America, thousands of little girls, just like ours suffer pain from abortion. Help save babies lives by calling on Congress to pass the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (HR 36). Go to to contact your Congress member. #theyfeelpain
theyfeelpain -
kt_mclean : This is so disrespectful and unfair you do not have the right to influence this on people who follow you.. If your 12 year old girl got raped and got pregnant what would you do? This isn't right. People should be allowed to get abortions with no questions asked.
lizzyacheetah : I'm sure some of these tweens on here will end up knocked up soon and then they will appreciate the option to choose to have an abortion or try to get on 16 and pregnant.
sammyc_babyn : By far the dumbest thing I've seen! Come off it! If you don't like abortion don't have one, simple! No need to push your nosy beliefs on others.
juleyanne2014 : Is it a girl
shay_eslick : @maryruthrobbins I agree!
duggar_updates : 👈Duggar fan page
leahrich1980 : @lainiexluck have you ever had an ultrasound done in the first term? I have and seeing my babies heart beat at 7 weeks was awesome. Don't tell me a baby is not human at that time.
jennifer375 : DO IT @mary_duppert @musicdude99 @nchiles4 @lmiranda_11
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Boy or Girl? Go to for the answer... #19Kids #4Kids
4kids - 19kids -
hazelthesim : It's s girl
melindamccoy7 : What about Melinda
heartcollins__ : Meagan
_aubrie2_ : Meaghann
lauren30000 : McKenna
duggar_updates : 👈Duggar fan page
dill_rose : Marlee
annalyssahaliburton97 : Meganne, Marleigh, Maddison, Marie, Morganne.
_is_that_daisy_ - amy8302 - 116_truebeliever - deneenpedds -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
We had a blast this morning at @frcaction #CPAC2015 reception -- thanks to all who came by to say hello! #19Kids @annaduggar
cpac2015 - 19kids -
weather_vanes : What's up with lil Mike Duggar?... Looks like he's trying to pinch a duece #dump
vmarie2584 : Love the show! I am a homeschooling mom of three kids 5 and under! @joshduggar
fuegodancer29 : I hope the show gets cancelled because of the political turn you took.
gi822 : @weather_vanes lmao 😂
nikkijay__ : @rachikeli
ang_deane : If you hate them and the show why the heck do u follow them?! #brainless
joniidh : @ryannetje ze is weer zwanger
duggar_updates : 👈Duggar fan page
elaine122111 - eavan_laurel - puppyluv04 - duggar_updates -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
#elevatorselfie @RickSantorum @Patriot_Voices @Anna_Duggar #CPAC2015
cpac2015 - elevatorselfie -
michellemaxey1912 : Radical hate group👆👆👆
fuegodancer29 : If the Duggars want to have unlimited children and give birth on the toilet or in the tub, what gives them the right to choose for others? Nothing.
meenglund : This is still a free country, to worship and follow the values and morals we choose...if you don't have the same morals and values...fine...but keep your nasty comments to yourself and get off their Instagram. We also all have a choice in our attitude and how we treat other people....again...if you don't agree, you don't have to be a jerk about it...and the rude immature!
weather_vanes : @meenglund let's face it, if Anna is going give birth on the shitter on TV for $'s, then they ought to be open to any and all comments.... #toiletbirth
stephaniefrost_ : Surprises they support Rick-a CATHOLIC government official. I like having religious freedom and separation of church and state. That does not make me a crazy left-winged liberal...not all republicans and crazy and not all liberals are crazy either. If we just adopted some things Europe did, we could be a better country...maybe?
lauren1926 : Its also a free county to laugh at and criticize people who chose to have a billion kids on the shitter if you want to. Especially if they choose to televise it. Freedom of speech goes both ways.
carluv31 : Love you guys I don't care where you want to give birth we are in AMERICA I love the country god bless American!!!# if we can't say nothing good don't say it at all
originaljillybean : The person in the middle sure has a nice facial expression lol dork
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Our little princess! #Mackynzie #19Kids
mackynzie - 19kids -
itsdrizzlingalittlebit : She is a little doll. Daddy's girl. TY for sharing that sweet little face.
