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hmns - Houston Museum of Natural Science
Tickets still available for our Talk Like a Pirate Mixer this Friday night! Get your bearings buccaneers and set sail for the Houston Museum of Natural Science where spirits and booty abound with live music to boot. Once ye get a taste of pirate life, hearties, you’ll be hooked!
melrodriguez_90 : @yhteeeb 😁
yhteeeb : @melrodriguez_90 that literally the only one I'm not going to!
melrodriguez_90 : @yhteeeb of course! Lol the one Friday that I'm off
yhteeeb : @melrodriguez_90 I'm going to a show with Erika and a friend and maybe a boy hahaha sorry!
yhteeeb : @melrodriguez_90 but you should def go! They're so much fun! Plus photo booths
melrodriguez_90 : @yhteeeb a boy? 😍 totally ok lol get some! πŸ˜‚
yhteeeb : @melrodriguez_90 if not Dec 2 is the India world Trekkers and that better!!!!
alterwa : @pamandasue
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hmns - Houston Museum of Natural Science
Volunteers needed for our Fossil Wash at HMNS Sugar Land this Saturday! Join us for a morning of fun as we get messy, washing and sorting approximately 1,000 pounds of red Permian dirt. You have a role to play in the scientific process, searching for bone fragments and objects of interest in dirt excavated from the HMNS dig site near Seymour, Texas.
tims.wife : Omg! This is an awesome opportunity for those aspiring to be a paleontologist! How neat!!
that_rad_doge : @ccskell please oh my gosh please
ccskell : Lol fine @that_rad_doge
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hmns - Houston Museum of Natural Science
Great crowd tonight at World Trekkers. Thanks to everyone who came out! We'll see you next time for World Trekkers: India!
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hmns - Houston Museum of Natural Science
Mariposa craft table at World Trekkers.
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hmns - Houston Museum of Natural Science
Performances by Mixteco Ballet Folklorico at World Trekkers:Mexico
arivas82 : @sebolanos
chibbigirl : How fun!!
yzermeno16 : Así bailo yo? @adriana_eclectic
adriana_eclectic : @yzermeno16 πŸ˜‚
mealderete : @jnaysal
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hmns - Houston Museum of Natural Science
Beautiful! Spotted at the mask-making craft table at World Trekkers: Mexico
sharoniebalonie : @daringdarin
civicscar : @sandysisco5
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hmns - Houston Museum of Natural Science
World Trekkers: Mexico is underway! Grab your passports!
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hmns - Houston Museum of Natural Science
Battleship Texas Flag During the invasion of France, Battleship Texas dealt out some heavy blows, and took two direct hits from German coastal defense guns. Only one of the shells exploded after it struck the ship on top of its conning tower. The explosion blew the decking in the bridge upward, killing the helmsman, Christen Christensen, and injuring thirteen of the crewmembers manning the bridge. One of the injured crew, Emil Saul, spent two and a half years in the hospital after sustaining extensive injuries in the explosion. Because of Saul’s injuries, the ship’s crew awarded him the battle ensign that flew over the ship at D-Day. Saul donated the ensign back to the ship in 1992. This 17-by-9 foot flag is now on display at HMNS for the first time since it was donated.
darei2dream : #GodBlessAmerica#thatflagishardtotakeaselfiewith
that_rad_doge : @darei2dream #itriedandifailed
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hmns - Houston Museum of Natural Science
Our Exhibits team is working hard on our new Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife which opens on October 24. This week we received lots of new specimens including a bison family group. Once this new permanent hall is completed, it will have over 350 specimens representing well over 250 species on display!
superior_spidey : I can't wait to visit it
jayyteenc : @risag_ gotta check it out
darei2dream : #Charlie?
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hmns - Houston Museum of Natural Science
Awww, we still love you Thesaurus.
dreadoralive389 : hahaha, awesome
blanco0311 : This made me LOL more than its called for
mhschroder : @radioreid6
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