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I climb. I write. I travel.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
To be honest, I didn't want to come to Yosemite this fall. @madaleinesorkin wanted to put some effort into Feeerider in a day so we climbed a very French version of the route. The first time I put on my rock shoes in the valley this fall was 1/3 of the way up El Cap on a v7 boulder problem. I fell on the pitch. I felt better on the Enduro Corner higher. Do I really want to keep chasing the #megaproj ?
megaproj -
djmosrad : Cmon' dood it's almost Rocktober!! Take it down!
timmyoneill : #siseñor
threetreefamily : Si.
pedergroseth : Hell yeah you do James!
jwoojwoo : Let's just go get lunch at the whole foods.
nickehmanaj : Get it!!!!
susanica : What @jwoojwoo said.
dirtbagclimbers : The only way you'll send it is if you want it!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Every year, a Terrebonne farm cuts a maze into their corn field. This year, they cut got into a Godzilla shape. I was lost in the spine when these birds burst from the maze.
swimmeronland : This photo is incredible!
mikeylikesrocks : Great photo James!
schoolfoodtour : Love that maze!
james_lucas : @jthesenga time to unfollow me forever
jmechling01 - razorwaenger - k_pavlovic - augustoclarog -
james_lucas - James Lucas
Jess Groseth puts in effort on The Quickening 5.12d. I had dinner with her and Peder last night. They're awesome smith locals. Maybe I should come back?
sansansanderman : ex-Bozemanites, they are!
tobybutterfield : Nice shot man! I'm always trying to hang a line on disposable for photos, but the logistics never work. Cool to see that perspective! @jessgroseth @pedergroseth
james_lucas : @lynbarraza hahaha! Right.
james_lucas : @tobybutterfield I sent the Quickening and just climbed to the anchor on Disposable. You need to lean out from the wall hard at the lip. Be cool to see the picture with a nice camera
tobybutterfield : Yep yep - problem is I can only get out on weekends and there's usually a few folks trying one or the other route and I don't want to slow their roll with photo stuff! I'll get a chance at some point though. @james_lucas
shanjean : Yea @james_lucas! Come back!
mikeylikesrocks : Pretty sure it's only 12c James...
james_lucas : @mikeylikesrocks I think it might be easier than overnight sensation but Jess said 12d and so did Watts
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Funny day of climbing at Smith Rock. Those tiny edges feel hard to grab! This guy is climbing on The Quickening, a 12c in Aggro Gully
danieljordan86 : You elegantly captured the dude starfishing the crux
james_lucas : @danieljordan86 I'm pro...the weather was surprisingly good today!
1sgtb : Sshhhh dont talk about the weather. ... lol
mapblodgett : you need to come stay at my place in Portland if you swing through... just sayin
tobybutterfield : @james_lucas nice shot! How long are you sticking around Smith?
jalexbaker : Smith rules
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Fun day out climbing at a Trout creek. Amazing basalt corners and splitters. Jordan climbs on JR Token, a great 5.10 hand crack @lasportivana @fixehardware @touchstoneclimbing
michaelwd : Such a fun route.
deekast : @augiedoggie777 on the list
teece303 : We have a little basalt plug right in the city of Golden, CO. It always makes me bummed when I see pics like this: our basalt has none of that cool columnar nature.
1brad_osborne : @scottzaballos
pidapocket : @crspls @part_time_hippie
elenaliza : Beautiful
rdwigs : @estrom
bryan.m.schmitz : You do the extension? It adds another star if that if possible.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Fun times in Squamish this summer. Bye Canada. @pangtastic photo of me on easy in An easy chair @lasportivana @touchstoneclimbing @fixehardware
adventureneil : Where to now?
pangtastic : Come to Yosemite!!
allen_leber : Hit me up on your way back
jaypinda : It was good to meet ya @james_lucas!
coltonlindeman : Classic
cragaddict - dark_star_climbing - heyflashfoxy - meir8a -
james_lucas - James Lucas
Technique is for the weak. @dawoods89 campuses the Method (v12) a few days ago. @lasportivana @touchstoneclimbing
mdre92 : Real men campus the undercling moves.
ilikerocks91 : How in the hell?
mmemecan : @mlhyhn
pescamfilms : uuuh nice! check #PesCamFilms hope you like it
stephenbmx1 : ...are you saying daniels woods is weak? @dawoods89 this guy is calling you weak!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Greg Ward tops out the classic Kung Fu Fighter (v4) at the Clean Boulders. I had a great day climbing with Greg and Spenser. The bouldering in Squamish is exceptional.
jamiefinlayson : I love that problem! Super fun.
miguelapi7 - omega686 - jordidp - nachetevm -
james_lucas - James Lucas
Kevin Daniels hikes up Dancing In the Light, a classic 5.11 slab on the Apron. Fun day with Kevin climbing this, the Grand Wall and then a few boulder problems
elcaptraining -
joey_kinder : MUTHERFUCKER YES!!!!!!!
kfunk69 : i see no holds
kfunk69 : im not about that life
dickeyisms : Fuckabuncha slab climbing.
fliphickson : K.D. !!!!
james_lucas : @joey_kinder #elcaptraining
tweiskopf : Even with the drizzle, eh? @james_lucas
chris_schulte : Squamish slabbin' is so awesome.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Dan Beland works his way up Super Man Boy (5.14) at Chekamus.
floatfaction : This is a sick shot
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