I left everything behind to travel the world & follow my dreams. Live with purpose, act without fear & never lose hope. // Latest post below >>
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greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always. ♡
medhew : Paris is so amazing right guys? 🇫🇷😍
adebkk : @greaseandglamour I love your pictures :)
timberwar : love the colors of your feed!
adrienney : OMG I need to go here at night
awnolation : I live in front of Paris but I've never been at Le Louvre by night *^*
alexeykhitrov : @medhew yes, right you are
vicente_fashions : Take a look at my shirts
alexeykhitrov : @awnolation good morning. You live in Paris all the time?
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greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
"People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." ♡ Sending you all love from #Paris.
paris -
champagneschauerz : ily
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greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
It's scary to feel alone in this huge world - to lose someone who you knew would love you and support you no matter what. Someone who raised you and sacrificed their entire life to give you opportunities and never ask for anything other than your success and happiness in return. The pain I feel when I miss him will never go away but you reach a point when you realize that the person you miss is never really gone. They are here with you in spirit. Your legacy lives on through me so thank you for giving me a greater purpose. No matter where you're from, what you do, what you look like or your age, we are all souls full of spirit, born with hearts capable of selfless love. I'm turning 26 in two days. Wish you could be here with me. This is the last photo of my father I took before he passed in 2012. Don't ever lose sight of your dreams, and please remember that you're never alone. ♡
shoghnem : This is so touching. My father left me and my 3 brothers at a critical age in each of our lives after having moved to a new country. I craved and longed for his guidance throughout the years. Be happy that you had 24 wonderful years with him. God bless.
mccuel : Look at all these amazing souls/men that we were lucky to have. It's been 3 years since my dad passed away and he was my favorite guy. The missing/sadness keeps changing, but life keeps moving and so do we. Jinna, you are a good one and looks like you're picking up where our dad left off ❤️.
xuqian1234wo : be happy ,he will happy too
msdianaly : Beautiful.
sofiedepuisparis : Nice picture ... Bon courage 😘
cocobk : Your journey is beautiful. I teared up!
teresarenha : I know exactly what you feel cause I don't have my mom and dad with me, both gone due to cancer. I miss them so much, but you're right, their spirits are always with me!
cyndiixpii : @greaseandglamour my dad passed on July 26th last year & I turn 26 tmr. Dad would have also been having a birthday on Aug 1. It's been hard this last week, but I know I'm celebrating his life and making him proud. #staystrong
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greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
Don't ever stop following your dreams. Life is too short to spend it settling for less. You deserve the world. ♡ With love, from #Paris.
paris -
vickrenner : You go girl!!! Amazing!!!
sk.sara : Nice photooo... greeting from rabat
josie_in_japan : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
paigeknittel : 😍😍😍
mattymo3 : Yasssssssss📷
readytwowear : 👊👊
naomi_036 : Your so pretty... Love all the pics and thanks for sharing and inspiring;)
wansaldanha : Beautiful place, beautiful woman!
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greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
I've always been a dreamer and now I'm a believer. Hope was once lost but I've found it again, cherishing today and looking forward to tomorrow. Forever grateful. ♡ Happy birthday to my dear brother @jayjyang - I know our father is watching over our family and is so very proud of him, as I am. I love you bro. With love, from #Paris.
paris -
missjhoang : I love this view from the top. ❤️
jodiblk_ : wow
anhede : Come visit in Sweden when you are done i France :)
alb_nual : Amazing shot!
andelecrowther : I have a pic just like this💕💕
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greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
Snapped this photo of the protest for Palestine right before the police used tear gas to break up the crowds. We could still smell the gas four blocks away. The feeling of being here was indescribable. There's so much going on in this world that we don't think about or even see or read on the news. An unbelievable day today in #Paris.
paris -
gookstagram : @greaseandglamour jump onto vice news for on the ground reporting of the conflict.
tamaranajm : @greaseandglamour Good point! The US media censors us from it.
shokes718 : I'm Palestinian so I love this!! Thanks for the pic. #freepalestine
axlif : Be safe!
schmidtomy : #freepalestine#gaza
wansaldanha : #Endhamas #peaceisrael #peacepalestine
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greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
Life is just as much a scale of greys as it is black and white. Appreciate the in-between as much as you do the extremes. Coast. // Exploring the beautiful #10thArrondissement with @nadmotion
10tharrondissement -
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greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
I hope you find the strength to make a decision and never look back, the courage to continue even when it seems impossible, and the wisdom to recognize that all things happen in this world for a reason. ♡ #Supersun setting over #Paris.
paris - supersun -
adrienney : I think I get in super early on Monday 😩
imjustmefashionblog : ❤️
jeightythree : Beautiful
rutinoe : Always good shot!
iloshyy : @diyana.mahad @nahar_faiz ✔️👍
happycrumb : ❤️
samad_javaid : Breath taking scene
slice_ofmylife : 👍
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greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
Falling in love every single day. Isn't that how life should be? ♡ #123Sebastopol, #Paris
paris - 123sebastopol -
pedroivocp : moved for good to paris? ;)
greaseandglamour : @pedroivocp nooo just here for work :) headed to london soon!
allyrharris : What a beautiful outlook on life 💛 love your photos!
bethgharper : Ahh when will you in the UK? 😊
greaseandglamour : @allyrharris thank you! ♡
greaseandglamour : @bethgharper next week some time!
bethgharper : @greaseandglamour ahh! Depend where in the UK and if you are at all free I'd love to meet up with you!
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greaseandglamour - JINNA YANG
Someone tried to rob me today while walking down the street. Thank God he wasn't lucky and ended up running away empty handed. It happens to a lot of people while abroad, so please be careful! BUTTTT a scary morning turned into an awesome afternoon 'cause the sun is shining, the sky is blue, just checked into an awesome hotel and I'm celebrating life. Sometimes it takes bad things to happen to help you appreciate the good. ♡ Cheers from #Paris.
paris -
adrienney : Happened to me the first day in Rome, someone opened my backpack. Man, REALLY?!
adebkk : @greaseandglamour emailed again :) let me know.
mzluvdalight : Thank God you're ok.
happycrumb : Glad you're okay! Beautiful photo!
mushroomstew : Beautiful view!
eggcanvas : 💛💛
nadmotion : Oh man! Love that wall!!
chriswchan : Three gypsies stole my iphone in Paris in November. Glad you made out better. Cool blog. 👍
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