Josh Duggar

Jesus is Lord! Happily married to @AnnaDuggar. Parents to Mackynzie, Michael & Marcus. Oldest of #19Kids on @TLC. Exec. Director @FRCAction. Blessed!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
NORTH CAROLINA: Join some of the Duggars today in Winston-Salem & Greensboro for Faith, Family & Freedom rally! Charlotte on Thursday morning: #FFFTOUR14
ffftour14 -
allison_curtis_ : I live in charlotte but I have school so I cant come but is still want to come so bad
turner_family_02 : Wish I cold have made it! God bless you and your family for spreading the word!
adegarciapina27 : Wishing Jessa & Ben a very early congrats...such a beautiful couple. GOD Bless
lovemy6babies : @joshduggar you guys need to come to Greenville SC. I have six kids and absolutely love the show.
cfreem47 : Thank you so much for coming to Charlotte!! You all are such blessings and I'm very thankful you are bringing Him glory by sharing His wonderful truths and principles!!
abbsmarie18 : It was so nice meeting y'all today!! @joshduggar
nemogirl101 : I live in High Point NC very close to Greensboro
king_fam : Pretty much given up posting the photos of the 10 or 20 people who show up for these "rallys," eh Josh? I don't blame you... - _10.29.14_ - lanye_beth11 - _jessiee_24 -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Cleveland, TN: Join us at the Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway at 2pm: #FFFTOUR14
ffftour14 -
maddy_harman : @andrea_sett
caam_91 : @nardoned I think if they came to the northeast, the northeast would chew them up and spit them out--my guess is they know better. #hatebus #bigotbus #BigotBusTour14
jennyh415 : @bates_fam You should make people aware it's a fan page and not the real Chad and Erin.
morganledford : I live like 10 minutes from the greenway! Why did I miss this.....
shannmarie80 : @denilive212
lucy_ozonoff : @mollyfitz24 found him
mollyfitz24 : Omgomg @lucy_ozonoff
dwhite2589 : @tiffany_buchtel too bad you will be in class!!! :/
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
KNOXVILLE, TN: Join us & Bates Family for a Faith, Family & Freedom rally at 7pm tonight! Free Tickets: #FFFTOUR14
ffftour14 -
emily_faith321 : Follow a new Christian account for more spiritual encouragement!πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ’•πŸš¨βš οΈπŸš¨βš οΈ
blueeyesann : @areteladyflames not sure if youre a fan of the Duggars or not but they are coming to Knoxville tonight! :)
gressergirl : I live so close to where it is. I want to go so bad but i don't know if I can. :( : COME TO MINNESOTAπŸ’πŸ’•
unicornatpeace : God Bless you and you wonderful family.
carterbusby112913 : I LIVE IN KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE!!
areteladyflames : @blueeyesann, I wish I would have known :(
hclambert13 : So sad I missed seeing these judgmental "Christians". NOT!! πŸ‘Ž @lindseyghiultu @paige_blevins
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Just finished a great event here in Louisiana...heading for Georgia! Join us! Get the details here: #FFFTOUR14 @frcaction
ffftour14 -
meghanmccainsopenmouth : To sum everything up, @rene_dupree, you said "I do not agree with gay marriage because of biblical evidence that says it is wrong." Fine. That is your belief. You provided one piece of Biblical evidence that states this. Now, there are multiple verses and "Biblical evidence" which says that wearing mixed fabrics, eating pork, and for women to not wear a headscarf are all wrong while polygamy, slavery, abortion are right. "Biblical evidence" also says marrying outside of your race, ethnic background, or religion are wrong. So, what is it? You do not agree with gay marriage, interraical marriage, and interfaith marriage? Or you have reasons beyond that one line in the Bible for justifying your feelings on why two loving people do not deserve to be married? PS - After taking a Bible refresher course, you may want to do the same with US history. You mention the Founding Fathers creating our nation as "one nation under God" ... you've gotten a little mixed up. "One nation under God" is a line that was added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954. Our founders, whom many were Deists, had nothing to do with the Pledge. It was written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy, a socialist preacher.
