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To @k3irstan Exclusive behind the scenes footage of @nev319 preparing for his wedding day
cashmere_pens : Gotta lighten up lol
morgnthecreator : @t_thorngate
k3irstan : @instaclam #vapelife
housh_ : @instaclam how old where you when you started making beats?
merlinmoonabbeyroad : Impressive @merlinmoonmusic
andrewchristvenegas : tell you my friend Clams, I am not like the rest, a different breed you see. I wish not to simply be a customer, but to make truly memorable music.let me know if you are in search for samples unique as the ear can hear. For I construct the arts in a manner that gives hip hop great justice; however I am in need of a producer of your nature, one that knows technology. As for I only know the natural sounds of the guitar therefore I am lame to technology.nevertheless I humbly ask for your attributes you've developed. I earnestly seek your reply in great hope that you can help me destroy the “greatest” of artists in a celestial way.
xru_xrun : i looove your songs! thank you.
caltagiron3 - brodie__smith - pkoelsch - geege93til -
instaclam - Clams Casino
noah_kurtz : Bars
grant9951 : mac show in nj less go fam
majorbison : Cashmere cat wishes he was this good
merlinmoonabbeyroad : Smiley Face @merlinmoonmusic
josdelinne - lordhvsvn47 - _madeyemoogy - ray_204 -
instaclam - Clams Casino
sixtyhertz : Yessss
monckey44 : @thegodwaau truth
jessmaryvid : Omg yes
andrewchristvenegas : Hello Clams if the samples were provided would you accept an offer of 300 per song. I tell you they are most celestial; therefore a hit and only a hit is what I seek. For I take the arts truly serious. Andrew Christ Venegas
ohsnapsitsvic : Finally
_leenyc : @andyspacejam @grxxnranger @lavishlouie @tynothai
diego_way : Im ur fan. @instaclam from México
ajfriedrice : yesss. we need more clams
milan_mone - supbrea - - zerouno_streetcodes -
instaclam - Clams Casino
mantejsooch : @mvnitoor @sukhpal_bains finally
dannyobrien3 : Wooooo!!!
xxchimes_ : Enjoy it broh
jacquesgreene : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
nicky_sinz : Finally
scuderia_playo : Long live clams
behzey_ : Blessed
dreday287 : @reignmancometh
dersyshore608 - xhriscole - lordhvsvn47 - sabahko.ualreadyknow -
instaclam - Clams Casino
chrisxmatt : lol @kiddtony
alexburkat : @dsjoedeux @4eversiyoung @kurthunte @jaysonmusson
simonbaum_ : @hannesteutsch that's clamlife
xthekrazex : I can give it to us but whatcha gone do wit it???
jpoonmusic : @robb.s @eddygabe FIRE MEME RIGHT HERE BOYS
eddygabe : @jpoonmusic πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’₯
lolahiphop : SOUNDCLOUD.COM/nohoodkenny
officialrosegotti : I finally found your ig bro @instaclam I'm a huge fan. I'm not asking for any free beats but when the time comes I look forward to working with you. ✊ -artist from Miami
girlsdonthavebuttholes - wevlthvibes - klockwork_17 - c_eylans -
instaclam - Clams Casino
πŸ’­ @treznor x @thefader
aatikchopra : @mobrien_94
kainey : phat
tommyillfigure : πŸ™Œ
cmansingleton : I personally love nostalgia in music; the awe and mystery of it.
mobrien_94 : @aatikchopra this is hype
goldpanda602 : I see the artists pushing towards the new things and the listeners holding back for nostalgia. Maybe we just think it sounds cool when you guys come up with these awesome new sounds that remind us of certain times. @instaclam
jstownsend : I think he's talking about nostalgia for older music. Or even your own earlier work. It's hard to tell because I didn't read the article, just what's in the pic, so I could be totally wrong.
andrewchristvenegas : Hello my friend Clams I truthfully tell you that I am most celestial with the arts and have samples that will accompany your style with a holy essence. I am honest when I say I have great heart and would like for you to produce my songs with great ambition. I steadily thank you. Andrew Christ Venegas
dantedementi - tyloaiza - lisamonia - richadamofficial -
instaclam - Clams Casino
I dont use maracas only rare goat toenails on the beats
michv7 : Lmao
thezootedoneder : Hahaha @nevershowers
kainey : @instaclam phat πŸ‘Œ
onlyicanknowi : πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š
llrd : #blackmagic
andrewchristvenegas : What do you say my friend, does my view of the arts interest you? Andrew Christopher Venegas,
luvairs : πŸ—πŸ—πŸ— πŸ†
kainey : get me some followers lol
historicmusicstudios - cnoquodgram - oliomega420 - seeps31 -
instaclam - Clams Casino
Back in the studio.....MOOD =
historicmusicstudios : :) happy face @merlinmoonmusic
core_d_arbel : Yey!!! Thats just made my day!! Stay original <3
d4ywlkr : Clammy Clams is the next announced fighter for MkX
instaclam : @jimmynez24 hahaha
kainey : #phat
jionta : @hlafond
famous.dai : Clams may I rap to yo beat @instaclam
andrewchristvenegas : Hello Clams what does it take for one to have their samples produced by you. I tell you I am not fibbing when I say that they are most Celeste, and have tried many ways to contacted you; nevertheless I humbly ask this. Andrew Christ Venegas
dxpe_dclxvi - theycallmeparker - themoose89 - waveofthrones -
instaclam - Clams Casino
Happy birthday my love🎈😍🎈!
imcuban__b : BASED
hamhunt3r : Shes buitiful
aaron_jones : Main attractionz
kainey : happy bday michele πŸŽ‰.. phat
btrrthnyu : Clamyclams
yonies74 : Happy Birthday you look beautiful!!
toosketch : Damn son
angesap : Hope you had a wonderful birthday gorgeous lady!
hallow__girl - historicmusicstudios - joeyscave - mattdietz23 -
instaclam - Clams Casino
rmanana : πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
kainey : πŸ™πŸ‘Œ
zromann : Post link in bio
monaa.b : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ as usual
kainey : phat
iamchristianluke : There is not one other artist that comes even close to how original you are! Thank you for the vibes!!!!!✌️
spacedoutalex : @instaclam I've never said this but you're the Alexander McQueen of music for sure .
diverse_the_female_beatmaker : @instaclam #ILoveThis #Remix defo #OnFleek πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈ
diverse_the_female_beatmaker - svd_doktv - pfederica_ - kturner56 -
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