Josh Duggar

Jesus is Lord! Happily married to @AnnaDuggar. Parents to Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus & baby girl! Oldest of #19Kids. Blessed!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Had a blast bowling with this big guy today! #Michael
michael -
the_holy_bible_verses : She did @suzie_q211
suzie_q211 : No she didnt @the_holy_bible_verses ......she is too young to be we dont know
kermit249 : @staceyhasanoah u dont. Faith in God is all there is. He loves us unconditionally so we have to assume we are forgiven when asked for it. I dont take issue with people saying God has forgiven cause I am a Catholic. I take issue with people glossing over he molested 5 girls n one was 5yrs old. He was 15 at the time and knew better n yes he would have been charged as an adult for his crime.
the_holy_bible_verses : She forgave him @suzie_q211
kermit249 : @the_holy_bible_verses @suzie_q211 these girls r brainwashed. They r made to think it was their fault n yes 5yrs old is to young to know what this is for her to rightfully forgive
mybluebirdlife : This is nuts. What kind of person calls a child ugly? I'm still completely shocked at the stuff that's come out of Ginger's mouth the last few days. Wow. Just wow.
staceyhasanoah : @kermit249 i guess my question is more how do we know he's really sorry? That he truly asked for forgiveness. Especially with the jokes he made on YouTube about incest. I agree he should have been charged with a crime....but at the very least he needs therapy. Having children he needs to be able to speak to someone in case those feelings come back. Have someone to check in with.
the_holy_bible_verses : But she is older now she forgave him when she got older yes it was wrong but it is in the past @kermit249
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
31 years and counting! #HappyAnniversaryDadandMom @duggarfam
happyanniversarydadandmom -
jessicag30 : @mybluebirdlife haha
di_does : Test
di_does : @mybluebirdlife hi honey
di_does : @mybluebirdlife sure did look up Joan Chittister! Such a wise & eloquent woman. I've been binge reading today. Glad you're also out of jail! I asked Bry to tie yellow ribbons on oak trees for me! Well e-ribbons on e-trees!! πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ˜‰πŸ˜—πŸ’›πŸ’›
linslee85 : @mybluebirdlife i have not yet i but will. I loved that quote, i believe its so unbelievably true and should be noticed.
whizzerd : Jim boob looks like such a loser and Michelle looks like she's on lsd as always
crayzchester : We're gonna have 19 kids and raise a pedophile !
everybodyluvslaura : @crayzchester @whizzerd leave them alone. He made a mistake like 15+ years ago. He got help, and his sisters forgave him. His parents got him the help and let their parents believe what they want and no they do not look like they're on lsd why can't u people just leave them alone? They're already off TV and josh had to step down from his job, and he has 4 kids to raise. Just leave the family be, they never did anything to u.
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Here's another photo... #MeredithGraceDuggar
meredithgraceduggar -
adyorvanderlei : I reported some of those hateful comments , I'm sorry to be a human just reading those. God will bless you and your family homie congrats !
whizzerd : Another member of gods quiver full army. I hope she escapes that prison one day
sgoddard24 : She is soooo precious and angelic! Congrats @joshduggar @annaduggar!!!! ❀️
crayzchester : This is what a scared baby born to an incestuous pedophile looks like.
thebigcon4800_dut_hailgalglpyh : will you rape her too
thebigcon4800_dut_hailgalglpyh : @adyorvanderlei you know he diddled his sisters right
rachel_cote_1205 : Precious! Ignore the hate, they don't know how to move past And forgive. Good bless!!!
bella71195 : If your gonna hate don't even comment that's just rude it's done with. Love the name Meredith very pretty.
