Andrew Po

Skateboards + Sneakers + Men's Apparel. 14w.4th Street. Bethlehem, PA #Homebase610, #KEEPIT610, #BethlehemSkateplaza & #Steadyeatingcrew.
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
I'm grateful we've always had a tight knit scene around #Homebase610 but it definitely makes it tough when someone leaves. Ultimately it's rad to see people moving ahead with their lives- getting out of these little towns and seeing what else the world has to offer. Safe travels to the West Coast @Trippinit. Gonna miss you man. Just remember you'll always be #welcomehome.
welcomehome - homebase610 -
shmike_lent : Whaaaaat!? Safe travels, homie!! @trippinit
drinkbeercrew666 : where you headed doggy? @trippinit
rye_barley_corn : @trippinit be safe out there
batpup : 😭😭 @trippinit be safe and have fun
emeryphoto : Seeya out west @trippinit 🌊
hawkwind016 : Truth @peepintum a real gem πŸ’Ž
mrgenovese : @trippinit πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
russian_steve : @trippinit I love you brah!
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
The board wall is fully stocked at #Homebase610. . . maybe a little too full. Select @ToyMachine, @ExpeditionOne, @Organika, @DGK & Sale Decks are marked down to $40+grip while supplies last. Scoop up a fresh stick while it's raining for the upcoming #Homebase610 Halloween Jam on Nov 1st. Don't forget, COSTUMES WILL BE MANDATORY TO SKATE IN ANY CONTESTS that day. #10yearsofhalloweenjams #supportyourlocalskateshop #thankyou
supportyourlocalskateshop - 10yearsofhalloweenjams - homebase610 - thankyou -
gritz1121 : :))) hey do you have any cheap trucks for a cruiser?
dvmvnst33z : That wall is just too full for me
beliefnyc : Never too full πŸ‘Œ
jake_decamps : Im hopefully will be there today
maxfreudenberger : Do you guys have any element decks 8.0
homebase610 : @maxfreudenberger not right now but more are coming after a few other brands come in. We're always rotating brands
james_isaiah : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
neilnovak - james_isaiah - jonathanwilly21 - smarth45 -
homebase610 - Andrew Po
Hoping the weather clears up for tomorrow's #IcedTeaSession at the Forks Skatepark tomorrow. If not, maybe hit the #HBramp with a posse? What do you think @Mr_D_N_A? Either way, it'll still be #BYOTEA. #supportthewhole610 #skateboardingisfun #Forks #Sporks #supportyourlocalskateshop #Homebase610 #thankyou
hbramp - homebase610 - sporks - skateboardingisfun - supportyourlocalskateshop - byotea - thankyou - icedteasession - supportthewhole610 - forks -
homebase610 : @mr_d_n_a donations or clean up in exchange for entry?
mr_d_n_a : @homebase610 both can be done easily!
justin_madenford : Is the hyde one happening or no @homebase610
homebase610 : @justin_madenford check the date man.
justin_madenford : Oh my bad. Haha
pat_villa : @mr_d_n_a donations would be much appreciated... Gotta make up for the keyholders that flake out somehow
coreyjvollweiler : I'm up to either chip in n donate and or help clean up that's fo sho. Keep me posted gentlemen.
mr_d_n_a : @coreyjvollweiler certainly!!
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Sad days for East Coast Skateboarding. #RIP #RestInPower #MattReason #SUBZERO
mattreason - restinpower - rip - subzero -
vuskateshop : Dude killed it. I got the pleasure of skating Spunk skate park with him. Switch feebles on mini ramp in 94. @homebase610
brickwheels : One of my favorites
brickwheels : Rip
ladjanskiltd : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ #myfavoriteskater #rip
l_u_k_e_w_a_r_m : Damn...
__alife : @daboultoph
__alife : REST IN PEACE!!
blacksheepnc : πŸ™πŸ™
sk8er_boiiii - aka_dressen - reeson11 - gritz1121 -
homebase610 - Andrew Po
We weren't good enough to ride the #FA train but that doesn't make #Dill any less awesome of a skateboarder . . . that sometimes smoked crack. Repost || @rippedlaces #weallhaveissues #stylematters #curtains
dill - stylematters - weallhaveissues - curtains - fa -
kineticskateboarding : @homebase610 dad vans dude, dad vans
tito_bridges : πŸ˜‚
justinberry___ : Us neither πŸš‚πŸ˜’πŸš‹πŸšƒπŸ˜³πŸšŽ
thrasherfont : #oldhead
that_dude_kenny : FA missing out on opportunity here!
