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Viva la πŸ’£ #grenadegloves #grenade
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grenadegloves - GreNaDE πŸ’£
In NYC it's really easy to find a backside tranny. Also there's nothing feeble about a @braydonsza feeble. Photo cred: @andielloway
slayin_buttcheeks : You mean a tranny backside 😬
zachmaannn : I don't want to be that guy.. Buttttttuhhhhhh... Guys... Come on.
murphyschrom : Is that Johnny Mac on the right. Lol!
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grenadegloves - GreNaDE πŸ’£
@dannykass about to drop in at the #knowshow
knowshow -
_trishdli5h_ : Poco loco chico
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grenadegloves - GreNaDE πŸ’£
Take the Grenade Skate Initiative challenge! Start tagging photos to #GSI the photo with the most likes wins a free @grenadegloves t-shirt & stickers! Your photo will be featured here on our gram and blog. Get skating soldiers!
gsi -
coltf0rty : @kylehinze @youvegotnolove
paperplane_pilot : @thecillasnow
driven_dreamer : @adamnstagram @marinaedithsanchez @megscaroline SIGN ME UP FOR WINTER!!! @bertronstagram @jordlikestoboard @ehgentorange @live4freshpow
dast357 : @airicka_g πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
gibzmademedoit : @brendanmattson
jonnewton13 : @chesterjfk
snomac : @xbrandoex @ryangilkey fuck summer!
sashaw00d : When does it end?? @grenadegloves
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grenadegloves - GreNaDE πŸ’£
To all our friends: Remember that you have a safe place to sleep tonight. #WARISHELL remember you are fortunate and blessed. To all our service men and women thank you for keeping us safe. To all nations across this earth we can overcome any difference, it all starts with a friendly hello. Let's end this, it's our generation and it's our time. Let's put our boots down to #MakeGlovesNotWar
makeglovesnotwar - warishell -
kylemoritzkat : Amen @grenadegloves
jedalves : Down with the brown!
mcelroy016 : @ballistic_teddy to secure peace, is to prepare for war. Palestine fired first, Israel fired back and made them sit down. What did Palestine do? They cried that Israel is destroying them. Karma plays a big role. I don't want to start a debate just my 2 cents.
jonnytindal : Israel are firing at civilians, 2 days ago they hit a children's hospital. Hamas are evil but the state of Israel is freely enjoying barbaric ethnic cleansing and they are supported by your country.
jonnytindal : PEACE
ibble333 : to know who started here you habe to go back about 70 years.. palestina fired first is the greatest bullshit i ve ever heard.. dont belive everything your goverment is telling you.. especially te us goverment is lieing about the whole situation because they want to sell more weapons to israel and they need a explanation to do that.. so they telling you bullshit in the news.. all to say is.. especially when you are in the us dont belive the bullshit they are telling you..
lewisfort : @thira2
jeeprubicon10a : I call bull shit these ppl have been fighting since the beginning of man and they'll keep fighting until we're all convert to Islam or become slaves. Just look at their history this is going to end only 1 way. So you better pull your head out of your ass and gear up for what's coming cause the fat lady is about to sing.
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grenadegloves - GreNaDE πŸ’£
When in the trenches potassium is a soldiers best friend. @dannykass knows this better than anyone. @agendashow #NYC2014 who's at the #KNOWshow ?
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chompy94 : Those look delicious! @grenadegloves @dannykass
miss_kore_ : πŸ‘Œ looks bomb @dannykass
dirtyjoedirt4 : 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌
knowshow : Yes!
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grenadegloves - GreNaDE πŸ’£
@tomerikryen in EYES πŸ‘€ go to to see the full vid starring @braydonsza, @dannykass, #haculla #EYES
haculla - eyes -
theyoungandbrave : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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grenadegloves - GreNaDE πŸ’£
For those of you that missed @agendashow NYC here is a 42nd street style #peepshow of our spring 15/16 headwear. Do your duty, if your local shop doesn't carry it, DEMAND IT!
peepshow -
2wheelboard : Give @utah777 one for his pic
utah777 : 😍 I love hats!!!
utah777 : @2wheelboard
mikecarter777 : @grenadegloves bringing the heat! #Roses for @dannykass
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grenadegloves - GreNaDE πŸ’£
@dannykass in EYES on NYC. #GSI join the conversation at πŸ‘€πŸ”₯
gsi -
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grenadegloves - GreNaDE πŸ’£
#throwbackthursday to a time in 2001. Anybody have a good @_sketchyd story they can tell? #GMALIFE 😲. @laneknaack @clancy_kyle @dannykass @daveschiffs
gmalife - grenaduh - throwbackthursday -
kevin_pontrelli : @derekheller
lil_heffy : I still watch this fucking dvd... often
samblamhill : Makes me think of youth brigade and some full metal edges!
justin_dega : @grenadegloves How about living in the vons parking lot in the dead of winter and Danny saving him from impending hypothermia.. I love skethcy!
vons_dad : I remember feeding his broke ass on the reg @ nik-n-willies.. #gottakeepthehomeysfed
zjwflippers : @lil_heffy What DVD is this?
zanepeck : @_sketchyd always giving me that advice about girls when I was 13, I had no clue what he was talking about back then, but now I do. Thanks Dennis, you're the only reason girls can handle this hot fire for more than 2 minutes, 10 years later I still follow your Italian Babe Bible like it was yesterday.
_sketchyd : πŸ˜‚ @zanepeck
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grenadegloves - GreNaDE πŸ’£
Here's your morning mantra from @dustincraven "a plant on the lip is worth a 1000 words, a plant below is...uhh, well then your just playing with it" #grenadegloves #hoodlife #handplant
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expnvm : Fuk yea u goons
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