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Josh Duggar

Jesus is Lord! Happily married to @AnnaDuggar. Parents to Mackynzie, Michael & Marcus. Oldest of #19Kids on @TLC. Exec. Director @FRCAction. Blessed!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
What a game. Great job by the #Lakers on their narrow win over the #Spurs! #SanAntonio
sanantonio - spurs - lakers -
gomhar85 : Sooo you say you know lots of gay people.. Other than your brother in law fabulous david.. I highly doubt you know ANY gay people. I'm not counting your aunt cause I do not believe for a second that you even know her at all!
gomhar85 : The bill is EXACTLY what the nazis did to the Jews. Made them wear the stars so people would know they were Jewish and didn't have to serve them. That's what josh wants. He wants your orientation on your license.. So people can discriminate..you might as well get them to wear rainbows or pink triangles.. Cause it's the same fucking thing. You stupid uneducated douchebag. Your most fabulous brother in law is gay. You can say no all you want that he chose to be straight. I gotta tell you he does a shit job of pretending. Every single smart person KNOWS what he is.
chelskamarie : I miss fake josh duggar!!!!
maggiebreann04___ : Follow @i.celebtwin
maggiebreann04___ : For your celebrity twin
mrs.roschbach : Lucky! !!!!!!
sarah_xx19 : Is Anna pregnant with child #4??
madsgrams : @sarah..yes she is and after that another 10 to 12 more!!!
ladybugh526 - mags1045 - giannaa1997 - nerdygirl_2014 -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
gospursgo -
mcnuccio1 : @laurahargreaves93
passionjennizluv : Is this Josh's real account or a fan page? Just want to know
miakomorski : He's such a fat, greasy, turns.
miakomorski : *Turd
hannahmariee__ : YASS!
sophiepudding : @passionjennizluv this is his real account.:)
carol.aldredge : Go Spurs go!
mooniefairy : @pinkieposh jim bob's son and a confirmed furry aka pinkie posh
kaylee_ruberg11 - emilykwelton - lauren.abernethy - ja_926 -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Kobe. #Lakers vs #Spurs
spurs - lakers -
emmy_mackie : Are your kids there?
jmilx48 : Rapist
mak_missouri_rush_soccer_ : Umm. Hate is rude to Kobe. He is in the MBA people!!! Come on!! He's a rock star basketball player. He try's his best every game. If u don't like him then don't like him but don't leave rude comments!! @delagarzaraquel @cocojuju19
cocojuju19 : We'll I meant that Kobe isn't my favorite player and if I had a dream team he wouldn't be on it!!
cocojuju19 : My basketball coach likes him too so........
val_barilla : Goin to San Antonio tomorrow!! I hope it's fun!!
jdmahaynes : Lakers suck.
rennypennz : Yup. #LakersNation #LakersWin
gina.marie2016 - 22_natz - krt1280 - dancerdavis1 -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Hanging with my buddy Roy at the @spurs game tonight! #GoSpursGo
gospursgo -
s.a.s.s.96 : @kelly_winn_fm I did my research. Thank goodness it is only a bill and not made into a law. Thank goodness, also, it is only in the state of Michigan. It is my most sincere hope that all conservative Christians that value ALL life from the womb to death stand against that bill. That is not something any person who is living by God's Word could ever support. Before anyone strikes back with "it's conservative Christians that support or started this bill" I would like to reply with the fact that anyone that believes this bill is right may hide under the "conservative" banner, but they are NOT true Christians. I would need to see very real evidence that Josh Duggar supported this bill.
kelly_winn_fm : @s.a.s.s.96 Here's the thing though. Extreme right wing tea party Christian conservatives paved the way for these types of heinous laws, when they fought for companies like Hobby Lobby to be able to pull the "religious freedom" card out whenever it suits them. This is why religion needs to stay out of politics, & vaginas.
miakomorski : @kelly_winn_fm πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘^^^
josiahcantrall : #Fearthebeard!
mrs_guertin : @s.a.s.s.96 agreed!
emmaa.e : @kelly_winn_fm πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™β€οΈ
emmaa.e : @stace_830 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
madsgrams : @joshduggar would you let your daughters marry a man of "color"?
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
@Spurs #GoSpursGo
gospursgo -
kaitlyn_520 : Austin Mahone is there...go witness to him!!
bekks007 : Whoo hoo! Lol Go Spurs Go!
kerimcpherson : Wish I could be there!
jesus__islife : 🚨🚨LOVERS OF JESUS🚨🚨 Please follow
aboverubies89 : Welcome to SA @joshduggar!!!
weather_vanes : The spurs are pagans
nick8jack : GO SPURS GO!!!
carol.aldredge : Love those Spurs!
lala_bby6 - agamath23gos_rebon - 12myasmith - dancerdavis1 -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Kobe Bryant at the free throw line... #Lakers #Spurs
spurs - lakers -
bigal1995 : Yeah lakers!
