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iamdiddy - Sean Diddy Combs
Success isn't given, it's earned... #LetsGo!!
letsgo -
khbandup : Turn your 200$ to 2,000$ today contact 6172061629 serious inquires only
khbandup : Turn 200$ to 2,000$ today contact 6172061629
janee_n_gold : @yea_thats_e
cth1icwarrior : What he's not saying is that missing 9000 shots is not considered a failure if you score 30 points per game and win 6 championships.
lscroix : He still the greatest ever learn from that statement especially lebron james the so called king
boom_kat_ : @jessdaeyez
jen.adams : @leah_adams21
haileylott_ : I know!! Great minds think alike! I died when I saw this @_misskusch
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iamdiddy - Sean Diddy Combs
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mstanya85 : ☺️😍😘 @sids_lady
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how_ellyfeels : @nellypei 😍
matty_ice34 : @megan_skyy
lbireley260 : @aeichman @cheleashjax
aalmondy : @cocobean03
jana.haddad1 : I loveeee youuu ❀️❀️❀️ @adnanmaksoud
nikyloves : @nunub1rd @valexaraptor @closetrich77 @_bad_andy_
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iamdiddy - Sean Diddy Combs
#ThankYouLord for the ability to see, hear and touch the goodness you have left for us here...
thankyoulord -
bannassco : God bless you meeenn
barbiercha : Il a toujours été un grand surfeur ! @louisgrdn4
toluogunleye : Thank God always for His goodness
laurysg13 : @ancorpz
odnaloric : @gladys_guerrero
fedoravega : #Médico #tratamiento
dukesjames3 : Nice
onaleabell : Amen.
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iamdiddy - Sean Diddy Combs
They see me Rollin... #lol
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zsofinsta_13 : @beresflora
pedro_maiaa : Rachei @andreprates
georgiacolllins : @niamhg97
viki_gemto : @tinaeska mjauch
kisoa : @yasapsap
__redrobin : @just.trice_
alicia_kasper : OMG I just died a little πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ @lancefong33
szabolcsbiro : Kiraly hahahhaahhaj @biabiro
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iamdiddy - Sean Diddy Combs
ATTENTION ALL FUTURE MOGULS!! You are personally invited to the Revolt Media Conference from October 16-19 at the @Fontainebleau resort in Miami I will be at #RMC2014... Will you? #WeGonnaParty #WeGonnaNetwork #WeGonnaChangeTheWorld Visit www.RevoltMusicConference.com to register now!
wegonnachangetheworld - rmc2014 - wegonnaparty - wegonnanetwork -
stefshew : @cherrryblaster so down!
b_stein_ : @ceeegoods @frieds4three lol
premium_jose757 : @royalfreshness503 ??? What's this about? Let make it happen
royalfreshness503 : @premium_jose757 that's why I tagged y'all to see wsup...I'm suppose to be there around this time anyway
premium_jose757 : @royalfreshness503 im in need of a Vacation! Plus a business opportunity. Im wit it. Im a hit u tomorrow bro. Good Looks!
royalfreshness503 : @premium_jose757 πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
khirdigital : @sabinam19
omfgisthatchrystal : @e_flatpro
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iamdiddy - Sean Diddy Combs
Contrary to beliefs. I do want to feel this feeling 1 day. I just wanna be able to do right by my woman. Congrats to my brother Tucker. I love you bro. One day.:)
biankajohnson : Me tooπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
sameliamiller : @jaimeofbh7 I should have kept it closed. .
