Josh Duggar

Jesus is Lord! Happily married to @AnnaDuggar. Parents to Mackynzie, Michael & Marcus. Oldest of #19Kids on @TLC. Exec. Director @FRCAction. Blessed!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Kansas: Join us tonight in Wichita for a Faith Family & Freedom rally with the Duggar Family! More info/Register Here: #FFFTOUR14 #19Kids @duggarfam @annaduggar @frcaction
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nurse301982 : @citimama could not have said it better myself.
denisemarielawson : I wish you guys were in Topeka or Lawrence I absolutely love watching your family.I was diagnosed with RSD in 2009 and watching your family go through it's up's and down's, and how you have kept strong with your faith is truly inspirational thank you. @duggarfam
aine3372 : @citimama so people living a lonely miserable existence will make god happy?
kelly_winn_fm : @citimama Satan teaches acceptance & tolerance? WTF
kylesmom1402 : @citimama Beautifully stated!
tarascarlett23 : The only thing more disturbing than citimamas comment are the ones who support it. Satan preaches acceptance and tolerance? You people are sick. Get help and learn how to give up your bigoted hate.
smufty26 : @citimama are you serious or just really really ignorant? People like YOU are what's wrong with this world. Not gays and lesbians YOU and your Bigot and highly uneducated and judgmental attitude. You are the reason people hate Christianity!
momofbjhmg : People hate christianity because they hate God...I guess God is a bigot too, since HE is the one who said it is an abomination. I feel sorry for a lot of you on judgement day.
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
We are on the road now to Wichita, KS for a Faith, Family & Freedom rally tonight with my parents! Register now/more info here: @duggarfam
kylesmom1402 : @ashleaholland If a woman can't support her child then she should've thought of that before she had sex outside of a covenant marriage relationship. Like the Duggars. If she somehow gets pregnant dye to a horrific crime such as rape, then give the child up for adoption. There simply IS no LOGICAL, MORAL, OR ETHICAL reason for abortion. It is murder. And this administration wants US, as pro-life, pro-family citizens to pay for it. And if we don't??? Fines, jail time... They are not FORCING their views onto you. If you don't like it, don't listen. But look on the other side of the issue. Is there anywhere we as Bible believing Christians can go to get away from the constant, pervasive onslaught of homosexuality, adultery, immodesty, and this blatant in your face "I hate God and so should you" mentality??? If we say even ONE thing to try and show people that there really is a better way we are called horrid, despicable things. It's unbelievable how far into this immoral black hole this country has gone. We as Christians are just trying to shine a light and show there really is a better way.
dannykid95 : @kylesmom1402 Your delusional ramblings just demonstrate to me a separate attempt by religion to try and stay relevant in world that has gone past myth, superstition, and dogma. Relish in this stupidity while you can. Young people are quickly waking up to the folly of Christianity and religion.
dannykid95 : *desperate
lyem102 : It's not myth it's reality! We as Christians need to raise our voices and let everyone know the truth about God and his word!
sonia_moores : God is amazing! yes God bless you and your family for shinning your light of Jesus Christ through you into the darkness! 😘
sonia_moores : @pastortonyscott what a awesome movement!
crystal_hog : @kylesmom1402 AMEN!!!!! @lyem102 yes yes we do!!!
1khutch : That's where I live :-) good ol wichita ks hope you guys like it here!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
We're kicking off our event at 9:45am here in Overland Park, KS w/ Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar, Gov Sam Brownback and Sen. Pat Roberts! #KS
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whitter_ann1027 : All the hate.. I agree that the Duggars are saying rude, ignort things about people who like the same gender and things like that but people all you have to do is report this picture,no need to let the world know how much you hate the Duggars and their beliefs.
djliterati : Gov Sam Brownback is killing the Kansas economy and morale. A vote for him is a vote in the wrong direction.
jessicab89x : Ohh look the anti choice, anti gay hate bus has pulled into town! #staythefuckouttacali #sandiegodoesntneedreligion
abattey81 : I find it so sad some of the comments people leave. Don't agree with them that's fine don't follow them, but you have to cuss and get rude, why? I do believe there is right and wrong and has been that way since the beginning. Just because years have turned into centuries doesn't change the fact that wrong is wrong. For the life of me what I really don't understand is one day we all will die. So I wouldn't be so quick to judge bc at that moment you can't get hit redo. It's really not as complicated as we make it. People need to get rid of the hatred.
dalord777 : God bless the Duggars!
janiceanddavidmarcus2014 : Hey don't miss the Take Away Your Freedom bus coming to a town near you!!
nardoned : The Bigot Bus is on the move!
