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I got paid to wear t-shirts for five years, I sold my last name (twice), and wrote a book titled "Creativity For Sale."
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iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
For those of us not willing to stand in line for an iPhone 6/6+ today, this the photo we can share. I stood in line for the original iPhone and vowed to never do it again. Patience is a virtue! #invisibleiphone6
invisibleiphone6 -
iwearyourshirt : @djwaldow crazy how light the phone is right?? I just can't believe it.
rubenrojas : I've stood in line my friend. Turned in into a tradition and vowed to never do it again after the second time.
jayowen : Ditto
djwaldow : Much lighter than the phone @bryankramer1 is holding right now
bryankramer1 : @djwaldow :-)
rtconsulting : πŸ‘
seancannell : Lol
israelpsmith : Wow - it has that light-wrapping stealth mode just like the ship in Avengers! Awesome! Goes perfectly with Invisible OH .. Maybe this Invisible iPhone 6 can sponsor Season 2? Hehe
rtconsulting - osxdude - sirmanthamums - xlisafirex -
iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
#TBT 2 years ago when we did a 4,000 mile road trip and challenged a bunch of cities along the east coast to beat us in trivia and beer drinking! We were terrible at trivia, but the two week trip was an absolute blast! Kind of makes me want to do a road trip to promote #CreativityForSale.... Hmmm... #iwysroadtrip
iwysroadtrip - tbt - creativityforsale -
markdudley19 : That was fun to follow and be apart of!
rawkforchrist : If you want to Roadtrip in December or May-July I'd be down to join and help!
israelpsmith : lol @iwearyourshirt .. "We were terrible at trivia ... (omitted: but we were awesome at beer drinking!!) ..."
201wrap : @iwearyourshirt ; #memories πŸ‘ #ifenterpriseonlyknew ;)
thebaldfatguy : That was a fun time.
hoober42 - baby_galloway4 - erkdonovan - 201wrap -
iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
My good buddy @justinlevy (pictured right) is currently undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumor that appeared a month ago after he suffered a massive seizure that resulted in fracturing and dislocating both his shoulders. Justin has endured a ton in his life and could use all the positive vibes, thoughts, finger crossing, praying, etc today. He's been a great friend and today I'm very thankful for all the good times we've shared (and hoping for many more!). If you want to read more about the last month of his life, he journals at builtunstoppable.com. Love you brother!
israelpsmith : Oh wow. I heard about this thru @nothinglost but hadn't realised there was a tumour now involved. Far out. Sending all the positive vibes I can to @JustinLevy.
outline_studio : Nice pic
ianhoyt - israelpsmith - simonspicer - rickcoplin -
iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
My new rapper name is "2Loavez." I'm not a frequent bread eater, but any time I'm near @communityloavesjax I swing through and grab a loaf or two. They make some of the most delicious bread you'll ever put in your mouth (and I can't wait to attend one of the pizza nights they host). #lotsofgluten #glutenfull #2loavez #ilovejax
glutenfull - 2loavez - lotsofgluten - ilovejax -
teesha_nelson : #glutenfull πŸ˜‚
benrodda : 🍞
israelpsmith : Bahahah watch out for the carb crash @iwearyourshirt ... Oops, I mean 2Loavez
iwearyourshirt : @israelpsmith I'm all about dem carbz
israelpsmith : lol @iwearyourshirt ... Word.
laurenmclaughlin13 - henrycdodge - amharkins - jessostroff -
iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
This is how we do wall art in our house. No animals or new wood were hurt in the building of this piece. #art #reclaimedwood #bucky
reclaimedwood - bucky - art -
elleohwill : Love it!
amandakayhughes - sadlumberjack - zleb_mada - simplykaylyn_ -
iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
There's just something to starting a task you can complete and enjoying the finished product. Our online worlds are never ending: there are always more emails, more tweets, more todo lists, and it can seem unfulfilling. I'm not going to win any gardening awards anytime soon (nor do I want to), but completing the task of redoing our front entryway was really rewarding. Find a task you can complete with your hands and see if the act of completion makes you feel good and inspired.
luckynumber11 : Looks great, Jason! I have recently taken up swimming and it has had a similar effect. No tweets or emails when under water, and it's rewarding to finish 😊 @iwearyourshirt
ckelso - teesha_nelson - bennyhsu - iwysthemama -
iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
Let's do this... It's #surpriseafriend time! Follow the directions in the video (email is Jason@sponsormybook.com). Woot!
surpriseafriend -
k_why : Challenge accepted.
victorsaad : The coolest.
theycallmeshua : Do I count as my own friend?
iwearyourshirt : @theycallmeshua alas, you do not, hah. Amazon has it on sale for $9.99 right now πŸ˜‰
shawntoussaint : @zespana
benlarcombe - dovvork - helen_ob - suescullychace -
iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
Really enjoying "Insanely Simple" so far. It's a close-up look of what it was like working with Steve Jobs from the perspective of the agency guy that helped craft creative campaigns for Apple and NeXT. I'm currently in the process of building a new business and couldn't be reading this book at a better time. Thanks @shanemacsays for the recommendation. #takeactionbooks #entrepreneurship #simplicity
takeactionbooks - simplicity - entrepreneurship -
shanemacsays : Love that book. I tend to over simplify everything tho.
craykitchings : @cortedelnorte is this the book you told me about?
cortedelnorte : @craykitchings yep!
iamrachalt : Two words: book club (;
kathysacks : Thx for recommendation
chris_frees - heysonpanda - benprzeslak - iamrachalt -
iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
That time the Canton Advertising Federation made this freaking amazing thing for me! I'm riding a unicorn people! #tbt #aaf #unicorn #iwys #mydreams
iwys - aaf - tbt - mydreams - unicorn -
seancannell : Amazing!!
kayladawnwrites : So jealous!
israelpsmith : That is truly epic. I am utterly gob-smacked. :)
bigryanpark : Amazing!
clayhebert : Love this.
jessostroff : Ahhhh your cartoon self is kick ass!
lukemiler : Onwards! πŸ˜„
heavynuggets - w0ady - loveemelissaanne - simplykaylyn_ -
iwearyourshirt - Jason SurfrApp
#CLIFFRD is officially for sale. It's been a blast owning this beast, but time to send him off to a new home. Serious inquiries only (not interested in trades) and asking 17k OBO. Plenty more photos and some video to share. Email jason@iwearyourshirt.com #1948chevy #chevy3100 #ratrod #48pickup #smallblock350 #statictruck
smallblock350 - statictruck - chevy3100 - ratrod - cliffrd - 48pickup - 1948chevy -
allanbranch : $1700 is my final offer
benprzeslak : Looking through #CLIFFRD was like a blast from the past.
proberts516 : @bleder3
iwearyourshirt : Truck is SOLD!
henrycdodge - sefikmujkic - fulanodigital - ryannicodemus -
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