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Hairspiration daily & new tutorials every Tuesday. Nail love @nailromance & life love @mrandmrsromance & follow my travels at @christina.butcher
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hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
I'm trying more tutorials on my natural curls. Did you catch this week's tutorial? Click the link in my profile xx
hairromance : @champagnecartel πŸ™Œ curls x
hairromance : @eakeann90 thank you! I felt like we needed some real (& messy) curls 😘
hairromance : @helenasophiehair thank you! 😘
hairromance : @nannharwood @mariacamilla92 @chikas_chic @louiseowens_readme @salsal_floro thank you so much 😘😘😘😘😘
hairromance : @jeanx3kids3gkids7pets 😘😘
hairromance : @trenzasymastrenzas @kathryn_woods_ 😘😘
hairromance : @thesteviediaries thank you! It's so much easier to work with your curls than fight them xx
louiseowens_readme : Pleasure! This image really is so beautiful. I'm loving your posts!
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hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
Hello! I've been quiet on insta as I've been away this week. This morning we stopped by @goodeddy before flying back to Sydney. So excited to have @smaggle in the house for final prep before @littleblogbig tomorrow!
orangensw - orangefoodweek -
posieshoots : Good luck girls!! @smaggle
trenzasymastrenzas : Perfect as always! 😍
ekaterina_harper89 : @littledes_freya89
paula_lipari : Beauty and hairstyling account, would love if anyone would check it outπŸ˜„
littledes_freya89 : @ekaterina_harper89 nice love it.
hairromance : @braidsbunsandbeauty @misssjaney @trenzasymastrenzas @littledes_freya89 @ekaterina_harper89 😘😘😘😘😘
hairromance : @posieshoots thanks! It was so awesome xx
littledes_freya89 : Nice love it. So classic. Wish that my hair is long enough to tie it.
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hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
Attempting to be in at least 3 places at once this week! It's fashion week in Sydney and I held my Braid Bar last night too. I'm also away to Orange this week before my @littleblogbig workshop on Saturday. Can't wait!
mbfwa - behindthescenes - fashionweek -
hairromance : #mbfwa #fashionweek #behindthescenes
a.shushkof : Nice pic)
deborahdeluna : I'm in ❀️ your curly series!
hairromance : @deborahdeluna thank you! X
loveswah : If you have any spare time in Orange my parents have recently opened up a vineyard, Colmar Estate - 790 Pinnacle Rd if you want a wine tasting xx
hairromance : Awesome @loveswah! Hopefully we can swing it πŸ‘
ppo.t : Top ✌️
mamastylista : I've been looking out for you? 😘😘
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hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
Next week is going to be awesome! My Braid Bar is on Monday (only 2 spots left! - and then @littleblogbig on Saturday! So excited x
hairromance - hrbraidbar - hreverydayhair -
hairromance : @braidsbygrace 😘😘
hairromance : @manemessage thank you 😘
hairromance : @jess_bee18 I would love to! Hopefully soon xx
hairromance : @rosbeautyrush @rukecy its s dutch braid to a regular braid, one on each side xx
potentialpsychology : We do indeed @hairromance. I'm tempted to get more! The indigo ones look fab πŸ‘πŸ‘
hairromance : I love those indigo ones too... We'll have to coordinate next time we catch up πŸ˜‰
caitycaatt : @taboohaircare @taboohaircare
yasimalek : plz follow @telka_art_group
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hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
Hey Sydney bloggers! I'm hosting a special event with @smaggle on 18th April. Meet us at @littleblogbig to learn how to grow your blog with 2 full-time bloggers. You'll also network with a room full of awesome bloggers and take home a rad gift bag. Grab your ticket from the link in my profile. Who's coming? I am so excited πŸ‘―πŸ˜˜
hairromance : @liveitdoit awww thanks lovely! X
hairromance : @smaggle sooo excited xx
jeanx3kids3gkids7pets : Very exciting!!! Very Cool shot! 😘😘
hairromance : Thanks @jeanx3kids3gkids7pets xx 😘😘
photogra_fi : Yay !!! Go you good thing πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜
hairromance : @photogra_fi thanks lovely! πŸ‘Š
redcliffestyle : Great photo!
fabulousandfunlife : I absolutely love this photo!
