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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
Well, that escalated quickly, Raphael. #tmnt #justsaywhoa
justsaywhoa - tmnt -
shubbsie10 : @jessievitrano
lauralitabeth : Book title please???
metallicbaldwin : @thedish52
danalipps : Well he gets straight to the point
mariannerusso : Wow😳😳😳
boomomma : @dexterbradleyapproves I will have a deluxe pizza hold the street drugs
xsofro : @kellyinpdx well dang πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kellybel98 : Woah! What?
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
Yep. My wife had a combat-boot wearing rocker phase.
gotmik : Warrior status
mel.trahan.09 - roxysrockets - noamicoronado - melaniehendrickson35 -
howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
Fairly certain we could all fill up some pages in this book. Do you have a story of accidentally traumatizing your kids?
moonchildmich : @oooweebrigy - you're ahead of the times! I still have this book you gave me. Lol
moonchildmich : When my boys were misbehaving, I'd say if they wanted to behave like monkeys, I'd call the zoo to pick them up. πŸ™ˆ When my youngest cried b/c he thought I was serious... I had to take it WAY back & explain I was kidding & wouldn't EVER give him up. πŸ™ŠπŸ΅πŸ’ #badmommy
rambolo86 : @hellonikki1221 haha
ladytimeoin : My son was refusing to leave the house so I told him we'd leave him here. He called my bluff so I picked up my daughter, walked out of the front door and stood out of view.
ladytimeoin : ...within 2 minutes there was an almighty scream of "Mummy! I come too" and bashing on the front door. It took a good while for him to calm down.
katiem.parry : Hahaha @annacrnn
smdlool : @amandamayjones πŸ˜‚
lpsarate : Useful....hahahaha
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
Yesterday, I met the woman who convinced illustrator Charles Shultz to include a person of color in his #Peanuts comic strip following Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination. His response was immediate though somewhat hesitant because he didn't want to patronize an entire community. These are the first original panels featuring "Franklin." Newspapers in some southernmost states told Schultz's employer they wouldn't run any strips featuring black children because 'they'd already been forced to integrate their schools.' His response, 'Use what I draw for you or fire me.' We should all take such a stance on these issues. #PeanutsMovie
peanuts - peanutsmovie -
delloffthewall : I love Peanuts and I have never heard this history. Thank you for sharing this.
amyesummers1 : I didn't know this story. Thank you.
mrs_megs : This is wonderful! Makes me love Peanuts even more
howtobeadad : @delloffthewall Franklin is also the most level-headed, good hearted friend. Much less of a caricature than the other guys.
dojo2go : Great story! Didn't think I could love Peanuts any more than I did. I was wrong! Thanks for sharing this story!
redhead477 : @bhaskarsonia @booneman92 Love!
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
Sometimes I wear none-derwear too. #ParentingUnfiltered Don't tell our partner @plumorganics
parentingunfiltered -
ecksr8d : @cheydeeaftermath
bethuhknee_ : @carly.chavez
99toddlerproblems : None underwear is the best.
andreak_gs : @hrhstewart
jennmillertime : @flem526 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
amtilley : We have a lot of none underwear at our house.
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
No better place to talk to the #PeanutsMovie filmmakers than at the @schulzmuseum! Nostalgiathon!!! Photo by @thatsitla because she told me to credit her or else.
peanutsmovie -
deguia : You're in Santa Rosa?! I work downtown.
howtobeadad : Damnit @deguia!!
deguia : Are you still in town?
thatsitla : I want a photo credit! 😜
howtobeadad : @thatsitla better?
thatsitla : Yes, thank you. Nice seeing you today... Bahahaa
howtobeadad : @thatsitla ;) same here! Had fun with you guys.
thatsitla : Send me your email. I can pass along the info we chatted about.
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
When your baby hasn't pooped for days, yes. Yes, it is.
goodboy_camera_dude : @blackcatrobot :)
badalfaro : @alfaro_angela
ericalfields : They have some of the best tweets ever.
reginmund : @prncssjlyn
thegoddessdemi : Lmao
heck_awesome : Oh I remember those days!!! It is glorious!
smetski : @jeff_s_baker πŸ˜†
caryn_bailey : This can't be real?!?!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
He asked me to draw myself. #8bit #chalkdrawing
8bit - chalkdrawing -
cleverhousewife : Looks just like you!
supergluemom : My son just said " that's my minecraft friend!"
jpotter4130 : @el_perezidente_lp is this you??
teamanderson10 : Looks good
mrsbymrs : Rad
mmccartney16 : Nice
missahvs : πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
dadisaverb : Way cool.
dinakoutaspoch - pickinguptoys - puperson27 - khatdelvalle -
howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
Fatherhood. Via @wrong.hands
d_e_l_f : Motherhood as well ;)
kurvar : A summary of my life. I agree
papa_pip : Is this eye opening or typical of a workweek? @krausch
krausch : I think Thursday is my standard coffee intake and the Wednesday may or may not be my Friday cup size.....@papa_pip
javilaboy : @jessieconti31 This is hilarious!
shyvioletta : @therealpinkoctopus
therealpinkoctopus : @shyvioletta omg yes.
gigi_cabral13 : @megandeangelis
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
He would've been 64. I remember listening to his albums with my dad when I was growing up, and learning what deep, intense laughter felt like for the first time. Tell me your most favorite #RobinWilliams films. Let's reminisce...
robinwilliams -
kasey__wallace : I remember when I would have slumber parties, my parents would wake us by blasting the "Good Morning, Vietnam" soundtrack. ❀️
amandabrookecain : Good Will Hunting, Good Morning Vietnam, Bicentennial Man and I love his show, Mork and Mindy. If I could meet one person, dead or alive it would be him without a doubt. He was a part of my childhood.
noralees3 : Mork and mindy, hook, what dreams may come
starryeyed_rocker : I feel like he's always been a part of my life. From the kid movies to the adult. He had laughter compassion and was a beautiful person. Totally makes my heart ache
amcrae1018 : Good Will Hunting, Patch Adams, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Birdcage, and of course Aladdin those are top favorites of his. There are so many though. But those all hold a special place in my heart and I have fond memories of watching a few of them with my dad who I lost seven years ago.
xinabee : So many of his greats have been mentioned. I just loved how believable he was at any role he took on, be it comedic or dramatic. He is missed dearly.
ajmelhus : @lindzschminz your boo :'(
natholmes1975 : Listening to his records when I was too young to be listening to "Dance of the sperm ballet". Pretty sure memorizing that skit and presenting it for kindergarten talent show was wrong on so many levels. πŸ˜†
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