Jo Koy

Comedian. Click the link to watch my most recent video.
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jokoy - Jo Koy
X, tré & little joe #cousins
cousins -
naija1908 : Que lindo! There's still time for you to have a choc drop and curly curly haired daughter πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹
melanieuon : Can't wait to see you at the improv this Saturday :D
_csxix : So, your son seems like the most gangster small person ever.
young_bono : ^^^^ she hasn't met YoungBones yet
rachelkyoko : @jokoy where's Tré's knife? 😳πŸ”ͺ
filipinojoshcrsn91 : The new run dmc : hey @jokoy I'm a big fan! congrats on the new restaurant.. me and my buddies are gojn to Vegas for wsop next weekend.. if I wear my tingting shirt can I get 10% off when we eat there? lol good stuff man
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jokoy - Jo Koy
Find out how Little Andre feels about my restaurant @yojielv #vegas
vegas -
kat_lazar0 : he has a food spot in LV! 😳😳😳 @ericajane408 @teebaby870
teebaby870 : We going! !! @kat_lazar0
holz5 : @jennita86
jennita86 : @holz5 we should plan a long weekend in Vegas
themclates : @lmt517 have you tried?
lmt517 : @themclates no but looks yummy! Gonna have to check it out.
applesmom_ : @jokoy Definitely will check out your Resto when we go to Vegas next month!!! Thank you for all the laughter!!!β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ‘πŸ·πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰
concertbee : @jokoy you made my morning! Crying in the car taking my boy to school. Now with Air Supply stuck in my head! Can't wait to try your restaurant❀️
apollocreedboxer - ceeann_mdez90 - fashion_fanatic_msm - bboy1ghost -
jokoy - Jo Koy
This is what I call Happy people! @yojielv #vegas #love
vegas - love -
chelifiche : @jokoy so r u cookin~?
estefan74 : Jo when you coming to ny I had a blast when you came to the club
angie_1987 : Nice hat Jo!!
rachelkyoko : @jokoy okay... So I lied .. We're actually coming tonight lol πŸ˜„
marksabi702 : @icythaitea going this week!
icythaitea : Ooh, they have one in LV! That's like one of Stephens fav for sukiyaki! @marksabi702
jewel687 : I'm gonna have to try it out next time I go to vegas.
rrhmj23 : Jo. How can I get your autograph?
jesus_boy100 - amy2690nj - cacunshawty_asf - mrschino_towers -
jokoy - Jo Koy
My nephew on a date with his lady @yojielv uncle jo will pay for the bill for sure. #family #vegas
vegas - family -
linzielovesjuicy : Maybe someday you can expand your restaurant to Seattle @jokoy. With 3 kids it's not cheap or easy to get to Vegas.
ehrenvincelette : So you own the place?
medicaboo : @jokoy Man I was just in Vegas! I had no idea! Wish i would have stopped by. Looks delish!
honeyeydie : Looks so ONO!!#
joshilee : Still weird Connor has a girl...
pdaddy_8 : What a cool uncle
frederick.rijos : The King of comedy.
kalacolu : Jo Koy - You are an AWESOME person!!!
andrea_robless_ - eva_deal - alonaoso - ana_6bananas -
jokoy - Jo Koy
Well y'all my mom and sister are eating at my restaurant @yojielv and loving it! Now I gotta git my other sis @msgemma1 over here so I can charge my whole family full price. #vegas 9440 w sahara
vegas -
itskrisstinbby : Oh yosefffff
ahlehzawn : @apaulinaa this sister? :) lol
pdaddy_8 : πŸ˜„
johndabkovich : Sweet lady.
msgemma1 : Ha ha!
islander253 : Hey! Whassup Auntie! Whassup Row!!
seabergdp : Josep!
mendrick : Tita!
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jokoy - Jo Koy
We in here y'all!! #vegas @yojielv say hi. 9440 w sahara
vegas -
irishfan818 : Place to hit in Vegas! @blupukapants
j8five : Heard you in Vegas @unravld
jahthentik : Anton's awesome! @sherryljoy and I had the pleasure of meeting him last week!
schrutefarms29 : Jo Koy is awesome
johndabkovich : Hey! Anton's alive! Sorry we missed you, buddy.
legitimusmaximus : @hyphen50 😳
sarah_wescoatt : It was certainly a comment leaning in on flattering. ..rad that you bring your greatest pal along for the ride!
sarah_wescoatt : I adore your facial expressions. ..I teach sh children and delivery is key to keep the attention
_ricardo.h_ - _mzcalifornia__ - alonaoso - rafis14 -
jokoy - Jo Koy
The #Mestizos cousins #vegas
mestizos - vegas -
darrenpaquette : You are an asshooole @believe.n.josh as "D-D-D DJ Bung Lu Su" might say in ACS..."F#ck you, F#ck me, let('s) go!".
msjeanniejane : Not even if you were the last man on earth @believe.n.josh sure you do it yourself enough lol
beatactivated : #halfFilipinoIsBetterThanNone
beergut5150 : You didn't have to say 'cousins'. Duh.
xranniex : @idkrae wooooow
mother.king : The handsomest babies πŸ‘Œ
cinnastixxjackie : @ashlee__santos whack! I was there earlier.
hij3 : They share the same smile! So cute! @jokoy
_ricardo.h_ - mrschino_towers - nastigirl11 - rafis14 -
jokoy - Jo Koy
Cousins @yojielv #vegas
vegas -
jokoy : Hahahahaha thank you ... Jerk! Hahaha @schrutefarms29
jokoy : Word up @mririarte79
mared0tcom : Seriously thanks for the laughs @jokoy during dinner. See you in San Diego in August #brownrice #shecooks #cleanstove hahaha
jokoy : Thank you for coming thru @mared0tcom
biancerz_09 : Yiiieeee! Visiting tomorrow so excited!
only_jbreezy : @christian_domingo
saintdavids : the swordsman in the background is photo bombin
cecibellcgonzalez : @lab_den we need to go to his restaurant plsssssss
jcf360 - jacob_s74 - jbswager15 - rafis14 -
jokoy - Jo Koy
It's packed tonight @yojielv is going on #vegas
vegas -
erafferty : Your missing a ! after tonight. Run on sentence. Ass!
guamexican2345 : Hafa Adai! !! @SacTownSneaks
tonileetv : @jokoy how awesome!!! πŸ‘πŸ˜
j_rob21 : @jrob_spot
allan08 : πŸ‘
mamalexy : @asusenareyes30 @therealmonchi29 @krystalleilani @arizbizzle We stopping there next weekend! 😁
helloooooonurse27 : @mvppooch to Vegas!!!
jokoy : You watch your mouth @anjelahjohnson
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jokoy - Jo Koy
My son finally got to sit down and enjoy our restaurant. My sons brilliant suggestion is located under each station. Go find out what it is. @yojielv is killing it. #vegas Anton & I are just getting started... Ain't that right Mendric?
vegas -
johndabkovich : We're going tonight. You going to be there?
akacj21 : @amanda_jaaaaaane - did you know?
jokoy : Word up! @mendrick
jokoy : Thank you a ton @raquelitalv
jokoy : Yes. Yay!! @theap87
jokoy : Happy bday to your friend @minniemy
minniemy : @jokoy thx!! You've met her and hopefully we see you again tomorrow!
theap87 : Little Jo is a genius! Must of came up with the idea jumping on that trampoline @jokoy
_ricardo.h_ - jjhannagan - nastigirl11 - dennis.gaerlan -
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