{new mom : dog owner : fabric hoarder : random} Once in a blue moon I get to make something. Every 50th moon, I consider blogging about it.
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hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
Little, tiny, Catherine-sized cheeseburgers!
hellomynameisquilt : @sewyourownway Haha! Of only we could save it until Halloween - I'm sure we'd never be able to do that again if we tried!
sewyourownway : If you really wanted to, you could use a cookie cutter, but meat is difficult, it still may not look like a pumpkin when it's done cooking. Pancakes and samiches are easier.
hellomynameisquilt : @sewyourownway Yeah, I'm going to have to really work on my cookie cutter collection in the next few years! My mom used to cut our sandwiches into shapes for every holiday! We've also started experimenting with drawing with pancake batter - we made a series of "1" pancakes for her birthday - good for turning 1 or 11,111 in case you ever find yourself making breakfast for Methuselah!
sewyourownway : I always have great plans, but trying to get pancakes, eggs, and sausage ready all at the same time is a challenge as it is for me
hellomynameisquilt : @sewyourownway Seriously! I'm hoping I can use my Fridays to stock some freezer food so I can just heat it up when we need it. I made some Catherine-sized pancakes, quinoa patties, and garbanzo burgers this week - pancakes are always a hit, quinoa patties are good for about three bites, but she cannot be fooled into eating garbanzos! (She LOVES black and pinto beans so I really don't care if she hates chickpeas, but I was trying to save the can that was open...I should have just spent that time sewing! Or freezing Shannon-and-Chris-sized pancakes! Haha!)
sewyourownway : I don't know how they would freeze (but now that I've thought of it, I want to try), but I've been mashing cooked sweet potatoes with garbanzo bean flour, curry powder, and salt, and frying little patties in coconut oil. They are relatively quick, and delicious, and healthy.
hellomynameisquilt : @sewyourownway That sounds SO good! I'm going to try it!!
sewyourownway : I hope you like it!
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hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
Making my glorious return to the lab! You know it's official because I'm writing notes on my glove.
samanthaleeolsen : Oh I used to do that all the time!! Ha!! Miss the lab. Sometimes I just want to pipette something.
hellomynameisquilt : @samanthaleeolsen I've been out of the lab sine before maternity leave (over a year) - I'm going to be a hot mess for the next week or so!
samanthaleeolsen : @hellomynameisquilt Oh wow! Good luck. You can do it!!
renorx : You are going to rock it!! Lol I am a hand/glove writer, too!
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hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
Chillin' like a villain.
elnorac : Sooooo cute!
blueisbleu : Wishing we were chilling together today!!! Super bad timing πŸ˜•
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hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
If you want the work day to fly by, you should try staying home for half of it. This is not a gimmick, it really works! I spent the morning with my bug and 5:30 rolled around in no time! #latergram #pinkeyetuscadero
pinkeyetuscadero - latergram -
redpepperquilts : She's grown so much! πŸ’•
hellomynameisquilt : @redpepperquilts I know! She riding in her big girl stroller and walking around the house just holding one of our hands...it's so great but also happening a little too fast for my liking!
prettypenny7 : Wow. She's a little lady now. No longer a baby. And still totally adorable.
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hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
Went out to lunch in my house shoes. I'm embarrassed to be out with myself! #mommybrain
mommybrain -
blueisbleu : Haha! Keep a spare pair in the car next time!
javadiva : Please! You pulled it off as "sporting a new pedi". πŸ˜‰ Your toes look wonderful!
hellomynameisquilt : @javadiva Thankfully, "pedi" was the first thing on my to-do list yesterday!
lindseysnow24 : Eh, at least you're wearing real pants.
quiltsnkids : I've left the house wearing cozy slippers before, haha.
hellomynameisquilt : @quiltsnkids I was thinking I should get fuzzy slippers to prevent this sort of thing from happening again, but I really don't think it would matter! :)
hellomynameisquilt : @lindseysnow24 Yeah, thankfully I've only accidentally gone out in house shoes OR fake pants but not both...yet!
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hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
It seems this little monkey is channeling her cousin Kat tonight - her legs are tired and her arms are tired but her eyes just aren't tired! #hermouthisnttiredeither #okayneitherareherarmsandlegs
okayneitherareherarmsandlegs - hermouthisnttiredeither -
woollykat : We have the same monitor! Just got it. My husband says it's like reality tv, lol. She still has NO idea what to do when we talk to her through the intercom, though. πŸ˜‚
hellomynameisquilt : I know! We call it C-TV! We almost never use the intercom but when we do, she doesn't seem to like it much!
hellomynameisquilt : Oops, that last one was for you, @woollykat
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hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
Today our sweet little Squirmy McGee turned one. One whole year old! We had the perfect celebration with family and friends and I got some extra bedtime snuggles. This girl makes my heart happy every day, but today it nearly exploded! Happy birthday, little bug!!
modern_balabusta : Happy birth day Mama! She's so delicious!
hellomynameisquilt : Thanks, @quiltsnkids - my sister snapped it while we were having lunch - I think I'm going to have to print a few copies!
hellomynameisquilt : @modern_balabusta Thanks, lovey!! I try to eat her cheeks about 7 times a day!!
happysewlucky : She's pretty juicy looking!
stephmd32 : Happy birthday sweet c!! Hope to see you soon so we can celebrate her again :)
hellomynameisquilt : @stephmd32 Yes!! We were sorry to miss you guys for the pool party yesterday!!
renorx : Oh wow!!! One already? I feel like just yesterday you were sending the 'Catherine Has Arrived' email. It has been lovely watching her grow and seeing your love for her. She is so beautiful! Happiest Very first birthday little Catherine. ❀️
kelliw6 : Aww, happy, happy birthday to little miss C! And you've been a Mommy for a whole year now! Feels crazy doesn't it?
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hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
Dear Five-Day Work Week, I know we just broke up but I really don't think I'm going to miss you. Not even a little. So...uh...take care of yourself. Sincerely, Shannon
renorx : Yeah?!? Working four days a week?!!!! Awesome sauce! πŸ‘
kimplace : Fantastic!
hellomynameisquilt : @renorx @kimplace Yes, 4 days a week! I'm hoping I'll actually be able to respond to emails and keep up with dGS and generally get my brain back in order!! (Kim, I didn't forget about you and your friend - you're in my email list, I'm just insanely slow!!)
kimplace : No worries. I remember the first few years with baby. You go into your own little time vortex.
quiltsinthequeue : Nice! Enjoy!
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hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
One year ago we took the photo in the left (one of the last belly pics) and today she's the wiggly little monkey you see on the right! #timeflies
timeflies -
javadiva : Man she's grown! I miss pictures of her & Lucy!
marci_girl : I love photos like this!
quirkygranolagirl : I used to take Henry at 3mo, 6mo, 9mo and 1 year old and squish him up on my lap to determine that he was too big to fit back inside of me πŸ˜‰
oneshabbychickhawaii : Cute!!
renorx : OMG!!! I love it!! She has gotten so big and is just darling!! You are looking gorgeous, too mama!!
jackie_aitken : She's beautiful...so smiley...
thewildflowerfield : πŸ‘ΆπŸ’—
kelliw6 : Awwww!
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hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
Chipotle: delicious lunch food and a creepily appropriate quote for today. #iftherewasaproblemyoillsolveit
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