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Passionate adventurer! Living with all my heart, soul, mind and strength & working hard to make every minute count β€’this is our daily journal in picsβ€’
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
littleoregonians -
ktmacblack : Gorgeous! Is this near your house?
happywife_happylife : @ktmacblack it's 30 minutes west. Vernonia area- L.L. Stub Stewart State Park to be exact ;)
okyoupick : Pretty
samjanek : This is beautiful
wildflowerss : What a beautiful view!
salvagesista : I'm in Oregon too
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
We caught grasshoppers, ladybugs & daddy-longlegs. Watched bumble bees and chased dragon flies. Ran through fields and lay on our tummies in the dry and prickly grass to inspect the dirt for ants. We stood at the top of a great and high hill yelling out "Thank You God for today". We've been pretty exhausted lately and this morning pulled us all a bit closer to our Maker. He is always such an incredible comfort. Now we're home and I'm trying to do my best to remember that His strength is there to carry me through each day •July 14th
tiffanyjcr : @happywife_happylife God is totally, absolutely, intentionally in control. We surrender to Him and He takes over, proving Himself by doing the impossible in our lives. Happy Monday IG friend!
okyoupick : Wonderful photo & words! Thank you for the reminder to Trust Him!
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
We desperately need fresh air, big skies and dirt beneath our feet.
twosparrowsheadbands : Gorgeous
englexas : I love it!
nikki_wilks31 - afox_andher_cub - alinagushtyuk - samhuckleberry -
happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Family Selfie at PIR πŸπŸš— •July12th
shwildwood : Love it!
ktmacblack : Oh ya, we love it there! Classic cars were my dad's fav! Have a great day
happywife_happylife : @ktmacblack xo you too! I'm sure the boys love having the tradition passed down. Your Dads passions live on!
rrredhead : Sweet! 😘
se7en_hoods : Adorable!!!
shannonbozarth : Loveliness!
miss_biscuit88 : Love the shades 😎
megswolter : πŸ’– love this so much!
tanyaloftin - lilmalyt - megswolter - daniellerayburn -
happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Evening playtime at the park
shwildwood : Little cuties!
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
my "baby A & baby B" • God knew I'd love raising twins
kymomma17 : ❀️
wildflowerss : πŸ’™
se7en_hoods : Oh sunshine!!! How lovely!!!
tiffyb_23 : I still call mine "Baby A & B" lol. Something about what that meant to me in the belly, not sure. God knows what he is doing πŸ˜‰β€οΈ.
brittany1622 : Do you want more or do you think you are done? We have a chance of twins. My dad is a twin and his twin had twins!
allieeatswhole : I love them. And those buns 😍😍😍 I think I'd love raising twins too...God may know better though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³
dawsoncierra - will_kunkle - cjbravo3 - daniellaanderson -
happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Happy nudey boys being pulled around the yard - July 10th
leaneeld : Great lawn you got there...farmer Kollies
southernatheart : Adorable!
allydepartee : Oh those buns πŸ‘‹
alicia_katherine_ : Haha, your fun.
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Finding all the letters we know while waiting for the train. We road it a ways and into the tunnel, got off, whooped and hollered down the abyss of it and then caught the next one back. Such a cheap and fun mini adventure! My mom joined us which made it even more special. Oh & air conditioning. πŸ‘πŸ‘ •July 8th
stephaniewilson28 : Such a fun and creative idea!!
twosparrowsheadbands : Hi friend πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
tiffyb_23 : Looovvve train rides! So cute!
kymomma17 : πŸ’—πŸ’— thinking of you
amcvey16 - mama0fboys - cardinalechronicles - rjcan5 -
happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Introducing them to Miss Frizzle
happywife_happylife : @leaneeld good for you!
socialcyndi : Nudey bird buns!
jessicahorton525 : Cute!!
beewaggoner : I wanna reach out and pinch
mrsmclellan : Buns! So cute, Harrison loves the magic school bus too. (:
allydepartee : Best buns ever.
arielnbennett : Baby booties!!! My favorite! Almost every diaper change I have to pinch my little's booty because it's too cute! #momlife
kymomma17 : Yes πŸ‘Œ
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
My absolute favorite part about this long weekend: The four of us in our tiny pool today. I washed the boys' hair in it and Shawn let them wash his. I want the memory of it ingrained in my mind forever! July 6th 2014
ktmacblack : Love this pic!
allieeatswhole : πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
snowmommy : I love it. ❀️
nr_smith : So sweet
brittany1622 : They are just so big! How did your garage sale go? I have one this weekend, wish me luck. Lol
oh_happy_boys : what is beautiful memory! blessed!
leaneeld : Ahhh, so refreshing. We are bathing in the river. I went swimming for the first time this year and the temp was perfect!
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