orlijewelry : Diddy, it will happen one day. She will be perfect for you in every way. Her soul will know yours and then connect together to form an everlasting union. As you sleep, she'll stick to you and you to her as if you are trying to crawl under each other skin. You'll know her when conversations are normal while doing #2 in the bathroom; either one sitting on the side of the tub. It will be her who you genuinely look forward to cooking a meal and setting the table before she get's home. Your soul mate will be the one you don't mind lotioning her feet when she's getting dressed or spa like bathing her when she's dog tired. Trust me, when you do these things from the heart and soul, she will be that ride or die chick, freaky; but lady in the bedroom and boardroom, who's just pure fun to be around. Her clock will sync with yours. She will be the women you want to take exotic trips with, like Tuscany and Cape Town; and you don't see her as taking sand to the beach. Diddy, go back to the old school basics of when men treated women well; and around for all the important holidays; like she's cooking with the mates of your boys as you all sip on Croc, shooting pool, and playing Black Christmas Carroll's. This makes her feel special. Never lose site of making her feel special. When she does, that women will protect you, love you unconditionally, make you a happy man, and will be exactly what you need in the sheets. When you look at her your eyes and other parts will say she's fun times. Peace to you!
courtney_xatruch : Marry Me? @iamdiddy
daddylovesibahle : Allways do gud to your woman n u will receive this beautiful blessing.
mk_3ss : Funny vines check my page
jjessessmith : @iamdiddy When the time comes brother and the right women that wants what you want then you will have this. You are a good person. Ppl don't know when you love you love hard and real.
diddy_kim : #KimPorter aways, the real QUEEN, When it was about LOVE and not about MONEY
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iamdiddy - Sean Diddy Combs
#cirocPinapple #WeOwnTheNjgh #AfterHours #afterHourij
afterhours - cirocpinapple - weownthenjgh - afterhourij -
bcg__ara : A
noreengirl1970yahoocom : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
pac_man_pat : Send tht shit to bristol pa I been waiting for tht shit cnt find it anywhere
tequila.rosae : Hasn't this drink been recalled ?
hreece12 : Nice!!!!
bigricki_ifyouknowme : @tequila.rosae that's some fake media shit...lol really coke
tequila.rosae : Lol I was hoping so @bigricki_ifyouknowme smh of all things they say coke.
bigricki_ifyouknowme : @tequila.rosae if that's case somebody going too jail...
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iamdiddy - Sean Diddy Combs
#fact no matter what keep going!
fact -
miro.mendoza : @aprilmariee08
iamluisadiaz : Love this - alleluia xx
kelly_luv13 : @iamdiddy You should blame yourself 4 the way shit is between us you picked everyone over me now two girls have to suffer over it
_7thofdecember : @Look_Shouts got me 1k
hbcueventsapp : Indeed #HBCUEVENTS #HBCUNITY #HBCUALUM
breaker_of_worlds : @swak729 Right?
jaseminbavey : @sandeepmankoo tycker du ska göra en screenshot här och nu!
sexydarky1 : Love message.. For real
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iamdiddy - Sean Diddy Combs
#vegas #ciroclife #blueDot LetsGo!!!!!!!!!
vegas - bluedot - ciroclife -
jaronvercruysse : @denzelvf ahn nu weet ik het .. haha
jamousss : Even Diddy fucks with the coconut b @ajkakar @prince_jamafromthe6
spammut : Looks like #whitedot to me! @iamdiddy
calisquid : Thats coconut!!! #whitedot
khaledbelaroussi : 9/11.......9/26 outchea free
xcusemyrealnesss : @adapeachy def not lol
the_official_rizzo : Got a dope song called Ciroc just dropped today
the_official_rizzo : Check it out. Link in my bio. #MoneyMaker
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iamdiddy - Sean Diddy Combs
isabellahawaii : Dr. Combs looking so fly
khaledbelaroussi : Liberty statue black with the golden book & crown. versace black with its design changes everymonth
khaledbelaroussi : Hang the question mark whats next
gitodon : Google Don Gito
makecashquick__ : "IM LIVIN MY LIFE LIKE IM DIDDY" TEXT ME +1-978-719-8009 GET PAID IN LESS THAN 20 MINUTES 80-$500 CAN GET YOU 800-$5000 #Nobs HMU β—οΈβ—οΈπŸ’΅πŸ’΅ OR KIK OR DM
mistysunshine123 : @iamdiddy I finally have REVOLT TV in New Haven CT!!!its so dope.. refreshing conscious artistic display of MUSIC..ijs..πŸ˜‰
kangenwaterextralife : Enagic
reggie.jones.3150 : Check me out I'm hot off the top free style
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