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heritagefoundation - The Heritage Foundation
The #Rideshare Revolution: Cab Drivers Hate It, Entrepreneurs Embrace It - LINK to VIDEO in bio
rideshare -
voxpopuli99 : Last night I viewed a documentary, on the truth dispensing economist "Walter Williams/Suffer No Fool." The Dr. Delineated the egregious 700,000$ cost of acquiring a NYC Taxi Medallion. Government protected monopolies, insidiously infringe on entrepreneurship. FREE MARKETS ! #rideshare #DailySignal
dalord777 - casilong - jtompkins5585 - cdavisson -
heritagefoundation - The Heritage Foundation
Did you know? This Supreme Court decision could lead to gay marriage in four states that oppose it.
s_damn_wright : Thank you for posting this. My favorite news channel, unfortunately, distorted the case yesterday.
connieinman : America---where have we gone!
voxpopuli99 : Cognizant of your premise, and respectfully resolute in my empathy. Particularly for dissent predicated on ecumenical beliefs. Withstanding that, as a lifelong Republican, and beneficiary of circa 60's SCOUTS decisions. I'm an unabashed adherents and advocate, of Jefferson's oft selectively exercised declaration, "Our principles are founded on the immovable basis of equal right and reason." My neighbor should never know the inestimable bliss of matrimony; or the inequity of draconian alimony allotments? Merely for her erroneously "Alleged" sexual disorder ? Oh, she too is a Republican ! #DailySignal
voxpopuli99 : Mea culpa, SCOTUS, not SCOUTS !
mwinninger - ericka81 - tonygrimm - cavscout00 -
heritagefoundation - The Heritage Foundation
"@savethestorkspics" Gives Women a Last-Minute Option to Choose Life, One at a Time - Photo Credit: Newscom/CQ Roll Call
ericka81 - micahsarahbetzner - jtompkins5585 - donnnalterry -
heritagefoundation - The Heritage Foundation
This Fighter Pilot Gives New Meaning to 'Girl Power' -- UAE's first female pilot to lead airstrikes against #ISIS
isis -
rpinto111 : @ngomezcuevas
heritagefoundation : Photo credit: Newscom
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heritagefoundation - The Heritage Foundation
The people of #HongKong are marching for their #freedom.
hongkong - freedom -
25tankette : @kebirdsong check it out..
heritagefoundation : Photo Credit: Newscom
sadiesmom0915 - sarah_elena11 - ryandaxromero - tdtighe -
heritagefoundation - The Heritage Foundation
They lost their bakery, now face bankruptcy because of government 'discrimination' fine - link to full video in bio
religiousfreedom - bakery - regulation - bankruptcy -
heritagefoundation : #Bakery #Bankruptcy #Regulation #ReligiousFreedom
pghummer : Insane
gofishjim : I'll be praying for peace and new life for you both. God will not be mocked.
toddplieseis : Great is the nation where GOD is LORD! Wake up America
bstrick55 : This is not right
chitowngirl84 : I totally agree we don't need hate like this... Is sad that people hate people that are different! We should show love not hate!
dalord777 : @chitowngirl84 So people must tolerate your lifestyle at the expense of their religious beliefs. Where's your tolerance?
stevebacheler : Why is it "hate?"
spidoinkle - debdunlopdehaan - hotnanny5 - stoneyvale -
heritagefoundation - The Heritage Foundation
Happy National #Coffee Day!
coffee -
nadasaad89 : Happy coffee day ☕️☕️💘
elephantnews : Psl!!
robert_whelan - jannytb - ticeclayton - inathanael -
heritagefoundation - The Heritage Foundation
One Family's Fight for #ReligiousFreedom - Have you seen the full video? Link to the video is in our bio!
religiousfreedom -
arizonaluke : @evolutionimage the only delusional person here is you Mr #ClimateChangeMarch.
evolutionimage : @arizonaluke I'm sure. It's all part of gods plan. my wanting a better world for my child must be a hard concept for people in a cult to understand.
hollychilek : We worship the Creator not the Creation.
zestypirate : Amen hollychilek! The only "delusion" is the cult of climate change
rogertro : Evolution is the cult. Wake up from the brainwashing. This didn't all just "happen". I am waiting for my dod to "evolve" so he stops peeing on everything. Ugh...brain dead haters. So afraid of Christianity when it's Islam tbat is the threat to all of us.
rogertro : Climate change is real. I live in Wisconsin and winter is coming. Hahaha
hunterblackwell830 : @evolutionimage hahah rightttt just like tall had to go from global warming to climate change because global warming just wasn't taking hold 😂😂😂😂😂
evolutionimage : @hunterblackwell830 what? I'm not sure I can follow your explanation. How about you write in a comprehensive manner in order to express your opinion.
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heritagefoundation - The Heritage Foundation
Preserve The Constitution: A Supreme Court Preview of the 2014 Term featuring Michael Carvin and Paul Clement
dalord777 - kenzie_clift - cavscout00 - luvbigbangtheory -
heritagefoundation - The Heritage Foundation
"I think our values are better' -Liam Fox, former United Kingdom defense secretary discusses the threat #ISIS posses to the West
isis -
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