{new mom : dog owner : fabric hoarder : random} Once in a blue moon I get to make something. Every 50th moon, I consider blogging about it.
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hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
One year ago we took the photo in the left (one of the last belly pics) and today she's the wiggly little monkey you see on the right! #timeflies
timeflies -
javadiva : Man she's grown! I miss pictures of her & Lucy!
marci_girl : I love photos like this!
quirkygranolagirl : I used to take Henry at 3mo, 6mo, 9mo and 1 year old and squish him up on my lap to determine that he was too big to fit back inside of me πŸ˜‰
oneshabbychickhawaii : Cute!!
renorx : OMG!!! I love it!! She has gotten so big and is just darling!! You are looking gorgeous, too mama!!
jackie_aitken : She's beautiful...so smiley...
thewildflowerfield : πŸ‘ΆπŸ’—
kelliw6 : Awwww!
stephmd32 - jackie_aitken - mar10creatief - thewildflowerfield -
hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
Chipotle: delicious lunch food and a creepily appropriate quote for today. #iftherewasaproblemyoillsolveit
iftherewasaproblemyoillsolveit -
magsschr - ah_tiv_eah - kreahjoernet - 4eliz -
hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
Hey @lindsey_gouvin , I'm having the best time! #honeywand #besttoy #gouvinsnow2014
honeywand - gouvinsnow2014 - besttoy -
hellomynameisquilt : (What you can't see in this picture is the wild waving and pounding of the wands - she had two...it was a wheat cracker massacre!)
dannabug : Cute!
shad83 - morrlezlie - hphillips41704 - katiedoty -
hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
#gouvinsnow2014 rocks!!
gouvinsnow2014 -
stephmd32 : Look at that cute dress!!!
hellomynameisquilt : @stephmd32 It was a gift from before she was born - we were almost giddy that she got to wear it today! Also, now I want to put bows in her hair every day!!
redpepperquilts : Adorable! πŸŽ€
hellomynameisquilt : @redpepperquilts Thanks, Rita!
shad83 - craftylittlefox - chrisquilter - hphillips41704 -
hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
Big meeting in the office today and there's a major pizza crisis. My car is filling with the sweet smell of mashed potato and bacon pizza. Also, this guy works on our floor - he looks like a garden gnome...and now he appears to be following me!! #betterthansittingintheoffice #nextstopstarbucks
betterthansittingintheoffice - nextstopstarbucks -
hehehe922 : You should just deliver that pizza to me 😍
thismamasews - hehehe922 - 4eliz - javadiva -
hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
Me: how much of this fabric should I get? Husband: well, it depends on how much you need. *snort* Need?!?! #16yardsitisthen
16yardsitisthen -
oneshabbychickhawaii : That seems reasonable.
hellomynameisquilt : @oneshabbychickhawaii oh it totally is! I was really asking if I should go for an unopened bolt which would have been over 27 yards...so let's just think of all the money I saved by only getting 16! Haha!!
elletaylor7 : ❀️❀️
m3_quilts : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love your hashtag! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
celineprakhor : Joli
liveacolorfullife : @hellomynameisquilt ha. That's awesome
renorx : Lol best hashtag ever!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
quiltsfromtheattic - quiltsinthequeue - celineprakhor - kelliw6 -
hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
Celebrating six years today with my one true love! #sixdownsixtytogo
sixdownsixtytogo -
quiltsnkids : Beautiful photo and dress!
urbancrunch : Happy anniversary!
oneshabbychickhawaii : Gorgeous! Happy anniversary!
woollykat : Congrats! We celebrate six years on 7/13!
hellomynameisquilt : Thanks ladies! @quiltsnkids @urbancrunch @oneshabbychickhawaii
prettypenny7 : Wow you're a tiny little thing. Happy anniversary! May you enjoy dozens more.
javadiva : I missed this! 😬 Happy belated anniversary!! Such a beautiful picture! ❀
renorx : You ARE a tiny little thing! I somehow missed this πŸ˜• poop. So sorry and I hope you had a great anniversary!!
mummula - ninetyninepolkadots - beezzy_beautifulwork - mempca07 -
hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
Father's Day lunch. Before we even got settled, they brought out a plate for Catherine - she loved every bite and I'm a little worried that she was making flirty eyes at the waiters. (Oh yeah, and the food was awesome too!) So if you're looking for us any time in the next few years, this is where we'll be!
blueisbleu : You were in my hood! We should get together and go there sometime, yes?
renorx : That is great service!! Love that she was well taken care of!!
hellomynameisquilt : @blueisbleu we totally should!
hellomynameisquilt : @renorx I think this is the most family-friendly restaurant we've been to! It was so great!
blueisbleu : Yay!!! I wanna meet C!! And i haven't seen you since the sample sale! Let me know when you're thinking of coming down here again and we'll have dinner? I've been meaning to try Besito's too!
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hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
Hair chopped and now taking care of the world's most atrocious roots while I pump and eat a snack. I should be updating my CV too, but I seem to have run out of lap space!
javadiva : I need to do my roots so bad. Maybe today!
hellomynameisquilt : @javadiva I think it had been at least 6 months, possibly longer! They were so bad! Plus my grays were mocking me!
prettypenny7 : Ugh me too. I hate dyeing my hair but my grays are showing and there's a big party coming up.
renorx : What do you mean updating your CV??? Job change?
shad83 - sewbettyjane - quirkygranolagirl - magsschr -
hellomynameisquilt - Shannon
There's a slight possibility our bananas are overripe.
colchitabonita : Time to eat it with Ice cream!
hellomynameisquilt : @colchitabonita Yes!!!
blueisbleu : Or time for banana bread!
renorx : I am with @blueisbleu yummy!
peaceloveandquilts - savinggrc - blueisbleu - elizthany -
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