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james_lucas - James Lucas
One of the hardest pitches on El Cap is also one of the "easiest". The monster offwidth climbs a 130' splitter 5.10 6 inch crack protected by one bolt and one cam. @alexhonnold and @tommycaldwell both told me I left room for improvement on my 1 hour ascent of the pitch. And I thought I was cruising. A pair of Salathe climbers snapped this photo of me during my bid to send the #megaproj @lasportivana @fixehardware @touchstoneclimbing @patagonia
megaproj -
mountainmandan : What route and what pitch
freschl : Come on James! It is only 120 ft of OW!
zacdoesmath : Can't let yourself get exhausted on the cruiser pitches.
trevornew6669 : @james_lucas wow! Talk about ran out! Jeeze
therealnfr : Glory layback, and it'll take like 5 minutes!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Fun day out bouldering yesterday with a good crew. Colin Haley climbing Atlantis
chris_schulte : This thing looks great!
sambpiper : @colinhaley1
jorgeclimb__vk - cazao - jeremysonofleod - shirtless25 -
james_lucas - James Lucas
On Friday, @alexhonnold supported me while I attempted to free climb El Cap in a day. He snapped this photo of me on the Monster offwidth at about 8am. A few hundred feet later, I fell on the last move of the crux at the 23rd pitch. After a half dozen more tries, I grew tired. It's rough to fail on my #megaproj but it's part of the process. A chance of failure makes the adventure. @lasportivana @fixehardware @touchstoneclimbing @patagonia
megaproj -
samuelcrossley : @james_lucas you're the man! Keep at it bruh
kauai_legend : Will be there this weekend hope to see you!!!
anothermattlucas : @james_lucas bruh!
ltjian : You'll get there!!!
oceangoingmonkey : goodwork
nikibi6 : One of these days...
mbarnow : Great work James!
djmosrad : Stick with it!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Lean lean lean! This might be the only time you'll ever see me in Warrior 3 pose- high off the ground on Bob Jensen and Jake Whittakers new 5.12+ route- The Lurch
kellyhsheridan : #namastebrah
susanica : Great name
posesmotter : #dawnwalllite ?
crazycaitlinxoxo : Great!
l_hill_wilson : Looks like you're doing a little dance.
romi_koschi97 - nicolamartinez1978 - jaywhytell - run_on_the_wild_side -
james_lucas - James Lucas
Fun times circuiting camp 4 despite the heat @pacsims runs a lap on Bacher Cracker, a great 5.11+ crack problem
susanica : What "V4"
aprileli : That dude looks rad. Can you give him my number?
jorge_puerta - cvalencia31 - davidflores321 - mattclimbing -
james_lucas - James Lucas
Dan McManus climbs the Crack of God pitch on Mahtah. This wild pitch is over 100 feet of splitter crack that runs horizontally on the wall. So cool! @fixehardware @touchstoneclimbing @lasportivana
mikecall : Awesome @james_lucas
james_lucas : @mikecall thanks MC!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Dan McManus climbing the first 5.12 pitch on Mahtah, a route @cedarwright and @lucho_rivera established a year and a half ago. Great climbing and a remote position make this route classic. I hung once and fell once while Dan onsighted the route. Lots of great pitches!
mdub515 : @macmcconnells
paufacu - kpowick - ardyslacks - juanikuu -
james_lucas - James Lucas
Any guesses what formation this is? Hint: it rhymes with "Smell Crappyman"
clayusinger : Mortar rock
wpgrasse : Doug's rock? In El Capitan state park?!
hazel_findlay : Obvs stanage init
canyonrat : Never fails to impress
madasten : Isn't it that boulder problem that Alex Honnold added a direct start to?
adventureneil : Fell Happycam?
shredingbubbles : @sanctuaryrockgym where in Wyoming is this?
sanctuaryrockgym : @shredingbubbles @james_lucas it's on top of El Bottle...
nachaos - yourejordanreynolds - jmdrif10 - elijah_ryder -
james_lucas - James Lucas
Dan McManus making the second ascent of Jake Whittaker and Bon Jensens new 5.12+ route by Widow 'a Tears. Besides having amazing crack climbing, the route has one of the best face pitches , a 12+ lurch move where you balance on one foot and then fall into an arête. Mega Classic!
lmharnisch : @latams
b_xharles : Is this on the buttress just east of Windchill/Tower of Cosmic Winds?
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james_lucas - James Lucas
A morning lap up Freeblast (5.11b) and an afternoon up to the ow on the Rostrum (5.11c) We managed to get ahead of the crowds on El Cap by starting at 5 but got behind a Congo line on the Rostrum even tho we waited til 2. @appel_smugglr @touchstoneclimbing @fixehardware @lasportivana
duckhun_kim : I envy you. I'd like to go to yosemite.
joey_kinder : Sickburd. 🎯
trevornew6669 : @james_lucas I envy your big wall pictures! I'll make it there one day... Sincerely a poverty ridden kentucky climber
adventrousnicholas : 👌
zacdoesmath : There us go. Just stick to the easy pitches.
zacdoesmath : Ya*
bikeboymike : @jflas
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