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I climb. I write. I travel.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
@dickeyphoto jugging to Dolt Tower, a thousand feet off the ground. Lucky for me, it was dark and I couldn't see how high we were. I get scared of heights . And the dark actually. And it was cold. The only redeeming factor was getting a little cuddle time with John on the ledge #whoselittlespoon @lasportivana @fixehardware @touchstoneclimbing
whoselittlespoon -
joey_kinder : Haa!!!
james_lucas : @joey_kinder that'll be us someday!
joey_kinder : @james_lucas yaaaaaay!!!!
leoneoneon : @catsouph
dickeyphoto : Nice one @james_lucas , luckily those kind Brits let us borrow a sleeping bag for a little.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Yesterday Libby Saueter and Mayan-Smith Gobat raced the Yosemite Grand Prix and set the new women's speed record on El Capitan at 5:02. Inspiring to see these women race up the wall. @mayanclimbs @lasportivana @touchstoneclimbing @fixehardware
swimmeronland : Strong chicks! 💪
enormocast : Very rad.
adventureneil : Wow!
smashits : This looks like dolt tower. And much later than 5am. Busted.
andrewgnarvak : Looks like @james_lucas has a fan boy in @smashits You've arrived James! And well done ladies!
smashits : @andrewgnarvak always been a fan of James.
albarecio46 - jeniferfly - jeremysonofleod - johnnypassero -
james_lucas - James Lucas
A pair climbers heading into the Stovelegs on The Nose of El Capitan @lasportivana @fixehardware @touchstoneclimbing
smashits : Ur pictures don't support your statement.
james_lucas : @smashits huh. This is a party climbing a pitch or two off sickle. Feel free to check the shadow alignment against your big wall farmers almanac
electregenerate : HAHAHAHAHA burn.
markpostle : :)
nordica1960.mb : Strong!!!!
tlolewis : @james_lucas - nice comeback! @smashits - why you gotta be a douche?
james_lucas : @tlolewis all my friends are douchebags.
smashits : Just calling like i see it.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Fun day pit bouldering with the crew last week. @bearcam hikes a lap on The King at the Cathedral Boulders. @colinhaley1 @christopherweidner @joey_kinder @madeleine_cope @touchstoneclimbing @lasportivana
climberfive10 : Big fall James??? #dirtbagdiaries ?????
marykatemm : For the first time since I've been here- I just got homesick..
pullindown9 - c_montes_ - manuelescobar269 - noralyn54 -
james_lucas - James Lucas
High off the ground climbing on Voyager with John Schmid a few days ago. A great McDevitt route. @touchstoneclimbing @fixehardware @patagonia
sustainjcg : Dude I climbed that thing a few weeks ago for the first time and can't stop talking about it! Instaclassic!
tim_a_rose - jeniferfly - drewschick - kwondaeyoung1515 -
james_lucas - James Lucas
An adventurous day with @alexhonnold on The Uncertainty Principle, a 5.13- ( or 5.12 A0 for me) on the Sentinel. I backed off this 5.11 pitch because we only had 2 pieces that would fit. Nice to have Honnold gun through Zorro's Hat. He taught me a bit about chossaneering @cedarwright nice route.
gymbeaux_jeaux : Your pics are killing it lately!! Thank you.
solsurfur : nice climbing partner
cedarwright : So glad this is seeing action!!! @alexhonnold @james_lucas 👍👊
boryaa : So sick!
rossfredrickson : Fun!
alex_butti : That's way too many cams.....hahaha @james_lucas
donlfernandez : @fernandezew
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james_lucas - James Lucas
John Schmid climbing on the awesome 5.11 route Voyager on Fifi Buttress. A great new addition to a rad formation. Had a fun day out with my friend.
dmakaglass : My buddy Robbee was talking about this route, thanks for sharin the photo!
barriosdesimone : @galagodoyb
alpinistooutdoors : @jonathanas
ryancappakelly : #spraylord haha that's awesome the you and Schmid climbed the Voyager. I've been telling Dready Geoff from SLC how good it is..now maybe he will believe me...if John Schmid enjoyed it that is... @james_lucas
te_kate : JFS is a badass
marco_gf_ - keyvan.ab - wesley_saiz - jonny991c -
james_lucas - James Lucas
One of the hardest pitches on El Cap is also one of the "easiest". The monster offwidth climbs a 130' splitter 5.10 6 inch crack protected by one bolt and one cam. @alexhonnold and @tommycaldwell both told me I left room for improvement on my 1 hour ascent of the pitch. And I thought I was cruising. A pair of Salathe climbers snapped this photo of me during my bid to send the #megaproj @lasportivana @fixehardware @touchstoneclimbing @patagonia
megaproj -
mountainmandan : What route and what pitch
freschl : Come on James! It is only 120 ft of OW!
zacdoesmath : Can't let yourself get exhausted on the cruiser pitches.
trevornew6669 : @james_lucas wow! Talk about ran out! Jeeze
therealnfr : Glory layback, and it'll take like 5 minutes!
bookdabook : Just push the battle axe green wide cam all the way up!
chrispage14 - s_endo_japa - c_love_92 - buddinhikes -
james_lucas - James Lucas
Fun day out bouldering yesterday with a good crew. Colin Haley climbing Atlantis
chris_schulte : This thing looks great!
sambpiper : @colinhaley1
benj_weber - c_love_92 - keystofreeze - mountain_sam -
james_lucas - James Lucas
On Friday, @alexhonnold supported me while I attempted to free climb El Cap in a day. He snapped this photo of me on the Monster offwidth at about 8am. A few hundred feet later, I fell on the last move of the crux at the 23rd pitch. After a half dozen more tries, I grew tired. It's rough to fail on my #megaproj but it's part of the process. A chance of failure makes the adventure. @lasportivana @fixehardware @touchstoneclimbing @patagonia
megaproj -
kauai_legend : Will be there this weekend hope to see you!!!
anothermattlucas : @james_lucas bruh!
ltjian : You'll get there!!!
oceangoingmonkey : goodwork
nikibi6 : One of these days...
mbarnow : Great work James!
djmosrad : Stick with it!
climbingryantetz : That's a dream someday if ever wow! Enjoy the process. There's no secret magic prize at the end, just all the memories of how you got there. I'm sure this means a lot to you based on how much you've put into it!
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