Jim Acosta

CNN Senior White House Correspondent - follow me on twitter: @Acosta
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jimacostacnn - Jim Acosta
Quiet morning in the District thanks to snow even though uh.. it's just a dusting.
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diiiana_05 : ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜‚ @d.siree
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jimacostacnn - Jim Acosta
jermoorhead : Ghostly
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jimacostacnn - Jim Acosta
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jimacostacnn - Jim Acosta
Waking up to snow.
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jimacostacnn - Jim Acosta
Snow falling outside WH.
christiejayyy : @kelsosterman
perfectcasey14 : Beautiful pic! You never see the wh in pictures like this! Thank you so much!
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jimacostacnn - Jim Acosta
They do this every winter. Swans taking refuge near Chesapeake Bay.
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jimacostacnn - Jim Acosta
Enjoying my sister and brother in law's first batch of wine from their home in Sonoma! Way to go guys!
darcianelson : Very nice... you are visiting my home town!
llbinsta : Yay for Ang!
nevastep : Hello
annferrellluck : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
davidjuarez60 : Salud !
aka_lennox : You know you look like George Clooney don't you?
wheresmywoogle : Congrads
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jimacostacnn - Jim Acosta
Obama and Cameron begin joint news conference at WH
jenniferli838 : Hi! My name is Jennifer Li and I am the Student Body President at Woodrow Wilson HS in Washington, DC. Last November, I created a poll about potential graduation speakers in our Class of 2015 Facebook group and President Barack H. Obama II won by a landslide. I am writing to ask you for your assistance in bringing Pres. Obama to speak at our graduation. Here at Wilson, we have embraced Mr. Obama's STEM initiative. The funding that his admin has generously given to Wilson has helped us set an example for other city public schools. In 2012, Wilson became the first DC high school to ever win the DC Regional for the FIRST Robotics Competition. Most recently, our Science Bowl team won third place at the 2014 Ocean Science Bowl. We have continued to demonstrate an interest in STEM fields by maintaining a student-run greenhouse and by working on a Soapstone Creek reclamation project w/ the National Park Service. Mr. and Mrs. Obama have already spoken to students at other DC public schools, including Benjamin Banneker Academic HS, Bell Multicultural HS, and Ballou HS. Wilson is one of the DC schools that Mr. Obama has not yet spoken to. There is no better place than at Wilson High School’s graduation for Mr. Obama to discuss with us about education and how we can use what we’ve learned to create a brighter future for the United States. It would mean the world to the 451 graduating seniors and our families if we could bring Mr. Obama to come speak at the graduation ceremony for DC’s largest comprehensive high school. I really hope that you will help us in our pursuit of our ambitious goal. Like Mr. Obama always says, “dream big dreams,” right? Well, my big dream is to bring Mr. Obama to our graduation and I hope you can help make that dream come true. I can be reached at jenniferli1997@gmail.com or at 202-957-4970, and our interim principal, Greg Bargeman, can be reached at gregory.bargeman@dc.gov. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you very much. Hope you have a great day!
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jimacostacnn - Jim Acosta
Romney adviser says he's considering another run. May decide by speech in Miss. Jan 28. #TBT my interview with Romney Oct '12.
tbt -
alan4florida : Jim is that AirForce1 in the background
jimacostacnn : That's his plane.
fabulousmartin : i remember this!
bobby_yo : Tell him if he wants to win this time he needs a 757.
maryamahtini : You're so far away. Looks like an episode of Celebrity Apprentice the way Trump stands a mile away to yell at the contestants.
maryamahtini : #notaclosetalker
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jimacostacnn - Jim Acosta
POTUS departs for broadband event in Iowa
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