Josh Duggar

Jesus is Lord! Happily married to @AnnaDuggar. Parents to Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus & baby girl! Oldest of #19Kids on @TLC. Blessed!
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
#19Kids on the set #selfie with Erica Hill & @duggarfam @jessaseewald @ben_seewald @siduggar @TLC
selfie - 19kids -
alexis_simpson10 : Everyone makes mistakes people can change once in a while people are different no one is perfect all you haters better stop josh is praying for forgiveness no one is perfect I wanna see your family history they could have been bad people okay so all talk STOP!! Now
redsunnysunday : Some comments here are just as perverted as what Josh did. Saying they'll use Josh to give Michele more kids? Some allow people to molest their kids to be on tv? And laughing at a family's tragedy makes you just as evil! What he did is unforgivable to us humans. .but the hate is not any better! The your sin is greater than mine is a stupid saying. .we're all human and all are evil.
kibblesnbits1 : @joshduggar , if you have repented why are you calling it a "mistake" and not a crime? Why are you not even naming it molestation? And why are you still lying about the "treatment program"?
lvorquids : Well said! @redsunnysunday
kathryn_loves_the_country : @sarah.postel why would u do that there's nothing bad on his account. Yes he made some mistakes but u need to learn to forgive.
joyduggar : Why are people hating on him?
amandasue613 : @redsunnysunday I totally agree with your statement.
ssstacy107 : @joyduggar I honestly don't mean to hate on Josh I'm just in shock about what your family promotes still
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Do right and risk the consequences. - Sam Houston
dorick_future_neurologist : @mytwinsmom74 that's what I was also thinking about why Jana and jinger are still at home
patsymaddison : God may forgive you but we don't have too!!
emma.beardsley : Obviously you're not Christian, but I have faith. I'm Catholic, and the Duggars are Baptist. We're different religions, but still Christians. (if you didn't know) We believe in God and the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) We believe that everyone deserves forgiveness no matter the severity of the sin. We have faith. We have the strongest faith in the whole world. The faith of our God and Lord. I'm so sorry that you do not have faith, but everyone deserves forgiveness. Yes, it is a crime, and also a sin. Which can and will be forgiven by God as long as Josh asks for forgiveness. Which i bet he has. And yes, he could do it to his children, but why. People change and Josh has gone to counseling and is taking care of this. All of these negative comments everyone is putting on this picture, does not help his situation. These comments will be the cause of his next breakdown. Now everyone needs to stop and realize we all do bad things, even if it's just swearing or abusing a child. No matter what, God is always there to forgive. @codisnirvanatee We aren't the ones to forgive Josh! It's his sisters, the others he violated, and God. We are not the ones to say he goes to hell or heaven. It's God's decision, not ours. You can have your opinions because that is what God gave us, but we don't decide his fate. @patsymaddison
jcnuttall1016 : I hope he gets prosecuted and goes to prison! Fuck him he knew what he did it's a crime. And fuck the parents for knowing and not saying shit what a sick family! Bottom line it's not ok what he did and he needs to do time for the crime
patsymaddison : I am Christian , you know nothing about me so direct your comments somewhere else and this was a CRIME. His fate should have been decided by s court of Law.
emma.beardsley : Every single person on this earth was created by God. God forgives all that sin, no matter race, religion, cultures, etc. So yes, if he was a Muslim, i would still say he deserves forgiveness. I believe that Osama Bin Laden and the 9/11 bombers all deserve forgiveness. I think all terrorists and criminals deserve forgiveness. They're still people and all created by God. @jennlynnsand
emma.beardsley : I wasn't saying you weren't a Christian. Sorry, that wasn't directed at you. The second part was my reply to your comment. @patsymaddison
moonglows : Jim bob is a disgusting sex hungry father who taught his first son well lol
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
God will never ask us to do anything that He won't give us the power to obey Him and do. #Faith
faith -
mommajessicadavenport : Prayers
beetlebumbaby : God is a fearful judge. Our lord sees all. Our lord knows the truth. The truth is that you 'didn't enjoy' molesting the AT LEAST five little girls, including four of your own sisters, that you did. The truth is that the sheer fact that you 'didn't enjoy' it, that what you did was driven by compulsion. This makes you a very dangerous person. The fact that it is a compulsion is terrifying for any child that is in your presence. Please, do the right thing, as a father, and remove yourself from your children. It is not safe for them.
jzcstyle : So did your God ask u to do what u did to all those innocent girls?!
