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thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
What does the ouster of the Yemeni President mean for U.S. counterterrorism efforts? Find out at
jlmcindoe : More death and destruction? Wish we had a president who would step up to the plate.
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thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
Three policy experts fact checked President Obama’s #SOTU address. Take a look at some of his claims and whether or not they were true - (Link in Bio)
sotu -
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thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
Our live #SOTU panel is getting heated! @rolandsmartin James Carafano, Crystal Wright and David Azerrad talk before the big speech!
sotu -
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thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
The U.S. Capitol at sunset awaiting President Obama's #SOTU at 9pmET.
sotu -
connieinman : 😒❌
medgerley : I won't be watching the liar in chief
csm449 : 💩💩💩💩💩
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thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
Preparing for our live #SOTU coverage tonight! Tune in at
sotu -
jlmcindoe : Can you guys work on the sound? Needs to be louder. Thanks.
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thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
Quick. SMART. Live. Come hang out with us tonight!
sotu -
thedailysignal : #sotu
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thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
Do you want instant reaction to President Obama's #StateOfTheUnion? We have you covered. Watch our LIVE coverage tonight starting at 9P.M. EST (Link in bio) #SOTU #SOTUlive
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thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
Carly Fiorina speaks at the Heritage Foundation today about the March for Life and prenatal diagnosis of disabilities. #March4Life
march4life -
johnposhepny : She is an awesome speaker. She actually spoke at my local GOP Reagan Day Dinner.
thedailysignal : @johnposhepny we loved having her!
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thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
We think ‪#‎AmericanSniper‬ Chris Kyle is a true hero. Like this if you agree.
debkel : That definition makes Chris Kyle a HERO! 🇺🇸
ochelata : Now is being a liar a noble quality because Chris lied about many of his activities a lost a huge lawsuit proving that he lied. So his stories may not be trust worthy.
ochelata : Bravery isnt the same as Heroism. Just because you can kill people with acuracy doesnt make you a hero. If it does than we are a sad lot. May God save our souls.
debkel : I did not write the definition of a hero. I simply quoted the dictionary. I personally believe he is a hero, and by definition, he is a hero. I have no knowledge about any lawsuit or lies. His actions as a soldier make him a hero. You may not agree, that is your right. Thanks to our brave men and women fighting for our freedoms, we are able to voice our opinions. Today 13 teenage boys were murdered for watching a soccer game! Unbelievable that some would rather bash our heroes that are fighting these monsters, rather than give them the benefit of the doubt that they maybe doing good. I pray everyday for peace. God Bless America!
ochelata : I respect your opinion I just value different things other than war and killing. @debkel
debkel : I do not value war and killing. That is an ignorant implication. My daughter is a United States soldier, I am the last person on earth that wants war.
debkel : You @ochelata, have a wonderful day.
ochelata : You do as well and may God keep you and your daughter safe. @debkel
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thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
"The American dream reminds us that every man is heir to the legacy of worthiness." #MLK #MLKday
mlk - mlkday -
luminous5 : Yup! That's #why're march
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