rene_dupree : Yes my faith would be different. As a Christian I want to obey God, and by standing for something He is against, I would have a real problem. @kelly_winn_fm
rene_dupree : @meghanmccainsopenmouth ok 1) none of your "biblical evidence" said anything about gay marriage and therefore was completely irrelevant. 2) I am not stupid. I know that the pledge of allegiance did not add in "one nation under God" until later on and never said it did. But most of our laws today can be traced back to the Jewish/Christian beliefs. 3) the bible clearly states that being gay is wrong. I do not believe the word "abomination" had any unclear meanings. So my belief that marriage should be between a man and a women is valid 4) you are right, marriage existed long before man wrote the New and Old Testament, and if you turn your bible to Genisis it will tell you about the first marriage being between Adam and Eve.
rene_dupree : So I am going to drop this argument right now and leave you with this. You can question my belief all you want but this is the last thing I am going to say on the matter. The bible says it is wrong, and so it is wrong. As a Christian this is what I believe. And you and the rest of the world can question, make snide comments, tease, and beat on me all you want. God has been very clear to me and nobody on this Earth, especially you, are going to change that, so you can stop trying. I don't care if anyone thinks I'm wrong, or outdated because I believe and stand for the unpopular, because none of this will last, and when I get to heaven and I have to stand and answer for my decisions, I will not worry about this because I will have done right and not let the world draw me from God. @meghanmccainsopenmouth
kelly_winn_fm : @rene_dupree I'm not trying to tell you you're wrong, nor am I trying to change your mind. My whole point is that we cannot make laws to govern our nation based on what the Bible says. The same as we can't make laws for our nation based on the Koran.
meghanmccainsopenmouth : @rene_dupree Completely irrelevant because none of my "Biblical evidence" said anything about gay marriage? You did not ask me for any evidence about gay marriage. None. This is what you said to me, "And you have said the bible says things, but you have not provided me with any scriptural evidence." That was your exact reply to me after I talked about marriage existing before the Bible, marriages in the Bible taking place between pre-teen girls and men, polygamists in the Bible, and the allowance of abortion in the Bible. Not only is what I said completely relevant, it is referencing exactly what I previously mentioned. Also, I never said you were stupid. I only pointed that out because you had quoted that while bringing up the Founding Fathers. The amount of people who only know the words of the Pledge and absolutely nothing else (who wrote it, that it has changed, the salutes) are terribly frightening. I wouldn't say most of our laws are traced back to Jewish and/or Christian beliefs, but religion has played a part in the founding of this country. Separation of church and state was also a strong belief of the founders. Thank God for that.
meghanmccainsopenmouth : You said, "the bible clearly states that being gay is wrong. I do not believe the word 'abomination' had any unclear meanings." You know that the Bible was not written in English, yes? Since you mention the meaning of abomination, I assume you are talking about Leviticus 18? Do you speak and/or Hebrew? Since you use believe that "being gay is wrong" because of what the Bible says in Leviticus, what do you feel is the correct punishment for homosexuals? Stoning? Crucifixion? Hanging? How should they be punished?
meghanmccainsopenmouth : You stand strong in your belief, @rene_dupree, that homosexuality is wrong. You refuse to answer my questions about interracial or interfaith marriages, but maybe you can answer this… why should your religious beliefs be law? Would you be fine with Leviticus being the law in the United States? Men being executed for being uncircumcised? Missionary work, breaking the Sabbath, being the victim of rape … all of these would be illegal. Or is it only that one, single line? God is clear when it comes to homosexuality, but all that other stuff, not so much? The true colors of people like yourself sure do shine when it comes down to it. You’re right, though. If only I could be there when you have to stand and answer to God, “Out of all the things you could cherry-pick from my book, you went with not allowing two loving adults to marry?”