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Announcing the arrival of Meredith Grace Duggar -- 7lbs 14 ozs, 20-1/2in -- Anna and Meredith are resting & doing well!
crayzchester : Please @joshduggar , this baby is not ready for your fingers !
thebigcon4800_dut_hailgalglpyh : will you rape her too
thebigcon4800_dut_hailgalglpyh : @robertc0213 HE MOLESTED HIS FUCKING 3 YEAR OLD SISTER
thebigcon4800_dut_hailgalglpyh : @beauxbatonsgirl @thepalegoddess @missbabymama7 FUCKIN A M8S
jrubiortez : Baby #5 coming soon... love deez pps but seems like dats all da women can do, pop babies!! No education n no career.. stay @ home moms n housewives... smh πŸ˜’
forrest.amber.mason.ruff : Sad another girl you can molest
rn1814_ : I agree. Woman were not put on this earth JUST to bare children. You're in your mod 20s and can't even enjoy the children you already had. I'm sure baby #5 be soon. Give your body time to heal. JESUS. You have been pregnant every year of your marriage. Education... Josh is chubby and so is his Anna. Too young to be fuggly and fat
beauxbatonsgirl : I know. its disgusting josh has to make up for lost time since he couldn't get it from his sisters scumbag mother he deserves nothing
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Congrats to Dillon & Amy on your engagement...welcome to the family @kingdillpickle! @amyduggar #engaged
engaged -
dpestanio : You do all know the Duggars don't need anyone to pay. They have several mil.
andrewrhysyoung : Josh you are a rapist who belongs in hell
di_does : @dpestanio the truth is Amy & her fiancé DID INDEED want TLC to air & pay for their wedding. It was all over his IG-he asked followers to ask TLC to please change the decision & air it. He then removed those posts. Amy's last name was not Duggar, she adopted that for fame. Just bc they have $$ doesn't mean they'd pay for her wedding; they didn't pay for their own kids' weddings! All 3 weddings were budgeted by TLC bc they aired them. Remember Amy is just a cousin who wears revealing clothing, dates, kisses, etc. she does not follow the #duggarcult rules
lisa_phd_ucla : Most certainly they were looking for a freebie pay day.
heatheriam : Oh they were!
_hey_brat_ : Ah that's cute
c1derrick : Thanks for quit using "fam". Keep it up. #FamilyNotFam
crayzchester : Did you finger fuck this sister @joshduggar ?
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife @annaduggar...we're also celebrating our 7 year engagement anniversary today!
moyanomaya : Someone please watch over their children!!!
_mhannah : Grossssss
c1derrick : *y'all, *duggar, *losers'... Check your spelling!! @a_pink_bugg
rlisaman : Happy Birthday Anna you look great! Congratulations on your seven year engagement anniversary to both of you!
amy.mariehansen : Happy birthday
di_does : Anna's bd was 5 weeks ago! Pray for improved IG knowledge!!
di_does : Umm yeah @mary_haynes7 No duh.
crayzchester : Ice cream sundae for a pedophile
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Happy Father's Day to my dad, Jim Bob. We're all so grateful for you and glad to spend the day with you! @duggarfam
andrewrhysyoung : How old were you when you raped for the first time you freak?
kingdomposts : Bless you Duggar Family. So great to see You all rising above the self righteous haters on here who think their lives are squeaky. News flash no sin is greater than the other and before you try to take the speak out someone else eye, take the log out of yours.
redlippedstyle : ^^^^^ 😷😷
_hey_brat_ : OMG taking after Jim Bob trying to get all the girls I see even finger smashing his sisters so gross
mfernstberger : You molested your sisters one of them was five now just think about that
moyanomaya : You are a sexual predator and a disturbed individual. May God help you.
c1derrick : TLC finally ended their show! #ByeFelicia
crayzchester : Retard, Retard. Pedophile.
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Happy 4th Birthday Michael James! #Big4 #HappyBirthday #Michael
happybirthday - michael - big4 -
hayday1979 : He's SO FREAKIN CUTE!!!
andrewrhysyoung : Hope the child escapes this freak family soon.
marlana_ball : @Mrswilliamz1 I don't think it's right to post these on 4 year old birthday photo. He's 4 he can't read it. Don't do it on a child's photo.
lauren.scottt : Awww so cute! Love your family!!!!
