Interior Design Show (IDS)

IDS is Canada's design fair. #IDS16 takes place January 21-24 in Toronto.
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idstoronto - Interior Design Show (IDS)
The #Milan Expo 2015 features purpose-built pavilions from over 140 countries and private organisations, designed around the overarching theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life opens today.
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idstoronto - Interior Design Show (IDS)
Nendo showcases innovative seven door concepts - including #designs for wheelchair users and children - for the 70th anniversary of abe kogyo. (Image courtesy of Dezeen)
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jannahbaarmah : @rolabadkook
rolabadkook : @jawaher1982
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idstoronto - Interior Design Show (IDS)
The Half Million Pound Piano. With its half million pound cost, this majestic and sculptural #piano is an art-piece named “The Baby”, born from a collaboration between Goldfinch pianos and Based Upon, London-based studio, and get inspired by spiral galaxy patterns. (Photo courtesy of Fubiz)
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jparknyc : @angiebopark what a beauty! ๐ŸŽน
liniaraque : @livingdesignfurniture
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idstoronto - Interior Design Show (IDS)
A bird’s eye view of some of the world’s most stunning #architectural and #natural #wonders is the subject of ‘air‘, a #photographic portfolio by New Zealand-based Amos Chapple and his #drone. "There was a window of about 18 months where it was possible to fly these things anywhere and people were excited to see it", Chapple tells Business Insider. "I’m glad I made use of that time."
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sandramacaron : @hanisamaha
hanisamaha : @sandramacaron barcelona :)
vincenzocircosta : @luca.pwrd
kokopalooza : That's amazing!!
ejvdesign : @nottherealasim
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idstoronto - Interior Design Show (IDS)
UK artist transforms salvaged circuit boards into gorgeous lifelike #insects. E-waste, or electronic waste, is a difficult environmental issue that’s both hazardous and unsightly. In the hands of UK-based #artist #JulieAliceChappell, however, unattractive circuit board scraps are reborn into beautiful works of #art. In her series ‘Computer Component Bugs,’ Chappell raises awareness of e-waste with her delicate insect sculptures made from upcycled #electronic #components.
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idstoronto - Interior Design Show (IDS)
Students from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) will attempt to beat the world-record for the longest open span attained by an ice structure by constructing an icebridge inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. Following a yearly tradition of exhibiting architecture made from ice, the bridge is anticipated to span an astounding 50 meters. If the team succeeds, they will shatter the school’s previous record set in 2014 when students built an ice dome spanning 30 meters.
lovelyhawk : @hlryhys
cellaluxuria : ๐Ÿ˜Š
songxuanyu - fd1976 - coolicanandcompany - camadesignco -
idstoronto - Interior Design Show (IDS)
The work of Lebanese photographer #SergeNajjar shows a striking mix of vibrant colors and stark #architectural geometry. His pictures generally feature a small, lone figure in the midst of an overpowering backdrop, giving an impression of man’s smallness as he moves through the world he’s created — an inverted power relationship in which the man-made dominates the maker. Najjar explained his take on the relationship between humans and #constructed environments: "I find the relationship between Man and #Architecture interesting because, in this “duel,” the human being brings at the same time warmth and scale to architecture. This gives, in its turn, an #abstract dimension to Man." Serge Najjar, “Diving into Escher” (all photos courtesy the artist, © Serge Najjar)
abstract - constructed - architecture - architectural - sergenajjar -
grungymatt : Awesome ๐Ÿ‘
cristianemendes1 : ๐Ÿ‘
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idstoronto - Interior Design Show (IDS)
"We’ve seen the remarkable programmable materials coming out of #MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab for years—things like magnetic chairs that could snap together in a fish tank, or #textiles that could flex themselves into various shapes—but it’s always been research-level work. But now, the lab has teamed up with Wood-Skin to produce a #table that slides out of a flat pack box and, within seconds, pops into shape with no screws, nails, or glue required. On display at last weeks Salone Del Mobile furniture fair in #Milan, it's rated to hold up to 220lbs of weight. And the best part? It’s consumer-ready." - #FastCoDesign
fastcodesign - table - milan - mit - textiles -
icarryapistolxo : @gregsomething neat-o!
mariumgul : @izharsiddiqui check this out
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anna8alint : @morganacarla !
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jsiehr : @k8nmcj how cool! @badgerchicrah
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idstoronto - Interior Design Show (IDS)
#IDS15Exhibitor, MiniGarden, expresses an Urban Green Revolution. Urban life has removed us from the pleasures of the land. We live surrounded by concrete and contact with natural things is being relegated to the occasional weekend. There is little space, little time and the conveniences of cities make us forget that we are intimately linked to plants and that we need them to live if we wish to feel a sense of well-being. minigarden Minigarden was conceived to bring back the green into our lives. Happy #EarthDay
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idstoronto - Interior Design Show (IDS)
An interactive #installation by fashion brand #cosxsnarkitecture @snarkitecture #brera #isalone #idsinmilan #Milan #milandesignfair #mdw15 #salonedelmobile
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