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20/100 a favourite line from a well loved movie ✨ #100daysofunsolicitedadvice #the100dayproject
100daysofunsolicitedadvice - the100dayproject -
jennylinquist : I love these jenn!
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to look closer, to dig deeper, to sort the authentic from the fake; to verify, to smell, to touch, to taste, to hear, & sometimes - importantly - to suffer the effects of this curiosity / paul theroux only halfway through but i've been staying up late reading a chapter every night before bed. recommended for : all travellers, those who wonder about the role of aid in africa, inquiring minds, hopeful souls, lovers of good storytelling. #whatjennsreading
whatjennsreading -
jenniferstark : especially recommended for @taylorroades & @lizbohannon think you guys would love this ✨
taylorroades : Adding it to the list!
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19/100 today we had the privilege of shooting a marketing campaign with engineers without borders. we interviewed & heard the stories of so many young people, all who gave me a lot of hope. not in the 'everything's wonderful' way that often gets associated with that word, but in the 'i have questions & want to keep going for it even if there have been disappointments' kind of way. i learned that it's actually a wonderful & honouring thing to be trusted with complexity instead of a nice pat answer. & i learned a huge way to keep hope going for yourself is to ask questions & partner with others who are in the same space of pursuing hope too. ✨ #100daysofunsolicitedadvice #the100dayproject #engineerswithoutborders
100daysofunsolicitedadvice - the100dayproject - engineerswithoutborders -
100_days_of_photo : this reminds me a lot of @elleluna 's stuff!
jenniferstark : @100_days_of_photo you're so sweet because how i feel about @elleluna is basically 🙌✨😍
elleluna : @jenniferstark this post is 💪♥️
jenniferstark : @elleluna 💪👊💕
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18/100 to all you lovely bearded lumbersexual men out there, you know we love you just please wash that beard before we snuggle up 💕🙊 #100daysofunsolicitedadvice #the100dayproject
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onewarmline : Haha! #truths
chariswarrell : Preach it!
jennylinquist : Best
jenniferstark : @onewarmline @chariswarrell @jennylinquist hashtag beard maintenance saves relationships
fraucolle : Hehe. Yes!
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17/100 i once read this awesome book all about the daily rituals of hundreds of artists/writers/composers/etc & the thing that stood out to me about pretty much all of them? they all took lots of walks. #the100dayproject #100daysofunsolicitedadvice
100daysofunsolicitedadvice - the100dayproject -
missunrep : What was the book called?
jenniferstark : @missunrep daily rituals by mason currey :)
missunrep : Thank you for sharing! By the way, I love your 100 day project. It's one of the projects that I make an effort to check out daily because I can actually take the advice to heart.
jenniferstark : @missunrep thank you so much for the kind words! that made my night. ✨
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16/100 have you ever been to panama city beach, florida? i have. we were visiting good friends who had moved to atlanta, & on a whim we thought it would be fun if when they picked us up from the airport, we would keep driving, in some direction, until we hit the ocean. we found a deal online & this random florida spring break town won. we were able to kick back & catch up with our friends, make those kind of memories one can only make on a long drive, & discover somewhere we'd never even heard of before. i often dream of far off places but sometimes it's not the place that matters, it's who you were with & that you went anywhere at all. #100daysofunsolicitedadvice #the100dayproject
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kwonnedy : Miss you guys!! x
diannita11 : I went there a year ago. I went by myself from Colombia. PCB is my little paradise
jenniferstark : @diannita11 ✌️🌊
jenniferstark : @kwonnedy miss you too!!
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15/100 back in the days when i was working a part time job in education while learning photography on the side, i had a blog. these were the rogue days of blogging, before the age of scheduled posts & seo. i'm not sure why, but one day i posted a photo i'd taken at a school. it was a high school, and the letters outside it had been rearranged to spell out 'bat man high'. i thought this was a bit brilliant, and said so. fast forward a few years & a high school student who was writing an article for that very high school somehow came across my post. & he wrote me an email about it! a kind, funny, & well written email, simply titled 'Thank You.' somehow what i'd written had encouraged him, a teen almost ready to graduate, & he paid it forward by letting me know. it might sound silly but it has stayed with me. who might need your encouragement today? you never know, at the least it could bring a smile, or it could make all the difference. many thanks to @greatdiscontent for including my project in their weekly newsletter today! what a lovely way that was to start the week :) #the100dayproject #100daysofunsolicitedadvice
100daysofunsolicitedadvice - the100dayproject -
mboekestyn : I want this one!
jenniferstark : @mboekestyn you got it! msg me your address & i'll send it!
mboekestyn : Ah awesome, will do!
project1in4 : 🙌💚
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14/100 an old canadian folk song goes : tracing one warm line through a land so wild & savage and make a northwest passage to the sea. the singer's talking about those early explorers who hoped to find a route across canada to the pacific ocean. i love the feeling it leaves me with - picturing a warm line breaking through the bleak, cold & harsh stuff that's out there to connect us. i think we can be that. spent some time with friends today who always remind me of this, so of course this one goes out to them :) #100daysofunsolicitedadvice #the100dayproject
100daysofunsolicitedadvice - the100dayproject -
nottene : Love your concept/hashtag :)
onewarmline : "to find there but the road back home again..." 💕
jenniferstark : @nottene thank you!
jenniferstark : @onewarmline 💕
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chasinglightningbugs : Absolutely gorgeous!!!
taylorroades : Stunning
anda_marie : !!!
jenniferstark : @chasinglightningbugs @taylorroades @anda_marie xoxo
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13/100 inspired by yvon chouinard. i'm more of a planner by nature & need to remind myself that the best stuff always happens off the beaten path. adventure is when something goes wrong & the rush of adapting & seeing what you're made of. #100daysofunsolicitedadvice #the100dayproject
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365daysofhearts : ❤
teezilla1 : I love this, Jenn!
jamiegalley : Yes! Love!
katygrad : Me too this is awesome Jenn!
jenniferstark : @365daysofhearts @teezilla1 @jamiegalley @katygrad thanks loves! ❤️
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