Who, me? ✈️ULM KΔ. DCP Fall '14/Summer Alumni '15.
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jamiholmes - Jami
Samuel Luke Holmes ⛅️ This kid is something special.
jennifer_counts : He is adorable!
malandasaurus_rex : Brb crying
emmylouise1224 : Yes he is!!
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jamiholmes - Jami
Three seasons down, one to go! I'm so proud of you and all you've accomplished, middle child. You're going to do big things bub🇺🇸
holmes25 : I love you sis.😘thank you!
bethnihemphill : Precious 💙
beckyabshire12 : Way to go Andrew and I love yall!!
sgarrison17 : Your team had an awesome year! Proud of you!
jamiholmes : ❤️❤️ @bethnihemphill @beckyabshire12 @sgarrison17
jennifer_counts : You have an AMAZING lil brother!!!
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jamiholmes - Jami
DIEGOOOOO!!! It's a "happy birthday" Instagram post, complete with a collage of some of the fun times we've had!! I miss your insanely sarcastic self so much and I hope you have the most amazing birthday ever! Hope to see ya real soon and throw Halloween candy at passerby's! Love you!❤️🚀
greeneyedlinds : If only that man were straight...
heyodiego : THANK YOU SO MUCH JAMI!!!! I love you to Mars and back; I'm so freaking glad that I had the joy of being your friend for my DCP!!! There's always a laugh to be had with you around :) I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOMETIME SOON!!!! Thankfully Louisiana isn't that far away!!! Anyway, thank you so much love, you're the best, love you!!! ❤️🚀✨
greeneyedlinds : @heyodiego I reeeeeeeally hope you have the same number cause I sent a sweet, long and sassy text message to you this morning... And I hope it went to you and not to some 60 year old man or 13 year old tween.... LAWD. I love you.
jamiholmes : You're very welcome Diego! I'm so freaking thankful for the multitude of memories we got to make. From concerts, to theme parks, to themed parties😂 you're the best. and we'll have to figure out when we can meet up at Six Flags!! Also, imagine that I gave you a Disney birthday button today! Those are a necessity👏 @heyodiego
jamiholmes : And for the sake of the 60 or 13 year old, @greeneyedlinds, I hope he has the same number! 😂😂😂
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jamiholmes - Jami
I don't like posting screenshots of snapchats, but I had to because of this beauty. Obviously I get my looks from you (as in that stank face we were both unknowingly giving @kayleaholdthemayo). Thank you for being the wonderful woman that you are, and the most amazing mother to 5 kids and 4 dogs. I wanna be like you in every way. 💖
kayleaholdthemayo : 😍😂❤️
momof5rachel : @jamiholmes ❤️😍 You are already so much better than me in every way! I love you
cutehairbyjordan - bhdeason - auburn_wallace - thatwizardyounowknow -
jamiholmes - Jami
Twirling with Cindy and getting photobombed by Spidey... My favorite 💙✨❤️ @enchantedentertainment So many princesses (and a superhero or two) will be at the Crawfish and Gator Festival for the last time tomorrow from 2-4! Come and say hi!
mal_leanne_ : Can you plz make me into a Princess before midnight?👸🏼
jamiholmes : I'll see if the fairy godmother can hook you up 😜 @gallery_of_mallory_
mal_leanne_ : Bless you child
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jamiholmes - Jami
Having a little sister is so much fun💖👭
beauxbennett : What a pro. Approved 400%
beauxbennett : #Soccer5ever
jamiholmes : Don't let the sweet smile fool you; she's a beast on the soccer field. Takes after me that way. @beauxbennett
karenlmccormick : So lovely 😍
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jamiholmes - Jami
PRSSA is having a bake sale! Show your support and buy a tasty treat for ONLY $1 outside the SUB!
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jamiholmes - Jami
Hey, @amberella_918. I miss your face.
amberisinallofmypictures -
jamiholmes : #amberisinallofmypictures
amberella_918 : Aww I love this picture!!! It makes me so sad that you aren't my roommate anymore! 😭💔 #havetoseeyousoon
jamiholmes : We took so many great pictures that night! I don't know what I'm doing to my face though. Lol 😂 I mean, if you're not my roommate... Who is going to watch Bridezilla Bootcamp with me? @amberella_918
amberella_918 : The perfect photo shoot 👌exactly or sing disney songs and complain about the time change with me 😭
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jamiholmes - Jami
What I did today. @olanrogers has a fantastic thing going and y'all should definitely check #TheSodaParlor out! It gave me the opportunity to demand that the "Master Commander" be brought to me. So for that, I'm thankful. (Not pictured: the Harry Potter t-shirt I bought)
thesodaparlor -
christmas93 : You also spent the day with your AMAZING cousin...
cory.woodruff - agbrooks1 - not.carson - katecape30 -
jamiholmes - Jami
📷Reposting from @adriennenicolerichardson. Happy #MedievalMonday! 🎭💖👼 if you're walking through the quad around 2:00 tomorrow, don't mind the 20 students wearing heavy cloaks (in 79 degree weather) and speaking dialogue from the 1440s. It's casual.
medievalmonday -
tannaxoxo_ : caption ❤️
gingerdebruhlstapp : I love you @jamiholmes You are precious!!!
oliviaohlala : 😴😴
jamiholmes : I don't know why I never saw your comment!! I love YOU, Mrs. Ginger! @gingerdebruhlstapp
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