momofbjhmg : Id rather have this bus come through my town than your stinkin rainbow parades trying to shove your abominations down peoples throats...God bless the Duggars!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Great rally today at the Oklahoma State Capitol! #FFFTOUR14 @frcaction
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bunbuns66 : On a final note I want to say that I DO know that many of the examples I cited were from the Old Testament, which it 's ABUNDANTLY clear many Christians don't necessarily adhere to as law. To which I say: If you’re going to ignore the section of Leviticus that bans stuff like tattoos, pork, shellfish, haircuts, polyester, gold jewelry, braiding and fashioning your hair and even football--yes football !!-- how can you possibly turn around and quote Leviticus 18:22 (“You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.”) as irrefutable law? WHO DECIDES ? But there I go again trying to introduce logic to religious fanaticism. And I should probably know better. No one is going to answer a question about the bible except with a bible quote. Sigh.
dogzrule12 : Hi bunbuns66 may I suggest YouTube Pastor Mike Hoggard or Pastor Mike online. The new testament is a conva
dogzrule12 : Sorry hit send to fast. The new testament is a covenant of grace not the law. The law shows man we can never keep it which is why Jesus came and died for us. I pray God blesses you because you are seeking Him!
veganfern : @bunbuns66 πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
annaherrera1321 : I had a private tour there once when I was in Washington D.C.
shannon_810 : @annaherrera1321 the pic is of the Oklahoma State Capitol...
velveteen.rabbit : Nice crowd lol #nooneshowedup #forareason #bigots
bunbuns66 : @dogzrule12 thank you for your nice words but actually I already know God and my path to god is not through Jesus Christ. I come a faith older than Christianity, full of rich history and beliefs. We are very fulfilled and happy. I appreciate your kindness though. I know Christians believe that my people are damned and will burn in hell for not following Christ but that's ok, we've been dealing with persecution like that as long as time itself. I do find the arbitrary, subjective interpretations of the Christian bible quite fascinating though. And with people like the duggars using their Christian faith to try to elect like minded Christian politicians and push certain political and social agendas, I think it is important that nonchristians stay as aware and vigilant as possible about their intentions and the implications of letting ultra conservative Christians gain control in our secular government. Thanks.
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Awesome concert tonight in Conway, Arkansas with Ricky Skaggs! #FFFTOUR14 @frcaction
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kelly_winn_fm : @ronsjuju1 That wasn't the original motto of our country by the founding fathers. "In god we trust" 1st made an appearance on some coins towards the end of the civil war (almost 100 years AFTER our country was founded) & wasn't on all money till the 1950s.
kelly_winn_fm : E pluribus unum - out of many, one @ronsjuju1 our original motto
kelly_winn_fm : The government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion. - Founding Father & President John Adams. That's just the tip of the iceberg of what I could give you to show that our country was not based on the Bible or Christianity. @kylesmom1402 @ronsjuju1
kelly_winn_fm : @kylesmom1402 @ronsjuju1 Y'all wax poetic about some blissful peaceful Christian-loving time in America. But it's simply not true that the 1780s or 1950s were better off. You just like to see it that way.
suznk66 : So, to summarize, @ronsjuju1 is a self proclaimed Christian, who tells @kelly_winn_fm she doesn't know history and is unamerican. Classy . Too bad it turns out that facts are on @kelly_winn_fm's side. I encourage everyone to google. "in god we trust" and LEARN. It is NOT our national motto. And @ronsjuju1? You've got a short temper and a snotty mouth. Shame on you. You aren't doing Christians any favors with that hateful attitude.
suznk66 : @kelly_winn_fm Did anyone ever answer you about what horrible things were posted about the duggars in this post? I read all the comments and I see a TON of insults and disrespect but NONE aimed at a duggar or even a Christian. And they have the audacity to say they're attacked. Everything I see shows THEY are the favored ones who can say and do whatever they want without any negative consequences. Which is exactly what a religious based government results in, every single time, throughout history. Favoritism for some-- subjugation, oppression, DEATH for others. Even in this IG post, simple human nature proves it. People who SAY they worship a loving god have black hearts filled with bad thoughts about total strangers just because they think differently. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. You're the face of Christianity online and you're not doing yourselves any favors.
