Andrew Po

Skateboards + Footwear + Men's Apparel. Two Locations: 14 W. 4th Street Bethlehem. 432 Northampton Street Downtown Easton. 610-866-0540 #HOMEBASE610
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Nice night to watch @GirlSkateboards #MOUSE from outside the #HBEAST thanks to our #Selectronics set-up. Name the part. . . #HOMEBASE610 #EXPANSIONISKEY #EASTONPA #EXPLOREEASTON #20SHOTSEQUENCEISNEXT
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_____brendan_ : I heard that dude is OT VII
rich_long : Koston. Chipped in with a few friends and bought this on vhs when it came out.
primemediaworks : @homebase610 I like that TV idea!!πŸ‘πŸ˜œπŸŽ₯
weskardon : @corsa215
goingbacktokali : πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ mur'ca
micmasterk420 : Eric Koston
micmasterk420 : Hands best skater of all time
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Inducting @Knowno into a new shop tradition, BANH MI THURSDAYS at #HBEAST. Only a limited amount are brought up from Philly every Thursday so make sure you roll thru Easton if you need a sammie. #BANHMITHURSDAY #STEADYEATINGCREW #HOMEBASE610 #EXPANSIONISKEY #EXPLOREEASTON #VIETHOA #SUPPORTTHELOCALS
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latina0185 : Are those seats from Broughal's old auditorium?
russian_steve : Can't ever say no to some banh mi sammies!
jqueezy_610 : Boi sittin on a soda can
iamsteverip : Yo.
homebase610 : @latina0185 probably a similar style but I found these at an antique shop in Adamstown.
latina0185 : They're beautiful tho
christopherlick : Damn and the Thai tea? Gimme!!!!
homebase610 : @christopherlick the spot across the street my dude!
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
These boys done good. #J3T DVD's are now available at Homebase610 or on www.Homebase610.com. Any shops interested in carrying copies, hit us up for wholesale options: Shop@Homebase610.com. #SUPPORTTHELOCALS #J3T #HOMEBASE610 #THANKYOUSKATEBOARDING
j3t - thankyouskateboarding - supportthelocals - homebase610 -
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Want to send some positive vibes out to the homie @Tsquillies for a speedy ankle recovery. Tony was instrumental helping me get #HBEAST ready for last Friday's opening. He painted walls, hung all the J3T photos, ran errands & stayed as late as was needed to get the spot ready. We wouldn't have pulled it off without him. Thank you man for all the hard work you put in to make the #HBXIII Weekend a success. Welcome to the #HOMEBASE610 Family as our first intern- focusing on helping us source local artists to collaborate with & showcase in the Easton location. #EXPANSIONISKEY #HBINTERNPROGRAM #WORKEXPERIENCE #SUPPORTTHELOCALS #HOMEBASE610 #EASTONPA
eastonpa - homebase610 - hbinternprogram - expansioniskey - hbeast - workexperience - hbxiii - supportthelocals -
tsquillies : Definitely a blast working side by side with someone that's knowledgable and willing to give anyone a chance to learn and grow. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thanks for those vibes haha should be up and moving in no time to keep the ball rolling!
choppy_waters : Good luck dog
tayroth_ : such a cutie
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Summertime cruisers & downhill completes from @SkateRiviera with @ParisTrucksco & @DivineWheelCo parts. Fully stocked in whatever you roll on at #HOMEBASE610. Stop by before 7pm and stand on one. #CRUISINGFORABRUISING #RIVIERA #PARISTRUCKS #DIVINEWHEELS #SUPPORTYOURLOCALSKATESHOP #THANKYOU
divinewheels - homebase610 - thankyou - supportyourlocalskateshop - riviera - paristrucks - cruisingforabruising -
knowno : Not yet Kenny, but I have all colors and sizes at the OG HB. I will be back and forth this weekend also if I can help out. Call the shop if you want anything. @that_dude_kenny
homebase610 : @that_dude_kenny Easton won't be open for biz until mid June (ish).
that_dude_kenny : I was thinking that it wasn't open yet. 😩✊🏽
that_dude_kenny : @knowno I'll stop in this weekend man. Thanks for the info.
mr_d_n_a : COLLEGE
homebase610 : @mr_d_n_a each purchase comes with your choice of a Bob Marley, or Tie Dye tapestry.
