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James Lucas

I climb. I write. I travel.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Ten years ago today, I fell a hundred feet free soloing in Joshua Tree National Park. I fought hard to recover physically and mentally. This year, I came closer to free climbing El Cap in a day. Progress.
rpuro : #survivor! πŸ‘
big_knife : Wow @alaindelatejera
lynbarraza : Way to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and continue to go for it!
alaindelatejera : @big_knife I heard about this. I saw him speak in yosemite three summers ago. He is one lucky dude.
linda_kinsky : Wow, I didn't know that happened to you. Way to get back on the horse James!
petersce86 : @james_lucas do you know dick dower? He recently took a bad fall and is having a hard time. He's in his sixties, so he might not recover as great as you did, but maybe talking to you would help him gather strength. Facebook him! Dick Dower. Also congrats.
ricasgm : Get well soon them #boulders need climbing #lol be #stryπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
pare126 : :) @Wennyyie
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james_lucas - James Lucas
In 1979, Mark Hudon and Max Jones made a Free As Can Be ascent of the Salathe on El Capitan. They stood on the shoulders of Jardine, Bachar, Kauk, Donini et al, and bumped the free climbing standards from 5.11 to 5.12 @touchstoneclimbing @lasportivana @fixehardware
eric_odenthal : Great part of climbing history. Thanks for sharing!
pierredestcroix : #oldschoolbadasses
johnny_danger : Killer
andrewbisharat : I didn't see this in Valley Uprising. You must be mistaken.
james_lucas : @andrewbisharat watching from the belay above is Chongo, master of counter surveillance
andrewbisharat : @james_lucas I don't see a slack line there. I'm just at deeply suspicious about all of this being real
alaindelatejera : Did Bachar or Kauk ever attempt to free-climb a route on El Cap? I know Jardine did with The Nose.
james_lucas : @alaindelatejera Bachar freed pancake flake on the Nose, Kauk did some hard free climbing on iron hawk and other routes. The sport climbing, top down style of climbing hadn't hit el cap yet
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james_lucas - James Lucas
According to SF police reports, a man disguised as St Nick robbed a 400 Sutter Street bank. At 1:08pm, Bad Santa handed a teller a demand note and left with an undisclosed amount of cash into Saturdays Santa Con fest. Be on the look out for any suspicious holiday characters #touchstoneclimbing
touchstoneclimbing -
balarconda : Is there a reward? I may be able to jog my memory.
r_a_z_a : That is not St. Nick, that is Arthur Dent
james_lucas : @r_a_z_a that's why he looked so suspicious!!!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Barely escaped with my hand. A horse barricaded the gate out of jailhouse. I pushed him. He stayed. Cathy pushed him. He stayed. The apple bought enough time for Cathy and Derek to shuttle the cars out. He are the stickers but I kept my fingers. #jailhouseclimbing
jailhouseclimbing -
stillsimplytheresa : Haha! Good thing someone had an extra apple!
freschl : Greedy horsey
danieljordan86 : Bought enough time to snap an Instagram photo too!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
The sun also rises. Dreaming of Spain.
megaproj -
james_lucas : #megaproj
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james_lucas - James Lucas
#tbt to when I had hair like Bjorne Borg on the Asshole Arête at Castle Rock
tbt -
inert_motion : Castle Rock! It's like Yosemite but sandstone and routes max out at 100 ft.
willmasterman : @inert_motion I like castle rock but that comparison may be a stretch. It would be like comparing mission cliffs to Ceuse!
oysterhead43 : Best slopers in CA, though.
oldmanmoon : One of my favs! A hidden turd-gem.
lynbarraza - luke1041 - seelyseeclimb - paco_j -
james_lucas - James Lucas
That's a duck. #jailhouseclimbing
jailhouseclimbing -
beachgospel : That looks like a duck.
cpaquot : That's not two ducks?
prana24 : Did you show her your duck?
claksana : Lol, what the heck?! At jailhouse?!
nikdingleberry : @james_lucas I bet that duck mouth is looking pretty good these days eh
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Who needs friends when you got family like this. @anothermattlucas happy birthday you'll never be absolved of your sins.
joycedeezy : Happy birthday peaches!!
rpuro : πŸ‘πŸŽ‚πŸ°πŸŽ‰πŸ‘
susanica : 🌟
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james_lucas - James Lucas
I climbed for the first time at Jailhouse exactly 10 years ago today. I went back today for the 168th time and still had fun. @tarareynvaan photo. #jailhouseclimbing
jailhouseclimbing -
dbizznis : Sick! I've never actually seen this wall from this angle, impressive choss.
bronsonhovie : Haha happy birthday!
ltjian : Is it weird that you know those numbers? Maybe maybe?
marykatemm : ^^ what @ltjian said πŸ˜‚
james_lucas : @ltjian @marykatemm everytime I go to jailhouse I etch a line in a rock in the cave out left. That's how I keep track of my sentence. I'm filling the stone with hash marks.
susanica : Beautiful mind.
leecujes : @johnjobrien Coolumish.
maurice_brown : @andijeanbrown we should probably get down here fast @tarareynvaan can you show us around.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
The past few nights I've fallen asleep to these windchimes. Why do I keep dreaming of El Cap?
instantmattkuehl : Too many bong hits
james_lucas : @instantmattkuehl Zing!!
joey_kinder : Uuuuuh cuz u got a project! Dude I can't sleep some nights because beta flies through my head and places I wanna go and shit I wanna bolt and styles I wanna try and it's endless. Climbing's like that man. It's called passion and obsession. It's healthy. Sorta.
james_lucas : @joey_kinder Yup.
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