__emily23__ : People, stop hating and keep this whole family in your prayers. I'm sure we have no idea how difficult it is for them right now.
simplysharnaa : Did God ask u moleste girls ...or was that just you
simplysharnaa : Molest*
party_of_two_docs : Yes people come on. Pray for the criminals, it's the right thing to do. The Christian way to treat sexual assault is to pray for the perp. It's so difficult to be exposed as an incestuous hillbilly. Makes me shake my head in disbelief!!!#cancel19kidsandcounting
i_guess_i_art : This makes me laugh bitterly because in a way it's like he's saying in this post that if God didn't want him to do it he wouldn't be able to.
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
"A hero is someone who puts themself at risk to help others." -Lt. Col. Oliver North #heroes
heroes -
mackenziealexisxo : @centraliac amen πŸ™Œ
noah_crosby_87 : LOL @holland_is_beautiful
maro_jun4321 : @rachelx27x if he's truly a changed man and if he's truly living in regret, then why hasn't he put himself behind bars?
innis791 : Creep..
simplysharnaa : Your the wrong person to be posting shit about heros
rachelx27x : @maro_jun4321 because hes a different man now. He doesnt want to go to jail nobody would even after they change. But hes probrally just going to let the court choose. Wouldnt you rather not go to jail if you had the choice?
party_of_two_docs : So I guess all LGBT people are heroes. Yup I'll agree with you there Josh. You however, are a uneducated bible thumping hillbilly criminal. #cancel19kidsandcounting
kirk.sophia.jean : And your probably not that hero.
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Thanks to U.S. House of Representatives for passing #HR36 -- a step to protect unborn babies that feel pain! Vote was 242-184. #theyfeelpain @frcaction @frcdc
theyfeelpain - hr36 -
dominiquebrazier : I'd rAther have an abortion than let you molest my daughter! @joshduggar
lovleyxliza : Ya and so do molested children.......
strange_fangirl_ : What, are you forcing women to have more babies so you can have more children to molest?
emxsteingard_ : VERY TRUE @amphitrite227
dorick_future_neurologist : @i_guess_i_art it wouldn't be a problem if girls wouldn't have sex outside of wedlock but this is obviously excluding women that have been raped
i_guess_i_art : @dorick_future_neurologist I don't think it is, actually. And even so girls should be able to do what they want with their body rather than having their fate chosen by a sack of blood and a bunch of guys preaching "the word" when they probably haven't even read the bible
dorick_future_neurologist : If you don't want a baby then either you wrap it up or you don't have sex and it's not a sack of blood it's a baby it's a life and your decisions affect that bang you knew the possibility of what would happen when you decided to spread your legs. And if you really can't take care of the baby there is a thing called adoption @i_guess_i_art
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Save pain-capable unborn baby humans. ^^ follow the link in my bio ^^ to tell your congressman to vote for #HR36! #theyfeelpain #prolife
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canuckdrew00 : Save the Duggar girls! #PrayForHisVictims
pisces_realshit : And vote no on statute of limitations for molesters and or rapists
laurenlove67 : Save the baby humans from you.
jcnuttall1016 : Save the sisters and victims!!!!!!!
iamazona : Save your children from you
morrisseykath : No mercy for rapists.
mil_malik : He means save them for him - so he can tap tap tap that ass
kkamea : What if you got one of your sisters pregnant? what would you do then, Huh?
