watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places / toronto / photog
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jenniferstark -
it sure is our busy season around here the past few weeks. i was lamenting to dave how i've barely even looked at our trip photos from MAY yikes & he goes and sneakily has this print made of us.
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jenniferstark : #faroeislands #visitfaroeislands
austynelizabeth : This is perfect.
onewarmline : Aw sweet man 😊
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jenniferstark -
if only this was a cold salty ocean i could jump into, but alas, it's only lake ontario. i'll take the views (& the breeze!) though.
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oops. unintended instagram hiatus after posting for 100 days straight. hi. ps thanks to everyone who wanted one of my postcards! gonna get them out this week ✨
austynelizabeth : hi friend.
jenniferstark : @austynelizabeth πŸ‘‹πŸ’›
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jenniferstark -
cheers to you! thank you for the wonderful response on my last post for my #The100DayProject, about half of them have been snapped up so far, please let me know if there's one you'd like and i'd love to send it to you. check them all out here #100daysofunsolicitedadvice πŸ’•πŸ“¬
100daysofunsolicitedadvice - the100dayproject -
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jenniferstark -
so this is what 100 days looks like! towards the end of this project, a dear friend really kindly pointed out to me (after i had gone on about how doing the project felt a lot about just learning to do something for myself & something self deprecating about nobody else probably even noticing) that there were days where what i shared was actually exactly what she needed to hear. it's been really cool to hear about those cases! the cards i made took over an entire wall of my house, & i would love nothing more than to be able to get the ones that spoke to you onto your wall. so, if there is one or a few that you'd like me to send you, please leave a comment on that post, or screenshot it and direct message me & i will mail it to you if you could help cover my shipping if you are further afield. πŸŽ‰ see the whole set under #100daysofunsolicitedadvice thanks guys!
69 - 100daysofunsolicitedadvice -
stephanie_powell : @jenniferstark sent you a message via your web site. Thx!!!
fraucolle : NOOO, please don't stop... I LOVED this series, Jenn! Do you ship to Germany, too? If they're still available, I would Love to have 98/ 94 and 69.
jenniferstark : @fraucolle i can get you #69 :) msg me your mailing address & i'd love to send it to you! πŸ’•
jenniferstark : @lessthanamazing thanks kyle!!
chrisia.feliz : Thanks so much Jenn!! πŸ’•
fraucolle : Perfect and exactly what I need to learn, Jenn! ❀️
greatdiscontent : @jenniferstark This is amazing!!! /@elleluna
jenniferstark : @greatdiscontent @elleluna thank you guys for setting this up & the encouragement along the way!
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jenniferstark -
100/100 WHAT!! it's pretty difficult to put into words the arc of what i've learned over these one hundred days, but i am going to try. it's been a bit like a marathon, complete with the energetic start; hitting the wall; and then finally hitting your stride where you feel you could keep going forever. having this daily habit i had to get done got my creative wheels turning each and every day. it ended up influencing completely different areas of life. i'm not a graphic designer, calligrapher or painter, i'm a photographer, and this step into a new area of creativity was rejuvenating (literally made me feel young again). it's made me feel inspired, it's given me ideas, it's taught me not to be daunted by tasks that seem too big & take things one step/day at a time. what started as creating something 'worthy' of sharing turned inwards over time into just a simple promise that i kept to myself each day. what started as a seemingly big new thing i had to fit into my life turned into something as normal as brushing my teeth. one of the things i've learned over these one hundred days is that starting is one of the hardest parts. i can't encourage you enough to pick something you're interested in & keep a promise to yourself for 100 days straight. you'll learn things you never expected. #The100DayProject in its official form will start up again around this time next year, but there's nothing stopping you from starting at any time. it's been a game changer for me. thank you @greatdiscontent & @elleluna πŸŽ‰ & thank YOU for following along & for your encouragement along the way! i have one final post to share tomorrow ✨ #100daysofunsolicitedadvice #The100DayProject
100daysofunsolicitedadvice - the100dayproject -
jenniferstark : @lisajanephoto that means so much to me πŸ’• let me know & i'd love to send one over to you!
jenniferstark : @alexandria.chen thank you! πŸŽ‰
geewu : I have loved your project! Congratulations!!!
lisajanephoto : That would be amazing...thank you. There are too many to choose from
jenniferstark : @geewu πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
jenniferstark : @lisajanephoto pop me your mailing address & i'll pick for you! ❀️
charleesully : Congrats on finishing your great project, completely agree with your words- this project has been a game changer for me too! 😊
jenniferstark : @charleesully that is so lovely to hear!! πŸŽ‰
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jenniferstark -
99/100 man oh man it's hard to believe it's the second-to-last day of my 100 day project. participating has taught me so much, & often not what i expected. what started out with energy & gusto soon fizzled into a daily dread & wondering how on earth i was going to keep it up for 100 days... thinking up & making 100 things seemed so overwhelming until i started to look at it as just having to make one thing today. one day at a time. that's been an invaluable lesson. #100daysofunsolicitedadvice #The100DayProject
100daysofunsolicitedadvice - the100dayproject -
sarahoflovelyember : Loved following along with these!
onewarmline : Thank you & @davejstark for sticking it out!! What a wonderful lesson in perseverance and creation.
jenniferstark : @sarahoflovelyember i'm glad! if there are any you'd like, let me know, i am trying to give them all away πŸ’•
sarahoflovelyember : Oh man I would love that!! My favorites are "Throw your phone into the ocean", "Let people know if you think they're awesome" and "take home with you". If any one of those aren't taken yet, I would love to hang one near my desk. πŸ˜„
jenniferstark : @sarahoflovelyember i will earmark take home with you for you ☺️ πŸ’›
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jenniferstark -
six years to the day that this furry one's been stealing my & @davejstark's hearts.
jennsfurryfriends -
jenniferstark : #jennsfurryfriends
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jenniferstark -
from the weekend : where our instax & smiling muscles both got a serious workout.
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hairbyanniebraun : @jenniferstark where did you get those prints done? Love the size!
jenniferstark : #fujiinstax #myinstax #vscocam
jenniferstark : @hairbyanniebraun they're polaroids! the camera is a fuji instax :)
hairbyanniebraun : @jenniferstark love love love πŸ’•
jenniferstark : @hairbyanniebraun πŸ™πŸ’•
jonathna : Thank you so much for being a part of or day! We loved hanging out with both of you! #seasjon2015
jenniferstark : @jonathna you got it guys!! we loved it too! πŸ’•
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jenniferstark -
98/100 they're usually right πŸ’« #100daysofunsolicitedadvice #The100DayProject
100daysofunsolicitedadvice - the100dayproject -
mrs_oj : This one came at a great time for me at home with a new baby :)
jenniferstark : @mrs_oj aw. this one will come your way too :)
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