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Hahah hell naw
samjed17 : @vidya_n πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
n_rounds_ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
bank904 : Wylin
hishighness313 : #JungleLove
localcelebrity_770 : Look hunny I do not bother you when you are out and about so can you not hold up the valet at Spondivits cause I would like to get a seat at the bar before it gets crowded. Thank you in advance! @hairweavekiller
lovejazmine_official : Bae cum bust in my mouf πŸ‘…πŸ’‹πŸ‘…
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My homeboy jus drop sum blues and they bout ready for the 5k whew!! I def need me a boy . Leave ya info he gone find ya
mms284 : @dowhatyoucankid
xxl_inkshop_bully : They Ain't His Dog I've Seen This Plenty Of Times
brucehuy : @anniemal37 5k each
brucehuy : @anniemal37 pretty sure that's elles ugly twin sister
curtwifey : @janaecieara
anniemal37 : @brucehuy looks just like Ellie but not as chubby
ryan__kendrick : @jvalladon @theguccimen
abu_william : @mayada2011
devinayoung1432 - 23ckjh32 - tvariousness_king - if_she_was_ur_girl -
hairweavekiller - hairweavekiller
#DontShoot @whenarichniggawantyou ft. @hairweavekiller @richforever @iamdiddy @therealswizzz @myfabolouslife @yogottikom @wale @djkhaled @spitta_andretti @problem354 @tyrese @therealtank @ginuwine & @kingphara0h https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dont-shoot-feat.-rick-ross/id913324810?ls=1 Proceeds go to http://www.gofundme.com/justiceformikebrown
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thatboyysam : We should make a song about how the media is ruining our country and making everything into a lie and the disruption in the political system....because making a song about another shooting...that the media turned into something it's not is totally a better idea...what an uninformed and broken nation...go on tho, keep ranting and keep" speaking out" , repaying" murder" with more crime, more murder and hate..,absolutely doesn't do shit....real change is what's need! It ain't about the shade of your skin, or how much you make...its about your damn heart and how much shit is inside it
colbyweatherspoon : @thatboyysam You are an utter idiot! Have you seen Ferguson?! I have! The shit is real! Until you've seen what's really going on, go cuddle up with your mom and have her read you fairytales and tell you how rap is full of lies. Everyone in this album is spittin the straight truth.
voluptuousvixen1978 : I live in St. Louis @thatboyysam not far from Ferguson and this situation is far from a lie!!!! Now from your perspective, this situation may be a lie. But welcome to our reality young man. It's clear that you have a lot to learn and this format is not large enough to teach you this country's history. I would suggest the library. In any event, I applaud 2Chainz and the other artists who have the amazing ability to reach masses and spread the word about the reality here in St. Louis. It's humbling to know that we have the support from afar. This city is in a state of civil unrest and we need unity in order to overcome these type of injustices. I never respond to ignorance but I wanted you to have a first hand account from someone who is living in the trenches. Have a blessed evening.
dirtbiketay_ : Das gon be a long ass song
jeffxxie : @thoul1 TURNT
swervebitch500 : The shit in Ferguson is really going on ns it's terrible!! @thatboyysam
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Seen thugga leaving the game ...ATL shit ....
mvxeo : @etherwoulf 2 chains sus too for taking a pic with Yung Thug
patrick_bedwell : @rachael_60
yungkappa : @mvxeo I was thinking the same thing
rachetpeople_facts : fick
tyrashornique : 2 of my favorite rappers!
mikey_basedworld : @lesane_p_crooks
blaccmoney34 : He's weak as shit
lovejazmine_official : Bae cum bust in my mouf πŸ‘…πŸ’‹πŸ‘…
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We jus having fun
lilmoe600 : Nicki minaj sextape 18 sec vids got taking off wshh @tharealspiffy Got the Video
cellgottagetit86 : Della Donne
nuglrd : @prophetinthemaking
rachelpintarelli : @jennapeepeehead
jewelchainz : Look at how perf her pony tail is!
money4pizza : Can i sex u?
hungry4thewin : Game Smooth like a rock but game bumpy like chris bosh
liiliiunbothered : Like always! 😊 😘 😘
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Man she almost won Simon says
suga_str8_flexin : @the_voodoo_magic_shop has changed my life! Her dolls and spells are the truth, my friends are all wondering how I brought a house and a new car in the same month. All thanks to @the_voodoo_magic_shop
emma_kline : @mawizzi
morrgganna : @krissdeca look at the fun we coulda had in ATL πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
cb_shawn : @hairweavekiller she got farther than i usually do
naomi_bb5 : @ej91blz creepy as hell
iimafukiinpriincess : Youre such an invested daddy <3 too many parents are ill equipped for the job.
viadiva87 : Too cute lol
tinettakeyon : Hoo was.t hmm at playing badkrybinm
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Dam child whole body gone be blue before we leave here smh
og_mkd : @leesaluxx
dero_mb : @aye_jerae
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teeqssssss : @alexirosati I am DYING
alexirosati : @teeqssssss LOL at the end he does ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
kayjacked : @lonnie_bonnie I miss Bae
yepitsred : @ttxgold
juliannehurley : @madisonbuchanan
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WNBA is fantastic !!! Me and my Lil one come to support the Atlanta Dream Team
isoob : @leonard_washington86
scubasteveradio : Yea if you like a shπŸ’©ton of layups... πŸ˜’
dguy2hawks : then we loss
pistol_pete4 : Like youu didn't get paid for the appearance and bonus for the insta shoutout @hairweavekiller
colbyjohns : @tylersmith3hunna @viiints @tgod_4life
flokkington : Look at @tync11 Lakkin on titty Instagram πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
king_t_g : Wnba but no ass😧
zobbz : @thekenster44 @danxy99
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My lil bros EP out today!! Chekk it!
connlaf : @lisacon24 @ameliahorton
lisacon24 : Omg he has a brother stop 😍😍 @connlaf @ameliahorton
1kiddb : I just sent you a DM !!!
1kiddb : Hit me back man !
iamjanisej : I see you at the Atlanta Dream can I come take a picture with you?
shelbygoldring : HIS LIL BRO @gilliankovacss
kanbeeikarlson : @tswagd3b what up. Kanbeeikarlson@gmail.com
tswagd3b : aight thanks bro @kanbeeikarlson
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A million miles in the air that's a lot of flying ..... let see can I get to 2 mill
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