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internetfamous - jerry
mizzhastings : Poster status
hstarcrew : @jeetstreet
jorgemolinuh : Nice shot dude sick to see you still shtedding
ialmostgotlaid : Tf am i looking at? WRITE CAPTIONS HSU FAGGOT COCKLICKER
ialmostgotlaid : JK SIGN MY DICK HSU NO HOMO
waynevans : Its a nice Mercedes with a ghetto rigged back window. Its ironic.
josiahcriddle : ily jerry
0j10 : jerry u are sick but u need to erase ur fans
eminydayane - kwonthechief - danyojo - ihateatem -
internetfamous - jerry
josegskate : Happy birthday Jerry!
fatman_nice : Happy birthday Jerry! You're my favorite skater (:
freddiesayshi : Happy bday dude!!!
audyravindra : Happy bday jerry!
shafiqwazan10 : Happy birthday jerry!
alejandro_nerys : Happy bday!
sarlurob : Happy late birthday dude, you're my idol!
deuce_408 : Happy late birthday jerry ur the best skater ever 👍
axel_fuentes - fancyherling - philnisco - snkskt -
internetfamous - jerry
A zine made w/ @aharon_fabian you can get it here www.innenzines.com thank you
starkjet : @eltvco im down
daziskeane : @thearyanprince not bad
_sallycantdance : @greeneggs_and_hamilton
that_assassin : #titties
ayty_loco : Happy bday ya dirty sob
krustybrain : Happy B to the Dizay
costagcode : Have a spectacular celebration of birth
phl1k : I was lurking on you at oinkster just a min ago lol I was gonna ask if you had any copies of the zine but yall were eating and I didn't wanna interrupt
alejandro_nerys - land_see - asian_sk8er - deuce_408 -
internetfamous - jerry
dj_plair : I actually am thinking about putting in a wood stove. @whambamplair
matthew_redmond26 : “The accoutrama that you will need… ‘Accoutrama?’ What is that shit?”
whambamplair : For real!? Siq, put me in your will i want all your plants.@dj_plair
afasm : 🙈
scott239 : Meth lab
pizzaro_monky : @handlestreet never mess with a man who's been in a chemical fire
curbkiller : Green ledges!
srgyo : How did they eveb get that on top of the bricks
arnold_hong - jakrozmek - mikeabrusci - petersutherland -
internetfamous - jerry
douglasheid : I might check my health while I am at the emergency room
frankh_is_awesome : #omwtsyg
furrycalamari : That's current me
caleyvanular : Cool!
tonydasilva : 😳
kxroach : @gabriel.disco
jedi.liz : Jesus Christ
blakecousins : never seen a #22r with a sun roof
maricopa_skywalker - galianojordan - vinny_cain_ikeda - tino_razo -
internetfamous - jerry
shitpills : huh jerry ily
jedi.liz : Jerry post more :-(
cibolaskatepark : @snoopdogg
fuqn : Jerry is kill. 😕
steven_griffin : I agree you should post more Instagram pictures
steven_griffin : How are we supposed to keep up with your diet when you haven't posted a picture of what you're eating in 10 weeks
sk8dzuh : Happy birthday!
superman_skates : @internetfamous if you read this, you're gay
skateinni - brucefromtdot - alvarochiva87 - chrs_wrght -
internetfamous - jerry
blaiza801 : @fcuk_a_hashtag
robertsonartworks : One of the finer instagrams...bravo.
gnargote : So you're a stringer?
patdeezy_ : Killing the no caption game
eastcoast.__.chow : Post soon jerry
eastcoast.__.chow : You haven't posted in like 2 weeks!!
thinneroftheherd : Ryan started the fiyaaaaa!
time_bomb_trav : @fredpeters_ God damn cheesy pita
ayante_rush - pierrot______ - skatepunk22 - mike_mike_88 -
internetfamous - jerry
goganator : @jonolank
snakefinger : Bammer
flip_phoner : @chillplatez
lefever858 : @beavstress
hoodradical : Yo son! I been rockin wit you since wayyyy back. Met you at a Enjoi demo back when enjoi was first stArtin up..it was you,Rodney,another foreign guy I can't remember,and marc..this was like late 90s Id assume(flameboy boards were everywhere). It was at Mt.Airy in #maryland . I knew Rodney and knew marc from Maple,but wasn't super familiar wit you at all. But you and the other guy I can't remember fucking KILLED the demo,EVERYONE crowded around Rodney skating this funbox(not landing much,but doin crazy Mullen shit). Marc didn't even get out the van cuz he was "sick"(main dude I came for), so you and the other dude had the whole park to Urself really..and were destroying it! The other dude I wanna say was Spanish or sumthin,def wasn't Louie cuz he dressed kinda hip hop,I remember clearly.. He was KILLIN it and had a real 90s street skater flow. But I was more amazed by your goofy ass cuz you were just BEŸOND on point,and your style of skating was iLL to me! From then on you were constantly on my radar,I'm 35 now and you still rip! And still the coolest MAFUCKA in skateboarding!!! Btw..the way you went about the enjoi thing was very admirable,and made me proud to be a skateboarder again. Not that I have anything against enjoi,or anyone there,don't know them...but reading our interview about it in @thrashermag (I belive..it was online) really made me rock wit you that much more cuz you perceive skateboarding in the same exact way I do!!! I get upset with things happening and I'm not even deeply involved in it anymore...so for you to be deep in the art,and still STICKIN to UR guns is fucking AWESOME @internetfamous #salute and thank you for being you!
hoodradical : @internetfamous
stasridestreet : @stressbmx ))
chillwhip : @kellytkimball @golden_uneecorn @roxy_c22 my plate
softcircle - thock_ - skatepunk22 - froz3nbabies -
internetfamous - jerry
josephbmc888 : God we should just bomb you guys into oblivion...
maxaviarlopez : Who's ur fav skater comment y/n ??
mamagrind : Like it birthed me
meet_me_at_da_treehouse : @mamagrind 😂😂
dethbed : Thanks for buying my book from @seeingthingsgallery
internetfamous : @dethbed you're welcome it's rad
dethbed : Glad you like it. I have a new book too if you're interested. It's a hard cover and comes with a one of a kind 4x6" print. Direct message me for more details😊
johnzeidmanmusic : Happy birthday !@internetfamous
airampinheiro - dorabutnotexplorer - skateinni - kyill760 -
internetfamous - jerry
elsenornewyork : Ham sandwich
lulu_delli : @heg126 it's ur girl
xavier.11 : @___imwhite___
golden_chile_ : 😭 @elsenornewyork
ibrahinn : 99.99% of Texas @wow_such_albert @nedaesf @rgawo
zach_is_rad : @makenziemartines you on a casual day
nedaesf : @ibrahinn I threw up a lil
jatown04 : @joblessjobo @chrisos89
isaacnavarro35 - clubpixel - gl_kool - kevinleehsu -
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