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My life is like Louis Vuitton, everyone wants it. -- U made ur bed so sleep in it peasants -- 19🎊yrs old. San Francisco Livin
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
3 6+ on release take that peasants
bennetarianne : You may be rich and wealthy wt your money. "parent's money" yet so poor wt no friends and lots of haters around the world. Lack of traits, manners and you wt bitchy personality. Your poor "your" and "you're" and just so bitch. Why won't you buy San Francisco, your country? Or the whole world as well. I'm sure, that will make you the richest gal on earth. So stupid huh. Lol haha ok ok enjoy
niggast3v3 : @bennetarianne true I'd knock @itslavishbitch the fuck out if I ever met him it'll happen one day cuz I'll see that nigga in hell
snowbunny__420 : You might have a lot of money, but you still an ugly bitch
serglander : It's funny to see people so angry hahahaha keep it up @itslavishbitcchh
instacoo : πŸ’–keep doing you
alexpapi05 : Oh cool I'm richer than u nigga I have 24 I phones I'm rich bitch by the way your from India u are poor
tjayyyyyyyyyy : Check my soundcloud out! 30,000 plays on my Hot nigga freestyle. Link is in my bio πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
bertrand_money : this guy is actually the saddest human alive. all that money and nobody to spend it on/with. he is truly alone
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
Already out and the first thing I did was get me the new iPhone.
lilbismydadd : Lmfaoooooi
niggast3v3 : Fucking peasant @itslavishbitch
parisriley12 : Let me just say. WOW. this is low. There are family's that don't even have food and this guy it posting pictures of all his riches. I'd rather be smart and nice than mean and rich.
letwinnies : you were put in jail for selling a stolen iPhone. peasantπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
baileyraewebb : ROOD
panda__farts : Why don't you go choke on a dick and die because your a mistake and you don't even see your parents they just give you money so you don't bother them they don't love you money isn't love Its for fagots like you you ugly fucking bitch now go die because nobody cares about you
itslavishbitcchh : New account
itslavishbitcchh : New account.,
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
There go Yo rent money to fill my belly
paras_sehgal : You're gay
dillonpacholek : @austinpach this guys channel is hilarious
_juls777_ : is it supposed to be a bad thing?! @paras_sehgal
baileyraewebb : ROOD
paras_sehgal : @_juls777_ yeah fuck you faghot
_juls777_ : im not a fagott idiot, i just think its stupid to say gay is a insult becouse i think its alright amd sorry if i wrote something wrong im spanish @paras_sehgal
paras_sehgal : Fuck you faghot @_juls777_
itslavishbitcchh : New account.,
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
amaliamcd_14 : @kyliejenner
totallyliv : Lmfao she blocked you bitchπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
sinceremusictsmtsg : Send @itslavishbitch if your so rich send me an E-Transfer $50,000 like it aint shit sincere.weagant@hotmail.com put the question as whats my insragram name @itslavishbitch
r.sl : Peasant
vuez : @itslavishbitch life for blocked
tthacker5 : @sinceremusictsmtsg loooooool
baileyraewebb : ROOD ROOD ROOD ROOD
fiftyshadesofswag : @itslavishbitch you ain't nowhere near as rich as me... I don't donate to poor people like you who have to go around showing off money that ain't there's... If u where really rich u wouldn't have to show off so much as you do...
rutgersotthewes - clary_lancaster - __mobiinaa__ - xox_kate_xox -
itslavishbitch - Lavish
This fit is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
goatcrossinq : @christian.sabo Say what you want I will never give a single fuck :)
christian.sabo : @goatcrossinq congrats, I'm just telling you, doing something that doesn't do anything is pure stupidity and you're extremely ignorant for it
goatcrossinq : @christian.sabo Still dont give a fuck :)
christian.sabo : @goatcrossinq so you've got nothing to say I see...
goatcrossinq : @christian.sabo Hah I honestly dont care if your trying to get me mad I just think this conversation is funny :3 Sorry if I was rough a bit xD
christian.sabo : @goatcrossinq I'm not trying to make you mad, I'm just pointing out that 'hating' is useless
goatcrossinq : @christian.sabo Ok but I just like doing it huHEUEHEU Just to jerks though
baileyraewebb : ROOD
shimodel - shakeen821 - mikethomastobey - since1999av -
itslavishbitch - Lavish
A lavish dessert in the skyy today
dopest_123 : Thanks @sspjay
nikelsuswag : That's a snack to me
r.sl : peasant
vuez : Your dessert is this fork, right?
paras_sehgal : Fake Af πŸ˜‚
annababiy : Look at those cheep shoes
dhruv_gymaholic_moonwalker : Hang on, searching for a fuck to give...
baileyraewebb : ROOD
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
When I have to make big decisions like deciding what color Louis belt to wear this million dollar view helps me choose. #peasantfreezone
peasantfreezone -
svensadviljons : U SO UGLY
paras_sehgal : You're a faggot lol
the_trippy__hippy : If I ever met you I'd knock you the Fuck out @itslavishbitch
str8_shooting_bombs : That little ass chin boy any will fuck u up pussy boi
hurremxx : Sort that massive nose out *ew* @itslavishbitch
craigandrews_4 : You're a wee cunt aye
baileyraewebb : ROOD
aaronedwards1996 : @_joewaldron_ @adamvallance18 this fucking guy man πŸ˜‚
bruazz_15 - lalos_k12 - anorexiatears - mikethomastobey -
itslavishbitch - Lavish
Red trues with the red yeezys...
houston2458 : Lol he poor
ian_mcdonald : Those some bootleg ass trues fake af, you ain't even cashin out, you ain't even rockin robin jeans!!! Goofy ass nigga come to Chiraq get clapped! And yo shoes... Yo shoes be talkin!! Get yo motherchode ass to Englewood to see real trues.
ian_mcdonald : @drakedemaar
r.sl : Fucking peasant got red trues just incase he gets his period cause hes a little bitch
vuez : Replica brandid jeans. Makes your pussie itching
hitemup2 : Lmfao you were wearing us polo in a Camry
lazypizzaboy : @r.sl LMAO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
baileyraewebb : ROOD
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
The king πŸ™Œ #louisvuittondon #peasants #serfs #peons
louisvuittondon - serfs - peons - peasants -
david.je : @redz_hendrix He obviously is too ugly to pull anyways
prithvi.official : @sab_punjabi Bhai dekhi huyi hai! Chutiya hai BOHUT bada :p
sab_punjabi : Hahaha Kasam se Bhai @prithvi.official
jpare : @d.mob grow your hair like this
cindyoooc : @miimiiica 土θ±ͺ
baileyraewebb : ROOD
moe_st_se : Change Louis vouitton bags and get some pussy loser
alex_hemmings_ : U look like a frog who got makeup tips from the kardashians hA
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
If this gets 65K likes I'll fly these bands away πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
get_money_fuck_fame : Fly them to me and my daughter @itslavishbitch
debzippo : You don't have 65k πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
dirtbiker22 : Douchbag
derek08ph : I think @itslavishbitch is just completely misunderstood. I do like his post and his occasional rants. It's simply as if you react you're jealous and envious. Period. Right @itslavishbitch ? ;)
shakeen821 : U r funny as fuck! @itslavishbitch u really make people mad
sophiasunburst : @staceygleam Π²ΠΎΡ‚ Ρ‚Π°ΠΊ Π²ΠΎΡ‚
_excobar : @stevngt_ como me siento cuando papi me suelta 20 pa ir pa la uni
baileyraewebb : ROOD
craigow1985 - smetaniuk8 - mikaelaseely - abigailmorales17 -
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