Josh Kerr

Professional Surfer, Husband, & Father. Happiest with my family & being in the water. @sierrakerr @colin_kerrazy
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josh_kerr84 - Josh Kerr
#itson tonight at la Paloma!! 7pm and 9pm showings of my bio flick #KERRZY so excited! It will be the first time I get to see it also! A film by @matt_kleiner_
kerrzy - itson -
aiden.danko : Are you going to be there
aaronthackston : Ok
finna_hanvey : Is it going up the coast of California as well? @josh_kerr84
levi_slawson : Ya josh see u there @josh_kerr84
thejohnster3000 : @evanstory
jhsurfcoach : Such a great film! All the best! @josh_kerr84
summrlove1 : Dang...missed it :(
gocharg : @garrell_h
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josh_kerr84 - Josh Kerr
Pre-party!! From 4:30 @arnette headquarters across from La Paloma Theatre. Everyone is welcome, come enjoy the free food and drinks. First showing is at 7:00pm, second showing at 8:30pm - La Paloma Theatre Encinitas. See you there!!!
arnette : 🍻
fishereli88 : Holla at ur boy @josh_kerr84
fishereli88 : How can i contact ya bruv
maggiehammy : @hammick you should go!!
nicoliod : @leftcoastwahine ... I know chicky girl...not sure if I'm going though. These things are always so crowded 😁
stan1mal : @mgddinkel @amirtafreshnia
nikki.kerr : πŸ‘πŸ’‹
t_young31 : Hate my life @anaa_flores13
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josh_kerr84 - Josh Kerr
Sucks to have been feeling good all week free surfing then go out and have a shocker in my heat! You never know what's gonna happen in those 30 mins though. Put some πŸ”₯fireπŸ”₯ back in my belly though! See ya in France @asp
fishereli88 : @josh_kerr84
goosesd13 : Stay focused Kerzy keep that fire burning mate! @josh_kerr84
surfershane25 : Still believe you're one of the best on tour. Always cheering for ya mate @josh_kerr84
brunobewa : Damn!! I had you in my team too! My unique lost in round 2! @anthony_walsh_ goodluck kerrzy!!
aquamansd_ : You will be back @asp needs you \!!!/
tatyanna____ : πŸ‘Œ
summrlove1 : Your my favorite and you rip :)
gerry.capo.lopez : @rihardovillalobos è quello del mio skate?
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josh_kerr84 - Josh Kerr
I hope everyone can make it to my premier for my bio movie #KERRZY at la Paloma theater in Encinitas on this Wednesday the 17th of September! We have a 7:00 and a 8:30 showing! FREE ENTRY ! See you all there!!
kerrzy -
piye771 : @jcrarjona tengo clases :(
b_makai : @_gpain_
son_of_a_pirate : @d_gutz
monique_braddock : @josh_kerr84 come back to Lanzarote I want to meet you!
seannyfootball : @jrwells22 we should check it out
_gpain_ : @b_makai soo there!
adamathews : @heatherhasbrouck @lisassassin
sandiegophotographer : @josh_kerr84 you mentioned a 7 and 8:30 showing. Looks like the graphic you posted says 7 & 9. just wanted to clarify... thx - nathan
_lucaslopees - bumpcoffee - rsscove4 - surf.sand.summer -
josh_kerr84 - Josh Kerr
Awesome day at @saintarcherbrew and @fish101restaurant yesterday with this sick crew!! #loveSD
lovesd -
photography_j.v : ✌️ @josh_kerr84
blakey_85 : @josh_kerr84 🍻
photography_j.v : I have Crazys Photos πŸ’₯Check My instagram πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
frankiebdandrea : thanks again JK and crew. So good.
angela_ronan : Sooo fun!!
goosesd13 : Kerzy next time im in SD I would love to drop some art on your boards! @josh_kerr84
donerstyle_3 : Wenn ihr mich likt, dann like ich euch auch
swellrider1 : Hey josh @josh_kerr84 when's the promo for the new film. This is johns friend Ken I met you at the Audi event.
