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I mostly learn from books and movies. And blogs and you peeps. β€” πŸŽβ€’ @gowigasa πŸ’»β€’ β€” βœοΈβ€’ πŸŽ₯NEW VIDEO
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jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
🌳🌳🌳 On the blog: (or Must Have HW Shorts: @gowigasa | | #gowigasa 🌳🌳🌳
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edwardchristian007 : Ye
velfnoir : Cute bgttt ci πŸ˜“πŸ˜˜ ci jess kl upload foto ke insta nya bs full gt pake app apa y ?😁
nitaprijaya : Gorgeous
jessyamada : @velfnoir thank you! Hmm kalo upload foto ke ig bukannya otomatis jadi kotak begini yah πŸ˜…
jessyamada : @devi.scs @w0ah_fleur @celine11wen @yoelseptianto @kt3388s @fd_azizah @samuelguswindo @phinocio8 @nitaprijaya @luzzylee thank you!
velfnoir : Hmm.. Biasa ke crop gt ci mknya arus pake app kek instasize..haha cm ttep az foto ga bs full .... Lol ummm koq bs auto y 😰😰😰 err gpp d hihi, btw thanks ud reply ci jess😘 πŸ™†πŸ™‡
sesiliajuly : So pretty and cute ce , gorgeous as always ^^πŸ˜€@jessyamada
mrshanmei2918 : Cantikkknyaaa banget bangeettt ceee 😍😍
cece_ti - sxy_cactus - herryheverius - scafeb04 -
jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
Today's #JessDigests features the ultimate #seafood #foodporn by @pondoksedapmalampik! 🌊What we have here are my personal favorites: πŸ‘Ύ #SeafoodPlatter w #blackpeppersauce πŸ™ #CumiTelorBakar 🐚 #KerangBambu #SaosPadang All of them are fingerlickin' delicious, but my mega fave is the Grilled Squid (Cumi Telor Bakar) because... it's so freaking yummy lah! Special thanks to the eggs inside the squid which are so soft, chewy, squishy... Combined with the sauce... All I can say is... Ermahgerd... 😱
saospadang - jessdigests - seafood - foodporn - kerangbambu - cumitelorbakar - blackpeppersauce - seafoodplatter -
jessica_feliciana : @christian_khoe mau cumi telorπŸ˜₯
christian_khoe : @jessica_feliciana haha.. Iya nanti klo ke pik lg, kita cobaim yah.. Hhe..
kevinkane_w : Kapan? I'm really into crabs!!! I thought we are planning to have Cut The Crab back then @debbyarintika @ferdivalencia
jerrina_chen : @immanuel_nico
jeannette_lia : @kevinsungiardi
winaweindy : @armin_li3nardy @gardeniagreene bikin ngiler + laperrr😒 ayuk kita pgi sikatπŸ˜„
gardeniagreene : @winaweindy kapan??
vinnamaharani : @vannymaharani
nanatrannn - lokyee121 - adhityarama - hendry_anggriluvian -
jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
Nom nom nom! #JessDigests How many of you guys love #seafood? @elleyamada and I love it so much that we feel bad for those who cannot eat it due to allergy (tag @vivatregina 😭). Anyway, us #seafoodlovers can rejoice because #pondoksedapmalam just opened their newest branch at @PondokSedapMalamPIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta)! The place is really cozy and chic and the food is awesome! I, in particular, LOVE the Cumi Telor Bakar. Thanks, @joantandri for inviting us! πŸ˜‹πŸ΄
seafood - seafoodlovers - pondoksedapmalam - jessdigests -
elleyamada : @delvinahartanto pernaaah, iya itu emang enak banget dan rame banget haha
delvinahartanto : Yuppp haha emg sering kesana ci? @elleyamada
lafemme_fashions : Ci @jessyamada @elleyamada tinggi n beratnya brp?ideal bgttt
fennwijaya : Bajunyaa lucuu jee motifnya dr jauh kaya lg pake kimonooo jepang πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
jessyamada : @fennwijaya uhu fen kangennnnn 😭😘😘
aaaaandd : @andina04
fennwijaya : @jessyamada πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜˜πŸ˜­iya jeeee, yuukkk nntn bareng pelm keceee jeee πŸ˜‚
mreyes8729 : I love you, marry me!
belindatiro - uchaasm - kellyjusan - xxkevsxxx -
jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
Love this so much! Thanks for drawing me, @fransiscaayuk. 😘
feraaani : @zerlinawidya kaya gambarmu
zerlinawidya : Bagudan dia kyknya mums @feraaani
janeeatscupcakes : Cute😊
fransiscaayuk : @jessyamada awww thank you so much for posting my drawing πŸ’•πŸ’• 😘
tuozaictt : ζœ‰η‚Ήεƒ
fannyvlda : @evelynsugiarto
ellinchrst : Gambarin mereka juga nat jangan mau kalah hahaha @nathaniasilva24
nathaniasilva24 : @ellinchrst pengennya tp lagi utss πŸ˜‚
sachitavamia - cheryl_callista - framarlz - ika_febri -
jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
Our fluffy @boluthecat has decided to SPEAK with her tiny, soft voice…to the camera. Click to watch the video: πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ (Direct link is on my bio) Because this is her first appearance on Youtube, I decided to mention some facts about her, too! πŸ™†β€οΈπŸ±
jezz_js : @jessyamada Hi!!! May i know which soft lense brand do u wear and where can u get them?? Tq ^^
bebylestari_ : Cie please answer me ?
