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We're an entertainment website for parents, soon-to-be parents & even those with no plans of procreating at all. -Charlie & Andy
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy HowToBeADad.com
Fact: my kids have better style than I do. Always. Repost via @ithrowtp. Shirt by @stripes_boutique.
prettybittybugs : This. is. awesome.
stripes_boutique : β˜ΊπŸ˜πŸ˜‰ Mine too. Always!
amyeb80 : @fayebertooth_tiger Huds needs this in about 7 months.
fayebertooth_tiger : Hahaha so cute! @amyeb80
feliciajones85 : I so want this for my little ones bday in jan!!!!
pruemillsap : @stripes_boutique has the best stuff and so affordable.
99toddlerproblems : I need that shirt! @howtobeadad
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy HowToBeADad.com
Happy birthday, Squeaky Cheeks. I can't believe it's already been a year. I love you with everything. -Your dad
gossamerwings : Wow, I'll echo what everyone else has said.... How is he already one?!
crysmusse : Wow one already, time sure does fly! By the way I love that puzzle, mind sharing who makes it? I'm looking for wooden puzzles for my son for Christmas and he would love something like that.
sarah_reisert : Happy birthday to your little dude! His friend Asher has the same taste is first birthday cakes.
jess_ackermann : Congratulations mom and dad and happy birthday, Arden!
ithrowtp : @crysmusse It's from my favorite store @thelandofnod! Arden's obsessed with it!😊
kimpaxinos : Happy Birthday!!!!!
stainedwithstyleblog : Mine too! 😒
gmanders22 : Aww yay! Happy birthday little one! Hope you have as much fun as my son had for his yesterday, but in a less destructive way! πŸ˜‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy HowToBeADad.com
The jury is still out for one for us, but seasons greetings and happy holidays to you!
tuesdaymckay : I like all of you but he's prolly my fav for that reason haha
jfschroeder1 : We all agree that Arden is ridiculously cute
thegrayolddog : πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’šβ€οΈ
emilyarmstrong : Jesus that's incredibly cute! Thanks for sharing.
noriachaou : Hey guys you look just fantastic. Have a great time and take care xxx
yasmin_cage : @sa95mw
sa95mw : Ok FCKKKKK @yasmin_cage
marlanwill : Beautiful family!! 🌲✨
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy HowToBeADad.com
How you can tell a boy loves his mama. Your son adores you, @ithrowtp. #stillinboxes #movingsucks
stillinboxes - movingsucks -
mariannerusso : Such a sweetheartπŸ’•
littlebrimbaby : So sweet, and I love the new boon color! @ithrowtp
kzla19 : I love the two hand grab like that!😍 My son is almost 5 months and I totally melt every time he does it.
turtle_luv81 : @howtobeadad what high chair is this?
crysmusse : Picture perfect!
howtobeadad : @turtle_luv81 Boon.
samerella14 - perstephane92 - rebeccabaker878 - alessandragoetten -
howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy HowToBeADad.com
Especially with parenting advice.
contentedmummy : We miss you George. X
chrisjohnson427 : @mylachance Ha! Right????
gmanders22 : @psychotic35
adventure_hat : @server_life
sfc_megs : @buzzkillchey @juvy_strikes_again @stephanieoryan @alise_marshall
juvy_strikes_again : @sfc_megs Hahahaha yes.
knvideostudio : I love George Carlin
georginamlepe : @alohacristina6 frightening!!!πŸ™ˆ
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy HowToBeADad.com
Found some car decals I bought 10 years ago. They were super wrinkled but I figured what the heck! #wwii
wwii -
alliwait : That's a fricken win!!!
jrp4d86 : Omg my husband would LOVE these on his Fiesta!!!
_lukealva : Siiiiiick! Haha
jamnotjelly : @xgaladrielx our car needs this.
monalvarez : That needs to go on a minivan
rayu84 : Haha that's awesome
stainedwithstyleblog : The kids need the matching hungry boots from @livieandluca!
onuntiltheend : Here you go @brwnybyte
croftsweettea - brwnybyte - peaka3 - pedropveloso -
howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy HowToBeADad.com
I can't blame my son. I did it EVERY SINGLE TIME when I was a kid. Security camera dance party time!
onyababy : Classic!πŸŽ‰
imattdaddy : My son opens every automatic sliding door using the force.
dadrites : Every time ... "look daddy! I'm on tv!" "I know son! I am too!"
verasweeney : I still do it ...
mallorysomers : Uhmm. I'm still guilty of this.
amazinga91 : @imattdaddy proves you did at least something very right! 😜😊
myselfbelts : Umm... You don't anymore?
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy HowToBeADad.com
A visual representation of what it's like when toddlers learn to use the potty.
randomransom82 : LOL @gregransom76
learnedhappiness : Oh. Em. Gee. Yes.
chelobeazley : @rachefamily @sethbeazley
eisleywillowrose : @lydajanebailey
flamingomegs : But the hammer you want to hit yourself in the head with isn't pictured. πŸ”¨ πŸ”¨ πŸ”¨
ivanjo13 : @breisa28
robindmcdowell3 : Lol
learnedhappiness : Flamingomegs wins.
alisonemelton - andrew.j.white84 - robindmcdowell3 - the7thscion -
howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy HowToBeADad.com
Apparently @waze thinks I need to do some off-roading to get to work today? WTH?!
stephenpetry : "Watch out. Axe murderer reported ahead."
2stixobutter : Google Maps is drunk too.
annejparris : I saw this on an episode of The Brady Bunch...or Dexter.
jubalsong : .@stephenpetry -- I totally heard that in the Terry Crews voice pack in my head. Nicely done!
jenruss01 : Lately my waze has been missing the mark, too. She's losing my trust. So bummed.
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy HowToBeADad.com
There's nothing suggestive about these plastic hooks whatsoever.
domesticgoddesq : Nope. Not a thing. *tries not to giggle*
yunzi_iznuy_ud : @dezegast ben aan het pompen...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
redheadbabymama : Lol @uncoordmommy nipples!!!!!
ahealy12 : @pujbaby is the brand! I have some!!!
uncoordmommy : @redheadbabymama πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
amberf1121 : My toddler would try to nurse from these lolol!
chknhwk : I would try to nurse from them; my son would most likely hang stuff off them...
ithrowtp : Lol! Never did I have a nipple thought when buying. Boys. Sheesh...
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