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I got paid to wear t-shirts for five years, I sold my last name (twice), and wrote a book titled "Creativity For Sale."
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iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
We're off to San Diego for a week! #offthegrid #stayclassy
stayclassy - offthegrid -
kayladawnwrites : Enjoy the break!
simplykaylyn_ : @iwearyourshirt have fun!!
ckelso : @simplykaylyn_ we'll be scoping it out for ya 😉
xlisafirex : You make it look like that's a very tiny plane @iwearyourshirt!! Have a grand time!! We leave Friday!
troybflying : Safe Travels! ✈️
halter : You guys are cute. Have fun!
amharkins - kamwilson888 - ryannicodemus - aelaret -
iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
I love trading creative things! The amazingly talented artist @rustamhasanov did this headshot of me for a signed copy of #CreativityForSale. Love his style and enjoy sharing a copy of my book in a unique way.
creativityforsale -
iwysthemama : THAT IS GREAT!
jaydelaney : Love it!
pjrvs : so rad
benrodda : spot the difference
ckelso : I want one of me and I want to hang them in the house. So rad.
daddybookins - matthewrusso - ryannicodemus - fulanodigital -
iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
I'm officially obsessed with this #vegan "pudding" from the book Thrive. 1 cup almond milk, 1/4 cup chia seeds, 1 tbsp maple syrup, 1 tsp vanilla extract. Combine and refrigerate for an hour. Add fruit or granola. It's the jam! Warning: It has the texture of tapioca pudding (but not the disgusting taste). Thanks @pjrvs for the recipe book.
vegan -
bennyhsu : That's sounds good! I followed a recipe that had coconut milk (homemade). So addicting.
simplykaylyn_ : @iwearyourshirt it's the BEST! Next time blend in banana.
gvillejen : Try it with cocoa powder!
gvillejen : Or coconut milk!
2fivedesigns : @katiemcbroom something for you
demianross : Or add Ben & Jerrys
joyandpayne : Sub that vanilla for 1 Tbsp of peanut butter and add 1 Tbsp cocoa powder and it is so yummy!!!
pjrvs : YES
cait_b_smith - ginalstarr - kamwilson888 - jwilliamculinary -
iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
I partnered with the amazingly talented human being @tekstartist on 5spotderby.com for a week. He picked a quote and created a limited edition 13x20 letterpress print. Buy the print and get a signed copy of #CreativityForSale too! #regram #letterpress #awesomeart
regram - awesomeart - letterpress - creativityforsale -
awddonuts : In the email you sent I couldn't make out quote. I can here. Looks awesome!
rubenrojas : Dope
iamrachalt : Great quote!
leahloustyle - ericvonzip - aelaret - simplykaylyn_ -
iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
Enjoying a little Florida sun, a hammock that I actually fit in, and reading Tim Fargo's book "alphabet success." Great read so far and not a bad way to start the day!
awddonuts : Look at all this reading your doing now! How is this book?
iwearyourshirt : @awddonuts I know! Reading a ton more these days. I'm really digging Tim's book so far!
xlisafirex : @iwearyourshirt that book looks super tiny in your hand!
awddonuts : I'll have a full review of your book later today or tomorrow.
iwearyourshirt : @xlisafirex it's a new filter on IG called "bighands" 😃
iwearyourshirt : @awddonuts awesome my friend!
tefargo : Thanks Jason. Glad you're enjoying it. Your book was fantastic. What a great read for aspiring entrepreneurs.
jackbethmann - amandadryan - seancannell - 201wrap -
iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
Love the new digs at Subculture Coffee!
israelpsmith : @iwearyourshirt is that VEGAN coffee & cake ?! Hehehe
tpldrew - benprzeslak - aelaret - 201wrap -
iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
It's a grab-wednesday-by-the-horns and #dreambig kind of day! Don't settle for mediocre today (or any day). Go out and get what you want today friends!
dreambig -
amywesttravel : Word!
seancannell : 💪
angel_nicolas : nice page, let me know what you think of mine @angel_nicolas
dafoodie : My friend got your signed copy of the book. Thanks!!
simonspicer - henrycdodge - xlisafirex - lukemiler -
iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
Words cannot describe how amazing last night's #CreativityForSale book launch party at @tacolujaxbeach was! The love, support, kind words, and high 5s from friends new and old was overwhelming. Thank you so much to everyone who came out and for everyone reading this who continues to support all my crazy ideas.
creativityforsale -
jaket4 : Congrats! So awesome man, and well earned. Keep up the great work
specktatorjax - misternathan - leonormar - digimap -
iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
Finally got to watch Dear Mr Watterson on Netflix, so I was inspired to make this week's book a Calvin and Hobbes book. I had to dig this bad boy out of a box in the attic, but I'm glad I did. Just holding the book reminds me of my childhood and brings a smile to my face. I spent hours as a kid reading comics and making up my own characters. There's something to be said for the purity and timelessness of Calvin and Hobbes. It truly is one of the greatest comic strips ever (if not the greatest). I also highly recommend watching the documentary on Netflix. Now... "Let's go exploring!" #calvinandhobbes
calvinandhobbes -
cc_chapman : My all time favorite!
carriewchildren : The best!
robbieh : My go to books from the past are The Far Side books. Still gets good laugh at some of the cartoons.
dovvork : #Classic
tim_yocum : I stumbled across this read today. As a fan of Calvin and Hobbes, it made me realize we must never lose our inner child and the magic that makes up those early days of our lives. http://www.tickld.com/x/this-guy-just-changed-the-way-we-seecalvin-and-hobbes
louiebaur - benprzeslak - henrycdodge - bboettger -
iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
Thank you @leahloustyle for buying me some bubble tape. Not only did this bring back amazing childhood memories, but I also immediately have 17 cavities. I want Now And Laters, Fun Dip, and Pixie Sticks now too. What was your favorite childhood candy??
leahloustyle : Pahahahahaha @iwearyourshirt how many wads have you swallowed?!?! Warheads and airheads were my after school jam. I also tried to snag my friend's shark bites/gushers since my mum never bought those bad boys.
leahloustyle : PS your words mean something ;)
patricksflynn : Fun dip. At swim meets during the summers!
halter : Haha
xlisafirex : PopRocks while walking to the river to go swimming in the summers! Thanks for the memories, @iwearyourshirt!
aelaret : This along with big league chew.
prcog : Lemonheads - then and now.
y0ung_squeegee : Big League Chew
vincebaarson - y0ung_squeegee - dakotaherrera - coffeeandaquote -
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