Ivanka Trump

American wife, mother and entrepreneur. EVP at the Trump Organization. Founder of IvankaTrump.com—the ultimate digital destination for #WomenWhoWork
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
#LifeHack: Try one of these 8 solutions to ditch your #winterblues. (Link in profile.) #cabinfever
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rahimamiri_saman : 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
hillarytoparis : ❤️❤️ #classic
tammykirby1 : @star5mish Go to: IvankaTrump.com
rebel_britta_queen : 💕💕💞💞
jackdel121 : TRUMP HAS MY VOTE 2016
pimpmastajoe : @mollyq6183
hautewithlove : Current mood
ohyeahhhh99 : I love ur dad
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
I am sharing my next weekend dinner menu on IvankaTump.com—try one these delicious #recipes and tell me what you think! The chili is perfect for a #superbowl crowd. It is easy to make and totally delicious! (Link in profile.)
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rkclaire : Pretty girl!
dqesquire : ❤️💖💞👍🏼
cecil3373 : It's not her fault you stupid people don't like her father. Unfollow her 😡
rich_gang17381999 : @cecil3373 your mother
cecil3373 : No, yours
bitchdrinks : Ur granpas a bitch
zmig40 : Awesome! 💓 @ivankatrump
zmig40 : @ivankatrump I love your style! 💄👠❤️
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
@Huntforstyles, this looks like a great view! Shop our Turner Saddle bag at #Dillards #WearITtoWork @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/29dVd #liketkit #regram
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jackdel121 : I can't wait to vote for TRUMP
dleuci : Is your dad going to denounce white supremacist support!??? Sad. If he doesn't, he's more than 'Ducking the Dynasty' issue.
rory2709 : You're just a racists daughter
_nate_of_fate_ : @rory2709 you're just a butthurt chav
rory2709 : I wasn't speaking to you stupid, fuck off with your shit name @_nate_of_fate_
auburnnewsnow : @rory2709 I know you are a male prostitute and if you hate her get off the page
anthony_vidals : Your too gorgeous to be trump I bet Donald is not even your real father
sarabonrun : What will Cruz do about abortions if the zika virus pandemic comes? Just curious
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
It has to be authentic. #wisewords #quotes #IrisApfel #inspiration
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josephray2015 : It makes sense, words of wisdom.
bozenamatos : Lol!! @oreska21
frannamya : Love it...
pompdesoto : Amen to that! All about what one can bring to the table and share! Love it😘👏🏻🎉
vissolelahendrick : Exactly
ambert1220 : @cheese_and_carrots_
cheese_and_carrots_ : @ambert1220 it's Iris!!!!
rebel_britta_queen : ❤️
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
Waking up to snow! ❄️❄️❄️
mencius.hicks : classic childhood moment ✌🏻️#nostalgic
snowbabyx3 : Luuuckyy so jealous
melispk68 : Love this photo!
monilijewelry : Beautiful..... Precious Moments!!:)
chellejarrell : 😊
dqesquire : ❤️💖💗💞little angels!! 👼👫👼
1stingu : Priceless
pompdesoto : Precious babies!
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
There's no better way to end the day! #bedtime
bedtime -
sarandonbeebop : @ronbro87 👌🏼 she's a troll :) lashing out for no good reason! Beautiful family
colette_elizabeth : I just love everything about you!! Love!!
sociallaurap : @ivankatrump love the way your daughter is looking at you 💕
foxglam : It's sad that people follow someone just to insult them.
n.breezaaay : ^ don't be rude to her you don't even know her & just cause you probably don't like her dad don't mean you gotta be rude so get off 👋 .
amethystxperidot : @newyoricansbelike even if you're trying to be funny,don't say stuff like that. About Down syndrome and other mental disorders. It's not a joke.
mcamillewerth : @newyoricansbelike okay thats too far...
dalybouassida : ki5a bisou fr baby
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
Arabella is missing warm days in #CentralPark. Fortunately, spring will be here before we know it! #TBT #NYC #Motherhood
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userparsa : 👼😻
angmess249 : Where is this in Central Park... @ivankatrump ...
danrighetto : @valdir_righetto_filho Nosso próximo sonho...NY Central Park..Alice sentada no colo da Alice No País das Maravilhas!!! E Nick no Museu de História Natural vendo os Dinossauros 😜✨😍✨ Sonhos um dia tornam realidade ✨Disney 2016✨
valdir_righetto_filho : Já marquei com o meu "X" He He @danrighetto
ed.glor : Cool
jadbat5 : Live on Long Island and take my three to Central Park to just walk through the wonder all the time!
njkimmy23 : Alice in wonderland..💕
suzantabar : Awesome
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
#ValentinesDay is coming up! We asked you to share your favorite #dateideas — and they are amazing! I know a few members of #TeamIvanka will be borrowing some of these themselves! (Link in profile.) #DateNight #BucketList
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saabturbografx : @zoyabalagam_ get out of here. Racists like u not allowed
dedelish : @ivankatrump I'll probably will be making the best cut of steak or lamb I can afford next week, some mashed garlic cauliflower nice salad and an awesome chocolate desert, maybe lava cakes made with European chocolate and of course a movie--Dead Pool
zoyabalagam_ : @saabturbografx if I was racist then I wouldn't banned Muslims to come from other countries!
cecyy28 : @zoyabalagam_ I believe your in the wrong page.. Take your negative comment and views elsewhere. No one is commenting on religion. If you live and are American than the Q is Share your favorite date ideas for ❤️not religion. You mi Amiga are nothing But an ignorant person grow up and let the racism go😜
ed.glor : Relax at home!
alipourmojgan : The best date places are pier 11, broadway street and cuba bar. 😊
deba16 : Walking with your love watching the sunset at the beach
jonathanermey : www.ShittyDateNight.com is funny, clever and new! Take a look @ivankatrump at this brand new family run startup company just getting their feet wet. Great date ideas!
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
#HostessHack: Throw a party for the man in your life. I planned a birthday party for Jared recently and learned a few things along the way 😉 (Link in profile.) #PartyPlanning #EventDecor #ValentinesDay @scooplifestyle
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pompdesoto : Everything style and grace with beauty and love!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️
jeeped : He likes purple? ?
michelleflesh : @daniellaub
itssbernal : @eliaasensi
visionandhart : @tobyadlerphotography gorgeous
nicolettekahen : @chelseakahen
fayenicolehines : Awwwwww
hsherry95 : So pretty.
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
Getting up close and personal with floor plans for an upcoming project. #WomenWhoWork @TrumpHotels @trumpwashingtondc
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jackdel121 : TRUMP HAS MY VOTE
producergedalia : It's cold in DC but you look tough!
gwensmiller : Your father is so proud of you and your brothers!
renoldak1982 : I agree with @gwensmiller
iamsophialy : Dear Ms. Ivanka Trump, I'm just a young 13 year old girl but I really do admire your work. Your book, "The Trump Card" is truly the best and most helpful thing I've ever read. Thank you so much for your autographed photo that your team sent me. I've framed it and everything because you are my top role model. Thank you so much for inspiring me to be the best I can. Oh please keep being absolutely fabulous and may your family be constantly happy.
pompdesoto : Ah! How beautiful this letter of inspiration! 13,30,40,50,60, doesn't matter. Your an inspiring and wonderful role model! Thank you!
cecemdubois : Such a fabulous shot.
henry.the.sheltie : Hope the windows are sufficiently sealed in this location.... Not the case in TO.
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