I left everything behind to travel the world & follow my dreams. Live with purpose, act without fear & never lose hope. // Latest post below >>
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greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
"Twenty years from now you'll be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than the ones you did. So sail away from the safe harbor. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain
carriec : Love love love the quote. 💙💙💙
bonjour_mes_amies : 😍inspiring quote
vanessa6186 : Ain't that the truth @lisi2189
lisi2189 : @vanessa6186 Life is an adventure!
ester_in_wonderland : Have a wonderful weekend my deAr ♡
lina140100 - cathyninio - ggong_eee - jasyu22 -
greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
Live a life that will inspire you and others every single day. With love, from New York. ♡
rachelle_chantong : 🙏
champagneschauerz : I❤️NY
chihuahualuvver : 🚖🚖🚇 Beautiful!
carriec : Yes! Gorgeous photo.
lindseyraex : I need to give u ur dress still!!! Call me if ur here this weekeend
nathtafner : Perfect
neatersue : Beautiful
rlugo19 - pablo.saucedoortega - piggelypooh - kingfisher73 -
greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
Good things come to those who wait. ♡
rachelle_chantong : Thank you for continuing to inspire your readers :)
ester_in_wonderland : I hope so ...
greaseandglamour : @ester_in_wonderland it will. Hang in there. Be patient but work hard and embrace the journey! ♡♡♡
greaseandglamour : @helloashleyr @sparkandfizzle @timberwar @ginaakat @thelifeobserved @arushikhosla @broadway009 @rachelle_chantong thank u thank u thank u ♡
ester_in_wonderland : Ur sentences make me happy...thanX darling ♡...I should be hopeful & optimistic...Have a wonderful weekend...
tsilvaribeiro : 😊✨ lovely
sandrayvette1 : Beautiful!
clee518 : So pretty
dads29 - lydiong - blueapple17 - andnoow -
greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
"Remember that the decision to start the healing process is entirely up to you. So when you're ready, get out there and take a chance on yourself to find peace past the pain." From my new post: 10 Things I Learned While Dealing With the Death of a Loved One // link in bio
carriec : So much wisdom. Much love to you, Jinna.
timberwar : Love this photos
ester_in_wonderland : ♡
yessiyesr - wanfang_you - dontimurio - cris_martinho -
greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
It'll be two years on Sunday since my father left this world, and I still get scared sh-tless at times - some days are harder than others when you feel alone at 26, waking up finding yourself in a new bed, couch, room or city. I suppose being a victim to doubt is inevitable sometimes, but I hope you refuse to be a victim of regret. I hope you won't apologize for who you are and how you've changed because of life's challenges, however crazy, intense, passionate, outspoken or quiet you may be. You're imperfect, complicated, but just as beautiful and wonderful because of your scars. Strength is built, and it's a gift of circumstance that not many people are given. ♡
champagneschauerz : I love uuuu and this pic of u!!!! Omgsh lol hi dad 🌠❤️
jazzzyb_ : ❤️❤️ you're amazing! He would be so proud of you and the strong woman you have been in his absence.
lauraparisi19 : It's been 6 years since my mum passed away. The emptiness and sorrow of losing her is always with me. But I have learnt to cope with it. Time is the greatest healer. I can feel her around me all the time. Many the memories you have of your beloved Father remain forever in your heart. Sending you lots of love and peace @greaseandglamour
nikkirock12 : ❤️cheers to your Daddy @greaseandglamour I know he's proud of what you've done and all those you've inspired along the way ❤️
mizivoryrose : Look at your chubby cheeks! So cute! Be strong girl your father is watching over you and giving you his love and guidance <3
ester_in_wonderland : Cheers 2 Ur daddy...
greaseandglamour : @katpal007 I uploaded a new post just for you :) link is in bio. Sending you love ♡
rutinoe : A daddy's big smile of happiness
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greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
Sometimes you've got to stop dreaming, wake up and act. Time waits for no one. ♡ (New post - 5 Things You've Got To Do in Reykjavik, #Iceland // link in bio for those who want to read) With love, from #Iceland
iceland -
trulovexistht : Jaw dropping photo 😍😮😮 @greaseandglamour
trnhryk : Going back to Iceland asap because of you
leirai : Wow, Jinna!!!! This photo is amazing.
alysiawebster : beautiful! & inspiring, you've captured Iceland in the most brilliant way!
carriec : Such a stunning image! And your words hit me hard. In a good way. 😊
lconick : Bribery for sitting in the stroller? @mserpa123
sellami_ : Gorgeous!
rutinoe : Wow you are at the end of the rainbow...and finding a pot of gold..
stvsn106 - jhon_jario - diyana.mahad - dropsdehortela -
greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
Don't let success get to your head. Don't let failure get to your heart. ♡ With love, from #Lyon
lyon -
lauragalv : Love this!
_neschi : Inspiring <3 👏
carriec : Wise, wise words.
miss_vvvictoria : n
miss_vvvictoria : Not bad(*▽)ノ
swagronyc : Gorgeous
sjkwon - 222thejc - yunki_lee - good2be_em -
greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
How can you expect someone to fight for you if you don't fight for yourself? Be strong. ♡ With love, from #Iceland
iceland - latergram -
kilmorrissey : @southpole_y
rutinoe : In Iceland already? Wow, what a view!
jeppegoll : A Code Orange has been issued in light of increased likelihood of an eruption in Bárðarbunga volcano
carriec : Beautiful sentiment! And love your coat. 💙
carriec : @kellypurkey - Iceland!!
greaseandglamour : @rutinoe it's a #latergram :P
rutinoe : 😃
rutinoe : @greaseandglamour I am relieved coz I heard about the volcano
vion_wang - drtnomo - jeightythree - ceb798 -
greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
Fall head first. Don't let fear guide you - you'll only be left with regrets in the end. ♡ With love, from #Paris
paris -
dametraveler : 💖
sapanator : Thanks for reminding me. I feel like my fears hold me back sometimes.
rachelle_chantong : 🙏
ester_in_wonderland : Woah ♡♡♡
carriec : Beautiful. Love from Paris back to you. 💕
dwo34 - mart1na3 - lapetitecossaise - sandi1995virgo -
greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
Traveling alone is an amazing way to heal. So swallow your pride, conquer your fears and take the chance to explore the world – for yourself, by yourself. (From my new post, "5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone at Least Once in Your Life" - link in bio) With love, from the vineyards of #Provence, France
provence -
magitekknight : @turonori zulke fotos wil ik ook maken xD
naty516 : @thattgirlxo
naty516 : @ricesuit valid point
turonori : Ik ook @magitekknight
ester_in_wonderland : Oh My gosh ♡...Lovelyyyy place ♡
ester_in_wonderland : @runeerich
ester_in_wonderland : @negr85 Lovelyyyy place...
shesfacingfreedom : @iowanielani such inspirational messages
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