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#IconosquareBrandsInterview @polaroid 2/2 ________________________________________ Key Statistics ER (Engagement Rate): 12,46 Posts on Hashtag: 1,2M Average Number of Likes: 410 Average Posts per Week: 3 ________________________________________ Q: “Polaroid” is 75 years old this year, but has never been so active on the social networks. What are the key ingredients of your Instagram strategy? A: We do have an incredibly rich brand history filled with fascinating people and stories about Polaroid cameras and film. Celebrating our heritage, and bringing it forward, is a key part of what we’re doing today in social media. Our strategy on Instagram is highly content-driven. The mood is colorful, whimsical and simple—something we like to call the ‘Tuesday Afternoon Moment’. We’re also trying new things, like illustration-driven posts of classic Polaroid cameras. If we start with great content, we can then tap into Instagram’s potential to drive brand engagement, affinity and ultimately connect with the right communities. ________________________________________ Q: How do you measure your brand influence on Instagram? A: We’re fresh to analytics on Instagram, so in these first few months it’s been about measuring engagement and community growth. Today we’re measuring engagement based on the rate of interaction, or how many actions (likes, comments) the content receives proportinate to our fans. These first few months are critical to benchmark, evaluate and then adjust goals based on what the data is telling us. ________________________________________ Q: What strategies do you use to attract new Instagram followers and keep them engaged? A: Now that Polaroid has been actively participating on Instagram, we can focus on how to consistently grow our following and continue sharing great content. We’ve done some cross-promoting on the other Polaroid social channels, and on Polaroid.com. Our next endeavor will be seeking out the right communities of interest, and participating in a way that is natural, and makes sense for Polaroid. ________________________________________ Read the full interview on our blog: http://bit.ly/polaroid-ITW2
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sixtogallegos : Te estás quedando atrás miamor! Vamos el sábado por la tuya. @angie_kings
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mowali1 : What is the best way to promote my account? Thanks
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#BrandsInterview @polaroid ________________________________________ Key Statistics ER (Engagement Rate): 12,46 Posts on Hashtag: 1,2M Average Number of Likes: 410 Average Posts per Week: 3 ________________________________________ Q:“Polaroid” posted its first Instagram media (it was actually a video) on the 14th of July 2014. As the one of the most famous and historical photography brands, what motivated your choice to embrace Instagram ? A: For Polaroid, the choice to embrace Instagram really started when we recognized the how much people were actually sharing about Polaroid on Instagram. Today, more than 1.2 million photos on Instagram are tagged with #polaroid—that’s a lot of sharing. The bigger question was, How could we tap into what our target audience was already doing, and bring the brand to life? After all, Polaroid is about instant sharing. It’s is in our brand DNA. ________________________________________ Q: What makes Instagram attractive to a brand like “Polaroid” who created the instant photography long before the digital age ? A: There once was a time when instant photo sharing was only possible with a Polaroid camera in hand—in some respects, you could say Polaroid was the original social “share”. Since it’s inception, instant photography has been something magical, and it’s thrilling to see the idea come full circle in the digital age. When we connect film and digital mediums, there’s a spark. Polaroid on Instagram just makes sense. ________________________________________ Q: Has Instagram helped you more than other social networks, to connect with your younger (18-25 years old) Polaroid users ? A: It’s too soon to say with certainty. We are, however, thrilled to connect with new followers who are suprised and delighted to see Polaroid on Instagram, then engage with us by liking or commenting. The ‘Love Rate’ on Iconosquare is one of our new favorite metrics—and we do love our metrics! ________________________________________ Read the full interview on our blog : http://bit.ly/polaroid-ITW
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adamvincenzini : @jasontroyolive @aliceroserex worth a read
blueanto : 800
fabfemme_australia : Great stats ... For me Polaroid is still Instant printing ... :)
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raymofo : Only until recently I still had my family's old "Swinger" Polaroid camera. I guess I finally dumped it but now I wish I still had it if only for a prop for new photos. Darnit! (It had a hard leather case, too. Quality!)
