Andrew Po

Skateboards + Sneakers + Men's Apparel. 14w.4th Street. Bethlehem, PA #Homebase610, #KEEPIT610, #BethlehemSkateplaza & #Steadyeatingcrew.
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
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smokedbeef : Yall support the doomster?! Jesus. Love you guys more and more everyday. Ill be sure to scoop one one of these.
smokedbeef : @gritz1121
monocacy_pumpernickel : What!?!? Yes
monocacy_pumpernickel : @danoldlib
imaginaryfriend01 : πŸ‘€ @muramuramikey
muramuramikey : Lol what could it be @imaginaryfriend01
chasekilllz : In this right hand is your mans worst nightmare
christopherlick : @amethystrocstar
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Not on that #VIP list for the NYC premiere of Propeller? Hit up @LaborSkateshop @DQMNYC @KCDCSkateshop @BladesNYC or @NJSkateshop for tickets before they sell out. So hyped to see this masterpiece once we get copies for #HOMEBASE610. We are most definitely having an in-store premiere for this one. #VANSPROPELLER #VANS #OFFTHEWALL #OTW #SUPPORTYOURLOCALSKATESHOP #THANKYOUSKATEBOARDING
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mothercollective : Gil's part πŸ‘Œ
homebase610 : @mothercollective so hyped for that one
evansmedley : Got a premiere down here on the 4th.. I can't wait!!
seansmithers28 : Gotta run around and try to scoop one ticket for this!!
jcolesfive : Stoke level is high and rising!!
jaketoddsucks : You going to the ny one?
homebase610 : @jaketoddsucks nah- I'm blowing it
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Protect your pupils from that evil sun with a new pair of @GlassySunhaters. Full restock available at #HOMEBASE610 including the polarized Tim-Tim model in amber. #KEEPITGLASSY #SKATEROWNED #SUPPORTYOURLOCALSKATESHOP #THANKYOU
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glassysunhaters : Thanks for keeping it #glassy!! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜Ž
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Thanks to everyone who skated in our impromptu contest after the Greenway Pavilion opening sponsored by @ElementBrand, #JUSTBORN & #HOMEBASE610. From left to right our best tricks down the gap were: Double Tre-flip, Full Cab Heelflip & Bigspin boardslide. Everyone killed it. #ZA #BethlehemSkateplaza #BETHLEHEMPA #PA #610 #COMMUNITY #SUPPORTTHELOCALS
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geievess : I got there to late 😩
evanhughesart : @pastorconroy were you there to catch this today?
pastorconroy : @evanhughesart yeah, baby!!! I was there for this!
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Beautiful day for some free hot dogs & skateboarding with the entire #BETHLEHEMPA Community to celebrate the opening of the Greenway Patio. #COMMUNITY #SUPPORTTHELOCALS #HOMEBASE610
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kenny.buezo : I work 😩
gritz1121 : I'll be there soon.
shortwave_shorty : Proper bathrooms at a skatepark=a girl's dream
__.nate : Hopefully there will be some regulation with all the Asian people who lurk around πŸ˜’
homebase610 : @__.nate why you gotta hate on my squad doe?
__.nate : Lmao it ain't even like that B πŸ˜‚
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
The History of Rap by @Scumcosons. One left at #HOMEBASE610 ready to be shredded this weekend . . . or hung on your wall. #SCUMCO #YINZ #PITTSBURGH #SKATEROWNED #SUPPORTTHELOCALS #SUPPORTYOURLOCALSKATESHOP
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smitty708 : How much? Phone orders?
ghetto_swank_sk8te : I need
smokedbeef : Damn yo if i wasnt at work i would come buy this right now
smokedbeef : Are you getting anymore in anytime soon @homebase610
scumcosons : Yeah get some more soon! @homebase610 @smokedbeef thanks dudes.
smokedbeef : I sure hope they do.
homebase610 : @smitty708 @ghetto_swank_sk8te @smokedbeef if you're interested, hit up @knowno but if we sell this one- we definitely will order more from @scumcosons
smokedbeef : Youre the best @homebase610
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
TODAY AT THE #ZA! It'll be windy but you should still come out and make sure the community knows you appreciate the #BethlehemSkateplaza AND. . . WOULD REALLY BE STOKED ON A 3RD PHASE. #HOMEBASE610 will be bringing a bag of prizes to give away for tricks from all our local skaters, BMXers and even the scooter kids. You're all part of the #ZA and we hope you continue taking care of it. #KEEPITFUN #KEEPITFREE #KEEPITPOSITIVE #FREEFOOD #SUPPORTTHELOCALS #BETHLEHEMPA #SOUTHBETHLEHEM #SUPPORTYOURLOCALSKATESHOP
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apaliics : I'm mad I don't live in Bethlehem anymore! Much love
casscosenzo : @mattpepe1 can you go and get me peepsters
homebase610 : @casscosenzo you want to come and watch Holmes?
casscosenzo : @homebase610 OMG!! you know I 100% would but I got called in for work ): definitely another time
drop_dead_jeremy : My school ends at 3 20 fuck
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Next time you skate with Angel from @Terrorofplanetx, ask him to tell you about the first time he walked into #HOMEBASE610. Good times man! The #PLANETX Crew is welcome to roll thru anytime dog! #ZA #BETHLEHEMSKATEPLAZA #TERROROFPLANETX #SKATEROWNED #SUPPORTTHELOCALS
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andyvasquezfurniture : Damn, @terrorofplanetx @avacadomaine, bummed I missed you guys when you were in town! See you soon, though
avacadomaine : @homebase610 haha so epic! Thank you so much for the hospitality! @andyvasquezfurniture I know dude! I thought you were coming so I didn't hit you up, I met @notgiancarlo tho πŸ™πŸΌ such a good time.
hribar : @jerseydanny at the tables!
keenanshur : @avacadomaine πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™Œ
gnarizard : @avacadomaine is my dude. Always killin it and so is @terrorofplanetx
avacadomaine : @keenanshur @gnarizard πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜˜ much love y'all! @hribar they have a skatepark right next to a SANDS 😍
kitunes : @avacadomaine such good style. #johnMACENROE
avacadomaine : @kitunes I told mike yesterday how you dogged my kicks and I couldn't get through the story without crying laughing haha
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
The plaza was horrible yesterday- it was cold, windy & it even sleeted but it was worth it. Got to skate with an original East Coast Powerhouse, #MIKEMALDONADO and the homie Angel of @terrorofplanetx. Make sure you stop by the #ZA today at 3pm for the officially opening of the Greenway Patio Pavilion, FREE FOOD & contests hosted by #HOMEBASE610. #BethlehemSkateplaza #COMMUNITY #BETHLEHEMPA #PA #610 #SUPPORTTHELOCALS #SUPPORTYOURLOCALSKATESHOP
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james_rides : What are they opening? @homebase610
homebase610 : @james_rides they're finally getting around to formally doing a ribbon cutting for the pavilion area in front of the plaza. Trying to do a BMX contest too.
james_rides : Oh alright I'll be there πŸ‘
pusher_wheels : #mikemaldonado #neighborhoodpusher #eastcoastpowerhouse
hkd1090 : THE original east coast powerhouse @homebase610
justin61oh : I didn't know Maldonado still skated.
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
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h3nryruddell : @tannerginn @toddbrower_ @willlfox @nooaahb @n_nelson96 @lord.sb @justinrobertott LETS GOOOO
alexmanescu : Emmaus Theatre. Damn I have to go that's in my hood.
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