My life is like Louis Vuitton, everyone wants it. -- You made ur bed so sleep in it in peasants. -- 18yrs old. San Francisco Livin
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
There go Yo rent money to fill my belly
dxneesh_ : Looks so gay @itslavishbitch
opticnigger : @googlehacker Get this dude bruh..
this_kid_noah : Fuck yo bitch ass self fuck head ass boi come to flint and get shot nigga fuck you rich ass bro you don't know what the fuck the struggle is bro here in flint you got to work and yo ass be fucking sitting fuck you dude I had to work for my shit so better ducking come here and ima run you shit
ha_winning : Do yall wake up just to talk about this man ? If he have money or not he can do what ever he want and say what ever he want... Don't be mad because he have money or just an extremely good flexer you have an opportunity to do it you're self ! But that's none of my business. .
davidsalido18 : @pablo.mercado @ivan___gee
abraham_yescas : _daniel_bonilla He sounded like a little kid πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
finnbh : I love this guy! Everyone gets so jealous and mad, it's a troll lolol
iarealan : I like this guy, carry on @itslavishbitch, say more stuff about how great you are and how we are peasants, it's funny. I'd kneel and beg for 60k, someone's got to be the rich prick, at least he's got some flair.
jesulinramos - zorigtobazarov - sandth - ha_winning -
itslavishbitch - Lavish
arieljdiaz : @izambual @m1ke_steez she blocked him lml
arieljdiaz : Read the comments @izambual @m1ke_steez
savvyme_love : Thats kinda sad he got blocked
attorieh545 : Im just saying, this account is screaming why i dont like rich people like you, im sorry but no matter how rich you are you dont shove it in everyones face all the time. Plus money may buy you a prostitute but i can almost guarantee you that any other girl will only love your money not you. Assyrian out.
siralexmoreno : Why do nighas hate on his ballerz life πŸ˜‚@bouthvtlife_cristian lmao πŸ’Έ
m1ke_steez : That's mad funny @arieljdiaz
graceinez21 : Fagit
joshkennelly : @kyliejenner
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
@kyliejenner haha peasant is that the best you could do? A Benz and a range? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that's the average car down here in SF. Get a lambo hoe
jasonclaboy : @charliecebalt
alexxdavisss : sf I where all the gays live sucks to suck
fukerjohnny : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
_din07_ : well dats only at sf! her country is different than urs ..probably urs fake car...who knows maybe?
gabe_the_artist : Thats why your stupid ass got blocked by her
ahkid_energy : God will make u pay one day
ahkid_energy : Just wait for the day
ahkid_energy : Nigga
georgeadams_ - geodaviis - m1ke_steez - _lraquel -
itslavishbitch - Lavish
This fit is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
nickm.exe : He got that U.S.P.A. @julianhanopol
vpapadop99 : Guys in my grade buy this shit with their drug money
isaac_palmer5 : NIGGA THATS USPA πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ IT AINT RALPH THO
c_d_couture : You're the very definition of an idiot.
graceinez21 : 2004
dxneesh_ : How much did you pay for rental for your LV belt?
dxneesh_ : Looks so gay
thewolfofwallst1 : I brought all this from china for 4 usd lmfao
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
A lavish dessert in the skyy today
jimslice45 : Does this guy have any friends?
the_stegasaurus : Wow velcro faggot
manubunuel15 : Ojalá te atragantes
chris_the_niddy : First of all rich people have class, in ur videos u act like u don't know what to say and u sound hella fruity. Quit go ogling and photo shopping and go back to Starbucks birch
graceinez21 : Awww i think youre girlfriend needs a manicure
graceinez21 : Oh excuse me...your. oh and youre* a fagit
valdiiro : Droos
pjhonm20 : GOD BLESS YOU!
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
When I have to make big decisions like deciding what color Louis belt to wear this million dollar view helps me choose. #peasantfreezone
peasantfreezone -
topafitness : Param, I don't want to work for WakeUpNow. There are far more efficient ways to invest my time into generating money but I still want to work for you. Please reach back
devnsmit : You may have money, but nothing can fix that face of yours.
graceinez21 : Ill peasant whip youre ass fagit
didiano8 : fuck you gay fagit bitch go kill yourself you motherbitch
ybycui : @italianstallion724
leotorres_99 : @jonathan.garcia
thewolfofwallst1 : Lol your not going to live for ever to spend your photocopied money gimp
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
Red trues with the red yeezys...
arantxiuuus13 : Podrás tener dinero pero tu mala fortuna es que te vas a ir al infierno maldito pedófilo
yungisacc : @ofwgktaerick this guy hella coo , follow him
mikedeleers : @thefinestman
solomonstratton : Those are fake true religion pants
osoarrogantdunk : @solomonstratton they are real trues but they are just cheap outlet trues this bitch be rocking the same Louis belt and scarf for a year this fake ass dude lol
vpapadop99 : But true religion pants aren't even expensive so what's he bragging about
fckuwsly : Its sad he has limited info about brands dude they aint even that costy pfft.
graceinez21 : Hahahahaha youre pathetic
hoes_love_kris - omg_its_richmond - javiier_garciiaa - taytayboldn -
itslavishbitch - Lavish
The king πŸ™Œ #louisvuittondon #peasants #serfs #peons
louisvuittondon - serfs - peons - peasants -
asiertxoooo : Louis Vuitton really ugly.
dxneesh_ : I saw an ugly faggot holding a LV bag
dxneesh_ : Ohhh its you
dxneesh_ : Faggot
ahkid_energy : Ney go FUCK your life
ahkid_energy : BODOH NYE HITAM
ahkid_energy : @dxneesh_
somyagarg9 : @nishthabajaj @sejalmalhotra
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
If this gets 60K likes I'll fly these bands away πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
willyqt : Lmao he's Arabian his parents must have oil money but he still ugly πŸ˜‚ @jerhmy
graceinez21 : You have a special place in hell fagit
yo_soy_isa : Eres mierda :)
marokiangelo : Can I have some money
marokiangelo : Common Niigata give me some cheese
_din07_ : when u die,dat money is not gonna follow stays on earth u
stalkerr_alert_ : The serial number is the same on the top left money
alexgomez_56 : Maricon
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
Chillin in these Red Octobers πŸ’°
mariaisabel_hg : Presumido.
boris0416 : jajaj todo ese dinero y tener el pene pequeño, epic fail .l.
docbrown_freepalestine : Ha u look like u hv a boner I knew he watches porn
jlark__ : Those are gay as shit
jarvrocha : Fuck you fuckin fag
esyxmorales : @melissa_n14 he cant pay your college with his fake red octobers
mikedeleers : @thefinestman
iama_beast_ : Nigga wearing skinny jeans and sucking a dude up while taking the picture
michelle_abdo - kiid_cudii_ - hoes_love_kris - taytayboldn -
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