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East Rosebud Campground is easily one of the most beautiful places we've seen yet. The miles of dirt roads to get there might have helped solidify those feelings. To win this #goeverywhere @uralmotorcycles enter by clicking the link in the @ironandair profile. Photo @gregorygeorgemoore Westbound 2015 / 10,000 miles into the American West #ironandair #westbound2015 #goeverywhere
ironandair - westbound2015 - goeverywhere -
liammitchellrat : Loose
roseberryfoodforest - igor.duriska - fauhan_hanif_w - tasyaganmehmet -
ironandair - Iron & Air Magazine
#Montana backcountry joyrides. A special thank you to @beccaskinner (and Veda) - photographer, explorer, helluva camp burrito maker, and someone who dabbles in falconry (true story). Becca led our group through some of the most wild and beautiful western landscapes and riding roads we've experienced. Best part, she's got some sort of bug about wanting to get a motorcycle now. 😎 #ironandair #westbound2015 #goeverywhere
ironandair - westbound2015 - montana - goeverywhere -
motorcyclesonly : πŸ†’
aybeesees : Get one of these and then I can ride with you @brian_weide
brian_weide : @aybeesees I'm down
amberlyhungerford : @butchparnell
j_bateh : @optimummalarky haha it does actually
motomucci : @ironandair @beccaskinner Skinner, Raptor Rehabilitator
beccaskinner : @ironandair glad to have been able to show you around! Count me in for next year #northeastbound2016 @motomucci πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
_anton_razinkov_ : Cool )))
kcmacaulay - akshay_jaryal - _wassupjosh - felipemleitao -
ironandair - Iron & Air Magazine
Cowboy coffee and morning planning. @nemoequipment #ironandair #westbound2015 #nemoequipment #goeverywhere #montana #utah
ironandair - westbound2015 - montana - nemoequipment - goeverywhere - utah -
duckm750 : Cowboy Coffee!!!
hudsinthezoo : @jericacoert1 thought this was pretty cool! #roadtrip
charles_finlay : @limatangokilo sounds familiar
limatangokilo : @charles_finlay I'm pining fam
wileybunch : Reno
coldshopcoffee : @anegage
cmilkovits : @amilkovits
jericacoert1 : @hudsinthezoo Yes!!
johann.jay - jmthomasco - maratnp - mary_an05 -
ironandair - Iron & Air Magazine
Whippin' shitties around Chico Hot Spring's newest dumpster dirt track. @mikelinquist flying the chair like a champ. Lookin' good in that @whiskeygrade grade tee, too. 😎 Also, make sure to check out the Westbound Collection of goods over on the @whiskeygrade site. Right after you go sign up to win the westbound @uralmotorcycles that's been dressed to the nines, that is. Click the link in the @ironandair profile to enter. Snap @heybrett Westbound 2015 / 10,000 miles into the American West #ironandair #westbound2015 #goeverywhere #whiskeygrade
ironandair - westbound2015 - whiskeygrade - goeverywhere -
natemonaghan : @flammerouge the road trip getaway cycle lol
flammerouge : @natemonaghan did you see the picture location?
flammerouge : @kjell_1
natemonaghan : @flammerouge I did!!! How fun would thar be, go back there and race a sweaty bike! Lol
noodle_ship : @y.knooo with a buddy in there
tomchicoine : @chicoine_126 πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
dannyschroeder86 : Great place!
ethanhamel : @z_hamel @nhamel @turtsquirts @m_cabe
nitay144 - xl2uglee - sozya_serge - andrianasrw -
ironandair - Iron & Air Magazine
Westbound Gear: The @senabluetooth 20S Communication system. When the idea of using comm systems for the westbound trip hit the table we all recoiled a bit. Would that spoil some of the authenticity of the experience? The purity of that cross country helmet time? Would we annoy the hell out of each other? Initial thoughts? They're great and have become indispensable. The ability to communicate naturally while navigating on such a long trip has proven to be invaluable and at times even necessary. And we get to forgo the random hand waving/pseudo sign language that we usually use to communicate on the bikes which is unsafe and generally indecipherable anyway. The range isn't quite the one mile that is claimed but it is about a half mile, which is generally plenty. One thing though - when you do get out of range there's a terribly loud beeping noise to notify you that you're out of range that seemingly has no volume control? The alert could stand to be something a hair less startling. And yes, we're annoying the hell out of each other. We've had so many great companies support our 10,000 mile trip west (expanded gear/inventory section in an upcoming issue). We can't wait to share our genuine enthusiasm for each company and their goods. So far, so great. We promise to give honest thoughts on it all. #ironandair #westbound2015 #senabluetooth
ironandair - westbound2015 - senabluetooth -
girgir_ : @vallav
vallav : @girgir yes!
stevenweatherly : How does it compare to chatterbox? I'm so disappointed with mine, they sound like garbage.
magnuswijk : @marcus.wallen @pilsson81
timmaryon64 : Just used them from Chicago to LA, including Sturgis, worked a treat @billy_goat_dog #14states19days
billy_goat_dog : Yep, love the mute feature. When arguing with your companions, make sure you hit it right after you speak to ensure you had the last say, hey @timmaryon64
hadley_austin : I did a long trip with a friend and found them invaluable, especially when we (inevitably) got lost.
