Catch me in the cut with a πŸ“· in one hand, and a 🍺 in the other Los Angeles, CA | Philly, PA
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illadelphia -
And now up in beautiful Big Bear, CA for work for a couple days. 😎
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illadelphia -
Goodbye House of Blues. Thanks for epic times. Like when I watched Miley and Billy Ray perform Pour Some Sugar On Me from the stage tonight. I snapped the whole day, including this craziness plus Dane Cook and Ron Jeremy both getting challenged to taking out their man parts. illadelph259 on Snapchat. Sorry it's sorta long today 😁 but like I said. Epic times.
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illadelphia : #sorryforshittypicture #SteelPanther #HOBMemories #HOBSunset #hobla #TheFinalShowEver
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A bitter sweet night here at work. On one hand I'm so stoked to be working the last ever show at the House of Blues Sunset Strip, especially for what promises to be an epic show with Steel Panther and guests. But it's super sad that they are demolishing this landmark, even worse it's for a hotel/condos. So, to celebrate the memory of one of my favorite venues in LA (and I've pretty much been to them all), here's a list of my 5 favorite memories here from the countless shows/concerts/events that I've shot/photographed/attended: 1. Getting hired to shoot what was my biggest gig at the time. It was a corporate event/concert hosted by Pop Tarts. Super fun and a little different from what I usually do. 2. Smoking a blunt on-stage with members of Odd Future during a Mac Miller concert 3. Watching G Love repping Philly on-stage with my homies and then he reposted one of my pics. 4. Kanye on stage performing Gold Digger and stopping to smile and point at the actual Jennifer Lopez when he says her name in the song. 5. During the same show, Big Sean bringing out Tyga, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber,YG, Ty Dolla $ign, Meek Mill, N. Cole, DJ Mustard, Travis Scott and Fabolous to perform IDFWU in the most memorable manner. This photo is one of my faves from there during a Chance the Rapper show. I'll be live snapping the whole show on snapchat!! I'll miss you HOB Sunset!!
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illadelphia : #hobsunset #houseofblues #LosAngeles #hollywood #RIPhouseofblues #steelpanthers
fromphillywithlove : Number 3!!! Rep! #phillypride
billy.from.philly : #dopepost
jp.gif : Daamnnnn those are some good stories
izzifrmtheblock : Omg #4
art_en_soul : You should live stream it via periscope
gsquaredhair : Wow. What amazing memories you've been a part of!! How lucky πŸ€πŸ’š
thisispao : Aw man, I'm going to miss steel panther. W
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illadelphia -
Hard Summer was one for the ages. So much fun. It was nice not having a camera and having to work at a music festival for once. But the flip side is that I barely took any pics so you get this to sum up the craziness haha. . Shout out to everyone I ran into and met and partied with!! And of course, to The Weeknd for that world peace/babymaking clinic that you put on on Saturday night!
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illadelphia : #hardsummer #hardfest #hardsummer2015 #thissongslaps
get__lo__ : πŸ™‹πŸΌ so glad I saw you
jordanwander : Excellente
illadelphia : You too Lauren!! 😍 @get__lo__
marcabbott8 : Nice running into as always man 😊
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Another inspiring exhibit at the #Annenberg. πŸ“·πŸ‘ | #AnnenbergSpace #Emerging #EmergingExperience @annenbergspace
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chuckseye : Solid
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#fbf to HARD Summer 2014 when Krista decided to pick up a kid. Who will I be seeing out there tomorrow?? | #hardsummer @hardfest @kvals01 @ella_bellad
fbf - hardsummer -
kristenckish : πŸ™‹ me!
tr3v0r__t4yl0r : I'm out there πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ’ͺ🏾
kvals01 : He was adorable! I couldn't help it!!! hehe xx
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#LosAngeles City Hall | #mextures
mextures - losangeles -
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Yesterday was so cool. I logged 150 miles in my car with my awesome friend @kvals01 and drove all over LA taking people's portraits in analog fashion. From Hermosa to Chatsworth to Santa Monica to Sherman Oaks to Hollywood and Los Feliz, it was great to see old friends and make new ones!! Thank you to each one of these amazing people for your time!
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Today was fucking amazing. Huge shout out and thank you to everyone that helped out and allowed me to shoot them. Proper post and thank yous coming tomorrow cuz I'm exhausted. Here's a quick sneak preview. The whole day is up on my snap chat in super condensed form! Check it out! | #polaroid #aokijump #sorta
aokijump - sorta - polaroid -
jakewestphoto : Thanks again for stopping by dude! πŸ‘ŠπŸ» #kindanailedit
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Off for an analog photo adventure!! Excited to see everyone! | #35mm #instax #polaroid #portraits #makeportraits
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illadelphia : @ddiamond62 well the only true Polaroid is the one I'm holding up to my eye. The white one is a Fuji instax camera... Still instant but much smaller. The third camera is 35mm.
illadelphia : @tariamompkins hey sorry! Just seeing this! I was all over the place and logged 150 miles yesterday!!! Maybe we can shoot this week one day?
illadelphia : @nikkiphillips thanks!! It was fun!!!
tariamompkins : Come to the west side! Working in Venice all week!
dwntwn_chris : @illadelphia hey bud, are you around tonight to take some photos at my @open_house_indie event?
illadelphia : @dwntwn_chris ah man I can't tonight. Prior obligations. I'm sorry dude.
mahogany_mama : My instamax has been unopened for 6 months 😩 I need to break it in!
illadelphia : @mahogany_mama oh yea you do! It's fun!
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