Behind the scenes and the latest updates from JacksGap. A storytelling project inspired by travel.
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jacksgap - JacksGap
How many members of the JacksGap team can you fit in a Land Rover? Such a fun week...new video coming this weekend!
kayhashi : @jacksgap I can't wait for the next video! your collaborations are inspiring and great!
leah_forbes : 11,000 like 😂😂 can't wait to see what you boys are coming up with for the future❤️❤️
nastyakil33 : с подругой договорились встретить вас несмотря не на что,лол,лю
rowanberriess : @nastyakil33 лол, обязательно встретите 👌
fahzxx : Im just follow u, i think your video so good and so cool :)
anthonyfelix715 : I wanna join the team! 😄
kayhashi : so excited for the next video!! @jacksgap I'd love to work with you sometime!
angie_penguins : I love your videos they are amazing!!!
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jacksgap - JacksGap
We featured the wonderful We Were Evergreen in our garden shed. You can watch the video here http://youtu.be/stwv6XlpZ1k or alternatively you can listen to the audio on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/jacksgapsounds
karla.maritza : JACKSGAP LOVE U!
jessica_vh_photography : I love the way you guys film these. They're so creative. I feel like even if u don't like the music (which I do on point! 👌) you could watch tees and still love it. Idk I just love camera work!
emma_dereuck : 4259856731 call me (;
fauziaauliana : Awesome!
kelly.abh : I really admire your job guys. It's inspiring, if we want to change the world, we have to change ourselves first.
sandra_snyman : @kirsten_leee bruh
___isabel_x : Loved this shed session! Definitely my favourite. Keep doing what your doing, it's awesome x ❤️
berecstasy : I love this shed session
timwouldgo - nini7890o - al_ice7 - celinakhazem -
jacksgap - JacksGap
Artist Leslie Watts is featured in the final episode of our #FollowingHeart series. Check out our channel to see the video and head to jacksgap.com for behind the scenes photos.
followingheart -
demi.wesseldijk : 💕💕
afternoon_words : I'm a new blogger and instagramer and would love some support from yall! feel free to check out my posts on my blog and my Instagram, the link to my blog is in the description
harriet.deluce : It was amazing! I loved all of the following heart videos. It's very inspiring
georgied23 : Loved this film ❤️ aced it!!!!
_team_.youtube_ : 👌👌
classic.fandoms : ❤️please check out my multifandom account❤️
jeszph : Hey! Really nice job I hope someday I'll do something like that ✌ I'm just starting and u r a really big inspiration to me guys
berecstasy : All your projects really inspire me, keep doing what you're doing 😊
alaunaandrews - gdlucia - karensofiareyesb - palomadelnaj -
jacksgap - JacksGap
Victoria, Elizabeth and Mary the Tuk Tuks in miniature form! Made by @cxon99
ellieloveszebras : Please check DM @jacksgap? I have a little question to ask you 😉😘 xx
theadventuresoflucy : Hi! I recently did a video inspired by/in response to @jacksgap's latest video. Fancy checking it out and sharing it? http://youtu.be/s8Yntl8OlBY 😊
classic.fandoms : ❤️please check out my multifandom account❤️
gal_shteinberg_ : I love you but I miss the old Jacksgaps videos
englooobe : @alyonka_lime
paaulamartin : ❤
phenominiall_xoxo : I miss ur videos guys!!!but still ily ❤💕💗💘💝💞💟
mpratomo : #bajaj
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jacksgap - JacksGap
We're filming Shed Session #3 this morning with the outrageously talented @jpcoopermusic. Session #2 goes live next week!
