James Lucas

I climb. I write. I travel.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
The sun rising onto rows of olive trees and limestone outside of Jaen in Andulicia, Spain
rusty.bridges : Great pic!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Last winter, @brittany_griffith @andrew_burr and I took a trip to Indian Creek. We ate shrimp at the crag and did some cold crack climbing. Fun times with great friends.
t_rich_1 : Nice shirt dude, I have the same one @james_lucas
khays80 : What's that shirt?? On a quest for better flannels. @t_rich_1
james_lucas : @khays80 it's a Patagonia flannel. Super nice, soft and fits well.
marykatemm : This picture makes me smile.
rpuro : Hahaha!!! Well look who's a sports model now... #handsomeboymodelingschool @patagonia
posesmotter : You're in freaking Spain, and you're posting about some last year stuff #getittogether
andrew_burr : Ya dude, where are all the pix of the hot spanish mama'sitas at?
trainingbeta : haha this is awesome:)
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james_lucas - James Lucas
The #dawnwall cleanup crew carried down a mile of rope, six hundred pounds of gear, and made sure to leave no trace. These two scavengers took care of the spilled goldfish. @tommycaldwell @patagonia
dawnwall -
pjispronetowander : @brendan_krismer this is insane.
simplyjakedisanto : #leavenotrace @amdisanto
migs_migs_migs : @intrepidventurer
slovakiahiking : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
adventureneil : πŸ‘Œ
adumbstern : @saraodo31
auralkisses : @speweow hahaha
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Let me buy you a drink. I’ll tell you about this tattoo. I wanted something meaningful, something with good aesthetics, and something plain. I decided on simple words. I banged out three letters. I focused on the concrete and stable, something I could mine from. ORE. I etched the word on my forearm three years ago while I was on a motorcycle trip through Nepal. When my bike broke down, I hiked a hundred miles to a Buddhist temple. I found something there because I kept going. I added three letters. I added one. Its become my motto for life. Get out there and search. Find the meaning of life. Explore More. Great story eh? Are you sure I can’t buy you a drink? Damn. John, another whiskey sour? Yeah, she didn’t buy the story either. The ladies never buy it. Maybe it’s the temple part. But it’s better than the Shangri La bit I used last week. What? The truth? I should be like, “Hey girl, my ex broke up with me via text in the tattoo parlor. I was halfway through getting her name permanently etched on my forearm. Had to finish the tat. I paid upfront so I ripped off the idea from the Meridian Line shirt I had on.” I should totally tell the ladies that. That’ll work. Damn you Elenore! Another whiskey sour John. Actually, make it two. I’ll hand her the drink before the tattoo story. Here comes the next cutie. From the story essay combo with @meridian_line And @mikeescamilla
jeffjohnson_beyondandback : Awesome story.
ladyiodine : @anothermustache
akooz12 : Best caption ever.
megskinnane : So good!
mikeescamilla : HahaπŸ‘
heathergoeswandering : Awesome haha
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james_lucas - James Lucas
@kjorgeson topped out his first El Cap route yesterday. I think he chose a hard one. Nice job Kevin- you're tradical. @tommycaldwell @adidasoutdoor
dawnwall -
james_lucas : #dawnwall
petersce86 : Teared up a little watching them top out 😒
jeffjohnson_beyondandback : Really @james_lucas that was his first? Damn, I didn't know that.
_lucyrichardson : @jillbradshawx
jillbradshawx : 😱😱😱😱😱😱
mahtab.montagne : Liike
icetbag : @kjorgeson is a sick bastard if that really was his first route on the captain. Go hward!
4sweat : Superb!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
I was really stoked to see @tommycaldwell and @kjorgeson top out today. Amazing! Such a testament to hard work, talent, perseverance and a bit of luck. Great job boys. You've inspired me!
sparks_kyle : Send the mega project @james_lucas !
williamcweaver : @james_lucas do you know if they are going to have a video for the #dawnwall
zacdoesmath : I just want to see the James Lucas freerider film.
nip9 : Time to get to work!
casey_cochran : Piecing together who was who now from the live feed. Nice shots!
jcexplores : @williamcweaver yes there will be a film. @bigupclimbing was there filming the entire time. Look for something in an upcoming reelrock film tour.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
@kjorgeson makes it to the ledge. Nice job buddy @tommycaldwell good work today
benrichardward : Very appropriate stance haha
pauljfinn : #bRad
johnny_danger : Classic
solsurfur : @dylindo @geminiforevr
alpinejoe : priceless!
