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iwasrightherephoto - iwasrighthere
Being me might seem like fun. This is because you see me when I want to make you smile and see your crooked smile. On most days the silence is haunting and dampening who I might be next time you reach for me, will not be the clown you see today. By than I have cut you to the bone and removed the extra weight so I don't drown in this sorrow of my head. Only so many nights and lights and cross road trips to make me feel like this solitude will always follow lead. So I pick up pack up and set forth on a new adventure and carry you all from place to place even though I no longer see your face. I'm giving up on me and hoping for some one to gather me up and show me the way to get these complicated pieces in this trunk into this simple puzzle that has been laying out on family's table for to long.
restlessfingers4 : I see you. I've always seen you. I will always see you.
nawlinssmoker : Well said. The me you see is the one I want you to see.
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iwasrightherephoto - iwasrighthere
These tattered pages have been thumbed through to often and misunderstood. Today on this train they are being read by a woman who has said thank you to much and never spoke her voice for the things she wanted in life. Two divorces behind her and a smile that is cracking from behind the tough exterior. She was once married for kids not for love. When her husband passed from an altercation on the streets of new York in 1930. Was when she met Clyde out of financial need she took his hand in marriage but when putting a grown man to bed like one of her kids, and when the kids where all grown she left. That was 30 years ago. Now with only her self and the one woman that stood by her in support and loved her for those 70 years. She was finally able to marry Ann last year and say aloud "I love you" and actually mean it for once. #oldhabits #agelesslove #makingtherightchoices no matter how long they take and what social norms might be in the way.
agelesslove - makingtherightchoices - oldhabits -
elizlawrence : Perfect.
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iwasrightherephoto - iwasrighthere
#luckystrike #richmond #smokeumifyougotum #oldhabits #newmistakes there's just yuppies living here now and the well rested in the graveyard across the street
richmond - smokeumifyougotum - luckystrike - newmistakes - oldhabits -
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iwasrightherephoto - iwasrighthere
We are all on a time line to see feel and have our way with is world, choose travel partners wisely and ensure they are building a road that you can walk on together.
chenyichun_irene : nice @gaoxiaobao_
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iwasrightherephoto - iwasrighthere
Finding records at #brooklynbowl mike gave a descent deal so I made a portrait for him #polaroidlandcamera800 #goanalogue
brooklynbowl - goanalogue - polaroidlandcamera800 -
thehoodieshop : Nice pic!
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iwasrightherephoto - iwasrighthere
#polaroidlandcamera800 #negative gave the orginal to #mikeovern #recordcollector it's all doubles
recordcollector - polaroidlandcamera800 - negative - mikeovern -
pillsforthepale : 👍
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iwasrightherephoto - iwasrighthere
It's a cruel summer # the lodge @jeffharrell @bob_law
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iwasrightherephoto - iwasrighthere
We are all meat skeletons hopping along the universe on a speck of dust.
nawlinssmoker - raheli_levi5 - clelyssa - sparks_starts_fires -
iwasrightherephoto - iwasrighthere
@jamimorgan666 would love to have some access at #americanightmare it's my birthday weekend. Would live to capture your set from a different perspective
americanightmare -
froad59 : Excellent.
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iwasrightherephoto - iwasrighthere
Last one #codeorangekids @deathwishinc @codeorangekids #richmond #richmondhxc #strangematter
codeorangekids - richmond - strangematter - richmondhxc -
randallness : I was there. I think I saw you taking pictures
theodorasbeautyboutique : 💜
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