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Sign up for the Throttle by clicking the link in the @ironandair profile for your chance to win this rad Bell 500 custom painted by @moecolors and re-lined by @hellmuttsbillyd. The best junk mail in the universe. We'll pick a winner Tuesday Feb. 8th so keep an eye on your inbox! #ironandair #bell500 #customhelmet #giveaway #motorcycle #custom
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geronimobiemans : @norewards
lilhoopty : @pricklytickler u need dis
rsn_clk : @basakbaso
liarspb : 👍
buzzy_chatman : I Need a new helmet .....
mishario : @jackiedabbz 😍
m_coker5 : I love this helmet!
ashykay17 : @mthaakir21
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ironandair - Iron & Air Magazine
Dune buggy getting the iron into the air. #ironandair #vintagespeed #dunebuggy #volkswagen #baja #bajabug
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cowtron : @sh33pinator This could be us...
clarkmoeller : @val_klymer can we make one of these?
val_klymer : Yep. We could also buy $500 cars and race in the fields at our farm.
s_masselli : @horlie für den Russland-Trip?
smiley_art_works : Comfort zone!!!
simooooone_strumpher : @gavin_wiggins moo kan ons nou asb n volla kry? ☺
michaelernst : @macdad.p yeeeee
fervitorazo : @micktavares @manzanocaio @mauriciokabelo
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@uwe_ehinger tells us how his moto-obsession all began in a great short film over on our FB page. Photo is a 1939 H-D Flathead built by @uwe_ehinger #ironandair #flathead #custom #restoration #classic
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shapiro_daniel : @dennisfilteau
jeremypittsford : @josephcstanley
jonbentrup : This is what I would like @elysefiss
josephcstanley : @jeremypittsford dream bike day haha
ashtonparslow : @sophburridgee
sophburridgee : Heheeee
tedblair : @el_nimbles this is what I'm looking for
el_nimbles : @tedblair 😻😻
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Part 2 of 2 Next, we've partnered with a new printer who we are very excited about. Ensuring a long-term successful partnership took a lot of time and research before we could get Issue 021 to press (which will be dropping in the mail this week). Flash Reproductions is a specialty print house based out of Toronto, Canada. Rich and the crew at Flash are cut from the same cloth as all of us, and bring to the table decades of experience that will be tangibly evident in the quality of the publication moving forward. Learn more about Flash here. We are also excited to announce our move to a quarterly publishing calendar starting in 2016. Moving from six issues to four allows us the opportunity to put a more concerted effort into the overall quality of the product. This means working with our new print partner to bring you a more robust publication, and working with a variety of writers, artists, photographers, and technical experts to hone our editorial offerings. These combined efforts will create an overall publication unmatched in this industry. We can't wait to show you what we have in store. If you are a current subscriber, and want to see if this affects your subscription, we've got you covered here. Four years ago, we were warned about starting Iron & Air. We didn't listen, and here we are today. We were not without missteps, but we're further along than we ever anticipated, and that is purely thanks to all of you like-minded souls that believed in us. Thank you all for your continued support. Here's to the next four, and many more beyond that. Thank you, Adam Adam Fitzgerald Editor-in-Chief, Iron & Air Magazine Click link in @ironandair profile for FAQ. #ironandair
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zerocelsiuswealthstudio : Sounds like a plan... Good job, crew!👊🏼
hpyness : great seeing the new improvements happening @adamfitzgerald 👏🏻😁
higginsnyc : Can't wait to have 021 in hand!
auto_fabrica : 💥⚡️💥
adamfitzgerald : @hpyness 🙏🏼 thank you!
sethodell : So incredibly impressed with what you've all built @adamfitzgerald. Proud to have shared the same path with you at one point. Here's to hoping we can again.
rtstoyle : Glad you guys have chosen quality over quantity. Keep up the good work.
adamfitzgerald : @sethodell the feeling is mutual, my friend. Paths will cross, for sure. Our Utah brethren are plentiful, so I'll make it out there no doubt.
