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Passionate adventurer! Living with all my heart, soul, mind and strength & working hard to make every minute count β€’this is our daily journal in picsβ€’
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Mmmm cookies
kateschmida : They're getting so big πŸ’™
drnewell : Go Beavs!
lovebeardofjohn : Those boys are eating, Amber!!!
happywife_happylife : @lovebeardofjohn I saw your beard on Sunday! It was HUGE! on a screen high above those of us sitting beneath it 😳 miss your face
littlehen : Two minute peace. :) they have lovely fit figures
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
#fromwhereisit That's an egg carton 'city bus' full of people going to the zoo. Imaginations are magic! Come over and you'd hear Ben Harper, the boys laughing and talking, then arguing on & off, the sound of my washer going and my coffee cup being set down over and over and over again as I run off to take care of... everything πŸ‘
fromwhereisit -
jacischipper : Busy household noises πŸ‘Œ
stephaniewilson28 : I love all your pillows....your couch looks so inviting!
drnewell : Life as it should be
nr_smith : Let's have a play date πŸ‘¦πŸ‘¦πŸ‘Έ
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
That beautiful girl taking Hunters picture is my cousin Amy (for all who were wondering who was scrubbing my floors :) -she's been living with us for over a month now and we absolutely adore her!
beebeebrittany : sooo much fun!!
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
While the little gents nap. I like planning at least one special outing to do each week with the boys and something special for myself as well, wether it's a date with the hubby or a girlfriend, a performance to see or a party to throw. It always leaves me excited for the days to come & more aware of living each with as much intention as possible. Finding the balance in taking care of my sons & myself
kirsten_watson_ : I'm going to come eat ur snack! Yummmm ;)
feathered_sparrow : Inspiring
jessicalawhorn : I love that! I need to be better about that!
allydepartee : I want your snack!
lifeat1521 : Dude yes.
jessicah525 : Perfect πŸ’›
mrs_jfg : You are so wonderful! I'm looking forward to doing more with my little guy in the coming days.
littlehen : Reminds me of Stephen Covey guidance. Have you read his seven habits book?
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Sweet Monday, with quiet play after a busy weekend. Meal prepping, cleaning & music. Emerson & Hunter, happy at play and dear Amy scrubbing my floors!! Sept.15th
mrs_jfg : I don't know who Amy is, but can you send her to my house?πŸ™
brittany1622 : I love @mrs_jfg comment
brittany1622 : Zeke plays on our windowsill too
crispymomma : I love how peaceful your life seems. It's makes me strive to emulate that peacefulness in my own life when I can πŸ’–.
happywife_happylife : @crispymomma you are always doing such creative things for & with your children! I'm always encouraged by you in that πŸ’–
daniellaanderson : πŸš•πŸš—πŸš˜πŸš™πŸš–πŸš›πŸššπŸšπŸšŒπŸšŽπŸšƒπŸš‹πŸš›πŸš–πŸš‚πŸšβœˆοΈπŸš€πŸš€πŸš•πŸšƒπŸš—πŸš›πŸš˜
happywife_happylife : @daniellaanderson always!!! ❀️
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
My dearest friend is taking me to see Sam Smith at the end of this month!!
nay_nay84 : I LOVE him!
_twice_upon_a_time_ : I adore him! 😍 my brother has seen him live and says he's AMAAAAAZING!
deanna1079 : Listening to him now!!
nichollvincent : That's amazing!! Where are you seeing him?!
kellihansen : Ooh! I wanted to go see him at edgefield but they were sold out before I could get tickets!
daniellaanderson : 😻😻😻😻😻
sabrinastutz : All my sisters will be at that show! So bummed to miss it but, it's baby time😁
happywife_happylife : @nichollvincent here in Portland!! xo Should be good!
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
8am exploring. Coffee & donut holes at the park. Early morning family date with my three gents. Sept.14th Happy Sunday
se7en_hoods : Oh I love that totally!!!
janellhapp : Sounds perfect!
bonifous : That is a good morning!
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
isitjustmeordoyouwanttoeatyourkidstoo -
shewillshine : ❀
ikir : #iwanttoeatmykid
tiffyb_23 : #ifeelya #putsomeguaconthem
vbpsteph : I never understood the saying until my little guy cane along!
jennakbush : Yes! Baby cheeks!!
angytowns : Defs not just you! 😁
lisa_jay : Totally
kmhmeh : Not just you
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Tired boys, watching Wow Wow Wubbzy. Sept13th
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happywife_happylife - Amber Dawn
Sitting outside writing down the things that I'm thankful for, because jealousy tries to grip my heart with its fierce talons and I won't let it! #practicethankfulness
practicethankfulness -
expatwifey : Isn't that the truth?!?! Keeping a gratitude journal has been life changing for me. Even when I don't have access to it (although now there is an app for it!) I think of 5 things I am grateful for to turn my attitude around.
happywife_happylife : @expatwifey I love that. A journal dedicated to gratitude. It helps so much! xo
crispymomma : I really need to do that. I let jealousy steal my heart too often with Facebook, IG, and Pinterest. Must remember how good we have it ❀️.
amandanewell : "When you're jealous talk about it. And we'll figure something out" 🎢🐯❀️
lifeat1521 : Haha @amandanewell #youknowyoureamomwhen
syreenab : 😍❀️
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