JacksGap is a video project that was born from a love of travelling and telling stories. We aim to create and share content that inspires others.
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We're filming Shed Session #3 this morning with the outrageously talented @jpcoopermusic. Session #2 goes live next week!
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Shooting a stop motion title sequence.
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One of the awesome kids we met in Kenya a couple of weeks ago. I told him to give me the biggest smile he could... This was his response.
fashionchest : @jillbangbang @volcano_chou why are you sad? Who told you he was suffering?
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Jack hanging out the back of @caseyneistat truck in New York City.
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To capture the full scale of the slums in Kibera we flew a quadrocopter above with a GoPro attached. It was an extraordinary way to view the sheer size of the settlement.
davidsuple : Conocopter
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We watched and filmed a local football game in Nairobi yesterday. I've fallen in love with the kids here.
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Video in progress. It's a love story concerning a certain reptile...
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JacksGap now has a dedicated Instagram account. We're excited for the future of this space!
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