Jessica Sprague

Owner and lead instructor at, home of the world's best online classes & products for digital crafters. Lives in North Carolina.
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jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
Hello there Lobster Two font! You are gorgeous in this month's Cat Fancy magazine (subscription for Rowen and Elliott, font spotting for mama) #fontspotting #Lobsterfont #font
font - fontspotting - lobsterfont -
knitterowl : ?? Your font creation?
craftinchaos : I am so addicted to fonts
carolsprague : I see why Rowen and Elliott like that magazine! Great find!
inbaleg - tejaynes - suzerobinson - maelynnf -
jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
The view from the hotel here in our spontaneous weekend getaway. Booked in the car on the way here. What did I do before the internet? #beachy #blessyouorbitz
blessyouorbitz - beachy -
jessicasprague : We've worked nonstop to keep getting our house sold, we def deserved a break!
dawnsmithdesigns : Enjoy!
mylittlechick : Enjoy it!
gabbyfek : let me know if you like it there! we've been looking for a place to stay in wrightsville so we aren't always inconveniencing friends!!! xoxoxo.
jess8869 : Love Shell Island!!
carolsprague : A pool and the ocean! The kids must be in heaven!
beachcomberd - kneast - shelagh_p - deedee58 -
jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
I am writing a book. There, I said it. I have written 51,000 words so far, which is how they measure these pre-published things. And I am at Panera on account of my broken a/c. With unlimited diet Pepsi. 2 out of 3, right? #vscocam #writing #blessyoupanera #dietpepsiftw
blessyoupanera - vscocam - dietpepsiftw - writing -
babz510 : How awesome!
jill_otoole : Congrats! Can't wait to see it.
dawnsmithdesigns : Congrats Jessica...that's so awesome!
lindsan : Yeah! Go you!
mindypitcher : with those writing conditions, there is zero chance this book will suck!
craftinchaos : They must not have diet mountain dew right
carolsprague : I'll be first in line to read your book!
kimberhodson : Fantastic!
bjgsix - vickyhouley - 4roses - swl_05 -
jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
Broken A/C over a long weekend. 2 showings tomorrow. Sounds like time for a local-cation! #vscocam #thisisthelife #callmewhenmyhousesells #haveacwillfollow #countingblessings
thisisthelife - vscocam - callmewhenmyhousesells - countingblessings - haveacwillfollow -
nelliebingham : You are a genius! Selling houses blows.... Hang in there! 🍫
kimberhodson : Absolutely!
hkswapp : Enjoy!
carolsprague : Super fun! Have a happy, relaxing time! Hugs!
snewoba - kristencreech - monicamyname - geiserfamily -
jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
My gorgeous girl got glasses for the first time! They are black on the front and aqua blue on the inside and They're perfect for her. She loves them! #vscocam #glasses
vscocam - glasses -
megaroon477 : Those are so cute!!
peaj31 : Looking goooooood!!!!!
tigermucha : Lovely!
janaholden : Awesome!
smsmith101456 : Cute!
tiayani : Se is so cute!! Happy girl!!
namofl : Oh my goodness she's beautiful! My how she's grown up! 💕
digijewels : So beautiful and those glasses look perfect on her.
tracysroots - reginadelpoker - debiputnam - deedee58 -
jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
We went strawberry picking today, and came straight home to make freezer jam! 10 containers of nectar of the gods. #noms #strawberryjam #vscocam
strawberryjam - noms - vscocam -
beeda4 : Yum. Can't wait to do that myself.
slameador : My mom just gave me a jar. Great minds.
carolsprague : Wow! Super deduper! Yummy goodness!
kristencreech : That's awesome!!
heidixon : What freezer jam recipe do you use? I'm looking for a strawberry one.....
vickyhouley - megstocks - teeleedee - gabbyfek -
jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
Elliott didn't want a sticker at the Dr. today, so I took this one. For every single mama in the world today. #weareallbraveheroes #vscocam #iliveinasitcom
vscocam - weareallbraveheroes - iliveinasitcom -
vintagegwen : Mine is a Hot Wheels sticker!
carolsprague : Mamas are the Hero's of the world!
anahahnepaes - scrappysuedxb - kmiller81002 - minimalla -
jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
My Rhodies are getting ready to bloom! The best shade plant ever! #rhododendrons #vscocam #tellmewhyiammovingfromthis
vscocam - rhododendrons - tellmewhyiammovingfromthis -
susankweckesser : So pretty!
tammymalone : Beautiful! Do they come back every year? I am needing some flowers for a very shade area and this might be what I'm needling :)
carolsprague : Gorgeous color!
jessicasprague : @tammymalone Yep! Theyre perennial bushes with gorgeous dark green foliage and then flower in early to midsummer. I've seen them in white, pink, and purple, but there might be others. This bush is in a place behind the house that doesn't get any direct sunlight.
tammymalone : @jessicasprague Thank you SO MUCH! I am not a gardener by any means but I love beautiful flowers. These sound perfect so I am putting them on my list to buy when I stop by Lowes ;)🌷
sunnyncolorado - namofl - scrappysuedxb - kellylmills -
jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
Their favorite part of the recent influx of moving boxes? Insta-Hubble. They've even got the mirrors set up inside. :) #spacefans #futurenasa #moving
moving - futurenasa - spacefans -
carolsprague : My two favorite space explorers!
eviscrap - scrappysuedxb - gabbyfek - namofl -
jessicasprague - Jessica Sprague
It's official, cause signs don't lie. We've spent 7 years in this house. Grammy has slept on the couch one too many times, and it's time for something a little bigger. Staying in Raleigh though! #ncforever #heybuddywannabuyahouse #toomuchcleaning
ncforever - heybuddywannabuyahouse - toomuchcleaning -
kellyinnb : Congrats! Love to see that ReMax red white and blue!
kellylmills : Very exciting!
scrapnink : I am so excited for you the market is amazing right now we sold our house in a week be ready
lindzieh : #moving we just left VA for AZ!
jillgodoncruz : Good luck!
kimberhodson : How exciting! Congratulations!
scrappysuedxb : Best of luck😃
carolsprague : A new chapter begins! Wonderful!
carolsprague - ekskou - mrsa1993 - chantallemcdaniel -
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