Greg Lutzka

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greglutzka - Greg Lutzka
Here is one of the first frontside 360 kick flips I filmed in the streets with @DrPurpleTeeth !! This is the final 31st clip of the month !! Who wants to keep the throwbacks coming ??#LutzkaThrowback 31/31 ▢️πŸŽ₯
lutzkathrowback -
matt.ableson : So dope
_jackdenny : @adam_.j @theebutteriestledge @max_coletto fuq
theebutteriestledge : @_jackdenny what the fuck i didnt even see it flip.... 360 is hard enough over a long ass gap like that
theebutteriestledge : @yungdunc @rileyqueer
es_sk8r_gurl : Siiiiick
_fraanciroldan_ : πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ„
thomas_morrison666 : That was fucking sick
lukestahley : #crowaddicts #Crowmygod
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greglutzka - Greg Lutzka
This stuff is awesome !!! @Onnit Coral Calcium harvested from the untouched beaches of Brazil πŸŒπŸ‘ #Onnit #GetOnnit
getonnit - onnit -
johnnydubwize : Haha, harvested from untouched beaches? Haha, jokes yo.
sir.real : ... How can they be "untouched" if they have been harvested?
smithbone : @sir.real I don't think @greglutzka is a scientist, just passing the message that they mean that it's a baron, non-public beach where no people reside assholes go and leave garbage and trash.
nomradic : Calcium can be found elsewhere. Don't eat our coral..
sir.real : ... I know what he meant @smithbone I'm not a scientist either, but it doesn't take one to understand that statement was an oxymoron.
smithbone : #subliminal #fubar
faugusto_ : Do braza!!!
skategav : He just liked my vid
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greglutzka - Greg Lutzka
Here are a couple more throw back tricks while filming for the united by fate film making this the 30th of 31 clips to come for the rest of this month !! #LutzkaThrowback 30/31 Filmed By: @DrPurpleTeeth ▢️πŸŽ₯
lutzkathrowback -
es_sk8r_gurl : DAYUUUUUUUUM!!πŸ‘πŸ‘
danubianuness : @lukasgmello
jasondavies3995 : Shredden
detaart_96 : Fuck yeaaaah!!
fazren.f : the best!!
murilo.marques_ : Nice @greglutzka πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
saltgod : oooooh shat!!! @devinnblanco @curtshredsbra @that_boy_figgy @thatboiwil @camfoster @c_ron82
tetrahidroskateboard : Bem doido!!!!
mikejobling - john_kozuch - liam17 - kusum_dfgse -
greglutzka - Greg Lutzka
I feel very blessed to be able to travel all around the world, over the years, from skateboarding. Every place is a brand new experience and it’s a lot of fun to see the different parts of the world and the way people live. I'm always looking forward to where the journey brings me next. As I was digging through my old footage I decided to throw together a little edit of our South Africa trip from a few years back. Enjoy!!! #SouthAfrica #Kimberly #HappySkateboarding βœˆοΈπŸŒπŸ‘
kimberly - southafrica - happyskateboarding -
kellyrossi : Maloof Money Cup!!
shinebright_brizzy : One word SPECTACULAR πŸ”₯
sofo_real : Awesome!
juanignaciobed : @schmidtmatias
elij.ahh : Song?
es_sk8r_gurl : Amazing!! I can't wait for skateboarding to take my son all over the world!! @greglutzka he so deserves it he's put his life and all into skateboarding he eats drinks and sleeps it!!
dabruinbfake : Thank you for all the inspiration..
mishaskova : Amazing @greglutzka
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greglutzka - Greg Lutzka
Frontside Flip Fridays !!! Photo credit: @RobbieCrawford πŸ“·|| @RockStarEnergy @OsirisShoes @RictaWheels @MobGrip @IndependentTrucks @FkdBearings @Ethika @kickerAudio @Nectar @Onnit @RockwellWatches @HuckSupply @OC_Ramps @HarleyDavidson @GoPro #GoPro #Hero4
hero4 - gopro -
robbiecrawford : πŸ™Œ
murilo.marques_ : Nice !!
bobbysgotstezroberts : Always killin it. We should all shred and grab a brew or somethin! πŸ™
liveskateboards : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
_alvaroskt : Omfg men ..Tnx for the like dude make me cry...
ivanmonteirosk8 : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š @greglutzka
es_sk8r_gurl : Dope pic!!
