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I mostly learn from books and movies. And blogs and you peeps. β€” πŸŽβ€’ @gowigasa πŸ‘―β€’ βœοΈβ€’ β€” πŸ™† NEW POST
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jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
New #JessReviews post is up on the blog! ❀️ Link: I'm reviewing a total of 13 (yes, THIRTEEN) #beautyproducts, directly imported from #USA by @bjunkiesindo. All you happy #beautyjunkies must see! Click, click, direct link is on my profile. πŸ˜†βœŒοΈ
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jessyamada : @ayuusha__ @jcvin @pall_do @jasminesetiawan πŸ˜†πŸ˜˜
ayuusha__ : OMG! u answered me *00*
x18danson81x : Yang atas kiri mukanya kyk nervous bgt,lg serius cute jg sichhhh @jessyamada
riri_huang : @jessyamada ok ,thanks
tom_vlad_tepes : Your smile on the pic is so priceless omg .😍😍😍😍
winsthen : Cantik bgt ci jes @jessyamada
imade_adi : Duhh jegeg sajan
eva_hofer3 : Wath is This in The arm
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jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
NEW POST + VIDEO 😘 Sharing our #happiness that #IKEAindonesia is finally here by making entries on both our Youtube channel and our blog! πŸ˜†πŸ‘‹βœ¨ - πŸ“ BLOG: πŸŽ₯ VIDEO: (direct link on my bio) Watch the full video and let @elleyamada and I take you on a #virtualtour of this amazing place: from strolling through the pretty showrooms, catering ourselves on the #cafeteria to of course, shopping around! πŸ’ƒ - #IKEAsaysHEJ #JessReviews #ikeaalamsutera
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ochastephanie : @jeanyhartono @siska_lyn next trip ikea ya ciwikkk2 πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
patjenluccas : Jess, may I know your lipstick brand and type? So radiant with your white skin ♥♥ @jessyamada
kovit : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
inka_tiono : @jessyamada ce, may i know cc am ce elle biasa pake hp apa buat foto? Jernih bgt.
evenazzas : You look so happy
devinacw : @erwinjawo
sf.itawa : 😍😍😍
innekejuliawati : So envyyy .. i want a sister too :( @jessyamada
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jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
GOWI FOR #JOKOWI ❀️ To share our happiness for Mr Joko Widodo's inauguration yesterday as the 7th #President of #Indonesia (like, finallyyyyyy), @GOWIGASA is giving away 7% OFF All Purchase for 7 Days*!! *ends at October 26th 2014 23:59 Shop at, use code HOREJOKOWI at check out and our website will automatically cut 7% off your purchase. 😘 #gowigasa #shipworldwide
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amiraditya : No... Prabowo kalah
jssicaimma : Cc ikut jakarta marathon gaa?
yoyovictoria : Ketika angka 7 % berdekatan dgn kata OFF, sekilas kaget ci kirain 70% wkwk
abhiyasaputera : Cihuy
rendyrey : Did u create this pic by yourself @jessyamada? awesome
jessyamada : @rendyrey no, I googled and found this one, awesome art indeed!
mariin23 : Ahh br inget cii.. gmn cara pake 10%discount hadiah giveawayny? Heheh
liviamgrt : @melichaa diskon *.*
queenbilgis - e.gracee - korijayanti - ianetymahayani -
jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
NEW POST + VIDEO πŸ‘­ Sharing our #happiness that #IKEAindonesia is finally here by making entries on both our Youtube channel and our blog! πŸ˜†πŸ‘‹βœ¨ - πŸ“ BLOG: πŸŽ₯ VIDEO: (direct link on my bio) Click to watch the video and let @elleyamada and I take you on a #virtualtour of this amazing place: from strolling through the pretty showrooms, catering ourselves on the #cafeteria to of course, shopping around! πŸ’ƒ - #IKEAsaysHEJ #JessReviews #swedishmeatballs #ikeaalamsutera
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jessyamada : @arashisherry haha she never had a long hair, though, that tomboy girl tsk!
jessyamada : @tom_vlad_tepes @doublesslim @marcella.kwee @shint_ @shellaf_ πŸ˜†
jessyamada : @leedelcastillo @tom_vlad_tepes @06anv @ddaejavu meatballs ftw!
jessyamada : @debbybaldie thank you so much!
jessyamada : @isaabellamr kesana tgl 15 & 16 kemarinn hehe
shellaf_ : So you're the older sister? I thought elle is older than you  you 2 gorgeous ♥♥♥
isaabellamr : yahh aku kesana tanggal 18 ci😞 when you will go back there again? @jessyamada
gilangshanahan : You're so beautiful! Damn. At first glance I thought you were either Japanese or Korean descent!
isapark_tei - michellechrstn - iammarcelliani - nedeco165 -
jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
SISTERS BLOG POST πŸ‘― Easy Breezy Maxi Dresses πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ (direct link on my bio) In this post, @elleyamada and I are wearing Eve Halter Maxi Dresses from @GOWIGASA on our last #Bali trip. We personally love the neckline of these dresses because it adds an elegant touch and it creates instant slimming effect by showing off our shoulders + collar bones! ;) #jessreviews #gowigasa #ootd
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mimi_johana : Cc aku dr kmrn email ke blm dibales2 😒
jessyamada : @mimi_johana noted! Our CS will reply you ASAP now, thank you. 😘
jessyamada : @jeannettegozal @enjidori @brenhj @drivenbylove_ thank youu!
tom_vlad_tepes : So sexy i see sexy leg hihihihih
lsuhardiman : Ini org indo?
