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Testing #hyperlapse 1…2…3… This app has a lot of potential, but mastering it is another #problem. The Hyperlapse app films at high-speed to create a time-lapse effect, and you hardly get the video you wanted. You have to keep the #iphone completely stable in order to have a #smooth flow, try not change directions very fast or you won’t see anything, to counterbalance the shakiness of your #video, the app crops your video to stabilise your shaky video. It also auto-adjusts the brightness, so try avoiding exposing too much light or shadows. Also keep in mind that 3 minutes of video footage sped up at 12x will just represent 15 seconds (which is #instagram limit for videos), make a little scenario in order to make it easier when #hyperlapsing. Don’t forget to choose a nice cover frame (as it goes very fast, it’s not really easy), cut some video out if necessary… It wasn’t easy but hey, you get to see the #office with our #amazing #iconosquare #team. Did you try the #app? How was it? Do you have any #tips? F.Y.I It took me 3h to get this little 15 sec video, let me see you try!
hyperlapsing - instagram - office - app - smooth - amazing - video - iphone - team - iconosquare - problem - tips - hyperlapse -
torrespestano : 👏👏👏
dailyaviator : I only tested it twice today and also noticed that you have to hold the phone very stable and move slowly as both, the video footage and the camera movement are speeded up afterwards. So to maintain a relatively speed difference between footage and movement one has to move in slowmotion.
dailyaviator : @jaredsz Do you have a link?
jaredsz : @dailyaviator It's the latest video I have posted on my Instagram page.
stellating : Cool
aitordanbolenea : I tried to get it in my android phone and as it's not on the market yet I installed the "lapse it" app. It works well, intuitive, and also has its own gallery and social network.
iconosquare : @jasmondo_ hi! Glad you liked the video :) @sacha1982 You're welcome, enjoy! @mappleyan @cardioliftinggram For the moment we haven't heard of any Android app, we hope it's coming soon enough! @neverenderdesign
iconosquare : @jenns_trends Hi! Thanks a lot for your comment :) Have a good day :)
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iconosquare - Formerly Statigram
While some members of our team are enjoying their summer holidays, the rest of us are working hard with delicious customized @mmschocolate and a good cup of coffee! What about you ? #yummy #mms #iconosquare #mayfair
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veronica_gordon9 : @fusion_shoutz got me 1k
rabiatoprakkk : Yemek sayfama buyrn
srknkrtl_ : GT
silentreverie13 : @keeneelaureta
karenpardo : @iconosquare hi, i like to know why i can't see my #growthiconosquare ... ? Thanks
iconosquare : @karenpardo hello, could you follow us back ? so we continue this conversation privately ? thanks :)
karenpardo : @iconosquare ok :)
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#iconosquare is based in #limoges small city in #France where you can see one of the most beautiful #trainstation in the world #garedesbenedictins Thx @robinclediere our talented #uxui for sharing this photo with us. Join us in #limoges #limousin !
limousin - trainstation - iconosquare - garedesbenedictins - limoges - uxui - france -
kuwait1970q1 : Follow me
anasnabil8 : And me
anood10106 : تسريحات فرنسيه
anastasia_clarke : and mee  
ricardo2212 : 😉
al.sadons : ggod
veronica_gordon9 : @fusion_shoutz got me 1k
al.sadons : I like france
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We are looking for talented people. If you have strong skills in #webmarketing #uxui #webdesign and want to join us please drop us a line at contact@iconosquare.com #job #wearehiring #limoges #limousin Please share this with your communities.
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autograff : Superb!!!
d.rolexero : Hello.d.rolexero.Thanks
daynaracanan :   
gianmarco_rossonero : 🌞🌞🌞
cream_bust10 : Подтянутая грудь без операций: попробуйте уникальное средство за полцены прямо сейчас!
tsering_asha : @beccamyhre
agenbolacom : cool
mongoliaofficial : like it
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Hey guys! Today we are very excited to launch the first Fans World Cup on Instagram. It´s time for you to show the world that your country has the best supporters! Are you ready? Enter the competition on http://icn.re/fans and support your country ;-)
tylaw : @iconosquare You should make that URL your profile main URL so we can enter through instagram. Just tell people to click on the link in your profile.
xenraza : Please update ur contest. .its nor working properly now
aichaiker01_freepalestine : 👊 its nt workingggg😡😡😡
abiderme : Algerian team 👊👊
s501m : add me Professional designs✍
flee_b0i_ : GO GHANA      
jaskal_1 : :P
cream_bust10 : Красивая грудь естественным путем, подробности на нашей странице!
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#Window? #Mirror? #Photo? It depends maybe if you look to the past, present or future ;) #iconosquare
iconosquare - photo - window - mirror -
50shadesoftheojames : I'm in love with your website👏
50shadesoftheojames : If you look at the past (top portion) it looks like a window. If you look at the present (middle portion) it looks like a mirror and if you look at the future (bottom portion) it's looks like a picture
elmu96 : @muneer_219 قصدك جذي للمطبخ؟😅
dl3_24 : سو كيوت
autograff : 👌
d.rolexero : Hello.d.rolexero.Thanks
cream_bust10 : Крем для упругости груди – настоящее чудо, идеальная форма за короткое время! Смотрите подробности на нашем сайте!
amir.simo : الله يرحم
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Where there is #light there is #hope Happy sunday guys. #iconosquare
iconosquare - light - hope -
classiclegacy : Where there is l#light there is #hope. Love this quote!
juman199 : 🌹🌹
artbyveda : Beautiful!
eslamelsaka2 : 3d fanstaic
kellyjherbst : tee hee :)
granye : Never stop #hope
anjanimillet : Hi Iconosquare! This is stunning!
ranaabodaraa : @mazenkhazem
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Hello, Statigram is now Iconosquare! Claim the same sentence in your language in a short video, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #Helloiconosquare and get a chance to be featured on #iconosquare thx to Angelique, Hayden, Marie, Alex and Bogdan all in our amazing team :)
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galnaser : @zooview_ thanks😘
zooview_ : @galnaser more than welcome 😊💐
paulbrouns : @iconosquare I have been unable to like pictures on Iconosquare since last Friday already. I am annoyed that @instagram refuses to respond to my messages in which I underlined I did not abuse your platform in any way. Keep up the good work though: your site design is still the best way for keeping track!
cream_bust10 : Крем для упругости груди – настоящее чудо, идеальная форма за короткое время! Смотрите подробности на нашем сайте!
new_main__one_ : Thanks
bar_white_pupco :  cool video!
sabrinacpercy : Are u an app or just a website as I can't find u in the App Store??
diederikpel : Website @sabrinacpercy
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Here's a little game, dear Statigramers: in a few hours we will change our name and Statigram will become... You have all the letters on the desk ;) EUOOIANRSQC. Why not try and guess? #justforfun
justforfun -
xfahadx2013 : للبيع الجهاز
sketch_my_dreams : Iconosquare
holly.todd : Iconosquare
x2iiih : .
coolness_master_chief : iconosquare\
gnomerdmca : Who cares??
micky_40_bcn : Decirme como participar en el paypalsummer?
new_main__one_ : Iconosquare
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Ready to jump! Tomorrow is a big day for #statigram ! 1,6km long #zipline #tyrolienne #superbesse #fantasticable #greatexperience
tyrolienne - fantasticable - statigram - zipline - superbesse - greatexperience -
ricricky : perfec   
prince_4000 : 
hema558 : Cool
fanooo2020 : 😍
2hmmed_8 : http://iconosquare.com/viewer.php#/detail/703721152715367906_3620456
_rhentot : 
ellitonsouza : #sj4000
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