oldirtydoug : @ironandair we just used them on our ride alone the west coast and I fell in love with them.
edmunoz70 - rogerrides - jmthomasco - mertcan_ich -
ironandair - Iron & Air Magazine
Chasing grizzlies in #Montana backcountry. 2015 @uralmotorcycles sidecar giveaway with all the fixin's - maybe even some bear spray. 😎 Head now to and get your name in the hat - link in profile @ironandair #ironandair #westbound2015 #goeverywhere
ironandair - westbound2015 - montana - goeverywhere -
wgleeson64 : I just entered to win a 2015 @uralmotorcycles sidecar via @ironandair! Enter at #goeverywhere #ironandair
lukehuch : @brianbraun
makksimm : ΠšΠ»Π°ΡΡΠ½Ρ‹ΠΉ обвСс!
wgleeson64 : @marcuscourto
mytimetobleed : @squintsquatch
blairlockhart : Oh man. I would be the happiest gal if I won this!!
tehmulkapadia : @samvit_blass
selcuku : @wrenchandneedle πŸ˜πŸ‘
biggonschik - aerys91 - ragiel_mache - narvanal -
ironandair - Iron & Air Magazine
Three days in the mountains of #Montana & #Wyoming and we're just getting started. Exploring with the best of them - @motomucci (tearing up East Rosebud here), @karadianne @jennylinquist @mikelinquist @beccaskinner (back country wonder woman) @gregorygeorgemoore @michael_j_hilton @ironandair @triumphamerica @maverickboss Snap @heybrett #ironandair #westbound2015
ironandair - westbound2015 - wyoming - montana - : Nice M1 jacket!
rileyofdetroit : @bnzullo mucci killin it
don_rafa : Don't lose it while going straight lol
paquipasso : ✊🏼
tfrasca : @like_the_wheel I covered some ground on that bald tire!
gerstlart : @jmar951
estevan27 : @luckyucycles
emholst : @will_fagan 😻
richardvaughan1708 - kcmacaulay - - putumariana25 -
ironandair - Iron & Air Magazine
The Beartooth Highway is absolutely breathtaking. Big thanks to @beccaskinner for the runabout. Where will you go in your new @uralmotorcycles? Sign up for your chance to win by clicking the link in the @ironandair profile. Westbound 2015 / 10,000 miles into the American West @triumphamerica @metzelermotousa @iconmotosports @glassandgear @senabluetooth #ironandair #westbound2015
ironandair - westbound2015 -
miss.betty.p : @ironandair so glad you enjoyed montana!!
onemanrock : I want to ride this!
paperbikesnyc : @yukon_cornelious that was a trip!
pdex : @dennisrainaldi
mdlunt : One of my all time favorite rides. Awesome!
karolis : @valas @tomazasjan @jonaslaucys
becshave : @tracker360cb
el3_productions : @trailerparkblues
fahd__99_ - yas00f.95 - mondaine_spain - talah_asal -
ironandair - Iron & Air Magazine
The Beartooth Mountains are chewing up the new @metzelermotousa Karoo 3 tires on the Westbound @triumphamerica Scrambler in the best way possible. They're holding their own on road and off. We gave them some flat spots in the Midwest but they've been great on the dirt roads around Montana and Wyoming. Westbound 2015 / 10,000 miles into the American West @pirelli_motorsport #ironandair #westbound2015 #metzeler #pirelli
ironandair - westbound2015 - pirelli - metzeler -
moonshineleatherworks : @ironandair how many miles on the set pictured? Surely not 10k!
number8wiremotorcycles : @ironandair if you guys are in Missoula again, come check out missoula's newest custom and vintage repair shop!
ironandair : 3,500 @moonshineleatherworks
sergiolima7 : Todo mundo usa Metzeler @viniciussotti
adventuresofjustin : I'm headed to Yellowstone tomorrow. You guys near?
1_steady_storm : πŸ“·πŸ’•
red.dead.sig : So much envy right now
cydevore : @zachariahwarner
125subaru_wrx - arsalan5003 - paulfordcanada - henlenmilly -
ironandair - Iron & Air Magazine
Camping at East Rosebud campground in Montana's Beartooth Mountain Range was Unreal. @beccaskinner is one hell of a guide. Westbound 2015 / 10,000 miles into the American West #ironandair #westbound2015 #montana
ironandair - westbound2015 - montana -
garrett_james__ : @focase soon man. You gotta bring the bike up
capitalroad : Great video
roughstringsupplyco : @tristonsisti
forrestrider78 : Loved this
sop087 : @richchiu πŸ˜πŸ’–βœ¨
bertavergarag : Oooh yesss! πŸ‘πŸ½
vilsniduanair : @instandoud voyage voyage
westonwalker : @ironandair when are you coming to Tahoe?
arsalan5003 - postrevbeastie - paulfordcanada - sozya_serge -
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