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Andrew Po

Skateboards + Sneakers + Men's Apparel. 14w.4th Street. Bethlehem, PA #Homebase610, #KEEPIT610, #BethlehemSkateplaza & #Steadyeatingcrew.
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
We are honored someone thought to place a skateboard at memorial site for Robert "Lil Rob" Marich, John Hagen III & Tyler Schaffer. We here at Homebase were closest to Rob- he grew up in our shop's first location. He was a staple at skate sessions, local events or just the reason the shop would burst out in laughter- the kid was hilarious. Skateboarding and BMX were a huge part of Rob's teen years. A lot of his friends from those days were still his closet There will be a viewing for the public at the Long Funeral Home on 500 Linden St in Bethlehem on Saturday December 20th from 12-2pm for those who want to pay their final respects to Lil' Rob. Memorial info for the other friends can be found online also. As a small memorial of our own in Lil Rob's memory, #Homebase610 will donate a complete skateboard to a child-in-need this Christmas so he/she can enjoy the happiness skateboarding brought to him growing up. Again and again, our deepest condolences go out to the friends and family of those we lost. #ROBERTMARICH #LILROB #RIPINPEACE
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njskateshop : πŸ™
jaystellato : ❀️
julius.swirving : My codolences guys! πŸ™ @homebase610
avacadomaine : πŸ™πŸ˜’
ziek : πŸ˜”πŸ™πŸŒΉ
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Current Mood: Hungry. #STEADYEATINGCREW #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #Yoccos #HotDogKing
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emeryphoto : @isabern .... See above comment
isabern : @emeryphoto yessss can't wait. 2, please.
homebase610 : @emeryphoto @isabern take me with you.
emeryphoto : @homebase610 that's a 10-4 roger that
missellecooper : Wish I had it in me to eat a hot dog. They look so good.
cuernacobra : I wanna get yacood!!
gskutch : <Potts
drewbies : @brboorse @gwauteri daddy misses this
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
NEXT UP TO BAT... The #HardtimesMFG x #Homebase610 Decks are now in-stock at the shop in 8.0, 8.25 & 8.5. Thanks to Seber & the Hardtimes Crew for their support and hooking up our homies @L_U_K_E_W_A_R_M, #NIKSTAIN & @Rye_Barley_Corn. #HBFORTHEHOLIDAYS #GIFTIDEAS #610SLUGGER #SHOPLOCAL #SHIPWORLDWIDE #SupportYourLocalSkateshop #SupportYourLocalBrand #THANKYOU
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boogooo : How much
homebase610 : @boogooo $55
infamousny : Do you have them in old-school shape?
rye_barley_corn : @don_king_diamond
coors.light : @bill_mcright
itsmarcp : Yaaaaaaasssss
homebase610 : @infamousny not this board man but we have some Welcome & Tired Decks in shapes
rockslide_sales_llc : @randyroyhardtimes
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
The Holiday Spirit is contagious over here at #Homebase610. @LostSoulSkateboards just donated 4 decks towards our Completing Christmas Giveaway for families-in-need. Ray does a lot for the local skate and music scene- not to mention supporting Homebase too. Can't thank him enough. Do you know a family-in-need? Please let us know if we can help brighten their child's Christmas with a brand new skateboard. Contact us by phone: 610-866-0540 / By email: Shop@ Homebase610.com / Or just stop by during store hours. #HBFORTHEHOLIDAYS #LOCALSUPPORT #GETRADORDONT #SupportYourLocalBrand #LostSoulSkateboards #GIVEBACK #GIVEJOY #SKATEBOARDING #THANKYOU
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neilnovak : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
jpfegley : His trick tip still rules.
thisgirlkallyn : All the dudes are going blonde
homebase610 : @thisgirlkallyn Dustin was talking about frosting his tips the other day.
thisgirlkallyn : He doesn't have any tips left to frost πŸ˜‚
homebase610 : @thisgirlkallyn #OHSNAP
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
The "Lumberjack-to-Match" Gift Grid from #Homebase610. Great gift ideas $100 or less from: @StaplePigeon, crewneck. @VansSkate, Half-Cab shoe. @Akomplice, red plaid earflap hat. @HerschelSupply, bag, iPad sleeve and zip wallet. @40sandShorties, socks. Remember, spend $99 or more on apparel at Homebase and get a free HB pullover hoody with your purchase too. #HBFORTHEHOLIDAYS #GIFTIDEAS #BuffaloPlaid #BiggieSmalls #Staple #Vans #Akomplice #HerschelSupplyCo #40sandShorties #SHOPLOCAL #SHIPWORLDWIDE #SupportYourLocalSkateshop #THANKYOU
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lumbojack : πŸ™Œ
igbethlehem : Way back, when I had the red and black lumberjack / With the hat to match
k_bo_8 : @jjjade_33
amy_awes0me : @dr.cuddy is the pigeon!!!
