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Stay tuned for video of @senatorrandpaul answering questions about #obama #amnesty #ebola #ferguson -
ebola - amnesty - ferguson - obama -
florina_neghina - sadiesmom0915 - thecraftycoley - alefigue19 -
thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
Preparing @thedailysignal studio for interviews. Stay tuned for exclusive photos!
cgoodremote - kreuz_control - trinkle.thomas - luvbigbangtheory -
thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
This is Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old terminally ill woman who has chosen to end her life before she dies due to her tumor. Today there is news that she may not take her life on the November 1st date originally planned. She will wait until she feels it is the right time.
hgcady : Praying that God will change her heart before it's too late. He can't force her to do His will, but God loves her and doesn't want her to choose this path.
knowtoryus : @hgcady Amen!
redstaterepub : N my prayers
tammons4 : Jst believe with all that's in you. Jesus is real, he can perform the impossible hang on with faith all that you have. Ur in my prayer's
hollychilek : Praying God will wrap His arms around her and let her know that every day she lives, until He decides to take her, is a gift.
tonibidinger - dinegaede - chrisashton - bessiewoodruff -
thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint addresses a crowd of Heritage members this morning.
leedee28 - tonibidinger - chrisashton - bessiewoodruff -
thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
A beautiful reception for Heritage Foundation Presidents' Club Members
clagan - maddie_figuresk8er - cavscout00 - tammons4 -
thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
A town in Massachusetts may be the first to ban ALL tobacco sales. Is that going too far? What do you think?
rcfullen : I hate cigarette smoke. HATE it. But, it's totally ridiculous that the Gov't can force business owners to ban smoking. What next????
mayfayre : It's going WAY too bloody far😡
gold5201 : Smokers will just drive to a neighboring town
johnposhepny : BAD IDEA!
ccrowland : Wow...let's ban idiots that want to ban everything...
ggordon816 : Reminds me why I'm glad I don't live in Mass...
galaxyexpress2816 : The citizens of that town elected those leaders, so they deserve what they get. Ban all tobacco sales? The town people elected them. #freedom is lost one town and one regulation at a time, then the day will come when you wake up and say "what happened to my freedom?"
galaxyexpress2816 : @abburz How is more government regulations a good thing? More control by any out of control government interfering in the free will of the people. One by one the government takes #freedom away. If the companies choose to not sell tobacco anymore, then that is what the free market is all about. If you want the government to control all the things that you don't agree with, then that could become a dictatorship.
sadiesmom0915 - chopoflamb - rich_homie_andrew_ - notyourmomma7 -
thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
usa -
sharonscioli : May she continue to keep a hard watch over our country !!!!
harryman88 : #wcw
lck59 - ggordon816 - itsnataliesue - csm449 -
thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
Medical volunteers in Liberia treating #Ebola. Out story today features one of the volunteers who says the CDC preparations in the U.S. were "inadequate." Read at
ebola -
mrjavadewd : Out story. Looks like the local haunted house. #SiloX
alefigue19 : Medical volunteers are like heros
trinkle.thomas - kaythymel - edwardseddneddy44 - rjmogavero -
thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
The Daily Signal team met with Sharyl Attkisson today!
mayfayre : Looking forward to reading Ms. Attkisson's book!
mexihound : Sharyl Attkisson=journalistic integrity
clagan - doverhillpups - msfitztx - jprince_bx_bx -
thedailysignal - The Daily Signal
The #Rideshare Revolution: Cab Drivers Hate It, Entrepreneurs Embrace It - LINK to VIDEO in bio
rideshare -
voxpopuli99 : Last night I viewed a documentary, on the truth dispensing economist "Walter Williams/Suffer No Fool." The Dr. Delineated the egregious 700,000$ cost of acquiring a NYC Taxi Medallion. Government protected monopolies, insidiously infringe on entrepreneurship. FREE MARKETS ! #rideshare #DailySignal
spidoinkle - jtompkins5585 - edogan01 - cdavisson -
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