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glaad -
The incredible @laurabenanti tells LGBT people that she's #GotYourBack. Join her in the link in our bio!
gotyourback -
mrericschaeffer : Laura IS amazing. I cast her as a girl with two dads in my FX show Starved a while back. She was great! :)
jrtimme : Praise her
natales32 : @laurabenanti ❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💙💙💙
floramaggot : @alyxyong
arvindoem : Gorgeous!
munkyvee : @lemac84 @gemgon_ @hildad32
artistsage : She's so pretty and amazing
smashley121793 - _just_for_fun_homies_ - they.are.not.fictional - eli.diersing -
glaad -
Stars including Bryan Cranston, Ansel Elgort and Derek Hough tell LGBT people that they've #GotYourBack. Join them at the link in our bio.
gotyourback -
rachelt04 : @m_nroe
zach_evans1994 : Ansel <3
beachstone1404 : @zach_evans1994 because they're at Coachella, jk. 😉
brittalexmcm : @itsmcmillan
lgbt.is.love_ - onewickedd - thequeercat -
glaad -
Claire and Jessica from GLAAD are at Opening Night of Finding Neverland on Broadway filming for GLAAD: All Access. Video to come!
theuncoordinatedpirate - sweetgal_7 - garybarlowlove - thequeercat -
glaad -
The film industry needs to do better. Read our Studio Responsibility Index: http://www.glaad.org/sri
thestopbullyingproject : We'd love to connect with u guys. We have a duo award winning film written and inspired by an #lgbt writer/musician who's also our co founder @jiggyjada Titled #thebullyfilm it is very shallow of society to limit their talents due to personal preferences
camthrow : Crazy stats! Check out our moving LGBT film @prettyboymovie :) www.prettyboymovie.com ! Also we had a blast at the @glaad awards this year! Keep up the amazing work❤️🎉
goed07 : @crayyfaye
crayyfaye : @goed07 wow....
that_jake_tyler_dude : @glaad a program in the UK 'Eastenders' are thinking of bringing in a transgender character - but its gonna take some time because they want someone who is transgender in real life. (:
theuncoordinatedpirate - breezemarturell - jen822143 - thejudemovement -
glaad -
The film industry needs to catch up to television. Who is your favorite LGBT character on TV? Leave a comment below!
lisa_arbitrary : Tony played by the amazing #tatianamaslany @orphanblacktv he's a new character, I hope we see much more. #CloneClub
young_sharkanos : @showalittlemore YES Callie is the best.
melissaperlaza : @vlina13
vlina13 : @melissaperlaza 😘
certified_nimrod : @theeofficiallevi And Tara! 😁
penemuel : Not enough if you're a genre drama fan. Comedy & 'family drama' fans are definitely better served than we are.
kevwonderland : Connor Walsh from HTGAWM
odwallafemme : Felix on Orphan Black, Titus on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Jocelyn on Broadchurch and Patsy on Call the midwife.
fmrj_ - sweetgal_7 - thejudemovement - melissaperlaza -
glaad -
Look who is back to host the #glaadawards! @helloross will host our NYC show on 5/9. We can't wait!! ⭐️⭐️🌈🌈
glaadawards -
jaycebaron : Awesome.
kimballallen : Fab choice! Next Year pick me :). Xo
staciew66 : I love Ross!! 💙
leablackmiami : You look stunning!
fmrj_ - amirahmadmalekian83 - breezemarturell - thejudemovement -
glaad -
Taking inspiration from the “Bechdel Test,” which examines the way female characters are portrayed and situated within a narrative, GLAAD developed its own set of criteria to analyze how LGBT characters are included within a film.
draquete : @annamartini07 wooow cool!
artistsage : @glaad that's awesome
ckel280 : @nova_union @marlykelly67
lauradawe1 : It's also great when there's no stereotyping and characters are treated as normal and discrimination isn't their only story line or one at all : )
paulomartini : Very interesting... 😄👍
pantherdean84 : @lauradawe1 While that's true, here's a thought. If a character in a film isn't overt in their sexuality, how would you tell the difference? If a female character is asked out by a guy and she says not interested without a reason as to why, who's to say the character isn't gay?
lauradawe1 : @pantherdean84 Exactly we shouldn't assume anyone is or isn't gay we shouldn't assume any sexuality. What I meant was not that they shouldn't say they are, I meant that shows always show the gay characters being discriminated against instead of ever showing them being treated normally.
pantherdean84 : @lauradawe1 I know, but part of the "not obvious" part of lgbt, is, in my opinion, why look for a difference, if a tg person says I'm male or female, who cares how they were born, they are who they believe they are. If you look for a difference you've failed, the same as sexuality or race, we are always the same, we are human. Religion, race, sexuality, only opens a door to hate in lesser minded people. (all problems in the world are caused by fuckwits)
trash.asf - amirahmadmalekian83 - cjaldrin.mauricio - ga_livenow -
glaad -
Today we released our annual Studio Responsibility Index (SRI), a report that maps the quantity, quality and diversity of images of LGBT people in films released by the seven largest motion picture studios during the 2014 calendar year.
lorenzorwalker2 : "Does it Matter" https://youtu.be/lDzAxJTa8aA
_icla_ : 😟😮😠
mrericschaeffer : That is unbelievable. Hopefully Boy Meets Girl will be one of many films in 2015 that has transgender characters and transgender actors involved. Thank you for all you do!
distantdreamer4ever : U should take MAX(THE L WORD) into account .
trash.asf - mrbrowncanscience - cinziamerenda - ga_livenow -
glaad -
Latino LGBT organizers throughout the country are speaking out about the murders of trans women of color, the abuses and failures of the immigration detention system, and the need to protect against discrimination in housing, employment and education. ‪#‎atulado‪ #‎GotYourBack
angelssoul86 : Everyone fight againstb hate !!!!!
herika.vale : Que bacana
lgbt_lov : #atulado
theuncoordinatedpirate - trash.asf - breezemarturell - cjaldrin.mauricio -
glaad -
#OITNB fans: @whododatlikedat is telling LGBT people she's #GotYourBack. Join her at the link in our bio.
gotyourback - oitnb -
mezampr : @glaad REALLY? MEZA GRANDDUCHESS MPR/RKT 2402740156
mezampr : Prove it
katyjoy : @tandrews3 @asialovelee PLS why
tandrews3 : @katyjoy because she's UHHHHMAZING!
asialovelee : @katyjoy just drooled on my phone
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