JacksGap is a video project that was born from a love of travelling and telling stories. We aim to create and share content that inspires others.
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jacksgap - JacksGap
We're filming Shed Session #3 this morning with the outrageously talented @jpcoopermusic. Session #2 goes live next week!
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tumblr.teensx : Tumblr Transparents account
muazalharis : Did you delete your two videos with Sam in your channel?
xoxojesy : Jack and Finn I have been watching your videos for a few years now and u haven fallen in love😍 i really enjoy watching your videos and the content u put on your channel. U guys are one of the reasons why I am who i am today, I hope you take the time to read this message. I love u guys way to much😘😘 @jacksgap
hyfrgaby : where are you jack finn?? 😭😭😭
hxpe.c : Its real @planet.wolfblood
bubble_candyfloss : I love you guys <3
5sos_is_so_perfect : Great job on your video You love it:)
mrs_kardashianwest : I love you guys
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jacksgap - JacksGap
Shooting a stop motion title sequence.
katie_mabberley : @shouts22you got me 1k
skelly02 : But you don't have 1k @katie_mabberley
delaney.troyan : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
sven.bruening : what camera mount are u using to attach the camera to the stand???
army_alva : So cool
brodie.is.bae : @trropica is helping accounts
laura_upsdell : What is the stand called @sven.bruening
sven.bruening : @laura_upsdell I think it's a boom pole mounted on two light stands
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jacksgap - JacksGap
One of the awesome kids we met in Kenya a couple of weeks ago. I told him to give me the biggest smile he could... This was his response.
taraalexx_jay : @will_i_am34 sorry, I'm confused, why is it exactly that you feel sorry for Africans? Is it because you blindly buy in to the one sided story that the media sells you? Continue feeling better about yourself because you're "doing your bit". Well done you.
_f3v3nnn : What the fuck do you feel bad for Africans for , really no body is trying to help Africa as a continent. Africa would of been the richest continent in the wourld if 99%of it have not been colonized by Europeans,honestly no one cares about africa countrys like the US try to make it seem like they are helping but everybody is doing that for their own advantage( why Africa is not that wealthy in the first place ) because everyone wants something fromthere whether its land or natural resources,but actually as of not Africa is the most developming country! And jack has done nothing wrong
_f3v3nnn : Everyone views Africa. As a bad thing but honestly i traveled alot n i have never been in a place like Africa(Ethiopia) before 💞 Africa has this cultural beauty that noo one has 🌑👌♥
daveyhumphrey : @jacksgap you came to Tz and i never knew it ;-(((((( next time i will be on time
cyndiieeee : just an FYI. Not everyone in Africa is dying.
elenakubeka : Africa is a beautiful place if you guys think that people are not dying come see for yourself , why shouldnt you care about Africans they are also human right just because people in Africa are not using their resources u gonna hate . WTF
jess.unverified : For people hating on Africa. For your information im actually from Africa and it is the most beautiful place ever i live in south Africa and it is the most beautiful country in the world wtf is wrong with you to go hating on a place you may have never been before!!!! I am proudly south African!!!!!!!
abbykoech : I'm Kenyan!!
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jacksgap - JacksGap
Jack hanging out the back of @caseyneistat truck in New York City.
khushiramlogun : @sandycanes24 freaking frickity frack
sandycanes24 : @khushiramlogun 😯😏😍
rajankb : Finn Finn the fitter twin (jack is aswell) but you've got to show Finn some love!😂😂
junemaeve : @nellbellle
jazmine_hmd : @ilostmyshawarma
the_redheaded_mermaid : @british_summers LOOK AT FRIGGIN JACK MY BABY IS A MAN
erincassey : @chloe.welsh
arimajano : 💦
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To capture the full scale of the slums in Kibera we flew a quadrocopter above with a GoPro attached. It was an extraordinary way to view the sheer size of the settlement.
f.fakfang : หันหน้ามาโอ๊ะ!!ไอ้เป้า @mygift_sasi
matthew_1783 : Awesome fling thing
mygift_sasi : @ffakfang 55555หราแค่หุ่นก็ไม่ใช่ละ
dreamin.outloud : @yasmyntege OMG I'm from Uganda too!! Wouldn't it be SOOO cool if they came? :)
mayabaritugo : I hear you do a lot for charity! :)
ilapeed : Kiberia and go pro @ella_ella_a @nshah248
_alexprxntis12_ : @woodymclxod
kbkillebrew : What backpack is he wearing?
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We watched and filmed a local football game in Nairobi yesterday. I've fallen in love with the kids here.
mygift_sasi : I like you a lot, mind you, handsome. @jacksgap
drt1237 : You so cut
tinaharries : Wow :)
mrs.harries28 : Bellos
ilapeed : @ella_ella_a @nshah248
rockyreyes.x : @maddy.wilson
raniamellak : @assiabourragat @fazouelm go watch him on youtuuuuube
karinaanieblas : Is amazing, en serio estos chicos lo que hacen es asombroso. No dejen de hacerlo
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jacksgap - JacksGap
Video in progress. It's a love story concerning a certain reptile...
issyempson : @lauren.davies
krasnik3501 : Herbert!
puckvnuland : Why are you so perfect, i mean, i've never seen somebody like this
moni_mir : @peppy_789
emily3679 : Herbert I say hi @jacksgap
meli_bizzle : So beautiful 💜
1d_in5secs : I miss Sid but Herbert and Doris are pretty cool too.
_2018_caitlyn_ : Omg I miss sid too! 😭 #loveyoujackandfinn
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JacksGap now has a dedicated Instagram account. We're excited for the future of this space!
naycow : @germylai zam
4everselenator1d : Ily Guys 😘💗 COME TO MEXICO!!
marky.y : @helpin.accounts is helping accounts grow
oscarbutterworth : Can you make another penyboarding video
sprinkleskitten : Can you do the smoothie challenge
to.the.moonn.and.back : ILYSM U R MY EVERYTHING💝💝💝
sprinkleskitten : Do the smoothie challenge please
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