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zu_malek : hypocrytical as fuck Diddy, you sin all day and you wanna talk about god get the fuck outta here @iamdiddy
raf1983 : Family first
jeffbanks100 : Thanks Bro @iamdiddy You are mentally on point ,a good role model #Wisdom#
thatboynamedpat : @zu_malek actin like you know him lol
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trugloree : Trust in God with all of your heart, your mind, and your soul. Pray for his guidance and direction in all areas of your life. Through God, ALL things are possible. The greatest person that ever came unto this earth was Jesus. He lived a life of true humility, love, forgiveness, and most of all he lived to be obedient to God. Let Jesus' life be the model, by which you choose to live by. And, you shall see just how much greater peace and true inner joy you shall gain.
florisveeneman : @caroburm
marybergqvist : @nicocooray ❤️
superdil92 : Diddy is the man, man 😎 coolest guy around.
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#MelvinsSON #Thats it .
melvinsson - thats -
broadwayrob718 : Oh shit wow cooking up a classic
standupcampaign : @iamdiddy
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jragmusic : Puff goin' in....
thrillsanddeals : @oharerothstein
4q2 : Sounds good #Do it! Lol
rastafari_denver : Hey
therealhitmaker : @rayj you feel ME
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What did he do to deserve to DIE? #MikeBrown
mikebrown -
ethan_tyler_2015 : Hmm from my understanding of you go for any police officers gun hmmm not good idea ...
yourschiudi : It's all a lie... It all was a set up!!!! read the documents and Darren Wilson statement... It don't make any since.. You motherfuckers will never know the brutality black men experience everyday with police officers!!! So until it's at YOUR door shut the fuck up!!!! And go find another reason to be racist!!! @justpastnormal @stephmiranda218
jboogie375 : Not a damn thing
oasistan_ : @melly__23 this shit only happens in the south , in NY it happens but there's real reasons for it like ppl actually being armed , this unarmed race war bull shit is only in the south ....don't let the media fool u , this nation is not torn , WE are the USA ! all races all backgrounds all countries , we are united .
melly__23 : @oasistan_ I guess cause up north we don't see it I'm from Rochester Ny
yourschiudi : I'm down here witnessing everything that's going on living it, seeing everything that the police are doing to the peaceful protesters it's ridiculous no your facts!!!!!!
oasistan_ : @im_honey just stop , ur way off , his firearm wasn't in his hand ready to shoot smh he was attacked by mike brown and was gonna get fuked up and u think that's ok for him to beat up a police officer because he's black ???? Are u kidding ? Anybody who has half a brain knows that u don't attack a person with a GUN!!! especially a cop !!!!
oasistan_ : Truu @melly__23 I live like 20 mins away
chuluva_b - s_eccentric - sarahu_xo - ms_cute_swagger -
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smfh -
shoediva_4ever : If you saw the interview the police officer said himself he was in his car trying to enforce an arrested. It is impossible to grab someone's arm from in your vehicle to enforce an arrest. If a struggle came out of that of course at that point police are trained to stop the threat. I'm saying by the officers own account he was out of procedure period. And while plenty of people comment about racism not exist or a thing of the oadst. I say their eyes are closed. It is alive and well those not of African American color or specifically a black male between the ages of 10 -35 can't identify with the treatment, harassment, stereotype etc. Until it's you or a loved one many people speaking about things they know nothing about. To have a man get 35 years for killing a police dog in an attempted arrest carried more weight than the mike brown case. Please know your history period black or white because injustice is the focus point. Us a person's life less valuable than a dog? In recent years the number of young people being killed period by non blacks or police period is getting out if control. Back duribg segragation they said then too the police and whites were justified.....we all know that was a lie. Hell go back further they thought slavery was justified and legal. Had it not been for people of all races standing together, dying together for what's right what rights woukd we have today. History repeats itself. The hangings and outright Oster sizing of blacks may have changed on the surface but the underlined reality it the same.
quelcolombelli : What is that too many years for shooting a dog? I'd arrest anyone for fucking life if they did anything to an innocent animal cause if they can kill animals they could probably hurt people too.
brendanrodgersofficial : This is a fucking joke he should of got life. how can you shoot someone 6 times ffs 😡😠
touski1_jolie : #smdh so 35 for an animal, but the human gets no justice...
titanspirit : This is not a new story. Also, he robbed someone at gun point and then shot at the police. He was charged with 5 counts of attempted murder, which he got 30 years for, and only 5 years for killing the police dog. If we are going to be passing around information, let's make sure that it's factual. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet. Do your own research.
treyviv : @patriciancarcamo
rocco_khalifa : Wtf
jerry55903 : Ur part of the problem @iamdiddy I don't think Wilson should got of but posting things like this to ur fans who u know are mostly uneducated n will believe everything is wrong ur just taking advantage of them if u wanna help help educate them
magdalenachaka3 - iiinsan3gang_joe718 - regularsht_p - ike_nino23 -
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THIS AINT ADDING UP !!! #RevoltForJustice #Ferguson
ferguson - revoltforjustice -
sincerelyserita : It's not!!!;( #ourlivesmatter #ripmikebrown @iamdiddy
_niique_ : @seenio
bellosi916 : Gotta love that I'm seeing people talking about slavery. The Irish were the first slaves. Read a fucking book and stop being so close minded. Racism exists. It sucks but it's true. However this situation has nothing to do with it. Not all black people are criminals and not all white people are racist. You all sound completely insane
hazzydon : It's not adding up @ all!
darktrend : @k_autumn2923 bitch I'll call you whatever I want in your face or not ! Might not happen though,, reading your racist and ignorant comments you probably a dumb as fuck middle of nowhere country stupid girl !! Sorry not sorry I'm from new york and I tell it like it is!!
vhoseam : We black people are stupid and illiterate.so no one speaks up about killings of our bros and young kids in the streets. But wait when a white man,a police officer kill a nigga. Geez!! I suggest go back to school NOW. If you disobey law and fuck with the law enforcements you are screwed an sorry. You aint nothing like you call yourself G,etc. get a life!!
ovaseas_sno : Fake nigga fight for you ppl or shut up @vhoseam no got time for you just want to be heard as black are now united and you going to say some house nigga shit like that...uncle Tom ass nigga
zackgehin : Nice! I'm Zack, you're instagram is killing it!
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flyassphoto : Just cause you rich , don't mean you are better then anyone nigga , blood drips from that cut just like mines do , I'll shit on you in person
flyassphoto : @iamdiddy
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theconfident1 : @flyassphoto you're stupid
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