Jordy Smith

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jordysmith88 - Jordy Smith
A huge happy birthday to my beautiful wife @lyndall_m_smith glad to be at home spending the day with you...
scottarcher3 : She's gorgeous :)
jake_lockitch : U met my friend Jesse at Woolworths and he told me
jake_lockitch : And sent me a pic
jsong2006 : She's gorgeous.
daniel_chprak : יא שווההה מה הייתי עושה לך
felice_1409 : @rs88 verliebt?
deanodean45 : Smokin!!!
moaidai : 格好良い〜~!(๑•ᴗ•๑)♡
rok_costa - surfer_vito - mamoru19780226 - benny_glad -
jordysmith88 - Jordy Smith
Looks like an amazing day....
malaflix : Lekker ek se!
zachculp8 : @ellie._.damico
jason_janks : That it was..Cape Town was a good place to be today. Summer is back. @james_keanan was a pretty flat day but there's plenty of spots and always a wave somewhere.
james_keanan : Ok schweet man👌😃 @jason_janks
mxgs9 : Fkn mahu
caribbeankite : Cool spot! Hi, please check our account and follow if you like it!
benj64200 : Yes cool spot🏄🌊
evitamangues : 😍😍
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jordysmith88 - Jordy Smith
Can't wait to rap my arms around my beautiful wife @lyndall_m_smith .. Missed ya babe..
pjsullivan3 : @jeffiemvp damn surf pros
alec_lesmond : Jordy you lucky boy @jonnydalton
oneill_japan : Kawaii
jonnydalton : Yeah nahhhh @alec_lesmond 😉
rodriguezzzzzzzzzzz : @afonsotornelli isto é montagem... Lol
cwhite.wilm : Dang Jordy. Respect!
tanner_deprin : Wrap
canaanblaze808 : Lucky u
travis_dean_rana - fer.mendes.silva - alfiedobres - fillo.berna -
jordysmith88 - Jordy Smith
Congrats @mfanno stoked for you buddy... Lucky I never caught another wave 😜 best of luck for the title race...
skull_et : Bad luck on not getting the win but jesus your surfing like a man possessed with raw power. Love it
tommyjeffery : @jordysmith88 you really dont want medina to win the title. Setting it up for @mfanno at pipe
people.are.amazing : Congrats @mfanno
bradbear117 : Cant believe you stomped jonjons form into the dust! Good job sir!
smonteiro5 : You are not welcome in brazil anymore
oneill_japan : 👌👌👌
ethman101 : Man ! Better luck next year I hope you win
alexbiafra : Congrats @jordysmith88 you are the best lousing either wining, you never lose Your smile and thats what inspires me. Good luck at pipe!!
slimchance888 - garthrayturner - maria_bolachaa - mluminati -
jordysmith88 - Jordy Smith
The waves are super fun.. Looking forward to my next heat... 📷 @badboyryry_
manvaldz : Que basto! @andremcalma
andremcalma : @manvaldz tas claro ajajaj
vicioussidbl : Ai os brasileiros estão com medinho, as vossas atitudes de adeptos de futebol em nada glorificam o maravilhoso país que é o Brasil! É que já ninguém pode com essa merda do apoio ao Medina passar por ir às contas dos adversários ofendê-los. O miúdo já é intragável, um merdas, na vossa linguagem, com estas atitudes ninguém o suporta fora do Brasil. Abraço ó aziados! Força @jordysmith88 o teu futuro é risonho, a glória espera-te.
766anglim : @j_colli2003
_vitorrego : vai tomar no cú seu viado de merda, filha da puta do caralho @vicioussidbl. O Brasil é FODA!!! E o Medina é o melhor do mundo!! então vai se fuder #vaimedina
shaunm74 : There is only one type of Brazilian I'm interested in and it ain't medina.
martarlnc : @_vitorrego antes de tentares ofender alguém aprende a escrever...e escusas de recorrer ao baixo nível, já percebemos que é a única coisa que sabes fazer por isso poupa-nos dessa triste demonstração!
surfingrussia : Nice view👌
valentin_emerit - claudy_bay20 - pelaga878 - jordylloyd_ -
jordysmith88 - Jordy Smith
ethman101 : Good luck at Portugal
pilarcesa : A ganar @jordysmith88 💪💪💪💪
quinto.vdm : @sc_shredder piss off u kook.
mina_kaiminaauao : Brah you should sign with @hurley I heard they're trying to upgrade their squad
eviegphotos : Is he Austrailan?
pepa.garciasantana : Que guay
vero.lev : @jiimartel
fernandoberdegue : Go Jordi go for Portugal champion go
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jordysmith88 - Jordy Smith
Tricky conditions today but managed to get a few scores...excited for the interesting swell conditions ahead.
lelo_moraes : Sick
surf_fo_sosa : Mr. Smith , I am Jack Poore and I live on folly beach, SC and have surfed since I was 4 and I'm 15. I think ur a great surfer, much respect! The reason I messaged you was that tomorrow for spirit week at my school we have to dress up like a athlete and I dared my friend that if I wore a wetsuit tomorrow that he would too but he's backing out unless you like one of his photos on Instagram. His name being @ben._alexander and another friend being @naia.pieniak. If you do this I will draw you on one of my surfboards and post it on Instagram! Please! If u could it would be awesome too see me and my friends making fools out of ourselves! And it would be awesome to draw u on one of my boards! Please if you could tell me when you liked his photo and what photo you liked it on that would be great! Thank you jordy! @jordysmith88
dbone_pickins : Go smith!
sam___hawke : Unreal air yesterday man!
sethhulley : Smash em Jords!
sonofacrickz : That was a sick air!! Let's go South Africa!!
fernandoberdegue : Go ZA up in the Air
jayirvine2 : Do SA proud bru @jordysmith88
moniquedevitt - margueritegiry - bryce_attwell - summerdaz4us -
jordysmith88 - Jordy Smith
Comp is on
timmyreyes : Blast
fyn_the_rock : Awsome
allstate8105 : So sick
arthubert : Lets go jordy!!! Going to win !!!
atkrlshawaii : Sick airtime 👍
pascalsierra : More airtime please
tiagofrutas : White Sand Beach is suporting u!
samstagram_99 : @joe_ocasio
jo_smithsonxx - moniquedevitt - flaviabeatrizw - rafaelgasperazzo -
jordysmith88 - Jordy Smith
Hoping for a bit more of this at the comp site...
brizzology : @mowgzpov 😂😂
blackersnaps : Ride the barrel get pitted
diogopinto89 : Benfica 💪❤️⚽️
lourencosgalvao : BENFICA
lourencosgalvao : Welcome to Benfica @jordysmith88
vitor_casquinha : BENFICA
darren_russell : Hey @jordysmith88 big fan
miguel_bernardeau : Yeahhh
garthrayturner - noah_ketterle - miguel_bernardeau - rodrimaff -
jordysmith88 - Jordy Smith
Thanks for the golden memories 🇫🇷 has been an amazing trip.. Thanks to these humans for all the support @lyndall_m_smith @chaddutoit @woodrowmedia @travlee @travislogie
rm_shoots : Dat ass
jcmasterk : I don't really get it.. BUT at least you guys are cool! @zachhenry @joshuabresciani
zachculp8 : @ellie._.damico
chrismoonsurfskate : Love em Jordy hacks!!!
travlee : Thanks @jordysmith88, amped to help out, and psyched to see ya in the semis. Killing it!
dune_costes : @carla.mtga 😍
gfl1903 : Nazi
lourencosgalvao : BENFICA
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