Kid Chan

Husband, Father of 3, Author & photog listed in 100 Ppl You Must Know In Asia by Tatler. Wellness Advocate. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kid_Chan
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iamkidchan - Kid Chan
Have you seen a behind the scene time lapse photography of a #corporate photography shoot? Check out this cool time lapse behind the scene shot for Hong Leong Islamic Bank #CEO and Senior management that took one hour plus minus to do condense into 14 seconds:) #igersmalaysia #gf_malaysia #instagood #behindthescene
behindthescene - igersmalaysia - ceo - gf_malaysia - corporate - instagood -
dreens_h : Impressive work @iamkidchan !
iamkidchan : Thank you @dreens_h !
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iamkidchan - Kid Chan
Reception of New Members of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, The International Church of Kuala Lumpur. Congratulations Jeffrey, Dea and Shou Ning! #igersmalaysia #instamood #instagood
igersmalaysia - instamood - instagood -
alexexex_w : :) @Justyan1
nivlac78 - iamkennlim - lilacpoo - wezz_lee_michael666 -
iamkidchan - Kid Chan
Great seeing you @edwinha , Hui Chieng and the super adorable Baby Lucas! Can't wait to welcome you to KL again or perhaps meeting you both in #miri :) Repost @edwinha "#kidchan glad seeing you @iamkidchan !" via @PhotoRepost_app
kidchan - miri -
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iamkidchan - Kid Chan
Today's 1st corporate assignment. #CEO & Senior Management shoot at the Hong Leong Islamic Bank #behindthescene #portrait #iphonesia #igersmalaysia
ceo - behindthescene - igersmalaysia - iphonesia - portrait -
kamilahbeltran : Love it!
iamkidchan : Thank you @kamilahbeltran
leesamantha - mell_razak - humourcoffeeguy - cheong_al -
iamkidchan - Kid Chan
This is how #champagne popping is suppose to be done. View full highlights by #teamkidchan of the G.H. MUMM #myfiftyseven celebrating Young Malaysian Champs in their respective fields including @at M8 Bar last week at www.facebook.com/iamkidchan Also can click on link on bio page! #igersmalaysia #instamood #myfiftyseven @andreafonseka @deborahenry @bryan_chatime @nadineannthomas @gabrienalee @davidltw @cecyong @patiencegin
champagne - igersmalaysia - instamood - teamkidchan - myfiftyseven -
missyblurkit - djche - ee_wah - bobmokhtar -
iamkidchan - Kid Chan
Took this portrait of the uber stylish designer/brand consultant @boljoke last Friday. While also waiting for the rain to stop, we had an ultra leisurely tea al fresco while chatting about all things creative and enjoying the cool breeze of the rain:) Such Simple pleasure of life often taken granted! #smelltheroses #carpediem #igersmalaysia #throwback #blacknwhite #monochrome
igersmalaysia - smelltheroses - throwback - monochrome - blacknwhite - carpediem -
boljoke : @jasmineshangker yes is me auntie
iamkidchan : @boljoke let's!
iamkidchan : Hi @jasmineshangker how are you?
jasmineshangker : @iamkidchan I m fine !! Long time no see !!
jasmineshangker : @boljoke aiyo, don't call me aunty la, call me Che Che mah...
iamkidchan : @jasmineshangker we should all go for tea @boljoke
boljoke : @iamkidchan @jasmineshangker ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜
jasmineshangker : @iamkidchan @boljoke ๐Ÿ‘idea!!!
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iamkidchan - Kid Chan
Earlier at Kid Chan Studio with @ningdalton and Saif Malik, Managing Director, Co-Head of Wholesale Banking of Standard Chartered Bank . What's brewing? stay tune โœŒ๏ธ#igersmalaysia #instagood #instamood
igersmalaysia - instamood - instagood -
jojo_struys : Looking good
iamkidchan : Thank you @jojo_struys ! I look like a midget next to them:) catch up soon?
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iamkidchan - Kid Chan
My 2.3 minutes of fame. So honored to be featured on Life & Times Cover story for the 2nd time. The last was in 2005. praise God!
photooftheday - igersmalaysia - instamood - instagood -
iamkidchan : @farahd184 me too! ๐Ÿ˜
cyied : Well done.
munerazak : Excellent, Kid! And hope u still remember me ;-) @iamkidchan
iamkidchan : Thank you bro @cyied !
iamkidchan : Thank you @munerazak ! Of course I do... How have you been?
munerazak : @iamkidchan Not as good as you but good nonetheless :-) keep up the good work Kid!
ryanhomalayaoptical : Our Malaysian Favourite Photographer :)
iamkidchan : Thank you @ryanhomalayaoptical you are too kind....
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iamkidchan - Kid Chan
Happy anniversary @nizammazzafa @sherylcornelius !!! Feels like only yesterday that we had so much fun photographing your wedding! stay Awesome and Can't wait to meet baby! repost "On this very day, i married my love, my soulmate, my other half. A year and a beautiful boy later, this is exactly where i wanna be and i wouldn't change a thing; I could not ask for more. Here's to two imperfect pieces that fit together perfectly. Love you. Happy 1st Anniversary โค๏ธ" via @PhotoRepost_app
bride - igersmalaysia - teamkidchan - gorgeous - throwback - instamood -
sherylcornelius : @iamkidchan thank u for capturing our once in a lifetime memories. We're lucky we got to work with the best! ๐Ÿ˜Š
iamkidchan : @sherylcornelius Awwwww so sweet! It is the absolute pleasure of #teamkidchan . Thank you!
nizammazzafa : Thank you @iamkidchan ! Yes indeed it feels like yesterday never a month go by without us going thru the photos and watching the. Video over and over again. Everything was perfect! Yes we shall meet soon and will bring the lil one!
iamkidchan : @nizammazzafa Awww!!! It is your anniversary but you made my day bro:)
iamkidchan : #igersmalaysia #instamood #throwback #gorgeous #bride
sharifahnurafzan : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š small world indeed @iamkidchan ... i knew Nizam @nizammazzafa during his Taylor's years.
iamkidchan : @sharifahnurafzan cool people meets cool people ๐Ÿ‘
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iamkidchan - Kid Chan
So glad to meet one of Malaysia Top Actor @shaheizy_sam again through my high school junior @whylde 's mummy the ever fabulous Auntie Mariati at the awesome new Teh Tarik Place in Bandar Utama's The Club. The first and only other time I met Sam was when I got a cameo playing myself in the telefilm Ali Din in 2008 that also starred the legendary late Datuk Aziz Sattar and also the stunning Vaneeda Imran. I remembered telling myself that this is definitely a star to watch and one that will burn ultra bright because although he was already a fast rising star then, he was super humble and nice which he remains today. Coincidentally this year we also have the privilege to photographed his super humble and talented sister Datin Zizie @izette78 I guess being super nice just runs in the family. Also had the great pleasure meeting the stunning @syatillamelvin who my wife and friend @evonne.cml can stop saying how hot she is! Wishing @shaheizy_sam all the best with your future undertaking and can't wait for the launch of your amazing anti-aging product!
malaysia - igersmalaysia - celebrity - instamood - iphonesia - instagood -
iamkidchan : #igersmalaysia #celebrity #malaysia #iphonesia #instagood #instamood
ryanhomalayaoptical : Awesome
syatillamelvin : @iamkidchan thank u kid..nice to know you๐Ÿ˜Š
iamkidchan : Thank you @ryanhomalayaoptical !
iamkidchan : @syatillamelvin the pleasure is all mine:)
evonne.cml : @iamkidchan @shirlyn77 that's a very lucky place. We can go there more often.
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