James Jeans

Your perfect fit. Dedicated to high quality, traditional craftsmanship. Made in Los Angeles, CA.
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jamesjeans - James Jeans
Thursdays were made for soft denim and fresh flowers πŸ’
marvaldesigns : πŸ‘Œ
the_jeans_blog : πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
loveeashlyn : 😘😘
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jamesjeans - James Jeans
Are they or aren't they?! Lizzy Caplan raises eyebrows clad in James Jeans and leaving Chateau Marmont with James Marsden. What do you think?! Sound off below and let us know!
the_jeans_blog : πŸ’™πŸ’™
barkergirl38 : On their way ;)
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jamesjeans - James Jeans
Double tap if you think Blake & Ryan are going to have the CUTEST BABY OF ALL TIME. What do you the couple should name their Little Reynolds? (Blake photographed here at Chanel wearing-- what else?! James Jeans!)
caryssal_27 : @bricachella003 mom?
the_jeans_blog : πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
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jamesjeans - James Jeans
Hogwarts Express, over and out! (#regram @tovogueorbust in James Jeans Moto Black Enzyme)
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kwanstersinc : @tovogueorbust Take me with you! πŸ’ƒ
brianrac1 : OMG this is the BEST picture ever! #love
barkergirl38 : Great pic! :)
theigtraveler : i love this!
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jamesjeans - James Jeans
#STARWARS: The force is strong with Jamie King, posing at the Star Wars Rebels screening in LA wearing James Jeans Neo Beau in Genevieve
starwars -
al1ie69 : I πŸ’š james jeans❗️
jamesjeans : We πŸ’œ @al1ie69! πŸ˜™
denimologydotcom : πŸ‘–πŸ‘–πŸ‘–β€οΈ
iheartheels : What is your most recent press contact? Thank you! 😘
kylieannstutler : @stephaniesshop
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jamesjeans - James Jeans
Emily Blunt was so excited to get her hands on our Twiggy Duo in Espionage, she called them the PERFECT pair for autumn in New York! How adorable is she with baby Hazel? Shop your pair now at www.jamesjeans.us
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jamesjeans : #emilyblunt #hollywood #actress #hollywoodmoms #celebritymoms #moms #celeb #celebs #celebrities
alicsir : Love Emily!
juliebabindesign : Love these jeans !!!!
robatajinya : Ooo nice! :)
kylieannstutler : @stephaniesshop
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jamesjeans - James Jeans
Fearless femme T. Swift wears James Jeans Colette shorts while out in New York City
singer - newyorkcity - celebs - tswift - celebrities - taylorswift - celeb - music - nyc - celebrity -
jamesjeans : #taylorswift #tswift #nyc #newyorkcity #celeb #celebs #celebrity #celebrities #music #singer
morgandestefano : @jacob_lazmone
jacob_lazmone : She wears what she wants when she wants @morgandestefano
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jamesjeans - James Jeans
What better time than Autumn to Fall in love with our Twiggy Espionage? #WIN your own pair by tagging a friend and commenting below how you'll style them this season. Contest ends this Friday, Good Luck!
win -
peoria : πŸ‘–πŸ’™
lmb89 : @estherumdengs with my perfect vneck grey shirt and a badass leather jacket
lilirousso : @alishagl with a splendid striped or white top of course!
alishagl : @lilirousso Very cute!!!
jamesjeans : Couldn't pick just one winner, so we picked three! Congratulations to @corazon_yigan, @peoria, and @aleciamariana on winning a pair of James Twiggy Espionage! Email Catherine@jamesjeans.us with your size and address :) We'll be hosting another giveaway soon, so stay tuned! xo James Jeans
cchuchu : (^-^)πŸ‘
womackamanda : So so sad I missed this! Just ordered the Twiggy in Kenwood, and these are just as amazing!!! We need these at the Blues Jean Bar Dallas asap!!!!
jamesjeans : @womackamanda Don't worry, beautiful, we'll be running another contest very soon! Hope you LOVE the Twiggy Kenwood as much as we do, and just for the record, our Twiggy Espionage is TO. DIE. FOR. πŸ˜™
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jamesjeans - James Jeans
#Win our James Twiggy in Espionage! Like our page, tag a friend, & let us know how you'll wear camo this season. Contest ends next Friday, October 3rd. Good Luck, Happy Friday!
win -
alex.k.smith : @samchasesmith
theclosetmaine : @tracyporell The twiggy is my fav!!! I would wear these everyday with my leather moto and new booties! My birthday is the 5th- would be an excellent happy birthday to me!
aleciamariana : @christinekh. Camo is perfection for fall! I plan to wear camo both dressed up with some fabulous pumps for a night out and with a more casual daytime look with flats and a cozy loose fitting tee and floppy hat! πŸ‘ 
jamesjeans : Couldn't pick just one winner, so we picked three! Congratulations to @corazon_yigan, @peoria, and @aleciamariana on winning a pair of James Twiggy Espionage! Email Catherine@jamesjeans.us with your size and address :) We'll be hosting another giveaway soon, so stay tuned! xo James Jeans
peoria : 😍😍😍 so excited!! Thank you so much!
corazon_yigan : @jamesjeans what a great way to start my weekend,Thank you!
poshlula44 : Ahh can't believe I missed this!! Hope you do another contest soon-I can't get enough of my James jeans!
reidsrd : I agree totally with the one above n
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jamesjeans - James Jeans
We LOVE our interns! Come get the industry experience of a lifetime in our gorgeous New York Showroom! πŸ‘ˆ
jules.life : @lola_estefania didnt know if this might interest you
cityofgentlemen : Ugh. Wished I lived in NY. This would be awesome experience.
kylieannstutler : @kalynnemarie_
lola_estefania : @jules.life it would be perfect if not for my school schedule thanks
doglovernonestop : @noodlemonster cool opportunity?
fran_nicole : @ariadimalanta thought you might be interested!!
noodlemonster : @doglovernonestop looks great!
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