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Rounding out our event here in Baton Rouge with Tony Perkins giving a stump speech! #LA @frcaction #FFFTOUR14
ffftour14 - la -
king_fam : There were, at most, 20 people there.
megajoe0614 : There is no reason to assume judgement from anyone on yourself. :(
barbaraellen4545 : Wish we would he Ave known we sure would have come out there
dafontenot : Omg!!! Cant believe I missed this!!!!!!!
melindacotton : There were a lot of people there and we all had a good time! Nice meeting you Josh.
jsngrmn : Another HUGE turnout. I don't know. Makes me feel better about all this. Gives me a little bit of hope for this world.
madalynallen070904 : I HAVE your sister Jill
missionarykid94 : I love the Taylors! Im sure yall had an awesome time!!!
theresatk88 - cassidy_bruinsma - adele_ling - jimbobduggar19 -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
My mom, Michelle Duggar (@duggarfam) speaks to crowd in Baton Rouge, LA at @frcaction #FFFTOUR14!
ffftour14 -
karli_henninger : Oh how I've been waiting to see something how the duggars are against gays! LOL! @coleworld504
lynnemarie1954 : Maybe the family feels not promoting gay relationships is their platform. Maybe we need to understand their reasons for their belief. Maybe they don't understand how brains function.
caam_91 : @jillianbitter You seriously believe this? Seriously??? Are you punking someone? Or are you truly this disturbed by gay marriage? Just in case you are serious, back away from the persecution complex and think about this for a moment. Now that you have thought about it, explain to me how gay marriage affects your life. Be detailed, cite sources. And by sources, I don't mean the bible. I am going to assume that you will be throwing that one at me, so I don't need that one. Other sources. You are NOT being punished for your beliefs. By denying rights, rights that you already have, to others--you are not being persecuted. THEY are. Oh @king_fam why the hell did I step into this cluster....
f_johnston : I am a Christian, I DON'T believe in gay marriage, and honestly, I would rather take the chance that God IS real, than taking the HUGE risk that he isn't. 😢😏
f_johnston : I mean, wouldn't it be awful if I believed my whole life that God is a superstition, then, someday, I found out He isn't. I would rather take that chance. And, just so nobody gets confused, I do not think that being a Christian is a chance, and I do not doubt in any way that God is real.
kelly_winn_fm : @f_johnston Why can't you let gay people get married, & just take a chance that if it's so wrong, they'll be punished by God later?
shrappy14 : @f_johnston god is just a made up character just like all the gods in all the religions in this world. They are not real. Believing in something with all your might doesn't make it real. They don't exist, they only exist in stories that people have passed down for generations that for some reason people can't separate fiction from reality.
sheacarroll : @shrappy14 that's all a matter of opinion, there has been historical proof linked to some parts of the bible, I say some, I was someone who didn't believe in it and now I do, once you see God working in your life and build a personal relationship with him it's different, it's sometimes hard for people to see that when they haven't experienced that, don't have a religious family, or haven't been called. It's a matter of opinion i don't force my views on others I acknowledge that's it's my OPINION, you can have your opinion but the facts we just don't have unfortunately.
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Glad to have #DuckDynasty cousin @dasherzach here in Baton Rouge at our @frcaction #FFFTOUR14 rally today! Vote Nov 4th! #LA
duckdynasty - ffftour14 - la -
lovvorn86 : Need more like the Duggars an the Robertson
livealot_2004 : Friend texting another friend: I don't believe in gay marriage... I don't allow my children to watch gays and lesbians on tv because I don't want them turning into one.... other friend: yea I understand where your coming from I don't allow my kids to watch black people on tv because I don't want them turning black..... Friend: black people can't help what color they are??... other friend: now you understand how ignorant you sound
livealot_2004 : What happened to "God judges us in the end"?.... just leave people alone it doesn't effect you so don't let it bother you and let your God pass judgement in the end. "Judge lest ye be judged".... "those without sin cast the first stone" I see a lot of stones being casted
livealot_2004 : @alltine how does it affect everyone? What people do in their own homes and in their own lives is none of our business... only God's
livealot_2004 : @alltine my cousin is gay... and our whole family is either Catholic, Evangelist, or Methodist and guess what? We accept him for who he is because bottom line God is all about "love" and he loves his partner. Don't bother praying for him... because all sins are equal and God forgives all his children and
livealot_2004 : ^^^ and forgives all sins
sweetthangliz : @twinkle_engle
bexprebble : If its called freedom, why stop others from having it..?
