Who, me? ✈️ULM KΔ.DCP Fall 2014.
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jamiholmes - Jami
🎶For there's no man in town half as manly.🎶 A little Gaston #mcm for you today. But really...I just wanted an excuse to post this.💪😜
mcm -
shelbsj : I love this! 😍
mrsgulde1 : Cue big brother comment in 5, 4, 3, 2...😍
jamiholmes : Hahaha YES. I'm surprised one of them weren't the first to comment! @mrsgulde1 I love it, too☺️ @oliviaremsberg @shelbsj
holmes25 : @aholmes15 you want this one or me?
aholmes15 : You can give it your best shot and ill fill in tge gaps.. @holmes25
aholmes15 : Look at his quad game... #weak.. you want a manly guy? find someone whos heard of leg day.. ill sparta kick his butt back over the castle wall for a second time.. hair game? -fake..niggas wearing a wig.. im Gaston..
david.miller.original : #AlexforGaston2k15
lkaydeason : Cute😊
katiebrookey - c_bern23 - meggs611 - tanna_noel14 -
jamiholmes - Jami
#latergram from my last Florida sunset.
latergram -
grandmadeason : Beautiful!
largestaccount : Join my Instagram community that connects the world through photography?
kylie.marsh - tlrascoe - flo_worster - malandasaurus_rex -
jamiholmes - Jami
It hasn't even been a week, but I miss my roommate. Most college program participants don't get to walk away with the friendship that we were so lucky to form. Amber is the Anna to my Elsa, the Wendy to my Tink (and vice versa), and the Cinderella to my Belle. Who is going to help me decide if it's a false lashes day? Or pick out her clothes first so that I know what to wear? Who will get confused as my twin, and also accused as a Disney princesses with me? I can't wait to see you again and sing T-Swift and Karmin at the top of our lungs. Let's be cheesy and work for the mouse again in the near future, eh? That way, we can close Epcot and dance in front of Spaceship Earth. Miss and love you with all of my Disney heart. 💛💖-one half of #Jamberella
amberisinallofmypictures - jamberella -
beauxbennett : Is this the one who wanted to fight?
jamiholmes : She'd be the one from Snapchat, yes! @beauxbennett
beauxbennett : Got my eye on her 😑
kourtneysneed : oh my heart 😍😭💙💗
amberella_918 : This is honestly killing me...I miss my twin so much! Who's going to run to Chick-fil-a with me and then realize it's Sunday? I need my other half to Jamberella...
jamiholmes : #amberisinallofmypictures
h.ill.ary - bonvoyagepascal - merry.jam - thatwizardyounowknow -
jamiholmes - Jami
•••••••long post••••••• So this is it. The big shebang, the final whoo-rah. The night that ends 5 months. The song says, "Μake a wish, and do as dreamers do. And all our wishes will come true." I've been living by this since day #1, so it was only fitting that I end my program with "Wishes" and cry my eyes out repeatedly. While reflecting, I thought long and hard about what these last few months have taught me. 1. Magic is real. It's all around us. It can be in just a smile on someone's face and in the touch of a hand, or it could be realizing a dream come true. 2. Pixie dust can change your whole day. Seriously. {and it's not glitter} 2. You can grow up without growing up. I believe that you can cling to a strong part of your childhood innocence and still become a responsible adult-young or old. I believe that you can with all my heart. It's possible to stay "not a grown up"-as my good friend, Peter Pan, would say. I find great joy in twirling around in front of a castle before work. How could you not?! 3. Never EVER let someone tell you to stop dreaming and reaching for what it is that you deserve. If you have something in your heart, cling to it with all of your might. I did, and still am. It hasn't let me down yet. Obviously I learned way more than 3 bullet points over the course of a semester, but I didn't feel you'd be interested in me rambling about princesses and never denying yourself a cronut or ice cream. So to close it all out-I'll forever and ever be grateful for these past 5 months, and I wish that I could relive every single day of it. Tonight, I want to thank Jesus for this door He opened •and Walt Disney for the dream he never gave up on.•.
1 -
gingerdebruhlstapp : Jami...I love your awe and wonder of life! Never stop being magical! 😘
haileysav : Beautiful💜
alexisimplicity : brb crying my eyes out.
jamiholmes : Thank you Mrs. Ginger! I love you❤️ @gingerdebruhlstapp and I know. I did too. A lot. 😭 @alexisimplicity
jamiholmes : Thank you, @haileysav! Just thinking about it gives me chill bumps!
jennyrems : 😍❤️😘😘😘
im_kristian - tmytnik - _brooks_a_million - yunalishus -
jamiholmes - Jami
"You don't build it for yourself. You know what the people want and you build it for them." -Walt Last night, it was impossible to feel like Magic Kingdom was made for anyone else but me.
_nortonhearsawho_ : I can't believe I missed you by one day😩
jamiholmes : I know!!! I was at Universal that day! @_nortonhearsawho_
kristalauren620 - grandmadeason - kaitlin_many - malandasaurus_rex -
jamiholmes - Jami
Life's a dream ✨
lkaydeason : Beautiful!
kylie.marsh - grandmadeason - princessskaylaa_ - aslinnjoy -
jamiholmes - Jami
I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT CAPTION TO PUT HERE. I just love you & I love that you're here. #repost #jokerfacetwins
jokerfacetwins - repost -
madisonsmith20 : Oh btws I'm rocking those red lips! Doing like my big does! 😘 @ldchauvin
ldchauvin : Omg yes! You are so fierce 😍😍😍 @madisonsmith20
lauryn3226 - a.g.s.0921 - kelbie_mccauley - gabbykelly10 -
jamiholmes - Jami
She's fierce. Much fierceness. @madisonsmith20
madisonsmith20 : It doesn't get much more blue steel than me! 😏
h.ill.ary - josh_richardson__ - destinysbrown - merry.jam -
jamiholmes - Jami
It's Christmastime at the Charming's💙 #theycalledusprincess #sowewereprincess
sowewereprincess - theycalledusprincess - amberisinallofmypictures -
grandmadeason : So, so beautiful!
4fatheroffour : @jamiholmes That poise tho
jamiholmes : On point? @4fatheroffour
4fatheroffour : @jamiholmes ok, I will give u that ;-)
jamiholmes : #Amberisinallofmypictures
gallery_of_mallory_ - shereenicole0621 - 4fatheroffour - christmas93 -
jamiholmes - Jami
So, okay. I've earned my graduation ears! Only weeks left of my Disney College Program before I return to my family, friends, university, and sisters❤️💛🐻🐚💚 I hate to leave, but it's always wonderful to go home!
cbruno16 : Thank GOD so ready to have you home!!!! 👭💚💚💚😻
jamiholmes : I'm SO ready to watch movies with you and pretend we aren't crying! ❤️❤️❤️ @cbruno16
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