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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
Not sure who's more excited about his Vader PJs. Also, he just asked how "Dark Vader" eats! Amazing. #darthvader #starwars
starwars - darthvader -
randomransom82 : does the Dark Lord eat? Are his meals served when he's in that chamber thing, where he can remove his helmet for 2 seconds?! A feeding tube? Now I'm going to be pondering this all day...
jbaitz : He's a cyborg....he doesn't need to eat!
kelson2111 : I want a pair for my son!
janayajansen : He eats fruits and vegetables only ;) @howtobeadad
paulie_b23 : Where did you get these? My son would love those!
hazelwileyed : Obviously he means business. True Vader stance
howtobeadad : @paulie_b23 Disney store. Their stuff is INCREDIBLE! Star Wars and Marvel stuff. I could bankrupt myself there.
leilih3 : @withlove_kikandbug !
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
You're not having as bad a day as this guy probably. Oops.
nakoably : gRape van, lol
mrsjillpill : Damn.
faman3 : Says no right turn for a reason, didn't think hitting the roof would be why.
outcoldmarketing : @inesfeiereisel rookies driving Linda's giving us all a bad name
late_mommy : And it's a creepy molester van!
stephaniemama10 : Taking kids back to his basement one van ride at a time.
thybels : @epcronin @ryanlange going to have to remember this w the shop van
kellysavage : Shouldn't the van have a sign that says free candy?
howbo15 - chudkiewicz - comidala - carrollmom -
howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
I call this my "pre-speaking-engagement freakout hair." @themensgroomer is probably so disappointed right now. #smcla
smcla -
mikimarsala : O_o
going_dad : "Is that hair gel?" #somethingaboutmarry
ithrowtp : I'm so gonna hit that!
annamlincoln : This is so unfair to those of us single.
jenna_alive : I have similar my-daughter-is-starting-kindergarten-tomorrow hair.
laylasmom_duh : Digging the beard
leftyginger : @ithrowtp πŸ‘ˆ most awesome wife ever award πŸ†
blurb : I call it dreamy
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howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
YES BUT WHAT DO THEY EQUAL??? Toilet paper? Undie change? #poo #math
poo - math -
sierramarrs : Those are two good words to know how to spell!
kimpaxinos : It equals HE LEARNED HOW TO SPELL THESE WORDS!!!! Be prepared for overuse of them now!
cassbert : @2courtney
mrsmairs : @jessicaghuber i have a 5 year old who will not wipe either..
2courtney : @cassbert πŸ‘€β€οΈπŸ’©
finleyt_33_lcfc : Gaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy
jessicaghuber : @mrsmairs ugh!! The best part is it always happens right when I sit down to eat dinner, 'Mommy, poo poo's out!!!!'
howtobeadad : @finleyt_33_lcfc say what? -Charlie
charliecapen - mrowan00 - xaviers_mama_ - jachel -
howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
Guardians of the Galaxy was amazing aaaaaand so are the @HasbroNews toys! He can't stop making thruster sounds VVVVRRRRRRRRRRWWWWW!!! I may or may not also be making those sounds too.
notmyfault -
paulie_b23 : You know your playing with the ship when your son is not looking LOL
howtobeadad : @paulie_b23 Shhhhhhhh. It IS ridiculously rad. #notmyfault
ror812 : nice
agateuh - high_im_stephanie - pedropveloso - motek42 -
howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
Walk it out, teething baby. Walk it out. #babywearingdad
babywearingdad -
stephenpetry : Oh, man.
monalvarez : Oh those eyebrows. Says it all 😣
jayme_kubo : Poor little dude 😞 we're in the same boat over here.
biddleandbop : The eyebrow :( poor kiddo!
bumpandhustle : Aww poor sweetie. Tried frozen bananas? Worked wonders with my first.
myselfbelts : Go Dad, go!
chadmarkley : #rollhard
mariolopezphoto : This is what it is like as a Father:). Great picture!
charliecapen - andimoshier - mariolopezphoto - ocean1626 -
howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
Parents lift heavy objects every day. Safety first. #motivation
motivation -
always_b_lovely : Lol!!
mindyree : @goosekilla91
kingfuzzz : Lmao @anthonyguzman88
nickjag82 : @schmerbear Motivation!!!
juniorchickenpeanutbutter : @picklesbacon
miraclemagicwrap : @im_hungry27
im_hungry27 : @rachel97_4
im_hungry27 : @stetson_muder
rebeccabaker878 - marjorie80 - littlemrsconnor - atlvntis_ -
howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
Manly man and boyly boy changin' a tire.
jamiekrugauthor : #skeeeelzz
kelson2111 : Awesome. If this was our family my son would probably be the one calling auto-assist. LOL
jason420vet : @howtobeadad very nice.. That is something a lot of people don't know how to do. I think auto dealers should have a 30 minute clinic on how to change a tire when you buy a car..πŸ‘
howtobeadad : @jason420veteran Agreed. I even think it should be part of High School.
everydaypartymagazine : My parents wouldn't let me have the keys to the car until I could check the fluid levels and change a kids will have to do the same...
boombalove - courtgoldin - momsasaurus - anthonyguzman88 -
howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
14 years ago, I asked this girl to be my girlfriend. Well, technically, she made me ask her to be my girlfriend. But that was after I told I loved her. I said it first. Love you, @ithrowtp. All 14 years. Please don't turn me in for a younger, newer model. - @charliecapen
leftyginger : Y'all only get more stunning with age, Happy Anniversary!!
wendyleeherman : πŸ‘
deyelle : My husband and I started dating 14 years ago too. Happy Anniversary.
jbella2024 : Awww, congrats and God bless!! :)
depaullaw2000 : Awwww
sierramarrs : Babies!
miss_patootie : Here's to many more years of togetherness!
sflaladevore : So cute!
gottabemekatiemarie - cfalks - ror812 - scienceofparenthood -
howtobeadad - Charlie N Andy
Wore 3D glasses over mine 'cause I'm trying to make being a nerdster a thing before it's a thing. πŸ‘“
mamabear09 : I don't get it
geogeek1 : I have used them as sunglasses before too.
itsreally10months : Ha! What a nerdster!
dovahmum : But...I tried that and it just made me feel sick
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