mr_d_n_a : @homebase610 that's a perfect fit for the suggested college life one will selflessly engage in
c0ld_ankles : #GAY
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Fully restocked in all sizes of silver & pro @IndependentTrucks at #HOMEBASE610. #INDEPENDENT #FTW #BUILTTOGRIND #INDY #NHS #HOMEBASE610 #SUPPORTYOURLOCALSKATESHOP #THANKYOU
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funeralizer_skateboard_club : the only trucks worth riding
jamesmaruanela - anibal_45d - teteusartor - ryan.woodman -
homebase610 - Andrew Po
We been styling on these kids @MilhouseLRG. Good catching up with you big brother. We came from humble beginnings; raised by immigrant parents who taught us to work hard & earn our keep. Keep your head down and stay focused- everything will work out. #FAMILYFIRST #POBOYS #STYLEMATTERS #TBT #THROWBACKTHURSDAY #STEADYEATINGCREW #HOMEBASE610
familyfirst - homebase610 - throwbackthursday - stylematters - poboys - tbt - steadyeatingcrew -
enidrocks : πŸ’— this!
wanzee : @homebase610 amazing Hahahhahahah. Oh hi @milhouseLRG I struggled to remember your first name when recounting to my bf hahahah. - @somefunstuff
destijl_rsf : @milhouselrg what are you cutting to eat? Air?
kevindanielpo : Pattern game strong
jpo520 : @homebase610 @milhouselrg I'm pretty sure you cut me out of this picture and I'm pretty sure I was wearing a sweet outfit too 😫
homebase610 : @jpo520 ehehehehehehehehe
milhouselrg : @homebase610 man, great talking to u yesterday. Much needed on my end. So blessed to have a brother like you. You definitely have a grasp on a lot of things I don't, and I always feel inspired after talking to you. Love you brah!!
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Thank you for the "Welcome to the Neighborhood" present @Crayola! Not too many people can say they have a custom 1 of 1 #Crayon. Maybe we can talk about a collaboration in the future? What do you think Steven? #HOMEBASE610 #EXPANSIONISKEY #432NORTHAMPTON #EASTONPA #EXPLOREEASTON #CRAYOLA #THATSHITCRAY
eastonpa - homebase610 - expansioniskey - exploreeaston - crayon - crayola - thatshitcray - 432northampton -
tom_squared : @lilpyrex soo sick!
knowno : Razzmatazz πŸ”΄
derhaselv : That's awesome. I really need to get down to the new shop.
boltmechanics : Don't leave that outside on a hot day
adavejohnson : @homebase610 x @Crayola should collab and make grind wax.... I want royalties aka free wax lol
freebridge_design_co : So sick!
pixelsoverpicas : You're welcome @homebase610 hit me up if you want a 2lb version! πŸ‘
dafuxuthink : @adavejohnson making moves
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
The return of an Homebase Summer classic. We proudly rep the 610 but we don't claim to own any rights to it. IT BELONGS TO ALL OF US. We love seeing other people use the 610 in their names & logos. Have pride in where you live and do business! Support our designs or support someone else's. To us, it's all love. #KEEPIT610 #HOMEBASE610 #13YEARSOFSKATEBOARDING #610 #COMMUNITY #ALLLOVE #SUPPORTTHELOCALS
alllove - homebase610 - 13yearsofskateboarding - 610 - keepit610 - supportthelocals - community -
morganhinds : @blondeburgess
evansmedley : I just emailed you!
nyoreo23 : @homebase610 is this the same one that released over the past summer?
homebase610 : @nyoreo23 same idea but without all the other emojis.
nyoreo23 : Yea I was gonna say I own all the ones from the past summer and I don't believe it said homebase on the sides, I guess I'll be stopping by for these two πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
homebase610 : @nyoreo23 always gotta keep it fresh my dude!
homebase610 : @russellxsb online now- link to our website is in out bio.
russellxsb : ill check it in a bit
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Another one of my favorites from the #HBXIII Weekend stolen from @Dpensyl. All these kids have an unfair advantage over others when it comes to skateboarding- its in their genes thanks to their Dad's, #DanPensyl, @Dmartinez610 & @Knowno. Full HBXIII Weekend Wrap-up goes live on www.Homebase610.com at 7pm tonight! #FUTURERIPPERS #RADDADS #HBXIII #HOMEBASE610 #13YEARSOFSKATEBOARDING #J3T #EMMAUSTHEATRE #DELANCYPENSYL #SILASMARTINEZ #BRIARNOVAK
delancypensyl - homebase610 - 13yearsofskateboarding - emmaustheatre - hbxiii - danpensyl - j3t - futurerippers - briarnovak - silasmartinez - raddads -
batpup : I love these babies!
raglancruisers - filmparty_ - vintagemama_r - ryan.woodman -
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