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Tag your gear photos with #guitarcenter and we'll share our favorites. All we sell is the Greatest Feeling on Earth.
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guitarcenter - Guitar Center
Are you going to #getoutandplay this weekend? tag your pics for a shot at a repost from us!
getoutandplay -
elias_mcdsipe6 : Yes! I have at gig at the Garlic Festival in Bloomington, Indiana. We are a trio playing blues/rock!
temilotzin : Ventura?
ethan_j_carr_ : Yea! #newyoungband #bassplayer
kayswolfpack : Gorgeous
20calebs : Yeah probably
the_james_southard : Yeah under the gateway arch
crazyaboutmay4 : Catalina Wine Mixer!!! boats and Ho's !!
mimiiemia : On the porch!
spitzers - austinknower206 - canta_slause - thatmanmata -
guitarcenter - Guitar Center
@rickenbackerguitars 1996 Special in Fireglo. See this and more at
rafaelallemany : 👀
cam_er_on_mann : @jamybowman94
artistmediabuilder : 👍👍 @kylelionhart ⚡️
pdubjamz : @im_an_alexander
fozziedabear : Available at guitar center Orlando!
jamybowman94 : @cam_er_on_mann the dream
tiallado : @ssmariina cagate!
20calebs : Yeah but there like more than a thousand dollars!
jwants99 - rock_out_riffs - alishahbazii - lexdice -
guitarcenter - Guitar Center
Project 391 series are the first publicly available cymbals from @zildjiancompany to be crafted from B15 alloy, renowned for its consistency and cutting sound. Learn more and hear sample clips at
mothstoaflame49 : @ryanoceros7
dannidischarge_ : Zildjian ♥
kordelltan : @elchinito316
miorshfq : A perfect set up
leogusmann : Set bom aí @felipececco
happyguyty : @zildjiancompany what's the ride?
renatinho_duarte : @tatianemilagre olha gata..que top
lyc921001 : 好闪
mfavero25 - chiaeliaz - smash1124 - alexeykhrulev -
guitarcenter - Guitar Center
@espguitars James Hetfield Iron Cross Electric in Snow White. See more at
dewabagaskoro : Beautiful
arshi_mh : Esp ish has aya ? @mahdiyar_rmz
mahdiyar_rmz : @arshi_mh too iran?? Esp peyda nemishe aslan che berese iron cross
arshi_mh : Na baw yeki iron cross ltd darim yekiam esp migam espish baraye foroosho in chiza has ? @mahdiyar_rmz
mahdiyar_rmz : @arshi_mh faghat special design james ba emza e khodesh has bara esp , k ba emza khodeshe va gerooooooone ha , LTD ro nemidoonam fek nakonam
___krebs___ : @officialmastersword1987
mohamad_tabae8 : @nehzat2
nehzat2 : @mohamad_tabae8 akh akh
edwincores - leorota7 - smash1124 - alexeykhrulev -
guitarcenter - Guitar Center
EDM World! Over 3,000 artists have registered for their chance to win studio time with @steveaoki, an opening performance slot at one of his shows, $10,000 cash, new gear, and more. Show Steve what you got and submit your remix to his track for your shot at greatness.
elbarbera : There's a lot of great electronic synth based music artists, Stockhausen, Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Ultravox, and the list goes on! But this is a poor, shit music! Cmon!
pirikingz : Music is it or leave it alone....simple as that....anything can be said about any genre of music (ex:an idiot playing a piece of wood with strings or a dumbass banging on wood with special type of plastic to be part of a band....not to mention the ones that have to blow and lift fingers to get that one specific sound....or the morons screaming into a microphone because they mad their dads don't let them scream in their own garage....I can keep going but my point is basically said....stfu and listen!
thexchord : @drc1287 don't be hating on guitar center
thexchord : Don't get me wrong, I hate electronic music, but I work at guitar center and we've got a cool thing going.
johnloverci98 : Computers ruined the talent in music
tofu_live_crew : Technology had made it easier to put out a sellable finished product, but it hasn't gotten any easier to produce something worthwhile.
quintero_carlos08 : @shaythedj
b.coster : Look at all the haters hating on things they don't even understand.
joff12345 - waxahnwaxoff_ - olympus_27 - rapanui224 -
guitarcenter - Guitar Center
Our friends @avengedsevenfold's Waking The Fallen: Resurrected' is in stores TODAY & available digitally worldwide! Get your copy now!
