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skateboarder | build | #adetroitfilm πŸ”ΊπŸ”Ί twitter/snapchat/gmail- @jordangarlandmi
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
πŸŒ”Dark Knight FlowπŸŒ– Wednesday Nov. 26th. Channel 4. LIVE IN THE D. TUNE IN. #adetroitfilm I can't reveal his true identity, but I know he likes to @ have fun all the time. #detroit
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havefunallthetime : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
we pushed the official release and news feature back one day until this Wednesday the 26th. this way more people who are off school and work for the holiday can tune in. 4 more days till the official #adetroitfilm trailer release on and LIVE IN THE D, feature. see you then! πŸ”₯#detroit πŸ“·@camera_jesus
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andrew_dolich : Hell yeahh : Can't wait to see this!
camera_jesus : @sarahjane
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
guilt is the worst feeling in the world man. it eats away at you for real. be a good person for your own sake mannnnnnn.
tonydaviss : πŸ’―
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
some of us were late bloomers, but BOY look how they blossomed. 5 DAYS. #adetroitfilm #LIVEONYOURTELEVISION #detroit πŸ“·@joshkrzywonos
adetroitfilm - liveonyourtelevision - detroit - : You having a premier or somthin?
jordangarlandmi : Wednesday official trailer drop and segment on channel 4!!
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
reminiscing on listening to 50 fifty times a day, back when 10th grade was like fifty days away, tryna get paid fifty ways a day, used to put fifty on the layaway, now my closet's 50 shades of grey. NOVEMBER 25th #adetroitfilm πŸ“·@masphotomi #detroit
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mintontt : Pictures sick as fuck. @masphotomi
yuungfern : damn son, got dem timbalands on
corrisk8 : Sick picture !!!
masphotomi : @mintontt thanks bud
blitzkrick : Nasty shit.
dilliondennis : This pic is sick af tho
cyle.m : @yuungfern my timberlands πŸ˜‚
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
11.25.2014 #adetroitfilm #detroit πŸ“·@joshkrzywonos
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alman920 : Cant wait ! @jordangarlandmi
_fogle : Only video ive been looking forward to seeing all year! @jordangarlandmi
jordangarlandmi : @alman920 @_fogle well I hope you guys are hyped!
thepureststrainofhate : Is this video coming out on the Internet or are you premiering it somewhere?
jacksonkann24 : That is sick
jordangarlandmi : @metroskateboarding I gotta get you guys this link like I told you but I feel like I'm gonna get lost in the email ocean, is there a better time to send? haha, let me know, keep killing shit! πŸ‘ŠπŸ”₯#metrogrammed
tylerhendleysk8 : πŸ‘
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
On Tues Nov. 25th other than tuning in to channel 4 at 11am, i also am hyped to let you know you can see the first trailer for #adetroitfilm, as well as a store where everyone who has been asking to purchase prints of my photos can buy them, all with the official launch of my website ! Coming soon. That's still not all that's going on that day, but I can't overwhelm you with stuff. This is a screengrab from the trailer, which is by far the highest level of creation I've put out, courtesy of good people. πŸŽ₯@joshkrzywonos and special thanks to @dayleko for the website help here and until launch. #detroit
adetroitfilm - detroit -
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
one last photo from our shoot the other day until you can see the ones the incredible @camera_jesus shot. so much about to launch, so much stress and pressure. feels like it's happening for once. finally. Tuesday November 25th at 11am #adetroitfilm hits @local4 channel! And the official trailer hits the web that day as well as about a hundred other things I can't say just yet. Thank you for the love and patience. I need it. Right before I jet. #adetroitfilm #skateboarding #detroit πŸ“·@heidelbergproj
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jschube : *bang* *bang bang*
tgraves1997 : πŸ‘Œ
herbal_p : @jordangarlandmi do you know what time they go air this on the news I want to make sure I record it
classactionjackson : You and the homies should ride over saturday night @jordangarlandmi
jordangarlandmi : @herbal_p I think 11am
mooncradlestides : @jordangarlandmi For anyone that may miss it, Live in the D usually has the footage on the site afterwards : )
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
crazy to have too much to create finally. excited to show you these photos from this collaboration, and the official trailer on Tuesday November 25th on channel 4! on. #adetroitfilm #detroit #skateboarding
adetroitfilm - detroit - skateboarding -
garyraybmx : That's amazing
herbal_p : Thats the ramp from @transitions_skatepark. I was wondering where it went
devillobes : @legsareforlurking
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
@jordangarlandmi ❌ @heidelbergproj ❌ @camera_jesus ❌ WDIV LIVE IN THE D. TUESDAY NOVEMBER 25th, #adetroitfilm official trailer and news release. Hella content coming very very soon. passed preheated. πŸ“·@cameraguyal
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macjulie : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
themfprophetcee : πŸ’―βœŠ
xjuicy_jamesx : Reinforcement @xjuicy_jamesx
jordangarlandmi : yes huge huge huge thanks to @xjuicy_jamesx
paiggev : 😎
fjf_4192 : Yes... This is awesomeπŸ‘πŸ‘
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