My life is like Louis Vuitton everyone wants it. Entertainer 🙇 -- 19, San Francisco Livin
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
@floydmayweather is a #peasant @champagnepapi is a #peasant @letthelordbewithyou is a #peasant @souljaboy is a #peasant @justinbieber cool tho
peasant -
biggucciteflon : #teamlavish
biggucciteflon : I'm lavish too
aribai3 : Lmao blocked from all of them
ahh_itsarian : @iyehimad go away peasant lol @millionaire_100bil yea keep talking shit sub tweeting ass nigga
ahh_itsarian : @iyehimad @millionaire_100bil #peasantswithnolife #fakeassniggas #youwasblockedcauseyouuglyandannoyingasf
millionaire_100bil : @ahh_itsarian listen nigga you don't tell me what the fuck to do bitch you must not no me lil bitch you better keep your shit to your self motherfucker cuz i will find you & beat your ass nigga!! Best believe im far from a peasant im a young rich nigga!!!!
mdanner19 : He calls them peasants but there like 109 times richer then him
ahh_itsarian : @millionaire_100bil lol right😴 trust me bro you don't know me either so shut the fuck up. I don't even have to beat your ass. I got some Pirus on deck ready to off anyone tryna murk me. Try me
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
Fed 💯 bums on the block while u peasants drove right past them. @lavishyabitch
spontaneous_asshole_ : Niw I respect u.💯
sameerzahid11 : #respect
gurkaran_kaler_inc : Bums isn't respect there human
ajarvystas : The first respectful thing you've done
thegreataaron6969 : @itslavishbitch if your so rich y don't u have balmains or robin jeans just trues
iyehimad : Bitch your not even worth a fucking penny
shesthekiing : @ezhno1
mawavdb : Did you just gave money to homeless people? That's the most dumbest thing you could do, what if they bought drugs or alcohol? It won't help a shit.
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
Brought the Royce out to Vegas to flex on the servants to society with @mazivs outside the mansion we doin it out here @souljaboy u blocked me on Instagram cause u can't handle the swag @lavishyabitch
trevorhjellum : Your a dumb bitch @itslavishbitch
lauren6104 : Oh how brilliant I bet you are so happy in life and have so many friends (not)
nike_hoopz_33 : @jankii24 I found me
jankii24 : no @nike_hoopz_33
shesthekiing : @ezhno1
glowkang : @anitakang @haileymayo
ashllaan : Well your not selfish at ALLLLLLL
paper_m : Lol sitting on the hood of daddy's car
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
Meanwhile in Africa 🍴🍷 #lavishmeals #caviar #SF
lavishmeals - caviar - sf -
jayjayroca : Oh my god 👊 @nickkanderson
collin_demilio : You're nice friend @mazivs probably took you out and ate with you
pxyf : Lavish Param
kxxble : @graacceeet18
nwk_confidential : Seems like a good dude
nj_973 : @itslavishbitch
nj_973 : @danielcarrillo14
javier_xavi : you probably jacked somebody's 💰 to go there
filipinisbro - essie_atuti - dailysoundfx - diego_hernandez97 -
itslavishbitch - Lavish
So my barber takes shits in sparkling water too lol begin hating below👇 #yunglav
yunglav -
alexm81215 : Go straight down Geary street
sergiorico44 : I'm not joking if I knew where u lived I would get my friends and we would kick your ass faggot boy
swaggy_b2 : Lol he tells people to begin hating below and they do it. That's mind control. 😂😂😂
carsontolua : wash your hair, fucken hell its greasy as a motherfucker
guiempercari : #lavishdick
aleafapdunloh : @denisedanielle
iconkiing : This nigga hard as shit xd he follows Justin bieber...haha
prittesh_yv : I like the way you take in when you already know that people will hate you.
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
3 6+ on release take that peasants #gold #silver #black
black - silver - gold -
andreinaafb : You're very lucky to have such a carefree life
awesomeroxy13 : Bro my mom has the gold one I have the silver one and my bro have the black one
akhil.chawla : @youssef.elkattan @darcycantlon this persons profile is life
sameersondhi1 : Dude gift me one! 😂 @itslavishbitch
cesarsupremo : Say tou your papa to buy you a life
gwen.aguilar : Please pay my college tuition fee
ruben_canseco : @sofiapuentea mira lo que tu no tienes
duhblabla : @itslavishbitch i only see two #fegit #indian #lowlife
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
Fresh out of Rita and the first thing I did was get me the new iPhone 6+ on release.
tripleslickx : This nigga was in Santa Rita lol damn this nigga hard @professialist
professialist : Yee i know hes homies with my big bruhs @tripleslickx
therry_acostaa : @richboy736 lol look at that name rich boy people these days I swear.
richboy736 : Stfu i bet i have more money the u foo therry_acostaa
richboy736 : And i do have more money poor people these days i swear
bracefacej : @richboy736 but the quality of your camera is 💩
richboy736 : Your dumb ass can u see its edit why dont u guys just stfu u guys just wish to be rich but never will be u guys are just poor foos
ashllaan : YOUR THE REAL PEASANT @itslavishbitch
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
There go Yo rent money to fill my belly
razie_rockstar : @rich_kid_ice
harris_read : Youre rent money up my ass
dsosanya : Baby boy, I don't pay rent🌽
porsche353 : How did you take this photo if you were in jail for selling an iPhone that you had "found"
mr.betheresoon : How do we become friends? @itslavishbitch
ronbooster_sbm : @amxhem
junaid37 : @elliotts1_ !!! This dickhead
arif030303 : That's probably a dick
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
This fit is 🔥🔥🔥
rosscapstick : @cie.cullen
hannahodeen : @tonyfrancisflores
street_dancer_565 : 18 year old dick head
faezulazeem : lol that louis vuitton scarf looks low quality as f
cameron_corazzo22 : Wow you have money bet you don't have friends though or do you just buy them with your money what do you even do sit around and have daddy give you money
whitechica13 : What would you do if daddy stopped giving you money and took it all away? I can't wait to see you at McDonalds
pryncessjes : For people that are following this shallow materialistic idiot who feels like calling other peasants n bums makes him a worthier individual, unfollow... Cause why??? You like seeing his basic Red Lobster dinners n shit? U like it when his caption calls u a bum?
get_money_fuck_fame : Swagg. @itslavishbitch
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itslavishbitch - Lavish
A lavish dessert in the skyy today
ridhimasawant : Love the food pics u post! 😍
harris_read : Fuck your mum
the_gurl_who_lived : It's lavish bitch #sarcasm
aaaarreola : @zvmorv me
gab_bitches : What do you work on
benncorradi : Pussy
solncev90rus : Ебло бы тебе набить))
just_m.p : @solncev90rus нно)
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