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Jeni Baker

Quilter, blogger, designer.
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jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Five hours into our eight hour drive, snuggled under my #scrapsinc quilt and working on my great divide shawl. #geometricbliss #artgalleryfabrics #aurifil
aurifil - artgalleryfabrics - geometricbliss - scrapsinc -
sewmanysts : Love it all.
studentknits7 : πŸ’– best way to travel! That quilt is gorgeous!
katetherate : Yours is my favourite quilt in that book!
mgrknits : That sounds pretty perfect to me!
zenmade : I love everything in this picture!
sketchybeecreations : Yarn smily face 😊
oocha : Cooozy!
craftygardenmom : How do you like this pattern?
starspry - sewhitmey - kazkitty - colormehome -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Lots to do before we hit the road for Ohio tomorrow, so naturally I had to drop everything and whip up some new projects bags. Went with the medium sized open wide pouches by @noodlehead531! Had fun mixing Geometric Bliss prints for my pair! #artgalleryfabrics #aurifil #geometricbliss
aurifil - geometricbliss - artgalleryfabrics -
jenib320 : @bakeonelooptwo medina!
bakeonelooptwo : We are right around the corner (kinda) in Wadsworth and I have family in medina. Enjoy your stay. 😊
mypapercrane : Haha always the time we need to whip something up 😊they look great!
jenib320 : @bakeonelooptwo totally! I'll wave from Medina! :)
bakeonelooptwo : πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘‹
rivergirlquilts : So nice
everydayfray : I'm currently organizing knitting projects into bags before my trip home too! My sweater bag might not get finished in time tho... Boo! Have a great trip home!!! -Kelsey
ronnie606 : Super cute!
milchvampier - daisymarieknits - missssce - mimiharris -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Having a last minute gift making sale in my shop! 20% off everything this weekend! Shop will be closed Dec 19-Jan 5 for the holidays. More details on incolororder.com. Shop link in profile!
stitchingal : Thanks! Presents for me for Christmas!!
kpfund : @lorikrause !!!
bnb829 - littleredhen08 - cado2309 - shi_lohve -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Beautiful wooden ornaments for my little tree in the mail today, made by @swallowfield!
redthreadstudioonline : Beautiful
duringquiettime : Oh those are beautiful!
oocha : These are gorgeous!!
swallowfield : thanks so much @jenib320 !!
rhymeswspoon : Beautiful!
juicyredbee : So lovely!
jaceynotjc : Gorgeous!
annettesamborski : Beautiful!
rebekah725 - kayhey13 - satula - suzistyles -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Hoping to bind three quilts today, wish me luck! #dreaminvintage #artgalleryfabrics
dreaminvintage - artgalleryfabrics -
seamallowancefabrics : Whoah ambitious!! You can do it!
lelliebunny : Good luck @jenib320 ! I have one to bind more of when I get home from work tonight
jackiesstitches : Curious as to how you use a Hera marker in binding.
always.angela : Good luck !! Go, go, go! πŸ’₯πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
jenib320 : @jackiesstitches I use it to crease the fold when mitering corners! It's quicker for me than using the iron, plus I don't have to wait for it to cool before marking with the frixion pen.
jujuspatch : 😍 #lovevintagefabrics
leileiw22 : Cross fingers!
jackiesstitches : Thank you @jenib320 Great tip!
everydayfray - madeinlowell - erinpolkadot - karenlusbylewis -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Wishing I had time to do some garment sewing right now, I love this knit out and about dress (pattern by @sewcaroline) from the Geometric Bliss look book! If you could drop everything and do some just because sewing today, what would you make? #geometricbliss #artgalleryfabrics
artgalleryfabrics - geometricbliss -
emcamfield : I'd finish the Blanche Barrel Bag (by Swoon Patterns) I started a few weeks ago.
clairemartine : Alphabet letters for baby girl.
midwestcoastsewist : Pretty! I'd be finishing up a shirt for my boyfriend's Christmas present.
mileeandmiss : I've been trying for weeks to get to my #aldershirtdress! There's always something that comes up and takes priority. I need a clone of myself!
baker_brianne : A coaster trimmed with teeny pom-poms :)
allisonsews : I think this one is super cute too! I wish it looked this good in my size though...
jenib320 : @cheryl_arkison that does sound luxurious!
jenib320 : @baker_brianne all the pom-poms!
bananashowcase - be_a_cria - sillymamaquilts - jennymakesstuff -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Oh, George! What big ears you have! #georgebunny #bunstagram
georgebunny - bunstagram -
hsovercomer : @its_xzaydrea
lanadunk : Adorable! !
leileiw22 : Hi George!!!
peppiflo : Cutie.
littlebluebell : hi George! πŸ‡
mybricole : Hiiiiiiiiii!
cheaptarts : ❀️😊
daughterinspired - littleredhen08 - llamafabrics - quilting_sanity -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
It's so squishy and cozy. Perfect for today's weather. Daybreak pattern by Stephen West. #eatsleepknit #westknits
westknits - eatsleepknit -
julieqquilts : Beautiful yarn, what is it?
neverjustjennifer : I wish I knit still!
say_car_ramrod_ : Love daybreak! Suck a classic pattern. Never looks bad or gets old
love_evol : Perfect colors I love it Jeni!! 😍
noodlehead531 : I wanna squish it! Today is so rainy. :(
jenib320 : @julieqquilts the light gray is madelinetosh pashmina in moonstone and the purple is cephalopod yarns bugga! in bold jumping spider!
jenib320 : @noodlehead531 I know, it's making me want to take a nap!
leahttucker : It really is just beautiful!
hotflashknitting - homemadeemilyjane - gulddk - gill_sews -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Sharing my Daybreak shawl on the blog today! #eatsleepknit #westknits
westknits - eatsleepknit -
jaceynotjc : I just love it!!
tiacurtisquilts : Yours is lovely! I finished mine not long ago and I wear it all the time.
honeybeecre8tes : Gorgeous!
happygolizzie : Great!
oocha : Your Daybreak is gorgeous!!! Love the colors!
stitchesinplay : Beautiful!
mgrknits : Did you do it all in garter stitch? What a great idea! I love it!
jenib320 : @mgrknits I did!
honeybeecre8tes - heykidboutique - sewshiny - gill_sews -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Close up of the quilting on my Half Squares quilt! Went with free form swirls using a light purple thread from my Aurifil thread collection! #geometricbliss #artgalleryfabrics #aurifil
aurifil - artgalleryfabrics - geometricbliss -
cucaroo : ❀️❀️❀️
modage_accessoires : 😍
leileiw22 : The color matching!!!
moyersminions : Which pure element colours did you use?
jenib320 : @moyersminions they're all listed in the blog post on the quilt, link in my profile!
moyersminions : Got it thank you @jenib320 also making your salted caramels and vintage star now too lol
belloquacity : Looks great Jeni!
rivergirlquilts : Gorgeous
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