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hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
Today's hair, I've been playing with new straighteners and I added two Dutch braids tied together #hairromance. Share your everyday hair pics with #HReverydayhair so I can see them xx
hairromance - hreverydayhair -
hairromance : @posieshoots 😘
hairromance : @crystel_hairstyles thank you x
ashleynicole_86 : New straightener. Any you recommend? I'm in the market for a new one. @hairromance
hairromance : @ashleynicole_86 Not allowed to talk about one yet! But will be able to post after 1 May...
beate_cb : Pretty :)
battnberg : @heart_brownie
beth.linc : So pretty!
hairromance : @beate_cb @beth.linc 😘😘
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hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
Pink hair don't care! #regram from @liztieu. Can't wait to share more of this fun project with @schwarzkopfau #SKColourCollege #nomorebadhairdays
regram - nomorebadhairdays - skcolourcollege -
missysueblog : πŸ’—
emrldcoastmama : Your hair!❀️❀️❀️
doodtgirl : @amber_tbs are u in melb? Awesome curl hairdresser here!
hairromance : @amber_tbs stop the next girl you see with great curls and ask where she goes!
hairromance : @amber_tbs and play with your part, switching sides gives you way more volume and can shift the triangle x
hairromance : @hairsbychristine @missysueblog @emrldcoastmama 😘😘😘😘😘😘
amber_tbs : @doodtgirl unfortunately no I'm in Florida! @hairromance I've tried that a couple of times but the triangle must be too heavy. Lol I'm going to make an appt with someone in my area that is supposed to be great with curls. Fingers crossed!
hairromance : @amber_tbs Good luck! X
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hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
Did you see my tutorial this week for curly hair? #hairromance #HReverydaycurls
hairromance - hreverydaycurls -
hairromance : @loveface_beauty ☺️ thank you
hairromance : @emhew87 see if @englishhair can come to you, or try @liztieu or @maxbrennerswife xx
hairromance : @jeanx3kids3gkids7pets πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
hairromance : @englishhair Backatcha 😘 PS. When are we trying olaplex on my hair??
jennheitz : Beautiful. Angelic pic! Xx
hairromance : @jennheitz aww shucks Jen ☺️😘
glamour.mama : Love it! (And why isn't there a curly hair emoticon?! It would explain so much in a single tapπŸ˜ΊπŸ‘β€οΈ) @hairromance
hairromance : @glamour.mama yes! We need a curly emoticon!
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hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
I've been asked about my haircut so here's a photo of my hair (semi-straight). You can see I have long layers. I used to have a V shaped cut at the back but I'm growing this out at the moment. If you've got any questions about my haircut, let me know and hopefully I can answer or @missyveyret & @stevieenglish can πŸ’
hairromance : Hope I'm not too late @nannharwood! Good luck at the hairdresser xx
majobaker : I got my hair that short
majobaker : And i am going to like a prom, but i dont know what to do with it. Tips?
nannharwood : I'll send you a photo when I'm done @hairromance !!
queenofthrift : @hairromance you have gorgeous hair Christina Xx
hairromance : @queenofthrift thank you lovely 😘
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hairromance - Christina - Hair Romance
Tutorial for this everyday curly updo on the blog today + tips for braiding curly hair (link in profile) xx
hairromance - curls - hreverdayhair - curlyhair - hreverydaycurls -
hairromance : @olivia.poncelet 😘😘
bethbowers91 : @flissaustin can we try this on my hair? X
yourstruly_anne : @jmarx0o
janszie : What products do you use @hairromance ?? I'm going back to my natural curl & Kevin Murphy's motion lotion is cutting the mustard.
hairbykennn : Pretty!
hairromance : @hairbykennn 😘
hairromance : @janszie for this I used pureology curl & a new L'Oreal curl cream. I'm always experimenting and love to hear your fave prods x
flissaustin : We can @bethbowers91 I love that!!!! Xx
alma_elna - sun_rac - aprilpekarek - rmati584 -
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