ra_ra_rich : @dsilverhill03
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james_lucas - James Lucas
The wood smelled like 158 year old cedar. This was it. I married her for her olfactory abilities. From across the house, she could tell when I put on mint lip balm. She could tell when I changed the slightest scent. I loved that she noticed the subtle differences. After five years, I forgot about her talented nose. I became complacent. Then I returned from happy hour with the woodworkers in my shop. For thirty seconds, Sheila complimented me on the craftsmanship of my latest project, a jewelry box. The cigarettes and IPAs failed to hide Sheila’s perfume from my wife. “Don’t come back,” she told me. I broke the jewelry box, my five year anniversary gift to her. I traveled for a year. The Sierra. The Appalachins. The Rockies. I traveled for another year. The Andes. The Alps. When I reached the Pyrenees, I missed my wife. I needed her back. I wanted her to forget the perfume, to remember my rugged mountain scent, the smell that she fell in love with. I wanted to remind her of my wild yet earthy nature. I would make her a new jewelry box. It would be better. It would be perfect. I’d use the best wood in the world. No New Jersey pine. Not even California redwood. I wanted time tested, worn with the smell of adventure. I searched the globe for the best. This was it. The smell. I traveled from India into Tibet. The secret border crossing involved a precarious walk along two six inch planks on the side of a Himalayan mountain. My gripped loosened on the support chain. I fell to my knees and then laid down flat. The age of the cedar filled my nostrils. She would love it. She would love me. Lucky for the refugees, I took the outside piece. The second my photo/story piece with @meridian_line and @mikeescamilla
sambpiper : Wow, I rarely find anything you say meaningful but that was damn good! Nice one! Look forward to more.
kless_ : Gave me chills!! 😌
james_lucas : @sambpiper give wood that smells good
baseal_the_seal : Where in Yosemite is this?
carmeniux : Loved this story!
gregsanchez : @baseal_the_seal think its china
magnuskvamme : @ingridsnotebook litt trøtt?
mikeescamilla : @baseal_the_seal china
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james_lucas - James Lucas
For Sale: Striped Patriot’s Helmet $20. The ad read in the Sonora Union Democrat. A genuine Easy Rider helmet retails for $130. This vintage model had character. I had to have it. “How about $15?” I said. I tossed the helmet between my hands. “You ever see a Ural motorcycle?” The old man pulled the tarp off a blue beast. “Russian model. Runs great. Be a great addition to the helmet.” I nodded. “Remember that scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where the Nazis are chasing Indiana and his father?” he leaned against the side car. “Isn’t that a great clip?” I nodded twice. “Indiana cruised away. Drove like a bat outta hell.” He moved his elbow and shined the beast a little bit. “That was in a Ural. You want this thing? I bet you do. You’re gonna want a copilot. Aren’t you a family man? I’ll put in a car seat for you because I know you’re a family man. You wanna be a family man eh? Have a father son relationship like Indiana and his father?” I nodded two times. I wanted that thing. I wanted to be like Indiana. Maybe I could be Indiana. I nodded again. “Well, this deal just gets sweeter and sweeter for you son. What could go better than that helmet? That Ural. What could go better than the sidecar? A carseat. What could go better than an empty car seat?” I nodded til my neck hurt. The kid, my new copilot rode silent and cool in my new Ural. She filled the car seat and the old man practically gave her away. I saved at least a hundred dollars on the side car, another fifty on the motorcycle and the helmet, well I bought that for $14. I rode away the next Indiana Jones, a thief of relics. A story/photo mashup I'm doing with @meridian_line and photographer @mikeescamilla
smerduh_inc : Awesome story, thanks for sharing!
realdealbiehl : That's awesome! I live in Sonora!
danneufeld : @bigdickpoppa @markyberndt
iamamacaroni : @sherpthederp
markyberndt : So awesome @danneufeld
bigdickpoppa : @danneufeld my daughter is terrified of my bike haha. "TOO LOUD DADDY" she'll get it yet
joycedeezy : Awesome πŸ‘
ericfranklinstudio : @tracop
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Camp 4 bouldering with two good friends. Fun times. @lasportivana @fixehardware @touchstoneclimbing #yosemiteclimbing
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ryancappakelly : #coach and the team
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