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I climb. I write. I travel.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
I couldn't sleep last night. I woke early and scrambled my way up the Chief. I love these Squamish dreams. @lasportivana @touchstoneclimbing
jonrwilson : @ghelm @climbingsimon
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james_lucas - James Lucas
@rob_duncan climbs one of the immaculate corners on Dream Symphony, a heinously run out 5.11b slab and technical corner route on the Apron. After, Rob and I busted our stem skills out trying The Great Arch. I'm having a ton of fun in Squamish but I feel exhausted today. @lasportivana @touchstoneclimbing
aud_bod : Ha, kind of looks like Derek
climbingcaveman : Mad man.
evan_stevens : Heinously run out? U getting soft?
cl.agile : @rob_duncan dang, I saw James drive in on Sunday, can't believe i missed you
rob_duncan : I'll take this time to use the #lucasbump to ask- anyone here want to climb long 5.10 crack lines? Get at me!
therealnfr : Get on Dancing in the Light next! Bring a third person so you get more time for your brain to stop melting between leads.
james_lucas : @evan_stevens the first couple pitches of Dream On felt scary. @therealnfr I did that one last year. It's quite good.
evan_stevens : Yes those pitches are scary! But the upper pitches are great after being retro d. Let's get out!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
This little hole in my shoe scared me. I stepped too hard on a crystal on the run-out 5.10 slab pitch. The hole stayed with me for the next five heady slab/corner pitches. I got scurred. @lasportivana @touchstoneclimbing
outdoorsgiants : Toe holes are the worst when dealing with slab.
susanica : I thought this was a closeup of a blueberry.
therealnfr : Which route?
checkinthetrees : Time to tape that tip for flesh grinding.
davenunley : 😰😰😰
tarareynvaan : Baby
james_lucas : @therealnfr dream symphony 5.11b on the apron
ryguy_d : Lol that first pitch makes u say fuk
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james_lucas - James Lucas
The past few days have been fun- a bit of airy sport climbing, some fun climbing on the Apron, bouldering with a good crew and a little bit of time to enjoy the Squamish View. Psyched to be up here. @lasportivana @touchstoneclimbing
johndangerdaniels : This place is insane, you have to go, @stevenschleicher @sheenaschleicher
bubbatabz : Come back to Yosemite we need you jk but would cool to ya!
markinvancity : @sasari_100
b_smith215 : Beautiful! I love the Smoke Bluffs. Best view of The Chief.
mackymesser : @sarahpeaches
climbingcaveman : Welcome to Squamish James. I'll say hi if I see you kicking around.
iehoward : If you're still around, come see my show in Edison, Wa on Sept.5th!
james_lucas : @iehoward that'd be cool man. Your mug travels everywhere with me
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Fun times the last few weeks in Salt Lake City. I ran Superior a few times and set a PR of 1:05:30 car to summit, I onsighted hard at Maple, got a lot of work done, and most importantly- I hung out with my friends around the Wasatch. @lasportivana
jwoojwoo : Come back soon
alyrenedorey : And you are missing the most important people in squamish
dhjones : That's a strong time! Nice work
cakwan_darmawan : Amazing picture
1flyhighguy : I want to fly off of her
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Fun times redlining up the South Ridge of Superior with Coach @alexhonnold screaming splits and cracking the whip to the summit. I shaved another couple minutes off. @vicesports @lasportivana @munchies
singersmith : @james_lucas Hey dude, I'm in SLC. Let's have a horrible epic on something!
nikdingleberry : @james_lucas almost local status
pvintoniv : When did you head up? @james_lucas
james_lucas : @pvintoniv around 8:30 or so
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Last night, a few Maple climbers bought Alex new socks- a much nicer gesture than what I had planned for his birthday- 30 punches. Happy birthday @alexhonnold
rochellebilow : Ooh are we doing our gifts in 30s? 😁
quantumworld : It feels like a year ago I watched @alexhonnold climb 290 pitches (on the Internet of course). Hbd!
ilikerocks91 : @alexhonnold happy birthday brother
thisiztrent : @k_iz4kimmy
j_forsdick : @devin_mitchell is that you in the background?!
sonnietrotter : Wow, he's getting really old!!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Heading back to cobble land. Salt lake local Brad Barlage takes a lap up Deliverance (5.12c). Time to escape the Pipedream and power up for the Compound
amir_climb : Hi
amir_climb : Very nice
like_lennon_said : You my friend are a soul climber. Much, much respect.
drumack5 : B-Rad! Yes!!!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
A seven a.m start allowed me to catch these mountain goats scrambling past the ridge of Superior. In the past twelve days, I've run the technical ridge five times, shaving a bit of time with each lap. I'm growing hooves.
daveallfrey : Careful all that mountain running is going to make your thighs and ass big. Then they will really pull you off the wall while sport wanking!
ljsauter : Can't you post original content here? I already saw this shit on FB. #boring
pvintoniv : Time?
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james_lucas - James Lucas
For the past few days @alexhonnold has been cracking the whip at Maple. While I've desperately sent the warm ups, The Slavedriver put down Divine Fury (5.14b) and Pipedream (5.14a) today. Oof my neck needs a rest day.
cpaquot : @smashits Haha! True that
johndangerdaniels : He's got it all. Talented
mikefbond : Really impressive when you consider how diverse his skill set really is.
james_lucas : @smashits someday
danielbrechner : Please get the classic silhouette shot of the pipedream plz! @james_lucas
climbingisbliss : @james_lucas can I feature this photo?
james_lucas : @climbingisbliss sure
jethompson513 : @coli_caitlin is that you on the ground?
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