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Quilter, blogger, designer.
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jenib320 - Jeni Baker
More pillows, gotta love 'em! #artgalleryfabrics #aurifil
aurifil - artgalleryfabrics -
goldogmom : Are they grain filled for heating?
jenib320 : @goldogmom nope, just regular pillows!
melmarilyn : Cute! Did you use two separate prices of fabric to make them solid patterns?
jenib320 : @melmarilyn I used one piece for the front and two pieces for the back to make the envelope closure!
peekaboostitches : If you find that you have too much fabric left over, you can send it to me! πŸ˜‰
melmarilyn : Beautiful colors!!! Love it
madeinlowell - smileynannn - cindyd1010 - lizzilu -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
A mystery quilted pillow, one of my favorite projects made from #geometricbliss! #artgalleryfabrics #aurifil
aurifil - artgalleryfabrics - geometricbliss -
rainylakechick : This is fab!
babymamasewshop : Oh I love that pattern!! One day I need to give quilting a chance lol
baker_brianne : love the black and white print!
selahmel : Gorgeous!
francesnewcombe : Love!
stitchmischief : Perfect!
cjnid : πŸ‘
artgalleryfabrics : Beautiful!
briannastw - poppysdaughter - craftprojectcp - niczorek -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
My first two skeins of @moonroveryarn, Wyld in Foxglove and The Grand Budapest. So crazy good!
splendorfalls : Love the touch of gold on the right skein! Both lovely!
fourchicksfarm : I want that yarn on the right!!!
beyondthereefpatterns : Love!!!
peaknit : Can't wait to see what you do with Grand Budapest, I have tried two patterns, not quite right yet.
miesmama : Love πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
karlaye : Oh the one on the right. Makes me wanna (re)learn to knit (again).
oocha : Love!!!!
leileiw22 : Woooowwww!!!!!
ibecheraldine - kharinagolke - maricaw - rieper_reptilias -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Big welcome to @sharonhollanddesigns! I've had the pleasure of working with Sharon through magazine work, so glad to count her as a fellow designer with @artgalleryfabrics!
mommysnaptime - deknits - sewbeeitclothier - craftingbysteph -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
I think I'll take this load home ;) Helping to move the @sewciallounge today!
francesnewcombe : I'm hijacking you and that car! 😜
iamlunasol : "Oops, they must have fallen out of the trunk, boss." 😁
magalin0229 : I showed my husband this picture and told him he should just be grateful my car doesn't look like this after a shopping trip to buy fabric. ;)
graceandpeacequilting : Lol on all the comments!!!
leileiw22 : Can I steal some, a lot, all of them???
bnbdesigns : ❀️
annoriginal265 : I agree @graceandpeacequilting quilters are funny, clever and creative.
everydayfray : So much dreamy nani iro. I could see how a few bolts might just go missing during the move... 😍-kelsey
tanksout - ksantamariah - glicas - _measuretwice -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Issue Eleven of @lovequiltingmag landed on my doorstep this week. I chat about my #geometricbliss market booth in this month's column!
geometricbliss -
mybricole : Looking good! I enjoyed last month's issue (that I just bought yesterday) where you showed how to hang quilts with tape ;)
jenib320 : @mybricole haha, I'm a real authority on that method! πŸ˜‚
mybricole : I had to laugh because I was like oh I love that grey floral oh and that text print and then I was like oh ya I'm dumb.
jenib320 : @mybricole haha, yeah, I wonder where those came from?? :)
iamlunasol : Your columns always rock!
trixterry : Love your columns. Picked up so many tips.
amandaguthrie - snippets101 - karmahsmith - niczorek -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Better photo of my shawl progress. Can't wait to wear this one! Pattern is Pogona. #eatsleepknit #madelinetosh #westknits
westknits - madelinetosh - eatsleepknit -
splendorfalls : Love that color; such depth!
mybricole : Can't wait until it's cool enough for you to wear it!!
knitnlit : Pogona is a fun knit and looks so great when worn!
jenib320 : @mybricole me too! Geeze it's been hot!
everydayfray : Oh wow what colour way is this? So perfect for fall! -kelsey
oocha : Ooh lovely!
jenib320 : @everydayfray it's graphite!
tusherau - doreenli77 - secondstoryloft - sissygirl333 -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Quilty afternoon. #artgalleryfabrics #aurifil #bijouxfabric
aurifil - bijouxfabric - artgalleryfabrics -
hotpinkstitches : Best kind of afternoon!
sewciallounge : Me too, I finished quilting and did the binding! YAY!!
jenib320 : @sewciallounge Duuuuude! Nice!
darcie75 - melmarilyn - xanandali - latalbajo -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
I bought this tiny plush today because: a. It was on sale, b. PUFF Hello Kitty, and c. Isn't that enough reasons? Happy Friday!
danahannah310 : Have you seen the Hello Kitty 40th anniversary items at They're super cute. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
crazymomquilts : So so cute! No other reasons needed! πŸ˜‰
bijoulovely : Awesome! Like puff sheep! Except better!
crazymomquilts : @bijoulovely hahaha!!! How could I forget about that?
jenib320 : @danahannah310 they are really cute! My favorite is always the hello kitty's dressed as other characters!
mybricole : Umm cute!!
tallgiraffe : @sararapscallion @lumpialeopard omg cute!
aureaskitchen - wesewexcited - mamaghida - dimill -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Showing off some of your #dreaminvintage projects on the blog today! It was hard to narrow it down. Thank you for making such beautiful things with my fabrics! #artgalleryfabrics
dreaminvintage - artgalleryfabrics -
jaceynotjc : That bodice!
rhondaleo : I see my quilt! I'm so excited! I'm glad you like it!
stephaniemmullin - oh_sew_fabric - emilyalix - knottyhookercrochet -
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