love_my_kitties : Aw, what a cutie! She looks a lot like her cousin Johanna.
duggarz123 : Her auntie does @love_my_kitties
jessicaeades98 : @weather_vanes u r rude
mamateddybear92 : Beautiful!
love_my_kitties : Oh ya.. Not used to the fact that her aunt is around her age. 😳 Still, they are both adorable. 😄
adreannejadebowler : She so does look like her aunt Hannie in this picture when Hannie was younger such a little cutie Mackynzie 😆
originaljillybean : Totally thought it was Hanni
melindamccoy7 - pinkpaisley_ - eavan_laurel - puppyluv04 -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Michael enjoyed getting to hangout with Wisconsin Governor @scottwalker at #CPAC2015 today! #19Kids #WI
cpac2015 - wi - 19kids -
sbb315 : Run, Mikey, RUN!!! Mean man alert!!! (This has been a public service announcement from the friendly folks in Wisconsin)
biancs8527 : This was the same day that slime bag said . “If I could take on 100,000 protestors, I could do the same across the world,”....boasting that his defeat of the unions in Wisconsin qualified him to wage war in the Middle East and comparing protestors to terrorists. You Walker supporters are fools!
lollie50158 : Michael is so precious. I also live in Wisconsin, the state Walker has been and is continuing to destroy. Please do more research on him before giving home your support. #Scottwalkersucks #getscottwalkerout #walkerruiningwisconsin
daniellewetli : @abbzell6 OMGGGG w the duggers
alwaysbelieve70 : I live in WI. Not everyone is gonna agree 100% with any politician. I support Walker but doesn't mean I agree with everything he has done. Everyone has faults...
mlv8602 : Happy birthday josh!!!! @joshduggar! I hope all your birthday wishes come true! By the way, congrats on baby number four! Name her Morgan!
katherine.burke : I LIVE THERE #WISCOPRIDR
allisonkait : @bahrmasel
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Having fun with these kiddos tonight! #19Kids #Mackynzie #Michael
michael - mackynzie - 19kids -
nikon0288 : @sierraraine2 Ummm you do fallow them, or you wouldn't be commenting on their photo, and yes I have lots of gay friends and gay family members. You don't know anything about me, but I can tell that you obviously have nothing better to do then to troll this news feed. My first comment was directed at everyone who was bashing them but yet fallowing them on Instagram. You commented attacking me like you know wth is going on. I scrolled up, and you're arguing with a lot of other people. Why don't you do everyone a favor and quit fallowing someone you don't like. It takes a special kind of stupid to fallow someone they hate. Lol! What kind of person has their news feed filled with someone they don't even like??? So, goodnight to you troll, and have an awesome life wasting it away on people you don't care about. Lol
chloe_ann_keefer : There sooo cute!!! @joshduggar
emgem99 : @sfkrpz
7sillymonkeys_ : That's too cute
thehannaforbes : Do you not have a life? @sierraraine2
victoryinthelord : Love you all and God bless you
pinkcloudlover6988 : @lizzyacheetah One nation under God, sharing God's love, living to the best of their ability God's design for marriage and families. JUST because they disagree with homosexuals doesn't mean they can't love them.
lizzyacheetah : @pinkcloudlover6988 maybe you should tell the duggars that cause I don't think they got the memo. Taking away rights reserved that the duggars and other heterosexuals can have, ex: marriage, is hateful.
ness3990 - amyxxoxxo - nbc91 - vernack1 -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Shopping buddy! #Michael #19Kids
michael - 19kids -
mel1006 : @_sara25
violet_wood : Hi
violet_wood : Your not being very kind with that language. @marinechido
violet_wood : I love duggars! Can I get an amen!
violet_wood : Plz be nice and love not hate 😊 @heeyzues
jillianbicherl : #@loweswithmikey
100daysofhappyki : @emma.hartley done
ejhm2000 : @dom_manning
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