Josh Duggar

Jesus is Lord! Happily married to @AnnaDuggar. Parents to Mackynzie, Michael & Marcus. Oldest of #19Kids on @TLC. Exec. Director @FRCAction. Blessed!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Go Hogs! Tied up at 21-21 w/ Auburn Tigers just before half! #NeverYield
neveryield -
rose_belikov : ROLL TIDE!!!!
maddystar1234 : Ha ha
bass_man_122 : #WDE what happened at the beginning of the third and fourth ??πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mandajross18 : Sorry josh war eagle
rrkea1 : @your1shoutouts got me 1k
k.maya.a : War Eagle
duggarfamilylovexx : Duggar family fan page
amanda_caroline_246 : How old is marckus
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
GO HOGS!!! #arkansas vs. #auburn #collegefootball
collegefootball - arkansas - auburn -
agc__14 : Warrrrr Eaggggglllleeee! Hey!
arielalove33 : Auburn all the way!!!!
mirandanovalee521 : WAR EAGEL . Love y'all but AU fan
dunndarla : Go lions
malliemengel : War eagle
leahmonroe03 : War eagle
hiisays : WPS !!!
akb88music : Auburn!!!!!!!!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
It's an honor to be back in #prolife Arkansas w/ @frcaction calling on Sen. Mark Pryor to vote for #S1670 - the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Call Sen Pryor's Office today at 501-324-6336...urge him to support life!
s1670 - prolife -
annie_zie : I hope I didn't loose u this time.
portkx : Well I would obviously say my belief system is correct. Just like you would say yours is. Majority of the voters win... That's who goes in office... And voile we have democracy!
annie_zie : It still remains that this is a medical concern that is best left to a woman, her body and a doctor.
portkx : Nobody said other cultures can't live here. But the truth is this country was founded on Christian values all of the founding fathers were strong Christians. That's a fact
annie_zie : Let's take the cause of saving babies by feeding the ones we have now before they die.
portkx : Again, stopping abortion protestors won't end child starvation. Not by a long shot. That's some interesting logic you have.
annie_zie : In this country and abroad.
portkx : And the medical laws of this country are decided by the people. Using your logic, we should let all private transactions be legal. If a man wants to have sex with a 12 year old, and the doctor approves... That's a private transaction so we should allow that too.
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
These two. @annaduggar #kiddos
kiddos -
melaaa_a06 : Awwww. Theyre so adorable @joshduggar . :)
allicat1976wv : To cute
nectarofnature : hello Kynzie and Mike;)love you kidz
kristinamarie2002 : Kynzie looks just like you @joshduggar
touch_bye_angel : I love πŸ’–πŸ’–
clin1tech : Cute, cute!!!
mjsieradzki : Bates
karakokekat : Defiantly duggers
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Fun times ahead on season premieres Sept 2nd on @TLC! @annaduggar @duggarfam
19kids -
sydney_marie_02 : I can't believe Jill is gonna be a mom already soo happy. I saw it on the people magazine 😍😍😍😍
valeriaaa_sofiaaa : ^
rhoades_traveled : Where are you @joshduggar ? You & @annaduggar are so quiet these days. You guys are missed.
ktmiser : I'm guessing @joshduggar and @annaduggar will announce they are expecting again too soon (just a feeling I have) ❀️ : Omg I am so excited!! It's Ina timer on my phone
abby_romigh : @_phiaaaaa
godsgirl2000_kk : JILL IS PREGNANT!!!
shortynamedlauren : I can't wait!!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
#crew #19kids #season10
19kids - season10 - crew -
sundynightlive : @katieh_85 how do you get gay out of Christian, respectful, appropriate, and kind? Check it before you wreck it. Also, if you have accusations against others, direct them to that person and not use another person's IG to spread them. Thanks and God bless!
ptardie : Do some of you people have better things to do than give the Duggars a hard time, try quiet prsyer time, reflecting always helps
tori_rose20 : @ptardie I so agree
_duggar_family : @joshduggar do you know if Jessa and Bens engagement will be on this season?
sarahvigue : Love the series
reaganaobh : Who is the girl in the blue shirt
reaganaobh : @joshduggar
taylorfrettoloso : Mr. JIM : )
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Faith. Family. Freedom. Go follow >> @frcaction <<
sierraraine2 : @aprilgarrity Yep..we are up all night fretting about the gay agenda... NOT! ;-D
brenna_case : That's right
dookieandashleysmom : I don't agree with FRC. And I think that Josh Duggar is trying to live according to the teachings of his faith. Christianity teaches to love each other. It doesn't teach us to attack or hate each other. I'm afraid in the case of the folks at FRC, they have interpreted the bible in their own way. My heart tells me not to judge them as I'm sure God understands that the teachings are not straight forward. I was taught by my grandfather who was a baptist preacher, that you practice love and tolerance thru out your life. Love and guidance is what I was taught to do. I think that the group FRC goes way beyond this. It's okay to be a group who opposes actions they feel are not inline with their teachings, but it is quite another to force it upon those by way of our government. It works the other way as well. Please don't hate Josh simply because his beliefs may be different. Try to understand where it's coming from. I have to say, that the bible is pretty confusing sometimes. We are taught to love and then told to avoid those that are doing wrong. How can you do both?
