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helenedujardin - Helene Dujardin
Workshop prep at a new fav spot in Charleston. @theparkcafechs creamed kale toast was perfect and devoured before I could take a photo.
rogeriogondim : @ricardobraudes veja os pendentes
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helenedujardin - Helene Dujardin
I love finding unusual props like this transferware test piece on which the company would try out ink and pattern options.
lauren_du_nid : Dingue ce plat @zazoudeparis
annettewithcat : @helenedujardin the plate is such a lucky find! It looks great.
katrinpress : Gorgeous!
mindishapiro : Super cool. I need that!!!
thehaystackneedle : so happy to see her again!
thehaystackneedle : Helene, I'm so happy to know that this platterI fell in love with has made its way to someone like you! It was g
thehaystackneedle : (sorry) It was hard to send it off but I'm gratified to know that it will contnue to be appreciated:)
helenedujardin : @thehaystackneedle she's in very good hands! Promise. 💕
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helenedujardin - Helene Dujardin
Rolled and twisted. Ready to rise.
foodfashionparty : The lighting is amazing and so are the rolls.
gaskins27 : Recipe! Need! Please!
helenedujardin : @gaskins27 soon on the blog, hopefully!
katerera : These are beautiful ❤ I love to work with yeasted doughs 🙌☺
lisa_vipond : What a beautiful photo! These look amazing!
bridget350 : They are GORGEOUS!!!
whatforbreakfast : Yummm
allfiredup.pottery : What a stunning photo @helenedujardin 😱
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helenedujardin - Helene Dujardin
Brioche rolls in the making.
feedfeed - f52grams - foodandwinewomen - sundaybaking - thatsdarling - lifeandthyme -
helenedujardin : #feedfeed #f52grams #sundaybaking #foodandwinewomen #lifeandthyme #thatsdarling
bakersroyale_naomi : @helenedujardin can't wait to see the end result!
rainydaybites : Pretty shot! I love how the flour is in a bag.
ericksonwoodworks : Can't wait to see how it turns out! Beautiful!
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helenedujardin - Helene Dujardin
Been a long week. Time for a Martini Rosso. My favorite, usually on ice with a slice of lemon but today I'm going for neat and in my belly.
chefmelissamayo : Sounds like my idea of heaven. Let's try touch base next week to tie down and LA date. Have a fantastic weekend xx
helenedujardin : @chefmelissamayo started writing you an email this morning but had to stop to take care of my mother in law. Will send this weekend or Monday.
rainydaybites : At least it's the weekend now.
chefmelissamayo : @helenedujardin... I hope she is doing OK. Sending healing energy her way. Looking so forward to setting up a date xxc
julesswift : @helenedujardin where was the good stuff? Lol. #pantson
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helenedujardin - Helene Dujardin
Lovely light. Relaxing space. #charlestoneats
charlestoneats -
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helenedujardin - Helene Dujardin
Lunch break with black bean fried chicken over green papaya salad.
janeecollins : Looks so yum @helenedujardin
xiaobaobiscuit : Thanks @helenedujardin
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helenedujardin - Helene Dujardin
Farro, yellow tomato, olive, parsley and celery all mixed together in a salad with anchovy dressing. All I want to add next time around is a soft boiled egg on top.
verosarria : @alma.cocina
coffeecrumpets : Beautiful!
ladyartichoke : Sounds delicious!
beyondsweetandsavory : 😍
eilataneroom : @tomkruczenyk Ello inspo
chefmelissamayo : Looks amazing. Love the light and color
henrystreetstudio : love this!!! would you mind if I regram this awesome picture as well?
helenedujardin : @henrystreetstudio not at all! Thank you!
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helenedujardin - Helene Dujardin
Comforting bowl of Taiwanese beef soup. It's what's for lunch and on the blog. Link in profile to latest post!
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dianesanfilippo : this backdrop looks a lot like the ones I painted for shooting #MediterraneanPaleoCooking ❤️❤️
helenedujardin : @dianesanfilippo sorry to say I hadn't seen it. I took a fabric background that @ericksonwoodworks made me a few months ago and applied indigo paint with a roller.
ericksonwoodworks : @helenedujardin I love this!!!!! You did a great job, what a clever idea!
lisa_vipond : 💙💙💙
dianesanfilippo : @helenedujardin oh not saying it was a copy ;-) it's lovely!
helenedujardin : @dianesanfilippo I was not implying you did! No worries - just wanted to share how I did mine in case someone was interested.
cturnip : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
jensimonsonphoto : This is so pretty!
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helenedujardin - Helene Dujardin
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woodkithdesigns : 👍🏻👍🏻
thetoastedspice : Really cool way to do a giveaway @helenedujardin and others👍👍 @followtheruel I just participated in this giveaway.. I thought you might be interested too! ❤️
slowsouthernstyle : @nolacml
allisonecox1 : Yay!! #bannerbutter representing! @helenedujardin
trisha_crawford : @frankystang
milkandhhoney : @foragevintagerental.co
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