_mr.moose_ : @hmarcus92
gregzilla_killa : @alecazam18 @andrewski94 @oasis_gold
drummerboy_miked : @1smael_lozano
drummerboy_miked : @manofmusic_
harlan_plays_bass : @anthony_genovesi @__samgrossman__ GET THE A7X NAPKINS!
anthony_genovesi : WHAAAAT @HARLAN_PLAYS_BASS
pedro_frizzo_ : @thallysjostr
c_contamination : Picked up my copy a few hours ago!!
saleem.ahmad1999 - petr_navite - ethanb9762 - punk.rock.elsa -
guitarcenter - Guitar Center
Happy #straturday from our #Nashville Platinum Room. @fenderguitar 1962 Strat Alder Body 3-Color Sunburst Candy Tangerine, love the matching headstock! More info and photos at
nashville - straturday -
the1andonlyblakecarroll : Guitar center, can u do like some event with the band Rush? Ppppppppppppplllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz???? :)
the1andonlyblakecarroll : And if u can, maybe could u do something with paul mccartney??? Pleeeeezzzzz??? Thank u so much :)
supathor : I can't believe I'm actually doing this, but I you could follow my band page, I will personally follow you. We're working really hard on our new album, and it would be really great to have some support going before we launch. Thank you for reading and I hope you will follow @redistrictband
mynameisazie : if I have money I will buy it . hermmn
vondranate : I have this guitar!!
beau_eavenson : I play guitar bass and drums lol
guitarverse : If you want daily guitar videos, check out our account.
mahdiyar_rmz - voodoochild_14 - anthony25906 - punk.rock.elsa -
guitarcenter - Guitar Center
@steveaoki has partnered up with us to search for the next up and coming EDM artist! Submit your remix to his track "Delirious feat. Kid Ink" and you could win studio time with Steve.
ginrummyjr : You're right @00tgo1 it's because we don't need to be stoned to listen to music.
00tgo1 : Hahahaha @ginrummyjr
blylip : yesterday'
johnloverci98 : Yeah totally mash a few songs together and you are an "artist". This is not music what happened to the real talent wen people didn't sit behind a computer to make it?
baseball_fan77 : Finally someone agrees wit me @ginrummyjr
pnxuzr_ : dj?
ginrummyjr : I got you @baseball_fan77
ginrummyjr : It's not music if you can play it for hours and not get tired!!! @baseball_fan77 @00tgo1 @eshaanarora99
azies_maulana1990 - sweet_childd_ - demianw - dhaksa -
guitarcenter - Guitar Center
#Repost from @guitarcenterceo --- To all those who've called me out, sorry everyone....Can't do it. Doctor's orders... :) $$ on the way! MP #IceBucketChallenge
icebucketchallenge - repost -
i_am_darien : I thought Dr. Phil was just a counselor?
organgrinderx : Pocket change for that ceo
angelivazquez : It's a donation for a reason. You give whatever you want and $500 is more than $0. @jshedlock5518
c_j_midget : Hahaha this dude just gave out his address hahahah
doth_ruben : How much did you give @jshedlock5518?
duramax_g : @c_j_midget it's the address of the corporate headquarters.
shugashack : Fuck the ice bucket shit. We look like spoiled fucks in the eyes of those that have no water.
programminghippy : @shugashack and we are going through a fucking drought
noexscapeband - khaledsaid1121 - liamvossen - lilleprechaun7 -
guitarcenter - Guitar Center
Special thanks to @colbiecaillat for a great shoot at #guitarcenter #hollywood today- Keep an eye out for the video coming soon!
guitarcenter - hollywood -
cree_kate_41 : Check
artistmediabuilder : 👍
thewoodenmilano : @guitarcenter the black Guitar is aMartin D-42 Johnny Cash?
martinguitar : #martinpride for our #ambassador
blacklightninggallery - cedp44 - the.hey.heys - __james_hetfield__ -
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