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Throwback to @Knowno setting up a complete for @aka_zeek1988 in our very first Completing Christmas Giveaway 4 years ago. To date, we've been able give away 26 complete skateboards and in 3 days we'll be adding more to that. Please take some time to think of a family-in-need that might be able to benefit from this awesome giveaway. You can contact us by Phone: 610-866-0540 Email: Shop@Homebase610.com Or just stop in #Homebase610 anytime before the deadline. Thank you to all our generous anonymous donors and the people who have already nominated a skater to us. #HBFORTHEHOLIDAYS #ChristmasComplete #HOLIDAYSPIRIT #GIVEBACK #GIVEJOY #SKATEBOARDING #SupportYourLocalSkater #SupportYourLocalSkateshop #THANKYOU
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aka_zeek1988 : omgπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
homebase610 : @aka_zeek1988 long time ago huh man?!
aka_zeek1988 : yess fr😸😸😸
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Light morning reading.
scarecodeine : Opium
missmelanieyoga : @homebase610 yes! I was waiting for to post this. #smiles
devondc5 : That's the flower used to make scopolamine. Watch vice news on youtube, dude does a documentary on it's uses in Colombia. It's called the world's scariest drug.. very interesting info
thrasherfont : #devilsbreathe
nophatbitches : #datura
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Finally quitting time. Its nice to look down at my sleeve and be reminded of what it takes to keep #Homebase610 growing through all the ups and downs of this industry and economy. Going on 13 years next year and I'm only looking to #PUSHHARDER. Thankful to all our supporters who have chosen #HomebaseSkateshop for their shopping needs this Holiday Season. It's a blessing to serve our skateboarding scene. #GOODNIGHT #NetflixTime #HBFORTHEHOLIDAYS #SHOPLOCAL #SHOPSMALL #SupportYourLocalSkateshop #THANKYOU
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jenkemmag : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
yawnsnarlos : πŸ™Œ you are a G, makin all us other Andy's proud
mericarealestate : U have that in xl?
homebase610 : @mericarealestate yuuuuuuup
aalkasov : Keep up the good work! Thanks man
homebase610 : @jenkemmag see you at Agenda? AKA, hoard free stuff show?
homebase610 : @yawnsnarlos thanks homie! Appreciate Element hooking up a complete for our giveaway this year!
homebase610 : @aalkasov appreciate that man!
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
And another Happy Birthday going out to @Geechy- the man with the littlest & quickest feet in the 610. Love you man! #BVSEDGANG #AmericanPickers #GeechyBonds #Homebase610 Video || @trippinit
bvsedgang - americanpickers - geechybonds - homebase610 -
susanvalentin : Happy birthday
andyvasquezfurniture : Happy noseblunt/nosegrind day, yo
__alife : Where is this?
mattpepe1 : Happy birthday @geechy
homebase610 : @__alife different skateparks in CT
geechy : Thanks Po and everyone else.
unclebuckss : Yea @geechy ! Happy birthday broda!
dom_sathanas : Happy birthday @geechy !!!
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Happy Born Day to the homie @izzy_gonzalez. Been a pleasure watching you grow into one hell of a skater and friend. #BVSEDGANG #ZA #IMISSSUMMER #BethlehemSkateplaza #EastCoastExcellence
bvsedgang - imisssummer - eastcoastexcellence - bethlehemskateplaza - za -
chrisheeran : Such a sick photo, happy bday @izzy_gonzalez
izzy_gonzalez : Thanks Po
izzy_gonzalez : Thanks @chrisheeran
nicole_marie0720 : @izzy_gonzalez Happy Birthday!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ‰
izzy_gonzalez : Thank you 😊 @nicole_marie0720
theokorkidas : Happy birthday player @izzy_gonzalez
izzy_gonzalez : Thanks dawg @theokorkidas
homebase610 : @remainhungry @anthonyshetler thanks guys! Happy Holidays!
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