_hey_brat_ : ^^ you must have accidentally put that they are nothing but disgusting @lauren.scottt
bribri265 : Lol @_hey_brat_ when u heard about what happened I was like Thinking wtf did josh have to had done thtπŸ˜”
kennedyosborne_ : Tru @_hey_brat_
crayzchester : Your dad fingered your aunts happy birthday!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
#19Kids on the set #selfie with Erica Hill & @duggarfam @jessaseewald @ben_seewald @siduggar @TLC
selfie - 19kids -
_hey_brat_ : Ew your gross, RAPIST
amelia_parriton : @_hey_brat_ you're***
theyholla.sayy : You need to ask for forgiveness to God he has done so much and for you to MOLEST your own sisters are disgrace to your family and you have destroyed there lifetime reality show that I enjoyed it gave me such lessons I would never forget so many words they would say that would cheer me up on days I felt down I can't feel that anymore and you guys were saying on your interview "josh was so young" not to young to know what's good and what's wrong I have nothing else to say 😐 josh pray that God forgives you
_its.dara.darling_ : @_hey_brat_ he raped no one, you sound retarded, and by saying that not only are you lying, but also continuing the revictimization of the victims with false statements. And @theyholla.sayy who are you to tell him that he needs to repent, last time I checked, not only did the whole thing happen almost 13 years ago, but also it is NONE of your business. His relationship with God, is between him and God. And to all of you saying he is a rapist, he never raped, or fingered ANYONE, y'all are using your nasty minds to slut shame him. He is married with 4 kids, and the victims are moving on with their lives so please get over yourselves and let these ppl live their lives!
_its.dara.darling_ : @theyholla.sayy and who is to say that he didn't already get right with God? Do you think Anna would have not only married him, but also had 4 children with him if he wasn't a good God fearing man, and instead a "rapist" I didn't think so!!
simonjjdavis : Your an asshole, who the fuck molests they're sisters. Your a fucking cunt.
valerie3400 : I totally agree! @simonjjdavis
everybodyluvslaura : @valerie3400 @simonjjdavis calling him names will not solve anything. This happened when he was a teenager, he got help and is now married with children, in his 30s. How do u think his kids r gonna feel when they see that their dad screwed up a long time ago and people hated him so much that they dug it back up to torture him? His family is already off TV, please just leave him alone. The name calling is such a 6th grade thing to do please just grow up. R u trying to say you've never screwed up? Ever? It doesn't matter 'which sin was worse' u have no right to bother him about his mess up when you've sinned to. So both of u can shut up
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Do right and risk the consequences. - Sam Houston
lisa_phd_ucla : Most adolescents are curious about the opposite ( or same sex) at that age. Most do not rape their siblings or anyone else. Most are not secluded so tightly they resort to such behavior. Most I hope are not told masturbating is a sin. How ridiculous to think your god cares about you masturbating. I would hope your god has better things to do. Yes it is classified as rape according to Arkansas law. Look it up. Educate yourself before you defend him. @angelyulonda
angelyulonda : According to Arkansas law (code 5-14-101 and 5-14-103) "rape" involves some type of penetration whether it be oral, anal, or vaginal. I'm also not sure where masturbation comes into play with what I said. So maybe you should educate yourself on Arkansas' law as well. I'm not here for a fight... I'm stating my opinion on the Duggar family (Josh specifically) just like you. @lisa_phd_ucla
lisa_phd_ucla : No, you have not read it correctly. Absolutely he qualifies.
cgcocmom : @angelyulonda Police report it was not all over clothes and touching is touching. I find it hard to believe that none of them ever felt anything. More than once makes it no longer a mistake makes it more criminal and is still assault if he penetrated or not. And incest.
angelyulonda : In an interview with Jill and Jessa they said they had no knowledge of the touching. I have no idea about the babysitter... And like I said before... What Josh did was extremely wrong. I just feel it's being blown up so much. So many other guys do stuff like this but it isn't spread across the news like this incident has been. I'm assuming it's mainly because they're a Christian family. It's a big shock for sure... Again, Josh was wrong. And it is a criminal offense... However I still don't think he deserves the title "rapist" or "pedophile" (especially the latter since he was 15). I also think the victims should have been shown more courtesy during this situation... Them having to relive this all over again is what really upsets me. @cgcocmom
_hey_brat_ : I love how you post this before you confess to your parents gay face book page
maddisonseggerman : Thank you so much:) @angelyulonda
maddisonseggerman : I felt this way for so long! @angelyulonda
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