katieh_85 : Hey Josh, since your claiming Christian "persecution" here why don't I send you to Iraq or the Sudan and you can see how long you'll last preaching your garbage.
katieh_85 : Not only is his Aunt gay, but have you seen his brother in law?? David waller. Now I have never ever seen a straight man act like that. But it's ok cause he's living deep in the closet and is married and has babies... Doesn't matter if he's gay, as long as he bottles it up and proves how straight he is with lots of kids. I feel bad for Priscilla
kai.lebo : :) hahahahahahahavesexwithmehahahahahahaga:)
duggar_101_fanpage : πŸ‘πŸ‘
evanw116 : Are you watching the city council of fayetteville? Good comments by both Mr. Ballinger and Mr. Alexander.
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Can you do me a quick favor? Take a sec to follow the work we're doing here in Washington, DC. Help us reach our goal! Follow us on Instagram now: @frcaction
lotsoflittlebears : I am so glad to be in America and as of now, we can be free to choose our own faith. I choose Jesus.. I also know Catholics, Pentecost (one is a best friend), Baptists etc etc... we even know some atheists. We are free to reason with one another and witness for the good news aka Gospel. That is a blessing... its the intolerant left who is spreading HATE by condemning all who do not EMBRACE their choices. My wish is for everyone to know Jesus... however we are all free to choose it or not. That is why God is so good... HE gave us freedom in the beginning to serve and obey his laws or not. Even in our sin he loves us unconditionally... and to prevent us from hell he gave the ultimate gift. I 100% Believe in this and accept it. However we are all free..... even those in bondage are free to choose their eternity. Just because our minds can not comprehend his ways does not mean he does not exist. Peace be to all. Let the Duggars say as they wish. Its their right... but to spread hatred and foul words is wrong. I dont follow satanic worship ppl.. so if you dont agree then unfilled... duh:)
tammieloohoo : Have been ! :) Blessings !!!!!
cjr1717 : @lotsoflittlebears πŸ‘
linnatbo : @amandarundberg dont judge the whole family, just because some young misinformed boy has spoken about something he knows nothing about.The Duggars have never made statements like that ever.
gta.redhead.leo : @linnatbo I agree that the young man is young and misinformed, however he isn't as media savvy as the family and he simply voiced what he has been taught. Check out Iblp/ati/gothard beliefs. I don't blame these young people for what they believe because they were raised in a bubble.
brenna_case : I am lol
newkoolkid38 : @lana_banana_95 Ive been wrestling with this as well. My daughters and I have watched the Duggars for years and now with Josh doing what he does it makes me second guess their true colors because I kinda feel like he had to have been taught somewhere that being gay was so horrible that he needs to interfere in other people's lives and spread hate. Its really sad. I'm a person who tries not to judge (because that's not my job) situations in which I don't have all the details so I still watch sometimes & probably will until I see for sure that Jim Bob & Michelle are actually teaching this insanity. I'm probably too optimistic lol...also I am a lesbian..
mikeysbug : It is astounding how stupid some of y'all are. Have you read the Bible??? Hello. God does not hates gays or anyone for that matter but the sin is disgusting just as disgusting as telling a lie and God does hate that. He is a God of love but he is a HOLY God who does not tolerate sin.
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
#familyselfie #Sunday #19kids
familyselfie - sunday - 19kids -
karinnnem : And this is the only boy dugger thats married @renatapaula16
nekai_harris : @joshduggar @annaduggar you have the cutest family! This pic is adorable , do you think you could get all the @duggarfam i to one #family selfie @jessaseewald congrats in your engagement and @jillmdillard congrats on your growing family
torierosem : Such a pretty family!
susankarlik : @caitoconn
gorditasuprem3 : @blankyzorozco
sljohnson : Anna looks so beautiful @joshduggar!
allisonkiser : @jessicakiser3
twrecks810 : @joshduggar yall are so cute!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
"Prayer is simply a two-way conversation between you and God." - Billy Graham #prayer
prayer -
carafletchersimpsonirwinbourne : @mary_z141133 I know I'm not Josh, but happy birthday! :)
newbrockton_bandmom : So true!
mary_z141133 : Thanks!!!!!!!!! @justanothermcflyfan
fandbwelch : It also confirms our faith and trust in Christ.
weirshan : @brookemisener
crystal_hofge : Amen
sweet_waters28 : Amen!!
brenna_case : Amen!
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