nocturnalskate : Ditto @justinberry___ @homebase610 @kineticskateboarding
anthony_for : @muertosvivos
blacksheepnc : 😿#icanrelate😿
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
Hyped to announce that @Northernco Skateboards just confirmed will be sponsoring a Best Trick Contest at The #ZAPACALYPSE on Saturday November 1st. Come out in a proper Halloween Costume in order to enter any if the contests running ALL DAY at the #BethlehemSkateplaza for a chance to win prizes from #NorthernCo & all our other sponsors at the 10th Annual #Homebase610 Halloween Skatejam. #10yearsofhalloweenjams #wereallydothis #supportyourlocalskateshop #thankyou #savethedate #BethlehemSkateplaza #ZA
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shittrix : 😍😍😍
goodskateboards : All Good Things!
danteman10 : Do you have any van authentic gum soles in stock?
homebase610 : @danteman10 yeah- a few but the newest is a black with gum
gerlie_loyola : That's awesome!!
skatemonkey11 : wait we have to come in a Costume can i wear a misfit shirt and the misfit thing on my face
homebase610 : @skatemonkey11 it's the Halloween Skatejam bud. Costumes are mandatory to enter contests
skatemonkey11 : ok thanks homebase see u their
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
The Mountain Edition @Vans SK8-HI is now available at #Homebase610. Featuring a reverse waffle tread for more grip in snow/ice, waterproof ScotchGard treated leather and a gusseted tongue to keep water out of the shoe. Stop by #Homebase610 to see all the new #Vans Footwear including a restock of classics & pro models. #offthewall #wafflegrip #since66 #vans #supportyourlocalskateshop #thankyou
thankyou - vans - homebase610 - since66 - supportyourlocalskateshop - wafflegrip - offthewall -
adlib76 : Tuff!
trust_yourstruggle : @homebase610 any men's 6's?? Or do you start at a 6.5
higher_living : @osh33zy πŸ‘Œ
homebase610 : @trust_yourstruggle just got a lot of Vans in so we have a few Classics in 6 but @knowno will have to confirm what we have in this specific shoe.
knowno : @trust_yourstruggle these start at a men's 8, but we did receive a bunch of new vans that we have 5.5 and 6.5's in if you want to try anything on. Feel free to call the shop 610-866-0540 if I can answer any other questions.
trust_yourstruggle : @homebase610 thanks. @knowno dang, bummer! Thanks bud, appreciate it.
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
@Beerbrains' Dad is obviously killing it in Vegas. #Homebase610 #BVSEDGANG # RadDad
bvsedgang - homebase610 -
chelsafire : RONZO. Love that guy
beerbrains : Meet RONZO live at the 1000th annual famous Kurtz Xmas eve party this year
nealshoemaker : Incredible.
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
This photo of Southside Bethlehem was taken by @MartyFM. It beautifully captures the side town I love and established my business, #Homebase610 12 years ago. I hope to always do business in a town that preserves the inherent beauty, history and local businesses that have also made their home here- ones that have made the Southside better with the help of partners like @LehighUniversity & The City of Bethlehem. I'm not against progress and new business. I'm for it as long as it also respects and works with those who are already own property, own businesses, work, live & play on the Southside. The Southside is a wonderful melting pot of people, communities and businesses and that makes it better- it doesn't only catered to one socio-economic demographic. And I hope it never does. That's why I'll be at a meeting tonight in hope of working with old & new businesses to keep it that way. If you feel the same, come to the Crayola room at the Banana Factory at 7pm. #rantover #thankyou
thankyou - homebase610 - rantover -
letticia930 : #mycity :-)
njskateshop : Well said
savethekales : Perfect πŸ‘
dracoconstilation : WOW! !!!! As a fellow photographer I must give it up to this one! Great composition with beautiful PA fall imagery. .
dracoconstilation : Always love visiting Bethlehem great place with some cool skaters.
william.coleman : That sky looks too fake
elrigeshelton : πŸ™Œ πŸ’―
mdecrosta : So awesome to meet you tonight, man. We were speaking afterwards. Let's do big things.
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homebase610 - Andrew Po
@NikeSB has your feet covered for the Fall- whether you're going hunting or trick-or-treating. Especially if you're scooping up the #FlashPack #3M Dunk High's. Remember y'all, #SafetyFirst. Stop in or call us for more info about all the new #NikeSB Footwear at #Homebase610: 610-866-0540. #stashedboxes #stashedXbase #Dunks #Sb #walklikeus #610sneakerheads #igsneakercommunity
stashedboxes - homebase610 - flashpack - 610sneakerheads - nikesb - walklikeus - igsneakercommunity - 3m - safetyfirst - sb - dunks - stashedxbase -
sir_brickz : @gusto_bread @take_it_easy_fam
f_dombrow : @jade_sasha
adrian_skates : All terrible πŸ˜ͺ @gvbriel.c @_thirdeyewide_________
steezus.christ : You guys getting any of the suede janoski colorways? @homebase610
steezus.christ : Max*
homebase610 : @steezus.christ got the rest of the grey sides and got the teal/yellow/3m's too.
steezus.christ : Thanks, gonna have to cop a pair pretty soon
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