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I climb. I write. I travel.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
In 1153, Abdelazia ran her horse over the cliffs that the Siurana sits on. The Moorish queen chose suicide over capture by the invading Christians, who demanded control of the last Moorish stronghold. La Reina Mora feared the less than Jesus-like practices of the Christians.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
@lolacabrod climbs another amazing 7a at El Pati. Siurana seems endless most days. It's great to be climbing on new routes even if some of them are kicking my ass @touchstoneclimbing @fixehardware @lasportivana
lolacabrod : nice pic!!!!
crimponthis : Is that the one that is SUPER run-out?? Love that crag.
liamlonsdale : @james_lucas oh man, I love that route ... such rad climbing and then the high step on the shield at the end is sublime. The f7a+ on the far right is a beauty too. Such good warm ups!
hopingfordeeppow : How long are you in Spain? Will you go to rodellar?
crimponthis : @gymhe is this the rig we got on last day??
gymhe : Yeah that may be the one. Same wall for sure @crimponthis
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Alizee Dufraisse running an evening lap on a 8c at Roca de Misa.
johnnymidsseed : Bella
allen_leber : All most looks like smith!
shanjean : What a beautiful cliff!!
james_lucas : @shanjean you should make @mikeylikesrocks take you to Siurana. It's a lot like Smith but steeper. Montsant is ok climbing but Really pretty!
shanjean : Haha @james_lucas, I don't think it would take much convincing ;). Glad to see you are making the rounds and having fun!!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
@ethan_pringle finds success on an 8a+ in Siurana. Pringle has been building a base of difficult onsight and redpoints while questing towards harder routes. Improving in rock climb is difficult but the growth is worth it. @touchstoneclimbing
naesen : Looks pretty gnarly!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Friends of Spain. Pretty fun hanging with a good crew here. @enormocast @andywsalo @whitneyboland @ben_eastman
amy_pickering : My fave part of these pics is those weird "rays"or something coming from the sky. What ARE they?!
james_lucas : @amy_pickering Whitney looked for their origin to no avail. Where do they come from!? What ARE they!?
dbizznis : What about Maury tho
james_lucas : @dbizznis didn't manage to get Maury to let me take his picture...unfortunately
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Brendan climbing a steep 7c at Margalef today. Fun day at a new zone with friends. @touchstoneclimbing @fixehardware @lasportivana
james_lucas : @whitneyboland @etteloc @walldancer @andywsalo @barkingspanishdogs @iwilloutgayyouMaury
serranox : Va bou! Catalonian one of best zones to climb! Engoy it
dan4geng : Looks like Gravity globe. @james_lucas how much longer will you be in Catalunya?
307bouldering : @bdanoneill sick dude. Looks killer!
walldancer : Nice send James!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
The Princess reaches for the next hold on his 6b+ project. JAMON! @ethan_pringle You can do it! @touchstoneclimbing @mountainhardwear @fixehardware
maxinemichelle : Get it!!!!
ron_mckay : Duct tape harness?
james_lucas : @ron_mckay yup. We keep it real sketchy out here
ethan_pringle : Jailrana! Crawl the world!
brodymanson : Probably 6b with kneepads. Soft.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Eline Le Menestrel working on a 7c+ at El Pati. Had a great dinner with her and @ninacaprez this evening. Fun times with curry and @ben_eastman and @ethan_pringle #jamon #issheamodelorissheaclimber @lasportivana @touchstoneclimbing @fixehardware
issheamodelorissheaclimber - jamon -
ethan_pringle : #firstlike again by the princess!!!!!!
ben_eastman : #whatsinninacurry
ninacaprez : #currysecrets
patriqueferrari : Muito massa!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Great day at the crag today. I managed to onsight and flash a few routes that I was psyched on and @ben_eastman put down his project, La Cara Que no Mienta, a bouldery 8a+. High levels of stoke tonight at the casa above the hair salon @ethan_pringle @touchstoneclimbing @fixehardware @patagonia @lasportivana
walldancer : Fuck Yeah! Sharing the psyche
james_lucas : @walldancer yeah Is! Crushing!!!
dyno2mono : Sick hold !
ethan_pringle : #FAking, #jamon !!
clayusinger : BEASTMAN!
dkf_climber : Please follow me
flopska : @maxpfau
maxpfau : Das nächste Mal! @flopska
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james_lucas - James Lucas
@lolacabrod warms up on another classic route in Siurana. She fought her way up this. It's always great to watch a climber empty their heart onto the rock. @lasportivana @patagonia @fixehardware @touchstoneclimbing @etteloc
issheamodelorissheaclimber -
lolacabrod : ohhhh. it's me..like a "model"!! hehe. ;-).
james_lucas : @lolacabrod #issheamodelorissheaclimber
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