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We heart science! And we love to share it with you. Follow us for some rockin' good fun.
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hmns - Houston Museum of Nat. Science
Heidi and Zoe are Girl Scout 5th grade Juniors with Troop 21218. With the completion of the Fossil Dig on March 7th, they are the first girls EVER to finish all of the HMNS Girl Scouts Science Classes! They completed all 7 science classes plus took the Careers in Science summer session to learn about 5 additional science and engineering topics.
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hmns - Houston Museum of Nat. Science
Velvet ants (Dasymutilla spp.) are a fixture in the Brown Hall of Entomology’s insect zoo. They display bright red colors and varying patterns, warning others of a painful sting. They are not actually ants, but wasps. The females are wingless, making them resemble giant furry ants! Velvet ants inhabit many parts of the United States, including much of Texas.
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hmns - Houston Museum of Nat. Science
It's #MuseumWeek and today our staff is sharing things that inspire them - what inspires you? #inspirationMW "Sweet, surprise notes from our awesome Xplorations Summer Campers are what inspire me during my work days at @HMNS! The chocolates that came with this one were also very inspirational :)" #xplorations #summercamps #hmns #museumjobs #MuseumWeek
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kjfriess : Matti! Pure awesomeness
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hmns - Houston Museum of Nat. Science
#architectureMW Azaleas are blooming in Hermann Park! Here is a shot outside our Cockrell Butterfly Center, a three-story glass structure built around a 50-foot waterfall. This simulated, tropical rainforest is filled with exotic plants and hundreds of gorgeous, living butterflies. #MuseumWeek #HMNS
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hmns - Houston Museum of Nat. Science
It may not look like much, but this picture shows tiny seedlings of Asclepias asperula, a native milkweed to the Houston area. The Cockrell Butterfly Center has been trying to grow native milkweeds to replace the common Tropical Milkweed in our plant sales because of the high occurrence of O.e. spores left on Tropical Milkweed that infect and eventually kill Monarch butterflies. Please visit for more information on O.e. and Monarchs. We will have native milkweeds for sale at our next plant sale in limited quantities! Spring Plant Sale: Saturday, March 28 from 9am to noon (or sold out). Located on the 7th level of the museum parking garage.
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hmns - Houston Museum of Nat. Science
It's a beautiful Spring day in Hermann Park! Charro, our butterfly center iguana, is out enjoying the sun. #HMNS
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hmns - Houston Museum of Nat. Science
These large and impressive walking sticks from New Guinea are called Spiny Devils (Eurycantha calcarata). The name is fitting; if they feel threatened, they will use sharp spines on their tough exoskeleton to ward off predators and can be quite aggressive. You can see these on display in the Brown Hall of Entomology! #HMNS
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hmns - Houston Museum of Nat. Science
It's #InternationalDayOfHappiness! Here is an Archegosaur, a swimming amphibian from the Early Permian. Also affectionately called "Happy Puppy," this specimen is exceedingly rare and can be seen in our Morian Hall of Paleontology.
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hmns - Houston Museum of Nat. Science
#SeenAtHMNS: Our staff spent this week getting re-certified in CPR in preparation for our Xplorations Summer Camps. Registration is open now! Visit
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hmns - Houston Museum of Nat. Science
Giant African Millipedes (Archispirostreptus gigas) are one of the largest in the world and can reach a length of 15 inches! Millipedes are harmless to people, unlike their cousins the centipedes, which are venomous and can be harmful. African millipedes regularly star in the museum’s outreach program, Bugs on Wheels!
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