xlicers : Keliatan segimana sayang banget nya cc ama bolu ci.. @jessyamada adorable! πŸ’•
hillovy : Cute
jessyamada : @xlicers @optimisticcynic @winniesentosa @meilissia_torentika @godzillabananas 😘😘😘
mickeycandy15 : 🐱🐱🐱🌺
w0ah_fleur : Its so cute
w0ah_fleur : Now i'm fan of you
selvithia_ - feliciahalims - benitacsantoso - kaputrii -
jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
Our lovely @boluthecat has decided to SPEAK with her tiny, soft voice…to the camera. Click to watch the video: πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ (Direct link is on my bio) Because this is her first appearance on Youtube, I decided to mention some facts about her, too! πŸ™†β€οΈπŸ±
scottishfold - boluthecat - princessbolu -
jessyamada : @andrigabrielaa ada di videonya di Youtube. Nonton deh. πŸ˜‰
andrigabrielaa : Awwkkkeeyyy '-')b
zzassa : She's so cute!!!
nikitaalen : Liat videonya bikin nyengir2 sendiri deh. cuteeee ! bolu ga bsa diem bgt ya ci :')
laurafong__ : lucuu psnn!! 😍😍😍😍
06anv : Gimme a kiss !β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ (^Π·^)-β˜†
ciki__ : Ahhhhh cantik dan lucuuuw
abithemanyu : Mau dong jadi bolu...
shellykoci - jessicabellyagm - kaputrii - w0ah_fleur -
jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
What hook me up right now: #FauniaPaw!! This game is really fun and addictive! Dunno if you can challenge me or not, but you can download the game here: πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ (Direct link on my bio) If you can, then challenge me! My nickname is jessyamada. πŸ˜†βœŒοΈβœ¨ #jessreviews #jessads #gamereview ——————————————————— Anyway, yes, my screen is cracked. Believe it or not, it cracked by itself in the middle of the day, didn't fall, didn't hit anything. I left it in the car and when I got back 10 minutes later, it was already cracked! 😱 Has anyone experienced the same thing? πŸ˜­πŸ’¦
fauniapaw - gamereview - jessads - jessreviews -
wendytansil : Move on to i6
laubiepie11 : @jessyamada apple wants you to get their newest phone haha
felixandrean09 : Ga salah itu ci? Layar retak"... @jessyamada
aquilitiesbeauty : Sell ur iphone to me if u want too
anastasias_breakfast : Panas mungkin? Krn kalau mobil diparkir di tempat panas kan dalamnya jd panas bgt krn g ada sirkulasi udara, krn panas layarnya jd terlalu muai trs retak, maybe?? @jessyamada
medaliesella : @
medaliesella : @angelinauli lihat layarnya
aaaaandd : @yooannda
feliciahalims - weastkpopshop - kaputrii - cheryl_callista -
jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
Going for today's meeting in polka mood.🎈 My lovely skirt is from @twenty3my. Top is part of @GOWIGASA's upcoming collection. ❀️
xlicers : When you see it..... *shocked after I read your tweet*
jhazzieful : Skirt♥
citraprabawa : Ci @jessyamada always beautiful......
ichihara_angel : KAWAII
windagrca : Flbck
sonyamoka : Cece heels nya beli dimana ce? @jessyamada πŸ˜†
glennleonardo : @calvinss17
tomaple_skin : 😍😍
caaaattthhhhyyyyy - steemf - belindatiro - kaputrii -
jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
Good morning, #Sundaymorning! πŸ™† Zzz from @BOLUtheCat. 🐱😘 #boluthecat
sundaymorning - boluthecat -
tuozaictt : πŸ˜„
eciieee : @aldorompas unyu2 do kyk lu mukanya nyebelin
aldorompas : @eciieee iya si bolu sihhh unyuuu superrrr.. wkwkwk muka gw lbh jutek dri si bolu
eciieee : @aldorompas lebih nyebelin muka lu ya teteeep wkwkwk
isabel_rado : Awwww
audreylininha : @roneyromio
pixiejoyy : @lycheejie
evhyysz : Princess bolu di steril ngg?? @jessyamada
zuulfa - meliisamelly - claristalamry - pohbyc_fu -
jessyamada - Jessica Yamada 🐰
One of those rare occasions where we spend our #saturdaynight out of the house. #eksis #gaul
saturdaynight - eksis - gaul -
liemswan : besok beli kayak elle ini ya πŸ™ @shellacn
shellacn : Unyu yaaaaa ayo kita hunting kyk gni @liemswan πŸ’›
tanpopo3 : You both are sooo cute
cristinaviseu : OMG dem heels!!
gr_wang : Betisnya Elle.....gilakkkkkkk
nanarabu : so gorgeousss πŸ˜πŸ’•
mvclnx : hastagnya ngakak kakπŸ˜‚
nadine.feodora : KawaiiπŸ’˜πŸ’˜
shellykoci - albertwinardi - jingkuzer - w0ah_fleur -
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