_rabbitkm : Wow josh learning so much about sports and the secular world these days. I don't think you posted enough instagrams about your little outing.
roserr871 : @kypablos
kypablos : @roserr871 ownnn
kypablos : @roserr871 l abbiamo vinta allo scadere πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
conservative_momma : Lol _rabbitkm
___sydney___01 : Good seats!✌️
ninajeftic_97 : @nikamoslehi
dancerdavis1 - gina.marie2016 - jacklyn_g21 - 12myasmith -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
And they're off! #Spurs #Lakers #SanAntonio
sanantonio - lakers - spurs -
yar79 : Welcome to San Antonio!! #GOSPURSGO
becks_g06 : Aww! @maggieri0s
sophiavela22 : THE STUGGLE!! @kaelyn.elizabeth
maddy.24 : Lets go LakersπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›
heavenlee6 : I hope you guys had fun here in San Antonio!! #Gospurs #spurnation
___sydney___01 : Cavs for life!βœŒοΈβ€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’™
karen_rose_f : GSG!!! 😊
carson14402 : Ikr!! I want to go! @camdynhale
dancerdavis1 - penallen2014 - gina.marie2016 - 12myasmith -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Fun visiting family! Cousin Noelle (Anna's sister Susanna's daughter) & Kynzie are angels in the family Christmas play! #familytraditions #CHRISTmas
christmas - familytraditions -
luvmy4girls : @javajenni Well said!!πŸ‘πŸ‘‹πŸ˜ƒ
veganfern : @tonituesday I wholeheartedly agree; well said.
jebirkins : Susanna and her little girl were not shunned by the Keller's and the Duggars. The Duggars decided not to have them on their show, though, because she doesn't follow their beliefs... that's all.
jamieprocarione : Why would she be on the show? She's not a duggar
addi_brouwer : Did Priscilla have her baby yet? If so what she name it
sarahbagwell12 : @addi_brouwer Davia is their little girls names
addi_brouwer : Ahhh yes I knew that!
dmghenesy : So cute
kaylee_ruberg11 - ellie__0515 - uniqe_name_here - ja_926 -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
The Keller Family annual Christmas play was a blast for the kiddos...and the adults! :) #familytraditions #CHRISTmas
christmas - familytraditions -
meredith.k.reynolds.5 : @nancy__h so sorry, i don't know how to check dms on here. @uncle_cool_aunt thank you SO much for your encouragement!! my thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful family <3
ellie__0515 - mylyfeasnicole - maddylakomek - filosofia_ -
joshduggar - Josh Duggar
It's a new day in LA. Congrats to Louisiana's next US Senator @BillCassidy! #LAsen @frcaction
lasen -
miakomorski : @tonituesday These people are ALWAYS on the wrong side of what's right.
texas99aggie : I live in Texas so this isn't a local issue for me, and while Sen. Landrieu & I happen to be in the same sorority & I can appreciate & respect her as a role model for young women & future women leaders, politically I don't agree with her so I am pleased to have her seat filled with conservative representation.
tbright2911 : You disgusting judgemental pure of shit
aprilgarrity : @tlc why are you giving these bigots a show?? The Duggars are using their TLC earnings to influence local elections which take civil rights away from LGBT's. Don't you care about your LGBT viewers of your other shows? Do you endorse their bigotry? http://www.alternet.org/gender/thanks-michelle-duggar-arkansas-town-repeals-lgbt-protections
tonjapettit1967 : Thanks for all your help and your family for helping to keep thses LGBT people where they belong!!! America was founded by the people for the people and after all these years WE DONT WANT CHANGE!!! God created Adam and eve!! NOT Adam and Steve!! Being anti gay or pro life is as american as apple pie and the bible!! Show me in the bible where god says being gay or killing unborn babies is OK and I will retract my words! God only forgives if you turn from your wicked ways!!!!!!!!
gomhar85 : The new law in Arkansas is the EXACT same thing HITLER did with the Jews., he made them all wear yellow stars on their clothes. Exactly what josh wants with the gays. He wants your sexual orientation on your drivers license so people can refuse service. Josh you're a disgusting piece of shit. You're own wife's sister is married to someone gay. Unless David is really straight.. But I mean come on. You wanna be like hitler josh?
eddie.valentino : @joshduggar It's hard to believe we are both pisces-dragons, that both our folks have been married for 30+ years, we were both raised religiously; differences is that I was raised to have a mind and an opinion of my own though. You however have no opinions or a mind of you're own. I don't and will never hate you for it but however I will pity you, I pity how close minded you are, how hard that must actually be that the real reason people listen is because you have money but no brains, also I despise on what you just did in Arkansas. Seriously? Do you even know what equality means? It means equal rights for ALL HUMANS Including us LGBT folk. God gave us all a mind and a beating heart, use them, really open them up; you'll be surprised by the outcome of it.
sabrina_heb77 : @tonjapettit1967 Way to applaud ignorance and hate. Your statements are that of simple, narrow minded ideas. It's amazing to me that people like you exist and don't realize how hateful, mean, and destructive your words are. I pray that you and people like you one day see the ramifications of such hate.
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