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I climb. I write. I travel.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Despite inferno heats in the shade and a hectic shooting schedule of 4am starts and 16 hour work days, @renan_ozturk and I got a lap in on the Rostrum. It's always a pleasure to climb with old friends. Thanks for roping up dude! @lasportivana
ad_van_ture_bum : Dope shot
jeffjohnson_beyondandback : Two legends.
seaofgray : @janasooter
john.w.harrison : Nice!
adnin_depp : be careful..
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Is she a climber or is she a model? @paigeclaassen works for the shot during a @camp4collective photo shoot. She gets paid the big bux to answer the #athleteormodel question. @lasportivana
athleteormodel -
jtolerico : @jaimers135 sick photo
walker_tex_ranger : Long runout from last gear!
loamchomsky : @ngloots oooo
vlad_sofiyev : is this a route of some sort? makes for a nice picture!
james_lucas : @susanica the makeup crew dipped her in oompaloompa Orange sunscreen
susanica : A model with an entourage!
69dangermouse : Did you guys bear hug the diving board? Toe hook bat hang?
james_lucas : @69dangermouse I tried to push Cedar off but I accidentally stepped on his shoe lace. He climbed up his foot before I realized I needed to get off the cord
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james_lucas - James Lucas
@cedarwright sending the Alien finish to the Rostrum. Fun day climbing with @renan_ozturk and @paigeclaassen. It's HOT in the ditch!
ryancappakelly : #blueshoesandsandals #niceone
amashouri : @juicexm
saannti : Badass. Nice shot man.
fivebyfivetonics : It's awesome to see all your doing in Yosemite, Lucas! I you've come a long way from scrambling up the finger crack and Pacific edge climbing gym! @james_lucas
rochellebilow : hydrate, fellas!
seriouslyshutupmatt : Pretty sure it's just Cedar bringing the heat.
99nessi99 : Вау! Нереально круто!
milesbboucher : @some.antics this sure looks Super!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
This morning I hit the stop watch and ran up and down Manure Pile. The clock pushes me. It's silly but fun. @lasportivana @touchstoneclimbing
james_lucas : @jeffjohnson_beyondandback about 16:40 from the car to the top and checked. My stop watch got screwy- I'm unsure what my car to car time was. I'm slow on the down hills.
james_lucas : @cedarwright has a few valley speed records. Potter and Stanley have a few really fast times too. Mountain running in the valley is definitely a sub sport @jeffjohnson_beyondandback
jeffjohnson_beyondandback : Pretty damn fast!
james_lucas : @jeffjohnson_beyondandback I did After 6. I think there's video of Greg and Stanley doing nutcracker in 5 minutes
alexhonnold : 16 min to the top?! That's leisure pace :)
inert_motion : @kylemarano @wildinthemountains
ryancappakelly : @alexhonnold I've always thought of Peaches as a "Man of Leisure"
uloverojas : Wow!!!!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
This morning I ran 14 miles. I'm an #athlete
athlete - burn -
kaplaneslihan : jajjdhekdjdkdkskdjdjs leel @efsancelebi
loverocks67 : Best picture ever 🐤🐥 @miss_malen I've been getting back into running- you should join me 😜
floflolam : @gtwastaken
juliayama : @lexiegritz hahaha thanks for the reminder
lexiegritz : @juliayama I know. So random. I saw this and I was like JULIA!
nplasto : Dude! Come run the widow maker with me this week!
agraham629 : @haleyjay2
smpxyz : @smashits has a point. Also, you will run with me while in SLC, dammit.
zaxumo - elcazador03 - ebenedico - erictheredbaron -
james_lucas - James Lucas
#yolo go to Kalymnos and talk to a divorce lawyer on your way. Another great American sign
yolo -
nickmcg : @anair12345 the Kalymnos part. Not the divorce part
taterzmcfred : @sensichew omg.
leecujes : Your husband sucks. Climb tufas!
amy_pickering : Hah!
perierat_viator : @jennymichales lol
germanochoab : @sebas_x23
sebas_x23 : No mamar!!! @germanochoab esta cabron!!!
sebas_x23 : @rgisquet @diegomountain @keiji47 @mike_lvg @manu.88
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james_lucas - James Lucas
@eliotac circumcised his finger after falling off the Cheese Grater hold, the last move on Nats Traverse. #ouch #toomuchhurt #wheresthetape #owie
owie - wheresthetape - ouch - toomuchhurt -
markwahlburger : @orchiddork
allen_leber : Boo!
daisetsb : that's a good payne! :)
patriciahaskins : Go away
eliotac : Thanks for the spot!
rockwaterdirtgirl : Sticks & stones may break your bones, but super glue will never hurt you (except every time you have to glue your digests back on!
boulderprincess : Ooooooioo
davenunley : Standard wear and tear daisy.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Last year, I investigated the right side of Fifi Buttress for a new free route. I spent a fair bit of time swinging around on The Vortex, an 80s test piece that was the hardest route in Yosemite when it was established. The amazing lie back crux remains a difficult pitch at 5.12+. Today, during my third week of gym training, I thought of this pitch and the free routes left to establish in the valley. I crimped a bit harder. @lasportivana @touchstoneclimbing @gabriel_mange photo
inshape -
mikeylikesrocks : #roundisashape
tarareynvaan : So deep james
furt24 : Your face is a fifi buttress.
ljsauter : That route is fucking burly. Crimp harder peaches!
mbcoss : Wow
james_lucas : @mikeylikesrocks #inshape
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james_lucas - James Lucas
The sun set this evening on the 8.4 mile loop in the hills of Tilden park. I'm more of a turtle than a hare but the evening run felt perfect. My slow plod let me catch a beautiful bay sunset. Now, I just need to decipher strava. @lasportivana
alliuphoto : Where's Burnaby, James?
james_lucas : Still alive
james_lucas : @alliuphoto still alive
rtag : Yes! Poor burnaby
windlejarvis : @peter_jarvis
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james_lucas - James Lucas
A few years ago @nikdingleberry and I freed The Final Frontier (5.13b) @mikeylikesrocks snapped this photo of me on the penultimate pitch. I was perusing my Instagram photos last night and realized I needed more pictures of me. So here's a #tbt tomorrow, I'll be posting a picture of me in a pile of kittens @lasportivana #touchstoneclimbing @katerutherford #belaying
tbt - belaying - touchstoneclimbing -
ljsauter : Don't make promises you can't keep james. You'll alienate your fans..
russell_krishna : The pic in the bigwall book makes me so psyched for corners!
scott__higgins : Nice pic dude, what shoes are you rocking here?
furt24 : A pile of kittens might send me over the edge of cuteness! My eyes will explode. 😲
abbihearne : I just read your essay about sending free rider. Beautiful. Inspiring. Your honesty and strength makes climbing great things seem attainable.
jakesmade : @themilkmandehler
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