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josh_kerr84 - Josh Kerr
I'm really stoked to announce my new profile film #KERRZY click the link in my bio to watch the full trailer! A film by @matt_kleiner_
kerrzy -
laurietowner : Look forward to watching it @josh_kerr84
motopirata : @elrey661 @skinhoss @deazer
sloppyp : This will be good @mbmbmbmbmb77 @coolyjohnny
bearcummings : Yeah @josh_kerr84 frothing to see this!!!
wolf_surf : Can we get it @es_surfing
surfholidays : Wow cool!!!
tashacs90 : We're gonna have to watch this!!! @taylorlaine90 😍
alfonsinaveliz : @sanjose_dog
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josh_kerr84 - Josh Kerr
And the winner of the #kerraircomp "frontside grab strait air" is 11 year old @levi_slawson for hucking this man size punt!! Congrats and don't spend all $100 on candy! #thefuture #gromrips
kerraircomp - gromrips - thefuture -
clap_dem_flippers : Yewwwww haha go Levi @jake__hennessy
royalbeachbum : Yes!! Love the grab release before landing. @josh_kerr84 @madsteez legit.
madsteez : πŸ† @royalbeachbum
ewilly642 : He's 11...
mc4aces : Go from
daner404 : @snorksnork
justinheit : Congrats @levi_slawson πŸ™Œβš‘οΈπŸ™Œ @josh_kerr84 @raen
richardleeomg : @split_lip_trainman
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josh_kerr84 - Josh Kerr
Looking forward to getting my lowers game on! πŸ“· @colin_kerrazy
seangrizzled : Brap!
jaykesharp : Good luck legend
aaron_kash : @bkashani1
josh_kelly : @williammartin
jordynbarratt : Yew!!!
nicklapato : @colin_newt
tigeboats : Sweeeet photo @Colin_kerrazy Best of luck @josh_kerr84
_tomthegrom : Hay I surfed with u this summer at Carlsbad @josh_kerr84 !!!!!!!!!!
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josh_kerr84 - Josh Kerr
A huge happy b day to the woman that makes me the luckiest man in the world! @nikki.kerr πŸŽ‰πŸŽβ€οΈοΈ
finna_hanvey : Do some squats
ridho_syarif : Dat ass! Hahaha
adriifree : J'adore tha booty
hanger18 : Cheers to happiness
iamtotodolce : @pristinechristine5
nikki.kerr : Thank you my love!!
emilishere : @izzyisup πŸ‘
coolencinitas : Congrats on your new movie! Can't wait to see it. And this is such a great shot of you and your lovely. Kudos.
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josh_kerr84 - Josh Kerr
At Disneyland for my wife's @nikki.kerr birthday (a day early) ! It was good to see @jordysmith88 enjoyed doing his first loop! 😁 @sierrakerr
grilosergio : Jordy face, hahahaaaa
w_macchion : Stinger!
m_jablonski27 : Looks like his near death wipeout in Tahiti still has him rattled...haha... @jordysmith88
hemecuda : @surf1619
frewbrews : Is that you on the left @garrett_h_ ??
vavaribeiro : You about to win this thing hombre ! Got my πŸ’°on you ! @josh_kerr84
zaumfernandes : @aleviragh hahahhahaha
jabahri_neal : Hi. I'm a student at canyon crest academy and I'm aware that we have partnered with you and the H2O team. I'm looking at putting together a huge event to raise money for children in need in Africa and install 2 water bottle stations at my school. Here's my pitch, live music, at the beach, surf competiton along with a celeb volleyball game. Now our school doesn't have all the money in the world to pull this off but the money we would raise would all be worth it! I was wondering if a couple of your guys on the surf team could come down and surf or participate in the volleyball contest to raise money. They could sign some stuff and they can be raffled off to people who bought a raffle ticket! This is a great plan and I believe together we can make this happen!! In the process we are selling and advertising your company and hopefully we can get a thousand or more people to show. Without you guys and your desire to help out the poor we are nothing. Thanks so much and I hope to hear from you soon. Feel free to call me at 858-525-5153
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