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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
The difference between men & women packing for a trip. Costarring @shuggilippo! #BlogHer14
blogher14 -
gigieats : I just packed like a man... Ah ha ha!
howtobeadad : @gigieats copycatttttt
tkunze13 : If it don't fit in a backpack it doesnt need to go.
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
Thanks, @themensgroomer, for the shortest haircut I've had in at least 16 years! He took good care of me, @jfschroeder1.
themensgroomer : Awesome daddy bonding over a good head of hair πŸ‘πŸ‘Š
howtobeadad : @themensgroomer you're a good kid!
themensgroomer : Thnx for rad client dudes coolest ever!!!
cheeky.lotus : But first...let me take a selfie.
kristenbliss : Give me FIRE! (I dig the cut)
howtobeadad : @cheeky.lotus had to mark the occasion. And send it to my wife.
phil16723 : πŸ‘
cheeky.lotus : As you should! Good man.
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
We partnered with @honest to explore how our kids lie to us. No unicorns were harmed in the making of this diagram. Link in profile!!! #sp
sp -
pascoe : Neat. Very oatmeal-esque
bananatomic : My child told me a bad spy broke into our house for a snack when I found a melted carton of ice cream (and a popsicle stick) the following morning. :/
cmincher - phil16723 - kxpx - angelacn87 -
howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
They're so going to pick us out of the lineup. Which of us looks more suspicious? #guardianspremiere
guardianspremiere -
unkajay : Nailed it. ..
mommy_gaga : Twinsies
carriekeagan : Why didn't you tell me you were there??
howtobeadad : @carriekeagan too busy stuffing face with popcorn and cry-laughing at Chris Pratt.
carriekeagan : I Could have brought you tissues #epicfail
reneecya : Andy, why are you touching yourself in public? hah!
wasabilime : I want to watch this!
howtobeadad : @reneecya I'm touching myself in public because I'm doing it on the red carpet, that makes it artistic expression. ;) -Andy
logluclimama - wasabilime - ripperfamily - phil16723 -
howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
Wonder nerd powers: ACTIVATE! #GuardiansPremiere
guardianspremiere -
avitable : I hate you so much.
lesliedandher3 : Form of an eagle!!
katherinemitchell : Jealous!!!
themommygame : Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!! Jealous!!!
kelson2111 : Lol
lmaxakoulis21 - kelleyannegarrett - blueduck86 - roxannepiskel -
howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
There is nothing more accurate than this.
immeltontoo : @immelton
thisbemyusername : Hahaha sums it up perfectly. @melalesha @brwnybyte
melalesha : @slolodelchick @brwnybyte hahaha they should just sell them like this
thisbemyusername : Hahaha yes!!! Exactly!!! @melalesha @brwnybyte
catielittlelady : @41cp @masterplautz @lewisee @maryslastchance @kris10plautz
lacoco_carpenter : LOL
deannms3 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚so true, so true!!
maisonpur : @dmsummerville haha!!
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
The Force is strong with this sweatshirt. It probably says a lot that this is kid's clothing. Hmmm...
pluggedinfamily : The sell adult sizes at #comicon. ;)
liannward : The largest child size fit me hooray!!
adventure_hat : NOW
maggiemakiling : Where can I buy my daughter this???
howtobeadad : @adventure_hat & @maggiemakiling over at @disneystore
oofdaa : @pcmoros
peaceloveandpoledancing : @francois984
mamabear09 : @janetbull I know your boy would love this
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
No changing table in the men's room to change a poopsplosion? Time to rock my utility belt: @thediaperdude, @honestcompany & @weleda_usa in the house. Macgyver wouldn't let it stop him. Dads, just think: what would Macgyver do with doodoo?
howtobeadad : @pixelsailor check out @thediaperdude. He's got rad stuff. We got the backpack and the side carry messenger bag.
a_j_baker : My husband loves his @diaperdude bag!
diaperdad : Sadly, this seems to be the newest badge of honor for the modern day involved dad. Kudos to you, though, for not changing it on a restaurant table. :D
howtobeadad : @a_j_baker I think you mean @thediaperdude ;)
andrew.j.white84 : Got a @thediaperdude bag for Father's Day, totally dig it!
nickgailfus : I hate it when a place that sells freaking kids meals and has a playground doesn't have changing tables.
thediaperdude : @howtobeadad that's the way to rock it out! Thanks for the love!
thediaperdude : @andrew.j.white84, Thanks for the kudos! Share a photo with your #DiaperDude bag with us @howtobeadad using hashtag #Bagabond... Love to see how cool you can make it look.
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
This man was the epitome of understated wit. He married his wife just after 14 days after they met and almost made it to 60 years together. "We went to dinner every night for 14 nights. I was just absolutely nuts about her. I spent $77 on our honeymoon, and it about broke me." According to Garner, "Marriage is like the Army; everyone complains, but you'd be surprised at the large number of people who re-enlist." #RIP
rip -
flaviaalbert : I JUST saw "the notebook"... Rest in Peace... βœ¨πŸ’–βœ¨
shannimcg : What a great quote!
nurselovesfarmr : Thanks for sharing, I hadn't heard he passed yet.
smashleykickastillo : Thank you for sharing that's absolutely beautiful. Rip.
a7xthetakeover : @derka_dan This was totally us besides the whole getting married part.
frank_p_montenegro : RIP fine fellow ❀️
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
On a hot date with my wife. Can you tell how riveting it is to talk to me?
zjrosenberg : If my fat man senses are correct, those are BJ's blinds.
howtobeadad : @theinfinitydad ;)
howtobeadad : @zjrosenberg nope! you must've lost weight. ;)
zjrosenberg : @howtobeadad damn! I definitely haven't lost weight, so my skills must just be dull...
quicktipsfornewdads : @howtobeadad don't worry buddy, she's clearly just filming you so she can watch it again later, cos you're so darn interesting. Well, that's what I tell myself on our dates night.
kellvsshi : I can't begin to tell you how many date nights with my wife go like that. I know she's not taking photos of me though (her phone is on the table). :(
msalex116 : It's usually the other way around with the hubs... πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
logluclimama : We usually allow ourselves a few minutes to play on our phones and then we put them away @ithrowtp @howtobeadad (and you look beautiful even behind that screen @ithrowtp !)
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