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We all live on the same planet, but at different time zones. Learning how to #optimize your posts for an international #audience is often not easy. In order to reach your fans effectively, you have to know when is the best time to post. Thanks to our feature, that you will find on @iconosquare, under Statistics/Optimization), we hope that you never miss your Best Time To Post. Our best time to post is 07:30PM, which is also the #sunset moment here in #France. Beautiful isn’t it? Picture credit @macrominus :)
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iloveecomedy : Подписывайтесь! Здесь самое смешное видео👈
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We all follow the brands we love on Instagram and want to discover more about them. That's why we're really excited to give them a voice here every wednesday, with our Brand Interviews. ————————————————————————————— Key Statistics: ER: Engagement Rate : 9,38 Posts on Hashtag: 1,3M Average Number of Likes: 303 ————————————————————————————— - For this 1st interview, we've asked @KitKat some crunchy questions. The answers are delightful ;-) #HaveAbreak and read the interview! ——————————————————————————————— #1 Q: KITKAT posted its first Instagram picture last month in July. This is very surprising considering your experience on social media. Why did it take so long for you to take the plunge? A: As a major confectionary brand that has embraced the digital world and social media, we have a major global presence on Facebook, as well as Twitter, Pinterest, G+ and Tumblr. In addition we have cvarious local market accounts. Our strategy was focused on fostering these communities, ensuring optimal engagement, and strong overall performance on these channels before expanding. Key to our success has been ensuring we have been able to devote the right amount of resources to any platform to allow KITKAT excel. #2 Q: What makes Instagram attractive to a brand like KITKAT? A: We love pictures – both taking and sharing shots of our much-loved chocolate (before we eat it!), and we found (using Iconosquare!) that on Instagram hundreds of thousands of people had been doing the same thing with over 1 million pictures tagged with #KITKAT! We saw this passion for our product from Instagram’s users, as well as the growing number of users on the platform in general and were keen to come and join the fun! It’s the perfect platform to have a break on! #3 Q: What are the key ingredients of your Instagram strategy (except chocolate)? A: We want to put the smile in your break. If you are having a bad day, or getting bored of people’s selfies and sunset photos, we will be there with something a little different to make you smile. Having fun in a break is key to our success! ————————————————————————————— Read the full interview on our blog : http://bit.ly/KITKAT-ITW
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xomiamoore : I thought this was super interesting! I'm not a fan of Kit Kat (I'm vegan so I don't even think I can eat them) but I love learning about brands on Instagram, their strategy, etc! I hope those unhappy with this post will simply unfollow... Not that hard. And as someone else mentioned, @iconosquare is not the same company as @instagram.
bencr : @iconosquare This post was interesting and in my opinion very relevant. More of this please!
kazakzt : #kitkat <3
dailyaviator : Interesting.
iconosquare : @dailyaviator @bencr @xomiamoore Thank you for your comments. See you next wednesday for a new Brand Interview :)
claire.sutton : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 @_kaitlyndakota_
ijustwantthe_worldb_betterplac : Sorry have been missing this. Love the world <3
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Testing #hyperlapse 1…2…3… This app has a lot of potential, but mastering it is another #problem. The Hyperlapse app films at high-speed to create a time-lapse effect, and you hardly get the video you wanted. You have to keep the #iphone completely stable in order to have a #smooth flow, try not change directions very fast or you won’t see anything, to counterbalance the shakiness of your #video, the app crops your video to stabilise your shaky video. It also auto-adjusts the brightness, so try avoiding exposing too much light or shadows. Also keep in mind that 3 minutes of video footage sped up at 12x will just represent 15 seconds (which is #instagram limit for videos), make a little scenario in order to make it easier when #hyperlapsing. Don’t forget to choose a nice cover frame (as it goes very fast, it’s not really easy), cut some video out if necessary… It wasn’t easy but hey, you get to see the #office with our #amazing #iconosquare #team. Did you try the #app? How was it? Do you have any #tips? F.Y.I It took me 3h to get this little 15 sec video, let me see you try!
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areneedo : @gomava1
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foodwinesocial : I like the app and found it works great on bike helmet or on dash cam. View mine in the feed of my little city in Washington.(same latitude as France.)
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While some members of our team are enjoying their summer holidays, the rest of us are working hard with delicious customized @mmschocolate and a good cup of coffee! What about you ? #yummy #mms #iconosquare #mayfair
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#iconosquare is based in #limoges small city in #France where you can see one of the most beautiful #trainstation in the world #garedesbenedictins Thx @robinclediere our talented #uxui for sharing this photo with us. Join us in #limoges #limousin !
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We are looking for talented people. If you have strong skills in #webmarketing #uxui #webdesign and want to join us please drop us a line at contact@iconosquare.com #job #wearehiring #limoges #limousin Please share this with your communities.
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Hey guys! Today we are very excited to launch the first Fans World Cup on Instagram. It´s time for you to show the world that your country has the best supporters! Are you ready? Enter the competition on http://icn.re/fans and support your country ;-)
tylaw : @iconosquare You should make that URL your profile main URL so we can enter through instagram. Just tell people to click on the link in your profile.
xenraza : Please update ur contest. .its nor working properly now
aichaiker01 : 👊 its nt workingggg😡😡😡
abiderme : Algerian team 👊👊
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#Window? #Mirror? #Photo? It depends maybe if you look to the past, present or future ;) #iconosquare
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50shadesoftheojames : I'm in love with your website👏
50shadesoftheojames : If you look at the past (top portion) it looks like a window. If you look at the present (middle portion) it looks like a mirror and if you look at the future (bottom portion) it's looks like a picture
elmu96 : @muneer_219 قصدك جذي للمطبخ؟😅
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cream_bust10 : Крем для упругости груди – настоящее чудо, идеальная форма за короткое время! Смотрите подробности на нашем сайте!
noode_364 : المنظر القدامك دا تحفه
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