j.esparza21772 : Jajaja
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greglutzka - Greg Lutzka
Readddddy Go !!! Name Some GOOD Songs !! I'm looking for a NEW song for my next video part !!! πŸŽ€πŸŽΆπŸŽΈπŸŽ§πŸ‘
thomas_gorsuch : @ricardo_martinez_661 yess but also ac/dc shoot to thrill
kyle__cortez__ : Good song but i doubt hell use it since ryan sheckler already did @emma.mrh
smithbone : "Why not tonight" or "everyday the same" - ivy green @greglutzka
scottie__crunkskaterkid__huett : ASKING Alexandria - final episode
mistahwrong : @greglutzka creed -higher
jakeskatewalker : Alive - P.O.D.
jakeskatewalker : Or the passing - Lamb of God
theearsofdoom : Com Truise has some good shit, I think someone already used Data Kiss for a part, but it might have been another song. Really good music for editing to
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greglutzka - Greg Lutzka
Here's a fresh NEW line we filmed yesterday at a the foundation spot in LA || Filmed by @DrPurpleTeeth !!πŸŽ₯▢️ @DarkStarSkate @RockStarEnergy @OsirisShoes @RictaWheels @MobGrip @IndependentTrucks @FkdBearings @Ethika @kickerAudio @Nectar @Onnit @RockwellWatches @HuckSupply @OC_Ramps @GoPro #SkateLife #SkateEveryDamnDay #KeepPushing
skatelife - skateeverydamnday - keeppushing -
vanillakilla666 : Sick nasty
thenewmaster_p : @brent_strittmater @dmorrbrf @topher86
racamandaca : Sick style ...... Que estlio tan brutal
grandmaha : Magical flick.
adroner : πŸ™ 😨 πŸ˜€πŸ‘ so strong
big_ket : sabes mucho brother πŸ’―πŸ’ͺπŸ™
naomiyarhymetoa : Raaad‼️Coolβ™ͺ( ´θο½€)γƒŽ
gotsodapop : What the fuck😱
yohan_toledo - traashking - trevorsparents - doseofdopeness24 -
greglutzka - Greg Lutzka
Who can guess what trick this is ?? Stay tuned for the full video to be posted later today.πŸ”œ
bunchkowski : Benihana finger flip to Garcia Vega switch blunt slider?
jackfuckingpeat : Front 270 nosebluntπŸ‘ŠπŸ”₯
marcelopiolho : πŸ‘
skate_game_to_strong : Blunt
shoveit_esparraguera : πŸ“·πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯πŸ’£
holly_esposito_ : Dope photograph !!!
justinfabus : Learn new tricks B! Less time hunting photos to like
_dcascino_ : @kai_olo_hia @tboscacci
nick_shaw_blah - mikke._ - traashking - danielarocan -
greglutzka - Greg Lutzka
Here's a few more taking it back just a couple years ago .This is the 29th of 31 clips to come for the rest of the month !!! #LutzkaThrowback 29/31 ▢️πŸŽ₯
lutzkathrowback -
cristianmag : @kevfoy @a1ex_barragan first clip is Tustin
a1ex_barragan : @cristianmag I was looking at the rail a couple nights ago but there's a fence infront of it now
cristianmag : @a1ex_barragan the rail is knobbed too
a1ex_barragan : @cristianmag you can still go through them since they're completely welded on
sandrakiler46 : rtertert
shoveit_esparraguera : @greglutzka style πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
gudryan_ghiringhelli : Base
franky_______ : @47sense
i_am_juless - naomiyarhymetoa - coreypoke - dylan_the_skaterr -
greglutzka - Greg Lutzka
Here's a few throwback tricks from the Europe Munster Worldcup Mastership Contest in 2003. It was my first time flying over seas to Europe skating in a pro contest and ended up taking 1st place. After this moment I knew I wanted to move to California !! Skateboarding is all I wanted to do. This is the 28th of 31 clips to come for the rest of the month !!! #LutzkaThrowback 28/31 ▢️πŸŽ₯
lutzkathrowback -
reberthdist : Haha, i've been there with my dudes - Partying and Watching the contests πŸ‘Œ
es_sk8r_gurl : Cali is the state of fun in the sun and skateboarding lol @greglutzka good choiceπŸ˜ƒ
sabrinabreezy420 : Thats dope
antonilopez24 : Sick
haziqsk8 : Sick
robertofaisk : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
malcolmxwillis : Good times in those days
keegan.foster.7 : Reminds me of tampa
siroccocirca - zombieskate - tanner_cellardoor - j.esparza21772 -
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