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Quilter, blogger, designer.
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jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Ready for the @cavs opener tonight! Glad I saved all my jerseys! #clevelandrocks #AllForCLE
allforcle - clevelandrocks -
entropyalwayswinsblog : Go Cavaliers! I spent three great years in Cleveland during my Pediatric Residency at Rainbow Babies and Children's. Enjoy the game
mybricole : Hi you!!!!!
greenleafgoods : Yay! I grew up in Cleveland and I'm so excited for this season! I need to get some gear :)
ek_a_quilter : Go Cavs! My son is dying to see the game tonight! We are doing homemade wings tonight!!
purplepoppyquilts : Should be an interesting season. I'm just happy Kevin love gets to play on a good team. He's a close family friend (grew up with my younger siblings) and it should be fun to see how they do together. Have fun! I miss going to nba games. Darn Seattle.
leileiw22 : Hiiiiii! 嗨😊
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jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Telling this quilt's story on the blog today! Dreamin' Vintage + my Side Braid pattern. #dreaminvintage #artgalleryfabrics #WeAreFabrics
dreaminvintage - wearefabrics - artgalleryfabrics -
sewcharmed : Pretty!
ravenousknits : Super charming.
luckygirlquilts : This pattern is on my to-do list, can't wait!
nogaquilts : Beautiful! Love the colors!
prettylittlequilts : @jennie_tracy
sandyvandy2 : Beautiful!
oldredbarnco : Was so sad you weren't at market. Was looking forward to seeing a new fabric line!
jenib320 : @oldredbarnco you're sweet! It was nice to have a little break, but I did miss seeing everyone!
tusherau - awall0526 - ll_cool_jaques - cindyd1010 -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Ever since we brought George home I have been on the hunt for black rabbit things. I usually have no luck, but today I found the crown jewel, a stuffed animal!! Absolutely made my day/week/month!
jenib320 : @ravenousknits a sheet!
hallieberryquilts : George Bun and his twin, both very cute!
greenleafgoods : Is it a jelly bunny? My niece has one and I love it, they're so soft!
jenib320 : @greenleafgoods it is! So soft!
greenleafgoods : That is awesome! Every time I see them in the store I want to get one for myself :)
jenib320 : @greenleafgoods me too, they're all so cute! I had no good excuse to leave this one behind :)
oocha : So cute!!
leileiw22 : Pink nose!
juliafahren - suzistyles - sewspecialbyshabs - houseofbadcats -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
#widrn - sending out my #knitallthethingsswap package. Had such fun participating in this one, it's been forever since I've been in a swap! Tagged by @arajaneo, tagging anyone who wants to play!
knitallthethingsswap - widrn -
mssdesign : @wendylee0603 lol all the things!
trilliumdesign : That sounds like a fun swap
wendylee0603 : Lol @mssdesign hahaha all the things all the time!
arajaneo : Ooh, fun!
leileiw22 : I like the cute yarn ball!
bextini - honeyandblueberries - sharingthegoodstuff - peachandtweed -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
I behaved and only bought one of the new @orlakiely for @target pouches. I may or may not go back for more...😁
sashikostyle : Wha? Going on line toute suite!!
studio_bb : Oooooo I am just learning of these @orlakiely pretties! Thanks ! I feel a much "needed" shopping trip coming this weekend!
noodlehead531 : Love that size!! And color!
chelsea_hard : @seventeenandem have you seen these?
seventeenandem : I have most of them! Duh! @chelsea_hard I specifically have this one in Orange!
sactdl2 : @treatssf @tramdluu
treatssf : @sactdl2 that's cute! I'll have a look tomorrow
tramdluu : Super cute
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jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Still one of my very favorite projects, my Sparkling Cider quilt made from vintage sheets in 2010. I remember when and where I thrifted some of those sheets! #soakphotochallenge
soakphotochallenge -
donuradesigns : I look forward to one of these. I am still collecting sheets.
ashleymarydunlop : That's beautiful!
legs_benedict : Aw, I loooooove this! I bet those sheets are soft, too!
mumkins : @homebase628 ♡♡♡ definitely need to start collecting vintage sheets now.
rosivillarosa : I like it
randomlypieced : So beautiful!
greengroves : I super love this! 💖💛💚💙💜
homebase628 : Adorable! @mumkins
sugargrovehandmade - ellenmargareta - awall0526 - tinajogmark -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Last year's Halloween picture looks pretty good in black and white! Pets in B&W, tagged by @quirkygranolagirl! Tagging anyone who wants to play! #georgebunny #bunstagram
georgebunny - bunstagram -
quirkygranolagirl : My favorite!!
thesunnystitch : My favorite instapet! Keep George pics coming.
anyonecanquilt : @knitsomniacdesigns Hehe!! That's so cute!!!!
maria.anderson : Oh my gosh, this is wonderful!
green_faery444 : @lilt_pop looook so cute :}
bluemoon33227 : Ahhhhhhhhhhh💕👀
jenjshel : @danielle101285
danielle101285 : lol @jenjshel Check out the pics I just posted!
angie_christine722 - valbark - atelieamorando - thegreyrabbitstop -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
My first quilt: simple patchwork in warm colors, with quilting by @sometimescraftr! Also, bite marks by George🐰 #soakphotochallenge
soakphotochallenge -
sometimescraftr : The quilt that brought us together and started a great friendship. :) I still love that quilt!
jenib320 : @sometimescraftr me too, it makes it so much better! ❤️
mysweetmerrimint : Beautiful!
7ekayat_rw7 : @t_o0o0o_t فن الترقيع
lizziethequilter : Is it still your favourite quilt?
mimi19903 : Very Beautiful!
angie_christine722 : I remember this! One of my fave In Color Order blog posts!
jenib320 : @lizziethequilter my favorite is ever changing! This one will always be special to me though!
mimi19903 - angie_christine722 - megankarincooper - alexveronelli -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
Took some photos of my latest knitting finish today, a Greyhaven hat! It knit up so quick. Pattern by Robin Ulrich, yarn is Sweet Georgia Trinity Worsted in Silver.
jenib320 : @kidgiddy I've never been!
michellecansew : Thanks! I'll definitely check it out. It looks so pretty and dainty.
kidgiddy : You should!
luckygirlquilts : Very pretty!!
gwynevyre : @likalia
jackiesstitches : Did u make any modifications size wise? Would it work for a 12 year old?
jenib320 : @jackiesstitches I skipped a pattern repeat to make it shorter. It's still quite big on me, I think it would be quite a bit too big for a 12 year old!
leileiw22 : I love the top part!
suzistyles - countessablaze - jordol - leileiw22 -
jenib320 - Jeni Baker
I don't consider many of my quilts to be very modern. This is probably the closest I ever got! #soakphotochallenge #artgalleryfabrics
artgalleryfabrics - soakphotochallenge -
jacqueline_soak : Spectacular.
hallieberryquilts : It's awesome!
frecklemama : @szyhomemaker this too.
rosecityquilter : Awesome!
gingerbreadsnowflakes : A most excellent quilt!
oocha : Ooh!!
babygotbobbin : Pretty! 😍
claireturpindesign : Love it ❤️
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