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JacksGap is a video project that was born from a love of travelling and telling stories. We aim to create and share content that inspires others.
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jacksgap - JacksGap
We're filming Shed Session #3 this morning with the outrageously talented @jpcoopermusic. Session #2 goes live next week!
3 - 2 -
omq_kellyxtumblr : @jacksgap
_emmawelte_ : Ella in this photo is just 😍 I love the work you do especially the Rickshaw Run. Totally amazing πŸš•πŸš—πŸš™ inspiring really. The filming techniques you use are just amazing and puts you on a way higher level to other YouTubers. Keep it up man!! πŸ’
josephsuggbae : πŸŽ„Youtube FanpageπŸŽ„
lindsey16h : I met you
livvxy : Bby
emoji.youtubers : πŸ’•YouTuber accountπŸ’•
l_rider999 : OMG for one of your next vids, you guys should play Five Nights At Freddy's
magicorpse : TEXTPOST ACCOUNT HERE πŸ’–πŸ’–
neha.perumal - ctv440 - anafafu - a_m_e_a_r_a -
jacksgap - JacksGap
Shooting a stop motion title sequence.
delaney.troyan : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
sven.bruening : what camera mount are u using to attach the camera to the stand???
army_alva : So cool
brodie.is.bae : @trropica is helping accounts
sven.bruening : @laura_upsdell I think it's a boom pole mounted on two light stands
noaharcherrr : @itsjugghere want to do that
itsjugghere : @noaharcherrr that's how we should do the titles of our intros !!
livvxy : 😍
disizit - oncrazyshit - lizikopataraia - kataly_ignacio -
jacksgap - JacksGap
One of the awesome kids we met in Kenya a couple of weeks ago. I told him to give me the biggest smile he could... This was his response.
elenakubeka : Africa is a beautiful place if you guys think that people are not dying come see for yourself , why shouldnt you care about Africans they are also human right just because people in Africa are not using their resources u gonna hate . WTF
jess.bernstein01 : For people hating on Africa. For your information im actually from Africa and it is the most beautiful place ever i live in south Africa and it is the most beautiful country in the world wtf is wrong with you to go hating on a place you may have never been before!!!! I am proudly south African!!!!!!!
abbykoech : I'm Kenyan!!
dicken.strips : For those who are saying Africa would've been rich if it wasn't taken over by other countries, that's not true because without industrialization none of them would have any money at all, and north east Africa with all of its oil would've been completely useless. However Africa is an incredible place like no other in the world and does not deserve all this hate and negativity and sorrow.
lovely_dida : @itskhulod
shannon_walks : Kenya is my home and it is amazing ❀️
silkelamers : @xmerelhermsen
kiemasoround : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the inside
lydz.wap09 - its_bella_okay - kataly_ignacio - kendall_h_74 -
jacksgap - JacksGap
Jack hanging out the back of @caseyneistat truck in New York City.
noaharcherrr : @itsjugghere THEY ARE MAKING SOMETHING TOGETHER
itsjugghere : @noaharcherrr I know !!!! I remember seeing something on his SNAPCHAT !!! OMGGGG
noaharcherrr : @itsjugghere omg I think I'm going to pop a lil
melinakof : Why is jack's hand pink?
adiskcm : From the car light next to his hand @melinakof
melinakof : Oooh, thanks @adiskcm
hanegj : @mandolinbarbs
jihankimiko : @rainbow_unicornv
harriesstwins - kxylxs - kataly_ignacio - kendall_h_74 -
jacksgap - JacksGap
To capture the full scale of the slums in Kibera we flew a quadrocopter above with a GoPro attached. It was an extraordinary way to view the sheer size of the settlement.
fnadiah : Man they do such cool projects @ariehkamal 😫 mau inspire people for a living.
ariehkamal : Lol eyaaah kn inspire2..but yeah one day why not coconut @fnadiah
fnadiah : Gaha one step at a time πŸ’ͺ gotta have the courage to speak publically dulu πŸ˜‚ barutah kan inspire inspire HAHA @ariehkamal
elisabethangelicamaria : @aliiciia_garcia
amandayeohuiyu : Hello Jack and Finn! I was just watching your videos from the very first to the latests ones and I see how your content has changed and how much you both have matured! Even though you've grown up I'm sure you can still be your Funny and Quirky selves so I really hope to see more of the funny side of both of you! Can you do a collab with Joe Sugg PLEASE Heehee (: Great job with the channel!
nawfal_boukoulo : I've just got an free iPhone from @freeapplenows
leahpoling : Cheeky
rachel_holst : Does anybody know what the white backpack is?
lylas_harmony - vxkiii - kataly_ignacio - cutieasfuck -
jacksgap - JacksGap
We watched and filmed a local football game in Nairobi yesterday. I've fallen in love with the kids here.
rn_mllk : @assiabourragat @fazouelm go watch him on youtuuuuube
karinaanieblas : Is amazing, en serio estos chicos lo que hacen es asombroso. No dejen de hacerlo
jesussister777 : That is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen, you both are very blessed oh and ps I am an identical twin to js
carolinegiriboni : @gabimgbueno
gabimgbueno : @carolinegiriboni Cant
livvxy : Aw
josietaylor_ : 😌
fahannah13 : Awww so sweet 😍
anastasia_borz - vxkiii - lyabell - gaabii_ch -
jacksgap - JacksGap
Video in progress. It's a love story concerning a certain reptile...
avery_unicorn : Is
avery_unicorn : Ish* god autocorrect
lydiausa01 : Loved it
naina_j26 : ❀️
mia__0502 : ❀️british @joy_for_sale
hanegj : @mandolinbarbs
tasha___rose : β€πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ love u
millie.nf : πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
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jacksgap - JacksGap
JacksGap now has a dedicated Instagram account. We're excited for the future of this space!
erin_519 : So funny luv ur channel it makes my day πŸ˜„
melinakof : They don't do challenges
this_is_neverland8 : I just got a free IPhone from @freeapplenow
_emmawelte_ : Noo keep posting here
lorrainemains : Hnng!!!!
livvxy : :/
xoxsamx : Hay guys, you are zo amazing! Where do you live because I want to write a letter to you. X sam
thechristinabrown : Dedicated? Please keep us posted! I miss this!
denice__16 - __victoria198 - sathh_k - nick_hannaford -
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