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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
so so hyped to find out today that @heidelbergproj will be making prints of some of my photos(this one included) and selling them at the coming art show! all proceeds go back into the arts and project. such an exciting thing for me because the photos they're using are from the first day i REALLY started trying to learn to take photos. it's also crazy because I always am telling myself that I'm not just trying to be a skateboarder, and just create everything I can at a high level. skate/photo/film/music/ALL. excited to know I'm developing in other arts. many many doors have been opening, and I want to continue to grow and COLLABORATE WITH EVERYONE. let's make something that let's everyone know about us. about our city. build on every level. much love! go to Heidelberg and check out some photos as they cycle through and sell them at the number house. much love. trust #adetroitfilm is growing with me. #detroit
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sugarzombie : Rad photo @jordangarlandmi !
vanilla_cache_doe : So sick man, glad to hear your hard work and efforts are working in your favor!!:)
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
in honor of 5k followers. making this film and trying very hard on this video part. putting everything into it on every level. here's some clips that will be a part of #adetroitfilm and thank you all for all the love and following my journey!! can't wait to show this to the world. much love. #adetroitfilm #skateboarding #metrogrammed @metroskateboarding
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croonesb : perfeeeee ! yeaaa !
_sirhugo_ : Song?
rrickytee : Who's the artist to that song?!
jordangarlandmi : @_sirhugo_ @rrickytee it's m83-kelly !
_sirhugo_ : Thank you a lot sir
jordangarlandmi : @_sirhugo_ no worries man, song is dope!
instagramships : That pivot fakie🙀
jordangarlandmi : @instagramships thanks homie! 🔥🔥 spot is so sketchy!
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
fun Riley session today, been a while since I've been there. feels like fall, you know? closing in on 5k, as soon as I hit it, I got a video with a new street clip I've never put out. trying to be patient with clips, but 5k is the only cool one till 10, so I figure I'll post something sick for you guys! thanks for the love! #adetroitfilm #skateboarding
adetroitfilm - skateboarding -
segoskater3 : Increíble.👌
mooncradlestides : This is just the tip on the iceberg, you are gonna have triple that + in no time, as long you keep your focus/passion, and for as long as you crave it, because you have an exacting quality. #ExactSuccess
rayxbaby : This is sooo sick, im Detroit and this makes me proud as hell
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
today when I woke up, our electricity was shut off. we paid it a few days ago, but I guess it was still late. so we went and paid the rest of our money, not already promised to bills this month, to get it turned back on. it sucks but I can't complain when I can't imagine what DTE is doing to all these families were hearing about getting theirs shut off who actually CANT afford to pay. so I'm sitting here like, WHY are bills crippling EVERYONE for something that costs companies almost nothing. why am I paying for water when it's a near inexhaustible natural resource. why is one of the 6 wealthiest banks, and government funders, also the largest student loan company? my friends went to school to be drown in student loans and bills ON PURPOSE, they don't care what we learn. we get careers to stay lower-middle class? why are there billionaires doing whatever they can to control NATURAL RESOURCES and make us work non stop to get them, and suppress our creativity just to get by. as long as you can smoke weed or drink at the end of your work shift it's all good right? just get by till the next day. life and dreams have changed so so drastic so fast since I was sitting on this mountain. as long as I have a voice I'm using it. as it continues to grow, I'm learning and trying to voice things far more than just what I'm experiencing. so this next project I'm making will speak volumes. it's not just going to be a skateboarding video, I can't even be that selfish with everything going on. lets me know I came a long way from looking over the earth thinking the world was as big as living my dreams. when living dreams is really just escaping the slave plantation and living how we were supposed too. but for now I already said more than I want to think about at the moment. and I'm going to go escape on my skateboard. much love. hope the best for everyone reading this. I'm trying to build my world, so I can help fix ours. but I know the truth so I'm at war. please be patient with me. I'm learning relatively alone. I'm messing up heavy. but I promise I'm trying. and I promise it's not selfish. #adetroitfilm
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kevinkomander : Couldn't have said it better my self cuz.
tisonmiller : Unreal stuff @kevinkomander
savagethe3rd : I hear feel an witness the same way #thefew #standawake
hakunamtata_ : Spittin it real that was deep 🙏 ,, you got some rad photos man!
foxybalaclava : God. A fucking men. 🙏
mooncradlestides : #Courage #TruthSyrup So many ppl are waking up it's unreal. So glad you are a vessel/voice to help wake ppl up to think about these matters. When we got states/countries ban collecting rainwater dont even realize whats?!! Its insane greed! At least you trynna be part of the solution : )
instagramships : I really like what you have to say and what you have going on. Good luck with your projects and I look forward to supporting you when they come out. Skateboard videos need to be more than skateboarding. We have so much to say and are lucky to have people listen to us. If we aren't careful, #adetriotfilm can be #anamericafilm
jordangarlandmi : @instagramships seriously, exactly what I mean! skateboarding is so many different things to so many different people. we can reach for the positive same as music or photography or any of it. I appreciate the love. I'm working hard on this man!
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
shot this photo of my dawg averey, on the set of our @mtv cribs last month. we wild'n #adetroitfilm #detroit
adetroitfilm - detroit -
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
bet that you know them, I won't say no names #adetroitfilm #skateboarding 🔺
adetroitfilm - skateboarding -
ferlopes16 : 👊 Very mad bro this photo
sr_thibault : Dope Photo.
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
working the all nighter at @transitions_skatepark and kids are going ham. 😫 we got some @americanninjawarrior competitors hurr. #trvprats
trvprats -
ascboards : Haha.. dang that looks like fun! : Hahaha
pichutime_sk8 : @maximelrx_
sr_thibault - ivann__46 - inamestewhey - rachelkaz88 -
jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
me and @i_amjosee fle💪💪in' on the top thrill dragster. rode it at night and felt like I was being launched into space. wayUP.
joshkrzywonos : Haha awesome!
foxybalaclava : Vince Vaughn up front
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
detroit has been around 313 years as of today bruh. what's next is what's most important. we just now preheated. get with it. or get rolled over. #detroit #adetroitfilm
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manuguerreroskate : Oh,the group of rap in detroit,313!
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
I want to make a position for myself to be able to give back in EVERY way, far more. even stuff like this. when we did boards for bros at rideit sculpture park it was incredible. you cannot prevent a smile when you get to see and do things like this firsthand. we don't all have to become heavily influential people, or rich, or whatever, it matters just as much when you're giving back to even one person. one of those things that you feel heavily while it's going on. skateboarding is the truth man. I can't believe it's brought me as much as it has to how I developed as a human being. and I want to give back to skateboarding with what I'm now trying to make, and most importantly I've realized everything it's done for me, pain, joy, anxiety, OCD, traveling, creating, ALL OF IT, has been an INCREDIBLY FUN journey. yeah it rules. 😊 let's do more. #skateboardingisfun #adetroitfilm
adetroitfilm - skateboardingisfun -
foxybalaclava : #cash4
ascboards : A paragraph worth reading and only a real skateboarder can comprehend... I feel ya bro #goskate
robin011969 : 👍
otisones : Id You crew bro ?
benny__ls : @jordangarlandmi aye thanks for the like bro !
jordangarlandmi : @benny__ls thanks for showing love!
benny__ls : Always brothA!
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