kelly_winn_fm : @suznk66 Lol, of course not. And thanks for the back-up! πŸ’ͺ
askajanything : @ronsjuju1 your "in god we trust" on money is laughable. Clearly, you've never heard of the constitution, AKA" THE LAW OF THE LAND yanno "WE THE PEOPE" πŸ“œ no mention of your sky daddy lawd yeezus in any of it... And the constitution was he initial rules of THIS COUNTRY & how we got started , I also suggest reading the Treaty of Tripoli where it is written the US WAS NOT Founded ON Christianity...written down. Signed. 🎀 *mic drop*
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Senator Jason Rapert & "Living Grace" on stage now at "Stand Up America" in Conway, AR! #FFFTOUR14 @frcaction
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warriorsfan_30 : I thought u guys only listen to classical music
michellehouston27 : Good music ☺️
lu_777 : I luh me some bluegrass!?!
emorymo : @madison_momo MR. TRAWICK! Haha
madison_momo : I KNOW!! @emorymo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
sprinkles_official : @jordanvolness
jordanvolness : @sprinkles_official STOP IT
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Great music tonight kicking off the "Stand Up America" event in Conway, AR! @frcaction #FFFTOUR14
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not_p.c._the_truth : @smalltownalanabrown not a spammer at all. I speak the truth and do not spam. My black wife and I both agree with my post. We do not agree with the political correctness police nor do we believe in people pushing special agendas due to their color, orientation, nationality. Nor do we agree with people and or corporations caving into the special interests just because they are afraid of the PC police.
smilin_sue : I see josh, aka the second coming of martin Luther King jr, is celebrating Wyoming's legalization of gay marriage today. Freedom fighter ! Freedom bus! Oh wait a minute. They want to take AWAY freedoms. Sorry, my mistake.
bomberowife87 : @ttiffany20191 agreed.
hclambert13 : Thank you for telling me I need Jesus but my opinion still stands. I don't need your "race card" stories either. You don't know me. Take your hateful comments elsewhere! I actually do watch the show and that's why I'm surprised he likes black people. @nicolegilmore10
hclambert13 : @paige_blevins
paige_blevins : LOL! @hclambert13
lindseyghiultu : She's on a role now @paige_blevins @hclambert13
moriah_lanctot : @hclambert13 why would he not like black people?
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Glad to be in Conway, AR with Senator Jason Rapert and his family! #FFFTOUR14 @frcaction
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desotogirl_12 : John david+girl on the right with red necklace = πŸ’•
hannamolen : Cute and all but if your going to hang out with a senator you should maybe not wear a polo
emorymo : So close to you @madison_momo so close... 😌
_lydia__grace : Love love love the boots!
emsomer : @lrrevia78 What are you even doing on this page?
anabananabel123 : @grace__sherman
fromabbywithluv : jedidiahπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ˜‡
rcg24 : The duggars were in Conway :O @mustaches_r_epic15
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
See you there! Join the @FRCAction bus tour today at 11am in Alma, AR & 2pm in Clarksville, AR w/ @westermanar #FFFTOUR14 @duggarfam
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aine3372 : @kylesmom1402 actually I was comparing the FRC to the KKK. Just tagging you in the comment hon 😁
askajanything : @aine3372 @kylesmom1402 FRC actually has ties to the KKK ... It's all know information, just nobody seems to want to look it up, *shrug*
askajanything : Also @kylesmom1402 FRC has been classified as a hate group. Sorry to break it to ya. I dunno why that's so hard to believe, it's basic knowledge about this group.
aine3372 : Think she has blocked me @askajanything Either that or her Caps Lock has broken 😳😳😳
mrscrowley29 : @askajanything what us FRC?
askajanything : @mrscrowley29 family research council
mrscrowley29 : @askajanything thanks :) I felt kinda dah lol
aprilgarrity : @kylesmom1402 aww do you kiss your kids with that rude mouth? 😁
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
#cousinpower @amyduggar @frcaction #FFFTOUR14 #19kids
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emilyleija : Totally digging the facial hair!!!
smilin_sue : It definitely helps disguise the bulging neck fat.
dannykid95 : @melissa_tevaneta And when women were emancipated, most did not that want to happen either. You're a Mormon? Lol. The most insane religion of them all. Founded by a conman, and continue by conmen. If the government is involved, with public funds, you forfeit your right to discriminate.
newkoolkid38 : Thank you to everyone who commented intelligent information instead of simply spewing more hate. I'm not sure exactly what went on this morning in Wyoming but I'd guess that if it made this bus of folks unhappy it would please me. Sad but unfortunately true. I so wish we could just all realize that love is love no matter the color, religion, or any other difference β™‘β™‘
newkoolkid38 : Lol @smufty26
smufty26 : @newkoolkid38 that's right love is love, these people trying to stop it will look back in 10 years and realise they are just as stupid as the white people who tried to keep African Americans without rights.
jasgomezv : @jyvonne34 parece otro
jyvonne34 : @jasgomezv fede y mayor
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