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Help the moms & babies at Angels Way Maternity Home -- go to our Facebook page for link to donate now: (every gift helps!!!) #19Kids
19kids -
luciaacarrion : Chester the molester.
raelynaraya : Help them? Speak for yourself you need help
hailey_amazing1 : How could you do that to your own family. Yet if one of us did that we would be put in jail. Josh never paid his time in jail he should have jail time this is not right at all watch he will go do the same thing to his children Jim bob and Michelle had to pay or do something for the police not to put josh in jail @joshduggar
52music : @hailey_amazing1 the victims didn't press charges. That simple.
littlered405 : Will you molest this baby too?
anijade10 : Exactly @littlered405
codisnirvanatee : The victims didn't press charges because they were his sisters and there parents wouldn't let them @52music. Love to see women defending child molesters because they are famous
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
We're thankful for our crew -- we hope you enjoyed the #19Kids #behindthescenes as much as we did tonight! @tlc
behindthescenes - 19kids -
52music : She adores you. :)
gilliscarla : May God give you strength through all of this.
simplysharnaa : Stop hiding behind religion u pedophile!!
aliced1993 : It happened when he was 15 to many years have past. A
thathomielex : That look you give when u know he could have had either of his sisters.. But chose you.
mil_malik : @thathomielex wa ha ha! He looks at this sisters boyfriends and thinks "I hit it first"
hidaal90 : can somebody please tell me what is going on????what is happenning with @joshduggar ?
strange_fangirl_ : @hidaal90 he molested multiple under aged girls when he was a teenager, some of them were his sisters. He told his parents about it and they hid it for a year.
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Click the link in my bio and take 5 minutes to help save lives by telling your Congressman to vote for #HR36, the "Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act!" #theyfeelpain #prolife @frcaction @frcdc
theyfeelpain - prolife - hr36 -
kara_delight : You are pathetic. @joshduggar
canuckdrew00 : Give them birth so Josh can molest them and his parents can cover it up instead!
h.u.n.t.l.e.y : @jayysless he's got room for you too
simplysharnaa : And whos gonna protect dem babies from u? Not your parents thts forrr suree ....sick fucks hide behind religion
morrisseykath : Protect tiny humans from the pain and TRAUMA of molestation
morrisseykath : Rape is WORSE THAN MURDER
ash_marie9788 : Yeah...I'm pretty sure molesting your sisters is a lot worse than abortion.
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joshduggar - Josh Duggar
Always a blast hanging out with these kiddos! #Mackynzie #Michael
michael - mackynzie -
corrielane20 : I would be taking my IG and FB down to protect these sweet pictures from the horrible comments. 😒 So sorry for the Duggars. Praying for you all. @joshduggar @annaduggar
littlered405 : @corrielane20 why are you praying for him after knowing what he has done?
littlered405 : He deserves general population!
littlered405 : @mynameisaimee_ amen
corrielane20 : Praying for the victims and Josh's family because they didn't do anything and praying for Josh because I don't think that anything is too far for people to forgive. It was a pretty horrible thing that he did, but I've done some pretty horrible things in my past too. πŸ˜” @littlered405
corrielane20 : Everyone is accusing him of molesting his kids. I would hate to be accused of something like that if I hadn't done it. He most definitely really loves his kids and regrets what he did. I believe that people can and do change. I just think that lots of people do not like the Duggars because of their religious and political beliefs (I don't even agree with how he is so against homosexual rights). People are using this situation as an opportunity to be nasty and I don't think that that is right. Be human, don't be so mean. Everyone is in this race of life together and his kids are so innocent of everything. @littlered405 that's why I'm praying for them. πŸ˜”
littlered405 : @corrielane20 again, pedophiles do not change because they are mentally ill! Josh has a mental illness and will always have these urges!!
littlered405 : @corrielane20 I doubt you molested a child.
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