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Where we've been – and where we're going. Part 1 of 2 Four years ago, there was no Iron & Air. Our attempt to pull it all together came fraught with warnings: "You can't compete with big publishers." "Custom motorcycling is over." "Print is dead." So we left our jobs, and did it anyway. Today, we reach nearly a million people on social media weekly. We've produced one of the most well-respected motorcycle journals in the industry, and we're over 20 issues deep still doing what we set out to do on day one – produce the magazine we couldn't find on the shelves. The past five years brought achievements we could never have predicted. But success without hindsight is foolish. To say we've run a perfect business would be to turn a blind eye to the things that keep us awake at night. Missed deadlines, late shipments, lost packages, customer support, misprints...we internalize these things to the point of exhaustion. However, the idea that Iron & Air is bigger than the sum of its parts is our motivation to wake up each day and keep going. Whether it is in print, social, or one of the many other exciting ideas we have planned, we want you to be part of an experience that will transcend generations. In the coming months, you will see some new things from Iron & Air. Some will be subtle – behinds the scenes to help things run smoothly – and others will be more at the forefront, ensuring the success of the company in ways that we are very excited to share with you. To start, we have dedicated resources to improving our customer service. You may have recently seen an email from or spoken with Michael Hilton. Michael has been a part of Iron & Air since the beginning, but is now taking on a new role as our go-to guy for any of your support requests. You can reach Michael at with any questions you may have regarding existing orders or support problems. Part 1 of 2 #ironandair
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luke_is_a_penguinkmkykf : itself game if full tv few state 😆 @CLlCK_4_MANY_FOLLOWERS_8110540 @CLlCK_4_MANY_FOLLOWERS_8110540 @CLlCK_4_MANY_FOLLOWERS_8110540
yello_peril : Good luck and all the best for the future. Looking forward to it.
rhyndman : Awesome post
brucebrownfilms : Very nice illustration
zerocelsiuswealthstudio : Meant a lot when Michael reached out... I'm all in! Power on💪🏼!
chase_grebb : @bottomrock that cover though.
tuknov : super
justen_phelps : Amazing cover !! Can I get a poster of this??
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The Panigale 899 is good at making snow. Bike: Rider: @mikesalek Photo: @mwaissmann #ironandair #panigale #iceracing #superbike #snow #ducati
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danimelo : @canariodj
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Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss. - Douglas Adams Great shot by@bdorts #ironandair #helicopter #flying #cockpit #mountains #gettothechoppa
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cleon138 : @dhowell91 dang could have sworn you took this one
joel_didier : @nadine_didier
cagri_ozakin_ : @gulcinerdir seversin :)
gulcinerdir : yaa 😍 @cagri_ozakin_
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kirkwiley : @katiejackson1983
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Before the @ducatiusa Diavel, there was the 1964 Apollo. The Apollo was a 77ci V4 that produced over 100 bhp and could reach 120 mph. The concept was developed as a way to fish for lucrative police model contracts and to compete with H-D in the cruiser market. Though it never went into production, many of the engineering advancements found their way into other productions bikes and influenced future models in various ways. Only two prototypes were ever made and only one is accounted for. The truth is out there. #ironandair #ducati #musclebike #cruiser #apollo #vintagespeed
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ironandair : @themachinefiles it absolutely did. They ended up de-tuning the engine to 64 hp to make the bull rideable.
motorcyclemoverla : @ironandair One is in the Ducati Museum & I hear the other is in japan? 👍🇮🇹
thevintagent : Testing at Daytona the treads came off in chunks! In 1965 no bike using that size tire went anywhere near as fast; it's only direct competitor was a Panhead, 30mph slower... @themachinefiles
derekxcrocker : @jotters
mauritseldo : @christianjuliardi @davidandriana
mauritseldo : @christiantgary
christiantgary : Dipadukan dengan boots dan jaket kulit sangat menggoda kaum hawa gan @mauritseldo @christianjuliardi
christianjuliardi : @christiantgary @mauritseldo wih ccok bnr tuh
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Times running out and much has sold out. Head to link in profile (@ironandair) to grab two-for-one back issues or $5 off other remaining issues in stock. Thank you all for your support! #ironandair #independentmedia
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omarannas : 👌👌👌
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cartercartier : @aaronbhall 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
amaximus167 : Bought it this weekend, great issue
zerocelsiuswealthstudio : Damn nice cover.
denimanddust : I'd rather receive the latest issue...
ironandair : @denimanddust it's coming! Getting bound and should be hitting mailboxes soon!
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ironandair - Iron & Air Magazine
Uphill both ways. Great shot of @rawhidecycles by @basementfox. #ironandair #honda #cb
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papabearmoto : 👍🏻👍🏻
mogulsinmocean : Thanks
alex_azeved0 : @joao_cacao cheio de flare é magnífica a foto
nicobuisson : Beauty
junk_hustle : @matty2tanks
bullmoos : @swinks112
brendanthesaint : @soundingsinink for you my friend
cyclorama27 : AHHHHHH the memories come flooding back but I never had to push mine!
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