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Christina - Hair Romance

πŸ’» NYT bestselling author & blogger ✈️ Travels @mrandmrsromance πŸ“· Also at @christina.butcher πŸ‘» Snapchat hair.romance πŸ‘‡Here's my new curly hair book!
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hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
Excited to be catching up with @karimamckimmie tomorrow and shooting some hair videos! Let me know if you've got any tutorial requests xx
quelle_uk : Cute X
divergentrealityau : Dutch braided pigtails
syn_bradshaw : Quiero ese lipstick @ziiiiiit
dani_offline : Thought that was you!! @b4becca
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hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
Thicken up your braids with scarves or ribbons, another idea from my 30 Braids in 30 Days ebook #30braids30days
30braids30days -
sandie_ann : How to do this?
evgenikalifestyle : perfect!β™‘β™‘β™‘
semraidrisova : πŸ’•πŸ’•
angelaivana : πŸ’„ help support MUAs Hun! Sign the petition. Link in bio πŸ’„
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hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
Pick up the waterfall sections to include back in your braid for extra detail
tinkerbeanpoplettes_hairdesign : Gorgeous
chris.viner : You should follow this account - great hair style ideas @marielviner @georgia_richh @pippa_day @zzara.pittionii
designeveryday : This is gorgeous, and is that you?
malibustacey_mua : @keltuckey
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hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
Frustrated with your frizzy, wavy or curly hair? Sick of all the Pinterest styles for curly hair that are actually in straight hair that's been curled? My brand new #curlyhairromance ebook is for you! I answer all your styling questions, plus share over 35 hairstyle tutorials. You can get your copy at a very special launch price at or click the link in my profile. It's time to embrace your curls and have fun with your hair 😊
curlyhairromance -
hairromance : @tammymac16 yay! Thank you so much! πŸ’›
hairromance : @rania553 thank you! I was so frustrated by those styles! Hope you're enjoying my book 😘😘
hairromance : @jamiedanahairstylist thank you! πŸ’›
hairromance : @jeanwithwheels48 thank you! 😘😘
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hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
No one makes half-up hair look as cool at @thisislandlife. Go follow her for summer inspiration!
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hera_in_the_mirror : πŸ‘‹
smotherlylove : @balioc see? I'm cool!
thisislandlife : Ooo top knots! Thanks for sharing πŸ’•
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hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
It's the final day of my #curlyhairromance hair challenge and that means my new ebook is here! If you have curly, wavy or frizzy hair, then you need this ebook. It's over 125 pages of hair tutorials, tips & tricks to help you master your frizz. You can get it now at a very limited special price at or click the link in my profile xx
curlyhairromance -
_sarahjensen_ : @hairromance hooraaaaaaay! So happy for you beautiful lady. I'm great thanks! Planning is underway for Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra workshops and I have a few corporate speaking gigs coming up too. ☺☺☺
hairromance : @_sarahjensen_ absolutely rocking those goals! Go you! Xx
evgenikalifestyle : astonishingly beautiful photos you have here!! love them all!β™‘β™‘β™‘
louiseowens_readme : Stunning!
yentlx_xeva - jewel_price6 - fo_marie - san_46_ -
hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
Now my hair isn't that long but this trick ponytail makes it look like it is! It's Day 29 of my #curlyhairromance and you can learn this tutorial and 35 more styles in my ebook. Link's in my profile or go to
curlyhairromance -
blessedmom3x : 😍😍😍
braiding_curls : Love, love, love it! πŸ’›πŸŒΌπŸ’›πŸŒΌπŸ’›
hairromance : @theodoraraptis @blessedmom3x @braiding_curls thank you! 😘😘😘
bigmega_cake : @hairromance 😍🍭 - leonie__ott - locksoftangles - uddhammar94 -
hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
And here's part 2 of my Day 28 hairstyle for my #curlyhairromance! Have you had a fave style from this month's hair challenge?
curlyhairromance -
sbond : Super cool
_effjaybee_ : @hairromance, I love them all and would like to buy the ebook... But my hair is pretty fine and my curls turn into dodgy ringlets. Are there many styles I could recreate do you think?
hairromance : @sbond thanks Steph 😘
hairromance : @_effjaybee_ oh definitely! I include variations for fine or short hair with lots of the styles and you'd you surprised how much thicker your hair can look when it's up. I also offer a money back guarantee so if you don't think it's for you, just email me for a refund xx
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hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
A classic style for Day 28 of my curly hair series! Wait to see part 2 of this style later! My ebook is about to launch and you can buy it now in my pre-order sale. Link is in my bio xx
curlsforever - curlyhair - hairromance - curlyhairdontcare - curls - curlyhairromance -
hairromance : #curlyhairromance #curls #curlyhair #curlsforever #curlyhairdontcare #hairromance
angietlc : I love your IG!
mademoisellemilu : Follow this lady πŸ’› @applemaryannegold
applemaryannegold : @mademoisellemilu I love her hair, so amazing
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hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
Your hair is your best accessory. Plus you can wear it as a headband too! This braided headband is Day 27 of my #curlyhairromance series. So excited to launch my ebook in just a few days! Have you ordered your copy yet? Xx
curlyhairromance -
howtobeorganised : Love it! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
hairromance : @mamastylista @emilybraids @designeveryday @howtobeorganised thank you lovelies! 😘😘😘😘
hairromance : @emilybraids yay! Do it!! πŸ’›
emilybraids : @hairromance i definitly am!
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