Jessica Sprague

Owner and lead instructor at, home of the world's best online classes & products for digital crafters. Lives in North Carolina.
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
I taught Rowen how to lash, and we started our bean trellis with lath and some river reeds she found, my YW camp leader would be so proud! #squarefootgarden #sfg #mamatiestringgood
sfg - squarefootgarden - mamatiestringgood -
kristencreech : Of course it would be bakers twine 😉 ❤️
sheffnjare : Hooray for lashing!! Fond camp memories.
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
We put in the first box of our Square Foot Garden this weekend! Bush beans, strawberries, tomatoes and a few herbs from sprouts, the rest seeds. Fingers crossed! #VSCOcam #squarefootgarden #sfg #mythatisahandsometrellistheredidyoumakethatyesidid
sfg - mythatisahandsometrellistheredidyoumakethatyesidid - vscocam - squarefootgarden -
fromblankpages : Awesome!! Can I ask you, I am going to do square foot gardening for the first time this year, and want to do strawberries. After they are done producing for the season, do you pull them out and plant other plants there? Or do you leave them in? I have no idea. :)
dawnsmithdesigns : Love it!
nguyenxl : Good luck with your seeds! I direct sowed beets, carrots, kale but they're all struggling. Been too warm in #LA and all the bugs... Started a new batch indoor!
mcroark113 - jodianncates - amykball - brandie185 -
jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
This is what the bread aisle looks like when snow is in the forecast. Totally bought that loaf of rye in the front there, too. Made it out of Walmart just as the snow/slush/ice really started coming down. #raleighsnowpocalypse #hunkerdown #winterinthesouth
winterinthesouth - hunkerdown - raleighsnowpocalypse -
emily7n : This is how our Walmart looks too!
tidbits_of_tandem : The snow/rain line noved north of us outside Columbia, SC. :(
poisonlady65 : I had 9" over the weekend...another couple this afternoon...more expected tonight and tomorrow. Oh and another storm expected this weekend. I'm in the Denver area...
dawnsmithdesigns : My son goes to Elon University and I think they're supposed to get 5-10 inches of snow there!
audneal : We've been out of school for 9 days -- we got 10" of snow on the 16th, with an inch or so of ice on top, and sub-freezing temps since that date -- in western KY. As much as I love snow, glad this storm is south of us so that maybe my girls can get back to school soon.
sweetjeanette : Oh my word! Dipping down to the 60's here.
theclairefraser : Stay safe!
kathyrac : It's always wild to see empty shelves.
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
Mamas already knew making your bed belongs on the chore chart of every kid everywhere. And now, decades later, backed by science. How could they possibly formulate a study like this? No idea. But thank you @realsimple for the insight! #mamaalwaysknows #makeyourbed #thanksscience #needmy20% #gogetyour20% #realsimplemagazine
realsimplemagazine - needmy20 - thanksscience - mamaalwaysknows - gogetyour20 - makeyourbed -
dental_floss_lane : @itzygonz @twinballer1 😏😘
stampinbythesea : Couldn't agree more! Now to train the kids!!! 😩😩😩
kartynas : You sleep better because you don't feel guilty for making your mama mad because you didn't make the bed like she told you. 😆
mysterylover60 - robyn_longhurst - realsimplelifestylers - hholycross -
jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
How to teach typography: Mac FontBook and Ultra Character Map, and Windows Nexus Font. Side by side. And try to make the whole thing make sense. #jillofalltrades #computerinsanity #typeology
typeology - jillofalltrades - computerinsanity -
kristencreech : Be still my heart. Don't forget TypeDNA that I told you about. Works for both Win/Mac. Plus it works inside Photoshop!
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
The textbook for my new class! Join me Typeology! Registration is open. Class begins Feb 2 #VSCOcam #typography #photoshop #onlineclass #typeology
photoshop - vscocam - onlineclass - typography - typeology -
kristencreech : ❤️ I spy two things I love!
dental_floss_lane : @tishdb4 I'm guessing we would love this. ☺️❤️
marykaytilden : Oooo you're back at it!!!
stepheyates : Can't wait!!! Have soooo missed your lessons and your voice!
kmiller81002 : Yay!!! I have that book checking out the class now 👍
pixelpushermama : Oh man!! I need to make a few extra hours appear in each day so I can do this class!!
ellegiaimo : Finally. You are back at it!
j_ice250 : @jessicasprague I'm looking for the All about PL cards, just saw them on facebook recently and cant find a link... help!
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
Happy New Year with Martinelli's Sparkling Cider and a cozy fire on Netflix. #nye2015 #martinellis #netflix #fireonmyipad #vscocam
martinellis - fireonmyipad - nye2015 - vscocam - netflix -
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
Is it wrong that this whole last paragraph gives me chills? This is from the introduction to the new book by Steven Pinker, a linguistic psychologist. It's a writing guide called "Sense of Style" and it is flipping awesome. #reading #writing @stevenpinker
reading - writing -
jenn_oconnell : That is beautiful. I may have to check that book out.
dental_floss_lane : Yes..wonderful.
dental_floss_lane : I'm a purchaser of your work. ❤️
juliechatsblog : ❤️ That! Reminds me, in a way, of some of my journalism professors. I may have to pick that up!
mhardey : Oh my--that is great!!!
kimberhodson : I definitely agree with that passage.
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
Funny find for today! Know anybody you'd give this to? I do! #sisterwife #lols
lols - sisterwife -
stephwjane : @immeasurablymore
amom2girls : Too funny and yet so true @mom2munchkinz
ericalhouston : @hipsister
jscrapfreak : @mama_hoke @mmswoleninja Ha Ha Ha!!! We would be perfect together 😉
mmswoleninja : @jscrapfreak haha! Scrap booking, ZUMBA, weight-lifting, man-hating...why ARENT we doing this?
gabbyfek : jess where did you find this?????? must get it for my actual seester!!!! xoxo.
hidesabm : @matsonsmomma lol! J/k
matsonsmomma : @hidesabm, fo sho!! LOL!!
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
It's official. At 9 and 10 my kids have surpassed my abilities in math. Sat in supportive but befuddled silence today. Cue Daddy! #ranoutoffingersandtoes #mathematicallychallenged #thisiswhyihireanaccountant #sirihelp
mathematicallychallenged - thisiswhyihireanaccountant - ranoutoffingersandtoes - sirihelp -
dorlandfamily : At least you're not CREATIVELY challenged! 😄
kathom22 : I hear ya! My son is in pre algebra in 6th grade!! Yikes.
beckyb39 - gramiami - lianedotdavis - jscrapfreak -
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