Passionate pursuer of GOD, the written word, being courageous & living each moment well. My sons are my daily joy. My husband, my perfect balance.
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happywife_happylife - Amber
tiny spider sighting. Yesterday Hunter screeched and when I looked up he had a big bodied spider hanging from his eyelashes!
nnphoto : Eek😳lol
brittany.moorman : Ahhhhhhhh that would have been freaky
se7en_hoods : Just the sweetest little guys!!!
beccabozarth : I'd do more than screech! There's the spider shake and the spider stomp and the wiggly niggly spider gag.
allydepartee : We need a play day with our buddies
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happywife_happylife - Amber
We went out to dinner tonight
kimkoll : That's the kind of dining out I like.
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happywife_happylife - Amber
Another sick day, Hunter was sick, now it's Emerson's turn. While they watched tv this morning & ate waffles I read my Bible and worked out. Then we all sat here, they colored & I made a quick little puzzle for them out of things around the house. Now we're getting ready to go on a drive, the boys are grabbing toys and I'm about to double over yesterday's mascara. Gotta look good for the barista at the drive threw. Hello Tuesday! πŸ“ΊπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸŽ¨πŸš˜β˜•οΈ
kirsten_watson_ : I spy the tiny naked baby!!!!!! Lol πŸ˜‚
nay_nay84 : love the puzzle idea! genius!
happywife_happylife : @seajayshop @themrslandis @nay_nay84 Pinterest has a collection of so many good ones! πŸ‘πŸΌ
happywife_happylife : @kirsten_watson_ πŸ˜‚
happywife_happylife : @choerl 😚 you are!
happywife_happylife : @teamredden it's a good name 😘
allydepartee : Genius!!!
stevenmbarrett : You are such an awesome mom! You make life for your boys an adventure... whether it's indoors or outdoors.
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happywife_happylife - Amber
We ate a simple dinner together in the evening light. Only a single sweet potato fry & broccoli bits left. Pajamas on the boys and a book read, I put them to bed praying that they'd fall asleep quickly, their bodies so need the rest. 7:40 and our home is quiet. Thank You Lord. May they wake healthy, with less snot & a new boost of energy.
kstonephoto : You're a sweet, sweet mom
danabmethvin : I literally got onto IG because I wanted to see a post from you. You are the best xoxo
ilovefrenchpress - oceandrias - brittany.moorman - _bethanywheeler -
happywife_happylife - Amber
I feel like the luckiest girl in the world
tovetova : Yes! You are!!
ilovefrenchpress - caiquegoya - mfinkle3 - tobiyork -
happywife_happylife - Amber
Out looking for bugs before bed. (Emerson chose to dance instead)
pistolamy : I feel you, Emerson.
michele_fordice : πŸ˜‚ love you Emerson!
danabmethvin : I love that they are in their pjs!
ashleymorgan84 : So funny!
oceandrias - tobiyork - caiquegoya - mrssarahm7 -
happywife_happylife - Amber
Gosh I love them
callmejessicag : I love your boys! Never met you all but you've vast become my favourite family. You are an incredible representation of gods love,grace and favour x x x
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happywife_happylife - Amber
This morning Shawn stayed home with the boys while I snuck out for an hour of writing at a coffee shop and an hour of walking around the wildlife refuge by our place. It didn't matter that the sky was grey, the birds were singing and my soul was soaring along with them.
echo_zielinski : Sneak out with me soon!!
happywife_happylife : @echo_zielinski absolutely! Text me when you're free!
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happywife_happylife - Amber
Count your blessings. A reminder to myself. To practice, to do this, shifting my eyes, my mood, my spirit. Turning complaints into gratitude. Philippians FOUR:8
jesstinybird : Yes. So good.
thegiftoftoday : I just went to this verse after seeing this because I needed to be reminded of it---thank you! (P.s. It's 4:8 πŸ˜‰)
happywife_happylife : @thegiftoftoday I'm so glad! 😚 & I just noticed that as I continued to read... I'm tired πŸ˜‰
lattestone97 : I still love Amber font
sdeebarrett : So good. 😊
twosparrowsheadbands : So jelly @nnphoto gets to see your smiling face today!
kirsten_watson_ : I love you. ❀️
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happywife_happylife - Amber
Finding our best friends at the beach & playing for hours together made my month. @danabmethvin We adore you!
mfinkle3 : @danabmethvin Love Solo's face here!
danabmethvin : Ours too! We love you!
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