3 - 2 -
zadaforde : Lol Why is @jacksgap not following @jackharries
iloveyxutubers : ‼️ ⚠️ ⚠️ NEW YOUTUBER FAN ACCOUNT ⚠️ ⚠️ ‼️
zscljsmbnstbjcadlptstojghgngbr : JUST TO LET THIS OUT!!!!!!!! @jacksgap @jackharries @finnharries It made my day to see you had made a video ( it probably even made my month and year too) I was so excited to see that blue icon on my subscription list and i guess i still am excited!
just_being_christian : Awesome! 😍 Try checkout my feed! 👌😀
emma_dingen : Check check it's Jack😏❤️😍👌 @julia_jochems @fleurdushi @guusjegerritse @zjimmyylois
theadventuresoflucy : Hi! I recently did a video inspired by/in response to @jacksgap's latest video. Fancy checking it out and sharing it? http://youtu.be/s8Yntl8OlBY 😊
classic.fandoms : ❤️please check out my multifandom account❤️
anagaby1313 : @briannaj26
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jacksgap - JacksGap
Shooting a stop motion title sequence.
sangnzlz : You do the things amazing. Really nice job guys! Telling stories through videos. So nice!
theadventuresoflucy : Hi! I recently did a video inspired by/in response to one of @jacksgap's latest videos. Fancy checking it out and sharing it? Link in bio!😊
x_iris_a_m_x : I love doing that
classic.fandoms : ❤️please check out my multifandom account❤️
englooobe : @alyonka_lime 😱😱😱
alyonka_lime : @englooobe 😍😍😍
kishensedani : What are those rigs called?
_rojamix : Love it @jackharries
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jacksgap - JacksGap
One of the awesome kids we met in Kenya a couple of weeks ago. I told him to give me the biggest smile he could... This was his response.
holz_mae : @wnba_kacey yeah I miss them 😂
wnba_kacey : @jackharries & @finnharries are the best people in the world @holz_mae
holz_mae : @wnba_kacey ❤️
wnba_kacey : I love them soooo much @finnharries @jacksgap @jackharries im addicted! Xx @holz_mae
holz_mae : @wnba_kacey I was when they first started making vids ❤️ they were the best ones though
wnba_kacey : Ikr ! Same i was there too i loved the p.o box openings the flamingo glasses @holz_mae
holz_mae : @wnba_kacey nah the unicycling one is by far the best 💞
wnba_kacey : OH MY GOSH yes!!! Xx @holz_mae
emilysegg - rowan.tuckner - alaunaandrews - palomadelnaj -
jacksgap - JacksGap
Jack hanging out the back of @caseyneistat truck in New York City.
wanienell : @liyanakarim95 rmbut harry
liyanakarim95 : Haha @wanienell
emmylane125 : @mia_mullen8
classic.fandoms : ❤️please check out my multifandom account❤️
kat_gallison : @caitlin_pianka17
caitlin_pianka17 : @kat_gallison when he actually has driven a truck
kat_gallison : @caitlin_pianka17 many times
emma.wolford : Well I guess if I want to meet either of you I can just go to NYC and hang out there 😂
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jacksgap - JacksGap
To capture the full scale of the slums in Kibera we flew a quadrocopter above with a GoPro attached. It was an extraordinary way to view the sheer size of the settlement.
tangerine_12 : Wow look at that village... 😞
fabianacardenas : #Gapper4Ever you're the best role models ever❤️ i'm so proud of you #ProudOfBeingAGapper you inspire me so much i just want to help people like you do☺️ i hope one day i can get to work with you❤️💫 it would be my dream come true☺️. #BestRoleModels #JacksGap have a happy 2015!🎉 ily😘💘 greetings from Bolivia.xx @jackharries @finnharries
_allisonl : @kelseyleighw_ this is exactly where I'm going!
caitlinanneliza : @rachel_holst it's from berghaus but they don't have it anymore
niilololl : With FPV? @jacksgap
classic.fandoms : ❤️please check out my multifandom account❤️
lydperris : @justagodthing
sonia_ruan : @joanmatonss la cosa que volaa
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jacksgap - JacksGap
We watched and filmed a local football game in Nairobi yesterday. I've fallen in love with the kids here.
kayyess : @sskim0522
_daylightsdreamer_ : I live in Nairobi and didn't go see. Screw life @nessyafrica @_starbust_kid_
nessyafrica : Bruh we always seem to miss these things. @_daylightsdreamer_
_daylightsdreamer_ : Ikr @nessyafrica
farah_elkady : SHOFTY CUTE EZAY @mirnalaa
mirnalaa : 3AAAAA LEHH KDAAA @farah_elkady
xx_ashley__xx : THIS IS MAKING ME EMO
anagaby1313 : @briannaj26
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