Kid Chan

Husband, Father of 3, #1 Best Selling Author & photog listed in 100 Ppl You Must Know In Asia by Tatler. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kid_Chan
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iamkidchan - Kid Chan
Thank you for entrusting #teamkidchan for your gorgeous wedding! We are truly humbled and honored! selamat berbuka puasa ! Repost by @stephlinatay "Just finished an afternoon swim and remembered how once our home pool and garden was turned into our wedding . Beautifully captured by @iamkidchan
teamkidchan -
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iamkidchan - Kid Chan
When I was younger, having to meet this amazing & well respected Educationist Dato' @freidapilus in her office means I am in BIG trouble. But today after more than 2 decades, I have the honour of having Dato', the Founder of Cempaka Group of Schools in my office and is with GREAT News! So good to see her again and really enjoyed talking about books we love. Thank you once again Dato' for dropping in :) P.s: how she remains so youthful defies logic! #igersmalaysia #sricempaka
sricempaka - igersmalaysia -
iamkidchan : @reevahusin I got it from @memed_casmad 's Tenc last time:)
sherylhosulynn : It was a great pleasure meeting you @iamkidchan 😊 I look forward to visiting you again soon! πŸ‘πŸΌ
iamkidchan : @sherylhosulynn likewise! Great to see you and congrats!! Btw, are you on fb? Like to send you some links for your reference
sherylhosulynn : @iamkidchan yes I'm on FB. Will try and add you.
pearlrose7 : Lovely tie ! @iamkidchan
iamkidchan : Thank you @sherylhosulynn
iamkidchan : Thank you @pearlrose7 ! How are you? Hope you are well
pearlrose7 : Hi hi, life is πŸ‘πŸ»βœ”οΈπŸ‰πŸˆ΅ @iamkidchan
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iamkidchan - Kid Chan
Finally my love you are in my hands.... First time going through Slight Edge was via an audiobook it was already awesome, but reading this USA Today National Bestseller in book form two years later is absolutely phenomenal!!!! The premise of this book is that we do not need another How-to book. We need something to make our How-to work! Sound confusing? But once you understand that is very powerful. Rating: Super Highly Recommended so that you can start turning simple disciplines into massive success & happiness ! #kidchanreads #mentor #motivation #igersmalaysia #genycoach
motivation - igersmalaysia - mentor - genycoach - kidchanreads -
thechillmom : Sounds like a great read. Thanks for sharing!
iamkidchan : Pleasure @mzmichhon ! Similar book is called Compound effect... But I like this more...
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iamkidchan - Kid Chan
#gorgeous #360 View from our office of the day for #corporate #portrait shoot today. Have you been on the #skybridge ? The last time I was here, I was shooting The British Next Top Model with the one and only Dato' Jimmy Choo :) #petronas #noprizeforguessing #klcc #skyporn #bluesky
skybridge - noprizeforguessing - skyporn - bluesky - klcc - petronas - gorgeous - portrait - corporate - 360 -
elvinachua : Hi! Cool foto ;)
derrickempire : Hi! Awesome photo!
firmj : Looks cool! I like this foto!
iamkidchan : Thank you @orange_photography_malaysia @elvinachua @derrickempire @firmj
kaysbeautyofficial : Very nice image ;)
iamkidchan : Thank you @kaysbeautyofficial
lizasidek : Fannnncccy. This is the top bridge and not the one that's opened for the public?
iamkidchan : Great eye @lizasidek ... I was honored to be there with a uber special VVIP couple πŸ˜‰
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iamkidchan - Kid Chan
View from office for the day... #igersmalaysia #noprizeforguessing #klcc #petronas
noprizeforguessing - petronas - 60likes - kualalumpur - igersmalaysia - klcc -
iamkidchan : @lizasidek 😁😁😁
alya.hana : I love this pic ;)
leemotors : Looks awesome! I like your shots :)
preston_les : Hey! Like this picture!!
iamkidchan : Thank you @alya.hana @leemotors @preston_les πŸ™
baronboon : interesting insta
iamkidchan : Thank you @baronboon
iamkidchan : #60likes #kualalumpur
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iamkidchan - Kid Chan
So humbled to be invited to be an Epic 2.0 Mentor in INTI International University & College's EPIC 2.0 Championship. EPIC 2.0 is program that create is a platform to create entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators of the future. Am honored to be coaching the all girl Children’s Happiness team. Among their vision is to help underprivileged children to have a better education & Raising awareness that orphanage need love from the society Hence their target is to raise a minimum of 5K within 4 weeks for charity. They are currently doing fundraising event and several events will be carrying out throughout these few weeks to achieve our target. ​The money that they collected will be donated to the orphanage in the form of books. They have identify to purchase books & support MagicBird Publishing. The books then will be donated to the Good Samaritan Home. About Magicbird Publishing: Founded in 2012 and has distributed close to 30 000 books and built 17 Reading Spaces. The English books are targeted for children aged 10 and below. For every book purchase through The Good Shop & Magicbird Publishing another book will be donated to the rural area as if one of book is sold. This is a great collaboration with MagicBird Publishing as we can help the children in rural areas to have a better educational books. ​They have also chosen Good Samaritan Home as the nominated orphanage- a home to nurture, develop underprivileged, orphaned children. The children are come from families where parents have abandoned them, or where a parent is unable to cope with divorce, or where the child has lost one or both parents. Team Children's Happiness hope that the children can feel that they are being cared from the society. So if you too feel like contributing to this great cause, please let me know and I will connect you to the team. Otherwise if you are in Inti Subang or KL please do drop by to give Team Child Happiness a word of encouragement or buy some candies, special photography packages that will contribute toward charity! #genycoach #inti #socents #mentor
socents - inti - mentor - genycoach -
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iamkidchan - Kid Chan
Earlier today... Will be back... Memories of Lone Pine #penang #iphonesia #smartphonography #iphoneonly #kidchantravel
penang - smartphonography - iphoneonly - iphonesia - kidchantravel -
halimsoraya : A restful lonepine@iamkidchan
iamkidchan : Thank you Tuanku @halimsoraya πŸ™
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iamkidchan - Kid Chan
Tea. How is that for a view? #penang #penanghill #penangbridge
penangbridge - penang - penanghill -
yc_yngchung : Hi! Fantastic image!!
iamkidchan : @yc_yngchung thank you!
who_s_bryan : Hi! I love this image!!
iamkidchan : Thank you @who_s_bryan πŸ™
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iamkidchan - Kid Chan
Given this lovely table at dinner, but we had to decline. Sharing with the kids would have been more challenging... Really appreciate the kind gesture though...
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iamkidchan - Kid Chan
One of the most vibrant, exciting and well thought out hotel stationeries I have seen :) do you agree? #penang #kidchantravel
penang - kidchantravel -
larryleefamily : Atas hotel mah. Haha
ivanpal85 - theserani - cheong_al - samamri8 -
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