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Passionate adventurer! Living with all my heart, soul, mind and strength & working hard to make every minute count β€’this is our daily journal in picsβ€’
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Taking an instabreak for a bit //
lauz_elizabeth : πŸ‘†πŸ˜‚ @africanbear
africanbear : @lauz_elizabeth 😁
wildflowerss : 😘 miss you already
aly.colman : ❀️❀️❀️
karlaquiz : πŸ‘Œ I'm thin in the same
brittany.moorman : Nooooooooo! I'll miss you guys
littlehen : Arg. I'll miss you too but have fun in the big wide world with your boys. Look forward to a spammy catch up on your return
_twice_upon_a_time_ : I'll miss you, come back sooooon xxxx
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
#tbt (to a month or so ago) @_twice_upon_a_time_ tagged me in a black & white photo challenge. I love that Emerson & Hunter have each other. They just woke up from their nap and I can hear them in their room being silly & making each other laugh. For all my Mama friends with twins, what's one of your favorite things about having two?!
tbt -
_twice_upon_a_time_ : Perfect πŸ’› ..and my favourite thing about having two.. Kind of like yours, that they were born with their best friend, nobody in the world will "get them" more than their twin. I experience that daily with my twin sister so I'm overjoyed that my boys have that. πŸ’“
jacischipper : So sweet! My fave thing about having twins is that they have their own language and crack each other up like no one else. It's a very special bond
angytowns : Definitely their bond. They are complete opposites and drive each other bonkers sometimes, but they also need each other, comfort each other and understand each other like no one else can. It's pretty incredible to watch.
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Cool dads at the pumpkin patch
happywife_happylife : @_twice_upon_a_time_ (I'll post a black & white one later today ;) since I typically post more than 1 pic a day, I'll do one b&w a day) x
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
littleoregonians -
brittany.moorman : I love having a son
happywife_happylife : @brittany.moorman boys are so fun!
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY! You carry such an incredible light with you. @tovetova thanks for being you & following your passions! You make the world a better place. Love you dearly XO
tovetova : Love you so much!!!
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
The only picture I took today, and it was on accident / Thought I'd post it anyway, for the sake of remembering the days where things are out of place and laundry sits on the couch 75% of the time.
tiffyb_23 : #reallife πŸ™Œ looks pretty good to me mama!
brittany.moorman : You should have seen mine just ten minutes ago! Lol
mrs_jfg : Sounds about right
heidi_vinyard : Looks and sounds just about right! 😘
samjanek : My days can be like that !
littlehen : Looks pretty tidy to me. No pictures in the phone normally means a good hands free mama day
lisa_jay : One day you'll miss these days!
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Yesterday!! Oct27th
kirsten_watson_ : Our playmate today was fabulous! Thank you again sweet friend! :)
my_little_ladies : Aww, adorable picπŸ’™πŸ’™
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Part 6! I thought I'd gotten a full video but clearly not... Their joy in these few seconds is enough for me though. At 10:30 we left our home this morning. Set off for adventure and headed towards the coast. Without checking a weather app, we hoped for sunshine & little rain. And Cannon Beach was perfect today! We had so. much. fun! Playing on the beach, eating our packed lunch and getting coffee and goodies at @sealevelbakery. Then as we drove inland and rejoiced over the still blue skies they asked to go to the park :) so we went to our 'old park' where they played as teeny toddlers before finally cozying up in our home at 4:30! ❀️
kirsten_watson_ : Your amazing!
_notsirius : Those little squeals are so stinking cute!
littlehen : They look teenage!
thebluecrocodile : Twin slides!!! Make the cuteness stop! πŸ’™πŸ’™
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Part 5 a whole half hour of throwing rocks & sand into this little river. You'd never know their clothes were soaked through :)
tiffersreed : Love their jackets! Where are they from?
brittany.moorman : Me too. Cute jackets! If Zeke can be outside, being soaked wouldn't phase him either
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Part 4 both ended up face down, hands, chest & knees in the water! They loved it
wildflowerss : πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ love these little guys!
twintotsmama.nerium : You're the best mama ever, Amber! Those boys are lucky πŸ’™
tiffyb_23 : Ha ha!!! So cute!
tressatrb : You are an amazing fun MoM!! Love the way you allow them to explore, get wet, get dirty, and have fun!! Good work πŸ‘‡πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘
thebluecrocodile : You are awesome! I don't think us moms hear that enough! And your boys happiness shows just how amazing you are!!
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