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I climb. I write. I travel.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Jstar puts one last pitch in orbit this evening in Siurana. Fun day at the crag. We talked about vegetables and music #lettuce #turnip #thebeets @jonathansiegrist @bearcam
thebeets - lettuce - turnip -
claksana : How's the weather there? Jailhouse is blazing hot now :/
jonathansiegrist : Great day
mbsant - fliphickson - bubbatabz - matt_likes_sunsets -
james_lucas - James Lucas
The dog days of spring in Siurana. Chaxi Raxi, named after one of the goddesses of the Canary Islands, walks the vineyards of Mont Sant.
kellyhsheridan - celia3838 - canyonrat - jahsoon -
james_lucas - James Lucas
@andrew_burr snapped this photo of me racing the last bits of sun during a fun weekend of climbing with @brittany_griffith last winter in Indian Creek @touchstoneclimbing @lasportivana @fixehardware @patagonia
russell_krishna : Yesssss
desertdatura : @abbyczajkowski
letsfarty : @abrieasaurus
ericboe1980 : @dirtbagdreamin
kvanemburgh : Wow
nick_cappy_ : @jeffreylaggis
climbingryantetz : Shit that's a cool photo. Is that only natural light??
jmel41 - anya_miller - aitorclimb - camila.mm -
james_lucas - James Lucas
Two more weeks left in Spain. Trying to focus on my last days climbing here but my head has already started to drift elsewhere. A random climber at Siuranella @touchstoneclimbing @fixehardware @lasportivana
trekhd : Siurana โค๏ธ
ivanitighe : @james_lucas where to next?
james_lucas : @ivanitighe el cap!!!!!
rachelmelick : I can't believe people even need to ask where you're headed next ๐Ÿ‘†#elcaporbust
prana24 : Is your head drifting into the gutter? ๐Ÿ˜œ @james_lucas
shannonekj : She looks good from down here. #sohotrightnow
outdoorjunkie28 : @nutellaliz28
colby.kihara - carrillo993 - naniicku - adamtilos -
james_lucas - James Lucas
You're not in Europe unless you're sport climbing in bright red pants. That's me climbing on Pren Nota in Siurana. Look good climb good @touchstoneclimbing @lasportivana @fixehardware @patagonia @etteloc photo
bearcam : James Bob Orange Pants! ๐Ÿ
james_lucas : @bearcam who lives in his van under el cap?
etteloc : like a james bob orange pants bawse!!
rockmonkeyoutfitters : #grablifebytherocks #teamrockmonkey awesome
ezegelormino : Wow, amazing!
josemipl - friendly.mountain - michelequaggini - annie_kiris -
james_lucas - James Lucas
@ninacaprez works on La Reina Mora. It was fun having her around the past few weeks.
james_lucas : @arcteryx
bearcam : Pillow thief
tamaraprader - allen_leber - rpuro - pabloelizu -
james_lucas - James Lucas
Yesterday, I spoke with a young climber who fell 40 feet while soloing in Southern California. He blew out both his ankles, received skin grafts, and his bones were fused. He survived. We'll see what he does now. I'd been in a similar situation 10 years ago, in broken below a cliff from a soloing fall. I didn't know what to say..."grim stuff bud. Keep a positive attitude. If you want to, you can climb again." I think he appreciated the little advice I could offer. He said, "you're a true inspiration." I hope he tackles his dreams. @jeffjohnson_beyondandback of me working on The Freerider- one of my uncompleted life goals.
austin_siadak : It's not the hardest pitch, but I still think this is one of the coolest on the climb. That step across is so rad! Sigue luchando!
alexhonnold : Nice, James. I'll take another lap with you this spring if you want.
freschl : When are you getting back on that horse?!?
james_beavis1 : @zackwasson @scottie_g @pirateslifeforme__
novi_climbing : @big_knife You tagged me in his earlier posts and now this. I think you know who he is talking about. The universe works in mysterious ways..."shocked"
big_knife : @novi_climbing I have an idea who he might be talking about and Lucas is right:)
williammondragon : Homaging
dirtbagdad : Can't "like" this one. But really thoughtful, kind words, for sure.
elispitulnik - mr_jns - viscontidavide - dmw510z -
james_lucas - James Lucas
An evening sunset on my run to Siurana. It's been fun running in Spain.
tarareynvaan : Stopping and taking pictures isn't running
james_lucas : @tarareynvaan ill never be a photographer on the move!
tlolewis : @james_lucas look at you gettin all artsy! First the clothes, now the photos... ๐Ÿ‘Œ
jkachristensen : I misread the statement as "running Spain" and was really impressed.
kobiunzi : What a beautiful shot!
susanica : @jkachristensen and now you're not impressed anymore
alberto_pico_ - thematt_cooper - jennnger - armyos -
james_lucas - James Lucas
@ethan_pringle works on his skin in preparation for a send of La Reina Mora. He pulled it off after intense skin care. @touchstoneclimbing @fixehardware
jcrase : Be honest. He pulled it off after growing a beard.
pouryapbr : @rcerfan ina poost misazan bara khodeshon nega kon!
boulderdoc : He's so edgy
ethan_pringle : Intense skin care and a beard is all it took
trainingbeta : congrats @ethan_pringle !
rcerfan : @pouryapbr are dausaaaaaa;-)))
amir_arsalan_shoorabi - aslankant - lilsaucie - nickehmanaj -
james_lucas - James Lucas
@ninacaprez makes a rabbit face high on La Reina Mora (9a). Nina's been hard at work on her project. She makes a good curry too. Just dont mention that last bit to her- it may go to her head.
allknowledgeclothing : Savage! Same Shoes ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜Ž
mtnranks : Looks rad
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