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
We are on the road now to Wichita, KS for a Faith, Family & Freedom rally tonight with my parents! Register now/more info here: @duggarfam
pholtzer : GO DUGGARS!!!!!
mdambrosio85 : Yup the whole thing is getting out of hand. Womens bathrooms are womens bathrooms. Men's bathrooms are men's bathrooms. Transgender should go to the bathroom they belong. I'm sorry you were born a man go to the man's bathroom. If you're born a female go to the females bathroom. Simple it's STUPID that Transgender people want to make people that are OK being who they are uncomfortable. Take that mayor out of office it's pathetic. Just disgusting. I hate pic bathrooms anyway. One more reason to not go
dannycandy95 : @mdambrosio85 And what is wrong with unisex bathrooms?
courtneydiggs : Please come to Texas!!!
mary.mccollum : Why have bathrooms become a place to make a political/cultural stand? If you have a penis, use the men's room. If you have a vagina, use the women's room. Smh, maybe we should just relabel them with new anatomically correct pictures to cut down on the confusion.
dannycandy95 : @mary.mccollum What is wrong with unisex bathrooms?
mary.mccollum : @dannycandy95 I have no problem with coed bathrooms, as long as there are no open urinals.
diababe92 : Disgusting. #gayrights
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
We're kicking off our event at 9:45am here in Overland Park, KS w/ Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar, Gov Sam Brownback and Sen. Pat Roberts! #KS
ks -
nardoned : @momofbjhmg 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
ca_tl_hu : Keep up the great work @joshduggar
smufty26 : @momofbjhmg rainbows are fabulous!!!! That #magicalbigotbusofhate is hideous and so are the people inside it.
ibelieveinpink11 : Are u guys coming to Florida @joshduggar
donnacabonna_ : UGH @lindseylouwho_
karli_henninger : @smufty26 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ for real tho.. I'm really not surprised but this honestly, I've been waiting for something like this to pop up from the duggars
kaityalvis : How sad.
mrsmorganwright : Its not a bus of hate lol. Its just how things are supposed to be.
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Great rally today at the Oklahoma State Capitol! #FFFTOUR14 @frcaction
ffftour14 -
dogzrule12 : Hi bunbuns66 may I suggest YouTube Pastor Mike Hoggard or Pastor Mike online. The new testament is a conva
dogzrule12 : Sorry hit send to fast. The new testament is a covenant of grace not the law. The law shows man we can never keep it which is why Jesus came and died for us. I pray God blesses you because you are seeking Him!
veganfern : @bunbuns66 πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
annaherrera1321 : I had a private tour there once when I was in Washington D.C.
shannon_810 : @annaherrera1321 the pic is of the Oklahoma State Capitol...
velveteen.rabbit : Nice crowd lol #nooneshowedup #forareason #bigots
bunbuns66 : @dogzrule12 thank you for your nice words but actually I already know God and my path to god is not through Jesus Christ. I come a faith older than Christianity, full of rich history and beliefs. We are very fulfilled and happy. I appreciate your kindness though. I know Christians believe that my people are damned and will burn in hell for not following Christ but that's ok, we've been dealing with persecution like that as long as time itself. I do find the arbitrary, subjective interpretations of the Christian bible quite fascinating though. And with people like the duggars using their Christian faith to try to elect like minded Christian politicians and push certain political and social agendas, I think it is important that nonchristians stay as aware and vigilant as possible about their intentions and the implications of letting ultra conservative Christians gain control in our secular government. Thanks.
cath2307 : @bunbuns66 I like the cut of your jib :)
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