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jenib320 - Jeni Baker
I even pieced the backing for my scrappy star quilt, which I don't do often. It's more fun since the front is so simple! #colormeretro #artgalleryfabrics
colormeretro - artgalleryfabrics -
henrys_shed : Love it, front and back!πŸ˜„
cleaverr : This back is awesome.
emilyalix : 😍
pinksuedeshoe : I love scrappy backs. Almost as much as scrappy fronts!
lmheitman : I love your Color Me Retro line, can you still buy it?
jenib320 : @lmheitman yes! I have links to a couple shops that have the entire collection at the bottom of the blog post I put up today!
lmheitman : Thanks! I'll pick some out!
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jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Finally finished my scrappy star quilt! Tutorial can be found on my blog. Starry quilting by @sewshabbyquilting! #colormeretro #artgalleryfabrics
colormeretro - artgalleryfabrics -
oocha : Love!!
jenib320 : @southernsparrow they're 17" finished.
rivergirlquilts : Love this
stacymcgeelee : @theprinetrees let's do this... Is it the one you were telling me about?
theprinetrees : @stacymcgeelee no this is a different one, the other one is on her website though. But I love this too!!!
jaceynotjc : With your favorite green! Love it!
splendorfalls : Really need to make one of these! Love it!
krazgrl0524 : I have GOT to make one of these. Been on my list for a while now.
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jenib320 - Jeni Baker
I give up, George is the clear winner! #georgebunny #bunstagram
georgebunny - bunstagram -
sharonb54 : I heart George!!! So stinkin cute!!
kajujean : He's so fluffy!
mybricole : George, close those cute eyes of yours it's time for bed.
iamlunasol : Is that not where he normally sleeps? He seems so pleased with himself 😘
jenib320 : @iamlunasol he has a regular cage in our room that he normally sleeps in!
iamlunasol : That's what I was guessing. I had a pet rabbit when I was young and she had a hutch outside to sleep in at night because she would get so noisy! Why sleep when you can play? πŸ˜„
carbonsoup : Is George litter trained? I wonder how you stop him from pooping on your bed!
jenib320 : @carbonsoup he is!
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jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Someone is trying to trick me into letting him stay in his play area tonight. How can I resist that face? #georgebunny #bunstagram
georgebunny - bunstagram -
michelemuska : Ok. How come he is so cute
skynme2 : πŸ‡β€οΈ
mybricole : He's way too cute to say no to!!
iamlunasol : I would gladly sacrifice sleep to supervise such a cute bunbun! 🐰
kismetkiki : β˜ΊοΈπŸ’—
violetcraft : Oh George! You can do anything you want. Tell your mommy we voted :)
cidneebear : SOOO cute!!!
sewhitmey - intrepidthread - trudys_person - hallieberryquilts -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Just finished quilting my first quilt on the new machine. A few hiccups but miles and miles better than with my previous machine. Also used a slider for the first time, was awesome! #artgalleryfabrics #aurifil #janome1600
aurifil - artgalleryfabrics - janome1600 -
modquiltgirl_anna : @iamlunasol I have a slider, I cab bring it to the sept sew in
theshortmunchkin : Makes such a difference! I love my slider.
sondrajjones : I have the poor mans slider. I use an oven liner from Walmart. Works great for less $$
heylori824 : @sondrajjones Eeeenteresting!
cjnid : @jenib320 nice! Enjoy your new machine!
pinkkandy : I love my slider... It makes for smoooth quilting.
jenib320 : @iamlunasol I'm not sure yet, since this was the first time on this machine! I think it definitely helped!
jenib320 : @cristycreates I had one and I never could get used to it! Never really had enough room for one anyways! :)
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jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Couldn't resist any longer. City gym shorts pattern by the purl bee using #dreaminvintage! #artgalleryfabrics #aurifil
dreaminvintage - aurifil - artgalleryfabrics -
noodlehead531 : Ah!! I can't get to cutting these out fast enough!!
carolynfriedlander : CUTE!!
raychelyearsley : Still recovering over the sadness of mine not fitting. Sigh. Your pair looks cute!
lklemonandlime : Pretty!!
jenib320 : @raychelyearsley mine fit in the hips but need altering just about everywhere else! Am going to adjust the pattern some for the next pair!
raychelyearsley : @jenib320 so glad I'm not the only one! Mine were too small and I don't have enough of my precious liberty to make a bigger pair. I guess that means I just need to buy more liberty 😁
jenib320 : @raychelyearsley I'm pretty sure that's a sign! :)
cosmosandcotton : Oooo I love these xxxx
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jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Made a boatload of refrigerator pickles today! Cucumbers from my garden and fresh dill from another gardener! Making things is pretty darn cool. Used a #smittenkitchen recipe.
smittenkitchen -
jaceynotjc : Oooh yum!!
kidgiddy : Holy yumminess!
splendorfalls : I really wish I liked pickles!
swink_girl : I made some last yummy!
sewmorequiltsmom : I made bread and butter pickles today. Still trying to perfect the recipe :)
hughavocado : @gracealach
nevadaselkie : I like to make them with a hot bath...they make great Christmas presents.
oversewn : Making things is the best! I revived my scoby and now have some kombucha brewing! So fun to make!!
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jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Spent the weekend relatively unplugged, it's always hard to get back into the swing of things. Being able to go to the botanical gardens, see butterflies emerge, enjoy lunch on the lake and relax with my favorite person made it worth it. Also, I touched that flower to make sure it was real! 🌸
babydoxie : Is this at the Mitchell Park domes? I love that place!
jenib320 : @babydoxie it's at the Olbrich gardens in Madison!
leileiw22 : πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’—πŸ’“ make sure I out all hearts here!
leileiw22 : *put, it's a typo πŸ˜„
babydoxie : Thanks @jenib320 I'll have to check that out the next time I'm in WI.
helumalai : Beautiful! ♥♥♥
michelledegaetano - starspry - tusherau - stitch_girl -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Finished up this quilt top with just enough light left to snap a photo! Pattern is Magic Stars by @aneelahoey and I used #emmygracefabric by @barij. #artgalleryfabrics #aurifil
aurifil - emmygracefabric - artgalleryfabrics -
jaceynotjc : Oh, it looks amazing!!!
shannonebrinkley : Love this! Gorgeous.
nolansnursery : Awesome! Love the pattern!
emilybluestar : Amazing!!
aericksmom_kamsauntie : I'm a newbie @jenib320 but I think I might be able to make this πŸ˜€
sairzey : I agree, this is a stunner! πŸ‘
stitchcottonwool : One of my all time favorite patterns!
aneelahoey : Love it Jeni!
ohsewpersnickety - elisasgallery - artgalleryfabrics - brightlittlefish -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Here is a better shot of my Fox in the Box mini quilt! Prints are from Indian Summer and Oval Elements! #artgalleryfabrics #funsizequilts
artgalleryfabrics - funsizequilts -
helumalai : This is so cute!
eschhousequilts : So cute!
sandratoews : Love it!!!
nessajabuticaba : ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
najat_b_a : @madamehb
pattysloniger : Foxy faces!
kayeprince : I just saw this on your blog and started giggling uncontrollably - I love it so much!! ❀️😘
jenib320 : @kayeprince thanks friend! :)
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