James Lucas

I climb. I write. I travel.
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Great day stretching my legs and scoping the boulders with @smashits. Walker throws for the hold on This Monkeys Gone To Heaven. Yesterday we put away the crash pad and climbed Freeway to White Lightning. So much climbing I forgot to snap pictures. If only @smashits could slab climb as well as he boulders...
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james_lucas - James Lucas
My oldest brother works at Microsoft. On my way to Squamish, I grabbed shoes @lasportivana sent me at his house. My brother told me about how he had meetings about emails about meetings. I told him about how I climbed pitches above boulder problems above pitches. Thanks Sportiva for backing me up while I sprayed to my family!!!
ltjian : You get more πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘žπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘žπŸ‘Ÿ then the pros!!!
thetreelines : Realionaire
mikeylikesrocks : #allmysponsors
cavegirlplusone : Booya! Welcome to Squampton! It's a madhouse this wkd.
alexredirect : Put 'em to work @james_lucas
mikeylikesrocks : #climbmoresprayless
djmosrad : Jackpot! 🎰
wasatchlexie : You got a new car to live in then?
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james_lucas - James Lucas
#tbt to the next best spot in Squamish 2004. I had long hair and $50 to my name. Ten years later, I have 10 times more money and ten times less hair
tbt -
sambpiper : #johnschmidt
chris_schulte : #movingboulders
susanica : I can't believe it's been 10
susanica : Oops. Years.
jongleason : You're ten times stronger now!
carmencrossj : $500? Yeah right.
james_lucas : @carmencrossj don't blow my cover!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Driving north. I traded my station wagon for something more masculine, for a vehicle that screamed MAN! Watch out world- I got a minivan
freschl : Not only a mini van, but the king of mini vans: Honda!
joey_kinder : Ur gonna hit so much skins in that thing dude oh my gawd. Think about all the gurls that are gonna wanna come back to ur mini van n bone. Call it the Stabbin' Wagon. Yes.
austin__tucker : Hahah ^^ yes @joey_kinder
joey_kinder : #stabbinwagon
james_lucas : @joey_kinder get laid like tile
dmakaglass : Lol
alaskanroots : Vans are where it's at man, welcome to the family!
dirtbagdad : Minivans are where it's at! Said the guy with three kids. Great for hauling lots of shit. Hell, you can probably upgrade to three interns now!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Last night @joey_kinder showed me his packing list for his trip to the Flat Angle cave in Norway. He don't need no underwear @ltjian @bcuzhedrick
liamlonsdale : @james_lucas @joey_kinder Duct tape and Knee Pads...? What would Señor Andrada have to say about this? Pura y dura.
joey_kinder : @gabyhawaii meaning "obtain" movies. Ha!!! This is a riot!!!
james_lucas : @joey_kinder @gabyhawaii he "obtained" Dirty Harry, Beverly Hills Cop and all 18 Die Hard movies. Watch out Flat Angles!
gabyhawaii : @joey_kinder @james_lucas beverly hills cop is a must-have when travelling to Norway. Got it. Writing that down for future reference. It might save my life one day :) you guys are hilarious
ilikerocks91 : This cracked me the fuck up
willmasterman : @sherpthederp
alisontroutman : Sounds about right! @courtneycarolinetx
indian_russ : Don't forget the bowsaw
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james_lucas - James Lucas
Aliens just got better! @fixehardware
crunchy_grano_la : They come with a scale for all the drug dealing rock climbers
andrewbt : #sponsoredpost
tuckerschmucker : @boilerroomclimbing @pearcemundy cool!
johnny_danger : Pretty too!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
#throwbackthursday to a few years ago during my Muay Thai fight in Bangkok
throwbackthursday -
jonathansiegrist : Bad ass.
anothermattlucas : Nice tats brah
justinclimbs : #bodydouble
iurenee : #youcantthrowbackthursdayonwednesday
arareko : is it Thursday yet?! #givemebackmywednesday
zaqromero : You were never that skinny.....
pidapocket : I remember that! Matt's a beast!
jessehuey : Holy shit, I thought at first that was your double!
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james_lucas - James Lucas
#tbt to 2006 climbing on Tatonka in Squamish...getting psyched fo Canada time
tbt -
townsendb : Nice abs.
cpaquot : @james_lucas new ride? What did you decide on?
tarareynvaan : #glamourmuscles
lynbarraza : That misty looks like it was fallen on a few too many times πŸ˜‰
james_lucas : @lynbarraza are you calling me fat?
lynbarraza : I'd never call you fat @james_lucas just noting that it looks like you have a handkerchief protecting the crux
james_lucas : Oh- it's @mandifinger s napkin and photo...this was waaay back on 2006 before they invented real pads
james_lucas : @lynbarraza
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james_lucas - James Lucas
swimmeronland : Cheek scar 😍
solsurfur : need to get out of your cave more often
jeffjohnson_beyondandback : Spooky.
teeebonecapone : dilated peoples
willmasterman : Lay off the Thizz
dirtbagdad : Got paranoia?
joey_kinder : Acid?
daveallfrey : A whole new meaning to "pie eyed"
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james_lucas - James Lucas
#tbt to the days of skinning my knee on Squamish slabs, hanging the draws for @alexhonnold @andrew_burr
tbt -
andrew_burr : That was the day you made Honnold cry...
caseymct : cruel shoes? @james_lucas
james_lucas : @andrew_burr a moment of glory
james_lucas : @caseymct I think it's called Desimonde...it's an 11c slab behind the campground. Cool pitch.
joey_kinder : MIURAS!!!! Yes!!!!!!
caseymct : @james_lucas nice!
chris_schulte : I love Squamish slabs.. Especially the hard ones. Which is all of em.
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