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glaad -
The incredible @myharto talks about the importance of GLAAD's work while on the red carpet at the #glaadawards
glaadawards -
neatlyxallyson : She is outstanding.
natasha_de_anda : Truly an incredible person
ritinhalmeida96 : Love this girl
abbie.ca.dabi : She is absolutely amazing x
crushedpecans : @myharto just lovely. And true.
kevwonderland - ahoychrispineda - jesnini - courtneyocc -
glaad -
Transparent creator @jillsoloway talks about the show's portrayal of the trans community, "who are the reason we are doing the show in the first place" #GotYourBack #glaadawards
glaadawards - gotyourback -
canwetalksex : Incredible!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️
saugus_gsa : @alexandrasbillings LOVE your FABULOUS, affirming head nodding! 💁
saugus_gsa : And the clip cuts off RIGHT as the mic is going your way, @alexandrasbillings 😞
libbyw34 : I'm sorry but exactly which trans people are actually watching this show anymore.
theuncoordinatedpirate - annaramirez2 - hailey_quiazon - krutchgirl -
glaad -
The legendary Viola Davis was at the #glaadawards and told us why she's #GotYourBack as an ally to the LGBT community.
glaadawards - gotyourback -
hanniecita : Love her 😍
willayum : @maddthman
nicklauretani : She's incredible👌😍
daisiaiman : 🙌 yass momma Davis!
optimistc_sagittarius : Beautiful intelligent graceful woman, she is
sistagirl2000 : Love her ❤️
candidstephanie : #liveyourauthenticlife
onurmarq : 🙌. this is why I LOVE her! 🙌🙌👍
happyheart312 - laurie_williams8 - neyachan - oykuakcelik -
glaad -
The amazing @kerrywashington on the red carpet at the #glaadawards explaining why she's an ally and #GotYourBack!
glaadawards - gotyourback -
theyarebirds : Her language is way off base, actuality kinda trifling
carmelasp : @glaad 💐💝@kerrywashington
chelseammckinney : @victoria_sanchez_ @davidforthewynn yassss!!
leonardoh4h : Respect!!! Hats off for @kerryWashington and her views of humanity. Also, bravo and thank you @glaad for your continued work to reach #equality. We all, can contribute one way or another to live in a world #freeofDISCRIMINATION.
samhiita : Yayyy @clairepires1 !
clairepires1 : Haha thank you @samhiita ❤️❤️
slayloni : @selfiegoddessss @madipoopoo @yungmikay omg this all days
slayloni : *day
glencocoforhair - rainbow_kiki - northmoor19 - marialetiziavonbibra -
glaad -
The parents of GLAAD staffer Ryan have #GotYourBack. Join them and take a stand for the LGBT community by visiting the link in our bio!
gotyourback -
julianatoulany : @anthonyamyoony i got your back baby
dannylinhardt - lauraansa - 4lyssalol - lexysciacca -
glaad -
.@kerrywashington has GLAAD's back. Do you? Become a GLAADiator today at glaad.org/gift #GotYourBack
gotyourback -
franzfarabini : @mariposaa10
amandapony : @elcdarling yes Shuba!!
havokcartel : Would you be able to get me represented ?
marisolcorrea : 💚
prabha711 : @asingh924 story telling! DO IT!!!
tracelysette - marisolcorrea - ricky23_gg - hansadani -
glaad -
😍 #glaadawards
glaadawards -
liz.y2k : Ellen!
tay_faulk : they're all fabulous, inspiring women 😍💁
zeehorne : This photo is literally permeated by greatness! I love these ladies! 💖
ladis24 : This picture has me 😜
showmanolan : @shontemcmillon
southern_queen22 : Hey can u please look on my page an repost the picture of my friend fred. He got in a real dad car crash an we need help raising money an support an his #1 basketball player is Dwyane Wade
sierramonetpeak : 😍😍😍
realmadrid_rulessss : ELLEN!!!!😍😍😍😍😍
dickslobber - chenprodan - bonga9699 - havokcartel -
glaad -
Ok I lied. At the valet. Last minute celebration with #GLAADawards winner Peter Onorati! #HTGAWM Now signing off for reals cause my iPhone is on 1%. Xo @whatsupdanny
glaadawards - htgawm -
matraupach : Well i guess the jury decided after looks and not content.
bookbrews : @matraupach The show doesn't make Connor's sexuality a story about coming out. The gay character is one of the lead characters. Characters on the show doesn't make a big deal out of his sexuality. He's allowed to be intimate on screen as many times as other characters on the show. One character, Asher, said this line: "I wish I was born gay." The character Oliver is allowed to portray a gay man who's insecure about his looks, which is an issue that exists in the gay community with the whole having to have a fit body and look a certain way. They also introduced Oliver as being HIV-positive, the only recurring character to have this status on prime time TV.
matraupach : @bookbrews (strange previous post got deleted) OK then again: The other Nominees have everything How To Get Away with Murder has and even more(No coming out, gay lead, no big deal out of sexuality and so on) The ONLY thing How To Get Away With Murder has that the other shows have not is a gay character being HIV positive and honestly I don't think that this is a point in favor of HTGAWM, because the LGBT community has the objective to get away from the image that being gay means you will get AIDS. And this is nothing new on TV either. Means that the show is more damaging than good. Every other Nominee would have been better!
bookbrews : @matraupach I'll agree to disagree. :)
matraupach : @bookbrews For me Last Tango in Halifax or The Fosters should have won: Last Tango in Halifax because they showed the issue of LGBT people comming together in old age because the time changed and they can now finally, and The Fosters, because they show a loving family with two lesbian mothers and a transgender recurring character and sexual questioning among YOUNG teens. I would favor Last Tango in Halifax because The Fosters won already last year, but that's the only reason
matraupach : @bookbrews btw. Here a very nice comment after hearing that How to Get Away with Murder won the @glaad award: "That HTGAWM won the award is an embarrassment for the gay-community, but that they selected the winner themselves is even more embarrassing!" That aren't my words, but i agree with them completely!
matraupach : FYI this comment is a translation made on the largest German TV-series-community site, after they reported the winner from the @glaad awards. It took about 15 minutes and the comments had to be deactivated because the outrage that HTGAWM won was to too huge...
ashdeezy13 : @sandra29diaz @erikamagaly I want my pink shirt back!!
woodandbeau - emfantastic - girlbarla - xsaratm -
glaad -
Oh wait! One more! I totally presented with Murray Bartlett! @lookinghbo ok. Night! Xo @whatsupdanny
gaydayslv - sherborneprometheus - arvindoem - cjreddyphotography -
glaad -
That was my first #GLAADawards ! So fun! Not my last! Follow me @whatsupdanny and please follow @elizabethtayloraidsfoundation !! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
glaadawards -
daenerys_87 : I want my pink shirt back!
thefabraja : @kevvyb7
lo_ted : @jocechewbacca
thatgirlnicole1982 : You go Glen Coco
mr_jphillips - jamie_rae28 - ofir_eisenberg - cjreddyphotography -
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