Ivanka Trump

American wife, mother and entrepreneur. EVP at the Trump Organization. Founder of IvankaTrump.comβ€”the ultimate digital destination for #WomenWhoWork
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
Our Hopewell Shoulder Bag is such an amazing fall transition piece. Get it at #Bloomingdales! #wearITtowork #musthavebag #fallstyle @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/1N2p6 #liketkit
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tangierlight : I really like this bag. So many bags are made way too big! πŸ‘
mollybong : @justfizz so elegant
m.plonka_csr_in_fashion_safari : I hope it is not a real crocodile hide ... following the whole situation with Hermes bags scandal.
sue21nathan : Beautiful! The perfect fall bag.
pekeniathalia : Lol
lemesther : I want this!
crunchy_bacon : I can't believe you have sex with DONALD TRUMP. He's so DISGUSTING!!
happymemories : @crunchy_bacon grow up!
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
Whipping up dessert! Thank you @deliciouslyella for the tasty & nutritious avocado chocolate mousse recipe!
idadahlberg1969 : @ivankatrump please share the recipe
batyababs : @mayanna2000 I'm not the only one who loves this dessert
mayanna2000 : Haha @batyababs
adrianabauer650 : Blessed Family ... Forever! Cute Arabella 🎈🐰 love ya baby little baby! πŸ’–
ashmuch19 : @nikkihayat holly is making that avocado dip! Haha
deliciouslyella : So cute! Thanks for sharing xx
jlondonostyle : So cute
fitfig : she is so adorable
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
These two look like they are having so much fun! #TGIF #girlsnight #regram from @tshughesphoto at the #TrumpChicago @TrumpCollection
regram - tgif - girlsnight - trumpchicago -
ohhappydawn : @yc_yo @elwmori haha yes please.
saralmcdonald : @sp00ky_ground OMG HI
rbeck1256 : I haven't done that in years..fun!!
esamenuk : @allisong0911 hopefully this will be us celebrating after we hit it big!!!
allisong0911 : @esamenuk yes!!!!! It WILL be us!!
annabis_style : ❀️
pekeniathalia : No one wants the trump collection ..
24.7fangirling : True
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
Our Briarcliff Fringe Bucket Bag is one of my favorite ways to incorporate on-trend fringe into my look. Get it at #Nordstrom #wearITtowork @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/1MTE6 #liketkit
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ivana.packer : @haysz didn't you want one like this?
haysz : @ivana.packer yes! But from target... I have a feeling this is much more expensive.
demetragomamagolife : @sorayashahirbarzegar
sq1_tlv : ✌️
nathankraxphoto : @ohnoexplode
margpod : @katidoma_ πŸ‘Œ
thecreatedco : πŸ‘Œ
chartinigirl : @ivankatrump This would be divine for my Cali trip for my 16th Anniversary with the hubs. Our first trip sans child since he was born 6 years ago! I love it in brown. 😍
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
Do work you love. #WiseWords #SteveJobs
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lagos_jenny : 😘😘😘
diana_luv : @ashleygiardina 😫😫
melissacarmen5 : @beeniebeans @esteesuzanne @heatherhyan
moniquemmh : @pattycakes0315 😘
alicebleiter : @helcatbb 😍
carohlinereidy : Thanks mom @theange22
nonnatia1 : Steve knows what he's talking about...
blackxyammie : @martinlkt rise n shine
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
Breakfast with the kids. Yes, that's Arabella hiding from the camera in my lap! #latergram πŸ“·: Jared
latergram -
smsmackenzie : @caroline_mackenzie
kneuman56 : God bless... These are priceless moment, Mazel Tov on baby 3
nastyushichek : Royal CopenhagenπŸ™ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
monica320 : @ivankatrump Is that all you have for breakfast? I need to know what skinny people eat so I can be one!
adrianabauer650 : How amazing mom you are Ivanka ? so sweet picture . πŸ˜‹πŸƒπŸ‚πŸƒ
nikinikolinaa : @ivankatrump Thank you for being such a great role model! Keep up the amazing work Ivanka!
pekeniathalia : Elf
kimmieong : @chinchinsntg joe.
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
See what's on my agenda for October (my birthday month!) and head to IvankaTrump.com for a chic October #Wallpaperdownload (link in profile). #womenwhowork
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dbg822 : October is my birthday month to! πŸŽ‚
skeeternew : Me too
harleymomma27 : Happy Birthday!!!
ashleyrg9810 : Mine is 10/10!
tiger100_ : ivankatrump ivankatrump ivankatrump ivankatrump @ivankatrump
sin_ashena : I am October too. We are the Scorpians.
memeandkayla : Happy early Birthday!! Mine is 10/16 :-)
zshai204 : Wow my birthday month too 😊 yesterday was my birthday πŸ˜ƒ
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
I am working on an exciting program with #CheggTutors to give one student an online video tutoring session. To enter, post a picture on Instagram and write in the caption what you'd like to learn from me. Include my name, @Chegg and #CheggTutors. Good luck! http://che.gg/1gVrlQa
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naoomia : @noemibarajas329 the fucks I give about trump is minimal. You shouldn't be hating on his daughter for what? If he hates and you hate, you're on the same level as him you twat. He use to be a democrat- caring for immigrants, an independent, and a libertarian. He's be for and against everything. So if he hates me now boo hoo but he'll love me later 😏
noemibarajas329 : @naoomia I am not hating his daughter only him he is a disgusting pig he said that if his daughter weren't his he would of wanted to be with her you like that type of person who likes and hits on his own family!
naoomia : @noemibarajas329 boo hoo
noemibarajas329 : Wtf @naoomia idk what your opinion is about Donald Trump he hates everyone your crazy and I'm done with u because u aren't worth me wasting my battery %
naoomia : @noemibarajas329 okay, you're wasting your time talking about trump
__n_nina : @_basta_a
aimjord : @thepman123
hennitapanda : I found my idol :)
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
I loved the #PamellaRoland dress that I wore to the #NewYorkCityBallet last night. Also wearing #IvankaTrumpJewelry and an #IvankaTrump handbag.
ivankatrump - pamellaroland - ivankatrumpjewelry - newyorkcityballet -
boho_brunette : @sicilivan @sqtaylor2 @lagos_jenny Yesssss!!!! Love all your comments!!! I agree😘😘😘
valentinevaschenko : Great!
pamellaroland : You look absolutely beautiful in our dress! XO, P.
kingfernandaa : Is she pregnant?
omarkhan129 : Gorgeous 😍
dark_death_queen : @kingfernandaa yes
zoriang11 : @janineboyan44 @ncat_07
just_plain_awful_ocss : Now I ain't sayin she's a gold digger...
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ivankatrump - Ivanka Trump
Thanks @manrepeller for being such a great date! #NightAtTheBallet #latergram
nightattheballet - latergram -
dhberns : @jrobbins92
itsrochana : @leandramedine you look wonderful!!!!!
petrolboy007 : @ivankatrump Gorgeous ladies
lizarouge : Beautiful ladies
pekeniathalia : Eww monsters
24.7fangirling : True
dalilahrmoreno : Ugly ass anorexic whores
gerard_way_trash : Man idk why people are hating on her, it's not her fault that she's the daughter of a complete idiot
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