JacksGap is a video project that was born from a love of travelling and telling stories. We aim to create and share content that inspires others.
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jacksgap - JacksGap
Shooting a stop motion title sequence.
i_love_penguines_ : Yay I'm so excited to see it
sharonmongec : <3
garrett_mauk : @youtubers_snapchat
itzowennn : You guys inspired me to start penny boarding. Check out a few of my pictures @jacksgap
cxra_x : @youtubers_snapchat
marialiformoso25 : @jacksgap @jackharries @ellagracedenton The video is PERFECT!! ♥ Love you soooo much!!! #jella
zoellafanpage : can someone tell me how old jack is please?
v.alentina : Honestly today's video made me cry it's absolutely the cutest thing ever. Jack you are soo sweet I absolutely adore you 😘😘 and your girlfriend is so beautiful definitely my otp.
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jacksgap - JacksGap
One of the awesome kids we met in Kenya a couple of weeks ago. I told him to give me the biggest smile he could... This was his response.
sara_sarsara : I think what you both are doing is helping those actual children and helping the rest of the world realize what is going on so they can help too. Doing charity work and sharing it on social media is a wonderful idea and i love watching your videos.πŸ’œ
x20131122114334o : how nice of you! Let's just keep volunteering for all the children on our planet :^)
will_i_am34 : I feel soooooo sorry for africans but at least every year we help them moe
xo.teresa : Omg all u people are stupid im kenyan and half my family memebers IN KENYA take pictures without smiling oh and also as u can see he has clothes on and looks well fed stop with the stereotype tht africa is a poor desert land with starving children only SOME TRIBES live in the deserr not ALL OF THEM i really dislike the ignorance on this picture sorry if i offended anyone im fully kenyan it just makes me mad sorry.
ciccisprinzi : That's amazing how you're using the internet to share with people also important things..to let them know and try to help those people around the world that maybe need help😊
zasschnarli : @xo.teresa i'm Not from africa, but I totally understand you!! If there were anyone who Take a picture of me and Tell me to laugh, i wouldnt do it... Maybe he just had a Bad Day or didn't understand Jack!! I'm Pissed by peaple who think they seem compassionate if they Write some comments about how Poor the Kid isπŸ˜’
zasschnarli : @xo.teresa
elskebarker : He is clearly not being stereotypical. I completely understand where you are coming from, but I think Jack really just wants to make a difference in the lives of those people who do have less money. He is doing what he can to help those people and I think that we should be happy that there are people like him on Earth. @zasschnarli @xo.teresa
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jacksgap - JacksGap
Two of the lovely children we met in Kenya. New blog post on http://jacksgap.com/features
youtubersloves : You guys are so inspirational and it seems as though your living the dream and I hope you enjoy it as much as or more than I enjoy tagging along on your journeys through a lens!
_ryan_mcintosh : I just found your channel this week and I love it so much your videos are amazing!
maddiegilham__x : I love you jack and finnπŸ˜”πŸ˜
tyty42323 : Are we still able to send you mail?
luisaluna27 : If a want to help ,how could I do it? @jacksgap @jacksgap
mejkhan : You guys inspired me to use social media for change. #freepalestine
sharonmongec : @gap.jacks :( i tried to send the video but the computer said "try another time" and i want you see my video but well the computer won >:( so sorry if i had a mistakes i don't speak English :)
x20131122114334o : they looks so lovely :)
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jacksgap - JacksGap
Jack hanging out the back of @caseyneistat truck in New York City.
serena_rose14 : 😍😍
turmixhoran : @alveena17 Shut up!
sustylesjr10 : Jack😍😍😍
beauty_pics_sweet : @sliveslife
will_i_am34 : Jacks better
shahdjoari : @omg.its.dianaa
deadara_audre : His hair :o
resha_bills : Jack you should let your hair grow out a bit! @jackharries @jacksgap
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jacksgap - JacksGap
To capture the full scale of the slums in Kibera we flew a quadrocopter above with a GoPro attached. It was an extraordinary way to view the sheer size of the settlement.
tutorials_for_dayyss : Enter @desirinq giveaway!!!!
hunkypanda : @simon_bryant or be a professional youtuber and being paid to make videos :(
melissa.amaya : Te amoooo eres hermosho 😘
migooo.a : I want your guys help to get @jackharries & @finnharries to notice this hashtag for their next youtube video: #QAJacksGap
migooo.a : Do it in TWITTER
balicious14 : You guys are just like Jack and Finn in Adventure Time β™‘ on Nicklelodeon ! Hahaha
leylabaskaya_ : My sister stayed with your family!
davidsuple : Conocopter
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jacksgap - JacksGap
We watched and filmed a local football game in Nairobi yesterday. I've fallen in love with the kids here.
indahayuuu : Yang pentin kan hati jack buat aku gak yg kelain gak kaya finn😟
meliniaaa93 : Semoga mba beneran nikah ya sama jack aku gak bakal nyari info tentang kalau jack ***** lagi kok
meliniaaa93 : @indahayuuu
gracekims : I find it so beautiful what you guys do. I bet you inspired those kids and many other people around the world.
lydperris : @bethjohnson_11
x20131122114334o : GOD bless you!!
drepayfort : Lovely picture
trisha.marinas : Awwww
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jacksgap - JacksGap
Video in progress. It's a love story concerning a certain reptile...
baylieo : Herbert and Doris πŸ˜‚ poor Sid at the end tho
lolo_0817 : Miss u Sid but herbet is pretty cool
milouvddoren_ : Herbert and Doris are so cool!!
ty4patel : Herbert:)))
miramirayyy : I love you ♥
daisykinnz : Herbert and Doris are my otp πŸ’ž
jeana.l : @ash.ley24
julztb511 : @kaitlynjones9
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jacksgap - JacksGap
JacksGap now has a dedicated Instagram account. We're excited for the future of this space!
jdjaydizzle : Is there anyway to get involved? I feel like I could contribute greatly. Let me know if I can please 😌
rosenbloom127 : Yay!!! Woo hoo!!!
caseydebois : @mdebwah
___j0y___ : @haleyrimblas
naycow : @germylai zam
4everselenator1d : Ily Guys πŸ˜˜πŸ’— COME TO MEXICO!!
marky._ : @helpin.accounts is helping accounts grow
oscarbutterworth : Can you make another penyboarding video
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