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Owner and lead instructor at, home of the world's best online classes & products for digital crafters. Lives in North Carolina.
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
Playing our new game Concept. So much fun. Check this out for kids 10+, collaborative game, super fun! #conceptgame #familytime
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
Our Halloween tradition: costumes, candy, and Nightmare Before Christmas! #timburtonrules #nightmarebeforechristmas #justspookyenough
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
Got a love/hate with catalogs. Love the pretty eye candy. Love the fonts. Love the wish lists in my head. Hate that they pile and pile, and just like too much of any good thing, they can totally overwhelm what I have right now, which is a real, beautiful, imperfect life. Catalog lover or hater? Is it the Pinterest of the paper world, or the curse of your recycle bin? #catalogs #eyecandy #inspired #overwhelmed
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kiggies5 : Four just went in the recycle bin for me!
senovia : I love them. Until a month later when they are still sitting on my table.
nelliebingham : I'm with you: definitely a love/hate. I try to look through them really quick and recycle... But this is the season for overload! Yikes! Poor trees...
jessicasprague : Holiday catalogs this week and it isn't even Halloween...
jenn_oconnell : @jessicasprague Love/hate. I love looking at all the pretty things in them. Loved dreaming of buying anything I wanted while perusing the Sears catalog when I was small. Hate that they pile up and hate that I become dissatisfied with what I have. I finally cancelled as many as possible. If I don't see them, I don't miss them.
aidel.knaidel : I have the same issues. I try to remember that I can see it online & just pitch it. Sometimes I rip out a page I really like and hold onto that. (Then I have a pile of pages.....)
wedavis90 : You always know it's the holiday season because the catalogs start to overfill the mailbox. Love them but hate the waste. It just gets to be too much and is soon overwhelming.
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
Hello, Miami Beach! We are turning Jared's conference here into an Anniversary trip. 17th floor, 15 years! I am ready to relax. #fontainebleau #15yearsandcounting #miamibeach
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heidiswapp : Congrats!!
tiayani : Have fun. Happy anniversary!
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
Announcing my first-ever Lightroom class! I'll show you a brilliantly simple process to take your photos from good to great! Seriously. You'll love it. Use the coupon code TWENTYBUCKS to get the class for only $69! #lightroom #adobe #photoshop #hellojs
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allisonben06 : @lexieleeb I'm signing up for this.
lexieleeb : @allisonben06 πŸ™πŸ» praise the heavens
an18inchlife : I want to switch to Lightroom, but am scared to death at how to move my 47,000 photos currently housed in my Aperture/iPhoto library! Will it touch on this at all?
aspencergirl : @an18inchlife I'm curious too!
pami_f : Me too!
seeleyhj : @an18inchlife you don't have to "move" them as least not on a pc. You only import the ones you want and create a library but their location on your hard drive stays the same. Hope that helps.
an18inchlife : @seeleyhj I'm using a MacBook and have all photos there (with a complete backup on an external drive). The MacBook is too full of photos with that many there but I am beyond terrified to just delete the entire iPhoto library on the laptop and until I've got Lightroom installed have only one copy. It seems that the way Lightroom works you store them elsewhere and work locally on the MacBook but then the originals are on an external drive. I used to use a PC and my old photos and all backups were so easy using year and month folders. I could easily access anything with Photoshop Elements. Though I love my Mac, I'm so afraid because I've even had multiple people at Apple tell me different ways to tackle this 😱 @jessicasprague I would pretty much pay anything πŸ˜‰ to get the disaster that is my photos all organized once and for all! πŸ˜ƒ
an18inchlife : And of course enjoy using Lightroom πŸ˜ƒ I can't wait to take the class @jessicasprague From all I've heard, sorry Photoshop but I think I might be breaking up with you.
