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Passionate adventurer! Living with all my heart, soul, mind and strength & working hard to make every minute count β€’this is our daily journal in picsβ€’
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
On top of Hotel deLuxe's parking structure for tonight's Rooftop Cinema with my soul sister & long time friend Tara! Wine, music and much bonding before the show. Praise God for dear friends!
topdown2014 -
happywife_happylife : #topdown2014
drnewell : Is that Tara Slankard? Or use to be Slankard
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Thinking about this space. Room 1027.
_twice_upon_a_time_ : Pretty room!😍
miss_biscuit88 : Vacation ?
kimkoll : So what happened in room 1027?
happywife_happylife : @miss_biscuit88 yes! I was in LA for a novel writing conference!
happywife_happylife : @kimkoll what happened in 1027 stays in 1027 ;)
miss_biscuit88 : Wow that's amazing! Hope it went well! πŸ“πŸ“–πŸ“š
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Sleep has been rough lately. These two love to laugh & play together! Especially at nap time and night. I've been standing, holding them and rocking them to sleep in the evenings. My babies are so much bigger now but I'm still holding on to those moments where there eyelids grow heaving and their breathing steadies in my arms. There's something so very intimate in those moments. Being a mother comes with much exhaustion, but these joys I wouldn't trade for the world.
happywife_happylife : @shwildwood so are you dear friend
happywife_happylife : @heidi_vinyard 😚
se7en_hoods : Hay sweet guys... Good to see you!!!
allieeatswhole : 😭😭😭 ditto! πŸ’•
samjanek : It's all consuming absolutely grafting life giving purposeful
shannonbozarth : I cannot handle how much cuteness is in this picture makes me want to scream or cry or giggle like a little girl. They are too cute!
mrs_pettee : Handsome boys
lifeat1521 : Holy moly this is the first pic of them where they look like boys and not babies to me!😒 (Don't hate me!)😬
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
mommieslittleprinces -
tleedom : I love Hunter's hair!!!
queenmomof2 : Sweet little hair cut!!! Love it!πŸ’™
rrredhead : 😍😍
_notsirius : Adorable!
eidegang : I've missed seeing their sweet faces 😍
oh_happy_boys : perfection!!!
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
The mess is okay.
drnewell : One of my neighbors had a sign hanging in her kitchen that always made me smile. It said "this mess is a place".....instead of this place is a mess.
naomigal : Thanks for this, beautiful.
jennakbush : Oh man seriously! Your heart is wonderful :)
summoon : I'm pretty sure you're inside my head...
shwildwood : The mess is reallllllll. The mess is totally okay! I wish you could see my house every single day.
leaneeld : Living in steelhead, bass and trout catching heaven on the Snake River, we have a sign in our house that states "he cleans fish...why not the house?"...I can relate to your domestic life!
arielnbennett : Beautiful
oh_happy_boys : I love this. I need to take note & stress myself much less over the mess!
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Outside writing and looked up to see that pretty little thing. -while I was away last weekend Shawn took the boys to buy a hummingbird feeder. I love that he just hung it from the gutter :)
mrs_pettee : We have feeders too! Every time I try to take a picture the hummingbird flies away. You got such a nice shot!
kimkoll : You have an amazing giving husband.
beccabozarth : We have that same one!!! Love hummingbirds.
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Another one of us Friday night. Because I adore him & could never have enough pictures of that smile! #happywife
happywife -
eddie_phillips : We like you guys...and need a little more of you in our lives. Before summers out maybe a BBQ at our place and then we can walk across the street and let the kids go crazy at the park after.
happywife_happylife : @eddie_phillips yes!! We would love that
eddie_phillips : Alright let's try to put in on the calendar soon. You guys going to the noon today?
happywife_happylife : @eddie_phillips we'll be at the 6. But we have your # & I'll have Shawn text you!
kymomma17 : You're lovely. πŸ’•
rjcan5 : Love this! You both look so great and VERY happy! I miss you guys!
snowmommy : 😍😍😍
leaneeld : Yes, I love Shawn's smile, too... Thanks to Dad & Mom's dental plan, ha! Glad you two make time for date night! Good job
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
my family, my friend
happywife_happylife : @tovetova xo
thelittlethingswedo : I love this coffee shop :).
happywife_happylife : @thelittlethingswedo me too :)
summoon : Me three :)
danabmethvin : I love Amy!
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Date night!
happywife_happylife : @thegraygang yes! 😘
happywife_happylife : @babyandbubba @tiffyb_23 I did! It was a perfect date ❀️
happywife_happylife : @lifeat1521 ☺️
happywife_happylife : @lauz_elizabeth thanks love!
happywife_happylife : @_vanessaboy absolutely!!
happywife_happylife : @thesehappytimes that's what I said :)
happywife_happylife : @beccabozarth so much fun!
eidegang : Love this!!
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
We do life together.
amanda_lorene : We need to make a Friday date!!
oh_happy_boys : 😍handsomes AND are those mint converse ?!?
choerl : 😍I miss you!
carrolinagirl216 : I adore the T-shirt and jeans look!! Those are some pretty awesome shoes too! πŸ‘ Peyton and Hailey's first shoes were converse. Can't wait to get Mac some!!
cbeaudry08 : They are so big now!
okyoupick : Cuties are growing up too fast!
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