cahyanii : Ce tingginya berapa sih kalo boleh tau?
officialrara : @lsuhardiman Iya, Kak Jessy sama Kak Elle orang Indo
shahfidshah : Please send me your Skype I'd
emeliadominica - cichlasoma22 - yokoliem - graceyenia -
jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
Browsed thru the blog, found this photo. 🐣 For The Love of Loafers: πŸ‘Ÿ
jesselynangella_ : @jessicajessie @seraphineangelina
eugeniajeanne : R u cutting your hair?
jessyamada : @eugeniajeanne ahaha no, this is from an old blog post, few months ago I think πŸ™†
jonasik_creed : Where about
imade_adi : So beautiful
peatryamalo : @charlos_ora @davidrorong @fychriss__m in satu ju pi sini siang tu ee. sial. wkwk
winwinzzz : Locale PIK!!!
vanessaharsen : fotonya pake kamera apa kak??
chenjin0921 - minneisti - cichlasoma22 - ircee_angg -
jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
Girls met, girls took #IKEAsaysHej #selfie 😁@lucedaleco @elleyamada
ikeasayshej - ikeaindonesia - selfie -
adeayudeay : Akhirnyaaaaa lihat kak @lucedaleco bareng @elleyamada @jessyamada 😍😍😍😍 my favorite girls 😍😍😍
lucedaleco : @jessyamada @elleyamada besok plis janjian yg bener biar gue dandan!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
elleyamada : @lucedaleco hahaha ga dandan aja cantik gitu! πŸ˜¬πŸ‘Š
luthfiah_x : Haha, for me Ikea's just around the corner and every part of the city block.
jessyamada : #ikeaindonesia
jessyamada : @luthfiah_x u so lucky!!!
sinta_yulia11 : itu celana nya ci elle ada d gowigasa ga?
gowigasa : @sinta_yulia11 iya, nama nya Maple Capri Pants Brown :)
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jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
#Selfie with my cutie beauty lovely plaid @boluthecat sushi custom case *hey, it rhymes* by @CaseProject! I love how adorable #boluthecat looks on this pic so when @CaseProject came and offered me their special #customized full print case, I didn't think twice and chose this pic instantly! To add extra cuteness, I combined Bolu's chubby face with Salmon Sashimi and chose blue plaid pattern as the background, which matches the original pic ahaha. Major love the result!!! πŸ±πŸ’™ Thank you, @CaseProject! On the other hand, I'M SO HAPPY #IKEA IS FINALLY HERE IN INDONESIA!!! Took this pic last night when I strolled all over the place with @elleyamada (posted on first 😁). Bumped into @lucedaleco as well! We are super happy people aw yeah!!
ikeaindonesia - ikea - customized - selfie - boluthecat -
arisubagja : Bolu :D
rinandami : ciciiii cantiiiiik bangeett ♥♥♥
junisagst : aduh ga ngertideh. cici cantik banget😞😞
shahad96_g : How older you Sister..😁!!
billywijayamulia : @asianitia di ikea nih
jessyamada : #ikeaindonesia
riri_huang : @jessyamada bole tau ga sweaternya beli dmn?
franklinbk : @kevindelius
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jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
Bathed in #Bali's sunset wearing my gorgeous @twenty3my dress. πŸ’ƒ #JessAds
jessads - bali -
idayuramadn : @jessyamada My comments addressed, #shoutedatroom
onlived_devilon : Really great dress for you..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
_ae_ja_ : @aemoness
belinda_sirapanji : Really beatiful and look gergous this dress with you
samuelreinaldo : Hahahha gelo si hapet euy @kevinrendian
tom_vlad_tepes : Aw aw aw you look so cuteeee omg
rosta_bosta : @midweeksuppet
midweeksuppet : @rosta_bosta in Bali werden erstmal tausend solcher Fotos geschossen hehe
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jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
NEW POST + VIDEO πŸŽ₯ #DIY Paper Bunny Ear Headband #Tutorial is now on both my Youtube channel and my blog! 🐰 Click to read and watch the video: πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ (direct link on my bio) P.S. There's also aplenty of @BOLUtheCat #videobomb, spot her out! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ #JessAds #JessReviews
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kazuhisayoshimura : Cool cat
miltonn555 : 😍😍
vanialiem_ : @huang_natasha bunny headband jon tutorial wkwwk
skyfly_fashion_houz : ζœ¬εΊ—ζ–°εΌ ε“¦οΌŒεΏ«ζ₯δΊ«ε–δΌ˜ζƒ ε§οΌοΌζœ¬εΊ—ε°†ζδΎ›δ»₯ζœ€ε₯½ηš„ζœεŠ‘η»™ε„δ½ηΎŽηœ‰δ»¬ε™’οΌοΌζŒ‰θΏ›ζ₯吧 ε–œζ¬’ηš„θ―followζˆ‘δ»¬ε§@ζˆ‘δ»¬δΌšι™†η»­δΈŠζžΆζ–°θ‘£ζ–°ιž‹ εŒ…εŒ…η­‰ε™’ εΏ«θΏ›ζ₯ηœ‹δΈ€ηœ‹ε§ δΈδΌšεƒδΊηš„β€οΈβ€οΈ
verdianp : @winaryokozulkar ini baru masa depanku win
gita_0 : kakak cantik pake bgt
jessyamada : @gita_0 @kazuhisayoshimura @shint_ @onlived_devilon @aries.sofyan @liddi3 @healthiecook πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
jessyamada : #boluthecat #gowigasa [Pink Varsity Jacket by @GOWIGASA —]
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