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
After a string of bad news today, it's time to bust out the tea. Begone, bad juju! What's your comfort of choice? #lookingforsunshine #hellotea #herbtea #pepperminttea
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onlysleepn : (((Hugs)))
gabbyfek : big boo on the bad news. πŸ˜“
tiayani : I must go with tea as well. It is my daily treat! My new fav is "Earl Gray Creme" from Teavana
kristencreech : Do I need to hurt anybody for you? Cause I will ;) :hugs: sweet friend 😘
bestsides : Ditto to what Kristen wrote.
aidel.knaidel : Hang in there!
scrappysuedxb : Sending hugs; if its any help I was sending you "Jessica is so totally awesome" vibes yesterday as I watched my old (few) treasured photos cone alive with your fab Old Photo class😍 Can't thank you enough really @jessicasprague xxx
karenkontrath : Tea and good music
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
We decided to spend my 40th birthday weekend at Myrtle Beach! Ate amazing bbq for lunch and came out. Kids are hunting for beach treasures. A few of them in the foreground there. #40isthenew25 #blessedandlucky
blessedandlucky - 40isthenew25 -
jscales915 : πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ
aspencergirl : Happy birthday!!! Bbq and the beach are my idea of a perfect birthday too!
maryscraps03 : Happy Birthday!! You are in my state :). Just about 3 hours more north.
tiayani : Happy Birthday!!! Welcome to the club
trickyfisch : Happy Birthday!
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
Around here we practice violin in our pj's. He's been playing for 2+ years and is getting so good. I love a house full of live music! Do you have people in your house who play an instrument? #proudmama
proudmama -
sewlove2run : My children do violin and piano. I feel the same way you do. What method is he learning?
sarahcoxwrites : There isn't a musical bone in our family but I wish there was sometimes. I adore the sound of live music xx
olivia200 : Music is non-optional in our home. Right now I have two little pianists in the making 😊 As they become more proficient they can choose to learn other instruments. I love a house fill of music!
hmgus : We started with piano and now have guitar, banjo, mandolin and ukulele. It is the joy of my heart when my boys play. (I can't play a thing -- so I ask them to play all the time.)
making.mayhem : There's something wonderful that happens in the home when kids play instruments because they love to play. #fullheart #musicfeedsthesoul
lindsermom : I'm a violinist myself, my oldest is a cellist and my 2nd is a violinist too. My 3rd will start the bass next year! Love a musical home too πŸ‘πŸ’—
suziehj83 : My husband started learning piano 4years ago, to fullfill a childhood dream of being able to just sit at a piano and play. He recently completed his grade 2 exam and got honors. Love when he practises, and when he is stressed or bored at home he plays too.
carolsprague : Love seeing him in his crazy pjs and hearing him play!
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
My girlie starts middle school tomorrow. And this is rather shamelessly my favorite part of getting ready! I've always loved school supplies. Always will. #mamalovespaperandscissors
mamalovespaperandscissors -
craftinchaos : @jessicasprague I love office supplies, school supplies always! I can spend hours in officemax, staples etc!
ellieshine : Tomorrow?? It's July!!
kathom22 : Year round school?
the_paperologist : Me too! Can't wait to take the kids school shopping!
carolsprague : Love the Duct Tape on her binder! That's my girl!
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
I need my Google super-sleuths on this one! I found this printed in a children's periodical book from the 1920s. The caption reads "'Little Friends of the Divine Master' from a painting by Paul H. Flandrin" my searches have come up empty. If you get me more info on this painting I will reward you with my everlasting gratitude and probably free classes. #helpmegoogle
helpmegoogle -
dawnsmithdesigns : Good luck :)
momluvscar : Don't know if your looking for info on painter or the actual painting but a quick google search and I found this and a whole lot in maybe French? Not sure since I took Spanish.
prdesigns : Depending what you are looking for, often google searches have a translate button.
creativemish : Do you think it's Paul Jean Flandrin - French artist?
creativemish : Also look for Jean Hippolyte Flandrin - French Christan artist with similar work.
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