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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
me and @i_amjosee fle💪💪in' on the top thrill dragster. rode it at night and felt like I was being launched into space. wayUP.
joshkrzywonos : Haha awesome!
foxybalaclava : Vince Vaughn up front
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
detroit has been around 313 years as of today bruh. what's next is what's most important. we just now preheated. get with it. or get rolled over. #detroit #adetroitfilm
adetroitfilm - detroit -
manuguerreroskate : Oh,the group of rap in detroit,313!
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
I want to make a position for myself to be able to give back in EVERY way, far more. even stuff like this. when we did boards for bros at rideit sculpture park it was incredible. you cannot prevent a smile when you get to see and do things like this firsthand. we don't all have to become heavily influential people, or rich, or whatever, it matters just as much when you're giving back to even one person. one of those things that you feel heavily while it's going on. skateboarding is the truth man. I can't believe it's brought me as much as it has to how I developed as a human being. and I want to give back to skateboarding with what I'm now trying to make, and most importantly I've realized everything it's done for me, pain, joy, anxiety, OCD, traveling, creating, ALL OF IT, has been an INCREDIBLY FUN journey. yeah it rules. 😊 let's do more. #skateboardingisfun #adetroitfilm
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foxybalaclava : #cash4
ascboards : A paragraph worth reading and only a real skateboarder can comprehend... I feel ya bro #goskate
robin011969 : 👍
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
need to skate the Riley bowl now! 😫😫 #skateboarding #adetroitfilm
adetroitfilm - skateboarding -
jordangarlandmi : @dinojay yo not to be off subject but I just checked it out and your Insta goes hard bruh, you got some vision🔥
dinojay : Thanks Dude!, I'm just trying to work with what I got. @jordangarlandmi
jordangarlandmi : @dinojay well keep killing it, cuz it looks like what you got is working with you too. own it homie! hopefully we see each other around and shred.
roadrash23 : This is a bad ass picture
robin011969 : This pic is badass for sure. 👍
pablosk8life : @umathays foda essa imagem!
umathays : Olha o céu! Cabulosooo
evelynsk828 : Cool pic... skate or die
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
it's crazy. believe me it's crazy!how quick people will forget how bright they thought you were, or the advice you were trusted by them to give. or anything that they thought or felt about you. they forget it, instantly, at the first sign of something that seems wrong at face value. people can't comprehend that one huge issue is full of a million different memories, and other issues, and words, and thoughts, and feelings, all leading into that situation. when you are held in high regard to people, they have to crucify you to the highest level at any sign of error. and they do. people gas each other up. they ride with their side of the situation at all costs. which is cool. but not always right. it's the art of what our peers are capable of doing to us. it's a rare soul that stands on it's own, thinks on it's own, and acts off what is less of intelligence and more common sense. but common sense is the new intelligence in this generation. it's lacking. no this isn't some sad post, this is just what's been eating my brain alive today, and I decided it's time for me to push it out so I can go back to spending my time thinking about how I can become great enough to create what I'm trying to, and give back to my generation. it's been a long long journey to this point, and by some miracle, a whole lot of love, even hate by people I have nothing but love for, whether we've met or not, I've still continued to grow, and so has the love. so when I have to have a huge life change, or even a little one, I know I can handle it. the opposite of love isn't hate anyways. the opposite of love is not caring at all. and if you could see the love and honestly the intensity of some of the hate, then you would understand where all of this comes from. this is probably one of the more personal things I've ever posted, but you follow Jordan Michael Garland, and that is where I speak from. so thanks for letting me add my art like this photo, to a post, and try to type this out and make sense of how people think how they do. right or wrong is vague these days. in some situations it's only felt and not proven. but only the people who feel know. idk. PS I miss my brother so much😫love
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pilou_ptte : @jordangarlandmi beautiful text! 😔
jordangarlandmi : #snaphp #detroit
zorlac13 : Def the most intelligent thing I've read on IG. Personal, yet very thought provoking. 📖
jordangarlandmi : @zorlac13 glad it was worth reading. your pics are sick homie, keep killing it in Austin, hope you guys enjoyed the x games👌
minabk_ : Can you follow my feed? @skate_about
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
couple more rides and were out of here, been flying around all day. it's been real cedar point✌️🎢
muscle_mane : Top thrill dragster
vintagemint__ : 👌
skate_penny_forever : Follow for follow ;-) @jordangarlandmi
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
convinced mike and jose to ride this😂😂🎢
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kdub_72392 : Lucky mfers
zulei_k : #loveit
jordangarlandmi : @cedarpoint #iheartcp
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
currently remembering roller coasters are the gnarliest thing ever. hyped.
iheartcp -
mooncradlestides : Yikes! Twister, lol Think they have a new board themed one
fvckmunchies : Where's that?
guusvdspek : @fvckmunchies Cedar Point, OH
bknyle : @of_the_tribe would you ride this
jordangarlandmi : @cedarpoint #iheartcp
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
the reason why the highlight was when he said "you're alone to the people when you're outside. so dig a shovel full of money, full of power, full of girls, full of fame, and bury yourself alive" but I don't die
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jordangarlandmi : #adetroitfilm #skateboarding : 👍💪🔨
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jordangarlandmi - Jordan Garland
the reason why my best friend loves me more than life, but I lead a double life and need to let her go
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jordangarlandmi : #snaphp
jordangarlandmi : #adetroitfilm #detroit
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