James Lucas

I climb. I write. I travel.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Too much pro for one photo. @alexhonnold and @joe.kinder race up the walls of @berkeleyironworks @touchstoneclimbing @lasportivana #takeyershirtoff #lookgoodclimbgood #yermomsgunnashortropeyou
abh - takeyershirtoff - yermomsgunnashortropeyou - lookgoodclimbgood -
smashits : That's PRO. That guy climbed el cap!
emilyaharrington : @james_lucas @smashits who's the most pro on plastic? I think it might be peaches in fact.
ethan_pringle : You're taking top-down shots in the gym?
leoneoneon : @clarrissac
james_lucas : @ethan_pringle #abh Always Be Husslin!
alaindelatejera : @ethan_pringle why not? It's fun.
rahmawatiputris : Cool!
minakobb4 : cool
gravanicola - om_asha - u.n.s - leeetchs_adventure -
james_lucas - James Lucas
@alexhonnold goes full twister on Picture Me Rollin, a V10 boulder problem at Drug Dome. Honnold somersaulted down the hill a half dozen times before he figured out how to contort his body. Sometimes, you got to pretzel it out. @touchstoneclimbing @lasportivana
panseca : @james_lucas this is incredibly amazing !! Pushing through the limit your mind and body , and learn to be comfortable with that!!! Is really beautiful!!! Thanks!!!πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ
hberbey : @heyarnold530
srinivasamz - climbergirl26 - drewbasinger - roger_putnam -
james_lucas - James Lucas
Lawyers, scientists, plumbers...climbing attracts all types of professions. @pangtastic represents one of hundreds of #dirtbagdoctors, highly trained workers who wear tattered t-shirts with witty logos. They love rock as much as they love medicine. #trustmeimmadoctor
trustmeimmadoctor - dirtbagdoctors -
unknowndestination : Haha rhat hash tag πŸ˜‚
dirtbagdad : No shit, and that guy knows everyone!
zahra_moulazadeh - aureliuskadzius_ - jsbwc10 - nyasmin15 -
james_lucas - James Lucas
On Friday, June 26th, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the Constitution's guarantees due process and equal protection under the law means that states cannot ban same-sex marriage. @alexhonnold announced at our Tuolumne Campsite, "They legalized gay marriage!" Congratulations to everyone that has fought so long and hard. Get married!
bearcam : Great capture!
james_lucas : @bearcam it wasn't easy. Stallone galloped fast!
bearcam : You must have had a fast lens I'm guessing f/1.8????
james_lucas : @bearcam I used one of the Zeiss 50 .7 NASA Kubrick lenses and modified it to fit my Nex-7
sofigash : Π•Π΅Π΅Π΅Π΅
sol_rogowski : Best one yet. @suziehaslam
tbenallie : @kfish45 Kyle...?
cotonprenses : Loveme
josepaul78 - dearlovershop - cotonprenses - oldgregc -
james_lucas - James Lucas
This week was incredible. I met so many #famous people. Jared Leto gave me his shades (ok I stole them). And I met the new face of Coppertone Sunscreen. @alexhonnold you know how to hang at the beach!!!! #omg #lookgoodclimbgood #tanningforlyfe
famous - tanningforlyfe - omg - lookgoodclimbgood -
nplasto : O my god. Hahahahahahaha
holachunli : @hernant84
weepeaks : @lne_kar x
lne_kar : @weepeaks that's a nasty burn...
weepeaks : @lne_kar yeah, looks like he might need some lotion on that...
sepatown_sadatay : @dontcallmeankle
joekief : @ohlaurenlauren
danschmidty : @reneesalva
trav_man_beard - wolfepix - rockgranite1 - vichovedder -
james_lucas - James Lucas
This winter, @jonathansiegrist took over in Siurana, dispatching the hardest climbs at the world renown area. Climbing with JπŸ’« provided a lot of insight into the world of hard climbing. @bearcam put together a video of him muscle fucking some of Spain's smallest holds. Bearcam and Jonathan have links to the video in their profiles. Thanks for the inspiration jπŸ’«!
forsterandrew1 : "Muscle fucking small holds" I will be using this from now on!
evolutionyst : Chido. Estas practicando tu españo todavíal, James?
ljsauter : Muscle fucking. Lordy!
matt_meyers88 : Holy shit. I was just thinking about how epic the term, 'muscle fucking' is. πŸ‘ Nice work @james_lucas !
steve_dodd : #musclefucking
jonathansiegrist : James you're the inspiration my brother. Thanks for the kind words! πŸ‘Š Spain in Autumn?
jackmasel : Amazing colours
climbergirl26 - takeen_jazayeri - drewbasinger - tati_ruizz -
james_lucas - James Lucas
The work never ends. Brad Gobright shuttles a load to the Heart Roof for a mission on the Light Hearted on El Cap. Best of luck! @lasportivana @touchstoneclimbing
matthewdrape : @kieran_bowling
danielleghazi : @scottborg
pangtastic : #bradical
rubenpasinetti - ootd_h - ash_sudhir - hazmanpara -
james_lucas - James Lucas
Yesterday, @katerutherford fired the Westie Face on Leaning Tower (5.13A0). Today, Kate, @ken_etzel and I went back up to get some photos and clean up the route. Kate wanted to copy her partner on her free ascent- @alexhonnold here she is #honnolding @patagonia_climb #lookgoodclimbgood #wematchedtoday #samestylist
samestylist - honnolding - wematchedtoday - lookgoodclimbgood -
newbelgium_socal : Love it!
edehro_h : @misssmaris
ozjr : How high up is she?
buckwheattobutter : @katerutherford bad ass
christopherweidner : Awesome work @katerutherford !!
rpuro : πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
bradfellows_ : @vertclimber @madasten looks sick!
drewbasinger - tati_ruizz - takeen_jazayeri - michielnollet1 -
james_lucas - James Lucas
@alexhonnold checks the finishing moves on the May Lake project @lasportivana @touchstoneclimbing
plannelking : @kj_peaceflower
annat2579 - natty_climb - carlos_invernal - vichovedder -
james_lucas - James Lucas
@djcream starts up the amazing PBR Prow at the Battle Tanks. Had a great session there yesterday with a fun create ting this problem. @lasportivana @touchstoneclimbing
digital_visionary : #valleyuprising
annat2579 - om_asha - j.lenihan - natty_climb -
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